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Level Class No.

of students Duration Theme membrane Learning Area Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes : :

Form Four

4 Science 1 : 10

2 periods (80 minutes) : : : : Movement of substances across plasma 1.0 Model of mosaic model 1.2 Understanding the concept of mosaic model At the end of the lesson, a student is able to:

1) Explain the concept of mosaic model with present of different types of carrier protein and pore protein. Students Prior Knowledge: 1) Students were taught about the various types of cell form one Science. 2) Students know that general characteristic of cell. Teaching and Learning Aids: Smart Board, Laptop and LCD Projector, worksheets Scientific Skills (SS): Observing, Inferring, Identify, Predicting Thinking Skills (TS) : Visualization, generalization, Relating, defining

PHASES Analyze

TEACHING AND LEARNING ACTIVITIES 1) Cell slides shown - Teacher asks the students to identify , organ, tissue and cell. 2) Teacher asks questions to the students : Does anyone know function of organ, tissue and cell. (teacher shows the

REMARKS SS: Observing TS : visualization

picture of cell) Can you identify the organelles in a cell. teacher shows the picture of the cell and ask student to identify which organelle act as a gate for a cell.

SS : Identify TS : relating

3) Teacher introduces the topic of the lesson. Well today we are going to learn all about concept of mosaic model with present of different types of carrier protein and pore protein.

State objectives 1) Teacher divides the class in to 2 groups. 2) Teacher gives instructions on the activities need to be done by the students. 3) Students need to : Given a diagram of the anatomy of a cell, students will be able to label and identify organelle in the cell. What is function each organelle? SS : Inferring TS : defining

Select Methods, Media, and Materials

Teacher demonstrate actual plasma membrane by using Smartboard tool.

SS : Predicting TS : generalization

1) Group A labels structure in the plasma membrane. 2) Group B shows protein embedded in the plasma membrane.

Utilize Materials

Ask the students to show in the computer screen : 1) Teacher asks students, are pore protein and carrier protein having same characteristic? 2) Teacher ask students to label the pore protein and carrier protein.

SS : Inferring TS : generalization

Require Learner Participation

1) Teacher asks the group A, identify different type of pore protein. 2) Teacher asks the group B, identify different type of carrier protein. 3) Students answer the questions. 4) Teacher records the students achievement.

SS : Predicting TS : defining

Evaluate and Revise

Paper-and-pencil assessment:

Students will be assessed based on proper answering of the questions in mosaic model. Students who incorrectly answer 6 questions will be asked to return after school to do the test again in order to ensure achievement of this objective in the lesson.

TS: Being confident and independent