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The Foxxfyre Papers


Gene Nielsen


Those of you who know me personally know that I am fond of searching in out of the way places for bits and pieces of forgotten knowledge. Much of my searching is done with regard to my own improvement. Like many of us, I am constantly looking for that one bit of information, that one book or manuscript that will make everything clear, that will answer all my questions about the nature of consciousness and of existence, that will solve all my problems forever. Failing that, I still keep my eye out for anything I can use which will make my performances and my readings easier and more effective. It was just such a piece of information that I came across under unusual circumstances some time ago, and at some distance from the city in which I now live. It is that piece of information which you now hold in your hands, and which I am now permitted to reveal to you.

The Foxxfyre Papers


Gene Nielsen

During the course of this research I ran across several references to a smaller.More years ago than I would care to recall. Charlie?” I asked him. if possible. The nature of this library. I had been assigned to this particular city primarily to consult the archives of its widely known and highly respected university. so I determined to contact it. I asked the University library staff about this other library. lesser known private library which was located in a small town some fifty miles away. the nature and activities of which are not completely known to the general public even to this day. and see if I could not gain admittance to their archives. I was a member of a government group. I found myself in a large metropolitan city which shall remain nameless in these pages. “What’s everyone being so mysterious about? It’s only a small town library. “What’s the problem here. even through the veiled descriptions I was able to find. I was not there by choice.” The Foxxfyre Papers 4 Gene Nielsen . seemed to be such that the material therein could be of much help to me in my researches. My work consisted largely of research in the University library. I was finally able to get the address and phone number of this mysterious library from a junior member of the University library staff. At that time. but not much information was forthcoming.

” All this mystery. that’s all. and that I would come to their library location at 10 a. It’s the library of a private organization. I wrote several letters. merely made me more curious. that it was in a wing of the private home of the president of the organization. and see if they wouldn’t waive their members-only rule for the Federal government. that it was the The Foxxfyre Papers 5 Gene Nielsen . Finally. that it was in a densely-wooded area outside the city. and made me more determined than ever to gain access to this library. I had heard a number of conflicting stories about this library. but there was never an answer. telling them that I would be in their city on a certain day. and would expect someone to be there to help me. I arrived at the appointed time.“There’s nothing mysterious about it. but received no reply to any of them. “I wouldn’t count on it.” said Charlie. I determined to go there myself and confront them with some information about my work. It’s a private library. and only members of the organization are allowed to use it. Finally. exasperated. this being long before answering machines were available. I tried to phone them to see if an appointment could be arranged.m. I wrote one last letter. I had been told that it was in a densely-wooded section of the city itself. “It’s not a small town library. of course.” “But surely they’ll allow me access because of my government work?” Charlie shook his head.

None of it looked mysterious at all.” Startled. shrubs and trees. The whole complex was on a prime piece of real estate. The place seemed deserted. “Sorry. “Hello? Is anyone here?” I moved further down the entrance hall and into a large open room which seemed to take up most of the building. Nielsen. To my surprise the door was open.” The Foxxfyre Papers 6 Gene Nielsen . with well-kept lawns. It was indeed on a city block.only building in the center of a city block of property surrounded by a high wall. the whole complex was open and inviting. situated on the edge of a very affluent residential area. Far from being deep in a densely-wooded area. I found the library building and went up to the entrance. The last one was the closest to the truth. I walked in. and so on. but it was not the only building on that block. The block it was on was the international headquarters of the organization in question. Her severely tailored clothing. and was occupied by several imposing buildings. A woman stood behind me. her arms folded. “Dr. I turned around. I didn’t hear you come up. None of these stories were true. you surprised me. black horn-rimmed glasses and dark hair pulled back in a wide black hair ribbon proclaimed her to be unmistakably the librarian.

“Could you tell me where I can find …” I turned to face her. “The Imperator has granted your request.” “Thank you. I will show you where you can get lunch. they will not be disturbed. The library will be closed for an hour. I worked continuously for some time.” I said. and began taking notes. I nevertheless began a circuit of the room. Please make yourself at home and let me know if there is anything you require. brought some books to my table. You may leave your things here.She walked past me into the library proper.” The Foxxfyre Papers 7 Gene Nielsen . moving into the room and putting my briefcase down on one of the library tables. The library was. indeed. a source of information that was quite valuable for my research and I was so absorbed in my notes that. You may make full use of our facilities for your research. once again. but she was gone! A trifle taken aback at her apparent ability to come and go without a sound. I soon found it. I did not hear her approach until her voice at my elbow said: “It’s twelve o’clock. looking for the material I was after.

m. she once again appeared to tell me the library was closing for the day and would reopen at 9 a.” I said as we walked toward the door.” she said. but this time it was locked. the following day. “Come in. Again.” She stood at the library entrance. Promptly at 5 p.” The Foxxfyre Papers 8 Gene Nielsen . the door still closed behind her. she had apparently appeared out of nowhere. “I’m not sure how long my research will take. I hadn’t heard the door open or close. I walked up the steps to the library door. I turned around and started to walk down the steps.m. “You may use the library for as long as you wish. but. I had taken only a couple of steps when I heard her. “Good evening. About halfway across I turned to look at her. where she pointed out a neighborhood drug store with a lunch counter across the street. she had once again vanished. intending to stroll around the area till the library reopened.We left the library and walked to the corner of the block. I thanked her and crossed the street.m. true to form. I continued with my researches for the rest of the afternoon. A few minutes before 1 p.

The next morning I left early.” I said.” The Foxxfyre Papers 9 Gene Nielsen .I drove back to the city and telegraphed my superiors. and that I would only require the use of the library for two or three more days at the most. I continued working there for a little over two weeks.” She went back into the library and in a moment returned with a sealed envelope. but one day you will be involved in these areas. told her that my work was almost done. “Thank you. At the end of that time I thanked the librarian for her cooperation. telling them that I had gained access to the library and my research was proceeding apace.” she said. drove to the small town and secured lodgings close to the library. This information may not seem to be of any use to you now. It contains full instructions on how you can obtain certain information that will be valuable to you in the years to come. “I have something for you. “What is it?” “Don’t open it until you get back to the city. The next morning I received a telegram from my superiors authorizing me to move my base of operations to the library town for as long as I needed to be there. since you are not at present involved in the areas the information covers. We were standing out in front of the library as she locked the door at the end of the day. “Wait a moment. and it is then that you will realize the true value of this information.

It was a circular disc about the size of a half dollar. Over dinner that night I opened it. or something similar. and was the symbol for the Japanese word. but Japanese. I suddenly remembered the envelope. The contents consisted of two handwritten sheets of paper. but which is usually rendered as “spirit”. a small flat object fell out onto the table. The letter said I was to go to the aforementioned small shop and give this talisman to the proprietor. He would then give me a manuscript which I was to study and guard carefully. and on the other was what looked like a Chinese character. I also learned that this character was not Chinese. There is more there than you can realize even after many readings. They were apparently written by my mysterious librarian lady and told me how to find a small shop on a side street close to the city’s main business street. which defies accurate translation into English.” Back in the city. “energy”. It was some three weeks after I had come back to the city that. in the inside pocket of my coat. As I opened the sheets to read them. One side held a faded. Yes. it was still there.“This information may seem extremely simple and obvious to you when you first read it. barely visible picture of what I later found out was an Egyptian scarab. leaving the university library on a Friday evening after work. made of some metal that was apparently very old. The Foxxfyre Papers 10 Gene Nielsen . You must learn to read between the lines. but do not despise it on that account. I completed my report and went back to work in the university library. “Ki”. “spiritual force”.

I took no notice of what he wore. more like an alley than a street. It was populated by several nondescript business establishments. all of them looking as if they’d seen better days. The Foxxfyre Papers 11 Gene Nielsen . Oddly enough. The following day I went to the small side street mentioned in the letter. and cannot. to this day. I took out the envelope. He had an imposing head of pure white hair and his steely blue eyes looked at me through a pair of rimless spectacles. The one I was looking for was in the center of the block with a sign over the door reading “CURIOUS GOODS”.I was to keep this manuscript secret for thirty years. I would also be free to publish it if I so chose. It was with a sudden shock that I realized that I didn’t know the librarian’s name. but carried himself in such a way that he appeared to be taller. describe his clothing. and for the benefit of all mankind. I went in and stood at the counter for a moment until the curtain at the rear rustled and a man came out. His description matched the one in the instructions perfectly. It was in the middle of the block about half a block off the main street and was only a block long. At the end of that time I would be free to share it with others that I felt would appreciate and use the information therein judiciously. properly. He was of average height. He stood before me on the other side of the counter without a word. The letter was unsigned. removed the letter and tipped out the talisman onto the counter.

but he shook his head. but as I walked back to the main business street. I went into a nearby drugstore and found a phone booth. handed it to me with an emphatic gesture. There was no listing in either the white or yellow pages for any shop named “CURIOUS GOODS”. I asked the waitress if she knew the name of the little short street right behind the main The Foxxfyre Papers 12 Gene Nielsen . and once again tapped the “TOMORROW” paper on the counter. I determined to be right in front of his door when he opened the next day. I picked it up. it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t know what his business hours were. Several minutes elapsed. “Tomorrow?” I said.Without a word he picked it up. Finally he returned. laid the talisman back on the counter. then turned and went back through the curtain. clear block letters. On it was written. thrust the envelope at me and pointed toward the door. slipped it back between the sheets of the letter. I went to the lunch counter for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. replaced the letter in the envelope. looked at both sides. He nodded as if to himself. I had no choice but to leave. “But tomorrow’s Sunday! Will you be open tomorrow?” He didn’t answer. in bold. but picked up the talisman. the word “TOMORROW”. He placed the paper on the counter in front of me and tapped it peremptorily. then turned his piercing gaze upon me. holding a single piece of paper apparently torn from a notepad. I started to protest.

I showed the bookstore owner the talisman. Clearly and boldly written in the middle of the page. in the same handwriting as the earlier “TOMORROW” note. The film let out a few minutes before five. I strode rapidly back to the main street and looked up and down.m. All this was getting just too mysterious for me.” Five thirty? I was supposed to wait around all day until five thirty in the afternoon? What was I supposed to do with myself till then? Angry and impatient. however. I made my way back to the little street and watched the CURIOUS GOODS shop door from the corner. to find the door still locked. was locked. I was at the door of the mysterious shop bright and early the next day at 8 a. The door. At 10 a.street. and went to a movie. then shook her head. I returned at 9 a. I tore it off and opened it. other than identifying the scarab and Japanese writing.m. Eventually I calmed down. She gave me a very curious look.m. had some lunch. right behind the drug store. I found a folded sheet of paper taped to the door. but he was unable to tell me anything about it. turned into a book store. There The Foxxfyre Papers 13 Gene Nielsen . on an impulse. I walked down the main street and.m. Needless to say. was “5:30 p.

extracted the letter. tapping it impatiently with his long forefinger. It seemed to me that he took longer to reappear this time than the day before. letter and envelope. it slowly swung open. taking my arm. A long moment passed. but he stopped me. Once again he reassembled the talisman. turned it over. And once again he picked it up. In a moment I found myself inside. escorted me to the door. In a trice I was out on the street and the door was locked again behind me. gestured that I was to put it back in my pocket. Finally. I knew it would be locked. then to the counter top. he pointed toward my coat pocket. When he finally did reappear. The Foxxfyre Papers 14 Gene Nielsen . Again I took out the envelope. but perhaps this was simply my impatience. but I didn’t go up and try it. standing across the counter from the proprietor as on the day before.were no more pieces of paper on the door. and tipped the talisman out onto the counter top. then handed me the box and. he was carrying an ornately-carved box of some kind of dark wood I was unable to identify then or later. it was 5:29. subjected each side to the same burning scrutiny and abruptly disappeared behind the curtain. Suddenly. I walked toward the door and as I approached it. Again he looked at me without a word. I reached for the box to open it.

damn. Inside was a manuscript bound together with a silken cord. I turned to the first page. damn. relaxed and at ease after a fine evening meal. Torn by curiosity. χονγρατυλατιονσ ον ψουρ συχχεσσφυλ αχθυισιτιον οφ τηε σεχρετσ χονταινεδ ωιτηιν τηεσε Damn! Damn. Later. I went back to my room and changed into my pajamas before opening the box. Trembling a little. the mysterious old man. his equally mysterious shop. and despite my impatience. I went to my room. The manuscript was apparently written in Greek. damn.But I had the information! By the time I got back to my room it was dinner time. her even more mysterious private library. and then groaned in disappointment. I debated within myself as to whether I should open it now or have dinner first. locked the door and went out to dinner. Hunger won out. the large The Foxxfyre Papers 15 Gene Nielsen . hid the box under my bed. BLAST! What kind of sinister jape was THIS? I shook my fist at the ceiling and roundly cursed the manuscript. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible before confronting whatever revelations were awaiting me. the mysterious lady librarian. the small town of the private library. I opened the box.

dressed and went out to breakfast. As I removed it from the box. and with exceptional and extreme vehemence. repeating the word she said in my dream: The Foxxfyre Papers 16 Gene Nielsen . the lady librarian appeared before me. whispered. After breakfast. of my assignment and the government agency that had sent me here. The dream had been enjoyable but I was no closer to solving the mystery of the manuscript. “Underneath!” She then kissed me tenderly. I went back to my room to get it. and gently closed my eyes with one hand. I showered. I thought things over and decided to take the manuscript with me to work. I suddenly heard the librarian’s voice clearly in my ear. in that order. Certainly I could find someone in the university to translate it for me. shaved. leaning over me. trembling and exhausted. I awoke next morning with mixed emotions. Soon I grew calmer and drifted off into a fitful slumber. not in her severely tailored suit. she lifted the covers and got in bed with me. she got out of bed and. Then. I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes. dropping it on the floor. but in a diaphanous nightgown that left nothing to the imagination. Without a word she removed her glasses and untied her hair ribbon. burying my face in my pillow. In a dream. At the conclusion of our intimacies.

and found nothing. I turned over the box itself. I looked under the manuscript itself. The manuscript was written in English. Something caught my eye. I reached under the bed and drew it out. but using the Greek alphabet! I stuffed the manuscript and the card into my briefcase with the rest of my papers and started to shove the now-empty box under the bed. I opened it in a fever of excitement and found a file card inside with the following on it: αa βb χc δd εe φf γg ηh ιi ϕj κk λl µm νn οo πp θq ρr σs τt υu ϖv ωw ξx ψy ζz Aha – I had it! I didn’t have to consult with a Greek scholar at the university at all. What was this? A small manila envelope was attached to the bottom of the box. flipped through all its pages – still nothing.“Underneath!” Was this supposed to mean something to me? Underneath what? I looked in the bottom of the box. The Foxxfyre Papers 17 Gene Nielsen .

Nevertheless. I took the manuscript and the card with me to work and began the laborious task of deciphering the manuscript. the information in it literally changed my life. What follows is a word-for-word translation of the mysterious manuscript. I can tell you this about it. It was old when it came into my possession.It was a black hair ribbon. GENE NIELSEN The Foxxfyre Papers 18 Gene Nielsen . Some of the attitudes and conclusions expressed therein may seem to you to be out of date. This is possible because. I am sure you can adapt the information in the manuscript to today’s situations and attitudes. and I was forbidden to release it to the public for thirty years. please note: it is an OLD manuscript. I’m sure it will do the same for you if you will apply and practice its teachings. the conclusions reached by the unknown writer of the manuscript are valid in a larger sense than perhaps imagined at the time. the basic information given therein is timeless. It has helped me enormously. while the manuscript is old. It got me started on a path that I am still following and still exploring. It took me several days of working through my lunch hours and stealing what time I could from my regular duties. Now.

This information may also seem extremely simple and obvious to you when you first read it. but one day you will be involved in these areas. and it is then that you will realize the true value of this information. concealment from those that would suppress it. Do not be disappointed because the manuscript seems short. upon occasion. since you are not at present involved in the areas the information covers.THE FOXXFYRE PAPERS TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Congratulations on your successful acquisition of the secrets contained within these pages. the information has been refined. there is more here than you can realize even after many readings. Down through the ages. NOTE CAREFULLY AND BE WARNED! This information may not seem to be of any use to you now. study. but do not despise it on that account. and. distilled and clarified to give you the most possible amount of information in the shortest possible space. The Foxxfyre Papers 19 Gene Nielsen . Make no mistake. for ease of transportation.

has proven to be of great help. activity or way of making a living which. rather than for the good of all mankind. not only to those who are the recipients of its activity.You must learn to read between the lines. if properly implemented. It has never been known to fail. but to those who practice it as well. over the years. Then practice it. and very seldom filled. it will certainly bring you DISASTER! Down through the ages. It can bring help to mankind and prosperity to you – but if you use it for evil. But be warned! This information is a two-edged sword. Only a relative few down through the ages have been privileged to engage in this profession. Read this manuscript carefully. when the time comes to pass this The Foxxfyre Papers 20 Gene Nielsen . and those who practice it. Absorb its information well. can bring happiness and success to those who know and practice it. It is very simply expressed as: “FIND A NEED AND FILL IT” These papers will tell you of a need that is universal. art. there has been one Secret that. There is a certain profession.

You must always use this knowledge for the good of your fellow man. and requisites to receive this knowledge. will be up to you. What you do with this knowledge will be up to you. and which may even be beyond your present comprehension. state or country be of this persuasion. both in terms of financial security and in the knowledge that you are helping your fellow man weather the vicissitudes of life. there will be those definitely opposed to it. you too. and never yield to the temptation to amass great personal wealth through its misuse. talents. that you possess the required abilities. It has been determined by means which do not concern you at this juncture. You have been designated as one of the Chosen. but it may take considerable time and effort on your part. it will be a rewarding one. Should those in power in your city. however. choose the recipients of this knowledge very carefully.knowledge on. When the time comes for you to pass this knowledge on. But be warned! Should you decide to follow this path. These difficulties can be surmounted. it will make your practice of this knowledge difficult. there are several factors which must be taken into account: Not everyone will appreciate this knowledge. of one fact. or if you use it at all. If you do decide to pursue this path. How you use this information. As a matter of fact. must choose your recipients very carefully. You can be assured. The Foxxfyre Papers 21 Gene Nielsen .

it is possible to misuse this information. such as Card Reading or Palm Reading. what he says. The first thing you must do to fulfill your obligations in this direction is to make a thorough study of one or more of the established systems of divination. that those who do misuse it invariably come to grief. also. Many of these problems result from personality characteristics which are more or less The Foxxfyre Papers 22 Gene Nielsen . and the like. A good private reader. as the profession is sometimes derogatorily termed) is a keen observer of people and their ways of thinking and acting. The average person is interested in himself and his own problems. in many ways. It is. and the night following the day. and a talent for drawing pertinent conclusions from the way a person is dressed. a lifetime process. This information is available at public libraries everywhere. the art of asking a few leading questions which are not obvious to the one being questioned. The profession for which you have been chosen is that of Private Reader. It is as inevitable as the day following the night. Following this path will require time and effort on your part.Rest assured. Rest assured. to be successful. so you will probably not have to make as much of a financial outlay as you will of time. and you must invest some of this time and effort in training yourself properly at the beginning. (or “fortune teller”. It requires imagination. ability to piece together a whole personality from bits of conversation.

obvious to others but which escape him. This type of question and a great deal of pleasant chatter should be sandwiched in throughout the reading so that the inquirer is kept at ease and is not fully aware of what is going on. ~ Look at his or her manner of dress. These are merely window dressing. analyzing your inquirer’s handwriting. Very often these facts can be used by a keen observer as the basis for talking about one’s fortune. But the heart of the private reading session is not the chatter or meaningless small talk. reading the palm. the professional private reader. one who is always ready to demonstrate his or her skills at a party by telling the guests about themselves. finding their significant numbers or whatever system of divination you may be using. regardless of the type of reading method employed. But you will learn most from making careful observations of the inquirer. must have a clever line of talk. Is it plain or gaudy? ~ Does the person dress in contemporary style or is she out of style? ~ Does she show a lack of taste? The Foxxfyre Papers 23 Gene Nielsen . You may learn something. or at least get a few hints during this part of the procedure. be it reading the cards. This chatter serves to make the inquirer interested and happy throughout the reading session. He must begin the reading by asking a few unrelated questions which put the inquirer at his ease and allow him to act naturally. But the entertaining private reader.

Watch the person’s manner. acting as though he did not care. or repellent? All of these matters are related to his or her life and are often results of personality characteristics which are meaningful. or just plain. the facial expressions. from time to time during the reading session. ~ Is he possessed or nervous even after you have attempted to put him at ease? ~ Is he quiet and relaxed or jumpy and uneasy? ~ Is he attempting to put on a front. will suggest to a keen observer facts which can be drawn out as the reading session proceeds. The Foxxfyre Papers 24 Gene Nielsen . or is he interested and anxious? These can be cues for you to follow. Sometimes the tone of voice used in answering your questions. His answers will give you hints for further questions. Then.~ Does the manner of her dressing show wealth or a meager income? ~ Is the person pleasing in dress and facial appearance. ask leading questions. the bodily movements. questions based on what you have seen.

in cards. These will tell you a great deal. The Foxxfyre Papers 25 Gene Nielsen . You deal out the cards after talking with her a few minutes and making certain observations to yourself. They have general meanings. You have a clue. Without doubt. and you can move from them to other suggestions which will give you new cues. At times you must make shrewd guesses. or in any other device which you may use are suggestive only. the indications and signs found in the palm. Her hands are kept carefully and tastefully. In this way you can fill in a picture which would otherwise be general and apply to many people. From these few facts you can make many judgments. Suppose your inquirer is a young lady of seventeen or thereabouts. A mere suggestion of this fact may bring a glow to her eyes. but in more specific things. Let us take an example. and watch your inquirer’s reactions. but the important facts are to be found within these general meanings. in tea leaves. And these latter are what you must discover by your own ingenuity. dark and handsome. she is thinking of love. She is nicely dressed and has a pleasant smile.Remember. She knows someone who fits this description. Your inquirer is not vitally interested in the general factors. You can afford to ask a few questions and let her dwell on the fact of the man for a moment. She is pretty and has a soft vibrant voice when she speaks. a little at a time. She possibly has many admirers. Then you see a young man in the cards. He is tall.

The Foxxfyre Papers 26 Gene Nielsen . even the most insignificant act. may be your clue. with the help of your reading method. If you have even a little of this gift. You cannot afford this blindness. What the inquirer does. This line of procedure applies regardless of the method of reading you are using. It is like a curtain between you and the inquirer and will make anything that you do with your reading method of little value. The most important asset of a good private reader is the ability to size up personalities. you can construct an interesting and meaningful reading. develop it.Her actions will reveal enough for you to go on to talk about him and his relationship to her. Use it. Some persons are gifted with a keen sensitivity to other persons and their moods. How can you develop it? That is easy. The reading method will give you suggestions upon which you must build your case. This requires a kind of sensitivity to personal moods and actions. Work it for all that it is worth. It is highly possible that you will be looking directly at a person and yet be blind to actions that mean much. It may lead to other clues and.

Follow these impressions. These will open doors for you to enter and explore further. and watch his reactions. Ask questions. or an energetic businessman. The Foxxfyre Papers 27 Gene Nielsen . But keep practicing. You will be surprised at the results even after a short time. As you make use of them. Act upon the weakest impression that you have. expand them. but vague questions to confirm your impression. It is just like the development of sensitivity in any field. The musician is sensitive to tone and the artist is sensitive to color because neither has refused to act when it seemed necessary. A person enters your office and immediately you sense that he is unhappy. or studious. emphasize things in which he is interested in your fortune telling or psychic reading for him. but have taken hold of these early and vague beginnings and by constantly protecting them have developed them into full maturity. not bold and obvious questions. They have not tried to suppress the first drawings of sensitivity. Play on these interests. you will find yourself becoming keener. These are beginnings. At first you will make mistakes. Your sensitivity will grow. act as they direct. Having sensed the nature of the person you are dealing with and having sized up his interests and personal characteristics. Then go on from there. Not every impression is correct.Obey your first impressions.

If you know that he has inherited or made a fortune. strike a responsive chord in your listener. and lowering of the voice are of great assistance in private readings. these are: It is safe in most cases with middle-aged men to declare that they have had a law-suit. If the subject betrays the least emotion. will soon come his way. A lady of great wealth and beauty." The Foxxfyre Papers 28 Gene Nielsen . Declare that a great fortune. or admits it. or ready to be. in most cases. you may say that he has already realized one of them. and it will depend on himself to secure his happiness. Or he will soon meet such a person when he shall least expect it. in his life. This seldom fails. who is of singularly sympathetic disposition. This information must be uttered impressively. Emphasis. or a great dispute as to property. or something which will gratify him. express sympathy. For the most part.It is as well to remember that there are certain things that you can say to your inquirer that will. or fortunes. is in love with him. regardless of their situation or station in life. He will have three great chances. pauses. promptly improve upon the occasion. which has given them a great deal of trouble. but that he must be keen to watch his opportunity and be bold and energetic. They treated you very unkindly. or something greatly to the advantage of the subject. or had a good appointment. "You had at one time great trouble with your relations (or friends). and follow it up.

"You have had enemies. "You had an enemy but you outlived him. "You have had an enemy who has caused you great trouble. or likes to believe. or at least it takes in most people." Or. briefly." "You got yourself once into great trouble by doing a good act. you may foretell future perils. though it be a schoolboy believes." Or." The Foxxfyre Papers 29 Gene Nielsen ." Or. will incur terrible retribution. that he has encountered perils. but they are all destined to come to grief. by trying to wrong you. but your resolute conduct daunted them. "It is written that someone. If the subject can be induced to relate his hairbreadth escapes." Pronounce this very impressively.Or. This is infallible. But he [or she – it is well not to specify which till you find out the sex] will go too far before long." "You have been three times in great danger of death. Everybody. "They were prepared to do so. and his or her effort to injure you will recoil on him or her.

but your conduct in all was really perfectly blameless." "You have done a great deal of good. and before long an occasion will present itself for you to exert it to your advantage. Once your inconsiderate anger (or pursuit of pleasure) involved you in great suffering which." Or else. over time you will receive insights apparently from nowhere." Another factor must be taken into consideration here. or made the fortune or prosperity of persons who have been very ungrateful. These will be few and far between at first." "You have been involved in several love affairs." "You will soon meet with a person who will have a great influence on your future life if you cultivate his friendship." "You have great capacity for something. if encouraged. You have twice passed over a treasure and missed it. and then will The Foxxfyre Papers 30 Gene Nielsen ." "You will find something very valuable if you keep your eyes open and watch closely. but you will have a third opportunity. You will before long meet someone who will fall in love with you. therefore be on your guard. was to your advantage. "This will come to pass. in the end."Your passions have three times gotten you into great trouble. As you continue to grow and develop in your experience.

INSIST on its accuracy and. DO NOT LET THEM.” The Foxxfyre Papers 31 Gene Nielsen . By putting the above points adroitly. You will often be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of these visions. varying or combining them. YOU CLIENT WANTS YOU TO BE RIGHT. They will be like sudden flashes of clarity that appear before your mind’s eye. DO NOT IGNORE IT. DESCRIBE IT TO HER. she will do EVERYTHING IN HER POWER to confirm ANY statement you may make about her. PRESSURE your client until. searching her memory. This is an important point. she comes up with or brings to mind a situation that fits your insight in greater or lesser degree. You may say “This is deception. Too. NO MATTER HOW UNRELATED IT MAY SEEM TO BE to your client’s problems. startling cases of conviction may be made. if necessary. and above all by your insistence on the accuracy and applicability of your impressions.gradually increase in frequency. Therefore. you will find that from time to time your client will DENY the accuracy or applicability of one of these sudden insights. When a sudden impulse or flash of insight occurs. as it were.

Remember: TRUTH IS EVERYWHERE AND EVEN LIES LEAD TO IT There are two more things to remember: The first is that you must never attempt to be that which you are not. Secondly.Perhaps. You must never attempt to diagnose any health condition or prescribe any remedy for such a condition. for that is against the law unless you are a licensed medical doctor or other health professional. Similarly. Many people have given their lives to the study of this lore. or the inexplicable insight to character as described above. and the deceiver himself be led to marvel. refer all legal questions to competent and qualified legal authority. Again. there is a great mass of lore that has come to use from the ages. Refer all questions of health and disease to competent medical authority. Others come from a long line of people who have developed fortune telling as a racial and cultural The Foxxfyre Papers 32 Gene Nielsen . let him do what he will. you must never attempt to give legal advice unless you are an attorney. Yet even within this deception will be found intuition. so true is it that he who flies from Brahma goes towards him.

You may cause trouble and do more harm than good. or elsewhere. it is your responsibility to point this out. Look for health. Many of them have come to grief through using these powers to cheat people. since they now know they can handle them. If you see something that is negative in your readings. in the hand. and give them more courage to face similar situations in the future. play it down or overlook it altogether. People like to hear the good and not the bad. and you will be performing a genuine service for your fellow man. You should play on this desire. and It will strengthen your inquirer’s character. look for good things. Others have found over the centuries that it is best and more productive to emphasize the positive. There is one exception to this rule. look for the good. and happiness. but it is something THAT THE INQUIRER CAN REMEDY THROUGH HIS OR HER OWN EFFORTS. If you find some evil in the cards. And you may be mistaken. Therefore. For your inquirer to face their problem. and to overcome it. It will make everybody happier. wealth. The gypsies are such a people. So.occupation. The Foxxfyre Papers 33 Gene Nielsen . Play these up and you will be popular and people will want to get readings from you. prosperity. will do two things for them: (1) (2) It will solve the problem in question.

You are specifically constrained from communicating this information to ANYONE ELSE in ANY MANNER OR FORM WHATSOEVER for the next thirty years. Just be sure to use this information for the benefit of mankind. you are free to disseminate this information to anyone. Auspicious events portend! FOXXFYRE The Foxxfyre Papers 34 Gene Nielsen . and in any manner you wish. else dire events befall you.And now. After that period of time has elapsed. farewell! Remember the conditions under which you received this information.