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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report on Mr.

Aamir Mehboob Ch who is the founder of SIGN SYSTEM try to uncover the factors that contribute to his success .This report basically present the overview of how Mr. Aamir Mehboob reach to that level. For th is I p erso nal ly in tervi ewed with him and find th e r easo ns of ma ki ng t his co mp any. In this report I tell you how Mr.Aamir Mehboob converted idea into a business and how he managed and completed the industry and market survey. What options were in the mind of when he started this business and how he utilised the oppertunities, he had. Mr. Aamir Mehboob graduated from Punjab University and during his study he worked as a hawker for 2 years. His first enterpreneurial venture was a shoes shop but due to no experience, how to manage, this venture had to turn off and a f t e r t h i s he started working on sign boards and hoardings which stand along the both sides of roads in Lahore and use for advertising. He worked as a middle man and kept his profit. In 2000 he made his advertising agency named SIGN SYSTEM and started his second entreprenuer venture by an idea of backword integration and flourished a setup for advertising company. This venture met with success because now Aamir Mehboob had some experience to manage the work and also contacts with other companies. We know that growth is one of those features that separate the small business from the entrepreneurial venture so this report will tell you how this entrepreneur is growing his entrepreneurial venture and what new services he is looking to provide in order to create more value to its user. This report will teach you the following lesson:

Never say I have failed

Say I have not yet succeed


HISTORY: In 2000 Sign System made by Aamir Mehboob with investing 2.5 million capitals as an independence advertising company situated in Main Market Gulberg iii Lahore. SIGN SYSTEM merged to become a full service providing company that deals in variety of services ranging from digital printing, signage, vehicle graphics, and window graphics to organizing events, marketing promotions & corporate seminars. Sign System has been delivering strategic outdoor advertisings & printings, event managements to major corporate clients and the industry's leading brands. Our philosophy has always been that, we are the essential medium for our client brand and we have proven it in our working for our clients. MISSION: Our Mission is not to be the biggest or leading Service Provider, but to stand apart as the most trusted by the people we work with, as well as the people we work for. PRODUCT AND SERVICES: In starting Sign System delived strategic outdoor advertisings & printings, event managements to major corporate clients and the industry's leading brands. Philosophy was that we are the essential medium for different companies brand and we will prove it in our work. We consult, create and implement around our clients needs, whether they want to build brand awareness, brand enhancement or to actively engage and build dialogue with their consumers. We engage with: Bill boards, Hoardings. Wall Painting, Shop Painting Shop Signs, Back lit / Front Lit Organizing Events, Marketing Promotions & Corporate


CURRUNT STATUS & OWNERSHIP: Now Sign Systen Known as a trusted Advertising agency with lots of big clients like as Warid, Bank Alafalah, Zong, etc. Sign System is not a gient in this field but a well reputed in Lahore and also having co-partners in different big cities of Pakistan. Curruntly situated in Ghalib Market Gulberg. Ownership of this company is named Mr. Aamir Mehboob and running by his brother Khurram Mehboob. At this stage Sign system run its business successfully and its running capital in market is round about 20 millions.

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Advertising on pereflex sheets was a new trend in 2000, replacing clothes banner printing. Mr. Aamir Mehboob already attached with hoardings and billboards business at that time and he felt that this new trend will become profitable business in coming years because customers wants durability and long life and its is only possible by peraflex sheets. Scope of this business is vast in Lahore and other big cities of Pakistan because at that time there were only some companies started that business and they earned huge profit.When Sign System started its business, there were only two companies running this business in Lahore. People invested in it. It was rapidly spread all over in Pakistan. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS: There are many key factors which play a crutial role in success of our business but number 1 is good relations and contacts with people and then quality and on time delievry of work. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE AND TRENDS: Advertising industry interrelat with others and every advertiser has a link with others so that they up to date with

business ups and downs. As flex printing on digitel machines was an innovation so it was a profitable business and its growth rate was also high. Consumers of this industry was those who were innovater and want to publicity of their new ideas and brands.

Environment & Business Trends: Before starting business Aamir Mehboob studied of economy, social culture, technological advances and political changes for business for the ease of finding facts wether product is low cost or high, acceptable with warm welcome or just normal acceptance, how much technology helped in business and how much its affected by government poliecies and regulations. And he finded that printing on digitel flex is low costing as compere to profit margin. It was warmly accepted by people related with differents industries because of its durability and long life. Without technological help this was not possible to run this business and there was no political threat. So, it was a heavy profitable business at that time. LONG TERM PROSPECTS: If there is no government decision which against this industry like as Shahbaz shareefs orders which were passed by him in 2007-08 that all hoardings and billboards were banned in all over Lahore. This decision affected advertising industry very badly and many companies shut down. This business is very profitable because in mass production it gains the economy of scale and cost decreases. So, we can say that, it is a good and profitable business at entreprenuer level. MARKET ANALYSIS Before started this business Mr. Aamir Mehboob checked market and scope of this business and he found that as Lahore city is becoming a commercial market for different industries and all industries had their offices in Lahore. So, advertising of their brands and products was an essential need for every bussiness orgnization. MARKET SEGMENTATION:

Sign System segmentated the industries, bussiness and commercial areas of Lahore. BUYERS BEHAVIOUR: As buyers of advertising industry are business organizations, different production units, and all those institutes which want to introduse themselves in the market. These business units do not worry about price but they can not compromise on quality and time.

COMPETITORS ANALYSIS: At that time when Sign System started there were only two big competitors in the market Ravi ad and Ad cell and they were also new in this industry. But this industry was new so in future possibilities of many competitiors in the market. Because of this reason Sign System set a poliecy from begning that there is no compromise on quality and customers satisfaction is a priority. A basic competitive edge on its copmetitor Sign System had that it offered its customers 60 days credit limits while its competitiors offered 25 days.

MARKETING MIX AND STRATEGY To attain and differentiate itself from its competitors, Sign System made a strategy to give its customers relaxable credit limits of 60 days which differentiated it from other companies and helped to get a good position and number of buyers in the market. It also hiered marketing persons that went to different business organizations and persue them to do business with us and told that we gave you quality products at low price than others and advertised your brand in all over the market where you needed to promote yourself. PRICE: We demanded low price for our quality products and its gave a competitive edge on our competitors.

PROMOTION: We had marketing persons for our products promotion and they go to differents bisiness organizations for business. PLACE: We targeted only commercial areas for our business. PRODUCT: We produced a qualitative and unique work for our customers by using new designs and ideas.

MANAGEMENT TEAM AND STRUCTURE The top level structure of sign system was completely in an auto cratic leading style the CEO is giving instruction to the G.M and G.M to Heads of the Department who run the management programme. CEO is the Aamir Mehboob and G.M named Khurram Mehboob. Sign System had a good, intelectual and qualified team staff who better know the demand of customers and created new designs and possibilities for customers to do business with us. there were four departments finance, admin, marketing, and production having their own manager reporting to General manager.

OPERATIONAL PLAN For running business activities Mr.Aamir Mehboob defined some rules and activities for this. First of all he made his mind how to solve these following problems. Staff selection Different operations of business Relationships with supplier Relationships with customers Employee training

From above issues last one was more hot issue because advertising on digitel machines was a new trend so there were no institutes from where he got trained staff. So he broke trained staff from already existed companies. After that problem was where he opened office? He made a survey and found that existing companys offices were far away from the gulberg area of Lahore and here was no printing set up. He decided to open office in gulberg to capture all the market of this area because Gulberg was becoming commercial area and there was a lot of scope of digitel flexes printing business. He purchased one printing machine on installements for run the business activities and also credited with supplier for media and other material used for printing activities like inks. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Mr. Aamir Mehboob invested 2.5 million in starting this business and with blessings of God and his hard working now Sign Systems running capital in market is 20 millions. He gained the capital for investing from his family and bank loan.