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The Three Youths

Each day in your classroom, we ask you to follow the structure below. This is the
format that the Teacher’s Manuel and Student Workbooks have been written in
to establish consistency throughout the week of Youth Camp.

1. Read Daily Lesson from Scripture

2. Introduce Daily Icon

3. Answer: Who, What,
Where, When, & Why?

4. Daily Activities

5. Daily Memory Verse

The learning continues…

After class, the teenagers will present a skit
on the lesson of the Three Youths.

The Three Youths
READ: Daily Lesson from Scripture Apocrypha Book of Daniel

Song of the 3 Young Men Daniel 1

Pages 152


The Three Youths
WHO: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego Daniel and his three friends were
King Nebuchadnezzar, Angel chosen to serve King Nebuchadnezzar

(Identify people in icon)

WHAT One day, King Nebuchadnezzar made a large gold statue and ordered all of the people
in his kingdom to bow down to it. Everyone did except Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
When the King heard this, he called Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to his palace and
said to them, “How dare you disobey my orders? Do you think that your Lord can save
you if I throw you into the furnace?” The 3 Youths replied, “If God wishes, He can save us
from you and from the furnace. But even if He does not, we will not bow down to your
golden statue.” The King was furious and threw them into a fiery furnace. From inside,
the 3 Youths sang praises to God, and God sent an angel who protected them.

WHERE: Apocrypha Book of Daniel
Song of the 3 Young Men

WHEN: 2nd or 1st century B.C. written in Hebrew, the Church reads this story on Holy Saturday

WHY God shows us that He protects us and is mightier than any earthly king

God allows us to be in challenging situations

God asks us to proclaim, He is Lord!

God surrounds us with good Orthodox friends
who will stand with us

The three youths teach us how to praise
and trust God

The Three Youths
HYMN: (Greek) Τον Κυριον υµνειτε και υπερυψουτε εις παντας τους αιωνας
(Phonetics) Ton Kirie eemneete kay eeperispoute ees pantas tous aonas

(English) Praise ye, the Lord and exalt Him forever (5th Grade – Teens)

(Verses) 1. O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord: praise and exalt Him forever.
2. O ye Angels of the Lord, and ye Heavens of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.
3. O all ye waters that be above the Heavens, and all ye Powers of the Lord, bless the Lord.
4. O ye sun and moon and ye stars of Heaven, bless ye the Lord.
5. O ye light and darkness, ye nights and days, bless ye the Lord.
6. O ye showers and dew and all ye winds, bless ye the Lord.
7. O ye fire and warmth, ye cold and heat, bless ye the Lord.
8. O ye dews and snows, ye frosts and cold, bless ye the Lord.
9. O ye frosts and snows, ye lightnings and clouds, bless ye the Lord.
10. O ye earth, mountains and hills, and all things which grow in her, bless ye the Lord.
11. O ye fountains, seas, and rivers, whales and all that move in the waters, bless ye the Lord.
12. O all ye birds of Heaven, beasts and all cattle, bless ye the Lord.
13. O ye sons of men, bles ye, and let Israel bless, the Lord.
14. O ye Priests of the Lord, servants of the Lord and children, bless ye the Lord.
15. O ye spirits and souls of the Righteous, holy and humble men of heart, bless ye the Lord.
16. O Ananias, Azarias, and Misael, bless ye the Lord.
17. O ye Apostles, Prophets and Witnesses of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.

We bless the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Lord.

We praise and exalt the Lord in all the Ages
We praise, we bless, and worship the Lord
We praise and glorify the Lord in all the Ages.

(From Holy Saturday Morning of Holy Week)

The Three Youths
IES Word Scramble (2nd Grade – Teens)
Coloring Sheet (Pre-K – 4th Grade)
Dot to Dot (Pre-K – 4th Grade)

GAMES: “God Says” (Pre-K – 4th Grade) Taken from the game: Simon Says

Ask all the children to stand
Explain that as Christians, we make choices to follow God and
to do what He asks us to do. In today’s lesson, the King Nebuchadnezzar
asked the 3 Youths to do something against God. They chose to listen
to God instead.

“God says make the sign of the Cross….God says hug your neighbor….
“God says look up to heaven….Now bow down and touch your toes……”
………..Oh God didn’t say that!..............................
Remember it was the King who asked the 3 Youths to bow down to a false god!

Golden Image Collage (5th Grade – Teens)

Ask teenagers to sort through magazines, and cut images out that
we are asked to bow down and worship in society. Then do the same for
things that God asks us to worship and images that are Godly.

Glue the images to separate posterboards. Blow a horn and ask the teens
which god they will bow down to? Who is their God?

SKIT: Ask teenagers offer a skit for the younger children.
The roles should include:
• King Nebuchadnezzar
• Daniel
• Shadrach
• Meshach
• Abednego
• Multiple people for the fire
• Soldiers who heated the furnace
• And delivered 3 Youths into fire
• The Angel of the Lord

The Three Youths
SING ALONG: “Help Us, (Pre-K – 4th Grade)
Save Us,
Have Mercy on Us,
And Keep Us O God By Your Grace”

CD “Fruits of the Spirit” Track 6 By Gigi Shadid

CRAFT: Red Blankets to show God’s flame of protection. (2nd Grade – Teens)

Cut two squares of fleece, a layer of orange and red,
according to the size of the blanket you’d like to make.
Then snip fringes around the edges and ask children to
tie the layers together.

Blankets can be donated to homeless shelters
or children’s hospitals.

The Three Youths

“And they walked about
in the midst of the flames,
singing hymns to God
and blessing the Lord…
Blessed art thou, O Lord,
God of our fathers,
and to be praised and
highly exalted for ever;”