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1 Label these pictures with words from the box.

hole / well / drill / bit / pipe / tank / field / string / barrel / collar

Unit 1


2 Label these diagrams with words from the box.

well hole / drill pipe / oil field / drill string / drill collar / drill bit

J7260 PEARSON Technical English aw_01_01

4 2 5 6

J7260 PEARSON Technical English aw_01_02

Pearson Longman 2008

3 Match the words
with their meanings.

Unit 1

a) it sits on the drill bit eanings m r ei th d an s rm Some oil te 5 tank 1 drill bit b) about 159 litres of oil c) it cuts the rock lar col 6 e pip 2 drill 7 drill str ing 3 barrel d) many drill pipes e) area with oil under the 8 oil field 4 well hole ground

4 Write out these numbers and units.

1 90 rpm 2 417 mm 3 159 L 4 14 km 5 518 m 6 880 b/d

f) you drill th


g) it holds water or fuel

h) it turns the bit

ninety revolutions per minute

barrels per

5 Write the numbers and units from 4 in the spaces.

1 The drill bit turns at a speed of 2 The oil well produces 3 The diameter of the well hole is 4 The depth of the well hole is 5 The length of the pipeline is 6 An oil barrel contains about . of oil. .

90 rpm

. .

6 Complete these pairs of instructions. Write the opposite of the underlined word(s) in the second
sentence of each pair. right / stop / lower / down / pick up 1 Please start the engine. OK, now please 2 Pull the drill bit up. Now push it 3 Please raise the drill pipe. Now 4 Turn the drill collar to the left. Now turn it to the 5 Please put down that pipe. Now please again. it into the well. . this pipe. the engine again.

7 Complete this conversation.

Whats / Pleased / Im / do / Whats / names / Im / work A: Hello. My (1) name? B: (3) A: (5) A: (8) Ali. I (4) Tom. I work on an oil rig in the desert. (2) on an offshore oil platform. on the oil rig? your job? your

to meet you, Ali. What do you (6) a crane operator.

B: I operate the drills. (7)

Pearson Longman 2008

Word list
8 Write the meanings of these words and phrases in your own language.
NOUNS barrel diameter driller oil tank NOUN PHRASES crane operator drill bit drill collar drill pipe drill string offshore oil platform oil field oil rig well hole VERBS contain operate produce UNIT OF MEASUREMENT barrels per day (bpd)

Unit 1

Pearson Longman 2008