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The Canon is
“My soul, O my soul,
a conversation rise up! Why are you sleeping?
between a The end draws near and soon you
sinner and shall be troubled. Watch, then,
that Christ your God may spare
its’ soul.
you, for He is everywhere present
and He fills all things.”

In 680 AD, St Andrew travelled to Constantinople for
the 6th Ecumenical Council and brought with him a great
poetic Canon of 250 troparia as well as the life of St Mary
of Egypt written by his teacher, Sophronios, Patriarch of
Jerusalem. The Church responded in great favor of both
and reads them throughout Great Lent and particularly
on the 5th Wednesday to instruct us towards repentance.

The Canon recounts the events of the Bible and makes
them personal for our own reflection and prayer

“I bring you, O my soul, examples
from the New Testament to lead
you to repentance. Follow the  my  exile 
example of the righteous, turn away  my  return 
from the sinful, and through prayers  my longing 
and fasting, through chastity and  my  redemption 
reverence, win back Christ’s mercy.”

“Christ became man, calling to repentance thieves and harlot
Repent, my soul: the door of the Kingdom is already open, and Pharisees
and publicans and adulterers pass through it before thee, changing their life.”