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Toes above and below the line
This article is aimed at existing foot reading students so apologies if you haven’t learned yet. Recently I’ve had a few emails from students saying they are struggling to know how to place the line to determine whether a toe is above or below the line.

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I’m not surprised. It’s not that easy! I thought I would write to explain more. Firstly, I usually use the 4th toe to determine where the line should be. This is be-

cause it is rare for the 4th toe to be over the line. (If the 4th toe is over the line, usually the 2nd toe is over the line as well, as per the photograph. It’s quite a distinct pattern when 4th and 2nd are

over the line so once you’ve seen it, you usually recognise it. ) In this photo the big toe is also under the line but it doesn’t have to be.
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World without Cancer
“Hi Jane, my name is Mel. I attended one of your courses in Central London about 5 years ago now, I guess. My how time flies! I have just been reading your newsletter on my travels. I’m currently in Australia and thought it important to share a website my mum found for using vitamin B17 to help fight cancer. I know it’s not an article but I think your newsletter would be a great place to share this information. I hope you agree. http:// Namaste Mel” Jane says: I’ve had a look at the website and it has some studies going back as far as 1950 so definitely worth a look. The information is admittedly controversial and hypothesizes that cancer stems from a nutritional deficiency. Check it out for yourself and thank you Mel for sharing it with us. I believe in self-help and sharing our knowledge with others.

Only use your general meanings for interpreting the ones that don’t fit the line and remember there are two exceptions—2nd toe over means leadership qualities and little toe under means a great sense of fun. (“Multi-tasker and lots of drive and determination that they can do twice as much as the next person given the same time and resources. www. you'll try to offers personalised nutritional draw the line from the 4th toe advice for health and sports as 4th toe is the most common performance toe to fit the line. There’s nothing “dominant-” looking about these feet. Similarly. Looking at this foot. This rarely happens. Common patterns to look for: Big toe below. you will expect to see a nice graduated even line showing neat steps up to the big toe. If you know 2nd toe over the line is “natural leadership qualities and if not in a leadership role they will become bossy”—then you make a judgement whether this person looks like they have such a quality. That is because the impression these feet give me is not of someone who would have leadership qualities. 3rd toe over. is the step down from the 4th toe to the 5th toe a little step or a huge drop down? If it is a big drop then the 5th toe is below the line. or Fig 2a Fig 2b whether big toe is below the line and 3rd toe is over. little toe below (Fig 2b) Or 2nd and 3rd toe over (Figs 1 + 2a) Fig 1 Difficulty reading? Sometimes you will find it difficult to decide whether 2nd and 3rd are over the How to work out the line of the toes From the 4th toe tip. Jane Issue 98 Page 2 unless you have the same Mary Russell pattern shown here.”) I hope this has assisted you in working out how to read the line. you will have to make a judgement call. Consider these two photos of the same foot but with different lines drawn (Figs 2a and 2b). Is it a little step or a big step? If it is a big step then the 3rd toe is probably over the line. So look at the step up from 4th toe to 3rd toe. Continue investigating the steps up from 4th toe to big toe. 3rd toe over the line as in Fig2b. So instead I’d go for big toe below the line. Each step should be assessed to see if it is over or under the line. I’d prefer to pick the line in the Fig 2b. In order to decide which line you will read.

again organic. clear directions for usage etc http:// www.dixon@btinternet. “You can eat from the Alkaline/Acid charts mainly veggies and salad. “ She also said “Get a good juicer and start green juicing as much as possible. dairy or for aluminium free as majority shop bought stuff is not good. I cut out anything with /content.2 or 7.regenerativenutrition. Page 3 The Pampering Times . bread. This includes fruit and root veg to begin with (not permanently but for detoxing and for cleansing your system it is important. You are urged to seek orthodox medical care and diagnosis and you are advised to tell your GP/ oncologist of any therapies. “Get some pH filter strips. Increase your intake of filtered water to 2. Keep up the water intake. nuts seeds pulses and a little of grains. You need to check your pH on a daily basis. Remember to research carefully before following any treatment. Initially when I had been through the treatment which I stopped. It should be 7. Avoid root veg and high fructose fruits. Alli Dixon (alli. eat NO meat. It is being shared for you to research further.asp?id=490 Order your Bicarbonate of soda from Amazon .Cancer—useful resources Disclaimer: This article was put together using information emailed to Jane and do not necessarily reflect her views.” “When you get your bicarb and molasses (see next paragraph) you then build up your pH level until it reaches a much higher level like 8 or 9 and maintain for 4 days minimum. Cancer can not survive in an alkaline body.. In my last newsletter I asked for articles on Cancer.. treatments or supplements you are receiving as an adjunct to your conventional about what tips she would offer to anyone who wanted to follow the same route she did in using nutrition rather than chemo to fight cancer: “Food-wise. If possible get organic veggies and fruit..5 litres per day. glucose or fructose. I shop locally and get regular deliveries. Juices and smoothies are great for alkalising which is what you need to do.. This can cause headaches and dizziness but it is miles better than chemo for sure.” Here is a website explaining about the use of bicarbonate of soda and molasses to change the environment in the cell giving clear explanation of the sci- ence. I asked a former student of mine. Stick to the greens for now though”. Not easy when you first start as you are at a loss with what to eat.3 thereabouts. I’ve received information by email and have decided to include links to websites so that you can read the whole articles rather than just an abbreviated version here as we are unable to offer huge amounts of space and it’s such a huge topic. apples and pears occasionally. There are lots of good books on juicing. The molasses is available Holland and Barret or any good health food store or again Amazon.

others don’t get on with the scalp or ring 07770 804025. Be aware that whilst it helps some free and you just listen to it as you go to sleep. Contact Katherine@grimston. Hair Loss This next website is about a method of scalp cooling so that when you’re having chemotherapy you can attempt to minimise hairloss.(www.and potatos as they alter the glucose in the digestive process. So it really is a matter of finding out what works and doesn’t work for you. for 30 In her experience she didn’t lose her where a trained chef was inspired to write a cookbook for cancer patients using professional nutrition advice but to make wonderful meals and put the joy back into the food experience. Water The importance of a good source of filtered water has been stressed Cancerinformation/ Livingwithandaftercancer/ Symptomssideeffects/Hairloss/ Scalpcooling. try this website and related cookbook http:// www. One lady told me that she felt it was awful and worse than the chemo. Homeopathy – Cancer tips Page 4 Issue 98 .macmillan. Also. Katherine Grimston can wax lyrical on the topic of water and is a distributor for Nikken products which includes a special filtered sports water bottle that you can carry with you. it just thinned and then grew back. RHom of Vital Remedy “There is also mind work that needs to be addressed for Can.” Recipes Video At the same networking event a lady caring for someone with mouth cancer suggested “Brenda’s easy-to-swallow Cookbook” which has recipes that have high nutritional content in small portions that are easy to swallow. Vitamin D3 with K and also very important. This is all available from Credence. Apricot Kernals which is B17 (see link on previous page).org.aspx As this site is run by MacMillan there are lots of other resources on there that support cancer care. Start with a good quality Vitamin C. sugcer and the paraliminal CDs are gested checking out a video good .” “Vitamins are highly important to boosting your immune Look up innertalk CDs called “The Hidden Cures of Cancer” on a website called redas they do the Cancer one for pill.” At a networking event Catriona Armor LCPH.

such as surgery or visiting the doctor. to deal with pain relief or loss of appetite. which can be used to support you alongside your allopathic cancer treatment or alongside should you choose to use alternative approaches. as well as the emotional side such as depression. shock.facebook. anxiousness. Homeopathic treatment is tailored to the individual patients needs. The homeopathic remedies are gentle this can be used as a prophylactic before a stressful event. both during treatment and as longterm maintenance. Calcarea Fluorica used in the maintenance of bone cancer Ferrum Phosphoricum used for cancer of the blood Kali Muriaticum for people who have breast lumps with no symptoms level and a physical level.This section is by Catriona Armor: “Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed over 200 years ago. tissues and muscles to aid healing Calendula – to assist with the healing of wounds and cuts.vitalremedy. restlessness. therefore it is always advisable to consult a qualified Homeopath for your treatment. Rescue Remedy will help to reduce fear Natrum Muriaticum used for cancer of the skin Natrum Phosphoricum used for bladder cancer Natrum Sulphuricum used in pancreatic cancer Silica used for cancer of the periosteum” To learn more about this homeopathic information con- and anxiety by calming the nervous system. it helps with the after affects of shock. safe and nonaddictive and do not interfere with other medical treatments. supports the blood vessels. they have been found to be effective in the relief of spetact Catriona Armor LCPH MARH RHom Health Practitioner & Homeopath T: 07942 868118 W: http:// www. grief or anxiety. and also for family members supporting the cancer patients. bad news or disappointments both on an emotional cific groups of symptoms. chemotherapy. surgery. Often patients choose homeopathy alongside their treat- ment plan to help with the ill effects from radiation. rapid healing of the skin Phosphorus – if suffering from vomiting following an anaesthetic Nux Vomica – nausea and symptoms better with vomiting after an anaesthetic or treatment Useful Flower Essences:I always recommend the Bach flower essence Star of Bethlehem for anyone undergoing surgery. Homeopathic Tissue salts are useful over a longer period of time. Star of Bethlehem can be found in the well know combination Bach Rescue Remedy. I will be continuing this topic in the next issue of The Pampering Times so email them to Facebook : www. Useful homeopathic remedies to consider prior to surgery in- clude: Arnica – useful for Page 5 The Pampering Times . particularly vitalremedy If you have any tips to add to these. A qualified Homeopath or Bach Flower Practitioner will be able to make up combination remedies specifically to your needs.

The same study found paradoxically.Reflexology “as helpful as painkillers” The PhD research of Dr Carol Samuel on the effect of reflexology on acute pain has received some interest in the newspapers last month. Both The Telegraph and The Independent reported it. If you are considering setting up a similar trial. a survey suggests. and were able to stand pain for about 45 per cent longer. a trained reflexologists. engaging an interesting task replenished resources (vs.. And then that replenished energy flows into whatever you do Second.) n't just keep you going despite fatigue.. thing as pleasant or relaxing Research shows that interest does. The study is published in The Journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. it actually replenishes your helen@mackinlayminds +44 (0)7801 430399 Often when we feel like we are tired or flagging we will do something pleasant to boost our attention and consider addressing the issues raised by the detractors.(though they are certainly not mutually exclusive. instead spend 10 minutes doing something you find interesting and feel revitalised. when what you actually need to be doing when they used reflexology as a method of pain relief.html You can see from the comments section that the trial only had 15 test subjects and the commenters suspect bias as the tests were performed by a reflexologists.. Keep these two very important points in mind: It doesn't matter what it is. Do something interesting to reduce stress and replenish your resources by Helen Mackinlay Copyright © 2013 MacKinlay Minds. http://www. positive and neutral tasks) even though the interesting task was more complex and required more effort. Researchers at Portsmouth University found that people who were asked to submerge their hand in ice water felt about 40 per cent less pain. interesting is not the same as it interests you. an interesting task. Here’s the link to the Independent website for their article. so long First. interesting does not have to mean effortless. So you actually don't have to "take it easy" to refill your tank.independent. Can you solve these to get a word or phrase? Page 6 The Pampering Times . All Rights Reserved “Reflexology may be as effective as painkillers. Dr Carol Samuel. next. said the results suggested the therapy could complement drugs in the treatment of osteoarthritis and cancers. She said: “It is likely that reflexology works in a similar manner to acupuncture by causing the brain to release chemicals that lessen pain signals”.

To try and answer your question. Completing Jane's course just pushed me a little further into that direction. Jane is always very helpful and will happily answer email questions too. Www. facial and Reiki clients. since taking Jane's course I have now tended to concentrate on feet therapies and. feet and how they are all so helps to peel away the layers and get to the root cause . Apart from the article I wrote recently about how a hypnotherapist is using it in her practice.mackinlayminds. “Jane Sheehan has passed me your query as she knows I do other therapies as well as Feet Reading.mackinlayminds. Just as an blog/info/150/ do_something_interesting_to_r educe_stress_and_replenish_yo ur_resources. Notice the difference in your attention. any questions. please ask.make a list of things that interest you. persistence and the answers see http:// www.html? utm_source=Thinking+Space% 3ADo+something+interesting& utm_campaign=TT+interesting &utm_medium=email Experiment Here is an interesting task to get you started . This is probably because I have always loved. I think anything that will give you a deeper insight into your clients is invaluable. although I still have Indian Head Massage. Can highly recommend the online as it's always there for reference whereas the two day course has lots to absorb in a short space of time. She kindly gave me permission to share her response with you. You have to work at it 07801 430399 How can foot reading help your therapy business? I recently had an email asking me how foot reading can help gain business for other therapies.feetreading.which sometimes we all deny. as I am sure you know. Thanks to Helen MacKinlay of Mackinlayminds. the main bulk of my work is either reflexology (I work at a local podiatrist) or feet and been fascinated by. feet reading is also great fun! You can tout yourself around all the local pamper evenings . ha!) coming up toes and flip flops give ample chance to practice when you are out and about. Feet reading helps you to identify the emotional cause behind the physical appearance . I've spent what would have been 'dead time' supermarket queueing quietly reading feet of fellow shoppers . So I asked my friend and former student Anne Scardarella what she would Page 7 Issue 98 . Apart from it's therapy uses.there will not be another feet reader! And it creates a talking point and interest to your existing and potential clients. Spend at least 10 minutes every day this week doing an interesting task. let everyone know that you are now feet reading and with summer (ha. However. I did Jane's online course and then completed the practical day when I felt I wasn’t sure how to answer.great practice!! Hope that helps. Need to re-energise yourself at the start of a meeting or while working on a challenging task? Do an interesting task and you can get others involved for this tip. Best foot forward :)) Anne Scardarella Contact Anne via her website: www.

found the same results over and over in different contexts about the effect of options Is having a plan b and several alternatives to achieving our goal a good thing? Well. to donating blood. At this point of the process. we are concerned with if the goal is attainable. So towards the end of pursuing a goal having one way provides a more straightforward plan and gives us greater motivation. there is more focus on how to get to the end quickly and achieve the goal. rather than one single way.Funnel Ef- fect Give choices at the beginning of a project. if we are given several alternatives to get to the goal. initially. once we have made significant progress towards our goal and we can see that it is attainable and within our grasp. new research indicates on motivation at differing stages of achieving a goal . to achieve it. it was actually found to do the opposite and demotivated people to complete the task. All Rights Reserved www. we see it has more attainable and this leads to greater motivation. If we have multiple options. So in a nutshell . rather than helping by giving more options. Ying (2013) published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. really caught my attention. So research into the effects of options and alternatives on our motivation as we work towards achieving a goal. Zhang. Open to Possibilities What they found was.mackinlayminds. to writing reviews for movies and more. where the options reduce to prevent distraction and create a push for the finish. Szu-chi. Experiment How do you usually approach achieving goals and how does it compare with these findings? Where do you want people to engage with you or your work? Page 8 The Pampering Times . whether for ourselves or with others. Focused Finish However.Is there a problem with having a plan B? by Helen MacKinlay Copyright © 2012 MacKinlay Minds. It's findings may run counter to what we'd expect and it has useful principles for keeping us on target and motivated to achieving goals. when starting out on achieving a goal. task or goal to fire up interest and get people started.from collecting loyalty stamps in coffee shops. These findings adds an interest- ing element to the research on choices and the dilemmas they can helen@mackinlayminds +44 (0)7801 430399 that it depends where in the process you are in achieving the goal as to whether having alternatives motivates or demotivates. The results may not be what you'd expect! I know I like to have options and my brain tends to keep generating Huang. The idea of more options and having a plan b backfires. Then use a funnel effect.

so there will be no-one fix fits all. although keep in mind your ideal customer. 4. If fact there’s probably as many ways to overcome writer’s block as there are causes. Now it might sound fearsome. is it well lit? It’s easier to write if you’re writing in a space that you enjoy being in. Don’t be too hard on yourself Finally.spindle-tree. “People have writer’s block not because they can’t write. What about your office. You’re sitting at your desk in the study. You may decide that you don’t like what you’ve written and bin it. You’re stuck. or at the kitchen table. but because they despair of writing eloquently. it depends. nothing is coming to mind!” You have writer’s block. Email me for a copy). If you’re someone like me who gets distracted then close the office door. You can improve the quality of your writing later by editing it. “You have nothing to say. And if you’re really. So without procrastinating and putting off writing. Obviously the first part is to come up with an idea of what to write and an editorial schedule. the actual writing? Well.” So turn your critical brain off. Consider your writing space Are you sitting comfortably? I hope so. give me a call on 07855 276855 or email kassia@spindle-tree.How can you use this to encourage them to get involved? . Start by brainstorming the main key points you want to communication. blog or anything else then my copywriting services can help you. really stuck with writing that you don’t need to run. because what you are trying to do here is get the creative juices following. don’t be too hard on yourself while writing. Alternatively you might work better with some background noise. think about how you can create a space that you enjoy being in. Get outside and go for a walk.And then how can you keep them motivated in their actions? What goals and tasks do you (or others) have that you want to keep motivation going to completion? How can you apply this approach to that? Kassia Gardner helps busy business owners how to build their email marketing lists and use them to generate leads. (I wrote about generating ideas in a previous blog. but in reality it’s just a creative blockage. 5. So here are five key tactics to help you overcome writer’s block.e. with an empty computer screen in front of you that seems to be screaming. middle and The worst part of the writing process is the beginning. the writing process becomes easier. will any of them make great sub-titles? Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. Give yourself some time Use an alarm. Write an outline The point of an outline is to have a roadmap to follow. 1. What is their life like now? How can you solve their problem? What will their life be like after they have bought your product and service? Go back to your the old primary school lessons where they taught you to plan your story with a beginning. Just remember to take a notebook and pen with you so you don’t forget them before you get back. But once you’ve started to write. Take a walk It’s well known that physical exercise is important for mental activities. So how do you get past your creative stoppage and on to the execution. Of As you walk let your mind wander and you might just some up with that killer opening sentence. but the good news is you can unstuck yourself. in which case would taking your laptop and working in a coffee shop work for you. improve sales and create customer loyalty. i. Don’t worry too much about what your writing. 2. Anna Quindlin once wrote.Tactics to overcome writers block by Kassia Gardner . 3. Give yourself half an hour and take a break from the computer screen. It depends on the reason for the creative blockage. put your phone on silent and close your email down for a while. put it on for an hour and just Page 9 The Pampering Times . I have some of my best ideas for opening paragraphs whilst I’m out running. Www.

New additions are shown in blue: Plymouth 11/12 May London 2/3 Jun (Sun/Mon) Chippenham 8/9 June Halifax 15/16 June Newbridge 20/21 July Cavan 27/28 July Edinburgh 17/18 Aug Aberdeen 24/25 Aug Preston 31 Aug/1 Sept Gloucester 7/8 Sept Birmingham 12/13 Oct Hounslow 26/27 Oct Basildon 9/10 Nov Borehamwood 16/17 Nov Swansea 26/27 April 2014 Invitation to Holistic Health Show 19/20 May 2013 If you want an invitation to the Holistic Health Show. You’ll learn all the theory you need to start foot website. Jane has only got 100 invitations and will be sending them out on a first come first served basis. Page 10 The Pampering Times . What’s the difference? The content of the elearning seminar is the same as Day 1 of the live workshops. contact 07739 802175 or email jane@footreading. what else can you add to the reading? This will give you the coaching tips that Jane uses. Jane has been invited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists to give a talk on Sunday 19th May 2013 at the Holistic Health Show. “Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook” is about how to start and run a holistic therapy Foot Reading Workshops in 2013 Jane’s workshop schedule for 2013 is now finalised. You can also find on the website all of Jane’s books and her new Portable Guide. “Let’s Read Our Feet” tells you the theory you will need to start foot reading.Learn Foot Reading with Jane Sheehan Learn foot reading with Jane Jane has decided to book stand V31 at the show offering foot readings. or you can try the elearning seminar available from the footreading. You can repeat the elearning as many times as you like within your year’s access. email jane@footreading. As a result. Now you know how to read the feet. The exhibition organisers have invited her to perform in the Demo Area for half an hour on Monday 20th with your postal address and Jane will forward an invitation card. You can sign up to one of Jane’s live workshops around the UK. “The foot reading coach” is for taking foot reading to the next step. Explore www. All you have to do is complete the form and send it back to the organisers. If you are attending this event and would like to pre-book a foot reading slot at stand V31 with Jane. her books for sale and to promote her workshops. Hope to see you there.

in two different ways.. And during that time. so things will be as clear as mud. There is an abundance of energy around now and with it comes the potential for both development and fortune. Aries Within the last couple of months the rate of change has accelerated to a degree not experienced before. followed by an astrological big bang on the 20th when Jupiter and Saturn are exactly three eighths of the sky apart. that way only leads to permanent ruts and premature aging. the full Moon on the 25th is exactly square Neptune. During May the day by day urgency and immediacy of life will calm down in quite a notable way.May’s Astrology with Steve Judd Intelligent. If this doesn’t rock foundations then nothing will. or even in terms of emotion or feeling – it can only be known through direct experi- ence.. to revolutionise one’s lifestyle in a way that isn’t so much disruptive or chaotic but hopefully instead stimulating and exciting. taking you out of the limelight and letting you step back so that you can begin the process of assimilating and integrating the events and developments of recent times.stevejudd. Saturn is no help now. particularly just before the Taurus new Moon on the 10th when all five inner points will be with you. state-of-theart astrology for the discerning human www. Venus and Mars in your sign should be one of the fastest times in recent memory. so perhaps Page 11 The Pampering Times . and this urge cannot be denied or ignored except at one’s peril.. To enquire about Steve drawing up a personal chart for you email steve@stevejudd. with no clear outcome as yet. Moon. Uranus is breaking new ground now. everything is poised – and we go into a null zone for a day or five. with a combination of the Sun. and is bringing with him a desire to break free from the mundane and the boring. Mercury. Mercury. suggestive of incisive and direct communications regarding fiscal boundaries and global plans – one or two people or countries may be sharply bought into line. contemporary. Taurus And you hit the ground running. The first half of May. retrograding in the Scorpionic dark. the coils tight ready for springing. a rate outside of normal reference. Moon. and Uranus is exactly square Pluto. But the potential for just staying the same is falling through the Global The first week of May sees jockeying for position. This month is real Uranus/Pluto stuff big time. There is an almost compulsive need to do something – any- thing! – that releases an element of pressure or steam. But neither is it appropriate to just act impulsively or just for the hell of it. getting his priorities right by chipping away at the old financial structures from behind the scenes but staying out of the fray. or at least for those of you under 84 years old. And to complicate matters. A conglomeration of planets in Taurus peaks on the 8th + 9th when the Sun. Venus and Mars are all in that sign. whilst Jupiter continues to make hay going over the top in mid/late Gemini. both Mercury and Mars are rapidly teaming up in opposition to Saturn and trine Pluto. This ratcheting up of anticipation and even trepidation brings with it a sense of urgency that can’t be explained in terms of logic and rationality.. fundamentals are changing and core foundations of the future are being negotiated. The ideal solution here is that you are finding unusual and novel solutions to old problems in a way that would not have been conceivable even one year ago. By the new Moon on the 10th the stage is set. just acting as the brake.

It’s a time to cram the experiences in. Venus moves into your sign on the 9th of May. this will be experienced as times of trauma or crisis. bringing with it the physical energy needed to get things done. in that the swing from one end of the spectrum to the other could scarcely be more profound. Cancer So far this year there have been a number of different developments in your life that seem to have an underlying common theme – that of shaking you loose from some of the more rigid foundations that have become solidified over recent years. a month where everything is just going to get faster and faster.Astrology by Steve Judd (continued) the first half of this month is a better time than normal for putting in that extra one or two percent. and Venus is with you until the 9th. What you will see looking back on this year is a gradual loosening of a number of ties. and you would be forgiven during the first ten days of May for wondering what the fuss is about. Mercury rushes through Taurus in the first two weeks of May. seemingly on orange alert but not in a negative way. The second half of this year will be the fastest six months for twelve years in certain areas of your life. where either intransigence or action will win through. depending on individual circumstances. there are subtle changes in the undercurrents. information. And of course. during May bringing a much greater degree of volatility and freneticism as well as hopefully opportunity and humour into the lives of those born from the 8th to the 15th of June. and then all of a sudden things are going to accelerate significantly. There are so many compressed experiences coming up over the second half of May and during June that it would be unwise to even think of long term plans or decisions at the moment.. for taste and trial and experiment – the analysing and long term decisions can come later once you’ve got the actions underneath your belt.. Jupiter is still picking up speed. bringing with it a rapidity of both movement and information that can be at times a little too fast for comfort. making this a very physical month. Just don’t do the normal Taurus trick of doing nothing because by doing so you’ll miss a number of potential opportunities. followed by your chart ruler Mercury on the 15th. And be aware that next month is going to get even faster before plateauing at the end of June from when you will be able to draw breath. Gemini May is going to be the most volatile of months during 2013. Issue 98 Page 12 . there’s still a lot of water to flow under the bridge. so make the most of the first half of the month and then let yourself coast into steady neutral as May unfolds. Rarely does this combination of concentrated day by day energy happen. May is the start of the final run-in. This is because the events of the first half of 2013 are metaphorically designed to get you more flexible and less rigid so that you can arrive at the end of June with a feeling of both strength and tolerance tinged with adaptabil- ity. Mars is in your sign until the very end of May.. and it’s important that you arrive at the start of this period in good condition and raring to go so that the results can be optimum. perhaps even a degree of complacency kicking in. For some of you. suggesting that the first week of May will be more easy going and less hectic than other times of the month. news and travel is going to take off. accompanied by sudden and unpredictable change. It is the time of the 8th to the 10th that is the most unpredictable. whilst for others exactly the same energy will be seen as the closing of old doors and the emergence into something more liberating than ever before. And during May you are likely to become steadily more aware of a growing sense of anticipation and even excitement which although incomprehensible in terms of explanation is nevertheless clearly evident in your nervous and emotional system. from when on the rate of movement. The month starts so quietly. But as the middle ten days of the month start.

are going to find this time one of stimulus and excitement. Some of you. until the middle of July. so your capacity to overreach or overstretch yourself increases. Virgo It may be that in some areas of your life there is such an electrical energy that things are quite frenetic – whilst at the same time in other areas. Within a couple of months the hardest times of the year will be behind you and you’ll have a clearer run in towards the oncoming future in a way that isn’t available now. where it may be that the demands of those close to you on your time and energy are beginning to become more than a hindrance. Certainly. so if you intend to do anything of significance during May. there can be an aura of indecision developing and as a result one or two situations around you may become a little cloudy or confused. Yet as the month evolves. If you push too hard now you’ll only meet problems. as though you’ve suddenly become invisible to a vast amount of the world. It is the first half of the month that is the most potentially verbally fraught. all of a sudden. and over this and next month you’re in a position where you can rest up and recharge. with the last week of May being potentially difficult if words and minor actions at that time are taken too personally. so try not to take things too personally. in which you may find yourself having to make some hard choices about your personal boundaries and how far you are prepared to let them be pushed. You’re beginning to look like a bit of a pin cushion for the coming short term. there are real opportunities. Either way. and developments and evolving situations of just the last two months have not helped much. so why not let things slowly and organically develop? Libra Page 13 A combination of Saturn over the last three years accompanied by the attentions of Uranus and Pluto have left many of you reeling until the start of this year. and by the end of the month there’s a notable shift around you. and this can only be tolerated for so long. it is as though there is a sudden cessation of attention. but during May there are going to be one or two situations that cannot stay the same any longer. The hardest path to take at this time is the middle one. but the majority of Leos during May are going to be a little bit edgy. if you find that your more primal or instinctive side is pulling you towards specific choices or actions in the first half of the month. bringing with them the immediacy and urgency of dealing with other people in ways that are al- most distasteful. and needful of a quiet space where they can feel protected and nurtured against an increasingly hostile world. And now. As the middle of the month approaches. and this is partly because others see you as safe and stable enough to unload on. as though they are wearing a sandpaper coat. certainly difficult. not denying yourself but neither treading on others’ toes. you’re probably best off doing it in the first ten days of the month as opposed to later on. it seems that this month there are a number of circumstances outside of your control that are seemingly dictating situations in your life. none of which are going to be long term or majorly problematical. This could relate to your professional situation.Leo You’re on the receiving end of a number of different challenging circumstances this month. safe in the knowl- The Pampering Times . especially those born at the start of August. and if you’re going to say something that you will later regret then this is the time that you will do it. or it could relate to your localised family situation. The attention of the world is now focussed elsewhere. do listen to it as opposed to the rational or logical mind.

there will be increased calls for you to work with other or others. possessions. how can you help anyone else if you’re not in good working order your- Scorpio With Saturn still retrograding through the early part of your sign and the reverberations from the recent Scorpio full Moon still echoing through your life.Astrology with Steve Judd edge that there’s nothing new coming in your direction at least in the short term. Bide your time and see which way the land lies by the second week of June. This month will become increasingly informative. energy and attention. What you should find is that people around you will become more specific in their demands/requests of you. And it is the annual Sagittarius full Moon on the 25th. and it will be easier for you to say yes or no. The second half of May is more upbeat than the first. resources or opinions. becoming faster and faster to the point of being almost manic as the second half of May develops. any hasty large scale decisions now just wouldn’t work out the way you hope. but whilst the details will all be there. a choice that will at least in the short term hinder your personal self development to a minor degree. and gauge your opinions more accurately come the middle of July. black or white in ways that won’t leave room for discussion. the Issue 98 Page 14 . knowing that you’ve got two months to both recover and recharge. On the other hand. Far better to suck it and see. It may be that come the start of July a number of different developments could start requiring a lot more of your time. the big picture hasn’t as yet fully formed. Sagittarius Some of you are actually having a whale of a time at the moment. quiet or stable. It is primarily your interactions with other at the singular level that are most prone to difficulty in the short term. as represented by developments in the lives of individuals around you. especially during the first two weeks of May when there is a whole cluster of planets in your opposite sign. and there are no new signs of any direct challenges or difficulties forming this month except perhaps at the day by day level – the essence of May is that you can breathe deeply again. especially when it comes to being creative and/or travelling. it’s self enlightened interest. this month is not scheduled as being self? Sometimes putting yourself first isn’t selfishness. although lessons involving moderation and self discipline may also be being ignored. but until that time you’re relatively low and staying below the radar screen. Perhaps the best option is stay relatively in the background whilst things work themselves out. Increasingly. there are clear and distinctive lines and boundaries being drawn between what is yours singular and what is yours plural. and more you try and get focus or concentration on to any specific purpose or direction. Time to take stock of this year so far and start taking more responsibility for your choices. On the one hand. in particularly challenging aspect to Neptune which only supports the idea that there is no safe form of clarity to be had at the current time. Keep things in perspec- tive. Capricorn It’s a little foggy out there at the moment. whether the ‘what’ in question are finances. and it is probably prudent not to make any type of major change of course or new long term decision based on recent and upcoming information – it is not going to be until the middle of July that you are going to be able to get perspective on this year so far with any degree of accuracy. If you’re born between the 8th and the 16th then this month is going to hold in it the potential for a lot of larger than life developments which if you’re not careful can completely absorb you to the point of losing your objective focus on the world. It may well be that all of you will see the pace of life.

If so. the subconscious and the transpersonal . Neptune and Saturn – none of whom are transparent about their workings. The first two weeks of May are the most verbally provocative. Yet this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. and they have your best interest at heart. especially those born from the 6th to the 13th. it may be that your home and family situation is creating some type of friction. and what you’ll find is that this is when the most accurate of intuitions are available as well. At the same time. It is definitely the first ten days of May that hold in them the best ability to get things done in an effective and efficient way.cloudier it gets. and just for the short term. Although your current situation may not be as much to your liking as it could be. The aspect forming now and for the coming few months between Saturn and Neptune suggests the opportunity to bring a quality of structure into the imagination. begin it now. hopefully leading to a more formative manifestation in the outside world. although certain areas such as your public persona or your family ar- rangements can become mildly fractious towards the end of May. being at least partly generated by your own internal workings. so things start to get a little more complicated or sticky. and ask yourself whether you would swap current status for what you had then. and your ability to get clarity begins to diminish. travel or just speaking face to face is quite enhanced and as a result information will flow freely. and this is when you’ll need to watch your responses. and to step back now would lead into thick fog. shoulder this responsibility quietly and willingly on the grounds that the alternative is to make a fuss and really – do you need the aggravation that will bring? Perhaps at least for the short term it is better to just deal with things whilst slowly but steadily firming up your mind about imminent choices and actions – bide your time. Pisces May starts off with quite a communicative energy about the place. and this isn’t going to clear for a month or two yet. I suggest that the quality of experience in recent times has made you much sharper and effective as a human being than before. But as the middle of the month develops.’ Aquarius At the day by day level. It is as though the unconscious and the subliminal. should find things more opportunistic than most. The prime planetary influences around you at this time are those of Pluto. although some of you. Here’s a test as to your evolutionary success or failure over recent times: Consider your position in life now compared to four years ago. Don’t get in your own way. the most incisive period of this year is yet to occur. Better to just knuckle down and take things on the chin. It is primarily the latter part of May and the first week or so of June that is giving you the most grief. ‘Whatever you can dream you can do. In the background and in the big picture there are no reasons for concern – it’s just that at this time there’s a kind of invisible chewing gum binding you down and preventing you from flying. the psychological and the neurotic are all working in ways that you can sense but not control or even influence. and you should find that your ability to communicate with others by phone. and you’ll need to be on top of your game in order to avoid some of the potential pitfalls at the day by day level in your professional sphere. that inter relationships within the family may not be at their most diplomatic and that you could easily find yourself becoming the one that both has to sort everything out and take the blame. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the month is difficult. elements of this month are going to be harder than you’ve experienced so far this year. but all of the month is going to have an energy like an itch that you can’t scratch. email. and this will Issue 98 Page 15 . They know what they are doing. You’re likely to find that your profile and public image in the outside world is coming under greater scrutiny than usual.

It’s likely that the coming few months will have a frenetic quality about them that will only dissipate come mid July. Only come July will clarity begin to ensue. so till then keep your bullsxxt filters on standby and take ongoing developments with a pinch of salt. Diary dates are overleaf Page 16 The Pampering Times .only be at the personal and the day by day level.

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