[FIC] les miserables ;((prologue

Title: les miserables Author: Quilla a.k.a tempo Genre: AU/Drama/Romance/Fantasy/Tragedy Rating: NC-17. Vampirism. Yaoi. Mature themes/situations. Author’s Notes: I wasn‟t really planning on writing this xD; I made a graphic of the same title a long while back, but I liked the concept too much to just keep it at that. So I decided to turn it into a fic. :) With this fic, what I wanted to do was take a different spin on the "vampire", and show another side of them. Instead of focussing on the blood and gore, and all that good stuff, I wanted to focus on the fact that it's a love story and the more emotional aspects of things. :) Also, even though the fic is yaoi-centered, I didn't want the focus to necessarily be on the yaoi. But more so, on the story, itself. I wanted the yaoi to just simply be another element in the story :) With all that said, I hope you like it :) And thanks for clicking! :D <3

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}prologue::The Black Rose _________

Rose petal… ... two petals… ... three petals… ... fall, the wind softly whispering them to safety. There, at her feet, lay a small dark pile of the remnants of forsakenness. Once they touched the ground, they were left only to return to the earth that they had came from. Time would show no remorse, as it watched them slowly fade and wither away. Their colour would turn from a once rich resonant black, to a dull ashen of grey, reduced to nothing but meaningless ashes caught up in the breath of existence. She felt slight pity for them. These roses were always the most difficult to sell. After all, no one wanted to purchase a bouquet of black roses. It was taboo, they say. Who had ever heard of receiving a black rose as a gift? It is said that they are cursed, touched by death, thus giving it its black colour. To give a person something so dark and malevolent would be looked upon as wrong and immoral. Yet still, she continued to sell them. Displaying them proudly in her quaint little shop, and in its windows, she was determined to show the beauty of the black rose to the world outside. All they needed was some convincing. Smiling to herself, she decided to let the rose speak for itself. For who else better is there to tell one‟s own story? Sitting on a white rustic bench, in her quiet garden, one autumn‟s eve, the woman held in her hand a single black rose. She brought it up closer to the moonlight, the pearl of the sky bathing it in its glow. She allowed her deep chestnut eyes to take in the rose, admiring each petal, each leaf, and each subtle drop of dew that lined its splendour. It was a rare beauty, something one-of-a-kind. She was a bounty hunter, and this find, her greatest treasure, was this rose. Never had she seen a specimen more beautiful. Bringing the flower back down to her, she looked into the petals adoringly, but with a hint

of pity reflected in her eyes. Reaching one of her slender fingers toward it, she carefully plucked out one of the petals, and watched it sail softly to the ground, carried by the cool night‟s breeze. She plucked out another, and then another, until the rose stood barren against the paleness of her hand. What makes the rose? She thought curiously to herself. Is it the petals? Without its petals, the rose is simply a stem, just like every other flower. She frowned. Well then, if that was the case, why must all flowers be called differently? Why must we judge them by their petals, if the same green stem holds them all together? A rose is simply just a name. And by any other name, it is still a name. So where, then, does the meaning of the rose lie? Does it lie in the flower? Or… ... in the name? The woman got up from the bench, and walked over to her fresh shrub of black roses to pick another. She looked at the rose, seeing it for what it truly was: beautiful. She smiled at her greatest treasure, despite the way the world shunned it. The world outside would continue to judge it, setting up prejudices and biases against it. No one ever buys a black rose, because of the fear that surrounds it. It is cursed, and will bring bad luck, they would continue to say. A look of pity swept across the woman‟s face, as she looked desolately into the flower. No one ever takes a minute to stop… and smell the roses. No one would ever dare gaze into it and see it for its beauty, for what it is: a child of nature. But yet, she was fascinated by it. There was something so mysterious, yet enchanting about the black rose: its petals, soft, silken, beautiful— Her breath caught in her throat, as she suddenly felt cold hands take her. Without warning, a sharp, white-hot pain pierced through her neck, as the rose fell gracefully from her hand. It was cold.

As the moments passed, she slowly began to feel weak, drained, and somewhat somnolent. She felt a warm liquid trickling its way down the side of her neck, her eyes slowly becoming heavier. Those same cold hands still remained caged around her, burning into her skin. There was nothing more she could do to stop it—her body simply did not have the strength anymore. The gentle sound of the crickets‟ song began to fade, the darkness of the night blending into her vision. Everything in her sight steadily began to blur into one another; all the vibrant colours of her garden now became one huge swirl of nothingness. She turned her eyes one last time to look at the single black rose that fell from her hand. It truly was beautiful. ;chapter 1((Hints of Scarlet _________

The greatest kings would willingly die to savour just the smallest taste of immortality. Such a thing would be remarkable. Imagine, a life that was to be lived forever. Oh, what a magnificent power to be bestowed with! One no longer fears the dreaded hand of death, and as a king, you are left in power for all eternity. Yes, what a truly wondrous gift that must be. But power turns the greatest of kings into fools. Power is no better than the hand of death, itself. It seduces you, leaving you drunk and heady with its sweet fragrances of temptation. Smiling upon you, luring you in with its innocent-cloaked allure—only to choke you with that same sweet fragrance it enticed you with. Its smile vanishes into a smirk of malice, revealing its true hideousness. How ironic, for that true form of power is now reflected in you. But they fail to understand. Power corrupts any soul it touches, filling it with greed and voraciousness. Yes. What power to be bestowed with, indeed. Ah, my foolish kings. But in their eyes, I would be the foolish one for wanting the complete opposite. Why would I give up being for all eternity, to die a nameless death, vanishing off the face of the Earth? Because I do not belong here.

Here on this earth. Or perhaps I only say that… because I know of no other way? Ignorance and arrogance go hand-in-hand. that life is now gone. those whose purpose here is to truly live. when I am alone. nor dead.” but I suppose more so. To see the living things of this world. “Vampire…” I do not blame them. To look to the sun. you see. they are absolutely ridiculous. am not sure. smiling. I do not belong amongst the dead. ended… many. And so. “existing”… in order to continue to do so. blatantly defying their ways. I am here only to take away what is so rightfully meant to remain in place. I am no longer of the living… yet. not necessarily “living. what would it have been like if I were dead? Would I have been happier? … Sometimes… I think about the hundreds of souls I have taken. However. They possess every right in the world to hate me. But. Sometimes. in this “life” I live… this one in which I may have been. myself.. like this… I wonder… . I suppose what hurts me the most is that… I once was human. is it not? And.Life is meant for the living. They spit out our name. Yet still. They are incapable of such a thing.” for I am neither living. knowing that you are alive. For. How long ago. they always say. in their eyes. and know that you are sharing this—all of this—together. To look to the moon. The thought of it… absolutely ridiculous. like that of a fatal poison. here I am. knowing that a new day is upon you.. because of this… my kind are hated amongst the living. many years ago. I must selfishly take away that virgin life—that innocent life—that is still yet to be lived. nor will I ever. The life I live now… is something close to an “unlife. preposterous in my eyes. It is almost preposterous. Strangely… the only thing I still possess from it is the ability to feel—which my kind cannot. bathed in its sacred night. Quite unfair. Every living thing has been given risen life by a power I dare not disturb. those souls that are now . you ask? I. To breathe.

nature was alive and well in this place. As many buildings as there were. As of late. her raindrop tears would cease if only for a moment. She smiled back at me. the landscapers tried to preserve as much nature as they possibly could. the stars would playfully peek out from behind their abundant canopies. he‟d been spending some of his nights at the university library. a heavy feeling of despondence… slightly mixed with guilt. she would no longer have to cradle the endless amounts of corpses. as he walked out of his university campus library. Would they still have been here today… if not for me? The earth would have been happier. The campus was large and exceptionally beautiful. as he began to make his way home. For.lost… almost needlessly. to remember that… it was not always like this. at night. He was a second year university student. She would no longer awaken to the sight of death… or close her eyes to it. Yunho walked out of the library building. Yes. … She would not cry as often. picking up the leaves in a swirl of orange and brown. Yes… she would definitely smile more. But it was especially now.” Jung Yunho lazily yawned to himself that night. he would listen to the melodic sound of the crickets‟ night song against the world‟s silence. granting a moment‟s peace to the sacred night. The cool early autumn‟s breeze would blow every now and then. washed its way over me. each night. to the ever-watchful moon in the blackened sky above. She would smile more… yes. “This midterm‟s gonna kill me. lined and decorated with lush plants and verdant greenery. He lived on his own in an apartment just down the street from campus. she would definitely smile more. I turned my jaded eyes from the sparkling nighttime city landscape below. majoring in Communications. the pearl of the sky… as her tiny stars took gentle watch over everything below her. As I sat there alone. attending Gyeongju University. The moon‟s soft glow would gently illuminate the silhouettes of the trees. that Yunho appreciated its true beauty. amongst the abandoned rooftops. tainting her enlivening beauty. as to prepare for his upcoming . and into the peaceful quiet of the night.

However… … Time had a different plan for the dark-haired boy. Yunho curiously watched it. limping its way towards him with its head hung low. And then. whoever they were. as he suddenly saw it drop to the ground. His classes were a lot tougher this year. Dropping his bag on the ground beside them. trudging and almost appearing to trip over its own feet. Quickly trying to check for vital signs. as his eyes remained transfixed with the person in his arms. Yunho was one of the very few students who at least pretended to have his priorities straight. And so. Just as he was walking on his way through the campus grounds. that night. at that moment. holding onto it for support. “You okay?” He asked it worriedly. His eyes widened. oh heavens. on their stomach. He‟d been up since about five that morning. he spent his nights in the library. That was the only way to describe the state that Yunho was in. Absolute awe. studying till it hurt to read. He hoped. its arms at either side. to watch the ailing figure continue to dazedly make its way towards him. and carefully tried to roll them over onto their back. he saw a figure slowly emerging from the shadows—and it was headed in his direction. It came out from behind the building a ways away in front of him. at that moment. and placing his arm against its back for support. as he lifted the figure up to a sitting position. Yunho slowed his pace. for most of the student population. Yunho knelt down beside the person. on a Friday night. no. Not with clubs and bars across the city hosting „all-ages events‟ and ladies get in free till midnight. Ten o‟clock pm would be considered early to head home. his voice trailed off. and it was now around ten at night. and the professors were hardly any help. holding them. He caught his breath. “Can… y-you… “ But unable to utter another word. “Hey!” Yunho called to it. that they were still breathing. as he ran over towards the building to get to the darkened figure. as his dark brown eyes gazed in wonder at the person‟s features: .midterms—which he wasn‟t too happy about. he‟d get ready to head home. gradually coming to a stop. The figure remained lying face down. he looked down into the person‟s face.

he still seemed somewhat darkened against it. However. …Not just yet. Yunho had trouble distinguishing whether or not this person was male or female. almost of a ghost-white—however. untainted porcelain. For they seemed slightly androgynous. kissed with hints of scarlet and splashes of ruby. the more he would find himself seemingly being pulled in by this mysterious young man. Something about him just took hold of Yunho. Yunho‟s eyes travelled down the person‟s face. reaching their supple lips. and slightly parted. not quite. Lustrous. slightly. whenever such eyes were laid upon this one. There was an air of mystery about him that intrigued Yunho. He had been wandering here on campus. despite how pale the boy was against the night. The boy seemed so fragile there in Yunho‟s arms that he was almost afraid that he might hurt him by holding on too tightly. One was reminded of those two words. Their chest sharply rose and fell with each shallow breath it took. full. falling elegantly across darkened eyes. gracefully enclosed them. the boy‟s body slightly began to stir. Yunho felt himself almost fascinated by this person. undoubtedly male.. The poor thing. The more he gazed into his face. in his arms. and Yunho wasn‟t sure if he was willing to let go. after all. but his eyes still .. he seemed so tired… At that moment. He was dressed in black clothing from head to toe.Their skin was eloquently pale. seemingly smooth to the touch. accenting his neck. once more. At first.. as he watched him. Yunho turned his eyes to look into his face. covered with the light fabric of a long black coat. wondering if he was okay. and wondered if maybe he was a student that attended the university. Hauntingly beautiful. dark lashes. Who was he? What was he doing out here? Did he need help? Yunho looked longingly into his face. He didn‟t seem any older than Yunho himself was.. raven-coloured hair fell stunningly against their delicate face. But what was he doing out here this late? Even still. Fair. a silver chain. Long. He appeared to be young. appearing to be in a sound sleep. Leaving his ominous clothing. Yunho frowned. but nevertheless. It had a fair liking… to porcelain.

He gasped. where there was a heartbeat… … There was blood. With every fibre of his being. bringing his lips towards Yunho‟s exposed neck. A heartbeat. He needed to feel it. That was all he needed. he needed it. all he craved. he subconsciously began to lift his body up closer. But for an opportunity such as this to arise. to lean into Yunho‟s chest. Yunho felt slightly apprehensive. A jolt of electricity passed through his body. how could he refuse? It had seemed like forever since that warm.remained closed. And of course. He craved it. He had waned himself off of the vital fluid for a bit over a few days. Just once more. as it pumped madly under the skin of his neck. he didn‟t pull away. as to better hear the movements around him: He could sense a heartbeat. he slowly began to draw nearer to the warmth. sweet liquid passed through his pining lips. Yes… yes. Yet still. He needed this blood… he needed it… His eyes still closed and still in Yunho‟s protective hold.. of one scanty sip… ? The heart next to him began to pump faster and faster still. minute drops of sweat lining the brow of his forehead. as his breaths gradually began to quicken and become shallower. this is what he was looking for. Something he so desperately needed. resting himself comfortably against the body next to his own. He had felt a presence—and it was warm. It was comforting to him. and he wanted to feel it. He gently slowed his own breathing.. what he would give to taste it once more. and it was slowly driving him mad with lust. something he hadn‟t felt in a while. softly. thumping wildly in the cage of the other body‟s chest. what was the harm of just one small taste. as he felt the boy‟s warm breath begin to caress him. slightly. Forever was so long ago… oh. slightly moving his body closer. He needed this blood. After all. now. His acute sense of hearing picked up the rabid pulse of Yunho‟s aorta. Subconsciously. as he felt the moistness of the .

Why did he keep hearing it? . the boy‟s eyes were exceptionally beautiful. until shadow had completely overtaken him. coloured with hues of the richest and darkest of browns.. without a word. subtly exposing more of his neck to the boy‟s probing tongue. “Wait!” Yunho called after him. Just to match his delicate face. he remembered that voice. as he got to his feet. Would he ever see him again? He didn‟t even catch his name… "Be careful. They were slowly beginning to close. the soft and sweet trill of a child. That voice. as he let out a faint sigh. he reluctantly brought his face away from Yunho‟s neck. Yunho felt his eyelids slowly becoming heavier. he couldn‟t go any further. a longing torment. the boy reluctantly broke out of Yunho‟s protective hold. Elegantly shaped. As if being lulled into a tranquil sleep.. He didn‟t understand. they revealed a hidden sadness. Why this one? Still enrapt in deep puzzlement. as Yunho dazedly looked back into his—somewhat entranced. "But. Why? Slowly opening his eyes. and feeling he could not do much else. But as beautiful as they were. Yunho watched the last place his eyes had seen him." He stopped. a low growl softly escaping his lips. no. a wave of confusion filled his own. Somewhere in his mind. Why was she stopping him? As much as he needed this boy's blood. caught in the moon‟s bashful glow. and doe-like. somehow finding the strength to get up and run away from him. He looked into Yunho‟s eyes. “Come back!” He watched the boy vanish deeper and deeper into the night. and looked up into the surprised boy‟s face. As the boy looked into Yunho‟s eyes. You musn't. an air of forlornness taking over his features.boy‟s tongue slide teasingly across the exposed skin of his neck. They shone like two orbs. The boy continued to desperately lick and nip at the sensitive patch of skin." . Yunho instinctively felt pity for him as he gazed into those eyes of his.

That night. He had been completely worn out from the day‟s events.. The canvas would have had to have been flawless. and found that it was here that he truly did feel most at home. he came into his apartment somewhat disorientated. The place was fairly small. his scattered thoughts lay elsewhere… … They lay with that boy. shining with lustre and beauty.. He treasured his independence. It was somewhat of a nice change from living in a rather large house. He was perfect. His apartment was almost like his own little space in the world. or push him away. to capture every single breathtaking detail. . not a single smudge nor imperfection of the surface should dare ruin this priceless piece of artwork. he would have been painted with only the finest selects of brushes. One in which everything his subtle paintbrush touches would come alive. No matter how hard he tried to block him out. and breathe with the vivid intensity of life. there was nothing there but shadows and hidden moonlight. a comfortable walking distance away from the university. the night gently wrapping its serene blanket of quiet over him. as he lazily kicked them off his feet. and wished to seek refuge in the peaceful dark of the night. But contrary to his thoughts. He lived on his own. If that was the case. What a strange combination. . Cramped. the voice of a little girl. almost tripping over his own shoes. Funny. yet roomy."Huh?" Yunho turned around. Yunho couldn‟t seem to get that face out of his mind. most of his life. with his family. . slightly startled.chapter 2((A Little More Skin _________ Yunho lay there. Despite what was in front of him. And of course. as he gathered up his newfound fragments of freedom. He was truly in awe when he had seen him. the mind that he was created from surely had to belong to one of a passionate artisan. in a single-bedroom apartment. but surprisingly comfortable—just perfect for his tastes. He thought he had heard someone. asleep in his bed. like a beautiful painting.

Forgetting all reasoning. to shadow. They parted to reveal the screen door leading outside to the large balcony. He had been given just a scanty sip of the unattainable.The fact that he was male did not matter at all to Yunho—he was completely intoxicated with his beauty. Just once more. leaving the rest. the sheer white curtains lazily flowing in the light winds. Or at least know the name of the one who had left him to darkness. gentle movements of the boy‟s tongue. his warm breath softly caressing his skin. The . Yunho wished he could see him again. He reminded Yunho of a delicate flower… He could still feel the warm slickness of the boy‟s tongue still lingering. He could still feel him there. however. overlooking the sparkling nighttime city landscape below. There in Yunho‟s arms. the afterglow of the moon gracefully illuminating his pale. The boy had almost seemed to be cloaked in an ethereal shadow of mystery. He opened his eyes. The very thought of him had left Yunho‟s whole being in a daze. Yunho released a despondent sigh. to touch the last place he had felt him. standing at the building‟s edge. along the side of his neck. and virtually seemed to blend in with the furtive shadows of the night. the wispy curtains dancing about in the night‟s breeze. and it had left him desperately thirsting for more. he still seemed so weak. he was still so beautiful. slowly approaching the open screen door. He emanated with an enigmatic aura that enticed Yunho. he became rapt in his senses. subtly darkened. porcelain-like skin. The sheer curtains hid the reflection of a darkened figure. he felt as if he was cradling a lost young child. desperately trying to find their way home. Amongst all of this. quietly asleep in his bed. untouched. he felt pity for the boy. His eyes had never been laid upon a person more picturesque as that boy. And yet. as he brought his fingers up to his neck. and so fragile. The silver-like moonlight flowed through the curtains. the unsuspecting shadows began to grow darker and become larger. In that sense. teasingly. But suddenly. completely drawing him in. reliving the slow. spilling over into one another. And in darkness he remained. The door was left open. spilling light into the open corners of the room. a look of desolation washing over his vision. as they sensed another presence about to enter the room.

Yunho was now soundly sleeping. . built upon years and years of martial arts training. He licked his fangs. The boy could tell he had the physique of a fighter. half-covered in tousled navy blue sheets. entering the room. The boy was impressed. a refined smirk playing devilishly across his lips. It had been a while since he had last fed. as he stared at the figure of the person on the bed in front of him. He then craftily took a step closer to the bed. lay exposed to the moonlight. and had followed him to his nearby apartment. thrown haphazardly across his body. were intense. his gaze studying the sleeping boy‟s intense features. Another. and sturdily built. Thick. the boy could see that Yunho was only partially clothed. The boy tilted his head to the side. once his knees were comfortably pressed up against the soft mattress. and strong. He looked into Yunho‟s face. a barren chest. dark eyebrows lay positioned above a pair of deep. delicately pulling them aside. grey-coloured sweatpants. Just to match his body. he slowly lowered himself onto the bed. But these were unlike muscles that would have been gained from rigorous workouts in the gym. rigid. He stopped. Raven-coloured hair fell gracefully across ominous dark eyes. to his aptly revealed neck. hungrily. and slowly pushed himself up to sit on his knees. And then another. Standing a couple of feet away from the bed. He stopped when he had reached the other boy‟s waist. He watched him leave the campus grounds. as his eyes travelled up the boy‟s body. as he leisurely grazed his eyes up and down Yunho‟s body. three nights a week. his features. His body was strong. Against the night.curtains parted to reveal a slender hand reach up. followed by the arm and the body of whom it belonged to: It was that same boy that Yunho had found earlier that night. donning nothing but baggy. too. before crawling up to stay beside Yunho. he was dressed completely in black from head to toe. His eyes ardently grazed over Yunho‟s partly exposed figure. With the grace of a feather. The hand pushed past the curtains. now able to see his features more clearly than from before.

almost breathless. as to adjust to the environment around him. would warm up into an inviting smile. softly caressing his body as he made his way up. Yunho stared back at the other boy. He smirked as he entwined the drawstring artfully around his finger. as he brought up a slender hand to place against his neck. He began to open his eyes. his blurry vision revealed an obscure darkened image. in indefinite . “… How did you—“ “Shh. Yunho wasted no time in trying to talk to him. flowing out of his lips like a syrupy mixture of milk and honey. The other boy‟s eyes madly darted about from underneath his eyelids. “I shall have some fun with you tonight. steadied breaths would move the other boy‟s fingertips up… and down. if the time was right. Gentle breathing from the sleeping boy. His fingertips deftly found Yunho‟s pulsating aorta. He furrowed his eyebrows. yet raspy. His eyes abruptly widened the instant he recognized who it was. Up… and down. His fingers daintily traced a line from his collarbone. upon his awakening.” He whispered to him. gently stroking the other boy‟s jaw line. delicately tracing the contours of the other boy‟s chest. Lips. He then lazily let his fingertips find their way up the boy‟s skin. staring. He sat there. almost blankly. leaving feathery light touches across his chest. He said nothing.” The boy placed a finger gently against Yunho‟s lips. and his deep. slowly at first. The boy smiled at him. stopping just above his sweatpants. before beginning to slide curiously down his neck. His fingertips then began to make their way down Yunho‟s well-toned torso. The boy immediately released his hand from the side of Yunho‟s face. he felt Yunho‟s body begin to stir—he had sensed another presence. feeling the smoothness of the sleeping boy‟s skin. as he waited for his sight to come into focus. Steadily. his voice sensual. promptly sitting up to face him properly. instantly silencing him. slightly broad. and frowned slightly. “You!” He exclaimed. a low groan sounding behind closed lips.focussed eyes. Somewhat confused. as they moved slowly. At that moment. until he reached the side of Yunho‟s face. slightly hovering over him. back at Yunho.

as their tongues slid against each other. the warm slickness of the boy‟s tongue slyly slipped out of his mouth. almost mesmerized… enticed by their alluring beauty. silently beckoning him to open. laden with lust. This time. Yunho was open to his actions. as he compliantly returned the kiss. as Yunho felt their velvety softness fervidly caressing his lips. He teasingly began running it along Yunho‟s bottom lip. Oh. familiarizing himself with this exciting new taste along his lips. The boy let his lips linger in the kiss for a moment or so. It wasn‟t long before he. slightly interrupting Yunho‟s thoughts. Something in them caused Yunho‟s body to slowly fall into somewhat of a lax. Passionately exploring and caressing the other‟s. Not once breaking the kiss. The other boy‟s fingers. indulging himself in the amazing feel of the other boy‟s lips against his own. nor could he fight it. how he missed those lips. The boy‟s lips were silken as rose petals. He stared back into the beauty of the other boy‟s dark eyes. Yunho wasn‟t sure if he wanted to fight it—even if he could. They were so beautiful… Yunho. He almost felt himself in a state of idyllic euphoria. slightly parting his lips. completely intoxicated by the gaze in the mysterious boy‟s eyes. He just couldn‟t bring himself to do it. Lost in this new sensation. rather daringly. back and forth in a zealous manner. as he slowly released the tense breath his body was holding back. feeling almost overwhelmed by the subtle hypnotic look of his darkened eyes. capturing Yunho‟s lips in a soft kiss. leaned in further to kiss the other boy again. Yunho submissively accepted. as he deepened the kiss. as it faintly warmed the other boy‟s finger that lay gently against his lips. Giving into the other boy. the dark brown strands of Yunho‟s hair becoming lost in the . fervently. staring back. He could not help it. finding their way from Yunho‟s face. He tasted him. almost upon instinct. the feeling of them lightly grazing over his neck… Just then. He couldn‟t. back down to his side once again. the boy slowly laid Yunho back down onto the bed. hardly had time to react.surprise. when the boy closed the space between them. as he kissed the other boy back. as he remembered earlier that night. as he parted his lips. claiming Yunho‟s lips. the moistness of the other boy‟s tongue ardently meeting his own.

softness of the pillow underneath him. His lips then left Yunho‟s, briefly, before taking his bottom lip between his teeth, and fervidly suckling on it. He smirked faintly into the kiss, as he heard the echo of a soft moan gently escape Yunho‟s lips. He then released the succulent piece of flesh, only to plant passionate, fleeting butterfly kisses fervently against them. Rapt in the feel of the boy‟s silken lips, Yunho did not notice the delicately probing fingers snaking their way down his body, softly caressing his sides. Finally, as skin met skin, as the other boy felt Yunho shudder under his touch. He cheekily slid a thumb up to his chest, to maddeningly tease Yunho‟s nipple. He felt a placid sigh seep through Yunho‟s mouth, the warmth of his breath softly caressing his rose-petal lips. At that, the boy slightly smirked into the kiss, his lips never once leaving the other boy‟s. He then let his fingertips continue their audacious wandering, finding their place, once again, just above Yunho‟s sweatpants. His smooth fingertips softly crept their way past the waistband, as he felt Yunho‟s body faintly quiver in pleasant surprise. He slowly reached in, and over-took Yunho‟s unsuspecting member. The other boy moaned loudly at this, breaking the kiss, bucking his hips forward into the boy‟s grasp. The boy‟s hand squeezed Yunho‟s semi-hard length teasingly, before beginning a strong, swift beat that brought Yunho to a full erection. Once there, Yunho could no longer contain his noises of excitement, as he gasped, moaned, crooned and writhed beneath the boy‟s maddening grasp. Looking down into Yunho‟s face, the raven-haired boy seductively bit his lip, as he watched Yunho‟s face become deep and flushed with each intimate touch. Hand still incessantly working Yunho‟s member, the boy descended towards him, his lips devouring the tender flesh of his neck. Planting fervent kisses, before fervidly suckling on the sensitive patches of skin, as he licked and tasted the other boy with a desperate fury. There against him, with his face buried in the crook of his neck, he could feel the blood rushing madly throughout Yunho‟s body. His blood passageways dilated, temptingly, as Yunho became more and more aroused with each passing moment. This is what he wanted. By seducing him, Yunho‟s heart rate would triple, causing more blood

to flow throughout his body. The young vampire needed as much as he could possibly get, without killing too many people. So he sometimes opted to the seduction of his victims, replacing the pain with pleasure—making it as painless as possible. It would hurt only for a little while. Only for a little while… The boy moaned softly, still suckling and nipping lustfully at Yunho‟s neck, as his lust for the other boy‟s blood became stronger. He worked Yunho incessantly, stroking and pumping his member, brushing its tip every now and then in an infuriatingly teasing manner, causing a desperate moan to escape the other boy‟s lips. It was almost time. The boy could feel Yunho‟s body beginning to tense up, the pressure building in his lower region feeling almost unbearable. The boy could not hold it back any longer—he needed this blood, and he needed it now. Licking and nipping at Yunho‟s neck, he almost felt as if he could taste his blood. So sweet… so warm. He was almost there; he could feel it. Almost there. This time, he would push through. Yes. This time. He was almost there. Just a little more skin. Just a little more skin… But just as he was about to sink his teeth into Yunho‟s neck— "Brother," The whisper of a soft, yet desperate plea. "Please stop." There she was again, that voice in his head. What did she want? ... Somewhat frustrated, the boy let go of Yunho‟s member, and reluctantly pulled away from his neck; sitting up and away from him. Yunho, who had been left on the brink of release, was a little more than just simply confused at this point. He arduously sat up, and looked at the boy on the bed in front of him, a little confused. Why did he stop? The boy, feeling almost defeated, quickly tried to get off the bed to leave Yunho. But Yunho abruptly stopped him, as he reached out to him, grabbing his arm to pull him back. “Please don‟t go…” He begged him, with pleading eyes, his voice echoing hints of desperation.

The boy spoke to him; his tone, showing faint hints of remorse. “… I cannot stay.” He said to Yunho, gently. All the while, trying to free his arm from Yunho‟s hold. “I beg of you, leave me.” He pleaded to the other boy. “Wait—who are you?” “You needn‟t worry—“ Unexpectedly, the phone rang. Startled, Yunho turned over to look at it on his desk by the wall beside him, its bright red light flashing amongst the darkness, in time with the ringing. He let out a slight sigh of annoyance, before looking back at the boy in front of him. He stared, confused, at the emptiness ahead of him—the boy was nowhere to be found. Downcast, he looked over at his screen door, the sheer white curtains flailing about in the cool night‟s breeze, kissed by moonlight. A feeling of melancholy swept over him, as he continued to gaze longingly at the curtains. The phone still kept ringing. Grumbling just a little, Yunho got off the bed—with much effort—and reluctantly picked up the phone. “Hello?” He groaned. “Why‟d you pick up?” Yunho was confused. However, only for a moment, after realizing whom the voice belonged to. It was Park Yoochun, one of his friends from school. Still confused, because—simply put—this was Yoochun, he answered, “… what?” “You‟re home?” “… Yeah.” Yunho slowly answered, as if it was one of the most obvious things ever. “What the hell for?” “I—“ “—It‟s Friday, and you live five minutes away from a bar!”

Yunho rolled his eyes, however not the least bit surprised. Yep, this was definitely Yoochun. “Get ready.” He told him. “We‟ll pick you up in ten minutes.” And with that, he hung up. Yunho‟s eyes widened, as he heard the click, followed by the dreaded sound of the dial tone. “Ten minutes… ?” The receiver still attached to his ear, he looked down at the obvious bulge in his sweatpants. “Fuck.”

;chapter 3((Empty-handed _________

“Took your sweet time, didn‟t you?” Yunho‟s eyes immediately turned to the place where the unsuspecting voice had come from. After taking more than just a few minutes to get ready, he came down to the lobby of the apartment building. There, waiting outside at the front, was Yoochun‟s packed red convertible waiting for him. How he would actually fit in there, he didn‟t know. But they‟d work something out, they always did. Shim Changmin sat comfortably in the back, by the door on the right, smirking cheekily back at Yunho. Impatiently next to him sat Choi Sohyun, and Kim Junsu slightly fidgeting right next to her. Lee Mijin sat peacefully in the passenger‟s seat, with Yoochun humming away merrily to the tunes of his CDs blasting through the car radio. He sat there idly, tapping his fingers to the beat on the steering wheel. All heads simultaneously turned to Yunho at the sound of Changmin‟s outburst.

“Shut up, „Min.” Yunho told him offhandedly through a hidden smile, climbing into the car, as Changmin let out a satisfied chuckle. To make room for Yunho, Sohyun reluctantly inched her way over to sit on Junsu‟s lap, and Changmin moved over to sit in the middle. Junsu scowled silently to himself, as Sohyun‟s presence made itself unnecessarily known to his lap. Still humming to himself, Yoochun turned the key in the ignition and started the car once again, before pulling out of the premises. After another bout of cursing under his breath, Junsu quickly turned his head over to Yunho, upon having remembered something. “Yunho, did you do your Economics?” He asked hurriedly, a slight hint of hope echoing in his voice. “Yeah.” “Did you finish it?” “Yeah.” “… C-can I borrow it?” “Where‟s yours?” Yunho asked, with somewhat a mild air of concern. “Not done, obviously.” Mijin added in, with a slight giggle in her tone, upon hearing Junsu‟s more than desperate pleas. “Hey.” Junsu said, as he glumly turned his head to face Mijin‟s direction. “I would‟ve been done before if someone…” Emphasizing „someone,‟ he turned to look back up at Sohyun, frowning at her. “… didn‟t keep the TV on—loud as fucking hell—last night.” “Look, it was a good show, okay?” Sohyun said, returning his same resentful look back down to him. Everyone in the car immediately let out a dismal sigh, as they prepared to “weather themselves for the storm.” Slightly shaking their heads, they all knew what was coming. These two could go on for days, if the need to eat and sleep were not apparent. But, hey—who said that would actually stop them? Rolling their eyes, all the passengers in the car—except for Junsu and Sohyun, of course—tried their hardest to ignore the inevitable. And off they went again.

Sohyun simply kissed her teeth at the strawberry blond-haired boy.” Yoochun stated. And your dorm‟s not all that big either…” A sincere look of worry gradually overtook her face. it‟s my work.” Junsu retorted. Sohyun gracefully diverted her gaze away from Junsu‟s to look out at the moving street beside her. turning her head slightly over her seat. getting on the defensive. verbally voicing everyone else‟s thoughts.” She began. I really don‟t get why you two live together. before . “Well.” Junsu added. “I mean. you couldn‟t live without pressing the „power‟ button?” “I can press it if I damn well want to. “I wouldn‟t be stuck with this… thing. Junshit!” She shot back at him. “Like… „yesterday‟ before?” “Okay. if the stupid residence staff didn‟t accidentally put my name under the co-ed dorm option. being about a level higher than the two reigning voices in the car. Both Junsu and Sohyun immediately stopped their arguing. asswipe?” “The only one in here. with a slight hiss in her voice. his voice.” “You—of all people—shouldn't be complaining. bitch.” She wondered aloud. Her eyes rested upon the bitter two. “You‟re the two most incompatible people in the world. rhetorically. too. you just had to watch TV right then and there? Like. … Bitch. her eyes in a sharp glare with the other boy. still frowning at the back. you know the library closes at eleven.“But. I can do it whenever the hell I want to—“ “—And you chose a bad time! And who are you calling a bitch.” Sohyun heatedly retorted. well. as he looked up at the shorter girl on his lap in irritation. “And what. “It‟s not like—“ “—I‟ll buy a drink to the first person that shuts… up. “… You know. and let out a concerned sigh. look what I‟m stuck with!” He. and that‟s when I was doing my work—“ “—No one said you couldn‟t have done it before. diverted his gaze away from the girl on his lap. Mijin tucked a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear.

tiredly. Quaintly removing the „lolly-pink‟ coloured tube. “You guys…” Changmin began. wondering what she was doing.” The tones in the car flattened harshly within seconds. aimlessly to the floor. as she reached for the object she was looking for. “What‟s that?” He jerked his head slightly. you got any lip gloss? I‟m all out.‟ before proceeding to apply the pink colour to her lips. Changmin. she freely gave it to the dark-haired girl in front of her. She brought out her mirror. She began looking through the little bag. making sure the positioning of the flower was just perfect. “Mhmm!” She nodded quickly at Mijin. in search for one. Stuffing the piece of satin back into her purse. Everyone‟s eyes shifted uncomfortably from one another. She turned around in her seat once more to face her. “This?” She looked over to him. before looking back down into her purse. wearing a slight pout. “Soh. with the aide of her compact mirror. Mijin smiled her „thanks. pointing to the flower. After a few moments of constant searching through her purse. adjusting it. referring to Junsu and Sohyun.” He sighed. Sohyun smiled in satisfaction to herself.” She asked the girl. and looked up into the rear-view mirror ahead of her. tossing over and searching through various items. aptly ignoring the boy she was sitting on. and Mijin gasped slightly in surprise. black rose and elegantly adjusted it in her long. coppercoloured hair. referring to her head. “… seriously. Out of her beige-coloured handbag. Even the radio that was blasting Yoochun‟s American hip-hop CDs seemed to quiet down. feeling he could not do much else. She smiled at him. Reflected in the mirror was Sohyun rummaging busily through her purse. she took the. “It‟s a black rose. or nervously at their feet. as to listen to the overbearing silence. looked over to the girl beside him. before saying.” She looked back into her mirror. Dismissing the situation with an offhanded smile. He spotted her fixing her hair and stared through a frown at the foreign object she was attending to. “My boyfriend got it for me when he was in town yesterday. now revealed. . looking into it. she pulled out a neatly wrapped black rose—wrapped in black satin—and excitedly removed it of its precious cloth. curiosity having gotten the best of him. Mijin turned her head once again to the front.unzipping her beige-coloured leather handbag.

widened in a choked fear. an expression of seriousness hardening his features. as his eyes. at all.” She dismissed him. into the rear-view mirror. His fingers tightly gripped upon the steering wheel.” Mijin‟s eyes reflected an empathic pity. he felt memories of an ice-coldness seep through him. … “My mom didn‟t believe in it either. Why on earth would Sohyun bring something like that out in the open? Junsu continued to look dreadfully. The other boy‟s chestnut brown eyes remained focussed solidly on the road ahead of him. quietly. His mouth ran dry. Ah. Lowly. looking back into her mirror. as she continued to gaze over at Yoochun beside her. Just as the reflection of its petals met his gaze in the mirror. his gaze strongly focussed on the road. “Tch. the black rose. particularly pleasant. admiring the rose. “… Cursed?” She finished off for him. “… aren‟t those things…” His voice trailed off. I don‟t believe in that stuff. almost in fear. at the flower atop Sohyun‟s head. but clear enough for his eyes to see the detested flower peeking out shyly through her hair. at the black of its petals.Yoochun looked up. The young man spoke up. they all ended in tragedy. slightly. He narrowed his eyes resentfully at the black-coloured rose seeking refuge in the strands of his friend‟s hair. memories that were yet far too soon to be forgotten.” All eyes and attention were turned onto Yoochun at the mention of those words. . looked down at the other boy with a raised eyebrow—clearly not phased by any of this. the top of Sohyun‟s head just barely visible. his gaze still caught on the flower‟s reflection. “But…” Junsu stared uneasily. A tiny shiver began to tingle its way along his spine. He had heard stories about it—none of them being. In fact. A distant look swept across his face like an overcast shadow. he spoke: “She was obsessed with those things. still taken by the black rose.

everything to tickle the night-goer‟s fancy. kinda. Yoochun simply stared at him. He sat at the table with his friend. Oh. and what better way was there to end the week than a night out at "Seung's"? It was the local bar. awkwardly. his fingers tapping sporadically against his glass. huh?” He asked him.” Yoochun told him. you‟re stressed. food was amazing. indeed. “It‟s not normal for a guy to be quiet when you‟re surrounded by good music. food.” He concluded. and of course. tropical melanges of that. closest to the university. a little unimpressed. The other boy laughed slightly. and were met with crowds of thrill-seeking and alcohol-pining students. “Dude. simply. “… You there?” Yunho stared blankly at him for a moment or two—before his mind flung him back to the environment around him. Exotic blends of this. drinks… more hot girls—“ “Yoochun—“ “And you‟re thinking about mid-terms? Yunho… honestly.” “Yes. “What‟s wrong with just… not . Everyone appeared to be having a good time—except for one. Yunho. “Huh?” Yoochun looked into his face. the drinks were unrivalled and like no other. you are.” Yoochun looked across at the other boy.” He answered. without room for question. now. It was a Friday night. once again to speak. disapprovingly. hot girls. as he opened his mouth. The music was great. mid-terms.“Yunho… you okay?” The group had arrived at the bar. he looked up at the boy in front of him. “Oh! Yeah… I‟m—“ “Still thinking about those mid-terms. upon hearing his voice. “… Yeah. an air of blankness sweeping over his face. “I‟m not stressed. his eyes staring lifelessly into his drink. and everyone appeared to be having a good time. mostly out of nervousness. Snapped out of his thoughts.

the nothingness catching his eye. bringing the glass to his lips. For all the years he had known him. “… What‟s the point. sometimes. Another moment or so passed by. lowering his glass to the table. And every time he would ask about his drinking.‟ “Drink up. „cause… you just can‟t fix everything. before reaching over to his drink. you know? It‟s not like you can really fix it. Despite the liquid being gone. chestnut-brown eyes gazing over the rim. blue liquid to pass through his lips.” He started again. Yunho wondered if. before he shook his head. “… That‟s why we‟re here. his fingers curling up protectively around the glass. huh?” He looked up at Yunho. He let out a nervous chuckle. as unbelievable as it may seem. allowing the cool. “Stress. Yeah. But he noticed that it was only up until a year ago that he observed a change in his friend‟s drinking habits.worrying so much about life… so much?” Yunho frowned at Yoochun. all the same. . as he continued to wear that same carefree smile of his. “I mean…” Yoochun continued on. staring ahead of him into nothing.” He brought his glass up. releasing himself from his slight trance. He smiled for a moment. And you‟ll never get them back…” Yunho was quiet as he watched the young man in front of him. that it would cause Yunho to worry for him. I‟m superman. Yunho watched with concern as he downed the entire drink in one go. you know? We can just… do anything. … Some things are just gone for good.” He frowned a little before continuing. almost distantly.” He brought his glass to his lips and tipped it. Yoochun still held the glass at his lips. He looked down into the cool liquid. No matter how bad you want to… some things are just like that. Yoochun was never seriously much for alcohol. before reaching over towards another glass filled with a blue-coloured concoction. “… But you can‟t. my friend. finding himself slightly confused by his spiel. Yoochun would jokingly brush it off. really. Yoochun was more than just a casual drinker. Yunho began to wonder at the strength of alcohol in the other boy‟s drink— out of four. like there was no problem. Even though he could tell that his friend was a bit more than just a little tipsy… there was some sort of distant truth echoing about his words. a look of thoughtfulness in his eyes. we like to think we can „cause— oh my God. so much. Faintly… but he could hear it. Yoochun‟s eyes were darkened for a moment. “Who needs it. clinking it with Yunho‟s in a „cheers.

circling the night skies above her. and he didn‟t want to lose him again. an air of reassurance in her quiet voice. as he kept walking on his way. they bade him a "good night". the life of university students. Amongst the shadows. He smirked to himself. she walked. as she turned her eyes to look up at the raven. And nevermore. all he could think about was that guy. Quoth the raven. the streetlights softly illuminating his darkened path. That mysterious boy had simply toyed with . and he headed on his way. heartily engaged in his drink. He wanted to see him again. she hurried on. he was drinking to drown something out? Or someone… ? A pitied smile took over Yunho‟s face. Amongst the shadows. "We will find him. Ah. He walked through the busy streets on his way to his nearby apartment. He didn‟t even catch his name. she stroked the silkiness of a black rose petal. indeed. And Yunho had decided to head for home. anyway. He let out a slight sigh. despite him being with his friends. The evening of fun with his friends was over—for him. what were the odds? He was lucky he had even seen him again that same night. she waited." She whispered softly to the rose. He had already lost him once. as he looked over at Yoochun. But. Would he ever see him again? He desperately wished he didn‟t leave. a surreal sort of light radiating behind her cobalt-coloured eyes. That night. … Lucky. A distant feeling of melancholy washed over him. Amongst the shadows. she would sing to him. Reluctantly letting him go. the flower held safely in her tiny hands.maybe. Smiling. Her gaze then left the blackness of its petals. as the moon took careful watch over his footsteps. then again.

… He smiled to himself. darkest depths of the quiet woods. the breeze. burned deep into the young vampire‟s heart.” His words.chapter 4((Brother Sun. he released his tight grasp. as he shakily looked up at the tall. almost revolted. leaving pleasant tingles of surprise here and there. The man‟s fangs. They were surrounded by the dark shadows of the deep forest. and hoarse. you had the chance to take that boy‟s blood—and you let him go! You let him go!” Holding him forcefully by the neck. He slowly brought a hand up to it. “Look at you. “… I couldn't. fearfully. He looked the young . … Nothing but the feel of his gentle touch. as he spoke. as he stared back at the man. through his long. Black eyes. The raven-haired boy sat shaken. A trickle of blood ran. brushing lightly against his own. threatening to bare themselves behind cold. spitting daggers at the boy.” He huffed. thin lips.Yunho. Nothing but the feeling of his silken. hurling the young vampire painfully against a thick willow tree. “Weak. a look of anguish reflecting in the boy‟s eyes. He looked at the young vampire.” The boy began. Nothing but the sensation of his warm breath. now. platinum-blond coloured hair. at the base of the large tree where he was thrown. his voice low. down his rose-petal lips. and a powerful gaze. He turned his eyes to the red-coloured stain now smeared along his fingers. running its fingers slowly. “I…” His voice trailed off—the look in the man‟s eyes instantly silencing him. He parted his lips slowly. softly bringing light to the deepest. Sister Moon _________ “Twice! Twice. a clear look of disgust displayed across his face. dark man ahead of him. . snaking its way over his skin. then left him with nothing. his breaths laboured and uneven. The bastard. timidly. and his feathery light caresses across his skin. his pale fingertips gently wiping away his blood. … Pathetic. rose-petal lips. a sliver of moonlight touching through wherever its silver fingers could reach.

“… Three nights ago. “I asked you when you last fed. carefully. “Does it no longer have the need to pass through your pining lips—” Jaejoong immediately tore his face away from his Sire‟s touch. a thumb brushing lightly over the boy‟s full.” At that moment. He looked at the boy. “… You can only be without blood for so long. an air of morbid curiosity darkening his already blackened eyes. at the base of the old willow tree. softly caressing them. Minwoo smirked. as he continued to taunt him. his eyes narrowed wickedly at the young vampire in front of him. slowly making his way over to him. slightly sneering at him. aptly mocking him. “Perhaps I did not take enough of your blood the first time—“ . spat at him. He knelt down in front of him. He wore his lips. in a stubborn frown. satisfyingly. He nervously broke his gaze with the man. “Do you no longer lust for the sweet taste of human blood?” He was now in front of the boy. Jaejoong. Sire*—“ “—I did not ask you when you were going to feed. “… I know. revealed a hidden look of painful acquiescence… for he knew Minwoo was right. staring timidly at the brown earth beside him. before opening his mouth to speak once again.” He warned him. His eyes. “When did you last feed?” “… I-I was just about to. heeding the words spoken by Minwoo. slowly. He smirked devilishly at the young vampire. his eyes instantly narrowing. His Sire smirked at him.” “Hmph.” Jaejoong bitterly spoke up. his dark eyes laughing menacingly at the other boy. He opened his lips. His lust battled ragingly within him. his eyes reluctantly facing the brown earth beneath him once again. He brought a slender hand up to Jaejoong‟s face. “… do you not thirst.” The man huffed at him.” The boy greatly hesitated before telling him. “I‟m not quite sure you do.” The man. tight.vampire up and down. silken lips. “I wonder…” He began.” Minwoo repeated. gradually getting closer with each passing footstep. Sire. young Jaejoong?” The boy looked up at the man. “You know what the consequences are if—“ “—Yes. Minwoo.” “Three nights.

“… I might as well be dead. silently brooding to himself. menacingly. no matter how small. unwavering. as he peered longingly into the boy‟s face. revealing his full height to the boy beneath him. Lest we forget…” He told him. Jaejoong‟s glare still upon him. “Surely. I could not just leave you there to die.” At those words.” Minwoo looked at the young vampire. Reminding himself of what Minwoo had just told him. looking down at him. somewhat softening the hardness of his black eyes. he brought a hand up to his neck.” His eyes then took on a gentle look laced with pity. gently. a refined smirk playing devilishly across his face. “… not you. his eyes mirroring the look in the man‟s eyes. slowly getting to his feet. becoming replaced with an air of remorse. but who am I to allow such beauty to go to waste?” Jaejoong remained silent. your failing lungs could possibly grasp—” “Anything‟s better than this!” Jaejoong shot back at him. Reaching a slender hand up. instantly stopping him. “Choking and gasping for any breath of air. “I‟d rather you left me to die. falling delicately against his face.” The man continued. Minwoo smirked. Someone like you is not befitting of such a death. The man huffed at the boy. … He frowned.” Jaejoong remained silent. feeling the smoothness of his porcelain cheek under his fingertips. as it slowly painted its way across his waiflike features. “Abandoned and bloodied by that creek… where no one could hear your pitiful cries?” He asked. the harsh look in Jaejoong‟s eyes slowly began to vanish. .” He spoke. “Your very existence is in my power. feeling what his Sire had left with him from a time long ago. his raven hair shadowing his eyes. “No…” He began. Sighing.” He began. childe**. “Ah. he lightly caressed his pale skin. his eyes still shadowed by the raven colour of his hair. he once again knelt down in front of him. This life is just as empty as your hollow heart.The boy instantly turned his gaze to meet Minwoo‟s. “Especially in such a horrific way as that. “… I saved your life. his voice low and laden with hints of regret. He looked away from Minwoo. … He smiled to himself. “Remember.

was. But how? Yunho‟s eyes widened in surprise—he thought he would never see him again. And of course. He looked at the young vampire. that Monday evening. hatred burning silently in his eyes. Their glow gently sent crystals of light to dance upon each serene wave that flowed with the tides of the sea. At the dock of the waterfront. calmly watching the sea‟s gentle tides. he had to admit: he found it odd. sat Yunho. Her tiny stars following her. you have not fed… have you not?” Jaejoong remained silent.” Startled. and… … Standing at his full height. dismissing the subtle look of compassion shown earlier. Yunho‟s breath caught in his throat. as his focussed eyes scanned the far reaches of the crystal sea. the way he always kept finding him. the moon stealthily covering up their path of footsteps left behind. as he stared . “If I remember clearly. The night‟s cool breezes encircled him protectively. they were both relatively the same height. he extended his hand to Jaejoong. The waves of the sea washed up peacefully against the shore of the waterfront. But. He reluctantly took Minwoo‟s outstretched hand. together they lit up the sky. “Come. “I suppose you need blood. Perhaps about several inches shorter. It was that same boy from a few nights ago.” He told him. but other than that.Minwoo‟s smirk slowly found its way back to his face. rising from his place at the base of the large tree. upon seeing whom it was. himself.” He ordered. Yunho immediately got to his feet. even sneaking into his apartment that night. “I‟m sorry for leaving so suddenly. Looking down at the boy. he wasn‟t much taller than Yunho. and almost slipping off the edge of the dock. allowing the sister moon to take over the sky. as he got to his feet once more. The boy stood somewhat nervously. The man released his hand from the boy‟s face. The boy looked up at his Sire. turning around to face the direction in which the voice had come from. The brother sun had just recently bade goodbye to this part of the world. smiling softly down at the Earth below. Both vampires walked off silently into the night.

somewhat slurring over his words. emphasizing „you. smiling nervously to himself. His hands were shoved uncomfortably in the pockets of his thin. smiling somewhat coyly.‟ . That was all he could‟ve readily done at the time. as he stared in awe at the boy ahead of him. a little.” “Oh. He wasn‟t quite sure as to why he would have mentioned „anyone else doing the same. as he was only referring to Yunho and Yunho alone. almost dazedly at the raven-haired boy standing there. He stared back. “… I wanted to thank you… for helping me that night.‟ “… I wanted to thank you. “I‟m sure anyone else would‟ve done the same. “… I was hoping I‟d see you again. “… I am Jaejoong. and over his thoughts. faintly embarrassed.” Yunho‟s tongue caught in his mouth.” “Oh.” He told Jaejoong. “I didn‟t…” He looked back up at the boy.” He told him.” “Yunho. trapped behind his teeth.” The boy looked back at Yunho. “… I hope I had not frightened you. “… catch your name last time.” The boy smiled sweetly at Yunho. don‟t worry about it. his eyes brightening up as the moonlight caught them. … He truly was beautiful. long black coat. He shrugged. slightly puzzled. no! No. Yunho was absolutely rendered speechless.” “… But you were there. with a look that sort of said. for a moment.back at Yunho.” He said to him. I was…” Yunho began. “I-I mean…” Yunho looked down slightly. still a little nervous. slight anxiousness reflecting in his large brown eyes. The raven-haired boy looked down slightly. as he stared back. but his eyes never once leaving the boy in front of him. through a gentle smile. a bit more composed than he was a few moments ago. as his lips parted slightly. He looked back at Yunho. „Is that so?‟ A slight smile played delicately across his lips. fairly uneasily. “… There was somewhere I had to be. at the other boy.” Jaejoong told Yunho. his silver chain catching the glimpse of the moonlight. a friendly smile worn on his face. “… Well… Yunho…” The boy began. before looking back up at Yunho.

Jaejoong looked down. Jaejoong smiled. slyly smiling to himself. “… It is late. slowly turning around once again to face Yunho. somewhat apprehensively. He stood where he was. Yunho.” He added. a faint look of fear disguised in the young vampire‟s dark eyes. The boy looked back at him. Jaejoong stopped abruptly in his tracks.” He smiled back. I should be on my way.” There was an awkward silence between the two. Ah. “… That was quite rude of me. He smiled. anyway. He walked closer to the edge of the dock. Before long.” He quickly turned around to leave. as he waited for what the other boy was about to say. a smile slowly began to find its way upon his features. “… No problem. before saying. having to take a “quick” trip to the bathroom. rather quickly. to stand beside Yunho. After the awkwardness of the moment had passed.” He began. a little. “… IIt‟s rather calming to look at. quickly needed just a few more words to form a sentence. “… Do you like the sea?” Jaejoong. “… I adore the way the waves break the pictures of the soft moonlight upon its surface. before saying. a little. still unsurely. scattering each shard of light to the far reaches of the sea. anyway. before heading out to meet his friends. somewhat confused by Yunho‟s sudden question. or just anything at all—he didn‟t want Jaejoong to leave again. He gazed ahead of him into the crystal sea in front of them. “I also wanted to apologize…” “For what?” Yunho asked him. He remembered that night. “… For leaving you there. however. He stared dumbfounded at the boy for a moment. yes. in your bedroom… unfinished. um…” He began. until— “Wait!” Yunho called out to him. Jaejoong began again. “Well. so he did remember.“… Oh. slightly unsure of what the boy meant. clearly uncertain of what Jaejoong was referring to. a subtle mischievous glint revealing itself in his eyes.” Yunho said. as Yunho instantly figured out what Jaejoong was talking about.” He . “And…” Jaejoong began. breaking the uncomfortable silence. a bit shyly. answered.

“As we admire the crystals of light.” Yunho said. .” Yunho turned to look at him. as he remembered the feeling of those lips against his skin. The raven-haired boy frowned. silken lips. in wonder. “… It‟s beautiful. completely intoxicated in the enticing allure of the other boy. watching the moon softly illuminate his waiflike features. at the moon. somewhat shocked by the other boy‟s statement. before he sat down. “… You sound unhappy. “… Yeah. “… Not a lot of people I know are really into just sitting here and „watching water…‟” Jaejoong looked at him. He turned his gaze back down to the waters below. hugging his knees to his chest.” He looked up above them. as he continued to gaze in wonder at the boy beside him. and showering him with the feel of silken rose-petals. Suddenly. looking beside him to Jaejoong. studying the distant look cast across the other boy‟s face. “… Beautiful. his eyes intently focussed on the deep waters.” He told him. as he focussed his eyes calmly on the changing tides. sent down from the moon—our sister. “… It‟s beautiful. nervously—regained his composure.” Yunho couldn‟t help but laugh at the other boy—which confused Jaejoong. Just once more… Without knowing it. Yunho let out an inward sigh. isn‟t it?” He continued. But after a moment or so… a subtle dejectedness found its way across his features. upon remembering where he was. He quickly—and somewhat. Of a taste so sweet. He quickly pulled away from him. watching the waters splash at the sea‟s edge. “You sound weary… overwrought…” He explained further.” He whispered.” Jaejoong breathed out. a saccharine of one he could only imagine. Gliding against it. Oh. He noticed that there was a sort of emptiness to the way he spoke. resting upon soft.” The passing of a moment went by. slightly. lightly feathering across his skin. “Yes. how he wished he could feel those lips against his once more.then turned his eyes to look below them. “… And then bringing them back to the shore. “I do?” Jaejoong nodded. just like Jaejoong was the whole time. as Yunho sat down beside him. His eyes travelled down Jaejoong‟s face. sharing its wealth for all to see. looking back at the sea. he snapped out of his thoughts. Yunho was subconsciously leaning closer to Jaejoong all the while—completely lost in his own thoughts. the pearl of the sky reflected deep in the darkness of his eyes. “… and somewhat stressed.

“… Like all of this. “You sound just like a friend of mine. across his lips. “… But are you sure that you are tired. as he looked back to the splashing waters. he jerked his head in the direction of the waters. so this was what made him happy. nodded. once again. the raven-haired boy surely did not see any humour in what he had just told him. “Like this—“ At this. “… Simple things.” He began. necessarily? … Or are you just unhappy?” Yunho looked at Jaejoong. beckoning to the night. how I need to lighten up…” He paused for a moment. He smiled. “… I never really thought about that before.” He then wore a distant smile. strangely. Jaejoong thought that perhaps this was the reason he was out here: to find contentment. that we forget… just how beautiful everything is. “I guess… … I guess „cause I‟m always stressing out over everything… I never really notice how stressed out I really am. … Just the little things… that‟s all we really need. curiously.” He said. how I think too much. almost intrigued by the way he spoke. through a smile. are you?” Yunho was quiet as he listened to Jaejoong‟s words. “… What makes you happy?” The other boy then slowly began to look away from Jaejoong.” Yunho told him. “He‟s always saying how stressed out I am. … Sometimes. “Like the sea… I could watch the sea for hours.” “Have you not?” The other boy asked him.” Oh. once again. “You do. But was it really as . once more. For. everything around us. Jaejoong looked at him. “Well… I… “ His voice trailed off. then I suppose you are not thinking enough then. somewhat speechless. “… Do I really sound that tired?” Jaejoong. he turned to Jaejoong. there‟s just so much going on. “A friend of yours?” “Yeah. with a subtle curiousness.greatly. as the sounds of the splashing waters caught his ear. at the mention of those words. The other boy‟s eyes lit up. “Ah.” After a while. how I work too much. He turned to look at the sea. as he saw the waves scatter themselves across the deep blue.” Yunho explained. unsure of what he should say.

his eyes taking on somewhat of a downcast look. slightly half-smiling. “Or if I‟m not here. … . to look at the silver moon that lay hung in the sky. the only sound being those of the crashing waves.” He started. “You‟d think we‟d be used to it by now. far much more to see? “… Are you out most nights?” Jaejoong asked Yunho. They‟ve been around forever. though. he had noticed that sitting here with Yunho.” Yunho answered.” Jaejoong wordlessly turned back to look at Yunho beside him. as he slowly began to look away from Yunho—almost guiltily. He stared down beside him. before returning his gaze to join the sea. curiously. it was quite difficult for Jaejoong to simply realize there was such a thing called 'happiness'. watching the sea?” “Pretty much.” Jaejoong looked at Yunho a moment longer.” He explained.” Yunho answered. simply just watching the waters… he had felt almost at peace. I‟m just kinda… walking around. “… Ironic. “I mean… the moon‟s just as much theirs as it is ours. for his eyes were jaded and had seen far too much. He wore a warm smile upon his face. somewhat uncomfortably. Perhaps then… he had not yet seen everything? Perhaps. “But I don‟t really care.simple as he made it seem to be? Surely. He said nothing. as both boys sat there silently watching the waves.” He smirked to himself. The look of downcast shown in Yunho‟s eyes quickly disappeared. yeah. A peace. as he turned his eyes from the sea. there was still far much more to learn. What with all these vampire attacks and shit. “Like this.” Jaejoong‟s eyes immediately widened. “It kinda sucks. his eyes still on the dark waters.” He shrugged. Truth be told. “… I don‟t ever remember a time when we don‟t hear about them. his gaze slipping from the moon. he had almost long since forgotten.” Yunho said. “We‟ve been living in fear all our lives. before saying. down to the sea. “… Though the police advised us not to. isn‟t it?” “Yeah. He paused for a bit. It was quiet between the both of them for several moments. at the wooden dock they sat upon. However. there was much more to it than just that.

“… I do not attend school. “No one really says that much anymore. in somewhat a coy manner. Jaejoong. He then smiled a little. “You needn‟t worry. his voice brimmed with gentle concern. . too.‟” He explained.” “Oh.” Yunho looked at him. you‟re okay now.“So. turning back to look at Yunho. chuckled a little.” Jaejoong smiled. “I dunno.” “…No. very much worried at this point. “But.” He continued. a little. Yunho laughed slightly. I‟m perfectly fine now. “… You sound like something out of my Shakespeare texts. but trying his best not to show it. the faintness of worry ringing throughout his words.” “Yes. “‟You needn‟t worry. It‟s poetic. “‟Cause you. there‟s just…” Yunho began. He turned his gaze to the splashing waves of the sea. as he turned to look at Yunho. slightly. not too long after. “… something about the way you talk. right?” Yunho asked the boy. through a slightly curious smile. do you go to Gyeongju?” He turned to the raven-haired boy. his eyes instantly brightening up. slightly disappointed. “… Are you from around here?” “W-Why do you ask?” Jaejoong asked.” A smile slowly unfurled against his lips. once again. “… That‟s the second time you‟ve said that. a slight hint of hope echoing in his voice. though.” He smiled. who wore an expectant smile upon his face. somewhat trying to pinpoint exactly what he was getting at. “… University?” “Yeah. “Said what?” Jaejoong asked.” “You read his works?” Jaejoong asked him.” Yunho said. like… fainted when I found you. looking down away from Yunho. “G-Gyeongju?” Jaejoong stammered. “… So you were just walking around campus for the hell of it?” He laughed.” Jaejoong answered him.

lightly. a little. … I . fascinated wonder. as Yunho once again took another yawn—much larger than the first. shocked. in agreement. „Sleep? The fuck‟s that?‟” He sighed.” He turned his eyes to look at the sea and sky ahead of them. back at Yunho. “I‟ve been up since about four this morning. smiling back at him. too. “… The power of words never ceases to amaze me. “—greatest writers of our time. as a result of the yawning. he pouted slightly. and Shakespeare‟s one of the authors we‟re studying right now. a little.” He explained to him.” Yunho nodded. “Yes. before saying. “I‟m studying them. Jaejoong smiled gently. Yunho smiled at Jaejoong. and shook his head. as he stared. “I‟ve got mid-terms to study for and it just… sucks. who sat staring at him in a subtle.“Mhmm. to face the other. “… Are you tired?” He reluctantly asked him. turned to look at the sea ahead of him. The raven-haired boy then turned his head slightly. “‟Sleep‟ no longer exists when you‟re in Uni.” He explained to the raven-haired boy.” He told him. I‟m taking a minor in English.” Jaejoong nodded. before continuing. A comfortable silence joined the two. and wrote some remarkable scripts in his time. “D-Do you not sleep?” Yunho laughed at the boy‟s naivety. but I‟m a really big fan of his work. “A lot of the students think his stuff‟s boring. then?” The other boy frowned.” The young vampire‟s eyes immediately widened upon that statement. “He was very talented. eager to talk to him some more and ask him more questions. as he wiped the tears from his eyes. But. “… So you should probably be on your way. a look of wonder filling his eyes.” He admitted. clearly not wanting to leave the other boy‟s company.” He stretched. One can say so much by saying so little.” Yunho. as they sat there watching the waves crashing onto the shore. “Yeah.” Jaejoong agreed enthusiastically.” “Yeah. “One of the—“ He was abruptly interrupted by a yawn. “It‟s like. “Yeah. smiling somewhat shyly. joining Jaejoong‟s gaze. at him. slightly out of reluctance.

catching shards of crystal moonlight. because they were all happy that they were all finally over and done with.” Jaejoong looked down at his feet. doing their part of lighting the night sky. the sea flowed. “I mean…” He continued. Yunho sighed.” He told him.got class tomorrow morning. right? … Right. “… And you‟ll need your sleep. The soft light of the moon. voicing his thoughts aloud. meeting the other boy‟s gaze at the splashing waters ahead of them. once again. too.” Neither of them ready to get up and leave just yet. The tiny stars. he turned his eyes back to the dark waters. as he. The dark.chapter 5((Kissing Death _________ “You‟re busy? What the fuck—you‟re always busy!” Yoochun called Yunho up. “I‟ve got the whole year. “I guess. forlornly. surrounding it in a breathtaking nighttime landscape. to the sandy shore. waiting impatiently by . shining as brilliantly as they were able. velvety blanket of navy veiled the Earth. taking careful watch over everything below her. . the pearl of the sky reflecting deep in the dark brown of their eyes. “Actually…” Yunho began. this wasn‟t one of their joyride escapades. At the edge of this sky.” Satisfied. hoping for his best friend to join them for another night out. Yunho turned to Jaejoong. However. turned his eyes to the sea. the sister moon smiled gently at them. the waves dancing back and forth from the starry horizon. as he thought. The gentle night breezes encircled both boys protectively. Jaejoong couldn‟t help but smile at Yunho‟s decision. that Thursday night. this was to celebrate the end of mid-terms. Jaejoong turned his eyes over to look at him. stubbornly. just a bit longer. both boys sat at the waterfront‟s dock. “… what‟s one less „Pop culture‟ lecture?” Yunho asked him. The group were all gathered. once again at Mijin‟s dorm.

landing on the face Jaejoong standing a few feet away from him. “Look. I‟m sorry. an abrupt frown worn upon his face. “We both have the same classes. aptly telling Yoochun over the phone. man. the remote dangling lazily from his hand.” Yunho began. hushing his laughter. Bye. as well. Changmin sat on the bed. how the hell do you have homework?” Yoochun asked him. An over-exaggerated look of disappointment animated Yoochun‟s face. A look of excitement painted his features. flipping carelessly through TV channels. okay? „kay. his voice dripping with utter disbelief. he hung up the phone. almost pleadingly. the same assignments—and hey.the phone. The eyes of the others in the room preyed upon him instantly. clearly unimpressed. as his eyes stopped their uneasy wandering. I can‟t. “Dude. “Homework?” Yoochun repeated.” “Homework. “… I wanna make sure my assignments are A-worthy.” And with that. Yunho‟s spirits sunk. He brought his free hand up. nervously. Yoochun sighed. I‟ll talk to you later. as to not be heard over the phone. tiredly. okay?” Yunho told him. whispering ever so quietly. “It‟s nine PM. for Yoochun to deliver the good. as he searched his face for an answer. somewhat ruefully. The vampire boy chuckled. And you know I‟m slack as hell. clicked off his cell-phone. I got homework. even I‟m done. scratching the back of his neck. as he looked about the dimness of his room. “… homework. Yoochun. the phone attached loosely to his ear.” He began. ready to pounce on the first word to escape . too. Upon hearing the dial tone. trying once again to think of another excuse he could use on his friend. Yoochun.” “Like they always are?” There was no response on the other end. “But I got…” His voice trailed off. as his eyes brightened against the dim room. well…” Yunho paused. pitifully. Will it kill you to live a little? Just a little?” “Look. or most likely.” “Yeah. He looked back at him. “Yunho. bad news. He opened his mouth slowly. a tired expression worn on the youngest boy‟s features. “I‟m busy.” Yunho repeated. his tone. slightly apologetic.

Yoochun smirked satisfyingly to himself. “… who‟s coming?” The others immediately got up. he probably wouldn‟t even have time to squeeze her in. and pulling the door open.” Mijin continued. With his busy schedule and all.” She ended in a pout.” Sohyun agreed. Changmin turned off the television. “… maybe he‟s got himself a girlfriend?” she suggested. like… the second straight week he turned us down?” Junsu wondered aloud.” . throughout the room. turning it. “Yoochun. trying to strike up just the slightest bit of morale. However. he‟s always busy—all of a sudden—ditches us… „cause maybe he‟s spending time with someone else… ?” There was a thoughtful silence throughout Mijin‟s dorm room.” He began to make his way over to the door. Yoochun parted his lips. “He‟s not coming. Everyone remained contemplating and conjuring up their own thoughts in their minds. “Isn‟t this. what does he do that he‟s always so busy.” said Changmin. this moment of quiet was broken all too soon by the impatient voice of Yoochun. every night. through an overexaggerated pout. anyway?” “Maybe he doesn‟t like us anymore. since he seems to have forgotten his friends are still alive—I miss Yunho. “That‟s what I thought. he extended his arm towards the knob. “Again?” Sohyun whined. “Or…” Mijin piped up. for a few moments.” A loud groan sounded in unison. you guys. “But I dunno. “I mean. “Oh yeah. “‟kay. and I‟m not about to take my sweet time. “The line-up at „Elixir‟s crazy on Thursday nights. that too. clearly fed up with annoyance. bringing a new thought to the group.his mouth. so…” Once he reached the door. I‟m waiting in the car. you guys. “But think about it. to the group.

his lips unfurling roguishly in a subtle half-smile. looking at all of his papers and books sprawled out over the table. Yunho taking special notice of this. impishly. his dead fingers grasping lifelessly onto the hardcover. lying to your friends like that!” He told Yunho. and had somewhat of an allergy to it. crystal glow of the moon. But before that. He marvelled at all the titles. He stared blankly at the book.‟ “You‟re terrible. . as he rushed over to the revealed shelf of books. by the open screen door. “Yeah. The young vampire walked about from Yunho‟s desk by the far wall. Jaejoong curiously wandered his way around Yunho‟s darkened bedroom that Yunho had darkened just for him. flipping through. he told Yunho that he was sensitive to light. as he turned to sift through his adjacent closet. instantly. admiring the wispiness of the pages turned. Yunho laughed at his playfulness.” He then turned away from Yunho. “… You read Anne Rice?” He asked Yunho. and gasped teasingly in mock shock at Yunho‟s actions. He gasped in a sort of child-like wonder. Jaejoong pouted at him. “You‟re so mean to me. filtering through the sheerness of white curtain. His eyes suddenly caught sight of the bookshelf in the corner of the room. his gaze never once faltering from the book. as his eyes travelled from one book to the next. and not wanting to hurt Jaejoong. again. his tart mouth in a perfect „O. He did not want to explain any further than that. his pout blossoming into a sweet smile. Yunho agreed. He picked up another book—and felt the spark in his eyes dulling. He looked at the cover: It was a book by the author Anne Rice. and the artwork on the covers. as he searched through rows of shirts. The darkness of his eyes began to brighten and light up in wonder. as he picked them from the shelf one-by-one.Jaejoong brought a hand up to his chest. excited about having someone over—especially this someone. and so he asked Yunho if he could see where he lived. Jaejoong was curious. He left the only source of light to be the soft. made sure to turn all of the lights off. and whose idea was it?” The other boy cheekily asked.

as he stared into nothing. “… she writes about vampires. the other boy nodded slightly. “… I just think they‟re really misunderstood. slightly to himself. I‟m weird. “You know?” His mind clearly elsewhere. “I know. a couple of shirts in his hands. from his closet.“Yeah!” Yunho called to him. with much uneasiness. I know. However. He gave a friendly smile to the other boy. I read about vamps.” He turned to Jaejoong. He paused for a moment. a slight look of sombreness hardening his strong features. There‟s just something about them. “… I dunno. allowing a faint laugh to escape his lips. “… Does she not?” “She does. He turned to him. and then taking a peaceful stroll through the park. and quickly smiled back at the other boy. Yes.” He turned to Yunho with large. This had become a frequent activity for the two. he stopped. He turned to Jaejoong. his voice somewhat of a low whisper. and stared ahead of him at the window. seeing all the sights and sounds that the enchanting night had to offer. each night more enjoyable than the last. practically buried in clothes.” Yunho answered. They had grown to be fond of each . his eyes reflecting a hollowed emptiness.” The two took another one of their walks that night. his transient gaze breaking from Yunho‟s. “I love her books. His gaze lowered slightly.” He smiled. “Ready to go?” Jaejoong quickly snapped out of his thoughts. He stared quietly at the floor by Yunho‟s feet. walking through the busy streets of the city. and put on a brown zip-up hoodie over his white-coloured sleeveless shirt. upon hearing Yunho‟s voice. let‟s go.” “But…” Jaejoong began. and set them on his bed. before entering the living room. as he finally made up his mind. the young vampire staring intently back at him. Yunho reached over to grab his keys from their spot beside the phone. as he made his way over to his bedroom door. He stepped out of the closet. He ruffled his hair a little. “Yes. Her novels fascinate me. “But…” He paused for a while.” His smile grew slightly wider. nervous eyes.

He plucked it out of the shrub. And so. These were strange plants. and watched as he gazed sorrowfully into the flower. He had never been so close to them before. Despite the fear surrounding the detested flowers. He edged closer and closer to the reviled shrub. isolated amongst the trees. curiosity having gotten the best of him. His footsteps were careful. resonant black. leaving Jaejoong at the spot he stood. Yunho. where the moon did not hesitate to leave untouched. and become closer to them. as he became closer. Their petals were of a rich. finding its way to the earth below. instinctively felt pity for them. visibly abandoned… was a single shrub of black roses. he closed the distance between them. to try and pluck one of the roses. how it would brighten the crystal drops of dew that lined each flower. was a clearing. “You know…” He began. fulfilling conversations and amiable laughter echoing around them. The darkness of shadows ruled this place. for the fear of being in the presence of the cursed. almost precise.other‟s company. as they had for centuries. unmoved. needing moonlight to grow and not the sun… Jaejoong stared blankly at them. unmoving. almost able to hear their cries. He reached an arm out. They continued on their way through the park. The further they kept walking. Just up ahead of them. as they walked side-by-side. Jaejoong walked up beside Yunho. and light dare not enter. Yunho couldn‟t help but feel drawn to them. Wanting to feel them. keeping his guard. velvety undertones singing their lament of desolation. The closer he got to them. “… . just barely reaching. his eyes never once leaving the black rose. After a moment or so. gazing into their petals. his fingers softly grazing a black rose. just about several feet away. Their eyes saw a single ray of the moon‟s silver light cut through the thick leaves of the trees. and closer still. slowly began to walk over to them. it had been left untouched. No one dared enter this part of the park. as he stayed alert. the canopies of the trees creating vast umbrellas of shadow around them. Yunho. as it had been for years and years past. Touched by this sliver of soft light. the less and less moonlight that would surround them. the more he was able to see their delicate beauty. and brought it up closer to him. He was in awe of the way the glow of the moon would bathe each petal. as it is now. gradually diminishing the distance between himself and the roses. Yunho finally spoke. for it would be trespassing—and light did not belong here. And there they stood. They found themselves walking through the deepest part of the park.

He then returned his gaze once more to the black rose he held in his hand.” Jaejoong smirked to himself. “As others always say. cursed. “What?” Yunho smiled. “The world hates these flowers … almost blindly. The only thing that sets it apart. “I‟m afraid not everyone shares that same sentiment.” He began. his eyes darkening. slightly. in amazement.” He breathed out. it‟s a black rose: Hated. evil—“ “People are always afraid of what they don‟t understand. With this one.” He paused for a moment. “… I see a flower. “Wow. “What do you see?” Somewhat hesitant. There‟s always more to something than meets the eye—but that‟s only . “I mean. looking into his face. gently. The same as any other rose. “You know what I see?” Jaejoong turned his heavy eyes to look up at Yunho. as he stared lifelessly into the black rose. his voice echoing hints of dejection.” He explained to Jaejoong. anticipating what he had to say. What did he see? “… I see something that‟s been an outcast for all of its existence. Yunho sighed. “You saw all that?” Jaejoong nodded. “When you look at it… it‟s just a rose. “It‟s different.” “Why so?” Jaejoong asked curiously. “They just go by stuff other people say… without ever seeing it for themselves. “Something that‟s never truly been understood.” He explained to the other boy.” Yunho‟s eyes widened. and draws you in for more.I kinda feel sorry for these things. it‟s distinct… almost fascinating. before showing it once again to Jaejoong.” He brought the rose closer to Jaejoong.” He aptly felt the black rose‟s silken petals. desolately. “… Something crying out for acceptance. It‟s mysterious. Jaejoong did as he was told.” He began. “Look at it.” Yunho told him.” He said.” He continued to stare at the rose a bit longer. But see. “… you can‟t get the whole story on first glance. and looked into the petals of the flower. “No different than any other flower. Yunho smiled gently at him. is that this one… looks like it‟s got a story to tell. And so people will always judge it.” He began. as he continued. as he looked back into the rose.

Yunho smiled at Jaejoong.” Jaejoong smiled audaciously at Yunho. as he turned to face him. his voice just above a whisper. Yunho smirked. before placing a tender kiss upon Jaejoong‟s cheek. his lips leisurely grazing over the smooth of the raven-haired boy‟s porcelain skin. “You should have told me you weren‟t serious.” He began. a mischievous glint playing wickedly in his eyes. and always up for a challenge.” Jaejoong‟s own eyes immediately lit up. if I actually was.” He said care freely. “… are you flirting with me?” Yunho smiled a little. I dunno. “Look. somewhat taunting the other boy. slightly turning his gaze from him. admiring its splendour. “… Kinda like you. “… And how would I know?” He took a step closer to him. Yunho leaned in closer to the other boy. “Sad.” Jaejoong replied. a cheeky smile unfurling against his lips.” Jaejoong told him matter-of-factly. “You would know.” He began.” “What?” Yunho laughed at the boy‟s reaction. as he gently tilted . aptly presenting a challenge to Yunho.if you‟re willing to look. “That was pathetic. “… I see a rare beauty.” He then turned his eyes over to Jaejoong. before reaching a free hand up to the other boy‟s face. “And here I was actually expecting something. once again. diminished the space between them. Taking note of the look in Jaejoong‟s eyes. something one-of-a-kind. teasing him with that same cheeky halfsmile of his. He tenderly cupped Jaejoong‟s cheek. a heartfelt look of longing battling in the dark brown of his eyes.” He looked away from Yunho once again. “Well. why would I be flirting with you?” “Because you are. as his whole face brightened up. but daringly. looking him dead in the eye. half-smiling at the other boy. And when I look at this black rose…” He gazed into the flower. “Jung Yunho…” He began. Yunho then pulled back. “I mean. He slowly. as he looked at the raven-haired boy. only to be met with a pouting Jaejoong—clearly unimpressed. as he subtly looked away from Jaejoong‟s prying eyes. as he turned back to look at the raven-haired boy.

his head to face him.chapter 6((Hurt Like You _________ "Who are you?" She smiled. "Please. He caressed the raven-haired boy‟s cheek softly.. Slowly closing the space between them. "He is right. you know. gentle kiss. putting a finger delicately to her lips.. locking their gazes once more. admiring the hints of scarlet. "What do you want with me?" ." Again.. rose-petal lips. Her cobalt-coloured eyes twinkling merrily. Somewhere in a distant shadow.. He then let his thumb travel leisurely. binding him in a soft. brushing over the fullness of Jaejoong‟s silken.. Something--anything." .. as she . "Should I know you?" . just--" "Shh. Please. and splashes of ruby that were all too familiar to him. "Do I. she smiled at him. a smile.. she smiled. feeling the delicate smoothness of his skin against his fingertips." She softly silenced him. Yunho softly pressed his lips to Jaejoong‟s. did I know you?" . Once more.. "A name. just tell me who you are.

staring at the young vampire ahead of him. the wind softly whisking them away. Trying to make himself seem somewhat inconspicuous. “I was what he is…” Just then.” He told Jaejoong. forebodingly. “… And remember what he is—” “I know very well of what I am. not bothering to turn around. “We feed on them. Jaejoong. through the isolated parts of the city. the raven-haired boy walked aimlessly though the night. his back still facing his Sire. Minwoo scoffed at him. and to distance himself as far away as possible from the pleasure-seeking humans exuberantly roaming the night. “What business is it of yours?” He asked his Sire. as his gaze lowered itself to the ground at their feet.” Jaejoong refused to utter a word to him.” He said. slightly rolling his eyes. his glare softening. It is useless attaching yourself to them—you are no longer like them. "My name is--" “You were with him again. His eyes slowly began to dull over. he sighed in annoyance. as he continued to stare at the lifegiving ground below them. “… until you did this to me. as they are below us. aptly warning the boy.” . keeping himself craftily hidden in the protective shadows of the hours of darkness. He stared at the brown and orange leaves scattering themselves across the earth. shaking his head in scornfulness. “I do not understand why you deliberately insist on concerning yourself in their meaningless affairs. After leaving Yunho at his apartment. As his footsteps reluctantly ceased their wandering. his voice trailed off. the dark brown becoming almost glassy.” Jaejoong stopped dead in his tracks upon hearing his voice. We are above them. The boy let out a slightly exasperated sigh. leaving them on their own. almost in disbelief.spoke to him. his eyes mirroring the darkness of the shadows that surrounded them.” Jaejoong spun around. defenceless. “… So I suggest you remember what you are. through the shadows. An impatient Minwoo stood glaring daggers down the young vampire‟s back a few feet behind him.” His Sire told him. before narrowing his eyes in a subtle glare with Minwoo. “I have told you countless times before. disapprovingly.

she said to him. the usual sheer white curtains were pulled back. Followed by a plain "I know.“Hmph. "I love you. And then a silence. "I'll come back. She was used to its regular visits. The silence around them engulfed the sound of his Sire‟s footsteps. once more. this time?" His hand stopped. for an upcoming assignment due at the end of the week. allowing the nighttime view of the city to be seen. this time. The copperhaired girl's query stirred a tide of unanswered questions within him." A smirk found his way to his lips. leading his eyes to the moon that lay hung in the sky.“ … Jaejoong continued to stare below him. Not as bright this time. and . an open screen door awaiting his presence. Just as all mortals are. when I come back. giving her an uninterrupted view of his metallic-blue coloured hair." He answered simply. seeing nothing but trees and moonlight. having came so many times before. sat a busied Yunho at his desk. She couldn't help but to let that subtle pout take over her lips. “You were merely moments away from death. frozen to the doorknob at his arm's length. until they could no longer be heard." She stared worriedly at him. He looked up ahead of him. Like a fading battlecry. Every so often. his eyes would lift from the papers. his back facing her. once again. watching Minwoo‟s footsteps take him further and further into the darkened night. This was simply another to add to their tumultuous ocean. And for the first time in years. at the balcony that had become all but too familiar to him. However.” Minwoo scowled at the young vampire. He followed the moonbeams up to the black sky hovering over him. but more so dulled in a worn-out fashion. through her large brown eyes. wished he could see the sun. Through this screen door. "How long will you be gone. deeply engaged in his texts and papers." He stood. "Dunno.

making his way over. and Jaejoong still had not yet revealed the truth about himself to Yunho. rushing over to the light-switch by the bedroom door. and the light would hurt Jaejoong. there was something eating away at Jaejoong. and went over to let Jaejoong into the room. Suppose if he was to tell him. and stopped until he was just in front of it. for Yunho seemed so busy. He could not go any further. he tentatively took a few steps towards the door. Yunho. . he needed to tell him. wasn‟t nearly enough. But. The two had been seeing each other for a bit over a couple of weeks now. he turned his head to the door. he felt a slight twinge of worry.up to his laptop screen. his fingertips carefully wiped away the freshly spilt blood smeared along his lips. Mustering up all of the courage he had. and he knew he could only hide his true identity from him for so long. shutting the light off. he gasped. He brought a hand up. once again. Suddenly. his first in about a couple of days. Yunho might have been so shocked and upset that he was with the most unholy and detested of things. Dropping his pen. if only for a moment. However. upon hearing Jaejoong‟s voice. due to the fact that Yunho had the light on. Whether he liked it or not. He had only fed several moments before. it would gnaw away at him. alone. he wanted to be with this human. a part of him did not. “Yunho?” Yunho immediately looked up from his work. But. He flicked it. Jaejoong smiled at Yunho. completely: Himself. He brought his hand down. and smiled at the young vampire peering in. that if he felt he did not tell Yunho. Click. So much more… He looked ahead of him to the open screen door. completely oblivious. As Jaejoong looked through the door. on the other side. for the fear of losing Yunho to society‟s practices. Part of him wanted to. a vampire. Bringing a hand up to his face. for the sake of honesty and trust in their relationship. that he would no longer want anything to do with him. He wanted more. He felt life. Running the pungent liquid through his fingers. knocking gently against the window. And he didn‟t want that. that moment. and they kissed in greeting. “Wait! Just a sec—“ He jumped up from his chair. using the Internet as a vital aide. he could almost feel the blood seeping into his skin. His eyes would return to the books. However. click… click. and stared at the red stain tarnishing his pale fingertips.

Yunho waited in anticipation for what Jaejoong was about to say. somewhat bracing himself for what would come next. He parted his lips.” Yunho suggested to the other boy. He stood there in front of Yunho. fidgeting with his fingers. Doubt stood looming menacingly over Jaejoong‟s head. He quickly racked his brain for words. slight agitation was slowly taking over the young vampire. He smiled a little. as he looked with concern into the other boy‟s face. a little confused. hesitance still ringing in the back of his mind. Yunho laughed. “Is everything okay… ?” Jaejoong said nothing for a few moments. anything. and continued on. clearly unsure of what he should say. a subtle anxiety reflecting in the brown of his eyes.” Jaejoong told him.“You know. slight nervousness echoing through his words. as Jaejoong stepped.” Yunho answered. “You don‟t always gotta come through the balcony—“ “—That‟s… what I came to talk to you about. pulling him back. before slowly lowering his gaze to meet the floor. his gaze returning once again to the floor. He slowly looked back up at Yunho. with great effort. you could always buzz me from downstairs. it‟s… um…” He began. with the words he should say. Jaejoong‟s burden of tentativeness became greater. or just something. “The buzzer‟s broken?” Jaejoong smiled. He listened and waited. He tried his . and it was beginning to become somewhat obvious. He mentally shook it away. slowly. or thoughts. But nothing seemed to work. “No. “… You recall my telling you of my allergy to light?” “Yeah. What had happened? Was everything alright? Or on the other side. “I‟m afraid I‟m not quite sure how to begin saying this…” It was now Yunho‟s turn to be worried. Yunho looked at the boy. intently for Jaejoong to speak. as to hide his overshadowing nervousness. After the passing of several quiet moments. somewhat uncomfortably into the room. no. stopping him. which just worried Yunho even more. maybe he really shouldn‟t hear this? As Yunho‟s pit of worry grew. “Well…” Jaejoong began. “… you see…” He paused.

He really did wish Jaejoong would hurry and tell him what was wrong.” He told him. as he put all of his instant messenger windows. “Hello?” “Well.” He quickly went over to the phone. He gave Jaejoong an apologetic look. But he also didn‟t want to rush the other boy. and wanted him to take his time to get his words across. hey. a slight nervous smile etching its way onto his face.” He paused. traces of dejection revealing themselves through his features. hushing it of its ringing. I‟m… sure. “… I‟m—“ The phone rang. “Haven‟t heard from you in the longest time. “Oh. “… Much more than that.” The voice on the other end smirked satisfyingly to himself.hardest to ignore it. Yunho sighed in slight annoyance. instead of dragging it on in this way. “… it‟s… more than just a mere allergy. as he dropped the pen back on the table. “… Is everything okay?” “Yeah. Yoochun…” “The hell happened to you?” Yoochun asked. and papers remained busily sprawled all over his desk. well.” Yunho was pretty much scared at this point.” Yunho answered him. it was making Yunho deathly nervous. everything‟s fine. “Look who finally decided to pick up—Yunho. .” The other boy laughed. and an almost compassionate tone. The tension immediately broken. “Yunho…” Jaejoong began. “You sure?” “Yeah.” “… If you say so. or something. on hold. And so. slightly nervously. “Hold on. until Yoochun once again broke it. well. as casually as possible.” His voice was now laced with a gentle concern. patiently. Various texts. He frowned slightly. and picked it up. and began twirling it lazily with his fingers. just a sec. as he sat working away in his dorm room. and continued on. he listened.” Yoochun shrugged. his gaze still with the floor at their feet. Jae. “Thought you died. He picked up a pen.” There was a brief silence afterwards. all nine of them. “Just callin‟ to make sure you‟re still alive.

“… Okay. aptly breaking the silence once more. Yoochun and Yunho were best friends—that. they were. over time. had become quite the social butterfly. who pretty much kept to himself.It was quiet between them for a few moments. People change. who stood somewhat nervously a few feet away from him. and Yunho was the very first friend that Yoochun had made there. “I‟m… pretty sure I heard someone. Those weekends came few and far between. “But… um…” He paused. partly because he wasn‟t sure of what else he could‟ve said.” The other boy answered. extreme differences in their characters had somewhat pushed them apart. an instant morbid curiosity beginning to take over him. in a voice louder than he should have. Yunho had still not yet said anything to Yoochun. always busied.” He began slowly. He called out to him. but there was something there that both boys still desperately wanted to hold on to. “Good. Yoochun had heard another voice. his eyes still upon the young vampire. Yoochun. but—“ “—Yunho…?” Jaejoong was beginning to get a little impatient. They had known each other all through high school. Yoochun raised an eyebrow in scepticism. “No one. things change. Yunho was the focussed one. Jae—there was still something that the raven-haired boy was waiting to say to him. before turning his eyes over to Jaejoong. pretty much if no one else was doing anything that weekend. At times. Yunho.” Yunho quickly blurted out. and wished the other boy would hurry with his phone call. But you see. how‟ve you been?” Yoochun asked. he found it hard to talk to the other boy. with large worried eyes. and got along exceptionally well. As they grew older. “…do you think you could call back later?” Jaejoong looked up at Yunho. after that. and called on Yunho. not really expecting Yunho‟s sudden question. his eyes slightly narrowing. They did everything together. More than anything… “… So. They knew that they were no longer as close as they used to be. Through the other end of the line. on the other hand. trying to disguise the growing jealousy rising in his . slowly answered. “… Who was that?” He asked Yunho. trying to cover up Jaejoong‟s voice. despite the length of time that they had known each other. Yoochun.

I‟ll leave you alone. “What. at that. satisfyingly.” “A friend. suspiciously. He then laughed. I mean—” “That‟s not gonna happen. his smile playing devilishly across his face. if she can‟t help herself. slightly amused. you can tell me.voice. as did Yoochun.” Then. fine. later. “Is she. “Look. “Just… a friend. while lying through his teeth to his best friend. He parted his lips.” Yoochun smirked. clearly beginning to become evident in his tone. leaving Yoochun alone in his dorm. a devious smile slowly unfurling against his lips. aptly stopping him. I‟ll talk to you later. “So why‟d you try to deny it when I asked?” “I didn‟t—“ “What kind of friend?” Yoochun‟s whole demeanour disappeared completely. his voice dripping with envy and distrust. “Hmm. Yoochun started to become a little interested. He then smirked a little. “Says you.” Yunho hung up. once again. “… Yeah.” “Yeah. “But hey. you think I‟m gonna steal her away from you?” He asked him.” Yunho said simply. man. now?” He asked him. So… are we ever gonna meet this hot girlfriend of yours. huh?” Yoochun asked. “Yunho got himself a girl? That why you been so „busy‟ all the time?” He laughed. Yunho.” Yunho tried to answer as composed as he possibly could. He sighed.” “It‟s not—“ “She hot?” Yoochun asked. that‟s like… taking up all your time?” Yunho‟s eyes widened a little. curiously. it‟s just—“ “C‟mon. to himself. “W-Why would you wanna meet… her?” Yoochun laughed. The only light being a desk lamp that . Chun. “Okay. Yunho thought for a moment at those words. “… Who‟s over there?” “No one. you could say that.

It was cold. He brought it out of the fridge. A single tear. Absently peering in. He hated when it had to come to this. He would feel absolutely nothing. He tipped it. He brought the bottle away from his lips. He watched as the wind gently plucked the still remaining leaves from the weeping trees. he stared blankly into the papers in front of him. this time. Everything remained black. hanging onto whatever life left they could possibly grasp. continue to leave the only life they had ever known. his eyes continued to stare out ahead of him into the night outside of his window. the browns. closing the door behind him. these things never took him long to finish. And yet… As he watched the leaves continue to fall. He hated the way nature worked. He frowned. He stared ahead of him. He thought he would be over this by now. Memories of an ice-coldness. exhaling deeply. “… I miss you.” He said to no one in particular. as he looked ahead of him into the nighttime autumn landscape. his eyes slowly beginning to fill with a dull emptiness. Only when he was alone like this—only when he was reminded that there was no one else in the world here beside him—is when they would start to come: Memories. He looked at the papers sprawled all over his desk. This season always left him that familiar taste of the bittersweet. The night disguised all of the colours of the season. He slowly dropped to the floor. It comforted him. the leaves. allowing the coolness of the clear poison to pass through his lips. anyway. bringing the bottle to his lips. and blue to the eyes of the untrained. seeping their way through him. He grabbed a hold of it.stood atop the messy desk. he dropped it somewhere beside him. … He hated autumn. resting his head against the wall for support. He supposed it could do. he got up from his desk. And yet. Twisting off the bottle cap. falling discreetly down his . and what he had typed up so far on his laptop screen. as to work on that assignment due at the end of the week. His chestnut brown eyes then turned to the window. Yet still. not really wanting to do much else. only for now. as he blankly stared ahead of him into nothing. he reached for the first thing his hand could touch: a bottle of vodka. the oranges. This would work. he was filled with contempt. only for now. He‟d be done soon enough. Some of his fondest memories were in autumn. in this strange sort of way. into it. and walked over to his fridge. grey. He needed to be alone. numbing him as it made its way down. before walking over to the large window. Frustrated with all of this. for now. It had already been close to a year… He closed his eyes. as he watched the leaves still continue to fall. the very few greens.

allowing another silence to join them. “What is it?” Doubt was looming dangerously low over Jaejoong. just a bit over a whisper. It wouldn‟t hurt him… . bringing his focus. “You came all the way here to tell me. Jaejoong guiltily looked away from Yunho. They could both still continue on in this way… couldn‟t they? Without Yunho ever knowing a thing. Jaejoong somewhat felt as if he was intruding. “…Is it important?” Yunho asked him. tell me. the two would have probably still continued with their talk over the phone. “… maybe now is not the most fitting time to say this…” Yunho looked at Jaejoong. After hearing both Yunho and Yoochun‟s conversation over the phone—even though he only heard one side of it—he could still sense their closeness with each other. gently. Jaejoong slowly nodded. curiously. Perhaps if he had not come to see Yunho at that moment. “Very much so. all the while.” Yunho smiled at the other boy. “Aw. Yunho turned to Jaejoong. “Well. his voice barely audible. as he smiled. once again. “I‟m listening. Part of him wanted to.” He began. “I almost wish you weren‟t.” He started. and he was contemplating whether or not he should tell Yunho the truth. “Y-Yes. Jaejoong said nothing. but that same part that held him back was now beginning to overshadow his reasoning. “it must be important. once again to the floor. to get a better look into Jaejoong‟s face.” Yunho smiled. Jaejoong almost felt a little guilty. and tilted his head to the side.” He took a step closer to him. He spoke.face. seeing that he was the one that ended the conversation. …And you seem kinda bent up about it…” He noticed Jaejoong had been worried and nervous about the whole thing.” He told him. in answer. um…” He paused. sheepishly. “Sorry about that. “Y-You were saying…?” Jaejoong looked up at him. I mean…” He shrugged.

Was he willing to lose all of this? Yunho? Everything? Several moments had passed by. his hands.” He could only manage to whisper. and Jaejoong still had not yet said a word. in attempt to snap him out of it. more softly this time. that he could not bring himself to do it? “… Jae?” He began. “… What is it?” Yunho asked slowly. “… I‟m…” “… You‟re what?” Yunho asked him. fear now evidently shown. This was worrying Yunho even more. He parted his lips.” . somewhat afraid of what Jaejoong was thinking.would it? A quiet sombreness began to make its way over Jaejoong. He slowly opened his mouth. shaking him. was afraid to keep going. He grabbed Jaejoong by the shoulders. fear and worry intertwining themselves in his large dark brown eyes. gently on Jaejoong‟s shoulders. too. How serious was what Jaejoong had to tell him. slowly. softly. as he stood there. once again. Jaejoong said nothing. Jaejoong. “… I am one of them. and began to panic. “Jae. in deep thought. Jaejoong looked up at Yunho. A hesitant nervousness was eating its way through him. “… A vampire. leaving holes wherever it was able. He slowly opened his mouth. but no sound came out… Yunho saw the fear in Jaejoong‟s eyes. that incessant darkening of doubt holding him back.chapter 7((Smoky Mirror _________ You remember now… do you not? Come now—was it really that long ago? . what‟s wrong?” “I‟m sorry!” Jaejoong immediately looked into Yunho‟s eyes.

It was sad to think about. and there was no other way she could get back home but to walk. whispering so softly… ever so quietly… moving without a sound. just a little farther to go. She sighed exasperatedly. She brushed past small bushes and the thick branches of the trees. no ride. as she solely kept her focus on arriving at home. They whisked about. as if she was being watched. her breath caught in her throat. And the many that would continue to be lost… She shivered a little. Dozens of deaths go unreported. that remained whispering throughout the leaves of the trees. Or who could be lurking. Unfortunately. The only sound around her was the crickets‟ gentle night song. as it drew mini cyclones of leaves around her feet.You remember. as to better hear the sounds around her. The fastest way she could get home from school was to go through the woods that lined the campus. in a hurry to get home that night. she left her bus tickets at home. considering how dangerous it could be. as she anxiously tucked her deep-cherry coloured hair behind her ear. she had no car. It was a tremendous risk. Just about five minutes more. The wind had picked up slightly. just a little farther to go. especially through a place as dark and secluded as this. before crossing her arms and picking up her pace. as she heard the snap of a twig behind her. hushing the noise of the leaves crunching below her feet. the crystal shards of moonlight subtly breaking through the canopies. as she continued on her way. Just the thought of it terrified her. as she hurriedly continued on her way. as she briskly made her way through the forest. …She frowned. She would soon approach the end of the woods. Was she alone? She slowed her pace somewhat. a twig snapping under her foot. almost needlessly. to look at the watch on her wrist. and the loved one‟s closure is never reached. This year alone. She swiftly brought her hand up. She felt a slight wariness. and tried to avoid anything that may distract her. She hated walking home. and the wind. the body is never found. . whipping their way throughout the night air. Something didn‟t feel right to her. there had already been sixty-two reported vampire-related deaths—and those were just the reported. She kept her head down. Suddenly. the many lives that had been lost.

… Could it? Her eyes still on the obscured figure. as her palms grew cold. before running away to scamper up a nearby tree. almost frozen. Her mouth went dry. she slowly started to turn around. The last thing she would ever hear: the bloodcurdling cry of her own scream. as she faced what was behind her: A squirrel. as she remained there frozen to the ground. . Almost whimpering. It couldn‟t be. almost dreading what might have been behind her with each subtle movement… The girl immediately let out a deep sigh of relief. Was it a…? No. … A soul is lost. as she continued to stare at the figure. it twitched. It stood staring at her. The girl rolled her eyes. She could not move. She swallowed hard. obscured by the shadows of the night. The only thing her eyes could detect was a shiny object around the figure‟s neck. She gasped. but only one cried out clearly to her. A million thoughts raced through her head. she tried to take a step back. Her eyes widened in anticipation. as she turned around to continue on her way. as if to push down the overwhelming sense of fear that was gradually beginning to take over her. stood a darkened figure. the moonlight gracefully catching it. A life is ended.She stopped. the moonlight glinting off its dark beady eyes. There. as she continued to stare helplessly at the darkened figure ahead of her. The faint crunching of the leaves under her feet was no more. but it was as if her own leg weighed a ton. Then. and clammy against the suede of her jacket. a slight smirk appearing over her lips. Her breathing slowed. frozen by fear. a few feet in front of her. allowing the nervous echo of her erratic heartbeat to ring throughout her ears.

Much clearer. Still. 62-year-old Ahn Taehoon found her body in a secluded wooded area. just around the outskirts of the Gyeongju University campus. Then another… and then another. and cupped her cheek against the paleness of his hand. He couldn‟t help but let a single tear fall from the corner of his darkened eyes. until his whole body was racked with gentle sobs. steadily approaching the other figure lying on the ground.A tear is shed. He took a few steps closer to get a better look. stained with her own blood. as he softly brushed aside the stray strands of her deep cherry-coloured hair. a Gyeongju University student. He wondered to himself. he kept on. “Hey!” He stopped. tears streaked down her face. Its latest victim. His tears streamed silently down his face. His eyes landed ahead of him upon the body of a young woman. as he gazed into the face of the dead girl‟s body. His crystal tears fell from his face onto her eyes. seemingly elderly. and quickly turned his head over to the place the booming voice had come from. He stared with his powerful gaze into the darkness ahead of him at the darkened figure. delicately catching the silver chain around his neck. the soft moonlight. But. this city falls victim once again to another vampire attack. His eyes reflected a quiet fear. but before he got too close. only to roll down the side of her face. What would she have been like? What would she have become? What made her happy? … What made her smile? He moved his hand up to her forehead. quickly disappearing into the night. losing themselves in the strands of her hair. The man frowned. . then onto her cherry lips. and will remain that way forever. But just as he was about a few feet in front of it—he stopped. his rising wave of bloodlust having ebbed. completely not expecting it to leave as fast as it did. as he still continued to stare at the dead girl beside him. There. “Tonight. No word yet on the whereabouts of the vampires. She would be nameless to him now. the figure got up. the eighteenth reported so far this month. His vision had now cleared. drowned out with sorrow. by whom? He slowly knelt down on the earth below him. a ways away behind him was a man. was found dead at about nine-fifty pm. but not the least bit fragile. He could see clearer now. 20-yearold Kang Eunah. He gingerly reached a hand up to her face.

leaving Jaejoong standing there alone.” There was a brief silence. He reached out to Yunho. He kept his gaze idly focussed with the floor beneath him. moving with him. He spoke.” He began. left scattered in a disarray of disbelief. That was all he could‟ve done. at the time. Yunho was far too shocked to say anything further. “… I-I wasn‟t sure how you would react. He could do nothing else. I should have told you from the very beginning. away from him. and urging the community to be on extreme caution. his mind. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.” . as he saw no single response from the other boy. “I‟ve come to realize that… you‟re different. as he took a subtle step back. It can‟t end this way. As he felt Yunho part from him. “But now after getting to know you. that he was beginning to feel tears painfully stinging the back of his eyes. Jaejoong was worried. His hands slipped from the young vampire‟s shoulders. You‟re not like everyone else…” He felt his voice break. until finally.” … Was it really that long ago? Yunho stared at the raven-haired boy in front of him. Yunho had heard perfectly. And then another. He had heard perfectly… Completely speechless. “I‟m sorry. But judging by the worried look on his lover‟s face. trying to gain Yunho‟s attention. trying to gather his words. It‟s just…” He paused. his gaze slowly began to lower from Jaejoong‟s distraught eyes to the floor. let alone even look up at Jaejoong. he didn‟t want it to end this way. Jaejoong kept on. as he looked apprehensively over at the other boy. until his feet dazedly found his bed behind him. and sit back on his bed. He almost wanted to believe that perhaps he had heard the other boy wrong. but to let his legs give in. his voice somewhat shaky. Jaejoong felt it on a much larger scale. It had taken more than just a few moments for him to register in his mind what Jaejoong had just said to him.but police are issuing a state of high alert. Still. so much to the point. “… And I feel I can trust you. What if he was slowly losing Yunho? He stubbornly blinked the tears away.

Yunho got up. as he desperately summoned any ounce of strength he had left. he slowly turned around to leave. barely echoing before they reached Yunho. were left only to fade and wither away in the air about them. Yunho said nothing. It seemed as if the words spoken though Jaejoong‟s lips. He turned around to face the other boy. still sitting quietly on his bed. expectantly. Jaejoong continued to gaze at him. That was it. to fight the tears burning the back of his eyes. “…about a month ago. the sheer white curtains flailing about carelessly with the night‟s breeze. back at Yunho. So that was it. He said nothing. Yunho quickly called out to him. “Why did you come back that night?” Jaejoong stopped. somewhat confused. defenceless. He shyly turned away from him. He looked ahead of him at Yunho. He stared back at Yunho. He didn‟t want it to end like this… In defeat. as a tear fought its way through his dark lashes. What was Yunho thinking? Why wasn‟t he saying anything? Was he angry? As the silence continued to mercilessly drag on. by the screen door. then. But just as he was about to leave. “… Huh?” “That night…” Yunho began. at the waterfront.Another silence. and you feed on us…” He began. “I‟m sorry. a suspicious undertone echoing in his voice.” Jaejoong told him. his face hidden completely from the young vampire. as he faced the open screen door ahead of him. a little frightened. and stared at the ends of the white curtains that stood flailing about before him. why did you come back?” Jaejoong stared. leaving him hopeless. and began to make his way over to Jaejoong. Jaejoong let out a broken sigh. it continued to eat away at the raven-haired boy. barely audible. who now looked up at him. This one. his voice laced with a tender compassion. who stood worried. Yunho still had not looked up once at Jaejoong. “You knew I was human… and that you‟re a vampire. far heavier than the last. when he came to stand . a blank look masking whatever emotion the other boy was desperately trying to hold back.

about a couple feet away from him. he couldn‟t bring himself to do it. Jaejoong sighed. is it . in this morbid sort of way. “If it was someone else. Yet still. “That warm. on your university campus. and there: job‟s done. Yunho hated when Jaejoong got like this. not uttering a word.” He began. After all. “I had not fed in three nights. as he looked back at Jaejoong in front of him. The raven-haired boy stood there.” He told Yunho. his eyes displaying reflections of hurt. “I mean. He stared at Yunho in front of him with large. And there you were— exactly what I needed. fresh blood that would make me whole. slightly. The silence he continued to deftly place after Yunho‟s words was irritating.” It was now Yunho‟s turn to be confused. He desperately wanted to know what the other boy was thinking. as he parted his lips. His gaze locked steadily with Jaejoong. Not just yet. I was terribly weak… fatigued… my thirst. showing hints of desperation. “Because I could not kill you. his voice softening. as he waited for the young vampire to continue. …Why?” Jaejoong said nothing. darkened eyes.” He smiled at the other boy. I bite you. inwardly. answer him. “Why are you keeping me alive?” He demanded. his tone slightly darkening. Simple enough. caught behind his teeth. All he had to do was just utter them. you‟ve been with me this long. and somewhat frustrating. slowly. That was all he had to do. insatiable. “… That day we first met. why did you see me again?” He asked the young vampire. Jaejoong sighed to himself. Jaejoong cringed at his words. “Why did you come back that night? Why did you see me again?” Silence. in some way. softly. yet you haven‟t taken my blood. or at least. “… And I wanted to know why. The words were still kept. if only a little. But he supposed he couldn‟t put too much blame on him. wouldn‟t you have killed them by now?” Yunho questioned him. it wasn‟t his fault… “Jaejoong. drink it. He frowned. once again. The raven-haired boy slowly turned around to face Yunho.

to brush his lips lightly over the other boy‟s. …And yet… intrigued me… in this strange sort of way. as he tilted his head to the side. as he smiled a little. in thought. Something was stopping me—I couldn‟t take your life.” Yunho looked back into Jaejoong‟s eyes. “… I thought so. forgiving… you‟re the only one who seems to understand. almost seeing it mirrored in the eyes of the young vampire. feeling the warmth of the other boy‟s lips against his own.” He told him. nothing was stopping me from taking another human‟s blood.” He explained to Yunho. “You‟re just you. My lust for it was at its peak. softly caressing it with the smooth of his thumb. as he turned to face him. Jaejoong then leaned up a little. losing himself in the richness in the dark of brown. But with you…” He began again. once again. tenderly cupping the dark-haired boy‟s cheek.” “But yet… you did. He stared with longing eyes at the boy in front of him.. Perhaps it was an extreme pang of guilt I felt…?” He wondered aloud to himself. . I would wonder.” He then delicately brought a hand up to Yunho‟s face. “You‟re unlike the rest of them… and you know that. “I saw it in you: you‟re accepting. his eyes taking on somewhat of a heartfelt look. it puzzled me. He paused for a moment. „why you? Why you?‟ What makes you so different? … That‟s why I saw you again. reached his hand up to tenderly stroke Jaejoong‟s hand that lay comfortably against the side of his face. and my body incessantly hungered for it. staring at the nighttime landscape outside of Yunho‟s balcony. too.” Jaejoong told him.” Jaejoong said to him. sweet kiss. and only you. “Whatever it was. … And I deeply treasured that in you. … And I love you for that. He shrugged. gently.” Yunho warmly smiled back at Jaejoong." A pause. The wispy beams of moonlight delicately caught them. “And it puzzled me. as he. Nothing would stop me from it. “You don‟t care what other people say… or how other people think.. too. ". his own eyes. as he listened intently as Jaejoong continued. before capturing them in a tender. softly. “… And I‟ve come to realize that you are different.not?” He then turned his gaze to the door. For once. reflecting a gentle understanding. gently. A slight curiousness sparked in the other boy‟s eyes. He lovingly grazed over them. “It wasn‟t so.

a bit of a pout formed over his lips. “So…” Jaejoong began. and somewhat serene.” “You are?” The young vampire asked. still a little bit unsure. hoping to get the answer he was looking for. “But I‟m okay with it.. a faint ringing of doubt echoing somewhere deep in his . to hold the raven-haired boy at his waist. He smiled. as he watched the shards of moonlight reflecting. a vampire. He moved his lips compassionately over the young vampire‟s. He thought to himself. as he stared back into the darkness of Jaejoong's eyes.. With an unsure confidence. Jaejoong stopped and pulled away. “… it does not bother you… that I‟m… ?” Yunho smirked.Yunho slowly let his hand fall from Jaejoong‟s touch against his face. yeah. Yunho was quiet for a second. “Jae. he spoke to the young vampire.... a little surprised. curiously. in somewhat of a slight daze. ". slightly amusedly. Yunho thought a little. He kissed him back. desperate for Jaejoong to feel it. leaving Yunho almost hungry for more.. Their subtle hypnotic look was calming. “… Still mad at me?” He asked the dark-haired boy. But there was one thing that he could change. tasting the one that was his. “I don‟t think I'd really have a reason to be. to look back at back at the young vampire. before answering him. A saccharine so sweet. He looked back at the other boy with concerned eyes.” “How come?” Jaejoong asked him.. “.." He said. I love you for who you are… not what you are. 'Cause I can't change what you are." Jaejoong looked back at him. Even if I was... Yunho nodded. His mind." He paused. you're. and I can't change that.. a little more to himself.. "You are what you are. of one he could only imagine… Placing one last kiss upon Yunho‟s lips. He then paused for a moment. oh so gracefully.” He told him. pouring his emotion and understanding into the kiss. “I mean. . against the dark brown.” He began after a moment of soundlessness. than to Jaejoong.

". His mouth watered in anticipation--he could almost taste her. and smiled at him. Yunho then reached a hand up to softly brush Jaejoong‟s raven-coloured strands away from his eyes. returned the smile. The thick air of the nightclub was dizzying. remained vigilant in the air.. it's not like you. fast-pasted and eclectic. as he continued on. His dark eyes ran themselves over. he watched as her body swayed to the hypnotic beat. the shadows dusting his metallic-blue coloured hair. “That‟s all that matters. . too. the intoxicating music surrounding them. But I loved you before I knew. in its heat. memorizing every curve. and across her voluptuous body. When the other boy had told him that he was a vampire. He ignored it.mind. somewhat enigmatic aura. I mean. Quite the showy little nymph. But there was something about Jaejoong that had always fascinated him.." The young vampire laughed at those words.” Jaejoong.. It lay a mist of sweat amongst the audaciousness of the glistening bodies moving about below. she was. Jaejoong looked just like any other guy you would find on the street. "You're still that same Jaejoong I'm completely nuts over. with a taste as smooth as a fine Vermouth. just like any other. happy in his lover‟s understanding. Hidden in the darkness of a corner. But still. a little. He eyed her. Physically. overflowing their cups past the brim. leaving him almost mesmerized. The fervent tension. carefully. to place a tender kiss upon Jaejoong‟s forehead. "Why should that change anything? . brazenly grinding against the many forms of itself. and let his hand fall delicately down to the young vampire‟s cheek. Jaejoong emitted this strange. his Siren of the night. changed. didn't I?" He asked the other boy. Yunho couldn‟t quite describe it. as he took a minute to look at Jaejoong. Just for tonight.. yourself.. However. He then leaned down a bit." He smiled. intensely. Yunho almost didn‟t believe him. He would have never guessed. It filled their senses. Yunho stopped. He leaned back. he seemed just like any other person. Slowly.. and every spot of skin that would sound an alarm.

So. Just for tonight. and him alone. in tune with the melodious dance. He let his gaze lower. he thought satisfyingly to himself. he likes what he sees. as he eyed her carefully. as he felt a subtle short of breath. had pondered upon this question far too many a time in the past. Promises are made to be broken. thinking. she had an audience which needed entertaining. leaving him drunk and heady with its sweet fragrances of temptation. A devilish glint danced about in his eyes. does he? Keeping the pages turning. “If you don‟t mind me asking… how‟d you become a vampire?” Jaejoong looked beside him. slightly. after several moments of soundlessness. her gaze slowly leaving him. And every single time. Best not to let him down. just a couple of months before. towards a curious Yunho. as he stared somewhat blankly ahead of him. This was the one. After all. his Siren of the night.What was that? Had she caught him looking? Her face lit up with a mischevious smirk. “… I do not remember. He.. she kept up with the beat. himself. as her caramel-coloured eyes met the darkness of his own. a hollowed emptiness reflected in the .” He told Yunho. his eyes were held captive. It was difficult to refuse the seduction. from across the floor. sitting with him on the bed. after all. made him forget the lyrics blaring through the sound system. tantalizing movements of her hips. He looked down. The vehement haze surrounding them further adding to it. he would be given the same answer: nothing. He thought nothing of the young woman he had promised himself to.. a little. As if in some sort of trance. She conveyed her own message with the slow. She smiled. Her body. And paused for a moment.. Her smouldering gaze caught him. his eyes still transfixed on her alluring form. oblivious to the other pleasureseekers surrounding them..

“… Does it still hurt?” He asked. no. “But it hurts now…” His voice trailed off. slowly begin to fade away. letting his lips softly brush over the boy‟s neck. my own life--before this life. “So. And even then... brushing his hair aside.” He answered. is simply the fact that I was human.. “Not a thing. I still see nothing. Yunho let his fingertips graze over the other boy‟s neck just a bit longer. slightly.. Boldly. and yet… this boy was still alive by it. is a complete blank. on this spot of roughness that tainted the porcelain-like smoothness of the young vampire‟s body. and let his fingers gently graze over the bite. There. as he looked back into Jaejoong‟s face. his voice low. as he softly stroked his neck. It amazed him how this same bite was the cause of death to so many people. His gaze.” He brought a hand up to his neck. "My mind is a complete blank. "As far back as I can see. If only for a little while. can't remember a thing at all that happened to you?” He asked. weakly. Jaejoong shook his head. and pushing down the collar of his long black jacket. Just then. to a sincere look of condolence. dispersing amongst the darkness that blanketed him. Right here. Jaejoong gasped as he felt Yunho‟s warm breath caressing his neck softly. at the exposed area of skin on his neck. his eyes widened slightly. All I know is that I was bitten. the main reason of hundreds of lost souls." He smiled. “… I remember nothing of it. Jaejoong shook his head. The slight spark in his eyes dulled over once again. two holes burned callously into his skin.. somewhat. as far back as I can see. "The only thing I can scarcely remember. in concern. locked idly with the floor. then a little further down. he then leaned in a bit closer. He gingerly reached a hand up to the young vampire‟s neck.." He told him." Yunho‟s expression softened. as Yunho watched only faint traces of that smile. It almost seemed as if he had cheated death. Yunho looked at Jaejoong‟s bite curiously. you. across his lips. He let his fingertips glide over it. . feeling the roughness of hardened scar tissue. “Not at first.dark brown of his eyes. echoing hints of a faded despondency. “. almost in wonder at it.. his eyes revealing a hollowed emptiness. In an eerie sort of way… Yunho was impressed by it.” He answered. was a vampire bite. as he felt Yunho place a .” A slight smirk carefully began to take over his lips. just grazing over his bite. his gaze still transiently ahead of him..

Yunho then slyly slipped his tongue out of his mouth. That kiss resonated from the young vampire‟s neck. Yunho smiled at him. meeting the vampire boy‟s. running the tip of it ever so lightly across Jaejoong‟s bottom lip. as he tasted them. one to which Jaejoong favourably returned. The other boy playfully slipped his tongue in Jaejoong‟s mouth. Jaejoong‟s eyes instantly fluttering open. an innocent pout formed over his lips. awakening something within him cursed to be forever dormant. . cheekily. especially the bite of a vampire… the thought of it was absolutely unimaginable. A sigh slowly seeped through his lips. as he moved his mouth eagerly against the other boy‟s. dismissed without thought. teasingly. their soul would be lost. before ardently slipping his tongue into Jaejoong‟s mouth once again. Yunho slowly rose up from the boy‟s neck. as he revealed more of his neck to Yunho‟s coveting lips. silken feel of Jaejoong‟s velvety lips. then quickly darted it out again. This human truly was different than all the others. For a human to kiss a vampire‟s bite was something utterly unspeakable. eager to taste him. For a living creature to touch the skin of the undead. feeling their gentle suppleness against his own. denounced by all parts. and to feel him. This matter was no different. Yunho smiled at that. far worse than any mortal sin. “Still hurts?” Jaejoong nodded. The young vampire‟s kisses were laced with a tender compassion.tender kiss upon the bite on Jaejoong‟s neck. just before it touched the young vampire‟s tongue. But yet… Jaejoong‟s eyes slowly began to close. Each kiss placed. slightly parting his lips to allow Yunho‟s tongue entrance. echoed a longing more desiring than the last. this time. Jaejoong responded. as he felt Yunho‟s moist tongue gently flick every now and then over the exposed skin of his neck. to somewhere deep down inside of him. indulging himself in the sweet. It was sometimes compared by ethicists to the theory of an angel making love to the devil—it was wrong and iniquitous. It was believed that for a human to make any sort of physical contact with the forbidden scar. aptly teasing his bite. and leaned in to place another kiss upon Jaejoong‟s lips. causing a tiny frustrated whine to sound through Jaejoong‟s lips. Yunho loved it. Jaejoong smirked inwardly to himself. Yunho smirked at the vampire boy. tainted for all eternity. whose cheeks were slightly flushed.

Jaejoong gasped. Jaejoong made a sound akin to a pleading whine. laced with a mutual passion. as Yunho slowly began to break the kiss. wanting as much contact as he could possibly get. He smiled into the kiss. as Jaejoong bit his bottom lip. Finally. The other boy smiled impishly at this. as he felt Yunho‟s tongue encircling a rather sensitive nipple. black coat. and looked hungrily into Jaejoong‟s eyes. He looked down at Yunho‟s body. fervently exploring new crevices. danced back and forth in the wet recesses of their mouths. he wriggled free of the atrocious thing. softly caressing the vampire boy‟s porcelain skin. hungrily.Their tongues slid and glided past each other. His tongue mercilessly flicked it. Yunho bit the young vampire‟s bottom lip. Their kiss not once breaking. as well. stolen. Jaejoong reluctantly broke the kiss. himself. Butterfly kisses. once again. and taunted one another in a feverish manner. as Jaejoong threw his head back and arched his body. and began to free Jaejoong of his long. The look in Yunho‟s eyes alone was enough to cause another moan to escape the young vampire‟s lips. drawing it slowly away from his teeth. looking back somewhat helplessly into Yunho‟s dark brown eyes. his tongue still left lingering on Jaejoong‟s lips. and thrust against each other. and began to slowly lift the shirt off of Jaejoong‟s body. as Yunho gently laid Jaejoong back onto the bed. and tossed it somewhere over the side of the bed. Yunho immediately descended towards the young vampire‟s lips again. in order to help remove the garment faster. before slightly nibbling on the pebble-like flesh. and brought his lips closer to Jaejoong‟s. teased. A placid sigh escaped Jaejoong‟s lips. Their tongues. Yunho reached up to Jaejoong‟s shoulder. They brushed. still . Yunho‟s hand reached up under Jaejoong‟s black shirt. pulling him closer. in response. taking it between his own teeth and fervently suckling on the succulent piece of flesh. He slowly drew his tongue back into his mouth. A soft moan sounded through Jaejoong‟s lips. savouring new tastes. He swiftly broke the kiss. Yunho leaned down towards the young vampire‟s torso. as he felt Jaejoong shudder under his touch. claiming them. tenderly kissing the exposed skin as more and more of his body was revealed to him. before. running his fingers lightly across his abdomen. as he brought a hand up to the side of Yunho‟s face. Jaejoong lifting his arms to help remove it. softly caressing the other‟s. the other boy‟s tongue now teasingly sliding itself across his skin. every now and then. But he wanted to feel more.

as he cupped Yunho‟s face in his hands. passionate kiss. helped Yunho lift the shirt up and over his head. a soft moan seeping through his lips. bringing his feathery touches to trace along the contours of Yunho‟s chest. his tongue still teasingly encircling it. with Jaejoong sitting up a little. and placed his hands in his. He slipped his tongue out of his mouth. Yunho. his hand still teasingly roaming the other boy‟s body. leaving feathery touches down his welltoned body. He let his roaming hand delicately make its way to Yunho‟s other nipple. Jaejoong kissed. and Yunho reluctantly ceased his lavishing of the other boy‟s body. Jaejoong returned the kiss. in a searing. a hand slowly dropping from the side of Yunho‟s face. and kneeled up to Yunho‟s height. Making his way down his neck. twofold. as he entangled his fingers in the raven-coloured strands of Jaejoong‟s hair. Still enrapt in the feeling of Yunho‟s tongue snaking its way across his chest. tasting his skin as he went. He began to lift it up. causing the other boy to sigh into Jaejoong‟s mouth. now kneeling on his knees. licked and nibbled just a little on the other boy‟s nipple. before reaching the hem of his white shirt. deepening the kiss. He gently pushed the other boy back onto the bed. Jaejoong suckled fervidly on the sensitive patches of skin on the other boy‟s neck. fleeting butterfly kisses down his abdomen. as he leaned in closer to claim Yunho‟s lips once more. As he parted his lips. stopping at the proximity of an erect nipple. Jaejoong then lifted Yunho‟s arms over his head. Jaejoong let his hands fall on the other boy‟s hips.covered with his white sleeveless shirt—the piece of fabric separating them. causing moans of delight to escape Yunho‟s lips. over the side of the bed. causing a low groan to escape Yunho‟s lips. Once the garment was removed. rubbing and gently tugging at the pebble-like flesh. Jaejoong planted warm butterfly kisses down Yunho‟s collarbone and shoulders. Yunho threw his head back as he felt the young vampire‟s tongue finally make that sweet contact with his nipple. and laid him on his back. and descended further down Yunho‟s body. His lips then grazed lightly down Yunho‟s chest. too. His lips then left Yunho‟s. he slowly began to glide his hands along the underside of Yunho‟s arms. He let his tongue slide just a bit further down towards Yunho‟s navel. the warm wetness teasing the sensitive skin around the pebble-like flesh. leading towards his neck. The young vampire then released Yunho‟s lips. Yunho leaned down. tossing it. Jaejoong then released the pebble-like flesh from his tongue. planting passionate. claiming the young vampire‟s lips once again. leaving a trail of light kisses along the side of his face. He then slyly let his tongue .

Finally. and began to proceed with his little game. leaving feathery light touches across his skin. “Guess. reliving the way in which Jaejoong‟s fingertips feathered across his skin. He smirked to himself. “… „U‟?” Jaejoong gasped. and slid both his sweatpants and boxers off with ease. another. a little. occasionally dipping in.” He told him. trying to guess the next letter. He took a moment to admire Yunho. and delicately with his index finger. “I will spell out a word… here. “Okay.” He began to trace another letter.” The young vampire nodded. “Ah. before continuing to explain further. He then smiled to himself. as he stared up at Jaejoong. He smiled at the other boy. he let a free hand saunter up Yunho‟s body. this . Yunho thought for a moment. completely revealed to him. “Alright. As he let the warm moistness of his tongue tease the crease between his torso and thigh.” “Um…” Yunho thought. his eyes never once leaving the other boy‟s. He let his fingertips slowly trace a letter on the other boy‟s torso. “Do you understand?” Yunho nodded. causing a placid sigh to escape Yunho‟s lips. “Mhmm. He gently tugged at it. before lifting his lips to capture the string between his teeth. leaving feathery light caresses across his skin. “If you get it right… I have to do what the word says. a letter came to mind. then let his eyes travel back up to Yunho‟s.” He then let his fingertips graze lightly over the boy‟s abdomen.roll around Yunho‟s navel. happily. began to trace things across Yunho‟s abdomen. very good!” He exclaimed. Jaejoong let out a sly smile. somewhat confused. “…‟S‟?” Jaejoong smiled happily as he got the answer he was looking for. and then looked back up at Yunho. “Guess. “Guess?” Yunho repeated.” He whispered seductively to the dark-haired boy lying in front of him. before moving down the side of Yunho‟s body towards his cut lines. his lips stopping once again at the drawstring of Yunho‟s sweatpants. undoing the knot. awaiting his response. Jaejoong kissed the sensitive area tenderly. before reaching out to his body. The raven-haired boy continued on his way.

his bobbing becoming erratic before. Yunho smiled. Jaejoong wasted no time in kissing his way back up Yunho‟s body. as he brought a hand down. as he felt the warmth of Jaejoong‟s mouth leave his aching member. pushing his head further onto his aching member. After enough of Yunho‟s head was visible through Jaejoong‟s fist. He lifted his hips. once again. allowed his tongue to slip out of his mouth. wet tongue along the sides of Yunho‟s arousal.” He traced another letter across Yunho‟s abdomen. a deep sigh escaping Yunho‟s lips. moaning slightly. his fingertips beginning to teasingly stroke Yunho‟s hardened member. panting and groaning the young vampire‟s name like a broken record.” He traced the final letter delicately across Yunho‟s body. Yunho smirked. he descended towards Yunho‟s aching member. and softly licked the slit of Yunho‟s member. Jaejoong then wrapped his fingers around Yunho‟s throbbing need. slowly. “… „C‟. using his tongue to teasingly flick the tip of the other boy‟s member. The vampire boy. allowing Yunho‟s head to penetrate his fist. as he bobbed his head. He began to hum a bit. He then slid his hand down. as he told Jaejoong the last letter. and smiled up at him. Jaejoong ran his silken fingertips maddeningly over the sensitive organ. deviously. feeling he had teased Yunho enough. and waited in anticipation for Yunho to guess. thoroughly lavishing Yunho‟s member with his mouth. Yunho made a sound akin to a whimpering cry. Yunho watched as Jaejoong‟s lips were just touches away from his tip. dramatically slowing his pace. “… „K‟. “Now… here‟s the last letter. despite the fact that he was nearly completely engulfed in the raven-haired boy‟s mouth. He slid his warm. covering his head. as if trying to gain more contact. driving Yunho absolutely insane with lust. the friction driving Yunho absolutely insane. before taking the other boy. in his mouth. Yunho moaned without inhibition. before finally taking Yunho completely in his mouth. his eyes never once leaving Yunho‟s. Jaejoong sped up suddenly.is the next one.” Jaejoong nodded. Yunho couldn‟t help but buck up against the other boy‟s actions. making a fist around him. waiting for Yunho‟s answer. He then let go of Yunho‟s saliva-slick arousal. His fingers immediately entangled themselves in the silky strands of Jaejoong‟s raven-coloured hair. Flicking it every now and then. to his desperately .” Jaejoong smiled deviously.

and crooned beneath him. His lips. Yunho leaned up. He then claimed Jaejoong‟s lips once more. causing Jaejoong to sigh into Yunho's mouth. then another. finding themselves comfortably at Jaejoong‟s entrance. Yunho looked into his face. stretching the other boy. telling him to proceed. Not wanting to alarm Yunho. their tongues and teeth clashing fervidly in their nearly overflowing lust for each other.. he wasted no time in relieving Jaejoong of his jeans. Yunho slowly began to penetrate Jaejoong. as he now remained hovering over Jaejoong beneath him.awaiting lips. and lavishing his body with gentle. sliding them off his body with ease." Yunho whispered against him. Yunho‟s lips then left Jaejoong‟s. even through . finding the smooth skin. as he withdrew himself from Yunho‟s kisses along his neck. he gave him a reassuring smile. as he planted kisses down the side of his face. His lips never once leaving the other boy‟s. he slid a finger in at first. A little more confident this time. The young vampire writhed. Then slowly. He didn‟t want to cause Jaejoong any pain. "You're so beautiful. Yunho kissed Jaejoong back. Yunho switched their positions. As Yunho entered the other boy. Momentarily breaking the kiss. soft caresses. carefully sliding both of his fingers out of Jaejoong. binding him in a searing. His other hand lay gently cupped against the vampire boy‟s face. pulling him into a heatedly passionate kiss. showering his face with passionate kisses.. almost worried. The young vampire looked back up into Yunho‟s face again. and proceeded to make a scissoring action with his fingers. as his lips made their way down towards Jaejoong's neck. He caressed the other boy‟s sides. feeling the smoothness of his porcelain-like skin against his pining fingertips. in-between his showering of kisses. Jaejoong winced slightly in discomfort. He hungrily descended towards the vampire boy. placing a kiss upon Yunho‟s lips. seeing his slightly hurt expression. as to not hurt Jaejoong. against his rosy-flushed cheek. a moan escaping his rose-petal lips. lustful kiss. Yunho‟s fingers continued their wandering. Jaejoong leaned up. cupping Jaejoong‟s face in his hand. He allowed his free hand to roam the young vampire‟s body. he began sucking on the bite on Jaejoong‟s neck—which he found to be extremely sensitive. occasionally dipping lower to stroke his abdomen. To encourage him.

in a symphony of passion. both boys at the center of it all. as he thrust into Jaejoong faster and faster. wanting to feel him… and only him. Yunho‟s breath was laboured. Jaejoong lifted himself up a bit. his vision turned white around the edges at the sudden overwhelming pleasure that took over him. and his thrusts became more and more erratic as he felt himself approaching release. And only him. each pleasure-filled thrust. The young vampire then wrapped his arms around the other boy.” and doting promises. were still left lingering about the room. Steamy moans and sounds of pleasure floated throughout the air.closed eyes. Holding back a loud moan. trying to keep up with his wild and irregular thrusting. he then plunged back inside of Jaejoong‟s warm body. making him push back onto the other boy. mixing and intertwining themselves with each other. this time with Jaejoong thrusting his body back to meet him. Echoing against the corners of the walls. . as they softly sailed down to the two . only to come back to them. He glared ahead of him into the darkness of the night that surrounded them. pulling Yunho deeper inside of him. their speed gradually increasing. once again. grazing his lips up towards Yunho's neck. wanting more. reverberating against the ceiling. Yunho moaned at this. every touch. that night. He was unable to stop himself as the most amazing feeling of pleasure shot through his entire body. before pulling out almost completely in a controlled. Yunho waited until he was fully encased in Jaejoong‟s warmth. He let one hand wander down between their bodies to Jaejoong‟s neglected length and began to pump it. before falling victim to gravity. The words remained drifting about and around them.chapter 8((Gone Astray _________ Amorous whispers of “I love you. licking and suckling on the sensitive patches of skin. every penetration. as they drowned in an overflowing sea of passion. Pausing for a split second. The young vampire instantly moaned. Jaejoong let out moan after moan. swift motion. or pant seemed to be magnified by indescribable and overwhelming lust passing between them. Yunho shivered and groaned before repeating the process. grabbing his buttocks. abruptly breaking the kiss once more.

He felt a sort of peace as he watched the delicate fabric sway about with the night‟s breeze—one in which he had not felt for the longest time. he could not remember a time ever being so content. Just perfect. He was so warm. He let out an inward blissful sigh. Tender. they were all that mattered. soft caresses. He placed a gentle kiss on Yunho‟s bare shoulder. they could stay this way forever… couldn‟t they? He thought about it. burying his head in Yunho‟s shoulder. his eyes landed upon the wispy beams of moonlight. He leisurely let his eyes wander over Yunho‟s shoulder. indulging himself in the sensation of the other boy‟s breath caressing him softly. cascading with ardour. shutting out anything and everything that had to do with the world outside of the window. treasuring the other boy‟s skin underneath his fingertips. Jaejoong held Yunho. filtrating through the sheerness of the white curtains. Then. Yunho brought his lips once again to Jaejoong‟s neck. comfortably nuzzling it. as they held each other close. He allowed the other boy to completely fill his senses. falling as a gentle mist. He was so warm. The young vampire‟s hand deftly found its way to the other boy‟s nape. to somehow make it last as long as possible. sing choruses of a passionate mantra. For. A serene tranquility enclosed them. He smelled good. softly breathing in his scent. Gentle. on the bed that they sat upon. immersing himself in the feeling of Yunho‟s coveting lips. gracefully sprinkling across their bare skin. sweet kisses were treasured like drops of Venus from the starry sky. as he closed his eyes once again. and past the navy blue-coloured sheets. Looking as far back in his mind as he was able. He then closed his eyes. lost in the other‟s warm embrace. his lips now comfortably placed on . to the other side of the room. although mild and mellifluous to the ear. He smiled to himself. planting light butterfly kisses along the side of his neck. Yunho had changed his life completely. how he wished he could steal this moment. his feathery light touches softly stroking his back. Oh. There. riches known only to one‟s heart. fingers instantly becoming entangled in the soft strands of Yunho‟s dark brown hair. as he continued to watch the curtains.lovers below. and everything in this precious still of time seemed perfect. Their soft wispiness surrounded the two. Jaejoong lifted his head up slightly. All that mattered. before resting his head against the other boy‟s body.

Why had Jaejoong become so quiet…? His eyes suddenly widened at the piercing pain at his neck. He slowly parted his lips. Just himself and Yunho… He was so warm. He trembled as the thought occurred to him: he had almost bit Yunho… The other boy couldn‟t help but look back at the raven-haired boy in front of him. No one else mattered anymore. A sort of blankness washed over the young vampire‟s eyes. He let out a gentle sigh. quickly tearing himself away from Yunho‟s neck. He looked away from the other boy. as his lips gradually drew closer to Yunho‟s neck.the side of Yunho‟s neck. The moments agonizingly drew on. his fangs threatening to bare themselves from their hidden crevices. visibly shaken. bordering . He looked helplessly into the other boy‟s eyes. it won‟t hurt… Yunho felt something along the side of his neck. magnifying itself almost tenfold. It troubled him. No one else mattered. He felt sorry for the young vampire. “Forever…” the word seeped faintly through his lips. his dark pupils steadily began to dilate. Slowly arising from this soundlessness. as he stared impassively at the skin on Yunho‟s neck. They could stay this way… couldn‟t they? Just himself and Yunho—no one else mattered anymore. he told himself. as it madly rushed throughout his body. “I‟m sorry! I did not mean to—I was just…” His voice trailed off. He wanted to forget everything and everyone else. echoed painfully through the young vampire. something other than the silken feel of the young vampire‟s lips. “Jaejoong!” Snapped back to reality. The sound. but still quieting itself from the other boy‟s ears. almost out of pity. as it echoed in his neck. allowing a faint soundlessness to come between himself and the other boy. I promise. Jaejoong gasped in alarm. begging him for forgiveness. He carefully slowed his breathing. Jaejoong could hear the rhythmic pulse of Yunho‟s heartbeat. Jaejoong‟s rose-petal lips hovering dangerously close to Yunho‟s aorta… Unknowingly. He was so warm… Jaejoong listened to the sound of Yunho‟s blood. and knew that it wasn‟t his fault. his hold on the other boy becoming somewhat desperate. it was just himself and Yunho. shame lowering his gaze from Yunho‟s eyes. Forever won‟t hurt. nothing else existed.

that if they were ever going to make this work. something Jaejoong so desperately craved. she was… until Junsu came up from behind her. placing a kiss atop his head of raven hair. Both Sohyun and Junsu were at home in their dorm. And like all vampires. only in here. One would think that a day off from school would be a good thing. gently taking the young vampire into his arms. Yunho then realized. he would need to come to terms with Jaejoong‟s nature. it was far from it. as she stared in disbelief at the TV screen. neither of them having any classes that day. and he understood that. All the while. he had the insatiable desire to feed. Jaejoong had once again taken on that persona of a lost. An earnest look of compassion reflected in his eyes. as she let out a horrified gasp. Yunho was human. . Jaejoong held onto him. no…” She whispered through her fingers. as he looked back at the young vampire. Yunho reached out to him. indeed. but in the case of these two mismatched roommates. “… She has cancer. And here. Sohyun was getting her daily “Drama Fix” that afternoon. far from it. Actually. the sheer white curtains flailed about with the gentle night‟s breeze. Yunho tried his best to comfort the raven-haired boy—who still sat somewhat shaken—as he held him in the protective fortress of his arms. burying his head in the other boy‟s chest. He had absolutely no control over that. young child. on the other hand.the lines of sympathy and compassion. Jaejoong was right: He was the only one that seemed to understand. He then looked back down at the vampire boy. bringing both of her hands immediately to her face. snatching the remote control. “Oh my God. He was safe. filled with blood—with life. gravely. Confused. her large brown eyes remaining glued to the TV screen in front of her. to the world outside… As he continued to hold the young vampire in his arms.” Sohyun‟s eyes immediately widened. that afternoon. Perhaps. Yes. Uncertain. He was a vampire. He stared out ahead of them to the window. Yunho smirked slightly to himself. a little scared. covering her mouth.

and turned back around to face the TV screen. The other girl continued to glare at the red-haired boy. Sohyun continued to glare at Junsu. The red-haired boy carelessly shrugged. “Never. before returning his attention. completely unfazed by the other girl. actually. and switched it to something he actually cared about: X-Man. and frowned at the TV. the red-haired boy wore a simple smile.“Sorry. the new hairstyle complimented him. but that still didn‟t change the fact that he was taking up some of her precious drama-watching time. almost in disbelief. still watching the TV. This just made Sohyun tick even more.” She drawled in a monotone. Junshit. matter-of-factly. her glare not once wavering.” He shook his head slightly.” “Who. silently fuming. due to the fact that his hair was still wet—and he had left the light on in the bathroom. “But now. I did. me?” Junsu turned over to look at Sohyun once more.” At this. too. “… It‟s a re-run. in hopes she would succeed. “What the hell? Do you honestly mind?” Junsu sat. another thing that annoyed her.” He changed the channel off of Sohyun‟s beloved drama. a look of innocence painted over his features. his eyes still on the screen. as he turned around to face the girl—who still sat glaring death at him. you don‟t need to watch it. once again. “I kinda need to watch this. “You just feel like being a prick for no reason. no. The copper-haired girl instantly twitched. He‟d most likely done it himself. somehow trying to burn a hole through his thick head.” He began. Soh. Was he being this annoying on purpose… or was he really this annoying? She let out a frustrated sigh. “It‟s a good episode. “… Okay. as she looked at the events being played back on the screen. she had to admit. Although.” He gave her a sweet smile. to the TV screen. and pissing me off. “But couldn‟t you see that I was kinda watching that?” “Yeah.” .” He answered her absently.” She began. Her eyes were clearly unimpressed. She whipped her head around to face the boy on their couch. “Um.” She began in a darkened tone. “Not at all. She blinked. beside her—who she just noticed had streaked his hair red and black.

even trying the fridge. from drawer to drawer. She spoke. as he laughed at Sohyun‟s frustration. “… ugh!” Feeling she could no longer deal with him anymore.” Her glare. was that yours?” He asked. “… But you saw it already. bewildered eyes. She furrowed her brow in confusion. looking for the one thing that would make everything better again: cheesecake. slight guilt written across his face. Junsu‟s look of mock-pity still cast annoyingly over his face. … „Almost. The red-haired boy‟s eyes momentarily left the TV screen. “Have you seen my slice of cheesecake?” She asked. slowly. as he turned around to face her. “… I ate it. and turned around to face him. he turned back to the TV to watch X-Man. .” Junsu sighed. innocently. Sohyun frowned as she rummaged about through the kitchen. Still smiling.Sohyun blinked. “Oh. She slowly brought her head out of the fridge. She looked about from one cupboard to the next. “Love you. huh?” Sohyun instantly began glowering the other boy with her piercing eyes. peering into its cold depths in search of her beloved dessert. her question directed towards Junsu.‟ being the key word. to almost seem as if he cared. closing the door. she got up from the couch.” He said. Living with Junsu would only accomplish the complete opposite. but she still couldn‟t find it. “Where is it?” Junsu slowly looked away from her. Sohyunnie!” “Go die!” Junsu let out a satisfied chuckle. storming her way over to the kitchen. “… Yes. He turned his eyes back over to Sohyun beside him. “Sucks. once again. and looked at her with an extreme look of mock-pity.” She spoke in her same drawl. almost out of pity. She absolutely loved the stuff—it being her number one comfort food— and was hoping for just a little nibble to somewhat calm her down. too. it was mine. as she opened up the fridge door one more time. who sat staring at her with large. She twitched. slowly returning. “My drama comes on only once a week—and unlike X-Man— they don‟t repeat it!” “Yeah. Who exactly did he think he was? “You…” She continued to stare at him in disbelief.

as Sohyun remained furious. sharply. But it still didn‟t make it any less annoying. while Sohyun continued on rambling. divided in two: One half of the room belonged to Junsu. as he rolled his eyes. you could touch it?!” “Well…” His voice trailed off. I was gonna eat that! Who told you. Didn‟t anyone ever tell you not to take things that don‟t belong to you?” And on she rambled. The dorm was slightly large. fuming. This had become routine. “You know. dumbass!” “Who the hell do you—“ Her cell phone rang. Finally he spoke. it was my frigging cheesecake!” She spat at him. “What the hell—it‟s just frigging cheesecake!” “Well.” “Don‟t you fucking talk about my boyfriend—“ “—I was talking about you. I really don‟t get how the hell your boyfriend puts up with you. opposite Junsu‟s. He sighed. after she kept going on for at least another minute.“You idiot. “I bought it. “You‟re ruining the show. But now was not the time for him to be impressed by all this: he was missing „X-Man. .‟ “Are you done?” He asked the copper-haired girl. Sohyun stood there. that was my cheesecake!” Sohyun practically screamed at him. both Junsu and Sohyun still not yet having said a word. as a matter of fact. “So. Junsu remained quiet. “… well?!” A brief moment of wordlessness came between the both of them.” “No. somewhat exasperated. and he had somewhat become accustomed to it by now. waiting for some sort of answer. Junsu zoned out after about eight seconds. like you should be…” And on she went. “… You damn prick. I‟m not done. Sohyun grumbled slightly. “Who is it?” She walked over to her desk on the far side of the room. instantly silencing their quarrel. while you‟re still listening. She continued to glare at the redhaired boy.” She told him. or two. Junsu let out a frustrated sigh. tiredly. How she could never run out of things to say never ceased to amaze him.

like the good roommate he was. “What‟s wrong?” There was a slight pause in their conversation. And waited… “… But. somewhat apologetically. but…” She trailed off. Joohee. the best she could. each word leaving her lips. where there was a couch. What‟s up?” All the while.” Joohee stated. She smiled as she recognized the number: it was one of her good friends. as she listened to what it was her friend was telling her. she brought it to her ear. “… Something bad happened?” She spoke up. as she kept the phone close to her ear. dripping with an overwhelming sense of dread. Jo Joohee. somewhat fretfully. “Aw.the other half to Sohyun. Joo. „cause she—“ “—She?” “… Eunah. coffee table and TV. and brought it up closer to her face. still expecting her to continue on with the rest of her sentence. reading the caller ID. and answered it. “Hey! Um. “… What happened?” . on the other line. Once she reached her desk. smiled somewhat nervously. Sohyun‟s eyes widened in fear. hey. and a kitchenette suite a ways away behind it. “… You might wanna sit down for this…” The copper-haired girl frowned in confusion.” Sohyun said nothing. “… Um?” “… Look. Junsu turned around to face her. as she spoke.” Joohee began again. “… Really bad. before Joohee spoke again. you have to know. “I-I really don‟t mean to be the bringer of bad news and all. The only common space they shared was down the middle. Sohyun was now starting to become a little worried.” At that name. Sohyun picked up her phone. Flipping open the phone. as she tucked her short brown hair behind her ear. listening in to their conversation. impatiently prodded her. “… Yeah. listen… Hyunnie… um…” Sohyun. “What about Eunah?” She asked slowly.

She could no longer hear much of anything. and had known each other since they were merely seven years old. All she was left with was her mind‟s silence. and how close you two were—“ Sohyun could no longer hear her. it was just that hard to breathe. I know how much she meant to you. her voice echoing disbelief. and Joohee almost didn‟t have the heart to tell her. Kang Eunah. Slowly. then?” “Hear what?” Sohyun asked. Sohyun felt everything in her become drained with lifelessness. That name would not so easily be forgotten from the copper-haired girl‟s mind. desperation hinting in her voice. The other girl‟s voice had become somewhat distant—everything had. She almost appeared to have lost the colour in her cheeks. Joohee couldn‟t help but to finally let her tears flow. Joohee was now finding it hard to fight the tears that were burning the back of her eyes. bringing the tiny phone down with it. She didn‟t think she could ever bare losing her. “… What?” She asked quietly. and frantic. It would break the poor girl‟s heart… “Tell me she‟s okay?” The copper-haired girl asked her friend. She couldn‟t do it. as she stared almost vacantly ahead of her into nothing. her voice slightly shrill. somewhat glassing over. “I‟m sorry. “… She was killed.Joohee said nothing for a while. her hand holding the phone to her ear. her mascara leaving streams of black down her rosy cheeks.” It was at that exact moment. . rather exasperatedly. threatening to fall. Her usually bright brown eyes had dulled. she spoke to her. almost like sisters. curiously watching Sohyun this whole time. Junsu. She knew it would break the other girl‟s heart. cold reality. “What was I supposed to hear? Tell me! What‟s going on with Eunah?” She asked of Joohee. And to that… she listened. telling her of a harsh. Both Sohyun and Eunah had grown up together. One by one. and almost did not want to believe what Joohee was telling her. noticed her extreme change in disposition. She felt as if some force had just knocked the wind out of her. But she had to. “… So you really didn‟t hear. almost afraid to deliver the news to Sohyun. they slowly streamed down her freshly made-up face. almost wishing that she didn‟t have to tell this to her friend. The two were extremely close.

Junsu troubled by her sudden unresponsiveness. her head. She inertly kept the phone to her ear. Junsu quickly knelt down on the floor beside her. he felt sorry for the poor girl. as her tears continued to flow. not bothering to turn around.” She let out a shaky sigh. Was she crying? “… Soh?” He began.He then noticed her eyes. snapping her out of her inane trance. Sohyun said nothing. her voice barely above a whisper. He was hoping that if maybe he shook her arm long enough. and it troubled him to see her so. because she appeared to never be afraid of anything. quickly got up and walked over to her. urging her to answer him. a sincere look of pity reflected in his eyes. She still kept her head low. “Twelve long years… done. Just like that… just like that. “W-What did she say?” He paused for a moment. It truly did scare him to see her this way. what happened?” He asked the copper-haired girl. They took on a dull appearance. her tears. now. For. she seemed weak. she would get annoyed at him. racking the girl‟s body with gentle sobs. her voice. as she stared sorrowfully ahead of her. her large brown eyes… “Why are you crying?” Sohyun did not hesitate to let the tears fall from her eyes. as she stared blankly out at the floor in front of her. She opened her mouth to speak. gently shaking her arm. Just as slow. “Soh. as he looked desperately into the other girl‟s face.” She whispered quietly. He had never seen Sohyun like this before. nothing at all. Alarmed. her gaze lifting to stare ahead of her. “Thank you. as she slowly shut off her phone. “My best friend—of twelve years… was killed. low. but had always seemingly appeared to be so tough. worriedly. she seemed so vulnerable… . hoarse. worry clearly written across his own. which was odd for him to see. almost glassy. Junsu looked into the other girl‟s face. And now. she placed it on her desk behind her. genuinely concerned. She was scared. blankly nodding every now and then. as she slowly shook her head. lifeless.” Her voice subtly broke. and no longer at the floor. Bit by a vamp. She dropped to the floor. studying her face. Junsu looked at the copper-haired girl. relentless. For once in their whole time of living together.

she remembered in her mind something of not too long ago… The black rose. being able to do nothing else. After a few moments of incessant tears. It seemed so beautiful at the time he gave it to her. typical hotspots for the students to go to on their breaks and between classes. the rose. She was just simply in love with the way it looked. Gently rubbing her arm. however. So. Both boys. This was unfair— even to Sohyun. as the image of the reviled plant formed in her mind. He couldn‟t tell the weeping girl that everything was okay. which she so cherished. along with Changmin (who sat happily with an extra-large plate of French fries. huh?” Yoochun asked Junsu the next day. and three slices of pizza). Wanting to help her. That same black rose given to her by her boyfriend. … To her.Watching her cry. . their food lining their textbooks. She didn‟t want to believe all the hoaxes and sayings about its cursed nature. positively stunning—how could she have been so blind? She narrowed her piercing eyes wickedly. It did this to Eunah. and held her. he did all he could do: He said nothing. as her body became overtook with gentle sobbing. The group of friends were without one. “Sohyun didn‟t come to class today. because it simply wasn‟t. The vivacious Sohyun was missing from their circle. Yunho and Mijin were gathered around a table. in all its colourlessness. Sohyun responded helplessly to Junsu‟s actions. and leaned on him. and her crying had somewhat ceased. Everything around it seemed to fade. exquisite. They were at one of the many cafes on campus. Junsu almost felt his heart break. Once they came into focus. at school. He said nothing… and continued to comfort her. and it worried them. that day. as she cried into his shoulder. he gingerly reached out to the other girl. being the only thing her eyes would see. trying to look about through her blurry eyes. It was gorgeous. consoling her the only way he could. Sohyun blinked. He didn‟t know what to say.

fretfully.” Changmin said aloud. really. slightly.” Yoochun began to answer. “Yeah. as he looked up at Junsu. Wouldn‟t you care?” He asked the other boy.” Junsu pouted. curiously. Changmin almost choked on a fry. “Like… she smiled at me.” The red-haired boy answered. “I mean… she was actually nice to me this morning. He felt so sorry for Sohyun. somewhat flustered. happily engaged in his food. everyone at the table stared wide-eyed.“Nah. absently stirring his iced cappuccino with the spoon-like straw. this time. “… her best friend got bit by a vamp. as he once again became filled with worry. as he stared into the drink.” The red-haired boy told her. at the red-haired boy. in disbelief. Yoochun looked at him. “I know. “… I don‟t hate her. sitting opposite of him.” Junsu continued. in horror. Somewhat sure of what he should say. “… Damn. but… she‟s only human…” His voice trailed off. from her place beside Changmin. his emotions preventing him from thinking too clearly. and everything. He carelessly swished it around in the large plastic cup—caring nothing for it. “Pretty bad. he began again.” “Well. He just needed something to busy himself with.” “Exactly!” Junsu exclaimed. “How bad is she?” Mijin asked. She‟s at home.” Yunho agreed. yeah.” At that. His thoughts lay clearly elsewhere. “I mean… Soh doesn‟t just smile at you. “That‟s why it‟s creeping the hell outta me! Like… you guys… what if she‟s so depressed and bent up about the whole thing that…” At this. “Well. At those words. I hope she‟s okay. slightly weirded out by his response. I mean…” He paused. but. I have to care. It was definitely the last thing he was expecting. “… You really seem to care. fear evidently shown in his voice. he leaned . like you do.

He even purposely tried annoying her. “But don‟t worry too much. he missed Sohyun. that‟s always a possibility!” The red-haired boy frantically pointed out. I mean… now that her best friend‟s been killed… maybe she‟s just… appreciating life a bit more…? I don‟t know.” Yoochun smirked. comfortingly. as he whispered. okay? She frigging hates me! I mean… don‟t I have reason to be worried?” “You‟re just overreacting. “What? I mean. Junsu still found himself fretting over the copper-haired girl. His eyes slightly narrowed. “You never know. Junsu. as he stared into his iced cappuccino.” Junsu frowned. after setting down his soda.in a bit closer to them. He knew.” Mijin told him. exasperatedly. She‟s a tough girl. …Sohyun would have been happy. too. It scared him to see her this depressed. In that sense. his voice low. He was genuinely worried and concerned for her sake. and wished things were back to the way they used to be. “But still. we‟re doing the best we can. “And the government‟s just like. “… I hate vamps. “Like… I don‟t think you get how serious this is! Just like Yunho said. As much as she. . after some thought. He couldn‟t help it. “… she commits suicide?” “Junsu!” Yoochun rolled his eyes at him.” She shrugged. and somewhat comfortable with.” Yunho told him. but… that was them. the source of this whole ordeal. of course. If it were not for that vampire that had killed Eunah. Unconventional.” Despite the assurance in Yunho‟s words. And none of this would have happened. she‟ll get through it. “Don‟t we all?” “Seriously. she‟ll be fine. yes. Sohyun doesn‟t just smile at me. would get on his nerves. “… I‟m worried about her. he still missed her.” “I know!” Changmin added. “These attacks are just getting ridiculous. just to see if she would notice. matter-of-factly.” “We all are. But her responses were always the same: Nothing. the main source of everyone‟s tragic plights: vampires. Their chaotic order was something he had become accustomed to. And he missed it. perhaps Sohyun would have been okay again. „Oh.” Mijin agreed.

“Yeah. “Hundreds.” He answered. filled with holy water. and a bunch of other bullshit. looking at Yoochun. And the government can‟t keep track of all of them. and thought for a while. anyway?” Mijin asked him. I honestly don‟t know. blah blah blah. somewhat nervously. “It starts… with a kinda „Neo-Hitler‟ approach to things.” “They did?” Junsu asked. our top priority is to protect the people in this country from the threat of vampires. as he stared at his half-eaten burger in front of him. … Lots of wooden stakes. stately. They stick the vamp on the thing—and stab them… with a hella lot of wooden stakes. It‟d be like… „Let this be a warning to all you vampires. and wooden stakes. though. all that shit‟s classified. disapprovingly. Just like how they‟ve done to us all these years. “… But you know what I think they should do with them?” There was a brief pause. “… You know. … Like vampire pin-cushions. “What do they do with them. listening to what he had to say. their so-called „hearts‟ the most.‟” At those last words.” Mijin pointed out. when they‟re weak… helpless… defenceless. You know. He then sat back in his chair. A strange glint danced about in his eyes. at that. when they‟re most vulnerable.” He smiled. “People are still dying. as everyone looked over to him. He began.” “And there‟s so many of them. … You don‟t stand a fucking chance. „cause it‟s not working. “I don‟t think anyone really knows for sure. Any of them that the government captures… they stuff „em in a torture chamber. Of course.” He informed them. “We‟d put „em back in their place. .” “But they got some.” …I propose they make… some kinda machine. now.we‟re implementing our regime at full force. before continuing. we torture them… mercilessly. … To let them know what it‟s like to feel pain. They‟re not doing anything. Then. he let out another laugh. “We‟d stab them anywhere and everywhere. “Do they just… kill them… or something?” Yoochun thought for a while. this would all happen in daylight.” He laughed a little. this one slow and sardonic.” He smirked.” He thought for a while. let „em know who‟s boss.‟” He huffed.

a clear look of disgust displayed across his features. his eyes slightly narrowing at the other boy. we hear about the ones that go on rampages and killing sprees—but those are just the ones we hear about. but how do you know that they‟re all like that? I mean. “… So you think they‟re justified in killing hundreds of innocent people?” “I didn‟t say they were justified to—“ “—So what‟re you saying. Two wrongs don‟t make a fucking right.“… Yoochun. in fear. you scare me. as was Yoochun‟s.” Yunho told him sharply. And you have no right patronizing these vampires. somewhat irritated. Yoochun smirked at him.” Yunho told him. almost in repulsion. uneasily. “Tch.” Junsu piped up. that shit‟s just uncalled for. or something?” “I don‟t support them—and I never said I did. You keep talkin‟ all this shit about them. unimpressed. “Don‟t smile…” He whined. What about the ones we don‟t?” “Why…” Yoochun began. . Yoochun did nothing else. All eyes were rested uncomfortably on him.” Yoochun looked at him. laughing just a little. “That you can‟t just go off saying stuff like that. And them slaughtering us isn‟t?” “But it‟s not like they do it for no reason.” Yunho began. however. then?” “I‟m saying. but smile saccharinely at the red-haired boy in front of him. “Seriously. “Uncalled for?” Yoochun repeated. “…are you defending them all of a sudden… like you support them. yeah. Junsu quickly hid his face. “How can you say that?” All heads immediately turned over to the source of the voice: Yunho.

I did. For. and got up angrily from the table. “… once they‟re gone. almost warningly.” Yoochun looked back at Yunho. “… „kay. once again. setting his drink down. though. Everyone hates them. “… Okay. He picked up his soda. threatening to kill his pride. “I mean. amongst one other thing. well. “They‟re vampires. have you ever even experienced a vampire incident? I don‟t get where you base all this shit upon. when you think about it…” The red-haired boy continued. Yunho. I mean. either. “You really didn‟t need to say that. you really shouldn‟t have said that.” He grabbed his books. He quickly dismissed the whole situation. goin‟ on thinking you can play „God‟ whenever you fucking want to. there was nothing else to say. though?” Junsu asked him. It was silent at the table for a few moments.” “But why do you care. “But seriously. that threatened to fall from the corner of his dark lashes. He looked at her. a heated glare obscuring his eyes. as he turned to look over at him.” He told him. as the rest of them watched him leave the cafe. keeping his gaze away from them.” Yunho said nothing. bringing the drink to his lips.” Another silence joined the group. Yunho said nothing. That. absently swishing it around in the large plastic cup.” Mijin warned him. slightly confused. Changmin stared at him. “You know what—forget it.” Yunho aptly told him. One other thing.” Yunho answered. . so are all our problems. But he shouldn‟t have said all that shit. as he avoided their stares. everyone staring apprehensively from Yoochun to Yunho.“… So then what the fuck‟s your problem?” “Your attitude. returning his gaze back down to his soda. carefully. “That‟s my problem. that was uncalled for.” “Yeah.

” Yunho shrugged.” Junsu pointed out.” Mijin sighed. “You don‟t know?” He looked at her. “Don‟t know what?” “About his Mom?” “… That she died?” “Yeah.” “He didn‟t?” Changmin asked.” She explained. “that night after you left. He told us he‟s still not completely over it yet. somewhat distantly. to jerk her head slightly. he‟s hated… completely loathed vampires. as he frowned in confusion. that stopped at about his shoulders. anyway. but it kinda helped him a bit that night by actually telling someone about it. “Ever since then. It sounded almost . He remembers him as clear as anything. confused. too…” “… Letting what get to him?” Yunho asked her. slowly. „cause they killed his Mom. “I thought he would‟ve told you…” “Told me what?” Yunho asked. He told us about the night his Mom got bit—and he saw the vampire.” She smiled. the same look of confusion still cast across his face. I‟m kinda worried for him. All of them.“At least for Yoochun.” She reminded him. and kinda went into depression when she died. “I dunno. towards Changmin and Junsu. clearly shocked.” She paused for a second. She turned to him. slightly unsure. almost surprised. “But you two are so close. “He was really close with her. I guess not. “He told us. but… he didn‟t tell you how she died?” Yunho shook his head. “… No. “I‟m surprised he‟s still letting it get to him. “Last year…” Mijin began. “… His Mom was bit by a vamp. That‟s why he hates them so much. … He said he had like… black hair. He was wearing all black… and he was pale… really pale…” Yunho almost listened on in disbelief as Mijin told him the description of the vampire that took Yoochun‟s mother‟s life. Especially the one that killed her. Remember? You said you were gonna head home. slightly exasperated.

Yunho‟s eyes widened a little at that question—it had caught him offguard. “… Why do you ask?” He asked him slowly. He then looked at Yunho. after all. He quickly made something up as an excuse for why he would ask such a thing. Was it really Jaejoong that killed Yoochun‟s mother? Or just a coincidence that the vampire described sounded like him? He stared at the fizzy drink. especially leaving out such an important detail? He brought the drink to his lips once again. “Oh. flesh is ripped. yet nervously at the same time. in his large plastic cup. his face in a slight frown. Life continued to pour out of the failing youth. I remember Yoochun saying something about a silver chain.” Changmin nodded. somewhat satisfied at his answer. tasting the synthetic sweetness. having thought of the answer first. „cause…” He started off. “… I heard they wore those… sometimes…” “Oh. “Yeah.” Changmin answered for her. . and back down to his food … and Yoochun‟s. He then turned his eyes away from Yunho. Guess they weren‟t so close. exposing the early death of life below the tangible surface. unfinished… Yunho thought quietly to himself. draining him little by little with each passing moment. bubbling softly. that was left there. as he callously slaked his hunger. savouring every drop of the warm liquid that would seep into his undead body. The platinum blond-haired vampire hungrily took in draught after draught. Why would Yoochun not tell him about his mother‟s death. Only one thing was missing for him to be sure… “… Did he have a silver chain around his neck?” Yunho asked her. shutting out everything and everyone else around him. Tasting the salted sweetness. In a clash of teeth and skin.exactly like Jaejoong. It fit the young vampire‟s description perfectly.chapter 9((Shards of Glass _________ He savoured in the feeling of each drop of the youth‟s warm blood trickling down his cold lips. curiously. a little suspiciously. as it ran .

For. screaming in horrified silence.” He began. now dead. The hours of darkness carelessly stood watch. Perhaps in his early to mid twenties. as if awaiting some sort of answer. youth that lay forgotten. A sin… to take another human‟s life. “You are all mistaken. He was seemingly young. you‟ve made hundreds.” He began. but no more than that. Which. After all. again. Hollow. almost in dissatisfaction. slowly rose up from the side of the youth‟s neck. … But why?” His grip on the dead . It puzzles me. but what did it matter to him? The vampire smirked at the. There is absolutely no err in your actions. Yet.” He continued. Minwoo. you need to survive. stared up blankly at the night sky above him. one less human to worry about. Minwoo parted his blood-stained lips. getting a better look into the young man‟s face. it is alright? It is forgivable. in order to feed… it is wrong.” He sighed. in mock pity. And the sad thing is…you never seem to learn from your mistakes. It is considered an evil act. as yet another soul was taken from the earth that night. Ah. in defeat. as he gracefully tilted his head to the side. so sadly. as he took a moment to stare at the dead body. it appears to make at least some sense to all of you. “Oh. gaping open. A gaunt hand lay clutched up against the young man‟s neck. The young man‟s false blue eyes. It is unforgivable. coloured contacts covering his native brown. covering a darkened eye. one of your kind has been killed. sadly mistaken. “Why is it that when one of you—a human—slaughters an animal. It is immoral… cold… ruthless. why? Even a fool could see past the flaws in your oh-so-magnificent scheme. “I find it quite difficult to understand your blind logic. “All so sadly mistaken. “And judging by your deaths. but what did it matter to him? For now.deliciously across his lips—the youth‟s mouth. The world had betrayed him. yes. would be quite understandable.” He frowned a little at the dead youth‟s body. I admit. Ah. The vampire. to feed. he was simply one less gone. none at all. strands of the white-blond falling across his face. before continuing on. For it is for your survival. as they subtly glassed over.” “But yet… when a vampire kills a human—in order to survive. Empty. “… Tell me something. feeling his dead pulse. … But. as he spoke in somewhat of a sinister drawl to the dead body. almost as if to hide this ill-fated lapse from the rest of the uncaring world. whatsoever. inconceivable. The shadows of the night completely engulfed them.” He paused.

indeed. It was only a matter of time. The death of the girl‟s childhood friend had brought an unusual. monarchs. He never truly did realize how much he would miss her constant nagging about anything and everything. from everything else? What makes you so high and mighty.body‟s neck slowly growing tighter. You are all slowly killing yourselves. one by one. “Hmph. and frustrated arguments could no longer be heard. whether it be by a vampire… or by your own kind?” He scoffed. “Human beings: the most foolish of all creation. that you feel the need to look down upon those that are unlike you?” He sneered at the dead body. as his words dripped with the essence of his vengeance. a pity-filled sympathy brimming his childlike brown eyes. She no longer smiled as much as she used to. It deeply hurt Junsu to see her this way. distant laughter cheekily playing across her face. Something was missing. Her once bright eyes. She had become somewhat indifferent to her surroundings. having dulled. until it was no more. the last words having faded away. her voice echoing volumes of soundlessness. She rarely spoke. built by human hands. It would never come back. He had become so used to it. animals that need to feed? Just like any other? Just like the ones you continue to mercilessly slaughter? Aren‟t we all struggling for survival in this same deplorable world? What makes you so different from us. The echoes of bitter disagreements. only to disappear into silences.” The days still relentlessly dragged on. Always placing your pitiful selves upon pedestals. “… You are no better. would blankly stare about at the world around her. Corrupt and confused … that‟s all you are. What‟s one more life taken. . And what was worse… it would never come back. showing no signs of mercy in the dormitory of Kim Junsu and Choi Sohyun. in some way. for they had now been changed. diminishing any ounce of life the body may have still possessed. “Are humans not also. … Only to be destroyed by human hands. almost unbearable quietness to the usually loud dorm. Something was gone. in disgust. monuments. And yet. you feel you have the right of control over us?” He narrowed his eyes in contempt at the dead human body—at all of them—at every human being that would soon find their death at his hand. as he would continue to watch over Sohyun. High and mighty.

She loved her boyfriend more than anything. arrows and things pointed to it. he continued to scribble away at his notes. somewhat uncomfortable. as he carelessly scribbled down the notes on the large screen at the front of the lecture hall. Her eyes widened in wonder. And it had been given to Sohyun. She breathed out. in a silent grievance. He paused for a moment. its beauty being of a cursed nature. yes. But now. Something about plant structure. He shivered a little. Not that that really mattered to him. Giggling. It truly did hurt him to see her this way… He sat idly in his Biology lecture that afternoon. Securing the pen once again in his hand. in awe. was completely beyond him. But cursed. depicting the certain parts and structures that the students needed to know. That was probably the happiest Junsu had ever seen the copper-haired girl in a while. something to remember him by before the next time they could see each other again. On his last night here. it was quite cold in that large room.it had begun to seem like the norm. He sighed a little. Junsu remembered him giving her a gift. of course. and it made him slightly nervous. What really caught his attention was the rose. It was a diagram of a perfectly labelled rose. She smiled in anticipation—she always loved getting presents—as he reached into his pocket. Even purposely trying to annoy Sohyun did not give him that usual response he so desperately wanted to see. her heart bleeding inside. wrapping his grey zip-up hoodie tighter around his shoulders. “It‟s beautiful…” Beautiful. or to the quietly chattering students around him. neatly wrapped in elegant black satin. as she stared at the precious little box. and back up at the screen again… but stopped at what he saw. she gratefully took it from him. Quietness had filled their dorm. as she gazed upon the exquisiteness of a black rose. and opening up the raven-coloured velvet box. he could no longer hear it. as she let out an astonished gasp of surprise. Her large brown eyes lit in wonder. itself… He remembered about a month ago. unwrapping the silken black cloth. He‟d read it up a bit more once he got back home. and she was gushing and all aglow when he came for a visit. Junsu wondered . Instead. the day Sohyun‟s boyfriend came into town to see her. all she would do was gently smile at him… and nothing more. He gently pulled out a small package. as he looked up from his notes. He had heard stories of the black rose. not really paying attention to the professor. Why the fans were still working at full force in mid-autumn. and carefully opened up the package. as he casually took it for granted.

he couldn‟t stop thinking about that black rose… he wanted to know more about it. „Garden of Eden. stuffing them in his bag. pushing it open. it was believed to bring death… But if her boyfriend so loved her. this was it. What did he mean by it. Floral Services. The shop was beautifully decorated with flowers and vines. and Junsu felt almost at ease as his footsteps took him further into the shop. For her sake. It was somewhat small. That was his last class for the day. and he was about to head home. absolutely in love with the flower‟s beauty… He didn‟t notice when the crowds of students began making their way towards the exit doors. He wasn‟t ready to go back to the dorm.‟ Yep. He spotted a woman near the back a ways away from him busily tending to a . towards the very-much-occupied doors at the back. just yet.if perhaps. He stopped in front of the building. and if she so loved him. He thought. the twinkling sound of chimes singing his welcome. Mustering up all the courage he could. reading the sign to make sure this was the right place. and made his way out of the row. The sound of hundreds of rustling feet had somewhat brought him back to reality. This was the only shop that still existed which sold black roses. As he stepped in. why would he give her such a „gift?‟ He frowned. all the different colours painting a floral landscape right there in the dainty little shop. he walked up to the door. he‟d find his answers in here. swung the bag over his shoulder. He stood up. for sure. Was it really the curse of the black rose that had brought this upon Sohyun? What would happen to her? He needed to know. when his feet subtly opposed him. but possessed a very welcoming atmosphere. exactly? And then poor Sohyun. Even as he was leaving. as he dazedly put away his books. it was the rose that caused such an unfortunate incident in her life? After all. his eyes were immediately drawn to all of the vibrant colours that lay all around him. maybe.

merrily. as she looked back at the boy a distance away from her. adoringly. He called out to her.bouquet of assorted flowers. “They‟re quite a find. leaving Junsu standing there. “Oh! Yes. “Try the orchids. The woman then walked over to the side of the shop. slowly. “I‟m sure you‟ll find these very—“ .” “I just—“ “—Quite difficult to find during this time of year. lovely. Junsu simply stared back down at the short woman. A customer. confused. somewhat unsure of what he should say. hurrying her way over. “… Actually. excitedly prodding him on. as she let out a blissful sigh. the woman immediately stopped her tending of the flowers. “… Excuse me?” Slightly startled. admiring the flowers.” “But—“ “—The colour. She looked back down into their petals. or the chrysanthemums!” “But.” She smiled. I—“ “—Something romantic? Commemorative?” She looked up at him.” She continued. He parted his lips. She quickly rushed back to him. I only need a—“ The woman sniffed loudly in the bouquets. delicate minute wrinkles at the corner of her eyes. absolutely exquisite. standing in the middle of shop looking back at her with slightly nervous eyes. “It‟s amazing how well they‟ve grown. “I was—“ “—Is there a particular type of flower you‟re looking for?” She asked him. cheerfully. yes.” She smiled back up at him. She saw a young redhaired boy. how may I help you?” She quickly asked him. somewhat thoughtfully. “Ah. He needed to speak with an employee. These ones are exceptionally gorgeous. holding a couple of bouquets in her arms. A bright smile quickly took over her face. and thought that maybe she worked here. and turned around to find the source of the voice.

He wasn‟t sure of any other way he could‟ve possibly said that. as she stared back at Junsu. doing as he was told. as he waited for some sort of response from the short woman. almost in fear. Did he say it wrong? Then again.” He explained.” He told her. “And I thought. “Well…” She said. somewhat nervously.” The short woman‟s cheerful disposition slowly began to wither. “I‟m sorry. before asking her. before looking back somewhat dejectedly into the bouquets of flowers she held. as she let out a shaky sigh. She looked up at him. clearly worried. a little disappointed. “… Since we must go about it so rudely…” She delicately placed the flowers onto the display. as she slowly walked over to a nearby display. “I just… needed some help. as she began to make her way towards the back of the shop. you being a florist and all… you might be able to help me. „he needed to know about the black rose‟? He stared back at her nervously. towards the door. “Follow me. Junsu.” She told him.” The woman blinked at him.” “Yes. “… I was wondering if you knew anything about the black rose. She stared up at him blankly for a moment or so. well. followed the woman to the back of the shop. welcoming smile. Junsu felt a little bad for the woman. Junsu looked back at the woman. so he supposed it was okay to just come right out and ask. as she spoke to him slightly more composed this time. how else was he supposed to say that „he needed to know about the black rose‟ without actually saying. He didn‟t need flowers. After a few moments. he didn‟t mean to upset her. through an apologetic tone. um…” The short woman gracefully dusted herself of. somewhat frustrated. and felt this woman was just wasting his time.“—Lady!” Junsu interrupted her. Quickly flipping it around to „CLOSED‟. as her hand approached the „OPEN‟ sign. He swallowed hard. as her smile gradually faded off her round face. “I just need… to talk to you… for a minute. Her eyes widened in shock. She then walked past Junsu. she slowly lowered her gaze. this shop sold them. But… he really didn‟t want any flowers. “How may I be of service to you?” Junsu looked back down at the cheerful woman. giving him a sincere. . How was he going to say this? Then again. she walked back over to the confused red-haired boy.

she opened the door. but stopped just before her fingers could graze it. Junsu could tell. “A friend of mine might be in trouble…” She looked up at him.” She began. looking back up at the red-haired boy. “Have you ever seen one?” She asked him. determinedly. She looked back over to him. She continued on into the room. But I need to know about it. a dim light flooding the room. After typing in the code. curiously. worry evidently shown in his brown eyes. “… was killed… unfortunately. The two of them then stopped. She turned back to look up at Junsu behind her. “… The owner. were about a half dozen bouquets of black roses. who was also the founder of this shop. as she reached up for the security lock once again. The woman reluctantly reached out to the security lock. pity slowly reflecting in her eyes. Junsu following closely behind her. “Some say it was the curse of the black rose that had led her to her demise. “You realize you are taking a tremendous risk asking this. as she stared at the roses. “A black rose?” Junsu nodded in response. again. somewhat guiltily. “These are all of the black roses that were kept on display in the store.stopping at a locked hidden door. It was used mainly for storage. she slowly turned back to the door. “We had to take them out about a year ago… due to unfortunate circumstances…” “Like what?” Junsu asked her. almost worriedly. There were boxes and things lying around everywhere. as she went to close the door behind them. The woman hesitated before continuing.” She began. “What did you want to know?” .” At those words. She stepped into it. Junsu looked back at the woman. you know?” Junsu looked back at her. Inside of it. neatly organized. With a sigh.” He told her. a cheerful smile across her face.” She explained to him. then. “Well.” The woman then pursed her lips. revealing a darkened room. “Yeah. “I know. having reaching a large glass display case. as Junsu looked up in a frightened wonder at the reviled plants. with Junsu following her.” She explained. She then turned on a nearby light-switch.

in fear. now. “It is a bringer of death. “They lack a sufficient amount of the pigment. “… they‟re black. It‟s structure.” “Fatal?” Junsu repeated. a slight darkness beginning to take over her features.” She told him. the plant no longer had a need for chlorophyll.” She continued to explain. why there is a difference of pigment. “Yes. is extremely unusual. „cause… they‟re always in the dark?” “Well…” The woman began to explain. “Where did the curse come from?” The woman gave him a gentle smile.” She shrugged. which is quite strange. Instead.” She paused for a moment. death.” She explained to him. but… how does that make it cursed?” He asked her. But. “I suppose it‟ll be left as another one of botany‟s greatest mysteries. Unlike most plants. it does not undergo photosynthesis.And so. which gives it its black colour. for one. by the hand of death. secluded areas. so it must have simply stopped producing it. she still didn‟t explain its curse to him. unsurely. You see… the black rose is said to be touched.” She took a sigh. which most plants tend to usually have. I suppose due to adaptation over the years. as he learned more and more about the black rose. Um…” Junsu was a little puzzled. “… Although. capturing its energy from the sun. for sure. and will bring bad luck… or even ultimately. in thought.” She told him.” Junsu listened intently to her every word.” She furrowed her brow. They need darkness. the woman began to tell Junsu of the black rose. It confused the red-haired boy. “Studies have been done—countless studies… and no one really knows. as she thought to herself. in confusion. “So… the rose is different. The woman nodded. “So…” He began. The black rose instead has a pigment. it depends on how close you . to the person it comes in contact with. “No one knows. “Let‟s see. just as they all are. “The black rose is a specimen that will forever be shrouded in mystery. its curse is one of a fatal nature. Some say. sombrely. sciliphyll. it reaps energy from the moonlight. “It‟s a unique type of plant. Which is why it is most common to find them in dark. “But the black rose stands out in a class all its own. trying to explain the best she could the phenomena about the hated flower to the red-haired boy. “It detests the sun. and cannot readily survive in daylight. even bred. itself. chlorophyll.

“… the thing about the black rose. this was not any time recently. She looked back at him.” . “… it‟s exceptionally beautiful. in pity.become to it.” She began.” She sighed. clearly confused. “… What happened to him?” He asked.” She frowned. only partly. as she turned to look at the display case. “There is a story—you may have heard of it… about a boy… born in the presence of the black rose.” She slowly looked up at him.‟ Which I believe is quite unfair to him. slightly. recollecting something from years and years past. nervously. Wouldn‟t dare hurt a thing. “… He was cursed from birth. “Now. the red-haired boy immediately frowned. he was a very sweet boy. a hidden darkness slightly shadowing her eyes.” She proceeded to tell him. wanted to know more about this boy she was speaking of. curiosity having sparked in him. blankly in front of her. She smiled to herself. fear clearly shown in his childlike brown eyes. furtively. “… But it is in that temptation. Others say he fled from his attackers…” She stopped for a moment. a slightly eerie smile gradually taking over her lips. “… Few say he still lives to this very day. “… some say. But of a cursed beauty.‟ For just like the black rose… he was beautiful. in that allure… that separates the person from life… or death. if I have my facts correct. But…” She stopped. he was believed to bring death. her minute wrinkles daintily lining the corners of her eyes. he was murdered. “… Only partly. he must‟ve died by now. as her gaze slipped from the roses. “From what I read.” She told the red-haired boy.” Upon that statement.” She smiled. “But he lives now. to the space. “… I‟m one of those who believes he still lives.” She told him. “Most now refer to his story as „the story of the demon child. She smiled at the roses. “Poor child. “That was so long ago.” She paused. as she shook her head. And yet… he was hated. and some find it hard not to be drawn into it by its beauty. “Well…” She answered.” Junsu looked back at the woman. because of the black rose‟s curse upon him. It really is an exquisite work of art.” The smile slowly faded from her lips. “How?” He asked the woman. I mean. Some even call him „the black rose.” Junsu. The woman then thought back in her mind. Just like the rose. It was about… perhaps the late 1800‟s.

he‟d risk losing Jaejoong. He had not spoken with Yoochun since their argument that day. Why should he just assume it was Jaejoong? There was always a chance it wasn‟t. he‟d feel guilty over Yoochun. that is what he is. He . right? There are hundreds of vampires. I‟m still here… Yunho sat alone on the floor by his screen door.The sky wept that afternoon. sorting out thoughts. In his heart. He loved the young vampire too much to put him at fault. He couldn‟t help but pity him in some way. the shadows of the raindrops falling quietly against his skin. And Yunho understood that. It couldn‟t have been him. I‟m still here. Jaejoong looked lost and confused. throwing away old ones. It displayed its current state of sadness to the world below it. He would never do that… would he? But then again. And by accepting Jaejoong. For. But by accepting Yoochun. It wasn‟t his fault. But at the same time… … Jaejoong seemed so innocent. One on hand. Yunho was now beginning to have some doubts about the young vampire. Was it really Jaejoong that killed Yoochun‟s mother? The raven-haired boy now seemed almost like the divider between himself and Yoochun. and has no control over his bloodlust. After he did. He had been thinking this whole time. those that were no longer relevant to him anymore. There must have been other pale-skinned vampires out there with shoulder-length black hair. But most importantly… He‟d been thinking about Jaejoong. he had almost bit Yunho. He needed to think. and he refused to believe it was his fault. he truly did not want to believe that it was the raven-haired boy. Maybe even a little scared. at that cafe on campus. No. it would continue to say. if Yunho hadn‟t stopped him. and he meant a lot to Yunho. two days ago. Yoochun was his best friend. The others were making him think. He couldn‟t help it. It couldn‟t have been him. black clothing and… a silver chain around their necks. He knows that Jaejoong is a vampire. There must have been. And he would‟ve probably killed him.

he only did it because he loved him. frozen in time. full. kissed with those hints of scarlet and splashes of ruby that he knew all too well. Yunho could no longer help but to wonder… who was he? Yunho didn‟t understand. hauntingly beautiful. The clockwork. ever so intricate. Yet still. … Didn‟t he? After all. For when Jaejoong had confessed what he truly was to Yunho. But our fingertips are much too big. He cares too much to hurt another person in that way. He knew Jaejoong… he knew him. . “I love you…” The picture of Jaejoong in his mind was one of perfection. he was so sure he knew. And regardless of what could have happened. A picturesque image. That is the Jaejoong he knew. and Yunho alone. Lips. the Jaejoong he loved. Gears.knew Jaejoong. completely unlike the others‟ thoughts. He would never just cold-heartedly take another life—he wasn't like that. and he knew that Jaejoong couldn‟t have done it. springs and things prove useful. hoping in his heart. The soft whispers that would come from those lips. locks. But… He turned his heavy eyes over to the screen door.chapter 10((Stillness of Time _________ A place. . of silken raven hair falling delicately across a visage of a porcelain pale. he did not want to hurt him. coloured with hues of the richest of darkest of browns. known to Yunho. as he gazed to the world outside. that his words would somehow distantly echo to the other boy. Yunho loved him for who he was. “… Who are you?” An image of the young vampire‟s face began to form in his mind. Large eyes. A gentle smile.

as he continued to calculate the other girl‟s intentions in his mind. What do you mean? She smirked slightly. If you scanned its far reaches. The pendulum still swings. What is it? He asked. you want that vampire killed. as the moon hung itself. orb-like eyes. Hmm. And now… release. Goodnight… she smiled at him. The girl looked back up at him. clearly visible in the blackened sky. standing in the doorway behind him. hold it there. The clock may have stopped. „lolly-pink‟-coloured lips. push back the hands… there you go… just like that. Perfect. Perhaps our fingertips could fare well with this. She can help us. I‟ll explain the rest then. Now. a strange glint shining in the back of her brown.We would simply destroy the delicate beauty of it all. She can help you. the sudden pressure at his arm forcing him to stay where he was. Slightly confused. Meet me at “Seung‟s” parking lot tomorrow night. Gently now. she told him in closing. tauntingly. but it is not broken. the days now drastically cutting themselves short. And hundreds more? He said nothing. a mischievous grin playing across her glimmering. But. Mij— —Just meet me at “Seung‟s” tomorrow night at ten o‟clock. and turn around to face the dark-haired girl. Wait! He stopped. you could . he parted his lips. …Yoochun. I know someone who can help you. Much shorter now. It was about seven pm that evening. Watch the hands slowly tick… tock… turn back. the girl began again. Clearly. as she gently let go of his arm. don‟t you? She asked him. she told him.

” “Oh. the two would continue to have lengthy conversations. and the… more-often-than-not make-out session between them. somewhat nervously. through a sheepish smile. It was about seven pm on this cold night. “Yunho?” “Huh?” Immediately snapped out of his inane trance. He smiled. shaking him gently. at Yunho‟s that night. who sat comfortably on his bed. Jaejoong was over. Not tonight. “Someone‟s out of it tonight. and they were perfectly happy with each other. beside him. Jaejoong. as he tilted his head to rest on the other boy‟s shoulder. He felt slightly guilty. however. that he would sometimes not notice the effervescent young vampire vying for his attention. He enjoyed spending as much time as he could with the other boy.see there was not a single star in sight. as well. “Sorry. for Jaejoong was right.” Yunho laughed. They had put thoughts into his head. The days were gradually getting chilly.” He told the other boy. His eyes. resting his chin delicately upon Yunho‟s shoulder. as he looked playfully into the other boy‟s eyes. “You‟ve been quite distracted these past few days. on this blackened eve. Jaejoong leaned forward. he turned his head over to look at the raven-haired boy. Jae.” Yunho slowly turned his gaze from the other boy. until… … Yunho started getting thoughts. He placed a hand on the other boy‟s shoulder. He had been more than just a little distracted over these past few days—all because of Jaejoong. once again. These thoughts would sometimes cloud the dark-haired boy‟s reasoning. and instead looked at Yunho with a worried expression across his waiflike features. bringing his eyes to rest upon the dim floor ahead of him. and he would become so engulfed in them. amiable laughter. “Is something wrong?” He asked him. gently. a little. Things were running seemingly smoothly between the two lovers. Jaejoong frowned. as to not alarm Jaejoong. The others were making him think… . Perfectly happy. did not return the smile. Not one. still remained looking up at him.

Jaejoong waited. caringly. you would‟ve killed me. once more. Yunho knew exactly what he wanted to tell Jaejoong. after a few moments of wordlessness. anyway. I do. He felt he couldn‟t do it. as he looked into his face. but the only problem was getting the words across. as he listened patiently for Yunho to speak. “… You almost bit me. As much as he knew how much Jaejoong hated it when he brought up this question. But he knew if he didn‟t ask him. as he tilted his head.” “Yes. because „something was stopping you‟?” He asked him.” Yunho looked away from him. sombrely. rolling his eyes a little. gently. “I know.” He told Jaejoong. almost bracing himself for what might come. he slowly parted his lips. After the quiet passing of a few moments. but…” “But. He then sighed in slight annoyance. … Didn‟t you tell me that you couldn‟t take my life. a sceptic undertone ringing throughout his words. The vampire boy stared at him. actually.“Do you want to talk about it?” The raven-haired boy asked. to allow his chin to once again rest on Yunho‟s shoulder. “Why are you bringing this up again?” “Because I need to know. “… Yeah. it would only continue to eat away at him. He needed to know. A pause. Yunho turned his gaze. almost blankly. that night?” He turned his eyes to rest upon Jaejoong‟s. “Yet. He wanted to talk about it more than anything. and I‟ve already told you my answer when you asked me before. onto Jaejoong. “And if I didn‟t stop you. wasn‟t there?” .” He told the young vampire. Yunho thought for a moment. He wrapped his arms comfortably around the other boy‟s waist. Exhaling a little. nothing was stopping you then. “… Why did you come back. releasing himself and his hold from the other boy. what?” Jaejoong asked him. faint guilt written across his features. a little more confidently this time. he felt he needed to ask it. Jae. as he spoke again. his gaze still locked transiently with the floor. It would do him no good keeping his thoughts quelled up inside of him.

too. resting his eyes idly with the floor beside them. in his mind that was left in disarray. “… I just want to hear the truth. “… Yunho—“ “—Are you with me just for my blood?” The other boy continued to interrogate him. desperation fighting in the dark brown of his eyes. as he stared back at the other boy. “… But I need to know that you‟re not just making me believe you love me. was almost like a blow to the face. genuinely. somehow trying to gather his thoughts. “You think I‟m with you. a slight frown worn across his face. back at Yunho. leaving Jaejoong completely hurt and broken. Each one. Jaejoong. A clear look of shock immediately found its way across the young vampire‟s features.Jaejoong looked back at Yunho. only to one day. He said nothing. slightly exasperated. I just…” He trailed off. He sighed. The raven-haired boy looked back at Yunho in absolute disbelief. before continuing. Jaejoong almost felt the wind knocked out of him. as he slowly shook his head.” He told the raven-haired boy. He slowly lowered his gaze from the other boy. “…Is that honestly what you think of me?” Guilt beginning to weigh down on him. satisfy my bloodlust—is that it. dispirited deep inside. as he continued to stare dejectedly. He stopped for a moment. “I really don‟t. far more than he had ever wanted them to.” He paused for a moment. “I‟m tired of thinking. his darkened eyes . is that what you think?” “I don‟t know what to think anymore. just to—“ “—You don‟t trust me. completely. his voice subdued and somewhat shaky. Yunho could barely look into Jaejoong‟s disheartened eyes. almost in disbelief.” He told him. „cause you couldn‟t get it the first time?” Yunho‟s words hurt Jaejoong far more than he had ever hoped them to.” Jaejoong voiced aloud. shattering. “Is that the only thing that you‟re ultimately after. “… I don‟t believe you.” He looked at Jaejoong.” Yunho turned his eyes over to Jaejoong again. not being able to hold back this one thought anymore: “… Jaejoong—are you only with me because I‟m human?” At that one question alone. as he spoke. “… I love you. Yunho let out a shattered sigh.

as he stared crestfallen at the other boy. the reverberations becoming daggers. The other boy ignored him. “… Jae. Yunho looked back at the raven-haired boy. for he could not deny his mistrust just yet. the young vampire turned away from Yunho. beside the other boy. He just simply could not believe him. too. I‟m sorry—“ “—And I am. somewhat helplessly. then?” Yunho felt an even larger pang of guilt. what is it. staring back at him almost in defeat. echoing… one by one. . I really did think you were different from all of them—“ “—Jaejoong—“ “—And I trusted you. as each word Jaejoong spoke left his rose-petal lips. because I thought you were!” As each of his spoken words continually left his lips. he slowly began to rise from his place on the bed. as he began making his way towards the sheerness of the white curtains at the end of the room. Without another thought. “… It‟s not that I don‟t trust you—“ “—Then. who now stood in front of Jaejoong. “Jaejoong!” Yunho called out to him. as he slipped through the sheer fabric. “… Is that what this is about?” Yunho was tongue-tied for a couple of moments. Yunho! And this is how you repay it back to me?” He asked of the other boy. So now. and through the coolness of the open screen door. having risen from his place on the bed. He was still so terribly confused. “… You know. somehow trying to think of an answer in which he could respond to the other boy. and prove the other boy wrong. in complete disbelief of the other boy. Jaejoong‟s words echoed deep into Yunho‟s heart. to somehow reason with him. after all this time… Jaejoong couldn‟t bare it. so did a piece of the young vampire‟s heart. “I gave you my trust. He could only look back at Jaejoong.” With those last words.staring lifelessly back into Yunho‟s. He couldn‟t believe him. The young vampire stared wordlessly at Yunho.

much to his discontent.” He stated. “… how „bout I make it up to you?” He suggested. and the other boy let out a tired sigh. wondering how he disappeared so quickly… The phone rang. “Hello?” “Hey. he was already gone. Yunho let out an annoyed growl. Plural. and I know that. wait!” Yunho hurried after him. through an honest apologetic tone. before you say anything…” Yoochun began. “How does an all-expense paid trip down to “Elixir” sound . Of all the times to have called. “Who the fuck is that?” He groaned. Yunho understood Yoochun‟s position. as he let out an inward exasperated sigh. Yunho looked about in confusion. but you were on his—so don‟t try to deny it. “I said shit I shouldn‟t have said… I offended you—and I know you‟re pissed off at me. … It‟s me. “Two… you didn‟t respond to any of my messages I left on your phone… s. “Yoochun—“ “‟kay. I‟m really sorry. this truly was the worst. Jaejoong was nowhere to be found. hushing it of its unwelcome ringing. “You blocked me on MSN. truthfully. as he reluctantly dragged his way over to the phone.” He said. “And yeah. and I completely understand that. “… I‟m sorry. one. okay?” Yunho reluctantly stayed on the line. “… just hear me out. So don‟t try to deny that.” He told him. and your home phone. „cause you were talking to Junsu… while I was talking to Junsu. But the urge to hang up was just so tempting… A moment or so passed by. instantly quieting Yunho. because… Mijin left a message on your phone. and you called her back… but you didn‟t call me back. Your cell. but as soon as he got to his balcony. It was too late.” Yunho‟s spirits instantly sunk. eager to receive his friend‟s forgiveness.” He began. and you weren‟t online on my list. And I know you did. Yoochun being as stubborn as Yoochun was. „cause. He picked it up.” He told Yunho. “… Okay. either. … But again. but—“ “—And if you still don‟t believe me. as he heard the ringing of his phone. You‟re pissed at me.” Yoochun interrupted.“Jaejoong. and he knew it was taking a lot for him to call and actually apologize to Yunho.

” Yoochun smiled. His mind was still with the young vampire. Yunho?” He began to dial another number. If it weren‟t for the timing. “There‟s something really important that I gotta deal with right now. ruefully. As he watched their wispiness swaying back and forth. I‟ll talk to you later. “What the fuck ever. as the sound of the dial tone began ringing through his ears. almost sneering. I‟m sorry. Changmin stood there in slight confusion. He wanted to make up with his best friend again. the sheer white curtains flailing about in the night‟s breeze. and he wanted to find him. instantly silencing it of its ringing. Yunho would have wholeheartedly agreed to go with him. as he looked over at the game on the TV screen that he put on „pause. He needed to talk to him somehow. “See you in five minutes. he put the phone back to his ear.” After dialling. Yunho looked back to the phone.” . Kinda like our friendship. almost seeming to call out to him. Yoochun. okay?” He told him. “Hello?” “Changmin. “Important?” He repeated. as he guiltily parted his lips. side-toside… all he could think about was Jaejoong. just the two of us. my treat. and talk to him. jovially. “… Okay. he hung up. He picked it up. as he went over to the phone on his bookshelf. But… He looked once again at the open screen door. “You busy?” “Um…” Changmin thought for a bit. Yunho‟s words still echoing on the other line. still on the line. Whaddya say?” Yunho didn‟t answer him for a few moments. “Tch. my good man!” Yoochun began. “… Look. He scoffed.” Click. but I‟m gonna have to pass on that one. setting it down. huh.” And with that.to you? Free liquor and food.‟ “… not really—“ “—Good. “Can‟t say I didn‟t try…” Changmin pressed the pause button on his PS2 controller. The sound of the dial tone was almost like a severe blow to the face to the other boy.

The road here was never busy. stepped out into the chilliness of the cool early November night. “Jae. “Jaejoong. “Jae—“ “—Why don‟t you trust me?” Jaejoong finally looked up at Yunho. He spoke to the other boy. It was Jaejoong. He was trying his best to apologize and somehow explain himself. He knew. having thrown on just a grey-coloured hoodie over his t-shirt and jeans. with genuine concern. The street was quiet. “I believed you when you told me that the first time.” Yunho let out a quiet sigh. his gaze still on the earth below their feet. for very few cars passed this way. what are you doing over here?” Yunho asked him. “Let them see me. “Someone might see you. bitterly. as he focussed his eyes solidly with the ground beside him. tried to use this opportunity to talk with him.” He began. He was staring blankly at the road across from him. again. his tone . He looked at the young vampire. somewhat rudely.Yunho. that Jaejoong was talking about him. But just as he was about to completely make his way off of the premises. Yunho almost wished that he didn‟t. the bright glow of the streetlights lighting his path. He smiled. stopping when he was about a couple of feet in front of him. “That was the whole point. “Do you honestly believe I‟ve been lying to you this whole time?” Yunho. Jaejoong parted his lips to speak. He walked out of the apartment building. but he felt as if Jaejoong would not let him. “And besides. Yunho quickly made his way over to the other boy.” The young vampire interrupted him.” Jaejoong hadn‟t bothered looking up at Yunho. and Yunho couldn‟t take it: for he was the one that caused it. not wanting Jaejoong to hurt anymore.” He spoke in somewhat of a drawl. but now. That same disheartened look began to reveal itself once more in the vampire boy‟s eyes. and the few cars that would go driving by. in some backwards way. … I‟ve nothing to hide.” Yunho was now a little frustrated with the raven-haired boy. his feet came to a halt as he saw a figure leaning against a post. I‟m sorry—“ “—I know. an air of remorse written across his features. by the sidewalk. sometimes deserted.

“If there was a way for me to satisfy my thirst. everyone is stopping me. shaking his head. “… I suppose I can‟t put too much blame on you.” Yunho said nothing.” “So. “… And yes. okay? I want to trust you. everyone is making me doubt you. he just… didn‟t know anymore. “I prey on your kind. I almost bit you. “… okay. now displaying reflections of hurt. if you hadn‟t have stopped me. engulfing him in a wave of his own downfall. Yunho almost winced at the pain he saw reflected in the other boy‟s eyes. Since „everyone‟ . can‟t make you believe me. He was already unsure. and Jaejoong just seemed to be making it worse by blaming him.” Jaejoong looked back at Yunho. as he looked back up at him. “It‟s not like that. “… But I suppose I. slightly disappointed. “… Look. … But. in any way. “… I never am. More than anything. “You are one of them. it‟s not that I don‟t trust you. alone. And I would‟ve killed you. everyone is making me think. carefully. his transient gaze returning once again to the ground. And for what it‟s worth… every life that I‟ve ever taken. Jaejoong looked away from Yunho. I was not proud of it at all.” He looked away from Yunho. “… But I was ashamed of what I did. without hurting another living soul. every life that I‟ve ever ended… was not done so. then I would gladly take it. that same feeling of defeat washing over him.” He told him. … Human. I want to trust you. what‟s stopping you.” He shrugged. after all.” He looked back at Yunho. his voice just shy of a whisper. then?” “Everyone!” Yunho told him.gentle and sincere. as he listened earnestly to every word that Jaejoong spoke to him. He was terribly confused about the whole thing from before. as he scoffed slightly. “… So you believe them over me?” His darkened eyes. intentionally—I‟m not like that. I…” Yunho‟s voice trailed off.” Jaejoong continued.” Yunho said nothing. his emotions clearly beginning to take over him. “Just like I‟m a vampire.” He told him. there isn‟t. his eyes revealing a hollowed emptiness. already uncertain.

” He said this to Yunho. Changmin couldn‟t help but to feel just a little bit ripped-off. He knew what he had known all along. whose gaze was still one with the ground. He didn‟t mean to hurt him.” He continued to tell him. but he just needed some sort of confirmation. being bored as anything. then?” Jaejoong asked him. Something about those words intrigued him… but only because they frightened him. Jaejoong looked up at Yunho. at the same time… “Uh… Yoochun?” Both Changmin and Yoochun arrived at the local campus bar. seeing a desperate seriousness in the other boy that he had never really seen before.” He began. they sat there in almost complete silence. For. “… Is there a reason you called me out here?” . He knew Jaejoong was not like the other vampires. Instead. what do you want to do. I want to believe you. before he said anything else. He knew the world was wrong about him. Several moments of wordlessness passed between the two. But doubt. Yunho felt bad for ever doubting Jaejoong in the first place. “I want to trust you. but at least now. Yunho knew. but he still couldn‟t help but think.” Jaejoong said nothing. “… So. “… I want to be with you. He stared longingly into the face of the one he loved. He stared longingly into the face of the vampire. “Elixir. His Jaejoong.‟ as promised by Yoochun.” Surprised at those last words. gently. “… I want to forget what everyone says. Yunho told him. … To somehow prove them wrong. a new thought began to form in his mind… “… and I want you to help me forget.” having the quote-unquote „time of their lives. But stopped. He stared longingly into the vampire boy‟s face. through a heartfelt and genuine tone. … „Cause you‟re all that matters to me. each engaged in their own thoughts. his darkened eyes still focussed on the ground beside them. Jaejoong. almost dejectedly.is still stopping you.

“Just a suggestion. partly for the opportunity of finally having something to do. and Changmin still remained chatting happily away on his phone. bringing it to his ear. man. His eyes lit up with glee. and he returned his gaze back down into his untouched drink. Changmin‟s eyes widened in fear. What else could possibly be better?” “… I dunno. I thought— “ He laughed. But since he was „busy‟ again. only this time not with an accompanied glare. something came up. fun night out. The younger boy noticed the look. “… I-It‟s my phone. again. plastered across the younger boy‟s face. . Changmin began.” He awkwardly ended his explanation.” Changmin turned his attention over to the other boy beside him. and instantly stopped laughing. “… You just seem kinda quiet. and—anyways. Yoochun brought his eyes over at the other boy once again. Yoochun decided to come anyway. care-of Yoochun. and he immediately backed down. “Hold on a sec—Yoochun. and it was tickling my leg. He reached into the pocket of his jeans. The only reason he wanted to come here. just to quiet his ego.“Of course. “Hello?” Several minutes passed by. maybe you could work on the „fun‟ part?” Yoochun instantly glared at him. “Sorry. Yoochun had to admit: this was pretty boring. for a reason only known to Changmin. “For an all-expense paid.” He explained. “It‟s on „vibrate.” He mumbled. pompously.” He began to get up from his seat. and flipped open the phone. „kay? Or I‟ll see you in class tomorrow!” He then turned his attention back to his phone. “I‟ll talk to you later. but… with a raised eyebrow… and somewhat a look of one who was severely disturbed. So. Yoochun‟s glare wavered not too long after. uneasily. staring ahead of him into nothing. “Are you fucking serious?!” Changmin practically screamed into his phone.” Yoochun answered. was because he was hoping he could talk with Yunho. the largest grin Yoochun had ever seen. I gotta go.‟ and I put it in my pocket. He blinked.

He tried apologizing to the bastard. … He missed his best friend. Who were they? Yoochun tried leaning forward in his seat. The streetlights flashed on overhead. He smirked. a sight up ahead of him. under an approaching lamppost. He frowned.” He then frowned a bit. “Well. as he drove underneath them. There was always something he had to deal with. one by one. Yoochun really wanted to talk to him.as he made his way out of the bar. That‟s all he wanted to do: just talk. He decided to head over to Yunho‟s instead. He let out a tired sigh. under the safe protection of the shadow of a large tree. and sat there watching. He turned into the quiet street that Yunho‟s apartment building was located at. and talk. caught his eye. almost as if to get a better look into the person‟s face. “So much for being busy. One by one. as he saw Changmin leave. this place was starting to suck. He was hoping for a chance for them to just sit together. he didn‟t want Yunho to stay angry with him. as he approached two people from a distance. now Changmin. He slowed down. getting closer to his destination. But. One of them. practically deserted. “Okay. He turned off the engine. slightly dolefully. he recognized as Yunho. Or just didn‟t care for them anymore. he‟s dealt with. Them. It was like he never had time for them anymore. That was why he invited him out. far more important than them. but it almost seemed as if he didn‟t even care. He was almost there. and… ?” Yoochun frowned. Why was everyone ditching him today? First Yunho. However. He was just about . as he brought his attention to the person standing in front of him. He smirked. being: himself and Yunho. there was something far more important that he had to deal with. Hopefully whatever business he‟s dealing with. anyway. whilst chatting away. After all. But he couldn‟t see—they were looking down. the street. … Yunho. isn‟t this interesting?” He slowly pulled over to the side of the road. already. with somewhat of a morbid curiosity.

He stood there. Thinking that his mother was in her garden. at what he saw before him. to move forward a little.to start the car up again. untainted porcelain. Into the garden… The moonlight softly revealed his mother‟s bloodied body. His mother‟s blood. hoping to find her there. as well. time remembers it. now. He recognized that face… But it was not only you. in hatred. Yoochun looked back into the face of the person that was staring back at him. almost of a ghost-white. Now. It seemed more of a resemblance… to porcelain. “What the fuck…?” Startled. He had just unlocked the gate— but stopped suddenly. unusually empty. Full lips. That face. but yet. But not darkened enough for Yoochun to see the evident fear that was battling within them. against the paleness of his porcelain-like skin. hinted with scarlet and splashed with ruby. and found the house. … Perfect. Just as we did before… use your fingertips. We do not want to break this delicate piece of clockwork. when the person looked up. His skin was pale… dreadfully pale. gentle… yes. he walked out of the house and out back into her little menagerie. the figure looked up at him. . “Vampire…” He breathed out. Yoochun. He was looking for her. Raven-coloured hair framed his delicate visage. Smooth. Now. Yoochun walked into the simple nighttime majesty of his mother‟s beloved garden. not quite. Yoochun looked on in bewilderment. ingenuously. now do we? Gentle. as it fell ominously over his darkened eyes. He had just returned home. hold it there. frozen in shock. Yoochun froze. that recognized it… was it? For. parted to reveal a trail of blood trickling down his chin. Push back the hands—but gently. The moonlight caught a silver chain worn around his neck. and another darkened figure hovering over her. as it gleamed.

That face was the face he saw on the night of his mother‟s death. Switching back and forth between feelings of shock. How could he? His best friend… “He‟s with them. cupping it in his hand. confusion. He looked back at the other person ahead of him.” The vampire told him. “What the fuck have you done?!” “Please forgive me.” He voiced out. and saw no one beside her. bringing out his prized possession: a vampistol. Yunho. Yoochun watched on in confusion. nothing… except for a black rose. Yoochun reached into his pocket. the face belonging to the vampire who took his mother‟s life. as he saw Yunho lean down to kiss the vampire. at the person he saw with Yunho. that lay there on the life-giving earth that she once so loved. The only thing that his eyes could see. And what was it doing with Yunho? Yunho appeared to be talking to it. lying innocently by her hand. but instead found no one there. Panting. almost in disbelief of his own words. almost frightened. apologetic tone. vengefully. A billion thoughts and emotions raced through his head at that moment he saw them kiss. loaded with razor sharp. And… release. No one. through a worried. He looked at the spot where he once saw him. his eyes widening. “You fucking killed her!” “You misunderstand—“ Yoochun shot him. He aimed it right at its heart. what the fuck was going on? Yoochun nearly choked. . he slowly walked up to his mother‟s body. Yoochun looked ahead of him from his car. as he saw Yunho gently bring a hand up to the side of the vampire‟s face. Yoochun sneered. 8mm wooden stakes. Yoochun didn‟t understand. disillusioning him. … Or did he? He was confused. He felt almost sick to his stomach. anger. betrayal. The constant switching. He couldn‟t believe it. Yoochun looked back at the wretched sight before him. was the dead body of his mother. almost confusing his mind.” The vampire begged of him. almost gently. hatred.“I am sorry.

“What‟s wrong?” Still looking at the road.But then again. “… No. stuffed doll. Turning the key in the ignition once again. Yunho answered him. “I knew it. blinded by betrayal. why?” “Well…” She began. slightly. frowning a little. He did support them.” Yoochun was now disgusted by him. as he sped away into the night. smiling somewhat bashfully at those last . It was just a car. slightly startled by the other girl‟s voice. a bajillion times and he‟s not returning any of my calls—my bastard of a boyfriend—so… yeah. worriedly. Jaejoong looked up at him. “I was wondering… if you were doing anything this Sunday. She looked back at Junsu with tired eyes. “… Eunah‟s funeral service is this Sunday… and I wanted to know. this explained a lot. Yoochun smirked. as she buried her chin into the large. clutching her large. to look at Sohyun sitting on her bed. He could no longer witness this anymore.” She asked him. He didn‟t know what to think.” “… Junsu?” “Huh?” The red-haired boy turned around. “… Nothing. I called him. if you wanted to come with me. stuffed Pucca doll. He shook his head. … The liar. like.” She explained.” She paused for a moment.” Junsu looked at Sohyun. The sudden noise of the speeding car startled Yunho. At least now he knew why Yunho was so angry with him to begin with. “… You‟ve helped me more than he ever has. “I called Haejoon up to know if he was free.” She looked down. he revved up his car. slightly confused. quietly. he just needed to get out of there. “And if he couldn‟t go… then I really wanted you to be there with me. and he abruptly broke the kiss. He turned around from his computer. turning his head to the place the sound had come from.

… Let us rejoice! For her suffering has come to an end. he silently prayed that nothing would happen to her.” She laughed.” She told him. affliction. pain and need.words.” The body of Kang Eunah was laid into the earth. to land sweetly upon his ears. “I know I‟ve probably been the biggest bitch to you this whole time… and even now. a bringer of death. At that moment. “You‟re really sweet. and went over to Junsu at the other side of the room. By its hands. One free of strife. The wrong has been set right. Junsu. her words pushing through the strands of his red-coloured hair. her face lighting up in a way that Junsu could only remember. down at Sohyun who stood staring . slightly. and the look she gave Junsu suddenly worried him: she looked like she was going to cry.” Sohyun looked back at him.” The copper-haired girl looked up at him. “Mhmm. Her life may have been touched by the black rose. one in which the vampire shall never see. But now… as we lay her in the earth. Much to his surprise—she gave him a hug. “Sure. Just this once. as we lay her to rest… she is given—not death— but life… a life eternal. He nodded. Junsu hugged the shorter girl back. She has been sent to an eternal paradise. she dropped her Pucca doll on her bed. she has been purified anew. Junsu nodded. he prayed to every divine being for the curse to spare her. she was given death. But before he could say anything. He felt that if he were to let go… she would disappear. … Let us rejoice! … For she is now free. cleansed… given a clean slate. you still put up with me. but at that moment. Not once shall its eyes ever be laid upon its splendour. Just this once… “… she was taken from us by the unholiest of thou: a vampire.” She whispered softly to him. excitedly. as he held her warmly. I‟ll go with you. Junsu looked over beside him. she spoke. Without another word. “Thank you. in their embrace. he resounded to his heart. She then looked up at him with a heartfelt look in her eyes. with a smile. It made him so happy to see her smile again… “You will?” She asked him. tightly… almost protectively. if you will.

A young woman. echoing in her voice. “Who?” The girl next to him attempted—but to no avail—to hide her evergrowing state of jealousy. Smiling.” He then leaned down. she squeezed his hand gently in return. as well as her older sister and brother-in-law. She immediately frowned. vampires having came. they salvaged—and sacrificed—everything they could… and left it all behind. her husband by her side. Not wanting to fall victim to them. in Sohyun‟s direction. With nothing but the clothes and garments on their backs. as they moved desperately. as she looked up at the dark-haired boy. The one up there with the long. “… No one. yet fatigued. The sounds and sights of death were alive and well. at all.” He told her. Their village had been ridden by Death.” . ran fearfully through the night. by his side. The soft glow of the moon briskly lighted their path over the hilly terrain. but to run.chapter 11((Movement in the Green _________ There was no other choice. they trekked through the hours of darkness. “Haejoonie. with a face fair. and the tiny possessions they could carry. A suspicious undertone. “That girl you keep staring at.” She looked up at him. with somewhat of a look of satisfaction across his face. that night. his hair frosted with metallic-blue. mercilessly killing everything in their path.woefully at the dead girl‟s casket. a young lady. trying to seek safety. He smirked. as he whispered gently to her. her?” He jerked his head slightly. . “Who is she?” Haejoon turned to look at her. affectionately. She noticed him staring at Sohyun this whole time. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. orangeish hair?” “Oh. as he turned his eyes over to the girl beside him. once again. “It‟ll be okay. “You don‟t need to worry about her. hidden by those who came also to pay their respects… was none other than Haejoon.” She began. A fair distance behind them. “She‟s no one. to nuzzle the girl‟s neck. before returning her gaze back to her friend‟s final resting place.

” She whispered. “Oh. she could only nod. in alarm. could only shake her head weakly.” He told her. Please. “Soojung!” Her husband immediately stopped. “Please. and spoke gently to her. gave a somewhat remorseful sigh. She struggled to catch her breath. as she watched Soojung stiffly continue to clutch her pregnant belly. please. worriedly.” Soojung with tears steadily beginning to brim her dark lashes. it is just over the valley. as he turned around to look upon his fatigued wife. We are nearly there. as she stared at her younger sister. painfully. The others. the young woman‟s brother-in-law. “The baby?” Soojung‟s husband asked. “I beg of you. gravely. “Soojung. “Come now.” She begged to him.” Her older sister looked upon her with a strong hint of pity in her eyes. “No more. clutching her belly. her long raven hair matted to her forehead with drops of cold sweat. “Yes. “Who knows how quickly the vampires may have moved? We must press on. had stopped to see what was the matter.” Clearly limp with exhaustion. we must stop. good heavens. in surprise. escaping more and more with each pant after heavy pant. Her breath was slowly beginning to leave her.” The other woman‟s eyes widened in alarm. her breaths becoming shallower.hoping to find refuge in a nearby village. Hosuk. as she stopped. He quickly bent down to kneel on the ground beside her. who was now clearly in pain.” The young woman shook her head tiredly. she told him. as he looked worriedly in her face. Soojung. she allowed her legs to give way underneath her. “… Is it the baby?” With discomfort. . we cannot stop now. falling to the ground in a subsided weakness. Dizzied and faint by the shadows in the deep forest running beside her. “Soojung. She too knelt down beside the younger woman. “I cannot. too. are you alright?” He asked in a frightened panic. The young woman‟s sister noticed this. no more.” She said.

After a moment or so. as a tear escaped the corner of her long. she looked into Soojung‟s face. the other woman quickly turned to her younger sister. Allow her to lean against you. and began to examine her with her eyes. bewilderment echoing in his tone. a little confused.” Soojung cringed. “We cannot deliver this baby right this moment. Soojung is my sister. Unable to do nothing else. “Hosuk. Her older sister looked at her.” Woohyun. and began to stroke it softly. mostly to herself. clutching her belly tighter. “… Do you feel the baby coming?” She asked her. this is madness. “Yes. as she feebly returned the adoring gesture. with nothing but determination across her features. trying to comfort her the best he could. Hosuk rolled his eyes. can we make haste?” .” He told his wife. dark lashes. He gently squeezed her hand. “Oh dear…” Soojung‟s sister began to look about frantically. “… Woohyun!” She called to him.“Now? Are you sure?” Hosuk asked her. as he noticed Soojung‟s condition beginning to get worse. allowing her to rest against him. Her husband looked upon her with compassion reflecting in his eyes. the vampires will smell the scent of her blood— would you rather her be killed?” “Chaejung!” Woohyun called out to her. She stopped once her eyes rested nervously on her brother-in-law. which had now turned to an almost porcelain pale. hurriedly got behind his distressed wife. “Have the contractions ceased already?” She asked. quietly. He then gently took her hand. voicing the thoughts in her head aloud. Startled by this. they find us. what then?” Chaejung slowly turned around to face her husband. “Stay behind her for support. somewhat irritably. I refuse to see her in pain.” She said to him. “… Then. quickly doing as he was instructed. the vampires may be on the move! Suppose they find us here. gently. “Chaejung. Soojung simply nodded her head. “It is not normal for them to end so quickly…” “In that case.” “If you deliver this baby.

Chaejung turned back to her sister. “Now. “… he is beautiful.” she began. “You have given birth to a son. before quickly wrapping it up in her scarf. Alarmed. Chaejung smiled at them. and endless streams of tears… a baby was brought into the world. her eyes still lovingly transfixed on the baby in her arms. as it cried and fussed about. but there was definitely something different about this child. She smiled gently at the little thing.” She whimpered. visibly anguished. as Chaejung cleaned it with a handkerchief. Soojung and Woohyun looked on at the little child in wonder. yet radiantly.” Her husband agreed. something that seemed to just emit from him. no longer crying as much as it used to. “when you are ready… push. as she looked caringly into her face. She then turned her gaze on to her younger sister and brother-in-law. to take the baby. eyes all softening as they stared at its innocent form. firmly. They could not quite understand what. as she smiled at him tiredly. continuously. “Alright…” She then began to take off the brown-coloured scarf she wore around her neck. “Just as you are. “Very good. gentle sobs choking on her words.” Slowly nodding. Soojung let out a painful cry. feeling warmth and safeness in these familiar arms. dear sister. how close is it?” “I do not know.” After a few agonizing pushes. and brought it out to hold underneath Soojung. his soft raven-coloured hair. to place the baby in its mother‟s arms.” She leaned over to Soojung. “… Soojung. But yet… there was something so profound about this tiny infant. as they looked at the little bundle with eager eyes. “But I want to push it out. through a gentle smile.” They all continued to gaze in wonder at the little baby. somewhat annoyed. Something very different… .” “Yes. please!” Chaejung said to him. She gently lay a hand on her belly.“Hosuk. “Woohyun…” Soojung whispered quietly.” Soojung curiously held the tiny infant in her arms. his rosy cheeks… his remarkably pale skin. At that moment. He then leaned down to kiss Soojung‟s forehead. Chaejung released her hand. The baby was now beginning to calm down. The couple marvelled at his innocent features.

just scarcely several feet away. somewhat distracted by the sudden odd filtration of light. Hosuk?” She turned up to look at him. Almost afraid of what she might see. “Sister.” Woohyun gave a proud smile to the tiny baby. Soojung looked up from the baby in her arms. she followed his gaze—mirroring it.” Hosuk answered for her. revealing the night‟s pearl. slowly began to part. it is. instantly abolishing them… to softly illuminate a watchful shrub of black roses. She took note of the worried expression she saw across her face. a sliver of moonlight cut through the leaves of the canopy. to land down to the earth below. The moon‟s soft glow drew his eyes to its subtle location. fear steadily beginning to write itself across his features. the young woman reluctantly looked over to the direction Hosuk was pointing to. “… We shall call him Jaejoong. Chaejung lowered her gaze from the hated flowers. Startled by this. as they rested upon the reviled shrub… in horror. Her eyes instantly washed over with pity.“Jaejoong. She held him. His voice. as if he might be taken from her at any moment… Woohyun simply stared on in shock. as she continued to stare at them. to look back down to the innocent baby in Soojung‟s arms. she let out a terrifying gasp. as she stared adoringly into his face. . what is it?” “Look. Ever so carefully. It spilled light into the unsuspecting shadows. and noticed the fearful expression on her husband‟s face. Her child was born amongst their presence… Her clutch on the baby slowly grew more desperate. “Chaejung…” “What is the matter. towards her older sister. Now filled with concern. somewhat hoarse. almost seemingly precisely calculated. as she saw them: The cursed black roses. and was instantly troubled. “Jaejoong. he shakily called to his wife.” The wispiness of the grey clouds that craftily hid the moon in the sky. Unable to speak. not far off. Her eyes widened in terror. as he pointed to the black roses. as her eyes locked with the revealed shrub of black roses.” The young woman said to the child. Hosuk looked about.

He was curious as to what this was all about. narrowing at him in contempt. before looking again at the tiny baby. A voice. She then looked back down into Jaejoong‟s face. then looked down at the baby Jaejoong. Someone that could help you. Soojung. as she watched him sleep so innocently… Quietly. “Thought you ditched me.” She told her. Yoochun drove down to “Seung‟s” parking lot.” . looked down at the baby Jaejoong. as he saw the dark-haired Mijin walking over to him from the other side of the parking lot. that night. as she slowly slipped her arms around his waist. “I was wondering when you‟d get here. terribly worried. Soojung. as Soojung looked back at her.” she began.“Oh. “He must never know…” Hosuk turned his gaze once more upon the black roses. who was now soundly sleeping. and stared frantically into her sister‟s face. all too familiar to him. a playful smile across her lips. leaning closer to him. She approached him innocuously. Mijin?” He asked the girl. “You made it. Soojung too. dear God. she spoke to her sister: “He must never know. the coolness of the night nipping subtly at his cheeks. or something. Yoochun turned around at the sound of the voice. “Like I told you before… there‟s someone I think you should meet. curtly.” She told him through that same playful smile of hers. Apprehensively. but at the same time. It was about half-past ten. “Well. … His eyes. through ruefully tinted eyes. carefully. slightly annoyed. didn‟t really want to be here.” Just half a moment after locking his car door. no…” Realizing her sister‟s fear. “Chaejung!” Chaejung looked up at the younger woman in remorse. like Mijin had requested of him the night before. An ominous chill whispered its way through the breeze. she quickly looked up from him.” “What is it.

like the police?” Yoochun asked him. and you made an excellent one having listened to her. At that moment. here. “Who?” He asked her. the light from the lampposts subtly revealing the metallic blue colour of his hair. She then turned her head to look at an isolated jet black-coloured car. The other boy began to inwardly shift a little under his scrutinizing gaze. She made the right choice bringing you here tonight. His eyes landed upon the car. softly ghosted with the limelight of a nearby lamppost. Haejoon let out a haughty laugh. Yoochun‟s eyes instantly narrowed at the other boy. At that. with eyes of utmost patience. casually impressed.” At those words. told me a bit about your story. Yoochun curiously followed the other girl‟s gaze. shutting the door behind them. wondering just who it was she could be referring to. “What do you know about her?” Haejoon gave him a reassuring smile. “Not anything like the police.” She began. he paused for a moment. Haejoon began again. After a moment.” “Emised?” “A slayer faction. “We‟re an underground group that specializes in the killing of vampires.” “You mean. almost as if he was waiting for something.” He told him. no. as if on cue. “… your mother might still be alive.” Haejoon explained with a half smile. He then gave him that same half smile he revealed .Yoochun frowned a little. He stared at Yoochun. his eyes slightly diverting away from him. beside them. interested in what had just suddenly taken her interest. “Mijin. Mijin simply smiled back at him. aptly dismissing the question. “If they handled things just half as good as the way we do…” At this. several feet away. once the other person had reached a satisfying distance. a fair distance away. someone stepped out of the driver‟s side. “This is Haejoon.” He told him. The dark-haired girl slowly released her arms off of the other boy. “Yoochun. now having caught his attention. He‟s a member of Emised. They began to make their way over to where Yoochun and Mijin were standing. looking Yoochun dead in the eye. faintly confused.

However. The other boy shrugged. “So whaddya say?” Yoochun said nothing for a few moments.earlier. Yoochun stood there. he began to head towards his awaiting jet-black coloured car. “He told me about Emised.” Mijin explained. “And from what Mijin‟s told me about you… it looks like you‟d fit right in. “She‟ll definitely get to you. Part of him was curious… yet part of him didn‟t trust this „Haejoon‟ character. confused. “Are you part of Emised?” The dark-haired girl nodded in reply.” With a sweet smile. she began to make her way over to Haejoon‟s car. “Mhmm. “It almost bit me-until he shot it with his vampistol. Haejoon. by a vampire. “… I was almost killed by a vampire. she paused for a moment.” “That‟s right.” She shrugged. “Her?” “The leader of Emised.” She continued to explain. simply smirked back at him.” With those words. his eyes reflecting a faint suspicion. “You‟re lucky to have a friend like her that actually cares. almost as if he was expecting such a reaction. on the other hand. and what it could offer me: safety… protection… a family. before continuing. He smirked. We‟ll go to her… and you can see for yourself. Not at all. . a little.” She jerked her head towards the blue-haired boy. “Jang Nari. If he hadn‟t have been there that night… I wouldn‟t be here talking to you. now.” Haejoon agreed. All the members in Emised have all been touched. That‟s what gives us the edge over the government‟s supposed „fool-proof‟ tactics: we have actual experience to draw upon. satisfyingly. After the tense passing of a quiet moment. still trying to think all of this over. right now. But Haejoon saved my life. Yoochun looked at the other boy.” He concluded. And I have been for about two years.” At that. in one way or another. “What do you gotta lose… that you haven‟t lost already?” … “Still need some more convincing?” Haejoon asked again. if I needed it. There was something about those words that made him feel extremely uneasy. Yoochun turned his attention back onto Mijin.

” It was just a little past sundown. Mijin opened up the passenger door. In the heart of these woods. “Welcome aboard. and what would pass him by. “Welcome aboard. Each footstep. Soon enough. Yoochun. The last remnants of day could still be seen on the horizon. as he opened up the door to the driver‟s side. He knew this. he met up with them at Haejoon‟s car. like a mother calling out to her child… He desperately needed to feed. This part of the woods held great meaning to him. This was what he wanted. “You‟ll love Jang. He missed the other boy. … Was it not? … Morbid curiosity seeming to have gotten the best of him. subtly imposing a question to his mind. but now only as faded greys and blues. and longed for him. But how to answer that question was far greater a task. climbing warily into the car. Should he follow… or should he stay? What would await him if he was to follow. Something about this place would always call to him.Their augmenting footsteps led them farther and farther away from the darkhaired boy. but he wanted to see him again.” Haejoon told him. and comfortably welcomed herself to a seat. left with nothing but the faint traces of opportunity lingering about in the air around him. and began to pull out of the deserted parking lot. the only home to this lone shrub of black roses. cautiously diminishing the distance covered by their footsteps. for he felt it deep in his heart. as Yoochun opened up a back door. Yoochun began to follow them. . Yunho.” Haejoon started up the car. if he were to remain here—where he was? Where he was. she‟s cool. he would wait in a sleep unknown to humans. drawing him back.

my whole life. … He‟s taught me things that you never could. at least. no. “… From you. “You—fortunately—not being one of them. as I am. Me.” Jaejoong began. the other vampire let out an amused laugh. and you are all eager and ready to leave your haven. Showed me things that.” At that. “… There is always one that I can count on to accept me. naive… stupid childe. Once that moment . “Ah. … He‟s made me believe that they‟re not „all the same.” It was the voice of his Sire. Jaejoong turned around to face him. that all depends. and yet in the end.” He began. he unsuspectingly heard a voice pierce the soundlessness around him: “And where are we off to?” It startled him somewhat. to gain everything. “Off to see our precious human lover?” He then scowled. somewhat annoyed. his darkened eyes narrowing in confusion. “Why so hasty?” Jaejoong said nothing. Minwoo smirked at him. “From the hundreds. “I long for a lot of things… my dear Sire.” He said the last part in a bitter tone. You have absolutely no idea what you are getting yourself into. “The sun has barely set. have you learned nothing?” “Well.” Minwoo looked back at the young vampire. as his face took on a look of disgust. “What should I have learned? That this life is absolutely meaningless and empty? That we sacrifice everything. doesn‟t it?” At this. we have absolutely nothing? That… this is simply all there is to it?” He asked of his Sire. causing him to stop.” He paused for a moment. “If that‟s the case… then.‟ Just as how they believe that our kind are „all the same. all these years. childe. you‟d tried to keep hidden from me. thousands—maybe even tens of thousands of people that may despise me. I have learned nothing. Being on this Earth. “… A drop of blood is only worth that moment.‟” He told him. “My poor. “You long for attachment that desperately?” Jaejoong sighed. looking his Sire dead in the eye.Just about to step foot out of his resting place.

staring at his Sire in slight puzzlement. and one day. How are you so sure… that it is not your cursed beauty he fell in love with?” He smirked. “Your precious human is simply toying with you to satisfy his lust. as he wore his lips tight in a stubborn frown. … We crave so much more. “And once he satisfies his lust.” He told him. he too will leave you…” He then slowly began . … We crave life. It‟s just our temporary solution to our immortal problem. And he‟s showed me that meaning—“ “Why must you be so naive?” Jaejoong frowned at that.leaves you. “For such a lovely creature to enter one‟s life… I would say Lady Luck is quite the seductress… wouldn‟t you agree?” Jaejoong said nothing to Minwoo. once again. we yearn for so much more. Don‟t you see? We envy them. young Jaejoong. in a sour tone. “… You‟re lying. Your little lover perhaps just believes he got lucky. After all. his shadow draping over Jaejoong. “… Then again. Sire. I‟m curious. admiring the porcelain-like softness. you are left with nothing. narrowing his eyes at the other vampire. One day. “He‟s not—“ “But am I. “Exactly how long do you think this will last? Hmm? Exactly how long? Enlighten me. it is not everyday you find someone as enchanting as yourself. He stayed silent. simply because of you?” Minwoo continued. Immortality is worthless—a life is worthless—without meaning to it. in hatred. caressing the boy‟s cheek underneath the smooth of his thumb. as he slowly lowered his gaze from his Sire to meet the fallen leaves on the earth. “… Do you truly believe that this human fell in love with you. would you blame him?” He was now standing directly in front of the raven-haired boy.” Jaejoong said nothing. he will leave you. as he leered maliciously at him. “… You are an exquisite work of art. “You fail to remember that he is mortal.” Jaejoong no longer wanted to hear anymore.” He began to walk closer to the young vampire. now?” Minwoo sneered at him. so rare. “You do realize that you do not exactly look like the average person. he will die.” Minwoo asked of him. He then reached a gaunt hand up against the young vampire‟s face. A rare find.

but stare helplessly back at his Sire. “What was it. in a snide tone. For this is so characteristic of your nature. Just as you are. I don‟t have to feel… what I am. I can forget all of that. His Sire smirked at him. laden with faint hints of regret. his gaze returning to the other vampire. that I don‟t remember a thing that happened to me. come now.” Minwoo inquired. that is the question. … I am happy when I‟m with him.” He told him. somewhat oppressed.” He then paused for a moment. Nothing else matters to him… and that‟s all that matters to me. incredulously. you must remember. When I‟m with him. “… I don‟t believe you. is it not? Always running away. he spoke to him. Jaejoong was confused.” He said softly. “You don‟t know him. I wonder? Yes. as he stared back at his Sire. I‟m simply Jaejoong. … For once. before taking a few steps back. “Well then… allow me to refresh your memory. “What had happened to you… in your former life?” Jaejoong looked back at his Sire. he‟s nothing like that. why on earth would you want to do something like that?” Minwoo asked him. “… once again with nothing.to withdraw his hand from Jaejoong‟s face. his shadow slowly lifting from the young vampire. the look in his eyes faintly softening. plainly. “I don‟t have to feel hated. and that‟s all I want to be. but I suppose I should not be too surprised.” The raven-haired boy was quiet for a few moments. “You very well know. I am happy. He cares about who I am. his voice taunting the young vampire. he loves me for who I am. That is just like you. “Oh.” He told him. some odd years ago?” . What… or who… are you running away from?” Jaejoong did nothing. “… But from whom. “Ah.” Minwoo simply smiled at him. the dark brown of his eyes seeming to darken themselves even further. „cause he‟s the only one who makes me forget—“ “Now. as he stared at the young vampire. His eyes reflecting a silent contempt. before all of this. I don‟t have to feel judged. In a hushed voice.

Run as fast as you can. blurred. most darkest secret? It was someone you believed you could trust. You are the demon child. But yet. Yet… who was the centre of all of this? Who revealed your deepest. they want you killed. He did nothing wrong… You were born amongst them: the evil… the death… the cursed. Run. but to run. he didn‟t understand. the one that is spoken of. Jaejoong felt himself being taken farther and farther away from the only home he had ever known. He had no other choice. they were gaining on him. Never. you will never be able to escape yourself. They told you—he told you… you shall not be allowed to live. Hoping that his legs would still carry him. he tried to get up and brush himself off. Why was this happening? Why were they doing this? Your entire village has turned against you. He had to lose them. He didn‟t understand. He could hear them faintly now. Steadily. he ran. His breath was laboured. his vision. He was slowly leaving behind the only mother and father he had ever loved. You are as good as dead to them. He needed to run. now? Do you remember him. His breath slowly leaving him. your dear Uncle Hosuk? He had betrayed you… since that fateful night of your birth.That night. landing painfully in the dirt. He tripped and fell. Yes. hunting you like the creature you are. he ran. Quickly. but surely. As fast as he was able to. … Make it worth their while. Why don‟t you simply just send . With each stride of footsteps. they were still after him. You now have no one. no one at all. But how much longer could he continue on like this? … He was beginning to tire. he had to keep going. Who was it. the only family he had ever known. They will kill you if you are not fast enough. As fast as his legs would carry him… he ran. They hate you. The landscape seemed to be all one huge blur of nothingness—he‟d been running for so long. with each pant after heavy pant… he needed to think. somehow. Run away as fast as you can. run. But no matter how far you run.

Just up ahead. Be careful. He could lose them. The scent of death is one that cannot be so easily hidden. It knocked him off course. Be careful. A thought formed in his mind. His heart beat wildly in the cage of his chest. His heart was beating so rapidly. silently fearing for his life. But no. He was done for. It was working. without being seen or heard. wasn‟t sure. he could make out the edge of the woods amongst the darkness. Without a kill. However… something near the woods caught his eye. He spotted a movement in the green. until one of them turned around to look at the large willow tree. as he felt the pain of a bullet pierce into his back. the risk of being heard would be far too high. he would be free. If they found him—that was it. and hid safely behind its trunk. he was almost tempted to run right in. swords and firearms. as well as suffering . Deciding upon it. Slowly. in hopes of somehow still finding something.death upon them? … My lovely black rose? Jaejoong stopped. He stood where he was… and waited. himself. he made a run for it. If he could somehow make it over there. Even slower. They are at fair distance now. he began to tiptoe ever so quietly across the grass. as he waited. Not far off. He was so close to the edge of the woods. The sound of his own heartbeat echoed painfully throughout him. the sound of his own blood rushing to his ears. His breath laboriously struggled to keep up with him. Jaejoong slowly edged himself away from the tree. He feared what may await him just beyond this moment. Bracing himself. An arm had broken as a result of the agonizing fall. keeping himself as hidden in the shadows as possible. almost deafening him. Just about ready. “There!” Jaejoong‟s breath caught in his throat. Quickly he shouted out. that he could almost feel it leap up into his throat every now and then. down its small rocky valley. as he felt himself falling down into the woods. While he was cloaked with the shadow of death. The gang of men were just about ready to retreat. He stood absolutely no chance: They were dangerously armed with torches. they were ready to head back to the village. amongst the shadows. and tumbling painfully towards the stony creek. sniffing around like dogs. What for? He. he kept on. he could make out a large willow tree.

He was tall. he walked a bit more closer to him. the metallic taste of the liquid filling his mouth. Nothing wrong. He didn‟t deserve this. He choked on the fluid. fallen. … How thoughtful.various cuts and bruises all over his body. There was something about him that made Jaejoong seem very uneasy. Just freshly spilt. he could see it a bit more clearly: it was a young man. and it was gradually filling up with blood. Jaejoong arduously sat up. Becoming closer to it. the pain ringing to all parts of his body. he used up every ounce of his diminishing strength he had left to call out to them… He smelled blood. Just then. almost appearing to blend in with the night‟s furtive shadows. He thought he had heard him say something. It wasn‟t fair. leaving Jaejoong lying wounded by the creek. Moments passed. and began to make his way over to it. he was still alive. to look up at the man in front of him. Once there. from what he could still see. He didn‟t understand. all the same. The gang of men looked down into the woods. In one final attempt for life. and saw the ravenhaired boy. the open air stinging them. His whole body was weak… and drained. by a boulder. he saw a figure lying on the ground. he seemed fairly young. His whole body ached with a pain he could‟ve never imagined. as he desperately gasped and gaped for air. in fact. He did nothing wrong. They cheered rowdily amongst themselves. From what he was still able to make out. giving him the most horrible headache imaginable. and seemed darkened somewhat. the man had long platinum blond-coloured hair. He didn‟t understand what he had done to be lying here in a state such as this. What did they mean „he was born amongst them‟? Amongst who? Amongst what? … Was it the roses? He groaned. telling him of their exact locations. The bullet had pierced his right lung. His head had banged against one of the little boulders by the creek. his blood. His senses were slowly fading. The night‟s cool breezes would blow over his cuts. He could sense it coming from the creek. he didn‟t deserve to die here. and a very thin frame. His forearm arm throbbed from the broken bone. but he was desperate for . cursing him. and their voices could no longer be heard. Frowning. Not old at all. painfully. He was bloodied… yet. He could hardly breathe. there was a figure walking about up ahead.

… Unfortunate. Although Jaejoong was unsure of the intent of his smile. He reached a gaunt hand up to his face. For he was unlike anything he had ever laid his eyes upon. uncovering every last wound. his fingertips slowly caressed their way down his cheek. more of his blood filling his mouth. indeed. He smiled maliciously at the boy. slightly resembling creamy porcelain. Looking into his face. full and hinted with scarlet. he could see the boy was barely hanging on to life. Several minutes more… he would surely die. somewhat entranced. Please. Seeing his face fully. help me—” He coughed. he could see fair skin. Perhaps he could help grant this boy‟s wish… and his own. until they rested upon his lips. most richest of browns. The boy was beautiful. a delicate visage. choking him. plunging into his mouth. boldly and thoroughly. lips. not once had his eyes been laid upon one of such magnificent splendour. for this one to simply just go to waste.help. through confused eyes. The man pulled away from the youth. In all his years of roaming the earth. the velvety smoothness of the boy‟s lips alone was enough to put him in a state of idyllic euphoria. The man slowly began to kneel down beside the raven-haired boy. sir… I beg of you. thin lips. How sad. little one. Even through his scars and wounds. and delicately brushed his silken raven strands of hair away from his eyes. he pushed his tongue past the younger‟s lips. The man smiled at this. framed with raven hair. “Unfortunate. he couldn‟t help but stare back at him. Moving his fingers away from the boy‟s hair. Wanting more. Jaejoong looked back at him. for the shadows had kept his face hidden from him. He indulged himself in the pure taste of the boy‟s blood running across his lips. tasting the blood lingering across his cold. as he looked back at the raven-haired boy. he called out to him. He examined the injured youth with his eyes. doeshaped eyes. moistened with his own blood. In a hoarse voice. large. of an eloquent pale. “Help me… I do not want to die.” . tasting him and his warm blood. They were of a rose-petal silkiness. and splashed with ruby… The man couldn‟t help but smile. coloured with hues of the darkest. he brought his face closer to the raven-haired boy‟s… slowly covering the youth‟s lips with his own. every drop of blood. most lustrous. Craving just a little of something so sweet.

Your… own… kind. You can only keep running away from yourself for so long. touched by the hand of death. There they stood. There. And they will always hate you. velvety undertones singing their lament of . The closer he got to them… the more he was able to see their delicate beauty. And so. unmoved. is it not? As much as you may love them. May it have been in this life… or your former one. … Ironic. Jaejoong: Cursed. No one dared enter this part of the woods. into his haven. isolated amongst the world. was that same shrub of black roses. the way this world works. as it had been for years and years past.… And of course. You are who you are. how it would brighten the crystal drops of dew that lined each flower. for the fear of being in the presence of the cursed. you will tire… just as we all do. Your precious humans. … There is no escaping yourself. resonant black. Sooner or later. you remember who it was that tried to kill you? … Humans. A bringer of death. childe. it had been left untouched. itself. they hate you. as it is now. The young vampire slowly began to walk over to them. … Jaejoong looked ahead of him. It almost seemed like magic. unmoving. Their petals were of a rich. as they had for centuries. the way the glow of the moon would bathe each petal.

They were silken… soft… beautiful. . With the vague reflections of ourselves at our heels. “… the black rose is said to be touched. Jaejoong. and closer still. . for a while. time is at a minimum. it depends on how close you become to it. now.” We must hurry on. Some say. He then plucked it out of the shrub. and some find it hard not to be drawn into it by its beauty. We move forward. It was a spitting image of himself. and will bring bad luck… or even ultimately. we hurry on. … But it is in that temptation. But… the thing about the black rose… it‟s exceptionally beautiful. almost able to hear their cries. He closed the distance between them… his fingers softly grazing a black rose. death. now. we race from shadow to shadow.chapter 12((Commanding A Raven Army _________ Stealthily on foot.desolation. He stood there. instinctively felt pity for them. It really is an exquisite work of art. even bred. is a second gone—quick! Make haste to recover. But don‟t look back. in that allure… that separates the person from life… or death. He stared blankly into the black rose. and just… sort of ran the petals through his fingertips. The shadows might disappear— Listen! … Carefully. itself. by the hand of death. bringing it up closer for his eyes to see. Quickly. to the person it comes in contact with. It is a bringer of death. as he became closer. A second dropped. Time is of the essence. gazing into their petals.

his overshadowing presence draping over the young vampire. “There. it seemed. Both equally left with nothing. Or rather. young Jaejoong. as he recoiled from . to face him. seeing your very own reflection mirrored in the foreignness of the mock crystal. each and every tiny feature it so possessed. sheathed with a subdued anguish. there.” “Because it was never found to begin with. He spoke to him. “Chil—“ “Why are you telling me all this now?” Jaejoong turned his head slightly.His eyes continued to trace over his reviled namesake. a little. they were both stolen from. their story. my dear boy. It angered him. as he hated whenever the older man was this close to him. through the silken strands of Jaejoong‟s raven-coloured hair. leads to arrogance. should know who you are… should you not?” At that moment. Repeating it word for word.” Minwoo had walked up from behind him.” Minwoo watched the young vampire turn away from him once again. “It would have been better if I didn‟t know at all. and intensely studying. but at the same time so unknown. in a way. He flinched. gaunt fingers. slightly shattered. The young vampire let out a tiny cry. “And after all.” He told him. pick-pocketed unfairly. He could almost feel the crassness of the other vampire‟s breath against his neck. Minwoo began delicately running his cold. The dark brown of his eyes memorizing.” His Sire let out an almost tired sigh. almost in a coaxing tone. the light of the moon subtly glinting off of his hair. he snatched the rose out of Jaejoong‟s hand. “And you have much… much of it. of all people. It was almost like gazing upon the looking glass. His eyes. Creating an image that seemed so familiar. It slightly choked Jaejoong. … Was he being selfish? Then again. just how much he had in common with this darkened flower. “You. “Ignorance.” Jaejoong said nothing.” His Sire continued. His whole life appeared to have simply been telling its story. He hated it. coolly. “All is not lost.

” Jaejoong tiredly turned away from his Sire.” he twirled the rose around between his fingers. You know their kind.” He stated. Like a poison… a poison so sweet. Minwoo. Minwoo smirked. trust and faith to something that will only end up leaving you. dear childe?” Minwoo asked of him. “From the thought of leaving? … Or from the very notion of having to erase . Quite so. unmatched. as he gazed into the flower. Jaejoong said nothing. to stare into his shadowed haven. “You have blindly given all of your love. all around him. from a thorn along the rose‟s stem. gone the next.” His Sire continued.” “They‟re only wasted if they aren‟t given back. “Fascinating creatures. “Very fickle things. as they are.” “You still fail to understand. Untrustworthy.” He paused for a moment. his back still facing the older vampire. “But yet… you are in love with one. “Exquisite… their beauty. “The boy is mortal. Jaejoong. Jaejoong watched as the delicate flower made contact with the brown-coloured earth below. somewhat incredulously. “Let him go.” Just then. here one moment. “So delicate. a devious smirk crept its way onto his lips. “Does it not remind you of someone—you thought you knew?” “Leave me alone. don‟t you?” Minwoo asked him. are they not?” Still nursing the broken skin. To something that will only end up hurting you. a discarded silken petal crushing beneath its weight. almost in disbelief of those words. “Yet. as he turned his head to look at his Sire. A frown abruptly took over the older man‟s face.” … “But from where does the pain come. as he turned his darkened gaze onto the raven-haired boy. in return. at Jaejoong‟s feet. deadly. “There is no need wasting your emotions on a mere mortal.the cut to his fingers. His Sire spoke to him again. in fact.” He then threw the black rose onto the earth.” Jaejoong said nothing. as he looked at the young vampire‟s back. death almost feels a luxury.

” … “… But what happens when that pain becomes too much? What happens when that pain becomes so overbearing. as his gaze remained upon the raven-haired boy. By your hand. he is gone..” He told him forebodingly." A satisfied smirk found its way upon his lips. While you remain here. Born to bring an ill-fate to any mortal who comes in your presence. stopping once he had reached the boy‟s shoulders.” Jaejoong‟s eyes widened slightly. the boy will die. The only comfort. completely?” … “Once he leaves you. young Jaejoong. He then . when there was just shy of an inch of space between them.. that you give up hope. the boy will die. and extremely… gone. anymore? What happens when reality deals your naive mind a cruel blow: he is never coming back?” … Minwoo continued to stare at the young vampire ahead of him. “… But I will never leave you. he spoke to him.. And the two of you will never meet again.” He stopped." . he refused to face him. “You can only deny yourself for so long. noticing his figure slowly becoming tense. being the pain from all of those longing memories. his back remaining towards the other vampire. bringing his cold. In a low whisper. "One day.. He is no more. You will no longer see him. And one day. commanding Death at your hand. This is your curse. as he slowly began advancing towards the young vampire. Born in the presence of the black rose. “. “My dear boy…” Minwoo slowly began grazing his hands up the sides of Jaejoong‟s arms. Born into the life of a vampire.. thin lips to rest at the raven-haired boy‟s ear. Yet still.. ". You are cursed.them from your life. Jaejoong. Forever. he leaned down towards the side of Jaejoong‟s face. He is utterly.. entirely.. and simply cannot stand for it. as he let out an inward gasp at those words. childe. he will leave you.. Carefully..

” “You saw it?” “Yeah. as they neared some limitless end.” “‟cause that‟s all we‟re good for. “We just gotta wait and see what Jang says. “So. his breath running its way across the bite. if just for one moment. as he let the other boy win this one. what about this Code „Caedo‟?” Haejoon asked Yoochun beside him. and then some. you know Jang won‟t call a Code „Caedo‟ unless you‟re pretty fuckin‟ sure—“ “I‟m pretty… fuckin‟… sure. somewhat grimly. Jaejoong feeling the gauntness of his fingertips.” He turned his attention back to the shifting asphalt beneath them. with no immediate destination on the horizon. The lights flashed on overhead.” “Yeah. that night.” The two had been driving in Haejoon‟s car for a while. “… and regret it.began to lightly massage them.” Haejoon simply shrugged. Minwoo whispered gently against Jaejoong‟s neck.” Yoochun answered. his eyes diverting from the dark road ahead of them. huh? It must‟ve been tough. well… you gotta deal. through the light material of his black coat.” . the moment it leaves you?” “And you were close with her. “Alright. he had so kindly given to him. feeling Minwoo‟s ice-like lips still against his earlobe. one by one. They weren‟t at all sure of exactly where they were heading. Simply just driving. till they reached the bite on his neck. “But. so many years ago. but it gave them a strange sense of security to just keep the car moving. “Why must you live in a fleeting moment…” His lips began to delicately tease their way down the other boy‟s ear. “You sure about it?” “Sure. Simply just drifting along a sea of endless road. He shivered slightly.

leaving his dresser—when he saw Jaejoong standing over by the screen door.A few moments passed. nearly expressionless. He smirked. Yunho was startled. Yunho pushed the “SET” button on his clock radio.” The blue-haired boy told him.” Yoochun looked at the metallic blue-haired boy for a second. and Haejoon smiled. and curiously reached out to it. a somewhat comfortable silence drifted around the car. He then looked down towards the drawer in front of him that he was referring to. making sure it‟d wake him up for 7:15 the next morning. “Open that up. Donned in a grey t-shirt and sweatpants ensemble. slight apology written across his features. and it opened with ease. who had his eyes focussed on the road. The only sound for those few moments was the gentle “hum” of the engine. look was cast across the brown-haired boy‟s face. “Knock yourself out. he was just about ready to hop into bed. . at all. “Hey. He had a seminar at eight o‟clock—that he‟d rather not go to—but it was best to at least show up.‟ He frowned. before looking ahead of him. The guy had good taste. Relax. Haejoon looked over at Yoochun. Help yourself. while quickly making his way over. Haejoon felt. a little. as he brought his gaze back to the road ahead. there were at least a dozen cigarette packs— Yoochun‟s favourite brand. Haejoon let out an inward sigh. He turned around. Inside. And nothing more. „a little tiny twinge of pity—if it was there. The door was closed. staring out the window beside him. A sort of vacant. to say the least. “There‟s a lighter on the left side. appearing to almost be holding onto the other boy for dear life. He then jerked his head towards the car drawer in front of Yoochun‟s seat. The radio was off. because neither one of them felt like turning it on. He pulled the latch. too. slightly. what others refer to as.” Yoochun laughed at that. how did he get in? His thoughts were interrupted when the raven-haired boy called out to him. neither of the two having said a word to each other. He wrapped his arms around Yunho‟s neck.” Yoochun curiously looked towards Haejoon.

protectively. in slight shock.” Yunho looked back at Jaejoong. Yunho breathed out. trying to find some sort of clue as to what the raven-haired boy meant by this. “I need to know this is real. Yunho. He then looked down towards Jaejoong‟s head of raven hair against his shoulder. as he slowly brought his arms around Jaejoong. Jaejoong then whispered. the moonlight silently glinting off the glass. wrapping them around the raven-haired boy. “… Jaejoong—“ “Please. his hands. somewhat. “My God. themselves. you‟re so pale—“ “Make love to me. completely unaware of this sudden penetration. as his gaze met the other boy‟s. “Huh?” “Please…” A glassy layer slowly began to form over the rich dark brown of the young vampire‟s eyes. Yunho…” The young vampire‟s eyes continued to cut deep into the other boy‟s heart. Jaejoong could sense a hint of alarm in Yunho‟s eyes. becoming more and more desperate. what‟s wrong?” Jaejoong slowly let go. somewhat surprised. whoa… “ Yunho was a bit taken aback by this. Yunho looked upon the young vampire.” As Yunho continued to stare into that look in Jaejoong‟s eyes. gradually releasing his arms. “I need to know this is real…” He then leaned his head against Yunho‟s shoulder. Yunho‟s hands leaving the vampire‟s face. slightly losing his footing. He looked over to the screen door. His hold. “I need to know this is real…” Yunho said nothing. It was quiet for a moment. Yunho immediately sensed something was the matter.“Whoa. bringing his hands up to gently cup the raven-haired boy‟s face. What exactly did Jaejoong mean by this? Something must have happened. The moonbeams. At this. His eyes searched the other boy‟s dreadfully pale face. “… Jae. only to feel Jaejoong‟s body almost quivering against his own. He was confused. as they landed upon unknowing floor. falling gently upon Yunho‟s waist. that would cause such a stir in the . he felt himself overcome with a strong wave of compassion. softly. He regained his composure.

As she continued on. The snow continued to crunch underneath her white boots. there just had to be… . “We are almost near. It was rather chilly that night. a pure and innocent sheen of stars and snow. It was the first snowfall. and a pair of cobalt-coloured eyes. protectively. as she continued on her way. So. Her shadowed guardian. “Do not worry.” She told the flower. revealing a head of long white-blonde hair. Tiny flakes of snow crystal sailed about in the air. She removed her hood (it was getting quite warm under there). staring out at the night ahead of her. There was something there. is it not?” She frowned a little.” shielding and warning the little one of any danger. It lets out a shrill “caw. Jaejoong‟s large. almost in anticipation. in a promise to keep the cold out. circling a little one. the underlying threat of vampires was alive and well. reflecting a sort of pleading to the other boy. Every now and then. A soft glisten lay across the city. seemingly ten years of age. made her way through the night. a soft. but a radiant smile took over her face. flew about overhead. We wouldn‟t want anything to harm her. if just for one moment… Bringing a hand up and under the young vampire‟s chin.young vampire. that night. what are you doing out here. now would we? A young girl. she looked down caringly at the black rose she held in her hands.” Tiny footprints followed the young girl from behind. But if this would calm his tormented spirit. the busybodies of the dark hours running to and fro. soon enough. doe-like eyes looked up at him. The hustle and bustle of the late-night was quite apparent. she would stroke the silkiness of a black rose petal. white woollen coat was worn around her tiny figure. “It is rather cold out tonight. with each step of her tiny feet. carried away by the cool night‟s breezes. “Are you cold?” She asked the blackened flower. No place for a little child to be roaming about. Yunho gently tilted his head up towards him. protecting her. And of course. a raven. Yunho then slowly leaned down… his lips softly meeting those of silken rose petals. as white as the snow crunching under feet. I wonder? A shadowed bird flies around overhead.

little girl.” She called gently to the raven. He was right in front of her. still clutching the black rose. too. as she stared into the darkness of its petals. Funny how this was the only one in which the lampposts were not working in. … Despite what was lurking. her every footstep. once again. noticing that the raven was not listening to her. and becoming closer. Ahead of her.“Make haste. she turned around. They needed to follow it. and would make sure that it went unnoticed. She looked up overhead. We are almost close…” She looked down into the black rose. overhead. “What are you doing out here so late?” He asked her. An obscured figure stepped out from behind the young girl. Would it lead them to brother? She wasn‟t sure. and she. Somewhat hesitant. her eyes shining in almost surreal manner.” She stopped. He cannot be far. There was something in this street that had caught its attention… Curious. she saw what she made out to be a man. Something did not feel quite right. she replied him. “Hey there. Quoth. Slightly irritated. the girl turned her gaze towards the shadowed road. watching her every movement. There was definitely something in these deep. she went over to it. as she took the first step into the darkened street. She wasn‟t afraid of the shadows. Frowning. gently. Should she feel threatened? Her raven had not warned her… . now?” She could feel him approaching. dark depths of shadow. she could still sense disguised malicious intent. and noticed her raven was no longer following her. felt what the raven was feeling. “We must find brother. “… I am looking for my brother. Someone had noticed the little girl‟s presence. we must…” She stopped. the child turned around upon hearing the voice. now. But that didn‟t bother her.” She whispered anxiously to the raven overhead. her every whim. losing speed overhead. and spotted it still hovering over a street sign they had just passed. “Quoth! What are you doing? I told you. her raven still flying. and she could feel his overbearing presence draping over her. a much taller and much older man. now. “… I can feel it. Even with the darkness keeping him in obscurity.” “Are you. “Let us go. But there was definitely something here.” Startled.

now.” “So. her breath caught in her throat. as he felt the girl lunge towards him—razor-sharp fangs biting into his neck. loosely. I will.” He was kneeling down to her height. Caedo.” He told her gently. “… But. “What do you mean. impatiently. “Sweetheart. a cigarette attached to her . again. Yet. his hand dropping from her face. an eerie smile crept its way across the little girl‟s lips. as she stared into the darkness that cloaked the man in front of her. A seemingly warm smile. little— “ He was cut off. She sat behind her desk at the Emised headquarters. why should I call a Caedo?” She asked. she decided to try an old tactic. “… I won‟t bite. yet strange sort of light radiating behind them. The glint of his irises appeared warm and inviting. as she felt his hand creep its way up the side of her face. the girl felt a strange sort of coldness about them. “… Mommy says not to go anywhere with strangers. “I‟m not a stranger.” At those words. “I can help you find your brother. as he looked at the child. or just simply: Jang. you know.” She told him. to take her by the hand.” The man began again. Caedo. as she brought the cigarette to her lips. a surreal. “Come on. Unsure of exactly what she should say. Her cobalt eyes stared ahead at him coldly. Yoochun looked ahead at his boss. “I know. I don‟t just use that term. and immediately knew she was in danger. his rough hand softly stroking her cheek. I‟m your friend.” She could sense a smile across his face.“Why don‟t you come with me?” He asked her. but she also sensed otherwise. Jang Nari. She heard the cry of her raven overhead.” At that moment. “Caedo. now.” The man was confused.

“… „cause I think I got a new lead for you.” Jang raised an eyebrow at him. She sat at her desk impatiently. Not even in the most “emergency” of emergency cases. it was known as the legendary cursed vampire. She smirked. In fact. When Mijin and Haejoon had first brought him to meet her. It was quite high-tech for an underground organization. as he spoke. For this “newbie” to ask her to call a Code Caedo. at the mention of that name. as she brought the cigarette deftly to her lips. The place was an underground warehouse that they fixed up. Jang seemed to have frozen solid. but they were all relatively the same age. Yoochun began again. She had asked him just why she should call a Caedo. But to those who knew just a bit more. Perhaps a year older. her russetcoloured hair in a stylish bobcut. Jang was just about their age. the top. in amusement. . spruced up. she was getting interested. spoke with a few people… found out a bit about the vampire. the "black rose" was simply known as the reviled cursed flower. “… Ever heard of „the Black Rose‟?” He began. stopping just below her chin. most expensive.” Yoochun told her. curiously. as she crossed her legs. wearing her signature dark eye-make up. She blinked at him. Having now gotten her undivided attention. “… And I think I‟ve found him.” To the general public.” Jang raised an eyebrow at Yoochun. “I did some research on my own. “… I‟m listening. “Amuse me.” She gave him the go-ahead. he was expecting someone a lot older. For his sake. and convince her good. and all-out assassination code for a vampire—which was hardly ever used. asked a few questions here and there. She then sat back in her chair. Now.slender fingers. slightly.” He paused for a moment before continuing. and souped up. Yoochun parted his lips. “… Wait. Yoochun had sometimes wondered just where they got the money to fund for all of this. do you mean the flower—“ “The vampire. like Haejoon was. he had better convince her. darling.

“… So. I mean. and threw it out onto the desk in front of her. Yoochun. “It‟s taken way too much from me…” Just then.” Yoochun smiled. She even laughed slightly.Somehow. what‟s in it for you? Why this one?” “… I know this one all too well. “Like I said. slightly. understandingly.” Just then. though. … It had taken way too much.” Jang couldn‟t help but to allow a smile to cross her face. Yunho. It‟s kinda „the Black Rose‟… the famed „demon child. “Yeah.” “Vendetta?” She asked him. “So‟s that Caedo enough for you?” Jang looked up at him. but a genuine one. She then leaned over her desk. Got this one right from the haven. Not a snide smile.” . “And not just from that shop downtown. thoughtfully. “So. at that. his mind stumbled into thought. “… Quite a big catch. He nodded his head. She then smiled.” Jang nodded.” He told her. deviously. I did some research. Her eyes widened when she saw a black rose. “You‟ve… got… nothing. “You‟re somethin‟ else. “… That‟s Caedo enough for me. itself. he brought something out of his jeans pocket. we could go down in history for this—” Yoochun shrugged. towards him. She then looked at him.‟ … Fuck. Yoochun looked at her. I thought I should give something back. Jang looked up at him. this whole situation seemed laughable. Careful now. or I might have to promote you. shaking her head. this isn‟t just any vampire. stumbling back to the thoughts and memories of his beloved mother. you could say that.” Yoochun added.” “I got this. stumbling back to the thoughts of his best friend.

lying here with the one that meant so much to him. fickle heartbeat. Thump-thump. it would only remind him of his lover‟s mortality. unable to shut out the voice of his Sire. he will leave you. ironically. Thump-thump. penetrating boom in the back of his mind that just… wouldn‟t go away. snug against the warm body of the other boy. Because if he did. while Jaejoong lay on his side. In a way. save for the sound of Yunho‟s rhythmic heartbeat. that loud. It would only remind him. When did he ever? But now. so much to him. His life. “One day.” “… he will leave you—“ . eyes looking up at the ceiling. Yunho was mortal. The other boy lay on his back. anymore. One day. that he only has so much time left. as much as he did now. Thump-thump. Thump-thump… Jaejoong listened morosely to that beat that was holding Yunho together.All was quiet to him. Jaejoong almost didn‟t want to hear it. slowly leaving with each subtle beat of his heart. The young vampire had never wanted to curse his existence. spilling out onto the other boy‟s bare skin. It wasn‟t fair. Oh. that fragile. he will die. Jaejoong closed his eyes. He didn‟t want to believe his Sire. he will leave you. Should it ever stop… Oh. His head rested against Yunho‟s barren chest. and Jaejoong was not. his raven-coloured hair. more than ever… he appeared to be right.” “… he will die—“ “One day.

Making him sacrifice the one thing that Jaejoong. left only to throw shattered caution to the wind. himself. how much Yunho would be giving up. Especially not Yunho. it will be no more. No human being should ever have to go through the life that he. craved the most: life. How happy he would be to have his love. how selfish he would be for making him leave all of this behind.“… he will die—“ “One day…” Jaejoong couldn‟t bare it. … Oh. forever at his side. He deserves so much better than that. Once this “fleeting moment” in his time has passed. The fact that Yunho. Yunho deserves much better than that. Yes. Jaejoong? What is troubling you? Is this not what you want? He wanted this more than anything. … So why do you not smile at this. the one he loved more than anything. Nevermore. And forever… forever is such a long time. onto one that he loves… No. they would be happy. would eventually die. Oh. He deserves so much better… . He could have his lover for all eternity. day after day… for him to inflict that onto another. Was Jaejoong really worth it? Was the life of a vampire really worth it? That sort of pain that he lived with. Oh. never Yunho. and sail away along the deep hints of regret. leaving him alone… just as he always was. They would be happy… right? Yes. how easy it would be to make Yunho a vampire. But yet… … how would forever seem like… if he was to spend it with Yunho? What if he was to make Yunho one of them? One of him? A vampire. is doomed to forever lead. himself.

he is the Black Rose. How could this human possibly love him? How could this human possibly be happy with him—when he deserves so much better? So much better than poor little Death. saw that he was crying. It felt like… liquid.” Yunho almost flinched at the pain he saw in Jaejoong‟s eyes. “For what?” Yunho asked. In a way. and Yunho now being able to see the raven-haired boy‟s face clearly. He deserves everything that Jaejoong can never give him. After all. gently wiping his tears away. A curse.. “What do you gotta be sorry for?” He reached a hand up to the raven-haired boy‟s face. tapping softly on his shoulder… Yunho frowned at an odd feeling across his chest. The young vampire looked back down at Yunho. he didn‟t understand Yunho. … He deserves life. looking back at Yunho in front of him. some sort of tiny drop of liquid across his chest. is it not?” Jaejoong slowly began to lift himself from his place beside Yunho. He deserves everything the vampire can never have: happiness. He deserves fulfillment.” He told the other boy genuinely. and saw Jaejoong‟s body almost appear to be trembling. a bringer of ill-fate and death. “I‟m sorry. a little confused. He looked down. “And I‟m sorry. in a voice just barely above a whisper..” Jaejoong told him. the one that meant so much to him. noticing the worried expression on the other boy‟s face.… he deserves so much better. Jaejoong paused for a moment. what‟s wrong? You cold?” “It is rather cold out tonight. “Jae. as Yunho quickly sat up. despite the shakiness of his voice. “… Because I love you. A vampire. Yunho was . because of what he is… The young vampire now felt like a dark cloud looming above the other boy.

causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end. another tear fighting its way out from the corner of his dark lashes. She smiled. It was an unnerving feeling. once again.. as the shadow rose up from the bed. she called it.chapter 13((Precautious and Pretentious _________ The moonlight was agreeing with her. Something wasn‟t right. Until suddenly… . shadowing the room. All the shadows in the room all combined together. but he knew for sure. not too far off.confused—what exactly was he talking about? “I‟m sorry. And oh.. he was completely engulfed in shadows. Yunho felt an odd presence in the room. and into another. Yunho tried to stop it. as her . he caught something from the corner of his eye: a shadow from one of the corners of his room began to spill over into another shadow. Suddenly. He looked around the room. Only darkness there… and nothing more. it offered that simple yet elegant beauty that she so longed for. they dispersed. . prepared for anything. blanketing him. back into their original locations. that he didn‟t like it. little by little. the most peculiar sort of electricity he‟d ever felt. that night. This perfection. indeed. and onto the young vampire. And then into another. The blanket of darkness crept its way up from the floor and onto the bed—and it was gradually approaching Jaejoong… “I‟m sorry…” Yunho watched on in alarm. Covering the raven-haired boy. such perfection. leaving the brightness of the moon‟s soft glow to take over.” He said again. It was some strange sort of static feeling. He didn‟t know what it was. reaching out towards him—but it was too late. In an almost mutual accord. something almost stifling. calling out to Jaejoong.

tulips. uprooted a world of verdant wonder. snowdrops… and black roses. she dips a bristle or two. And so. the artisan understands this. Despite the flower‟s colourlessness. Its shade giving the subtle hues. which every painting needs. daisies. Which to take? Which to choose? She could always just start with a— … Her thoughts are interrupted. Bringing the paintbrush closer to this elusive spot on her pallet. Ah. was a sight most curious. in which. somewhat confused. and she stared back at the woman—almost worriedly. purest white the woman‟s eyes had ever seen. the simple nighttime majesty of his mother‟s garden. To think. desperately wanting just a stroke of the delicate bristles. With her hand as the paintbrush. flawless in all their wonder. The afterglow softly ghosted its way across her skin. There were just so many choices. Desperately wanting to plant itself in the mind of the artisan. yet mesmerizing beauty? Whichever it was. His mother looked back at the little girl. the drops of dew would gracefully adorn each velvet-like petal? Or maybe it was its quiet mysteriousness. With just a look of the eyes. several feet away. There. yet intriguing.chestnut-brown eyes uncovered each new flower. The black rose‟s pull had somewhat released her. Amongst the shadows of a nearby tree. bathed in the shower of moonlight. lush with the vibrant colours of nature. and create beauty—gorgeous masterpieces. the many wonders one can do with their own two hands. it draws the paintbrush nearer to its contemptible form. the figure stood there. stood a small figure clad in the softest. From the soil towards the sky. the black rose. she dips across and over her pallet of lilacs. Just lightly dabbing. What was her . it had a way of catching her eye. it was silently calling out to her. her long white-blonde hair falling sweetly down the sides of her face. Almost like a light amongst the darkness. Her cobalt-coloured eyes were placed solely on the woman ahead of her. as it remained silently watching and waiting? Or perhaps it was just the enigmatic aura of its haunting. so many decisions. Enter here. Thoughts begin streaming through her mind. subtle undertones. just lightly dabbing at first. ideas of new creation. Perhaps it was the manner. and she felt her eyes being led to a place at the corner of her eye. if just for one moment.

turned her head to see what the fuss was about. But much to her disappointment. Then with a firm tug.business here? Or perhaps she is lost? Fairly hesitantly. each leaf. Content with it. she parted her lips to speak to the strange girl. She had disappeared just as quickly as she had appeared. closer to the moonlight. The shine of her cobalt eyes was now directed towards a spot. She was a bounty hunter. and resumed her tending to the black roses. she plucked the rose from its place at the shrub. the little girl‟s stare abruptly left her. She frowned. It was a rare beauty. However… … the girl was nowhere to be found. and with the rose safely in her hand. Having got the best of her. . and the same usual flora. after all. and the woman could see a spark of curiousness about them. Yet even still. and brought it closer to her. something one-of-a-kind. “Can I help—“ “Be careful. she decided against the little game of “hide-andseek”. How odd. there was nothing out of the usual there. Allowing her deep chestnut eyes to take in the rose. She then turned her head back to the little girl. splotched with the same usual shadows. just above the woman‟s shoulder. the woman could not find her. Reaching further down. She wouldn‟t be hard to find. she walked over to sit on her white. trying to uncover the little girl. The woman‟s eyes darted all about her. as the pearl of the sky bathed it in its glow. and this find. and allowed her eyes to lead the way. It was simply her garden all about her. The roses‟ subtle beauty filled her eyes. She slowly turned her gaze over her shoulder. she took hold of its stem. The young one‟s eyes were quite taken with whatever had caught her attention. she admired each petal. the woman too. from the same usual trees. Be careful? What on earth was she talking about? And how did she— Just as quickly as it captured the woman. Relinquishing the chase. as she gazed upon them in wonder.” The woman frowned. rustic bench in the middle of her garden. careful to avoid the sharp thorns lining it either side. Her fingers daintily stroked the softness of a petal. to ask her what she had seen. in the first place. she was dressed all in white. She brought the rose up. and each subtle drop of dew that lined its splendour. and she smiled.

and began to say something to him. oh how familiar they seemed. cold hands taking her. a new thought began to form in his mind… “… and I want you to help me forget. It was cold. seeing a desperate seriousness in the other boy that he had never really seen before. … „Cause you‟re all that matters to me. soft… silken… beautiful— Her breath caught in her throat. Strange… it almost felt as if he had lived this moment before… . “… I want to be with you. once. how she was fascinated by it. those words were spoken to him. Yes… yes. Never had she seen a specimen more beautiful. as she suddenly felt pulled back. I want to believe you. Its petals. Jaejoong looked up at Yunho.” He began. But stopped. gently. “… So. A moment had barely ceased to pass. he could not recall them. Yunho parted his lips. Something about those words intrigued him… but only because they frightened him. But yet.” Jaejoong said nothing. somewhat dreading the answer he would receive. then?” Jaejoong asked him. Never. before a sharp white-hot pain pierced her neck. was this rose. at the same time… “… What do you mean by that?” Jaejoong asked the other boy. yet enchanting about the black rose. “… I want to forget what everyone says. “I want to trust you. For there was something so mysterious. what do you want to do. his darkened eyes still focussed on the ground beside them.her greatest treasure. Those words. The black rose fell gracefully from her hand. He remembered those same words being spoken to him. Yunho told him. carried by an ominous breeze.” Surprised at those last words. For.” He continued to tell him. through a heartfelt and genuine tone. Oh. before he said anything else. by the other boy.

Jaejoong continued to look up at Yunho. She loved the velvety feel of them. The mesh of colours… it didn‟t matter to him. Contentedly. He didn‟t know how long he had been falling. the deepness of his eyes all appeared to blur into one another. she felt quite at ease and quite comfortable here. such a… such a quiet peace. anymore. by a force he could not explain. Falling. Yet. And all he could do. She smiled at it. the darkness of his hair. Jaejoong closed his eyes. But it seemed she had pulled a little too hard. and he could not seem to ignore it. that he couldn‟t help but to just let himself go. What had he said? Why could he not remember? Yunho‟s lips were moving avidly. he could see much clearer now. at his feet. yet not a single sound was coming out. a discrete heaviness. A tranquil lull came about them. so very far away. Amongst the darkness. The young vampire could feel his eyelids slowly becoming heavier. downward and downward on… into his shadow. but once he could open his eyes. to simply give in to this cataleptic perception. sliding across her fingers ever so delicately. She filled the shadowy expanse with gentle humming. now. Amongst the darkness. and his surroundings were all in . her cobalt-eyes twinkling merrily.. but his eyes weren‟t as clear to him. she sat. and began to softly stroke the petals.. at her feet. Yunho felt so distant from him. was allow himself to just drown in it. she held in her hands a single black rose. Nothing but blackness surrounded her. somewhat desperately. There was a deafening silence about them. All around him was a sea of placid reverie. In fact. the other boy‟s face almost losing contrast. So… very… .Jaejoong looked up into Yunho‟s dark eyes. The light complexion of his face. It was so comforting to him. duller. Peace. talking to him. She gasped in horror. he didn‟t fight it. anymore. she brought a finger up to the flower. and felt himself being pulled downwards. Stringing together mismatched words in the tune of a song. They appeared softer. Reverie. yet she felt the least bit wary. she waited. this time. as she watched one of the rose‟s petals sail softly to the ground. and the sing-song of nonsensical words.

the young vampire spotted a solitary black rose. She was dressed in a white woollen coat. as far as his eyes could see. In her hands. Jaejoong frowned. A strange little girl. all his eyes were met with was darkness and shadows. trying to find the source of the voice.focus. and as strange as they looked. There was nothing but darkness. It was that voice again. He sat up with ease. something caught his eye. and saw about several feet away—was a little girl. like a light amongst the dark. nothing appeared to be broken. where did he fall from? And why wasn‟t he hurt? He gasped a little. He stared blankly at the flower. She was sitting on the ground. Yet. with matching white boots. was of a ghostly pale. Complete and total blackness surrounded him. and wondered what business she had with it—of all things. It seemed stable enough. … Where was Yunho? That last thing he remembered was— “Wake up. Her eyes appeared somewhat soft and comforting. Where was it coming from? “You cannot stay here forever. at that. Just like him.” Sohyun began. Jaejoong frowned. Her cobalt-coloured eyes studied him intensely. He tried to move—and he could. they did not worry Jaejoong. does he?” “Well. All he could decipher was the ground in which he lay upon. her whiteblonde hair further adding to her complexion. Jaejoong looked all around him. If he had fallen. “There‟s a reason for that. just as he was. as she stirred her latte. he could not tell. … Or so he thought.” Just then.” “Oh?” . idly. But to no surprise. her skin too. For if he was able to see anything. as a worry came into his mind. looking somewhat curiously at him. he frowned a little. “Haejoon doesn‟t come by much anymore. He turned his head over his right shoulder.” That voice.

wearing a light. and he in her.“… We broke up. she brought the warm drink up to her lips. “Yeah. And it overcame him with worry and doubt. Junsu offered a feeble smile. carefree smile across her face. slightly airily. sharing lattes and cappuccinos at small cafe. well… what can you do?” She said. for him. staring at the latte on the table. at just how quickly the other girl dismissed the whole situation. didn‟t you?” Sohyun nodded. in front of her. one could barely hear even an echo of an argument or dispute. she wanted to forget about it. Both were free for the rest of the day—and both were equally bored. Sometimes he would look at Sohyun. something was always telling him that… he couldn‟t quite explain it. with a bit of a sour tone. The strawberry-blond smiled a little. A bit nervously. Perhaps he shouldn‟t have brought up the subject. Clearly. “… Things just weren‟t working out anymore. Despite the way they would constantly verbally fight. and almost a fear for her safety.” She instantly perked up. “… Whatever. he was a great guy—till he turned into a total asshole. He treasured that smile more than anything… . Of course. Which could end up being a good thing.” She said the last part. somewhat thoughtful. somewhat absently. he offered a sympathetic “Sorry to hear about that. Perhaps it was better for him to have not brought it up. But it definitely wasn‟t a good feeling. it‟s over. you liked him. and took a hearty sip. The two were at the mall that afternoon. I mean.” And with that. “… Yeah. Junsu always felt an overpowering sense of dread. loving her smile… but in the back of his mind. Sohyun had found a friend in Junsu. Or ice cream. In their once battleground of a dorm-room. there were still squabbles every now and then.” “But. “It‟s over.” The copper-haired girl simply shrugged it off. the two now got along exceptionally well. but they would always end in smiles. Yet as many happy moments as there were.” Junsu was quiet for a moment or so.

If you do. unconvinced. how do you explain all those people dying?” “Coincidence. as she brought her latte to her lips.” “It‟s cursed!” “It‟s fake!” She pointed out. he asked her. and looked back at him somewhat confused. “… What?” Junsu didn‟t say anything at first. “I‟m not saying that you shouldn‟t believe in the curse. honestly…” Sohyun began. “Do you still have that black rose he gave you?” At that. A moment or two had passed.” She took another sip of her drink.” Just then. It was so much more than that… The copper-haired girl brought her gaze back over to him. quiet and thinking.” “Tch.” . he just sat there. the least bit surprised. one day. Instead. “I thought I lost it. “… I don‟t see what the big deal is. a frown subtly took over her lips. actually. “Promise me you‟ll be careful. “Yeah. the look in Junsu‟s eyes began to soften to that familiar look of worry. itself.Somewhat hesitantly. The damn thing was in Yoochun‟s car. He said nothing.” He brought his cappuccino to his lips. It was more than just the curse.” “So then. Noticing his stare. a slight annoyance to her tone. “A hoax. I do. She frowned at him. Junsu stared at her. he wasn‟t too happy to find it there. “You‟re the only crazy enough to carry that thing around. Sohyun lit up.” She smiled happily. Sohyun looked up at Junsu from her latte. a little. Who would be?” Junsu asked her. or whatever.” She laughed. practically. A load of BS that someone just felt like stringing together. Slowly. “What?” She said. at the people walking by with various shopping bags in tow. “Okay. as he kept his gaze on Sohyun. and he said to her. “No. as she looked outside. it‟s just…” His voice trailed off. then… whatever. absently. “… Although.

and somewhat mocking him said. “I…” He struggled to find the right words to say. that‟s just the talk of someone who‟s single. Don‟t. “You worry too much. she wore a playful smirk. Yet.” “They‟re hot. “Love! He did it out of love!” “Who says he did it out of love? There were other motives for killing her. Remember—“ “Oh yeah.” “What you talkin‟ about—nothin‟ planned for this weekend? You see the SBS line-up?” “Yeah. when there‟s nothing to write about anymore. and heed his words. She had seen so many times before. you know. but this time. tired. them! Their song‟s so effin‟ good.” “Now. and to somehow make sense of his thoughts to the other girl. “… just be careful… okay?” The copper-haired girl looked back at Junsu. “… Junsu—“ “Please?” A hint of desperation pleaded through that single word. worn-out cliche used by writers. Telling him. But all he could seem to tell her was. she settled with a sigh.Sohyun blinked at him. noticing that worried look cast across his face—again. it looks awesome! Thing‟s gonna perform. there was something different about it.” “Thing?” “That new duo. bitter because of it. „Love‟ is just a played out.” “It‟s gonna be hot. Something that really made her want to listen.” At that. poets and storytellers. and has nothing at all planned for this weekend.” . “okay?” Junsu said nothing.

it would bring about the controversy it started. due in about two weeks time. The discussion was held on a screenplay that was in the works. And yeah. Brings in the audiences. all its own. trying to somehow gather her thoughts. I think that‟s what they were both going for.” Everyone nodded. brings in the money. based on a novel titled. “Let‟s just… try to focus a bit. with about fifteen other students who would much rather be out. I think Fletcher was going for shock value. both the author and the screenplay writer. “… I think that in… well first of all. “Interesting .” She began. as she took in all the young woman had said. And of course. nothing was ever just for interest‟s sake: there was an essay to be written on it.” “That‟s alright. “… Well…” A girl spoke up. began again. attempting to raise her voices a couple decibels higher than the reigning voices in the room. A Rose‟s Thorn. A Rose‟s Thorn. as all the students began thinking. That same afternoon. after successfully composing her seminar class.” She began again. Now… why do you think the screenplay writer decided to carry on with this script? Why release a film of this nature? Any thoughts? Ideas?” A thoughtful quietness followed. Miss. Yunho and Changmin found themselves in a Film Studies seminar. And by turning the novel into a movie.” “Oh. especially something of a „taboo-ish‟ nature. and the discussion resumed. People would wanna see what‟s going on. “I believe we were discussing themes in—“ “Right. yeah…” “Sorry. when the book was first released. The seminar leader. nothing like that had ever been written about before. Miss Kim. right now… on this. before speaking further.” Miss Kim nodded. writing the story was a pretty big thing. “This screenplay—originally a novel by David Fletcher—is based around a human‟s love for a vampire.“Hot like—“ “If you all don‟t mind. as normal. than in. And no publicity is ever bad publicity. I mean.

And I think that‟s the message he was trying to get across: It doesn‟t matter. Breaking the somewhat uncomfortable silence.” He paused for a moment. Everyone was a little weirded out by his response. the shock value would be there. curious as to what he had to say.” Miss Kim nodded again. We‟ll continue. Any other ideas?” She looked around at the students. No one said a word. … Thank you. as he heard Yunho‟s voice. YeonHee. and fear surrounding them.” Miss Kim looked down at her papers in front of her. “… Anyone have anything else to add?” Silence. tucking a loose one underneath the others. „cause… it involves a vampire. And the screenplay writer probably shares the author‟s views. it was definitely silent now. not to Miss Kim—to Yunho. everyone was paying attention. I think Fletcher wanted to show just how universal „love‟ is.” At that. The other boy parted his lips. “But… more as an eye-opener.” If the room was quiet before. Clearing her throat. “… IInteresting answer.” She paused for a moment. But. Changmin “awoke” with a bit of a start. In fact. I‟m gonna completely disagree with YeonHee. no barriers. “I think… well. Yunho. “Good. It knows… no boundaries. as he began to speak. no limits… nothing. “I don‟t think it‟s for shock value. It could be between a man and a woman. “… Alright. and around at the other students. and staring with wide eyes at Yunho. necessarily.way of looking at it. So.” Yunho continued. good. beside him. she . to say the least. you‟re saying that it‟s all for show? Just to rake in the cash?” “Pretty much. There‟s always issues with vampires. including Changmin. the other girl looked over at him. looking away from him. and the many forms it takes. that‟s what I think. a mother and her child… a human and a vampire. I guess he chose such an extreme example. It doesn‟t matter. Miss Kim spoke up. like a vampire and a human. and chose to make a film adaptation. a boy and his dog. to kinda… emphasize his point a lot more. beside him. yeah. The other boy was now wide awake. then. waiting for someone to speak up. And of course. “… But yeah.

‟ so…” “Yes.looked up at the students again. blinded by love. A taste of which I cannot deny. She wouldn‟t hear it. isn‟t it? One then begins to wonder. As the vampire said. And the creatures feel no remorse for those they kill—“ “But what if they do?” All eyes turned uncomfortably to Yunho. “… Well. SungHoon. They would all die of guilt. They can‟t have it. and treasured more than anything. Even Sestina‟s love could not compare. And more so. deepen.” She continued.” “They say „love is blind. we see the love between both the vampire and human. … Ironic. unfortunately. very true. was the one that killed her. once again. “The one she loved the most. As well as the dangers of vampires. „Oh.” . you could say—with her love for the vampire. that would be a most unusual case. “So… as the story progresses. I mean… yeah.” “Exactly. factually. “They lose their ability to „feel‟ when they become vampires. Once that thirst for blood becomes apparent. “He is a vampire. didn‟t he love her? Or was he just using her?” “Well…” Miss Kim began." “But why did he kill her?” A voice spoke up. And it is ironic that she did not see her own demise coming. despite the warnings given to her by others.‟ To a vampire. So much to the point that… the human—the young woman. She was blindly risking her life. Sestina—becomes almost blinded by the love she has for the vampire. are their prey. they see nothing else. in this case.” Miss Kim told the dark-haired boy. because they would not be able to feed. that it seems to blind her. how sweet is the blood. For who killed her. Sestina becomes so… intoxicated—or infatuated. otherwise. Changmin squirmed in his seat. blood is everything. themselves. in the end?” “The vampire. isn‟t he? And we. whether or not the vampire really loved her—even though he told her he did. “I never really got that.

awkwardly. Yunho noticed her staring at him with her peculiar cobalt-coloured eyes. greeting the awaiting passengers with the view of a grumpy bus driver. and looked across at Yunho. Some passing moments later. by a small girl that came and sat directly in front of the window. they piled on the bus. it changed to a shifting gallery of downtown scenery. to the unoccupied seats at the back. however. as he watched the scenery change with the moving bus. Yunho. leaving the sky patterned with the aftermath of day. Was she talking to him? “… No. attempted to read it. then as the bus began to pull out. and frowned. But it didn‟t matter to him. and stared at the window across from him. Clearly.” He answered her. one by one. resorted to looking out the window beside him. as he looked back at the little girl in front of him. before folding her hands onto her lap. Her gaze had not once left him. . They just rounded one of the malls. He instead. this child didn‟t know that it was rude to stare. He looked away from her. He flopped onto a seat on the side of the bus. Just a view of the campus at first. whoever picked up the phone first. He frowned. She sat down neatly and tidily. kind of hoping she would get the hint. The entire back-end of the bus was strangely empty. included. It never ceased to amaze him how— “Have you seen brother?” Yunho‟s thoughts were interrupted. Yunho walked on into the bus. and—Junsu told him he would be there that afternoon. a little. and instead kept his eyes focussed lazily on the window. who had still kept her gaze on him. considering how busy this route usually was. Yunho wasn‟t paying attention. and the sun was just beginning to set. His view was interrupted. and wanted to go home. just then. and the bus came to a stop. It was late afternoon.The bus door slid itself open. dusting off her white coat. and get the day over with. There was a small crowd at bus number one-seventy-one. He needed to call him once he got home. can‟t… say I have. Or Sohyun. at the campus transit terminal. There was a billboard not far off. early evening. and it was beginning to annoy the other boy. Everyone was eager to get home. He was tired. letting another passenger on board. and for the sake of boredom. Sliding their tickets into the machine. with Sohyun.

that night. in her eyes. or what?” The voice of the grumpy bus driver immediately flung Yunho back to his surroundings. that twinkling in her eyes had disappeared. Just a… sec…” His voice trailed off. . since then. and brought his attention back to the adjacent window. Its stifling presence had filled the room. his stop was coming up. He quickly looked over to him at the front of the bus. with a look of uncertainty about his features. He had not seen the young vampire.” Yunho looked at the girl. The landscapes were becoming more and more familiar. sitting patiently ahead from him. and simply stared blankly back at Yunho ahead of her. confused. swinging it over his shoulder. and started heading towards the back door. and at the passengers looking at him—rather impatiently. “Be careful.” “Huh?” Now standing by the door. in his room with Jaejoong.A patient look took over her eyes. The other boy slowly looked away from her again. and somehow caused Jaejoong to disappear… right before his eyes. You know him. to face the strange girl. It was similar to that strange sort of static electricity he felt. Yunho turned around somewhat startled. The girl said nothing more. this time… … there was no little girl. he spoke. He recognized this feeling—and didn‟t like it. Although. She simply stared back at him. He looked at her. and Yunho felt a strange. “Hey. he pushed the stop button behind him. However. He picked up his bag. with the utmost patience. Yunho could even see the twinkling of a smile. Somewhat absently. once again. yet ominous chill as he looked back into the cobalt of her eyes. “Oh. kid! You gonna get off my bus. as she said to him. but you have. I‟m leaving. Unknowingly. “Yeah. one bit. as he turned his gaze back to the little girl behind him. Grateful for an escape from this uncomfortable situation. he felt his eyes narrow in a subtle glare at the little girl.

The cold flesh of his lips.. his breath running its way across the bite. believing he could almost see the trembling bodies of water before him… desperately wanting to make them real. he had so kindly given to him so many years ago. The wanton of that gesture was enough to send Jaejoong over the edge. he forcefully . Each mirror. He then began to lightly massage them. “… and regret it. is it not?” The older man then let out a slow. his lips still grazing leisurely over the bite. Jaejoong stood there. The earthy hue became trapped behind mirror upon tiny mirror. He shivered slightly. “Hmm?” His Sire mused. Before long. almost as if frozen by the coldness of his Sire‟s lips. “Foolish. Minwoo whispered gently against Jaejoong‟s neck. He stared out into the night ahead of him. his body tense and confused. “Why must you live in a fleeting moment…” The older man‟s lips began to delicately tease their way down the other boy‟s ear. Just one--and only one--out of seemingly hundreds. as his eyes reflected deep pools of uncertainty. those last words echoing through him.chapter 14((Dusky Twilight _________ Tick… tock… You remember this… do you not? “My dear boy…” Minwoo slowly began grazing his hands up the sides of Jaejoong‟s arms. he began to feel their watery presence against the rich. flicking it ardently over the hardened scar tissue. malicious smirk against the skin of Jaejoong‟s neck… before slyly slipping his tongue out of his mouth. by his design. the moment it leaves you?” The raven-haired boy said nothing. dark brown of his eyes. Jaejoong could feel the unwelcome gauntness of his fingertips. feeling Minwoo‟s ice-like lips still against his earlobe. Feeling a wave of disgust rise above his confusion. vaguely reflecting one drop of water in that trembling pool. through the light material of his black coat. stopping once he had reached the boy‟s shoulders. or thousands. of droplets. subtly admiring this sort of Death. till they reached the bite on his neck.

he turned around to face him. so desperately trying to not take his words for truth. Admiring nature‟s wondrous craftsmanship. capturing the delicate flower between his fingertips. were battling against each other. to the black rose he had thrown carelessly at Jaejoong‟s feet. The young vampire felt his gaze lower from the older man. Until finally. He was just so terribly lost and confused. gracefully fanning out underneath him. wanting so desperately to not believe these words spoken to him. until his entire being was withdrawing. A chill whispered its way through the mid-December night air. away from his face. He then crouched upon the ground. Looking at the rose with longing dormant in his eyes. until his eyes could no longer see him. From where? From whom? He was not sure. bringing himself down to its level. faster and faster still. Another… and then another. but even Jaejoong found himself doubting his thoughts. allowing a single sliver of moonlight to bathe the petals. Jaejoong looked back at him. But the pace began to quicken. standing there amongst it all. seemingly frightened and all alone.” He told his Sire. But there was just something about them that he could not seem to ignore. the black material of his coat. he reached a gaunt hand towards it. “No. “Y-You‟re wrong—“ “But. Quickly. his eloquent footsteps diminishing the space between the two figures. waging war in the disarrayed battleground of his mind. the shadows of the night completely engulfed all he could see around him. The flower remained there. am I now?” Minwoo asked of him. he told Minwoo again. He brought it up closer for his eyes to see.squirmed out of Minwoo‟s grasp. and his Sire‟s words. His gaze then lowered subtly. against the dirt and broken twigs. Both his thoughts. he twirled the rose slowly between his fingers. slowly fading from the man‟s lips. Attempting to mask the unsure tone of his voice. Minwoo watched the young vampire. The darkness picked up the traces of a smirk. Minwoo took a few steps closer to it. one of his feet subtly taking a wary step back. . to push away. that same smirk still playing devilishly across his face. uncertainty still blinding the young vampire. delicately pushing a stray strand of platinum-blond coloured hair.

. he spoke “… you belong to me. this was. The girl‟s face was drastically losing colour. The strange little girl in white was hidden safely behind the shadow of a tree. Steadily. getting closer and closer with each step. a gasp was heard. Oh. her voice did not go unnoticed. how much they had in common. or something—anything. and began advancing towards this one solitary tree. as she spotted a shadow to her right. malevolent eyes. the boy and the rose: both shrouded in darkness. panic began to rise in the young girl. Her eyes. “You will be mine.” She whispered aloud worriedly. still on the ever-approaching man. it was. Pity. hoping the cobalt of her eyes could uncover an escape. as she felt the sensation of panic being replaced with an overwhelming sense of fear. its lifespan reaching well into the centuries--but it was not its size that caught the man‟s eye. Minwoo rose from the ground.” He stated to the black rose. Fretfully. to herself. as his eyebrows gathered together in a furrow above his eyes. A wave of relief washed over her. eyes widened and afraid at the man ahead of her. He thought he had heard something… She had been noticed. His darkened eyes suspiciously scanned the surroundings. “I need a shadow. She felt his eyes in her direction—upon her. Minwoo snapped his attention towards a spot behind him. Something almost human.” Her eyes anxiously darted about the enclosed space she was trapped in. Almost immediately. both able to will Death at their very hand… both utterly and exceptionally beautiful. “Lest we forget…” Suddenly.” Somewhere behind a nearby tree. There was something there. In a somewhat ominous tone. both of such magnificent splendour. as he neared her hiding place. “I must warn brother. the man‟s eyes began to further darken themselves. without question.What a lovely parallel. she breathed out. Its trunk was grand in stature. and he could sense it. almost blending into the furtive shadows of the night. Unfortunately for the girl. Such cold. but surely.

Opting. as she finally succeeded in kicking the boot off of her foot. Minwoo reached the tree at last. Oh. she turned her gaze once more towards the approaching man—even closer than he was before. and let out a “Sucks to be you. frowning. She stared at him for a few moments silently. “I am never wearing these things. Junsu took the liberty of shutting the door himself. she reached her right hand towards the shadow behind her… and waited. leather boots. come now. time resumed.” The copper-haired girl leaned against a nearby wall. I know you remember… “Oh my God. She let out an aggravated sigh. Something Junsu wasn‟t quite familiar with wearing. as he watched her.” Sohyun whipped her head around. before frenetically pointing to her feet—decked in heeled. with a much more energetic Junsu following close behind her. They spent the past hour or so. Nothing.just scarcely hidden behind a sliver of moonlight. However. for the warmth of lattes and cappuccinos against the nippiness of the wintry air. but a solitary sliver of moonlight. The two had just returned from a much needed study break. as soon as the last drop of cappuccino was sipped and done. “I am… so… exhausted. as she struggled to remove a boot. quickly using an arm to clear the shrub. of course. Slowly. so was the leisureliness of their time.” The other boy cheerfully laughed. before relaxing in a quaint little cafe. simply just window-shopping. “But we didn‟t even buy anything. Having seemed to ignore it on her way in.” Sohyun limped her way into the dorm.” . blocking his path. downtown. Deciding upon it. a trip to one of the local malls. and gave him one of the most incredulous looks Junsu thought he had ever seen from her. His eyes ferociously scanned the darkened area. as normal. again. And so. all about its trunk—left and right—and much to his disappointment… … there was nothing there. Junsu stood by the door.

holding him almost protectively. and peeked at the caller ID screen. “We were only gone for an hour. The sheets. There was just no winning. there. making his way towards Sohyun‟s bed on the other side of the room.” “No. caught the strawberryblond‟s attention. Sohyun once again laughed at the other boy. Lazily.” “Junsu. was their dorm phone. chin resting on his shoulder. Sohyun gave him a sardonic smirk. “Twelve missed calls? Damn. and Sohyun snug behind him.” “Nah. with Junsu comfortably on his side. just around the corner. “It‟s nice over here. facing the wall. The copper-haired girl couldn‟t help but laugh at his antics. “They can wait. were pleasingly comfortable. thrown haphazardly across the double bed. stretching a little. and onto the other boy‟s shoulder.before walking on into their dorm. with this one. facing the wall. to the center of the dorm room. A red flashing light. He eagerly made his way over. The two stayed in that position for a while. The other boy simply shrugged. Her . as he lay there on his side. flopped himself onto it. followed by a sharp beep. “Get off my bed.” Junsu had finally reached the other girl‟s bed. who called?” It was Sohyun. as she tried to roll him off. and with both feet finally free from her shoes.” Junsu told her in a childish whine. having emerged from the bathroom. “Dunno. all ready to flop onto her bed. and lay comfortably next to Sohyun. you loser. I‟ll check it later. “Or you can check it if you want. away from her.” The copper-haired girl sat up lazily. and flopped over him. as Junsu went over to hang up his car keys. stationed at the coffee table. and Junsu felt quite homely. There. she disappeared into the adjacent bathroom. He turned from his keys on the wall.” A playful smile crept its way onto his face. just vying for attention. Letting out a tired sigh.” Junsu let out an amused laugh. the copper-haired girl brought a free arm up. She then let out a little bit of a sigh. deciding that she might as well give up. resisting the other girl‟s pushes.” He then turned from the phone.

awkwardly. cottony material of his longsleeved shirt. she brought her hand over to Junsu‟s. And even now. Sohyun couldn‟t help but to let a content smile overcome her face. He couldn‟t help it. replacing itself with a slight frown. comfortably on the mattress. Junsu‟s body immediately tensed up. The smile slowly began to leave her face. the shampoo smelled amazing. A bit nervously now. she recently bought. in an anxious fashion. brown eyes languidly wandered over the other boy‟s figure. Eventually. the laughter had ebbed. on the girl‟s bed. Very protective. as she took a deep breath.” He answered.. stopping at an outstretched hand. they were as gentle as they were strong. sliding its way further down his arm. her hand slowly released his shoulder. “Turd. Slowly—and . as Sohyun carefully raised a thin eyebrow at the other boy. She leaned her face closer to his hair… and sniffed. snug with the other boy. His eyes widened slightly. as the moments continued on. Again. another frown. as she lay there. Somewhat hesitantly. and the peaceful quietness carried on. those hands were. A warmth that she loved to feel. Her eyes were fixated on it for a while. protected… and maybe even. A blissful sigh seeped through the copper-haired girl‟s lips. as it had just moments before. The two. Her bright. taking in the moment… … as well as the scent of her brand-new shampoo. as they darted from one corner to the other. over and over again. simply enjoying the warmth of each other‟s company. Covered with surprisingly soft skin (she made a mental note to figure out his secret.” At those words. later). as she admired the form of his hand.” Junsu let out a nervous chuckle. as Sohyun kept on with her giggling. pressed up comfortably against the bed.. said nothing to each other—for once. There was quite a delayed pause. “… Yeah.dainty fingertips idly grazed over the soft. They just lay there. amiable conversations and laughter taking a bit of a hold. She even closed her eyes a little. “You used my shampoo. Sohyun‟s frown disappeared into a smile.? They were warm. as she let out a snort. They had the ability to make her feel safe.

soon enough. those people can wait. until a certain loud „BEEP‟ from a certain phone. allowing the other girl to ease up on him. They weren‟t important right now. somewhat forcing him back down to the bed. noisily opening up cupboards. now content with the situation. . that was all they needed. somewhat flustered. I‟ll cook us up something really good…” And with that. too. slamming drawers. “… I should probably check the messages. “… Y-Yeah. He wasn‟t about to deny that he did not like the closeness the two had just previously shared. once more. snuggled up once more. and fattening…” Junsu laughed slightly. behind the strawberry-blond. The other girl.” He began. but surely. “You hungry?” She asked him. He ran his thumb sweetly over the other girl‟s fingers. Deciding upon it. “… and juicy. at him. in an excited manner. This time. as he watched her busily hurrying about the kitchen. interrupted the peacefulness. until a stomach growl was heard—from Sohyun. “… It‟s nice over here. And for that moment… that was all they really needed. rather reluctantly. gently intertwining them. earlier… and almost wished she didn‟t get up. … That is.” Slowly. and all was blissfully peaceful. another smile overtook Junsu‟s face. Junsu let out a fairly aggravated sigh. Junsu was confused a bit. The other girl smiled. Even more so. he relaxed a bit. and raiding the refrigerator. but the smile completely took over. as she let go of Junsu. Perhaps the other girl was right. Of course. after all. “… But the kitchen‟s starting to look nice. he started to rise from the bed. as he sat up. she began rushing around the kitchen. Still a bit surprised.” She grinned a bit sheepishly. over her shoulder. it was Junsu who felt a smile taking over his face. as he felt her face snug against the crook of his neck.” Junsu answered.a bit to Junsu‟s surprise—she slipped her fingers in between his. “Good. and began to rise from her spot on the bed. kinda. All was quiet once again. she made her way towards the kitchenette. Leaving Junsu alone on the bed. She frowned. now. “They might be impo—“ “No!” Sohyun tightened her grip on the other boy. to say the least.

yeah. “I said. All the while. Junsu thought… just how hungry was . the farther she seemed to be. What he and Sohyun had just shared—or what they could possibly share… how long will it all last? He frowned a little. The other boy‟s gaze lowered from the other girl. “… Yeah. the velvety texture running along her skin.” He answered. the moonlight kissing her sweet face. Her fingertips would softly stroke each petal. As the scents of the kitchen began to waft around the room. she still seemed so very far away. admiring the beauty of a delicate flower. “… No. they had become a lot closer than they once were. He wasn‟t exactly sure. and yet. do you want yours extra spicy?” Junsu thought for a moment. of some sort? He couldn‟t say that he did not like the feeling of her body against his own. For. The redhead had an apron thrown over her clothes. She would look up every now and then. smiling pleasantly at him. She smiled at him. nervously. I-I mean.” He smiled. he looked dreadfully at the flower in her hand: the black rose petals were still falling… “Junsu?” “Huh?” The other boy was abruptly thrown back to reality. by far. In a strange sort of way. Sohyun gave him a toothy grin. before happily bounding off towards a cabinet.Within the past month or so. Was there anything behind it? A mutual feeling. Before he even got the chance to get lost in the sheer bliss of it all. sure. But moments ago. at her. that was not there before. In the distance. He had been running towards her for so long. a cooking spoon in one hand. to meet transiently with the hardwood floor. it appeared to be more… intimate. he hated becoming this close to Sohyun. Something different. in a way. but he knew that he felt something there. clouding his thoughts with doubt. A lot closer. she sat in Night‟s shadowy meadow. that familiar dark cloud began to loom anxiously over Junsu. while the other was balanced impatiently on her hip. He couldn‟t help but feel that… it felt right. for a moment. at that thought. the closer he seemed to get to her. as he turned his gaze over to Sohyun in the kitchen.

And there he stood. He had taken it upon himself to visit the woman. Mrs. to „Garden of Eden‟ to speak to the florist once again. in front of Mrs. dear. She lived alone with her husband. a “Save some for me. As well as an open ear and open mind. “Mrs.” He asked of her. “But. They had only one child: a son.” “Hi. right away. He had returned. earnestly. I need your help. He too. She was very cheerful. Stopping her tending to the bouquet of forget-me-nots. both have the same smile and everything! You two could probably pass for brothers. was off in University. really? “Excuse me! Excuse me. but he ended it with an apology. and that he had needed to talk to someone. regrettably. from time-to-time. that same night. She was really hoping they could eat together. she had told him. She let out a hearty chuckle.” The woman replied. Her minute wrinkles. hello Junsu. once before. lining the corner of her twinkling eyes. whenever she could. Lee?” The short. And so. “His name is Junho. Junsu reminded her of her son. about Junsu‟s age. okay?” and he was out the door. “Oh. Lee.” Junsu had left Sohyun. dear. But Junsu promised that he would be back soon. middle-aged woman turned around at the mention of her name. I‟m just closing up shop.” The strawberry-blond returned the woman‟s smile. In a way. “You can‟t just use the phone?” Junsu didn‟t quite remember what he had told her. somewhat breathless due to the speed that he arrived here. I‟m sorry. Lee. walking further into the shop.” She had told him. in a more quiet part of town.he. to listen. and always offered a smile. she smiled at the person she saw. All the hustle and bustle of the city was not quite „his thing‟. “He looks a bit like you. “Oh. as he headed over to her. that night—much to her disappointment. the woman had no trouble getting along with the other boy.” .

“I just…” Junsu stopped. with much effort. she is. “I mean. Mrs. the way you two carry on. is this for your lady-friend?” The woman drawled. at that. looking up at him. “… seven-thirty AM—“ “Actually. she walked over to the front-desk. nervously. Lee once again wore that same.” With a smile. “Who?” “The redhead. as his slight blush deepened even further. at… “ She paused for a moment. curiously. smiling.” The woman let out a hearty chuckle. “Nice. she jotted down the information. Grabbing a nearby pen. I believe you told me? Feisty girl. And then. and opened up her appointment book. “But a sweet one. but—“ “Can it wait till first thing. I… needed to talk to you right now. I‟ll book you in for tomorrow morning. sharp.” A sheepish smile found its way onto Junsu‟s face—as well as a not-soobvious tinge of pink. a smile. “My goodness.” He finished. as he replayed her question in his mind.“I know. “N-No…” His eyes widened. in sheer disbelief. as she double-checked something. with a sly sort of smile. tomorrow morning?” She asked him. bright and early.” “But—“ “Ah. you‟d think you were newlyweds!” The strawberry-blond let out a nervous chuckle.” . “Alright dear. as Mrs. “Well—“ “I‟ll book you in for seven-thirty AM. sly smile. “… we‟re not… together. At that. The woman smiled at him. she continued. yeah! I mean…” He gave a nervous giggle. “Sohyun. “Really?” She asked him. before returning once again to her appointment book. Lee looked at Junsu with a look of genuine surprise.” She answered. Satisfied.

It wasn‟t quite nightfall just yet. “In that case. with hands shoved awkwardly in his jacket pockets. but… it just keeps coming back. “… she just wouldn‟t leave it alone. we‟ll take a walk and you can tell me all about it. most forebodingly. And ever since she got the rose. too. for the moon had not yet agreed. “Well. A light snowfall dusted the streets. hung by the wall. “Really? H-How? What do I . Like…” He paused for a moment. which was parked in the parking lot.At those words. that same frightened look reflecting in his eyes once more. and put the pen away. Junsu immediately lit up. “… okay—so she got a black rose from her ex-boyfriend. with twilight splotching between the scattered clouds. worriedly. Lee was quiet for a several moments. now. the sky was left overcast with the remnants of day. why didn‟t you say so?” Junsu‟s expression immediately turned blank. What did she think he was trying to do.” He answered. not a single word escaping her lips. “I thought about that. Junsu walked with Mrs. with a ring of alarm in her voice. “Well… if left alone… she will not. Lee over to her car. “However… there may be a way to help her. somewhat uneasily. “I‟m scared that…” Junsu began. she‟d been crazy over it. Mrs. a block behind the shop. before quickly heading over to her coat and scarf. And I‟m afraid that the curse might‟ve gotten to her. „cause…” The woman looked up at him. There was this one time where we‟d almost gotten rid of it. dear. She then let out a tired sigh.” At that notion. truthfully. the woman looked up at him. Lee asked Junsu. “I dunno.” She told him. right?” “Why on Earth would he do such a thing?” Mrs. hmm?” She asked him with a smile. And so. this whole time? Cheerfully. a softened look in her eyes. she closed up her appointment book. “I just wanna know… will she be okay?” He asked the woman. as the first lamppost lighted up.

” She continued. “… So. They would still remember the elegance and beauty of its alluring form. Remember what I told you before? The black rose cannot readily survive in daylight. That is the only way the curse may be lifted. itself. be warned. “What must be done is to place the black rose. Junsu exclaimed a “Great!” “But. She parted her lips. in the sun. the image of the rose itself. He frowned. that‟s all. the short woman stopped dead in her trac ks. gravely. as she stared back at him with an almost ominous gaze. His eyes still focussed warily on the woman ahead. and saw her standing there behind him.” Junsu waited until she had spoken the last word. “For once you are… it will be too late. unbeknownst to the woman‟s sudden stop. and only in the dark. Junsu noticed the woman no longer beside him. would be on their mind.” … A silence passed between the two. She looked ahead at Junsu.gotta do?” And so. The rose will burn and wither.” “Once the last petal has burnt. a little. who had walked a few steps farther. along with the curse. the person will have no memory of the rose ever entering—and thus.” At that. by its beauty—so very careful!” She warned him. her voice low. dear. which laid the curse. the woman began. Excited. “The black rose has immeasurable power. There was something strange about her eyes. Steadily. the strange coldness in the woman‟s eyes slowly began to dissipate. tainting—their life. or…?” “No. to say something further to him—but stopped. “They call it… „The Burning of the Sun. He turned around. melting into that familiar warmth she easily possessed. Junsu . leaving them susceptible to the curse. You must be careful not to be drawn into it. that‟s it? There‟s nothing else to do. “For if they were to remember. She began again.‟” She told him.” She answered him with a smile. and became confused. as the chill air nipped at Junsu‟s cheeks.

Somewhat frustrated. she thought to herself. It didn‟t matter. because now he could do what he set out to do. He frowned. flicking on a nearby lightswitch. as her gaze lowered to the snow collecting at their feet. A weak smile crept its way onto her lips. Now was not the appropriate time to tell him this. and fast! He pulled open a drawer he had missed. the first time—only to reveal panties. ready to make the biggest apology he had ever needed to make. the room was dark. Where did Sohyun go. he began looking again. Maybe he missed a spot. She then let out a shattered sigh. “What. cabinet to cabinet— still. Where was the rose? Where could she possibly have kept it? He searched from drawer to drawer. somewhat confused. or he wasn‟t looking hard enough. dismissing her earlier thought. Not only had it been dark.frowned at her actions. Strange. But to his surprise. Where was the damn thing? He needed to get rid of it. we are only but human. leaning against the bathroom door—with the biggest and most . but the dorm was empty as well. nothing. He turned around towards the source of the voice. making sure he was the only one in here. can‟t find yours?” Startled—and almost letting out a bit of a yelp—Junsu jumped up. Hoping the other girl wasn‟t too upset with him. Closing the door behind him. he picked the lock to the room with his key. “… Oh. at this time? Junsu shrugged.” Quietly and skilfully. Once he was sure. just then. He walked on further into the room—still looking around. he quickly headed over to Sohyun‟s side of the room—and furiously began searching through her things. anyway. There. Junsu stopped. he brought up a hand towards the wall. attempting to force the drawer closed. He tried not to worry himself with it too much. And know not of what we know. box to box. he opened up the door.

Reaching up to the drawer. “Where am I?” He asked the girl. surprisingly. “Why do you call me brother?” He asked her. animatedly. “I wasn‟t trying to get here. She then paused. “Always running. curiously. or a G-string?” Jaejoong‟s eyes left the black rose in the girl‟s hand. “You should know me better than anyone else!” She told him. his eyes still focused on his dark surroundings. holding them up for the—now. and grey baggy sweatpants. “Did you lose a bikini. slightly giggling. she stood beside Junsu. copper-coloured hair dangled freely about her shoulders. just-brushed. and let his eyes wander about this shadowy expanse he was entrapped in. but…” The young vampire‟s gaze tired with the nothingness. Still wearing that same cheeky smile on her face. “… Or do you?” A childish giggle sounded . quaintly. and took out a couple of panties.satisfied smirk anyone had ever seen—was none other than the copper-haired.” she inquired. shaking her head. “Do you ever know where you are going?” Jaejoong looked at her.” The child cocked her head to the side. Her straight. for a moment. Choi Sohyun. “You are in a shadow. “Who are you? I have no sisters.” The girl smiled back at him. Running here. stopping just above her elbows. She turned around. musing. curiously. “So. “Do you not tire. confused at the question. She was decked in her sleeping clothes: a grey tank-top. running there. red-faced—Junsu to see. and stared at him. What did she mean by that? The little girl simply sighed. Junsu gulped as she sauntered her way over.” She answered him. and brought his eyes back down to the little girl. and effortlessly moved him aside. brother?” The raven-haired boy frowned. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought. almost sneering at the question. “I know. at that. she opened it up. running everywhere!” She exclaimed.

“You wanted to leave him that night I brought you here. that we could even be the same person! Isn‟t that strange?” Jaejoong said nothing. dear brother. as Jaejoong looked at her. did it? Do you know why?” She leaned closer to him. His perplexed stare was answer enough. I brought you here. far away—but not too far—to see you. the girl continued. had been travelling for a long time. her bright cobalt eyes shining surreally at him. already. I thought you would never wake up!” She giggled. my raven.” She smiled at him. I have the power to teleport through shadows. “You were trying to leave that boy‟s room. The young vampire parted his lips.through her lips. and go far. though. “Yes. he sat there. I can walk the shadows.” The strangeness of this girl was beginning to annoy Jaejoong—if he was not annoyed. I know. So much. as Jaejoong stared at her helplessly confused. But instead. unless—“ “You are a vampire. in fact. in fact—using the shadows.” She finished off for him. sir! Not me. But it didn‟t quite work. Almost three weeks! For a moment there. No. You were here sleeping quite a long time. simply staring at her.” At that. At… the lamppost.” She frowned.” The girl began.” She shook her head. you and I. as you do. about you and that boy you like so much. dubiously. Quoth?” She looked up at the raven. Jaejoong shook his head. are you one?” The child shrugged. “I brought you here. “… But you cannot walk the shadows. and coming out of another. Just call me… a „shadow-walker‟ of sorts. in question. Yet still. . far away. not saying a word. “You must have really liked your dream. was it? I can‟t remember. “Because I intercepted your shadow!” She exclaimed. “And… I‟m not afraid of the dark. “So. that night—two-and-a-half weeks ago. rather suspiciously. Still. “We‟re very similar. We bumped into a bit of trouble to find you. “I‟ve been looking for you a long time. didn‟t we. curiously. proudly. Jaejoong looked at her. again. Maybe not. Just going in one. “No.” She explained to him. “Just like you. Me and Quoth. “Maybe. brother. and from far.

“And so we waited here. until we felt your energy. almost wispily. she looked down into the petals of the black rose. sometime. He was confused as to how her personality could change so drastically.” “Where are you going?” The child gave him a simple. “Exactly what I said. so suddenly.” “But. “Because I wanted to see you. It would seem improper for me to still be around you. at that.” Offering a weak smile. with a smile still playing across her face. again. “Quoth stopped in front of a shadowed street. you will never hear me. or see me. “Away. at least once. but I got rid of him.” “Well. after all.” She told him. “You‟re funny. You are a vampire. with a pitied curiousness about his eyes. twinkling. “What do you mean?” He asked her. the girl giggled. even brighter. And after you let me go. proudly. and brought you in.flying protectively overhead. that she held gravely in her hands. That‟s why you‟re here. “I will definitely miss you. The . “You do not need me.” Her smile returned. gently. why did you bring me here?” Jaejoong questioned. I don‟t understand what you said.” She shrugged. her cobalt eyes. Turns out. “Mhmm. brother.” She stated. and we used the shadows there to find you.” She answered him. He looked at her. that‟s because you don‟t understand anything!” Jaejoong wore an expression of puzzlement. Before I fade away…” The raven-haired boy noticed a change in the girl‟s tone. you were using the exact same one!” She laughed. “You no longer need me. “You had to let me go. Quoth let out a shrill “caw!” The girl nodded. A scary man tried to hurt us. anymore. Noticing the confusion upon his features. at that answer. It sounded… almost saddened. yet sweet smile. “But.

From the moment she was created. In your dark existence. We are the Lost Children. as you are vampire. or a conscience. and your soul is nothing but darkness.” “There are many others. Somewhere in a shadow of their mind. … But I‟m not afraid of the dark. that‟s holding you back. And they are only children. a full vampire. “And once you become a Vamplenus. you will no longer need me. this did not seem right to Jaejoong.” “We can only see our vampire. this bothered Jaejoong and he didn‟t quite understand why. as a frown slowly replaced her smile. the vampire sees them—just for an instant. the only source of light and goodness. He didn‟t understand why they had to get mixed up and involved in all of this. “Yet. warmly. Somehow. The candle will have burnt out. you could say. but in a living form. and you become a Vamplenus. after all. we are born. And once you have seen us. It was almost unfair. I am but your little candle. They did nothing wrong. “You were always just as much human. I would talk to you. We serve as your last link to the human world. once they become a vampire. like me. most vampires immediately lose their humanistic ability to feel. we must fade away. I can‟t help but feel… that this life was not meant for you. remember?” She looked up at Jaejoong. She looked upon the raven-haired boy. she was dying for Jaejoong. and the last that you held on to. she knew what her fate would be. For some reason. giving him an encouraging smile. the Inculpatus. And she simply accepted it. to turn on a kind that they were once part of. Remember? We are almost… like a conscience. Just one look is all it really takes. her eyes almost motherly. She smiled.” A tired sigh then escaped her lips. They are children. The… good counterpart. You see.” She then looked back at him. was it really such an honourable cause? She—all of the Inculpatus—were dying to allow these vampires to cause pain to others. deep into your mind. and I will not last much longer. forever. before your souls are forever lost.shadows in your heart are growing. and we are born from your creation. All vampires are like this. However… I wanted to meet you. When you are created. as many as there are vampires in the world. This… human-like soul. when our service is complete. the moment they are bitten. For us…” Jaejoong looked back silently at the young girl. the most innocent of all . of a vampire. they never have. in a way that a mother would look upon her child. This is because they have seen their Inculpatus. with heavy eyes. In this strange sort of way. But yet.

“Well…” He began. like I . Yet ironic enough. excitedly. once. As empty as it had been for years and years before. She closed the gap between them. you know? He made me feel that way. For once. “But. now. she was ready to leave. it had come to a point where it actually felt whole. as he diverted his gaze away from her. sourly. And now.” “Him. as he looked to the nothingness to be his Muse. “Yunho. Like I belonged. I could call my… „life‟ complete. girlishly.” Jaejoong repeated. The child then got up from her place. Nothing was missing. A smirk crept its way onto his lips. “Start from the part… where you learn of your past. began to anger him. he allowed his eyes to wander out ahead of him. All the love he had for humans. You always did have the most interesting stories.” He turned his gaze over to her. Why should this girl be any exception? Because she was a part of him? If so.” “Yes. Letting out a tired sigh.humanity. almost lifelessly. the fact that Jaejoong was becoming the one thing.” She told him. It all seemed in vain. in return. Of what it is that you can do… and what it is that you cannot do. “… for once… everything seemed okay. They are only wasted if they are not given back. “Yes. “Tell me a story. her innocence had died far too long ago. beside him. tell me all about it. He smirked. don‟t start at the beginning. Start with… him. How poignant. that he had harboured such hate for. with a shrug. He said those same words. calmly. as you would „ironic. A story? Jaejoong looked over to the girl beside him. in the end. and looked at her curiously excited expression. Just the thought of „him‟ made his being grow weary. and that attachment he wanted so desperately… it all seemed like such a waste of emotion. and what you really are.” She smiled. and walked closer to Jaejoong who sat several feet away from her. children are always the first to suffer. that need to be a part of them again. “I‟m not so sure if you could call it „interesting‟. Indeed. as her cobaltcoloured eyes shone.‟” He said. brother.” She prodded on. “Irony makes for a great story. She smiled. and sat on the ground there.” She asked. intensely.

My curse… is that I am to lead the life of a vampire. “Yes. Still. And I. do. I didn‟t care. It never truly existed. with a curious smile. and… I thought that would be it. … But. And what‟s worse. myself. mortal. she continued to listen. and my Sire was putting thoughts into my head. It‟s simply just… a spell that they‟re under. I lay it upon mortals—without even realizing it! … My Sire told me it is my appearance that draws mortals towards me. Part of me . that are making them say things or do things… that they normally wouldn‟t. and rather it was all a figment of my imagination. the human.was loved… like everything was okay. it was just… I couldn‟t bear it. Like the black rose. He told me of the black rose. “He told me of my past. I had to go to him. It‟s undeniably fatal towards mortals. somewhat incredulously. commanding Death at my accord.” He continued. It was the curse that brought me to become a vampire. think. I was uncertain. Nothing else would matter. with saddened eyes. slightly. and he loved me. and it was the rose that led me to an ill-fate. “My Sire told me that this human was not really in love with me. and the curse that it has upon me. or in some sort of trance. Yunho. anymore. He spoke with a depressed heaviness about his voice.” “However. I loved him. the curse refuses to leave me. somewhat exasperated. Everything my kind stands against—yet stands upon. it doesn‟t just go one way. I loved him.” The young girl looked at Jaejoong. such as this. Once they become entrapped in the curse. I have been cursed since my birth. it‟s too late.” “And my Sire. I put some sort of pull on them. “But even now. Almost like being hypnotized. Jaejoong smiled. confusing me. and of what I really am. But. otherwise. as they are the only ones capable of being affected. … But I didn‟t want to believe him. And that nothing else would matter.” “Yunho?” The girl asked. “After hearing all these things. They will die an untimely death… by the black rose‟s accord. or just… anything is all the curse‟s doing.” He paused for a moment. I mean. Anything they say. am not even aware of it. and his eyes seemed dull— even among the shadows. and see this for myself. a fascination of sorts. It‟s not genuine. do you blame me?” He asked. … He was human. But part of me didn‟t want to see it.

… He would be giving up so much. as he softened with a shattered sigh. “But. at all. He‟d be giving up the one thing that I.” A slight glassiness began to form over Jaejoong‟s eyes. “And such a warm soul. “I‟ll be alone.” He paused for a moment. Yes.wanted to be blissfully ignorant.” The girl noticed a smile appear across Jaejoong‟s waiflike features. and then he wouldn‟t have to die!” “… But. “Why did I ever see him again. then I‟d be no better than my Sire. forever at my side…” He smirked. really? And in the end.” He began. myself. The black rose curse only affects mortals. Jut as I always was. crave the most: life. If only for a moment. So much more than what I can give him. “He really isn‟t like the others. deep inside. that would‟ve been. But I thought. It would seem such an empty victory. “I just…” He trailed . He deserves better than Death—better than me. and forever will be. … He deserves so much better. I could have him for all eternity. that this was not so. “Or better yet… it would‟ve been better if I had never met him. maybe I could turn him into a vampire? The curse brings Death. His anger slowly began to subside. it felt so real. am I really worth it? Is any of it worth it. faint traces of that smile began to disperse. Smirking to himself. He never really knew me after all.” “I knew the whole time that he was mortal—and I am not. In a low voice. “Or maybe he was. But I‟ll never know. my ignorant stubbornness would not let me see a thing. and all that we shared. gathering up his jumbled thoughts and emotions. He will die a death that he did not deserve. didn‟t he? It was all in vain. as I always was. … I began to think. I had to make sure that it was real. it could still be real. how selfish of me. I‟d only be fooling myself. thanks to me… and there‟s nothing I can do to save him. she sensed a faint happiness about him. to begin with?” He growled. that our love. again. our love was not real. … I thought to myself.” He began to get angry. truly was. losing themselves in the darkness that surrounded him.” Slowly. “I should‟ve just left him be. … Yet. but I could turn him into a vampire. he said. misery weighing heavily upon them. he told her.” But he knew. But. with a smile. part of me knew this was for the better. couldn‟t it? Or love.

of which. Yunho… . There…“ Her eyes suddenly opened. She had seen them earlier that night. But just then. Which. his true emotions—those. and overheard Minwoo‟s words. nothing ever to be done. meant removing Yunho from the picture—by any means possible. As long as there was love in his life. bitterly. for his intentions were not as they seemed. I‟m better off alone. Curious. and never found that one person who just seems to understand. Even if it means that Minwoo has to tell Jaejoong that Yunho does not love him. following her gaze. she spoke to the raven-haired boy. and the curse will be Yunho‟s end. All he truly wanted was to be loved. “And I never want to see him. He parted his lips slowly.” He said the last part. again.” He scowled. There was something there that seemed to catch her attention—quite gravely. there was happiness. giving a clear view of the early moon hanging in the twilight sky. Despite a lifetime of hate and prejudice. Jaejoong turned his head. the only thing that seemed to matter to him was love. truthfully. And not just a lie. the girl remembered something: she had to warn Jaejoong of Minwoo. to speak. It was starting to fade… the shadow was starting to fade! She was almost out of time… Jaejoong noticed her sudden behaviour. his voice steadily on the verge of breaking. in fact. and her gaze that was locked with the expanse. softly. the twinkling of her cobalt-coloured eyes gradually dulling. anyway. “I left him that night. little did he know… She slowly closed her eyes. And he felt that with Yunho. and she sat there staring at a spot above them—almost frightened. When. listening to the deafening silence surrounding them. slightly. behind him.” The girl remained quiet.” He stopped for several moments.” He told her. All my life. “Yet still. But.. There. in hopes of never seeing him again. of course. “… I love him. he could not deny. The older vampire hated humans. through concerned eyes. they saw the shadow beginning to disperse. and simply wanted Jaejoong all to himself.. “I wanted it to go both ways. I‟d been hated. truly touched by the young vampire‟s story. “There was never anyone to save. He listened also to his thoughts.off. above them. In a voice barely above a whisper. to be genuine and true. The young girl looked at him.” he began. “I just wanted to know what it was like… to feel loved… you know? I wanted to experience the feeling of being accepted—just once. … I wanted to feel love—but not like this.

She had to tell Jaejoong, before she faded away! “Do not believe all that he tells you.” “He?” Jaejoong turned around to face the girl, but was instead met with the dusky view of a shadowed alleyway. Sitting against a wall, he saw garbage and litter lining the space, either side; melting snow leaving a calm glisten over the stray papers and plastic. The young vampire‟s eyes scanned the alleyway, but the girl was nowhere to be found. Just like the shadow, she too, had completely faded away. Just as she had promised. Jaejoong frowned, to himself. Her last words still echoed about his ears. Who could she have possibly meant? Yunho?

“Yoochun… this is ridiculous.” Haejoon stated. “You can‟t just walk down the street, and bump into the Black Rose. It doesn‟t work that way.” “How many times have I told you to just trust me?” Yoochun told the older boy tiredly, that same evening. “Seriously, I know what I‟m doing. Now, come on.” And with that, he shut his car door, and headed into the darkness of a nearby forest. The car was parked along the side of a lonely road; the place was practically abandoned. All that stood here, was the mysteriousness of a forest—that no one dared enter. Black Rose Forest, it was called by most. Its dubbed name was due to its inhabitants. Here grew the last surviving black roses, as well as another famous Black Rose. Yoochun was convinced that this was the Haven of the legendary vampire; or as most known him as, the Demon Child. Born in the presence of the cursed flower, the boy faced a life of hatred, cruelty and pain. Some say that he still serves his eternal sentence, to this day. Those „some‟ are those that know him as the vampire; the Black Rose. Mijin offered a feeble smile to Haejoon, before heading off, and catching up to Yoochun. The blue-haired boy simply stood there, speechless.

He gave an aggravated sigh. “Last time I checked, we were taking orders from Jang—not from a fucking newb.” He reluctantly hurried ahead, to join them. “This is so unprofessional.” They tiptoed carefully through the trees, keeping their eyes open and being prepared, for anything. It wasn‟t quite nightfall just yet, for the moon had not yet agreed. And so, the sky was left overcast with the remnants of day, with twilight splotching between the scattered clouds. But underneath the thick canopy of the trees, it made no difference. It wouldn‟t to them, of course. But to a vampire, it made the world of difference. And Yoochun knew this. He knew it, quite well. For, just as Yoochun predicted… there he was. They stopped. In a silent agreement amongst the three, Yoochun reached into his jacket pocket, taking hold of a tranquire gun. Carefully, he brought it out of his pocket… and took aim. With a smirk, he said. “Night-night, vampire.”

;chapter 15((The Awakening _________

”Junsu… what are we doing again?” “I told you, Changmin.” Came the strawberry-blond‟s muffled reply. He had managed to free his head from the overstuffed armoire, and carelessly threw a shirt back in, that had found solace atop his shoulder. “We‟re looking for Sohyun‟s black rose.” And indeed, they were. It was nearing six o‟clock in the evening, and the redhead had left their dorm, roughly half an hour ago, to attend a night class. The darkness of night was fast approaching, at this time of year—as well as the infectious spirit of the holiday season. The joyous month of December was upon them, and the radiant sparkle of the nighttime city was taking notice of this, responding accordingly.

Sohyun had called Junsu earlier, telling him that she would be stopping to get some fast food, on the way home. However, her suspicions found the phone call much too quick, for her liking. “Do you want anythi—” “Oh no, I‟m good.” “… You sure—“ “Absolutely! Don‟t worry about me; have fun at lecture!” Junsu paused, as his bright facade of a grin slowly slipped into a frown. He thought, for a moment, about those words he had just spoken to the other girl. “… Or, as much fun as you can possibly have, with three hours of Philosophy.” An amused laugh sounded from the other end. “That‟s true. Phils bores me to tears—“ “Awesome! I‟ll see you when you get back, „kay?” “But, I—“ “Later!” Click. Abrupt? Perhaps a little. But either way, the other girl was gone and out of the dormitory. This couldn‟t have been any more perfect for Junsu, and he was almost squealing at the welcome precision, of it all. Still encouraged by his talk with Mrs. Lee from the night before, he was determined to find Sohyun‟s black rose, and to somehow break the curse. He was desperate to help the other girl, and was very much relieved to discover that there was something he could do. Now that Sohyun was gone for the time being, Junsu saw this as an opportunity to scavenge the room. The rose had to have been in there, somewhere! … He hoped. He had called a couple of his closest friends—Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin—over, explaining to them what he had learnt. Deciding to give it a try, he was also hoping that Yoochun could help them, as well. But it was steadily becoming harder to get a hold of the other boy. He had called him numerous times, only to be met with the same answering machine message. Discouraged, he would try again another

time. And even then, still no response. Not a call back, acknowledgement—nothing. He had even stopped seeing him, as often as he used to; they didn‟t run into each other as they sometimes would. After telling the other two about this, he was surprised to learn that it was not only him that was receiving a bit of a cold shoulder, from their friend. The others had noticed it, too. He was slowly becoming more distant from them, and it was on extremely rare occasions that they would ever see the other boy. If they ever did see him, it was always a very quick reunion. Each and every time, he would leave suddenly, saying „there was somewhere he had to be.‟ In a way, this saddened Junsu. He missed Yoochun, and always did look up to him, as a friend. He didn‟t understand what caused his peculiar change of behaviour. And neither did Yunho. The last time he had ever really talked to Yoochun, was that one time last month. After their fight, the other boy was calling to apologize and make it up to him—and Yunho had somewhat turned him down. Albeit it had a negative effect on Yoochun, and Yunho thought of that. He had tried getting in touch with the other boy—but this time, Yunho would do the apologizing. However, no such luck. Yoochun had failed to return his calls, or even get back to him. That was the last he had heard from his „best friend.‟ “Are you serious?” Yunho asked the blond, in disbelief. Apparently, simply just looking for this rose was not as easy as Junsu had thought it would be. Yunho found himself uncomfortably trapped in a waisthigh pile of clothing. “Junsu, we‟re never gonna find it, in all this stuff.” Changmin laughed, as he struggled to close—yet again—another bursting drawer. “You guys need to learn to throw things away.” “I mean, how are you so sure it‟s even in this room?” Yunho asked, his tone beginning to show hints of fading hope. He was now swimming through the piles of clothing, searching—literally—from pocket to pocket. Junsu was quiet, for a moment. He had even stopped his zealous probing of the armoire in front of him, as his once busied hands, came to a standstill. In his hands, he was still holding onto a single article of clothing: one of the many printed tees that Sohyun would wear. The cottony fabric was soft, and he found himself gently running the material through his fingers. A slight hopelessness found its way into his eyes, as he stared into the shirt, in his hands. Slowly, he parted his

lips, letting out in a subdued voice, “‟cause it‟s gotta be.” The other two boys gradually stopped their frenzied searching, and turned to look at the strawberry-blond, seeming so small against the grand oak of the armoire. Neither of them said a word, for the time being. An understanding pity washed over their eyes, as they looked on at their friend. “You still scared for Sohyun, huh?” Changmin asked, his tone echoing his sympathy. Junsu slowly gave nod, his gaze still on the shirt he held. “Yeah.” It was quiet for a few moments, everyone agreeing to a mutual silence. The younger boy spoke again. “How much longer do you think she‟s got?” He asked Junsu, but he—himself—not really wanting to know the answer. The blond shrugged, helplessly. “I dunno.” He answered, somewhat defeated. “But I know for sure, it‟s not long.” Changmin nodded. “So, we gotta find it now… before it‟s too late—“ “Don‟t say that!” Yunho was slightly shocked, but not surprised, at the volatile way in which Junsu answered Changmin. With the blond‟s attention now on the other boy, Changmin found himself almost regretting his previous words. He didn‟t mean to anger Junsu; that was the last thing he had wanted to do. But just as quickly as his anger overtook, it left, feeling much remorse. The blond flashed the younger boy an apologetic look, before throwing the shirt aside. “… We‟ll find it, okay?” He told them, softly. He then turned back to the armoire, his hands probing about its depths, once more. “We‟ll find it.” The other two followed suit, and began searching about the cluttered room, once again. They began tossing things over, turning things inside-out, all in an effort to help the girl that was so dear to them. “So, when we do find it,” Yunho began, amidst his searching. “What do we do with it?” “Well,” Junsu, once again, wrestled himself out of the armoire. He

He sighed. And it was most definitely not fabric. again. He had never seen so many clothes—at one time—in his entire life. the florist… she told me that the only way to lift the curse. or had any classes the next morning. and grabbed a hold onto the foreign object.” Yunho reminded him. „cause they can‟t survive in sunlight.” Yunho sifted through the clothes. too. . Sohyun was a friend of his. first. After all. making sure not to miss anything. Perhaps this was it? Not wanting to jump to conclusions just yet. don‟t look in there!” “Huh?” Changmin wasn‟t expecting Junsu‟s sudden outburst. before digging his arms into the endless piles of clothing. Changmin let out a slight chuckle. Yunho‟s hand brushed against something solid— for once. He really did want to help Junsu. Lee.shook his head a little. is to put the rose that laid the curse. Changmin stopped his scavenging. one by one. in a way. black velvet box. right? They‟re nocturnal. He was just lucky that he wasn‟t working the next day. Junsu immediately dropped whatever he was holding. “I guess just exposing it. “No. as well. Was it the rose? Junsu had told them that it was in a small. to it. and resumed his searching. Junsu and Sohyun were amazingly good shoppers. and he turned to the blond.” The younger boy nodded. Meanwhile. but we gotta find it. before using a hand to move his hair away from his eyes. “Yeah. as he quickly—and with much effort—made his way over to him. he reached further into the pile of clothes.” “I guess that makes sense. “Mrs. “True.‟” He explained to the other boy. It felt hard… wooden. and turned around to listen to the other boy. The other girl had… What was this? Amongst the clothes. a little.” He shrugged. “We gotta „burn it in the sun. somewhat confused. in the sun. and rose from his place at the floor. as well. This would definitely take him well into the night.

and began flipping through pages. and found—not the rose—but instead. And so. and was reading through. he tiredly shut the drawer. that are going around…” Junsu kept on with his story. The book jacket was attractively designed. Junsu continued. however.” Junsu had finally made his way over. as he looked curiously into the contents of the drawer. “I was only—“ “Junsu?” “Yeah?” The blond‟s attention immediately turned from Changmin. “It‟s a book I borrowed from the library. another.” A smile found its way to his lips. “At least respect the girl‟s privacy. as well. in his hands. downtown. He opened it up. “What‟s this?” The other boy had ended his fishing around through the clothes. took a seat close by. as well. as he sat on one of the nearby sofas. “Oh!” The strawberry-blond gave a sheepish smile. to Yunho. It read. looking with curiosity at its front and back covers.” “Idiot. the younger boy replied. despite Junsu‟s morbid facial expression. who was become interested in what was happening. It‟s awesome. “So.” With that. He held it up. „cause he actually existed. The title was most curious. “Score. Changmin‟s eyes lit up subtly. Flabbergasted.” As Junsu continued to explain. I‟m doing some research. primarily consisting of greys.” He then welcomed himself to a seat. failed to see the harm in looking through yet. Yunho found himself compelled to look through the book. absorbing the written word. “Mrs. reds and blacks. but Yunho found himself engrossed in the one he held. drawer. Junsu‟s voice began to . and pulled it open… … only to reveal panties.The younger boy. and I wanted to know more about him. as Junsu continued on. he turned around to face the drawer. you know? And all the stories now. a hardcover book. I thought it was really interesting. Changmin. Lee told me about that story of the Demon Child. Word by word. Son of the Dark: The Story of the Demon Child. “I borrowed a few books on him.

himself. He knew he had… Not really sure why. was a true and authentic portrait of the Demon Child. excerpts and history about the famed Demon Child. But Yunho found it odd. “N-Nothing. a boy. misunderstood and hated by society.gradually fade away. But one fact that everyone knew for sure: the child‟s name had been forgotten to history. he had never seen the Demon Child in his life. Unbeknownst to Yunho. he looked upon the confusion placed aptly upon the other boy‟s features. while growing up. but there was definite familiarity in this photo… in this boy… in this face. he really was just a story. alone—he is a curse to all mortal men. his fascination with the book began to rise. Snapped back to reality. a boy. Imprinted in the book. wrongly punished for an ill-fated crime. once they reached a photo.” The boy‟s face was young and did look like that of a teenager‟s. he will smear it with the darkest of inks. he will damn it. It almost seemed as if the photograph was taken against the boy‟s will. there was a frown upon his lips. but an urge overcame him. …” Yunho‟s eyes stopped their meticulous scanning. telling him to whisper out the name. if there is a soul to be damned. cursed from birth. Slowly but surely. he is. Quickly. It was an olden-type photo. but never really knew which were fact or fiction. A tiny line of print was written underneath the photo. His eyes fervently skimmed over facts. that there was something recognizable in his face. “Estimated age was 16 years. He had heard so many stories of him. to none other… than himself. born in the presence of the black rose. A bad omen. the strawberry-blond haired boy was still explaining his story. washed in black and white. he blurted out a. “Jaejoong?” “Huh?” Junsu was confused at Yunho‟s interruption. Those mysterious doe-shaped eyes—he had seen them before.” . For surely. But yet… … does all of this hold true? A boy. Or whether or not. and somewhat of a torment in his eyes. For just like the rose. dating it back to 1902. and actually did not exist. Loved for the demons—and the demons. alone—he is a curse. If there is a heart to be painted black. Loved for he—and he. Of the worst kind. “… A boy.

but he could not.” His breathing was beginning to come in short breaths. He needed its strength. Blood was so welcoming to him. everything was dark. matting his limp raven-coloured hair. and its incessant hunger for the taste of blood. Oh. He became aware of the weakness in his body. how he needed it… He did remember arriving at his haven. The remnants of sun were still scattered throughout the sky. But. “Heart-rate is quickening. Having been unconscious for a few weeks—he had learnt from her—he did not have nearly the safe amount of energy that he needed. each one fainter than the last. Contradictory to what he had just said. this was foolish of him. there was definitely something there. He needed its strength. now. To walk the shadows. He frowned. Or were they? For once again. He needed his strength.” A pair of darkened brown eyes slowly began to open. “What‟s his state?” “His awareness is heightening. and sensed. he used a shadow to take him to the safeness of his haven. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was a shadowed alley. it draws upon one‟s energy. He had wanted to see more and somehow bring everything to a sharper focus. . But. their surroundings becoming more into focus. Despite the dangers. and the pain of the twilight. and it was gradually weakening him. but in a severely dazed state. Blood vessels dilating.Satisfied with that. Sensory receptors are receiving their appropriate signals. It had been too long. he could feel drops of cold sweat lining his forehead. Yunho looked once again. white fuzzy blurs of movement could still be seen. into that face in the pages. He needed his strength. Junsu continued on. to the sides of his face. Slowly but surely. since he had last tasted the pungent liquid—far too long.

He remembers the protective darkness of the shadows surrounding him, shielding him from the deathly twilight. He remembers falling to his knees, as the willow trees began to tauntingly spin themselves around him. He remembers the dizziness and light-headedness, and the strange voices. But most disturbing of all, he could very much recall the sensation of pain; a refined, sharpened pain. He… “Speech may be possible.” His vision began to clear up, as he felt his eyes becoming aware of their focus. His body was steadily becoming more aware of its surroundings—and of what was surrounding him. At that moment, he tried to move his arms and his legs, but found he could not. They seemed to be held back by something, keeping them immobile in this position he was in. He could sense he was upright, and appeared to be standing. However, he could not feel any ground beneath his feet. His arms, he could feel, were raised at his sides, and were held there somehow. His legs were together, side-by-side, but almost seemed to be bound together. Picturing all of this in his mind, he could gather that he was in some sort of a “T” position, being held by something. But what? And where was he? A wave of panic began to rise within him— Suddenly, a strong beam of white light shone upon him, illuminating the darkness he was engulfed in. But the light was so strong, that he could hardly see a thing. It pierced, not only the darkness, but his vision as well. The light was extremely dangerous to him, and he could feel whatever strength he had left, slowly diminishing. It was weakening him. His breaths became shallower, and shallower still. A solitary bead of ice-cold sweat trickled its way down his forehead, descending further down, rolling off the tip of his nose. He could feel it leave him. He could feel the light burning him. A tinge of discomfort tingled its place, at a spot across his barren chest. He could feel it burn… “Aqua levels dropping. May be reaching a state of dehydration—“ “Body not responding to UV light.”

“Ferrous levels insufficient—“ “—lung capacity decreasing!” “Quick! Infuse him with the Oxyloacetate!” An agonizing scream left his lips, as he felt his body surging with a pain, most unbearable. There was something foreign wreaking havoc in his body, causing him an immense amount of discomfort. … After several painful moments, his screaming had ceased, leaving his body positively drained. A tired groan sounded through his lips, before his head weakly fell forward. His eyelids became heavier, threatening to close themselves once more. The light remained, ever bearing down upon him. … “State is stabilizing.” “But, in a stable condition?” The man looked upon the vampire ahead of him, taking a moment to study his current state. “It‟s hard to say, as of now. Give the Oxyloacetate a few more minutes. Keep him monitored.” “Yes, sir.” Carrying out their orders, the group of doctors and scientists monitored the young vampire, from their stations outside the room. This section of their laboratory consisted of an examining room that held the specimen in study, and a control room, in which they would use their computers and special equipment, to run tests on said specimen. Separated by a door and a glass window, the team of doctors carried out their study of the vampire known to them as „BR.‟ In the control room, were several highly-trained doctors, and specialized scientists. All were at their own separate computers, and monitoring stations, that were attached to a certain tube and would give certain injections. These tubes were connected to needles, which had been injected in specific spots on the vampire‟s torso and arms.

His shirt had been removed, to allow easier access to these locations. The vampire was strapped to a “T”-shaped machine they called, the Crucis, held up approximately three feet off of the ground. The lights were completely turned off in the examining room, save for a strong beam of UV light, being projected directly above the vampire. All of this was strictly for sedation purposes. Because of the strength of the UV rays being transmitted, all of the staff were advised to wear protective gear and clothing: specialized gloves, goggles, and coats. A few of the doctors were in the examining room, monitoring the vampire and replacing the tubes and needles attached to him, when needed. The head doctor, who was carrying the entire study, exited the room and made his way over to the intercom, in the control room. Lowering his facemask, he pushed a button on the intercom, before speaking into it. “Pre-testing is complete, Jang. You may see him, now.” The large, metal doors of the laboratory opened, and in walked Jang, followed closely by Yoochun. She had just been given the “okay” to head down to the laboratory and see the vampire, but not without bringing Yoochun along. He was the one who brought him in, after all. They moved through several corridors, making their way to the designated ward. “Wow.” She breathed out, in amazement. “I still can‟t believe you got him. The Black Rose! Imagine that…” “Yeah…” Yoochun said, in a distant voice. His mind, still engaged in his thoughts, and not really on the changing rooms and environments around him. “… Imagine that.” The two entered through a last set of double doors, and were greeted by the head doctor, awaiting their arrival. He walked over to them, a welcoming smile upon his face. “Ah! Ms. Jang—and Mr. Park. Just in time.” He ushered them into another room, leading into the control room. “How is he?” Jang asked curiously, as they made their way further in. “Well, he was quite easy to sedate, considering the state he was in.” He told them, reassuringly. “Very weakened; blood pressure extremely

low.” “Good.” She smirked, satisfied. “The bastard didn‟t kill anyone on his way here, then.” Finally, the three stood at the glass window, looking on into the examining room, at the vampire. All the doctors having left, he was now the only one in the room. The room was still very much dark; the only light being provided from the UV ray. He was in the middle of the room, strapped to the Crucis, with the strong light illuminating him. His head was hung low, and he appeared to be asleep. Either that, or extremely weakened, with his skin, dreadfully pale. His, once lustrous, raven hair was now limp and lifeless, matted crudely to the sides of his face. He was without a shirt, and had several needles injected into his skin. All the tubing, attached to the Crucis, and powered by the monitors in the control room. He was hooked up to a various number of machines; some for monitoring his state, others for injecting him with different types of medication and chemicals. All of this was for sedation and studying purposes. “There he is.” The head doctor told them, proudly. “The Black Rose, himself.” Yoochun and Jang stared on, as the head doctor continued. “The infamous legendary vampire. Or as most know him as, the Demon Child. Very, very few know him by his alter ego. The two are not commonly linked, and society sees them as two different people. They still believe the Demon Child died, long ago.” He paused for a moment, a smile overtaking his face. “Born in the year 1886, and bitten in 1906. Making him, roughly, at his twentieth year.” He sighed, a little. “Immortality is a wonder, isn‟t it? He‟s still kept his youthfulness for well over a century…” Yoochun looked at the vampire, as he remained idly asleep. There was somewhat of a bittersweet air, to this moment. For one, he finally had the vampire that he so hated, in his hands. But yet… after this moment—then what? She was still gone. They both were. “So, is it true then, what they say?” Jang asked the head doctor. “Is he really the embodiment of the black rose curse?” The doctor paused for a moment, thinking. He wasn‟t quite sure of

how to put his words together. “… Yes—and no.” He answered, truthfully. “You see, according to researchers and historians, that fact is only half true. He is indeed cursed by the black rose, having been exposed to it, from birth. And possessing the same sort of qualities as the flower—even in his human life.” He pointed out. “For example, he was very much allergic to sunlight, and was always a mysterious child. He almost seemed to have a darkened aura, about him; very reserved, and kept mostly to himself. Somewhat shy, he was. He knew he was different from the rest of the children, but he never did know why. His allergy to sunlight caused him to stay indoors, most of his life, and he had been home-schooled, as a result. So, interaction with other people was fairly difficult for him. And of course, the “cursed beauty” he possessed. Despite being male, his facial features are strikingly feminine.” He let out a bit of a smirk. “The work of some form of witchcraft, you could say. Or in this case, the black rose‟s curse.” “Despite all of this, however, he is not a curse to anyone; mortal or vampire. The only creatures or organisms capable of laying the black rose‟s curse, is the black rose, itself. There is no other substitute. This boy was only believed to be cursed, because of the circumstances. But he is, indeed, not. So, you have nothing to worry about, Ms. Jang.” “But, the curse did, however, bring him to his untimely demise.” He continued. “As it should. It will bring bad luck, and ultimately death or demise, to those it comes in contact with. Anyone who dies at the hand of this vampire—who was not exposed to the black rose, the flower—will die naturally from the Vampire‟s Lure, and not from the curse. But if it was the rose that brought this upon them, well…” A look of sorrow hinted its way across Yoochun‟s features. His mother… Jang noticed Yoochun‟s quiet behaviour, and looked over at him, beside her. Concern reflected in her eyes, as she watched the other boy. She knew that the capture of this vampire was extremely important to him, more so, on an emotional level; one that she could never really understand. “… I want to go in, and see him.” Yoochun asked the head doctor, his eyes still on the vampire ahead of him. “I‟m afraid that‟s not possible—“ “I said: I want to go in and see him.” His voice was low, and his gaze

scientists. once again. the other man turned from Yoochun. with much effort. subtly avoiding the other boy‟s gaze. “Way too late. and was approaching consciousness. as he looked the raven-haired boy straight in the face. “Either way. leading to the examining room. he raised his head. watched him curiously as he walked up to the vampire on the Crucis. as well as Jang. and the doctor turned to face Yoochun. when the damage is already done?” The raven-haired boy remained quiet. and the UV light in the examining room had shut off. a bit over a year ago… Their eyes met.” . now. Yoochun smirked. now. are you?” He stopped. with a blank look about his eyes. It appeared the vampire was no longer asleep. Feeling a sense of defeat. He stared up into the vampire‟s face. you‟re still on the losing side. “Sad. barely above a whisper. as he recognized the face he saw ahead of him.” He walked over to a screen. I guess that‟s all that really matters. as he scanned him up and down. “Not lookin‟ so tough.rested subtly on the head doctor beside him. It was that same face that he had met with. a few feet away. His voice was weak and hoarse.” The young vampire slowly parted his lips. Weakly. and began to type something on a keyboard. trying to speak to the other boy. The one everyone loves to hate. A faint sense of fear stirred within the raven-haired boy. All the doctors. The room was now lit with its regular fluorescent light. “You may enter. in this strange gamble of fate. “Now.” Yoochun told him. “You‟re too late.” Yoochun shrugged. The vampire lowered his eyes. A loud beep sounded. in a snide tone. “I didn‟t mean to hurt you—“ “Oh. “So. “Very well. you‟re the Black Rose.” Yoochun turned away from him again. huh?” He asked him.” He slowly began pacing around the vampire. I was kinda hopin‟ for a bit more of a fight. you didn‟t mean to hurt me?” Yoochun spat at him. forebodingly. “The legendary vampire… the Demon Child. and walked over to the door. to look down at Yoochun who stood slightly below him.

Very appreciative of the beauty she saw in everything.” Yoochun started again. right now. “… but. she would be here. again. Yoochun remembered just how beautiful her garden was. And frankly. “What?” He asked him. I truly am sorry. the „children of nature. “You‟ve overstayed your welcome. “If I could bring her back. She treasured it. It‟s most unfortunate that she‟s not. This vampire actually cared? How? Why? Yet still. A frown made its way to his lips. settling on a glare with the raven-haired vampire. to face him. with you. “I did not choose to kill your mother.” A worried look took over the raven-haired boy„s face. she referred to them as. “So. and all the creatures that grew from it. Somewhat hesitant. The vampire began. alive with the vivid colours of life. he turned on his heel to leave.” Yoochun looked at him. something told him not to trust his words… Strange enough. I‟ll just be seeing you. Her garden even showed this. “But I just want to let you know… that I‟m not sorry. as he began to turn around. and everyone. this time—” “Yoochun!” He stopped. … My condolences to you. facing the young vampire.‟ Her . again. She loved nature and the world around her.The vampire slowly looked up. at those words. through sceptical eyes. it did. if just for a moment. a faint smile lit up the young vampire‟s face. How did he know his name? His eyes darkened themselves. “I‟ll make sure to lock it on your way out.” The other boy stated. I could tell she was a very kindred spirit. “I can‟t stay long. that beauty that he so possessed. It was a world of verdant wonder. nonetheless. Affectionately.” Indeed.” He continued. Cursed… but beauty. vampire. “… I don‟t know if this will mean anything later on…” A pause. “From the very short time I had known her. in a low voice. Yoochun saw. for what‟s gonna happen to you. in an annoyed tone. the vampire began.” The other boy was confused.” And with that. out the door. with a faint hint of regret in his voice. I couldn‟t give a damn.

his smile. didn‟t you?” Satisfied. He discreetly whispered something to him. … But it was the damn black rose that stole her heart—and her away from me.” The vampire continued. “But.children. you can start . as soon as possible. to the black roses—“ “And that‟s what killed her. “Doesn‟t love just suck.” At that. enquiringly. in understanding. I guess I owe the guy. The other boy walked in. to the vampire. Yoochun let out a sardonic laugh. Jang watched the door he left from. sometimes?” With the young vampire alone in the examining room. in which the doctor replied with a firm nod. The young vampire remained quiet. “He said: he wanted the vampire killed. And she loved each and every one of them. quickly erasing itself from his face. What did he mean by this? “We—or. he then turned around to leave the examining room.” He smirked. isn‟t it ironic? How those you love the most.” He shrugged. he left the ward. for a moment. “And you loved him. so. then… whenever you‟re ready. a little. as the young vampire‟s confusion rose even higher. She was completely taken by them. and went over to the head doctor.” He told her. Yoochun returned back to the control room. excuse me—I… would‟ve never captured you. “Every type of flower. curiously.” The raven-haired boy was confused. taking care of them as she saw fit. They were the ones she loved the most. The doctors resumed their work at their stations. “From the daisies. “You may not realize this… but he brought you here. will eventually lead you to your end?” He said this ominously. “Those black roses.” He looked the raven-haired boy directly in the eye. she remembered the rest of them. if not for him. He left in somewhat of a hurry. “What did he say to you?” she asked the doctor. The head doctor and Jang looked over at Yoochun. Of course. as her eyes gravitated towards the glass window. With that. considering they had both come here together. closely monitored by the scientists. “Well. accordingly. “In a way. she loved them more than anything. as he said this. She frowned. Jang nodded slowly. she had.

needles. surprisingly. he could feel a surge of something different. once more.” . at the corner of the control room. And then. He hated it.” “Has he reached the Vamplenus stage. Why was the light so strong? “Biorhythms? How are his biorhythms—” “—blood cells do not respond to the—“ “—and sodium levels are becoming increasingly low. already?” The head doctor asked. with all the strength he could muster. Very odd for a Vamplenus-type. In order to work at maximum efficiency. injecting into his worn-out skin. something unwelcome. The head doctor acknowledged her orders. awaiting their orders. The raven-haired boy could. and the protective gear was worn. she dismissed herself and left the control room. surrounding him like vultures. in this way. he forced his eyes to stay open. He then walked over to a scientist‟s monitor. So once again. he felt the pain. in this way. the UV light turned on. His body. he hated being treated. Before the elimination of each one. With an encouraging nod. It was a well-known fact. He could feel the presence of those people again. the team began with their scanning of the vampire. “Let‟s begin. This would determine the most appropriate method to dispose of the vampire. but with all the strength he could muster. he told them. He wanted to fight all of this.” Giving him a parting nod. tubes and things. From each one. “Where are the results of the VAT scans? I must examine them.with the scans. once again. tried to fight this. He hated being treated. and turned back to the team. feel that heavy ambience of tranquility take over him. the fluorescent lights turned off. the pain from a multitude of syringes. His eyelids began to droop.” And so. it was necessary to gather as much information on the vampire as possible. a study was carried out. that not all vampires can be killed in the same way.

” The team continued on. A tortured scream sounded through his lips. the reason he was being hurt like this… was because of… So. from Yoochun.” It was then. with their tests. for a moment. relentlessly. The young vampire‟s breathing was becoming increasingly shallower. His mind was in complete disarray. were the words of his Inculpatus. if not faintly. and he could‟ve sworn he had blanked out. jotting things down on their computers. throbbing through his limbs. Lies—all of it. that he felt another surge of pain. were alarming to him. sir. and his body fell faint with weakness. The pain rushed to all parts of his body. “Continue. His breathing was ragged. before the pain subsided. then? All he had tried to save. The reason he was here. but emotionally as well. Who else could she possibly have been referring to? … Who else could Yoochun have possibly been referring to? “Lymphatic nodes respond well to treatment. from what they say… Yunho. He had been hated all of his life—why should . “Shall we proceed with the potassium levels? Have they been treated with one part sulphuric acid?” He supposed it served him right. And still echoing in the back of his mind. What seemed to be a lifetime had passed. he couldn‟t seem to shake those last words left with him. all for nothing. Yet.” “Do they?” The head doctor enquired. He felt hurt. Each and every single word was simply just a spoken lie. talking amongst themselves. as needed. his body was starting to reject all of these strange substances being injected into him. What did she mean? He was quite sure she meant Yunho. for thinking he can ever be anything more than unloved. even through all of this. it was all in a futile attempt. and the light was ever weakening him. Not only physically. He really did not love the young vampire. “Do not believe all that he tells you!” The frantic nature of her words. The doctors watched all of these reactions curiously. all the while.“At the ZY3.

… The doctor in charge of the biorhythm monitor. “Ultraviolet rays on high. purposely done it? Yet. ragged breathing. Almost in disbelief of her own words. the team of doctors and scientists immediately stopped what they were doing. Some remained vaguely confused. He‟ll never make that same mistake again. lying scattered along the way. “Body not responding…” At that moment. This one. More pain. even more than this brutal torture.anything ever change? Another surge of pain. All he could hear now.” He should have never gotten close to Yunho—to anyone. even still… He supposed he deserved it. in surprise. Monitoring biorhythms. And this hurts him. at all. now. Telling him that… … nothing will ever change. and his disarrayed thoughts. she spoke. caring nothing for the shards and pieces. put upon him. this time… He couldn‟t feel it. Muffled whispers. More words. looked at the sudden change on her screen. you see. was he not? Was he aware of what he had done—and still. They were becoming much fainter. in this way? The young vampire loved the other boy—how could he do this to him? Yunho was cursed. But. so far away. The head doctor . Tearing through him ruthlessly. … He smirked. and ripping him out from the inside. breaking him. Yunho was the reason he was here? But… why would Yunho do this? Why would he want to hurt him. very much confused. a little. now. They all looked over at their fellow doctor. causing him so much pain? And he still didn‟t understand. Why were they doing this to him. and voraciously. He could hear them. He could feel it. was his shallow.

and not a single limb in his body had moved. “Inject him with Propycyclic acid!” Quickly. as he frantically pushed buttons. typed in commands—anything to receive a response. hoping his eyes could prove the doctor wrong. nervously. His darting eyes stopped once he reached a doctor. the head doctor promptly began giving out orders. But still. he rushed about the control room. He watched as one of the needles attached to the vampire. The doctors watched on worriedly. The data collection from the scans was still incomplete! In a desperate attempt. They were all extremely worried. He appeared deathly stoic. from computer to monitor and back again. He didn‟t understand how it could have resulted in this. activated itself. “What do you mean?” Still very much in disbelief. a look of incredulity upon his face. and trying to comprehend what may have happened. it was not possible. touched screens.was no exception. All was quiet. the doctor nodded. so soon. The Black Rose was within their reach.” All the doctors looked around at each other. The vampire‟s head was hung low as it had been before. The team worriedly looked to the vampire. she said to him. and began typing in commands at his computer. “Check his heart-rate! Neurological state! DNA profile—anything!” Hopelessly. sir. Quickly leaving his station. and did not move or flinch a muscle. The creature couldn‟t be dead yet. by the glass window. he looked around at the frantic room. “It‟s a flat line. waiting for something to happen. and began to talk anxiously among themselves. he rushed over to the biorhythm monitor. and now… . A specimen had never once produced a flat line. in all their case studies—especially one as important as this. … “Perhaps we overdid it. no sign of response. sir?” The head doctor stared at the young vampire. Somehow trying to restore order.

He noticed a change in the vampire‟s face. and he knew he was simply holding onto false hope. there was something more. This would only prove that his team was incompetent. He deemed it as his eyes simply playing tricks on him. He was still alive! Their project would not go to ruins. the raven-haired boy began to slowly look up. something that made the very hairs on the back of his neck. he could‟ve sworn he saw the vampire‟s fingers on his right hand move! But just as quickly as he had seen them move—they stopped. and looked on ahead. trapped in a silent scream. But looking again. The scientist was stunned at this. Much too dark. His breath caught in his throat. Completely immobilized with fear. The frenetic nature of his actions seemed wasted. It was at that moment that. Despite the UV light. This project had meant so much to him. with much worry and concern. The scientist frowned. it seemed a failure. ghostly pale coloured his skin. A lifeless. stand on end. It was a bit discouraging for it to simply end this way. he was killed during the testing stages. speechless. They appeared frightening to the scientist. a man of science. this would have been one of the greatest accomplishments in his entire career! The fall of the Black Rose… But in this way. An accident. he felt a chill of an ice-coldness tingle its way down his spine. he was disappointed. For. The vampire‟s eyes deadlocked with his own. than he remembered them. Just then. he looked through the glass window at the Black Rose—and notices something. and his eyes seemed darker—much darker. Needless to say. for his own liking. One of the scientists looked upon the head doctor. even from the distance he was seeing him at. after all! But before he had time to relish in this discovery. having completely lost that once gentle look that they had so possessed. and unable to handle such a task.He stopped. than before. There was something terrifyingly sinister in that look he gave him. As a doctor. He could feel the colour being drained from his cheeks. to all of them. all he could do… was… . Sighing. his face appeared strangely paler—even more so. and the icy veil of fear draping over him.

ruthlessly took one life. as well as the system. and was lost from everything. For these bodies were inhabitants of this world: the same world that had been so cold and so cruel to him. and rising higher and higher still. It came to a point where he no longer felt any sort of remorse for the bodies he recklessly threw aside. All of it. after the other… Poor doctors and scientists. combining with each other. that night. And then… Pitch blackness. his heart racing to each note. With all the constant tests. in a hurry to flee all of this. for the rest of their mortal lives. shattered glass was heard—followed very closely. All the love he had harboured for them. Anxiety and panic intertwined throughout the stale air. somehow. after another. One. A crescendo of alarm sounded. these humans. and cannot be undone. An uprising of hatred formed in his heart. The computers were offline. the faces began to blur into each other. All the power in the laboratory had mysteriously shut off. the tone of each scream composed a grotesque symphony. the doctors and scientists were blindly tripping over equipment. one after anoter. Panic began to rise in the ward: all of the doctors moving about. monitors and lights. by a piercing scream. And all of his life. But sadly. no longer mattered to him. and talking frantically. . What was happening? What was going on? Where was the power? What else was affected? At that moment. they had no idea the scope of what they had just done. Everything was a different shade of black. Jaejoong—the Black Rose—now controlled by his lust for blood. Deftly groping through the dark. More screams… mixed with the scent of blood. and that incessant hungering need to be a part of them again. directed at the world--and those within it. at him: A deliciously slow.The vampire smirked. they simply stood watch and let it all happen--doing absolutely nothing to stop it. and foreign chemicals. as well as each other. leering smirk. There was a carnage-filled bloodbath. He began to hate it. what‟s done is done. And this will stay with them. one in which they would never forget.

but all he could remember were those eyes… and their caged torment. It would happen to all vampires. . for so long. It was too late. A blanket of black shadow wrapped itself around the other. now. It had been so long since he had last seen his love. Denying themselves can only be done. they will catch up to themselves. A dormant spark awakened behind his eyes. vacant kisses. Empty touches. He should have done something more. And once. and hollow whispers lined the space. Because you see. sooner or later. It felt so cold there without him. A deep anguish veiled each glassy drop of liquid crystal. and all he could do was simply watch the other slip through his fingers. each of them futile in their own right. there had to have been something more he could have done. He knew this would happen. how sweet is the blood: a taste in which he could not deny. eventually. That hunger for the pungent fluid can only be ignored. He was thirsty for more. for so long. His memory haunts him with images of wasted chances and wasted efforts. He admired it with a melancholy air. Those tears burned deep within him. More. His heart yearned for the other in a way he could not describe. . as he watched the golden cup gleam softly against the moonlight. Running from themselves can only be done. they do… The scent of the warm liquid was so rejuvenating to him. The sands had given up. and each kill just ignited another fire. washing over and polishing his chalice of regret.chapter 16((Death‟s Prelude _________ He was too late.And oh. like each silken raven strand of hair. for so long. He needed to feel him again. What had happened to him? Why did he leave? What had taken him away? … Why was he crying? An immense feeling of sorrow began to rise within him.

This was quite unlike the calmness of her perceived presence. and skin as pale as the snow. so this troubled him. a lone shard of purity. who sat on the floor a short distance beside him. bright blue eyes. faintly tingling his skin. “But…” . that was all. There was no need for him to jump to conclusions. Changmin. “Junsu?” “Yeah?” He turned his head over to Yunho at the sound of his name. wondering what he had to say. It made him feel quite uneasy. whose curiosity got the best of him. he felt that same stifling—almost choking—feeling that occurred before the other had disappeared. and both were doing a more than decent job of drowning out the television. Their eyes had met once. peculiar little girl in white. and there were only the two chattering young men to thank for that. lightly falling to the frozen earth below.” He told him. Non-stop music videos came streaming from the television set as a backdrop against the taut silence. The strawberry-blond was talking avidly with Changmin over something. his cheery expression subtly faded into one of thoughtfulness. carried by a tranquil breeze. But he didn‟t understand.And then. not really. Yet… He turned his attention onto Junsu. There‟s no other records of him after that date. rethinking what he had just said. he paused. What did it mean? Who was she? And why did he feel like he‟d seen those eyes before? He looked back into the pages of the open hardcover book. It was possible. “ Yunho began. “The Demon Child. such as these. Junsu responded with a nod. the silence was now well past gone. But… … no. a while ago. peering wholeheartedly into the face of the Demon Child. slowly. that they could just resemble each other. quite bluntly. Perhaps it was mere coincidence. “No. he looked so much like him. She looked as soft and gentle as a snowflake.” “So. But then. turned in his chair and placed his attention on the other boy as well. isn‟t he?” To that. He found himself still baffled by his likeness to Jaejoong. it was somewhat dizzying. That was all there was to it. “He‟s dead. Yunho. of course. Not too long afterwards. right?” The strawberry-blond chuckled. When his gaze rested upon her. He just missed him. slightly. “He died in 1906. It was a most bizarre phenomenon: a nervewracking current of static electricity ran through the air. there‟s no way he‟d still be alive. according to the books. long white-blonde hair. there was nothing more to it than that. However. he‟s kinda dead. He remembered her sparkling. there was the strange.

stunningly beautiful eyes: distant orbs of a dark brown richness. The only other sound was the music from the TV pouring into the room. “Well…” he began. Those captivating. unsatisfied. This will lead to what. “I have no idea what she was talking about. Partly. as he watched Junsu pondering something quietly to himself. This sole thought sparked Yunho‟s curiosity. in confirmation. for some reason. still in deep thought. finishing his explanation. “You know?” The strawberry-blonde chortled as he struggled to zip up the bulging suitcase. His thoughts began racing through his mind. Lee‟s words sounded strange to him at first. However.” He voiced aloud. colliding against each other. he turned his gaze. the phrases spewing out like wildfire. Mrs. this severely troubled him. will lead to this. Probably just a…” Junsu continued on with his words. Another. and. he was not sure. once again. he could not make sense of them. he made a mental note to throw away. The undertones of this one idea began to fill him with a kindling hope— or something like it. referring to Junsu‟s words. huh?” With this newfound information. “Partly. will…. feeling slightly more confused than he had when he began. I dunno what she meant by that. in which. “… she told me that some people still believe he‟s alive—which I think is weird. eyeing them carefully. meticulously. The other boy thought back to what the kind-hearted florist had told him. his eyebrows furrowed together in thought. “That is weird. yet mildly unsure of their individual destinations. each one engrossed in his thoughts. arched an eyebrow before leaning back into his chair.” He shook his head. He then turned to the stray suitcase opened up in front of him and tossed in an old pair of jeans. What could that mean? He grasped the book‟s cover tightly. while Yunho sat there thinking long and hard about what the other boy had said. and they still did. Perhaps Yunho was right: they really needed to get rid of some of this stuff.A curious frown found its way to Changmin‟s features. “She said those believers believe that he lives „only partly‟… or something. Changmin. Yunho became interested in his thoughts. “Mhmm.” Junsu nodded. He took note of the elegant facial structure. filling the silent void. picking up speed. carelessly. as well. but…” He shrugged it off. illuminated . To this day. The dark brown of his eyes scanned the aged photos of the Demon Child. to the open pages of the book. It was quiet for a few moments. saddened expression… and those eyes.

” The other boy answered. Partly… … like a vampire? Like the one that he knew? Like the one that he loved? … He looked longingly into the boy‟s face trapped in the turgid paper. It drops to the earth in a dormant thud. so sweet and so cold. before walking off towards the direction of the dorm‟s kitchenette suite.with the moon‟s accord. what other being is as swift? What other presence is half as cunning. and got up from his chair. Ah. His fingertips feel the warmth of human flesh. On a cold winter‟s night. Sheltering the child of Death. “Goddamn. “Junsu. And those same eyes seemed all but too familiar to him. watching on inquisitively. and trace the course of fervent blood. The shadows nod in silent agreement. as it watched him move stealthily through the night air. laying there. such as this. I‟m gonna make friends with your fridge. The three had nearly searched every corner. nipping its way from crevice to tiny crevice? The icy wind could only seethe in silent envy. as it should. empty-handed. nook and cranny of the dorm room—and still continued on. silently begging his lips to reveal an answer. He stretched a little. The moon hangs low. as the first body slowly begins to fall.” Changmin dropped the box he was diligently searching through. One would have to admit that even the wind would be deemed envious. It is quiet—and unsuspecting. „kay?” “Whatever. That one solitary idea had reduced itself to a relentless echo reverberating from one thought to another. The night continued on. but clearly more involved in searching through another set of drawers. they warmly blanket him and furtively whisk away. and they mourn for what is lost. condemned to being reduced to memory. a dank whisper amongst empty voices. It had been three hours—where on earth was . I‟m hungry. yet Junsu found himself gradually beginning to get frustrated. A light snowfall dusts the sky. the stars slowly begin to weep. if only he could feel… A soundless scream pierces the night.

as his impatient gaze deftly found the other boy still sitting amidst a pile of stray clothing. Startled. The younger boy‟s eyes literally lighted up. The strawberry-blond found it strange.the rose? “Just don‟t touch the cheesecake!” He called back to Changmin. Changmin. Unexpectedly. and a bit curious. Then suddenly. questioningly. there was an odd look in Yunho‟s eyes that proved something significant. It was a big accomplishment. there was commotion heard outside in the halls. as he studied the other boy. The screen showed a view of a darkened newsroom. another alarm sounded—this one belonging to the building. all three boys turned their heads to the source of the unwelcome sound. “It‟s Sohyun‟s. fine. His hands still remained gravely clutching onto the Son of the Dark book. how Yunho was so engrossed in it. and much less enthusiastic. “Cheesecake?” “Changmin!” “‟kay. Exactly what was he thinking? Junsu cocked his head to the side in thought.” Just at the mention of that word alone. Trying their best to ignore it. and spun around—with the hugest grin Junsu thought he had ever seen. It was a dreadful „BUZZ. Although it definitely was an interesting tale. with a slice of Sohyun‟s cheesecake.” Disappointed. having succeeded in distracting him from the book he held in his hands. piercing „BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!‟ sounded from the television. a loud. he had been strangely fixated on it since he‟d picked it up. This earned a laugh from Yunho. and quite soon after. with a polite and proper anchorwoman addressing the cameras. Junsu watched his interest leave Changmin and inevitably return to the book yet again. Both Yunho and Junsu turned to the TV screen. their eyes glazing over it in a feared anticipation. All three watched on in silence.‟ and the three found themselves almost wincing at the awful noise. Changmin continued on his way to the kitchenette. no question. Despite Junsu‟s pleas. She gave a firm nod before parting her lips nervously to speak. Overlapping voices and the sound of tens of anxious feet running up and down the hallways filled the building.” She began in a bold yet timorous tone of voice. “We have breaking news just in of a malicious vampire terrorizing the central district of Seoul—“ . the three boys stood close to the television. Changmin immediately stopped in his tracks. “We apologize for the inconvenience. and still the alarm kept on. The „BUZZ‟ of the building‟s alarm was relentless. even if or a moment. Junsu frowned. which now showed a much different sight than it had before. peeked out from the kitchenette suite to join the others‟ gazes at the TV screen.

a booming voice was heard over the intercom outside in the hall: “To all residents. as she continued. There have always been attacks. He quickly unlocked it. It would be a shame if someone had been left behind. All residents. his eyes still sharply focussed on the anchorwoman. “All residents must stay indoors and do not leave for any reason. and peered into the commotion occurring just outside of the room. No sole vampire could have caused this much damage. It was absolute madness. “—the city under an extremely high state of emergency—“ At that moment. Judging from the overwhelming amount of damage. as he took in all the bloodied carnage being showed before him. as he remembered something. It was absolute chaos.” the anchorwoman continued. with ambulances. he hurried over after hearing Yunho‟s voice. They have issued a Code Black—“ “Code Black?!” Changmin stared wide-eyed at the screen. giving out orders. evacuate your rooms immediately—“ Changmin dropped the cheesecake and ran over to the door. We are under a Code Black. there had to have been more than one vampire involved in all of this. fire-trucks and police cars lining them either side. “—police are strongly advising all residents of the central district to stay indoors and to not leave for any reason. There were several campus security guards. the tinge of pink gradually losing . while the flashing images and live video from helicopters above the city continued to play in another part of the screen beside her. please evacuate your rooms immediately and proceed to the Underground Shelter. We are under a Code Black. making sure everyone got out safely. a painful knot formed in Junsu‟s stomach. The streetlights illuminated pathways of destruction: there were bloodied roads and buildings. while trying to restore calmness to the residents.“That‟s us. with flashlights and walkie-talkies in tow. “Changmin! Come over here—look at this!” Leaving the door. His eyes slowly began to widen. but one of this magnitude… There was just no way. His eyes traced over every corner of the screen in a morbid disbelief.” Junsu breathed out in disbelief. The floor‟s head resident was hurriedly rushing from room to room. This couldn‟t be happening. please evacuate your rooms immediately and proceed to the Underground Shelter. swinging it open. “I repeat. I repeat…” Just then. escorting them towards the stairs and elevators.

” Yunho and Changmin instantly turned to look at Junsu. right?” Yunho asked the strawberry-blond. and the security guards shouted out their orders.” “Try again. he put the phone to his ear and waited… . The head resident would be here soon. Junsu gasped. Once more. “Sohyun. “Her phone‟s on. Once more.itself from his cheeks. “When does she not have her cellphone?” Junsu hastily dialled the other girl‟s phone number.” “She‟s got her cellphone. but she‟s not picking up. The other two looked on worriedly. we‟ll try calling her. “… Sohyun—she‟s still out there!” “But she‟s in class. as Junsu waited on the line. it was just a matter of time before she came knocking through the door. concern evident in his tone. before placing the phone against his ear. she‟s on her way back?” Junsu slowly shook his head. He waited… Yunho and Changmin watched in anxious anticipation. his eyes upon the screen again. All the while. Discouraged. “Look. while the commotion continued on outside. his head down. “She was done a half-hour ago. There was an indescribable air of dread about him. as he remembered her earlier phone call. Junsu‟s face slumped.” “So. as his eyes continued to stare transiently at the screen. “She told me she was gonna get something to eat…” He was quiet for a few moments. “What if she‟s there. “I doubt she actually stayed the whole three hours. somewhat shakily. slightly. something might happen to her!” “Whoa. Junsu dialled. whoa. right now? You guys.” Junsu answered. Junsu—calm down. his gaze lowering itself from the blaring TV screen. the newscast would repeat itself over and over again. okay? Find out where she is. as he darted for the dorm room phone.” Changmin reassured him the best he could. while the alarm and panic perpetually sounded.” Changmin urged him. isn‟t she?” Yunho asked.

pure and untouched. He had warned the boy of . If he could somehow transcend time and this eternal prison he was trapped in. His eyes scanned and surveyed the city around him. beginning fresh anew with a clean slate. he would tell him. We step again into the darkened night. Its translucency is not to be questioned. in the heart of the weakened central district. darkened man looked on into this sight with bitter disdain. Yunho worriedly looked on. He would start right from the beginning.” He recognizes this. against an ominous winter wind. He would‟ve stopped it before it started. wildly. He thought for a moment. in fact. staring up at him. Yunho let out an informed sigh. He was sure. as Junsu stood fretting by the phone. not missing a single detail. There was an odd chill tunnelling through the air. at least.The tension in the room that night was more than enough. nipping brusquely at your cheeks. his hold on the cover becoming increasingly determined. Yunho looked away from Junsu. He would tell him everything. This is not what he had wanted to accomplish—he had to bring the boy to his senses. this. and returned again to the Demon Child. The face in the pages returned his gaze. it is not alien to him and. His eyes hurriedly left the screen. This was not right. pungent scent now fills the air. a reddened sheath covers the chaos. his gaze finding the book once more. praying that the warmth of breath will reach them. Yet still. The tall. he stood there. The wind disrupts his long. Amidst all of this. however. making him feel somewhat uneasy. platinum-blond coloured hair. A cold. He looked into the photos of the Demon Child… then once again to the TV screen. we close our eyes and bring our cold fingers to our lips. The sights are cold and immovable.” This is all but too familiar to you. you are sure. visibly crumbling at his feet. He was sure now. and its presence not to be ignored. “Your love for them will be your end. listening… and waiting. welcoming the night‟s visitor. “I think I know where Sohyun might be. He owed him that much. He stood in a residential park. Callous black eyes gazed on in contempt at what he saw before him. he had somewhat expected something like this to happen. Its icy vengeance whips its way past you. The only thing the other boy needed was to hear the sound of her voice and know that she was okay. moving it about his shoulders. sorrowfully.

the body will always find a way of telling him. quite the message. for he definitely would have not known otherwise. seemed to have faded to a sickly pale. darkening him. “Fancy meeting you here. But now. “Why. Minwoo‟s breath caught in his throat. and on more than one occasion. defied him deliberately. he was. Yet. facing the shadowed trees. His strength will almost triple. It is the point where bloodlust completely blinds the vampire. as a distinct sort of adrenaline rushes through the undead body. Purposely waning himself off of the crude liquid— as if he could survive without it. pitying the reckless chaos. But chaos of this tumultuous magnitude was not normal. as he began to saunter his way over. The childe absolutely hated listening to him. how sweet is the blood. Blood… oh. it had consumed him. He had always warned the boy to not get attached to humans. There. mercilessly killing and destroying everything in his path.it several times. The furtive shadows worked craftily upon his face. The man could have laughed at the foolishness of the thought. and he will see nothing else. leaving them just as pools for blackened shadow. but he was far more aware of the young man‟s stubbornness.” At that voice.” Minwoo was taken aback. Something else was affecting it… Minwoo continued to gaze at the bloodbath of a city the boy had created. enter the childe. The gentleness that he had always come to expect from the boy seemed to have disappeared altogether. A smirk was worn across his lips. The sweet scent of blood is all that matters to him. There was a menacing air about him—Minwoo frowned. indeed. as well. he was no longer one of them. standing a fair distance away was none other than the raven-haired Jaejoong. Something was lost. He took a second look at the boy slowly advancing towards him. not at all. Minwoo instantly turned around. the mind and body subside: he will enter a monstrous stage. But the vampire knows far better than that. almost instinctively. his skin. And this was. That quiet spark of innocence in his eyes had dulled. His Inculpatus had faded away… “What has become of you?” He cautiously asked the raven-haired boy still approaching him. It was preposterous! A vampire protecting and even harbouring love for humans—it was absolutely preposterous. just to make sure that it indeed was Jaejoong. dear Sire. hello. . he insisted on protecting them. But yet. For if the vampire does not feed for more than a week. Naive little thing. of a once creamy porcelain.

Jaejoong gave a haughty laugh, his dark eyes sneering at the man. “What has become of me?” He repeated, snidely. “I‟m disappointed in you, Sire.” They were scarcely several feet apart now, and Jaejoong continued to slowly approach the older vampire. “The blood is being spilt, the cries are being heard—listen to them! Oh, how torturous it all is!” He exclaimed rather flamboyantly. “Look at the love being lost—look, look! Watch it all just fade away…” He stopped once he was just shy of two feet in front of his Sire, who stood eyeing him, strangely. Jaejoong‟s lips curled into a thoughtful halfsmile, as he looked up directly into Minwoo‟s eyes. “ …Is this not what you‟ve always wanted?” Without giving the older man a chance to answer, Jaejoong diminished the space between them even further, his gaze still locked with Minwoo‟s. The older vampire was on his guard, his eyes still locked with the young vampire‟s, not once faltering. A warm smile overtook Jaejoong‟s lips, and for a moment, Minwoo saw a flash of that exquisite beauty that the boy so possessed. His eyes emitted a softened gentleness that pleasingly lit up his face. The raven strands of his hair fell so perfectly, framing his delicate visage like that of a painting. A painting, given life by an artisan, with strokes from only the finest selects of brushes. His lush, scarlet-kissed lips, to the eyes alone, seemed as smooth as a luxury velvet. So soft, the boy seemed. And so sweet… “Am I…” The young vampire began, as he reached an elegant hand to the side of Minwoo‟s face, his intense gaze not once faltering. The softness of his fingertips, silken to the touch, gently caressed the older man‟s jawline, as he lightly ran his fingertips across the man‟s skin. “… not what you‟ve always wanted?” Minwoo noticed a strange glint in Jaejoong‟s eyes, as he said those words. But before he could ponder it, he felt the boy‟s lips upon his own. They were strangely cold, yet there was an odd lingering warmth about them. Choosing not to fight it, Minwoo closed his eyes, succumbing to the young man‟s actions, and ardently returned the kiss. The raven-haired boy left slow, tantalizing kisses, showering the older man‟s lips with the feel of silken rose petals. He let Minwoo hungrily claim his lips, the older man tasting them, feeling their gentle suppleness against his own. All the while, the young vampire‟s hand still remained cupped against the side of Minwoo‟s face. Slowly, he let his fingertips tease their way down the side of his neck, playfully resting them there. Minwoo, intoxicated from the fervour of the kiss, did not at all expect what would come next. Abruptly, his eyes snapped open—at a sharp pain along his neck. But it was not only there. He felt the pain slowly emanating from his neck to all the parts of his body. It began to spread, proliferating wildly—it

began to consume him. And there was nothing he could do to stop it. Nothing at all he could do, but to subside and let it engulf him completely. At this, Jaejoong slowly pulled away from the kiss. Upon looking into the face of his Sire, he began to smile sardonically. He watched the life begin to drain from the blackness of Minwoo‟s eyes—his hand still innocently at his neck. Jaejoong held him there as he continued to watch the man‟s body slowly lowering itself to the ground. The smile on his lips soon faded, replacing itself with a vicious glare. “I‟m done listening to you.” He said in a low voice to the dying vampire. He then callously threw the, now lifeless, body onto the frozen earth at his feet. It collided with the dead leaves and twigs, lodged haphazardly into the snow. “… I belong to no one.” With that, he swiftly turned from the dead vampire and began to walk away. The shadows nodded in their silent agreement, and proceeded to cover up his path of footsteps left behind.

“What the hell, is it ready yet? I‟m kinda hungry, and I‟d like to go home tonight, if that‟s okay with you.” “I‟m sorry, Miss. It won‟t be ready for another ten minutes.” “Why the fuck are you people still in business? Does it really take that long to bake a fucking pizza? I don‟t understand.” Sohyun angrily stormed her way over to a corner of the deserted pizza shop downtown, and huffed her way into a seat. She tapped her manicured fingernails on the table, irritably. Prior to this, she had been arguing with a worker for the past forty-minutes— which, on her terms, was completely justified. She looked at the clock hung on the wall ahead of her: it read 10:43 pm. Her jaw dropped in disbelief. She was supposed to be home an hour ago! She let out a grumble. The worker, unexpectedly, walked back into the kitchen again. This only caused more fuming from Sohyun. “Ugh, forget it.” She got up, swung her bag over her shoulder, and headed for the door. She called back a “Keep the change!” to the timid cashier, before heading out. Just then, the worker came out of the kitchen with a pizza box in hand, all ready to give to Sohyun. He frowned as he scanned the empty shop. “Where‟d she go?” The copper-haired girl made her way briskly down a lamp-lit street. Shivering slightly, she fixed her scarf around her neck; it was rather cold out that night. Letting out a tired sigh, she said to herself: “At least I can always count on

my cheesecake.” As she continued on her way, she couldn‟t help but notice a strange sort of tension in the air. She frowned. Something didn‟t feel quite right…

If he was unsure of what he was trying to do, the other two were as good as lost. All three of them were in the dormitory building‟s elevator, and headed not to the Underground Shelter like they were supposed to, but instead to the underground parking lot where Yunho‟s car was parked. “I cannot believe I‟m agreeing to this.” Changmin said for the fifth time that night. “I really, really can‟t.” “Look, I know this doesn‟t make any sense—“ “Damn straight.” “—but just trust me, okay?” Yunho asked them again for the eighth time that night. It was going to be a long ride down. Junsu was still apprehensive on the whole matter and did not look directly at Yunho. His uncertainty caused him to stare doubtfully at the elevator floor, instead of at his reassuring friend. Changmin said nothing on the matter either. This disappointed Yunho. “Come on, you guys.” He pleaded to them, dispiritedly. Junsu wanted to say something to him, but hesitated before speaking. “… I just…” He trailed off, interrupted by a disturbed pause. “… I don‟t know about this, Yunho.” “Do you trust me?” The other boy asked, with a grave tone in his voice. At that, Junsu looked at him. “… Well, yeah, but—“ “Then, let‟s go.” The next thing they knew, all three of them were in Yunho‟s car and driving out of the University‟s premises. Junsu sat apprehensively in the passenger‟s seat next to Yunho, and Changmin was silently scowling to himself in the back. All was quiet. Yunho, although he dragged the other two out here, was not entirely sure of

what he was trying to do. Even worse, he was unsure of exactly what he was going to do, but he knew in his heart that he had to do something. Through the car windows, they could feel the ominous chill in the air about them. It was odd, and it just caused Junsu to become even more worried than he already was. He squirmed a little in his seat, as he stared out at the bleak atmosphere outside the window. “… I don‟t like this.” “Same here.” Changmin grumpily agreed. “Yunho, what are we doing?” He turned his head to face the other boy at the driver‟s seat. Meanwhile, Yunho‟s eyes were focussed steadily and immovably on the darkened road ahead. He said nothing. Junsu caught the silence, and turned his head to face him. He looked at him for a moment, eyeing the other boy, suspiciously. “Yunho, answer him.” Try as hard as he might, Yunho could not readily think of an answer that would satisfy Junsu. He wanted to tell him—both of them—just exactly what they were doing out here. And what he was trying to do. But he couldn‟t. Not just yet. Junsu‟s eyes were still upon Yunho, and the other boy could feel his steadying gaze. Junsu, as kind and friendly as he was, had a temper that Yunho was thankful enough to not be well-acquainted with. Yet slowly but surely, he could feel Junsu‟s look on him transform from just a simple suspicion to a full-out glare. “… You don‟t even know what you‟re doing?” The strawberry-blond asked him, incredulously, his voice raising. “You mean, we‟re just out here pointlessly risking our lives? You‟re gonna get us killed!” Yunho‟s eyes, though he did not look over at Junsu, showed that the other boy‟s questions and accusations were beginning to annoy him. However, he remained quiet, still saying nothing. At this response, Junsu surprisingly did not become angrier. In fact, his eyes began to fill with a treacherous fear, as he looked upon Yunho. Timorously, he asked him, “That‟s it, isn‟t it?” Yunho could only sigh. He hesitated for a few moments, and felt the tension in the car rise to an unnecessary amount after a short while. Deciding this had stretched out long enough, he told them, “I think I know where Sohyun might be.” Changmin and Junsu were quiet, as they listened on earnestly to what Yunho had to say. “I know this all sounds crazy,” he began, tiredly, “but just trust me… okay?”

He turned his head over to Junsu beside him, a look of pleading apparent in his eyes. Junsu noticed the sincerity in that look, and remembered that he wanted to help Sohyun just as much as Junsu himself did. And wanting only for the other girl to be safe… he gave a slow nod. Changmin was still a tad bit doubtful, but he did trust Yunho. He offered his agreement, as well. Satisfied, Yunho turned back to the road and continued on. The streetlights flashed on overhead as the snowflakes continued to silently fall. Yunho paused for a moment. “… You ever heard of the Black Rose?” Changmin furrowed his eyebrows. “The flower?” “The vampire.” Yunho answered. Junsu frowned at that answer. “But that‟s just a story.” “… It‟s real.”

He awoke, breathing in the damp smell of cement. His nose had bruised upon it, and he felt the painful sting of open air to prove it. He wanted so badly to lift his head up from the ground, but the instant he tried, he recoiled from an excruciating ache in his neck. The sudden start caused his body to release a violent cough, and he winced at the pain that resulted in his chest. His breathing came out ragged and heavy, and he struggled to catch his breath. With his heavy-lidded eyes, he looked around him, beyond the cement floor that he lay face-down upon. He gave a slight smirk as he remembered his surroundings. Just before he blacked out, he was attacked by that vampire; the one that he taunted. He couldn‟t help it; it was in his nature. The damn thing looked so helpless and pathetic up on that Crucis. That was why he did not understand where all that strength came from. He had just left the control room, and the next thing he knew, the power in the whole Emised building had shut off. Then, there were screams, bloodcurdling screams. Countless of them, just coming one after the other. It was horrifying. Before he knew it, he was being thrown into a wall at a terrifying speed. It knocked the wind out of him. Then, it all went black.

it almost felt as if he was in a jail cell. It was blood. uneven breathing caused another violent cough to escape his lips. He continually let out cough after agonizing cough—each one bringing blood. the vampire did more damage to his sorry carcass when he had blacked out. and he brought his hand down to eye level to investigate it. Another. . but he found it hard to breathe… His eyelids began to get heavier. In the back of his mind. The coldness of that vampire‟s eyes was unreal. However. He forcefully shut his eyes. The power had gone out in this sector. trying to shut out the pain. another. he weakly brought a hand up to feel for it. Each one bringing more than the last. He sneered. he found himself in a darkened part of Emised. And then. Just then. However. a solitary trickle of a liquid began to make its way down his forehead.Judging from his present state of bruises. the coughing fit had finally ended. And now. He breathed in a little—which proved to be not the wisest of ideas. cuts. His ragged. save for a softened beam of moonlight filtering in through a crack in the cement wall. Curious as to what it was. and he groaned at the resulting pain in his chest. After what seemed like an excruciating eternity. But it was not followed with simply chest pains. his limbs aching all over. releasing yet another violent. … He found himself almost shivering at the thought. His fingers uncovered a wet spot at the top of his head. only to let out more forceful coughs. More blood. his chest was left terribly sore and his breathing even more ragged and uneven than before. and the sole beam of moonlight appeared to get larger. rolling off the tip of his nose. all he could clearly remember—as clear as anything—were those eyes. and all. His blood. His fingers were now moist with the liquid. hacking cough. so he gingerly brought a finger to his lips… and tasted it. it was much too dark for him to see anything. The shock of that account caused him to draw a breath. The fucking coward. His body felt dizzy and faint. He struggled to breathe in a way that would not cause such a cough. just above his hairline. Nothing but pitch-blackness enclosed the space. He could‟ve laughed if he wasn‟t in so much pain. this time. He frowned at this. finding the sensation quite odd. but close to his forehead.

‟ Behind his closed chestnut-brown eyes. The pearl of the sky was hanged quietly on this ill-omened eve. leaving each crevice and flower petal to be touched with the darkness of shadow. boundlessly. „those you love the most will eventually lead you to your end. He could smell the flowers. „those you love the most will eventually lead you to your end. The only source of light in the room was from the moon‟s pale glow penetrating through the shop‟s large windows. They say. The crumbling city on the other side was under the watchfulness of a “Code Black.” the highest level of a vampire warning. A feeing of elation took over him as he saw her gentle smile. left only to silently dissolve into the cement below.He let out a distressing groan. He missed seeing her pretty eyes light up like that. They say. She always did love nature and all the creatures within it. little shop were turned off. and it all made sense to him: He could see his mother. Her garden was a world of verdant wonder. From the soil towards the sky… He could feel her warmth.‟ Well. He smiled. he could see the reason he was here. it meant . It hurt to breathe… … It‟s funny. Yet… It‟s funny. That soothing quality that she so possessed seemed to just emanate from her. … He ends here.chapter 17((The Ruins of Arcana _________ All of the lights in the florist‟s quaint. . It was warm… and he could feel it. lush with the vibrant colours of nature. A single teardrop fell quietly down his bruised cheek.

” She was quiet for a few moments. her eyes peering out anxiously into the streets.” She brought her gaze from the failing streetlights. … Love will be the end of us all. for any reason whatsoever. A deepened feeling of worry seeped its way through her. as she let out a distressed sigh. letting the buzz of the radio fill the silent void once again. However.” He said to the other young man beside him. “and love has turned against him. his own voice echoing tenors of disbelief. Mrs. and scattered police cars to the vast expanse of sky hovering above the city.” . The mild-spirited shopkeeper. amidst the irises. she strung some words together in the form of a familiar melancholy tune. one that had been embedded deep into the norms of folklore: “The black rose petals are falling from a darkened sky The black rose petals are falling into your demise Love will lead to the end of all Death will come to us in nightfall The black rose petals are falling from a darkened sky The black rose petals are falling into your demise. All of the residents in the city were advised to remain indoors and to not leave. Mrs. There was a small radio atop a back shelf that was kept on. “So. at all. Parting her lips. yellow caution tapes. darkened shop. And now. tuned to the urgent newscast that had been an underscore to the turmoil. There was not a single star in sight. All was quiet. It was dulled to a faint quietness. he has found love.extreme danger. until she spoke the words “Love will be the end of him.” she began. giving light noise to the small.” “I can‟t believe you. stood fretfully by the large window at the front. Lee stood at that same window. she had long since passed. where the black roses were once displayed a year and some months ago by the previous faithful shopkeeper. “I can‟t fucking believe you. Lee.

there's not a single day that goes by in which someone isn't slaughtered by a vampire. “They're the sole cause of all the fear in our lives. he had to tell both Junsu and Changmin of his involvement with a vampire. as he noticed Yunho‟s attentions were now fully distracted. by far. I wonder? I mean.” Junsu lectured on. “And you‟ve known this whole time—“ “What the fuck. the road. meeting his glare head-on. all the misery in our lives. He was so nerve-wracked that he could hardly remember in what order of events he had told them. and… judging the circumstances. named Jaejoong. you keep telling us you know where SoHyun is. “How do we know—how do I know that I can trust you? You've hid this from us. “You're fucking one of them.” Junsu sneered at the driver beside him. far too late to turn back. bitingly.” His suspicions began to flare. But it was all done and said. not a single one. Junsu?” Yunho sharply turned his eyes onto the other beside him. Needless to say. what else could you possibly be hiding. “You might as well be.Distractedly gripping the steering wheel. Yunho. he did. there was quite a bit of tension in the car at that moment. finally. and Junsu wasn‟t taking the situation too lightly. It was. “You're acting as if I'm the one who's responsible for all this—“ “Um. what's stopping you from getting with the rest of them?” Yunho‟s felt himself fill up with enragement from each accusation that . as he locked his gaze upon Yunho in a snide glare. “I bet you do know where she is. not an easy task. “You're with them—and you hid this from us!” Junsu continued. huh?” He questioned him. In order for the other two to understand his “still-being-constructed” plan of finding Sohyun. or which details he might have missed.” Piped up a scared Changmin from the back. “Yunho. Yunho tried the hardest he could to keep his eyes focussed on the road and chaotic traffic that faced them—even after what had just happened. hotly. Yet. as his eyes were kept idly focussed on the road. And you're with a vampire—what the fuck are you thinking?” His anger steadily began to rise with each passing moment. saying nothing. Yunho pursed his lips. and he struggled effortlessly in finding ways of how he could tell them.

Changmin‟s chest rose and fell repeatedly. very much out of breath. Slowly. both Yunho and Junsu immediately broke their heated gaze. the road!” Changmin shouted. “Clearly. once more. each continuing on their way without a scratch. dangerously. Yunho spoke up a tad bit remorsefully.” He added with a bit of a grimace. His narrowed his eyes. as he leaned over to sit up straight. At that instant. before driving off. “I think. He was afraid he might have suffered a slight case of whiplash from the manoeuvre Yunho just performed. All three passengers widened their eyes in fear as they gazed upon two pairs of blinding headlights. Junsu. “Get your vampire twink on my ass?” “Yunho.” The other two could. at least. “Don't fucking piss me off. The other two cars involved sent curse-filled honks towards Yunho. or I'll—“ “Or you‟ll what?” Junsu spat. who sat not once faltering. another thing for the police to scramble to get fixed tonight. The car had finally stopped and ended up on the sidewalk. yet.left Junsu‟s lips. who sat rubbing his neck. “Junsu?” . That would be. at Yunho. before bumping into—as well as denting—a stop sign behind it. Out of instinct. agree on that. and a bit cautiously. as they both struggled to catch their breath and recover from that far-too-close of a call. turning their eyes abruptly towards the windshield in front of them. “You guys okay?” A “Yeah” came from Changmin at the back. arguing is getting us nowhere. at the young man beside him. away from traffic. Yunho turned his attention onto the strawberry-blond in the passenger seat. and rather quickly. coming at them from the left and straight ahead. panting as well. as the car did a 180-degree turn—but Yunho managed to get the vehicle under control. it almost got us killed. “In fact. beside him. gently. Yunho hastily—and quite dangerously—swerved the car towards the right. mockingly.” He began. All that was heard was the screeching of tires. throwing all three of them out of their seats a little.

and Junsu simply did not understand.” Yunho told them. it was the truth. but no one would understand that. “I don't expect you guys to understand. All they need to see is “the vampire. “I dunno. Looking at him. carelessly. No one understood. “Look. The strawberry blond‟s hurt was now cast clearly upon his face. He was quiet.” and they are satisfied. as well as Junsu. at all. it was not only Junsu that shared that sentiment.. no one did. . okay?” He told Junsu.” He said. but…” He shrugged. and slid down carefully to his lap. How. as he turned his head over to the window beside him. “I‟ll get over it. With that.” “Yeah. His hand slowly began to stop its massaging of his neck.Junsu sat still. His expression began to soften further.” The last part was spoken in a bitter. nonchalantly. sarcastic undertone. Yunho. It wasn‟t only Junsu who did not understand. “I don't expect anyone to understand. it was far too common a belief for Junsu. Yet. peering out. ?” His voice trailed off. I‟m sorry. as he parted his lips. Yunho kept his eyes intently upon Junsu. not looking at the other young man. Yunho knew that Jaejoong was not like the other vampires. At last. I mean—do you blame me for not telling you?” Both Changmin. “I don‟t understand. “I know I should've said something. “Not just you guys. worriedly. regretfully. It was simply the norm. His eyes were transiently rested upon the windshield ahead of him. alone. remained quiet. to follow. Yunho could tell he was visibly shaken. Junsu‟s eyes were still upon the crumbling cityscape beside him. flatly.” He explained further to them. Changmin looked on at the two in front of him. “H-He's a vampire.” He looked back at his friend with eyes reflecting deep pools of disbelief. Yunho loved Jaejoong. It didn‟t make sense at all to the strawberry-blond. They refuse to see anything else. Even though his gaze had since left him. Junsu decided to acknowledge his query. Junsu dismissed Yunho.. as he released a repentant sigh. too. how could a human love a vampire? However. but…” Junsu finally turned his gaze over to Yunho. with a genuine air of remorse about his tone. as he gazed on at the two. “Besides almost getting hit by two cars… I guess getting stabbed in the back by someone you thought you knew kinda hurts.

before leaving the young man. Junsu said nothing. “You think he's the Black Rose?” “He's gotta be. at last. what makes you think that Sohyun's even with him?” “Clearly. The driver furrowed his eyebrows in thought. as well as to uncover more of Yunho‟s intentions. everything kinda adds up. Memories of that last night with Jaejoong still haunted and plagued his mind.. Changmin frowned. “How do you know that she's with Jaejoong? What if she's with another vampire or another group of vampires—or hasn't even been captured. Junsu cringed to himself. a question that .” Junsu said. “I mean.. not entirely convinced. but the other boy didn‟t see it.” He paused for a moment. somehow. somewhat certain. He knew that.” Yunho began. “So…” Changmin began. He's beautiful—“ At that. He wished he could explain it. “What makes you so sure? I mean. how do you know that he'll lead us to Sohyun?” Changmin asked again. he's up to something. at the floor. “might lead us to Sohyun.“And he. Demon Child. as his gaze left Junsu to fall upon the steering wheel. it sounds late Victorian-styled.. “And his speech.. in front of him. but Yunho just… knew. and turning to look. as certain as he might have been. idly. He just had this feeling. Still..” “But.” Yunho told him.” At those words. in an attempt to break the silence. and that date fits with the Black Rose. Yunho still found himself quite confused. 'cause he lived in the Victorian era. “He talks in this strange sort of dialect you don't hear much anymore. From what I've studied. unbeknownst to Yunho. but they're not really dead either. they're not alive. due to his eyes stubbornly facing the other direction. or. finding Jaejoong would help them find Sohyun..” He said. Why did the young vampire disappear? Why was he crying? What was troubling him? And now. His gaze stayed with Yunho‟s for a few moments more. He lives „only partly‟ like a vampire does. at all? What if she's not with him?” The younger man‟s words caused a stirring of thoughts within Yunho. There's gotta be a connection there somehow. Changmin. “. Yunho flashed an irritated look towards Junsu‟s direction. bitterly.

She would be drawn to him.Yunho so desperately wanted an answer to. there was still the possibility that Jaejoong was not the Black Rose. Yunho had to find him.” Junsu told Changmin. to be completely sure. as well? Was Jaejoong able to lay the curse just as the black rose does? That feeling that he got while looking at the face in the book. Still very much irritated. unknowingly. As he saw the face in the book. I'll just—“ “Can we stop with the arguing.. But if Jaejoong truly was the Black Rose. was that the curse‟s doing? Or was that his longing for the young vampire? He wasn‟t sure anymore… No. “We really don't have time to be arguing over this—Junsu. staring out adamantly towards the street. we have to worry about finding SoHyun. that he was apologizing for being in love with Yunho. . they turned to each of their respective windows. Was this the reason? Did he know that this would happen? And Sohyun still remained. cynically.. “Then. From the back. Turning to him. that's cool. Yunho and Junsu promptly ended their fighting.. And Sohyun… for Junsu‟s sake. under the black rose‟s curse. you two?!” Silenced by the younger man‟s outburst. it seemed to him a sort of intuition. he said. she won‟t be… ? It made sense to Yunho at first. He wasn‟t cursed—he couldn‟t be. Okay?” He asked of them. he just might be the Black Rose? The Demon Child? The “one that is spoken of?” He remembers. if you don't wanna find Sohyun. something just called out to him. Yunho was now quite fed up with Junsu‟s attitude. if you want. wouldn't she? Or perhaps. He called out to him.” He said as an answer to Changmin. we die. “Then. To be sure. telling him to find Jaejoong. so clearly. he was not so sure. Before. however. but now. she‟s not with him. “Look. could he possibly have something to do with this—all this chaos? Was this what he was trying to tell him of. as well as his. a gut feeling.. he began again.. … What if Yunho was making a horrible mistake? But then again. would that mean that Yunho was cursed. we can kill Yunho later. He had to see for himself.. But now. that night he disappeared? That.

she saw a different shade of destruction. beside him. He reached forward for the key and turned it in the ignition.. tumultuous chaos. It was absolutely horrifying. agreement. “And through him. Her wits struggled to keep up with her. the car was back onto the road. The only thing on her mind was to get out of here. Unsuspectingly. “I‟m not sure how… but I have an idea of where we could look. out of this reddened chaos. “So. It was quiet in the car for a while longer. In a reluctant voice." That was a quotation from David Fletcher's novel.. Adjusting the mirrors and things.exasperatedly. he asked. however. yet mutual. and concentrate on what's important here?” In a silent.” Yunho told the strawberryblond. and Changmin remained perhaps a tad bit too hopeful in the back. watching the changing scenery crumble as they passed. … In this „bloodied. in thought. his eyes left Junsu‟s gaze to rest upon the windshield in front of him. Despite the fact that the faintness may grow larger. . the verbal attacks had somewhat ceased. In accordance to the author's words. he parted his lips and suggested. “Can we just. Changmin recognized the wordplay because he and Yunho had read the book for their Film Studies class. what are we trying to do. she needed to get home. Junsu couldn‟t help but to look warily out the window. tumultuous chaos.‟ what place would a vampire call home?” Changmin‟s brow furrowed. starting up the car.. Both Junsu and Yunho were still not looking at each other. She needed to get back to Junsu. A Rose's Thorn. “The haven?” To that answer. Junsu turned his head over to look at Yunho. “The haven. as she ran fearfully through the streets. “We‟re gonna find Jaejoong. Yunho?” The young man looked back. he began to ready himself to pull out. Everywhere she looked. as he hesitated to continue.” There was a slight pause. we might find Sohyun. only to be met with a faint distrust lingering about Junsu‟s eyes. put our differences aside for just a few minutes. "Bloodied.” And with that. Yunho replied with an affirmative nod.. She had to get out of here.

she couldn‟t call for a taxi or any other means of transport. And now. supposedly. either. He would protect her and keep her safe—away from all of this. For now. At that moment. imitating the snow beneath her. no longer had service. muffling her scream. “The vampire could appear at any moment!” She had been told by crazy. he is a demon!” She ran quickly into a darkened street. or anywhere else on campus. welcoming. She stopped in the middle of the street. at all.” and she felt like pizza tonight. the “best pizza in town. inhale a sharp breath—as she felt a cold hand come out from behind her. The poor thing had been running for so long. falling to her knees. and she hadn‟t seen a single one along the way. wits-eaten folk with shellshock. running through the streets of the central district. considering the chaotic circumstances. as the hand slowly uncovered her mouth. It wasn‟t as if there was no other food back in the dorm. half-crazed on the streets. Her cell phone. here she was. and she felt herself. her eyes abruptly widened. trickled its way down the side of her face. but it wasn‟t. She mentally cursed herself for going to that pizza shop. matting a few stray strands of copper-coloured hair to the flushed skin. “Or you damned well be staring into the eyes of the Devil!” “He‟s a demon! Fear him. she looked to the other boy almost as a protector. She found herself trembling and gaping in horrified silence. But that shop was.At times. and… it‟s too late. The busses had stopped running. the lampposts in this one had malfunctioned. she would find them. Cold sweat. as she struggled to catch her breath. and was still so far away from home. terrified for her life. as well. Her chest sharply rose and fell with each heaving breath she took. “He just appears and disappears before you know it—just like that! He‟ll come out of thin air. as her mind toiled to collect itself from the disarray. on instinct. and began leisurely trailing its way . The poor fools experienced a brush with the hand of Death. Lingering. or saw one of their own being snatched from them before their very eyes—and survived to tell the tale.” “Don‟t look into his eyes!” Others would say. which had been on “vibrate” before. tightly covering her mouth and nose. She wasn‟t surprised.

It lies with the snow. “Let me know you like this. resting upon Yunho at his side. drenching it in blood. found its way up to her neck. and so innocent. it flowed into her ear like a syrupy mixture of milk and honey. landing upon the earth.” The snow. Warm breath began to tickle her earlobe. so white. The hand. and the warmth will cause it to spread.down her neck. they mourn for what is lost. . which. as he found himself slowing the car to a full stop. and sees that it is suffocating. So pure. “Why‟d you stop?” His eyes ceased their meandering. But a single drop of blood spilt onto the earth threatens to spoil this.” It spoke to her. looking upon this. yet raspy. covering it. followed by a voice. A morbid sort of curiosity overtook him. once again. The drop of blood melts the snow crystals. in turn. Its naive coldness knows nothing of the world in which it lofts down towards. It was very odd. to rest upon her shoulder. Sailing through the sky. untouched road caught the eye of the driver. peering the best that he was able into the dark. He began looking around. It shall touch a tiny snow crystal. making its way towards a hidden destination. Junsu was confused by this. “Scream for me. And the wind has been lost in a haze. it is content in knowing it has found a home. … The snow crystals gather. because there were emergency vehicles and police cars everywhere else—but not here. indeed. The car had been driving along. sensual. The reddened snow looks up at the sky whence it came. But the strangeness of a darkened. touches another… and another. It has tainted the white purity.

” Yunho replied. Their eyes met. as he stood staring ahead of him towards the street. You‟re asking me?” Junsu replied. his tone began to soften. both Changmin and Junsu were immediately quieted—almost to the point of fear. “What‟s going on?” “Tch. stepping out of the vehicle. He did not close the door behind him. with a slight ring of alarm in his words. Changmin was left rather confused by Yunho‟s actions. wondering what it was that had so caught the young man‟s eye. as well. when— “And you're just gonna leave us here?” Yunho turned to the source of the voice. as Yunho turned it off. pits of dread steadily forming in their stomachs.Yunho ignored Junsu‟s question and Changmin‟s growing curiosity. He seemed to be staring curiously at something along it. equally as lost.” . … “I‟m gonna go and see what it is. “We should go with you. The chill of a cold breeze seeped its way into the car. He moved over slightly. however. he found his interest quite taken by this darkened street. Almost caringly. trying to get the young man‟s attention. leaned into Yunho‟s empty seat. exchanging fearful looks. he opened up the car door. He was just about to close the car door. To their surprise. and left it open. no longer bearing the harshness that it displayed earlier. his eyes still transfixed upon the street ahead. a fair distance away. “Yun—“ “There‟s something over there. Instead. Junsu. Reaching for the handle. At that.” Yunho decided. Both Junsu and Changmin noticed this and joined his gaze. he said to Yunho. He leaned towards Junsu‟s seat in the front. “What if something happens?” The strawberry-blond continued. the hum of the car engine was no more. Before long. There was something over there? … Was it human? Both waited in silence. disrupting the settled warmth.

there was not a single police car. or soul. there was not a single person on this street.” The three young men left the car. And so. “Like I have a choice. The street was oddly deserted. he‟d go on ahead. It was Jaejoong. crouching over on the ground. Yunho was given far too clear of a view of what the young vampire was crouching over: . and cautiously made their way into the forgotten street. boldly. the three walked on. For one. almost touched. accenting the sickly pale of his skin. They reached a point where Yunho quietly signalled for the two of them to stop. as he nodded at the other boy. And yet. There was much protest from Junsu. as he had thought. there seemed to be what looked like a figure. “You coming?” The younger man instantly began removing his seatbelt in a somewhat acquiescent manner. not to mention eerie. A slight smile came over his lips. which had been sentenced to hang in the sky. They found the darkness quite and odd and peculiar. The figure slowly began to turn its body towards Yunho. He and Changmin were to remain where they were. A trickle of blood seeped out. his quiet footsteps pushing him farther and farther away from his friends behind him. and it was hard to move a foot in the city without hearing the blaring of sirens on this night. as Yunho took a couple of steps closer to the obscured figure.Yunho found himself a little surprised at Junsu‟s words. fretfully. they must have malfunctioned. But just up ahead.” At that. he turned to Changmin sitting at the back. Police were dispatched to almost every inch of the central district. Changmin and Junsu watched on. worn wickedly across his face. Still. “Okay. And now that his body had been turned around. from the corner of his sardonic smile. but in the end. He continued in this way for a while. almost tiptoeing. heading towards the spot that caught Yunho‟s attention. The young man‟s eyes widened as he recognized the face. The streetlights were out completely. “E-Excuse me?” He timidly asked. in sight. The only light was from the pale moon. Yunho went on. mindful of their footsteps. he gave up and allowed Yunho to go on alone.

. that widened up in horror as he looked upon the scene ahead of him. bloodied body of a dear friend.” . he saw the love of his life—hovering over the dead. as well.. wait!” Changmin was stunned at what he was seeing as well. He was torn between emotions. Junsu hurriedly began to run over to her. “That thing killed her!” He yelled. Another pair of eyes did. “Sohyun!” Forgetting all reasoning. But this. nonetheless. Whoever devised the game plan had failed to inform him of this one element. “Junsu. menacing smile and cryptic look about his eyes. “I knew you‟d come. But now. Clearly. Vehemently.Sohyun‟s dead body. he could tell. albeit rather brashly..chapter 18((Sestina‟s Love _________ He was losing the game—this much. Yunho‟s eyes did not bear witness to this alone. but he quickly pulled the other boy back. he had a better idea of . Here.. however. he struggled to wrestle himself out of Changmin‟s hold. Everything had been going so well. However. almost sweet. The raven-haired vampire looked up at Yunho. The coldness of his eyes was unreal. he said to his lover. his tears still fighting their way from his lashes. as he looked upon the girl‟s still form. he stood there. And Jaejoong's eyes. with a dark. It was almost unfair. unexpected. to say the least. and laden with echoes of faded innocence. The rules had been explained and laid out for him. positively lost and confused as he looked upon the young vampire staring up at him. “Let me go!” The strawberry-blond fought and struggled in Changmin‟s grasp. “It fucking killed her!” Yunho could do nothing else but stare dumbfounded in disbelief at the sight he saw before him. they were so cold—he could hardly recognize them. He was in complete and total shock. violently. “Let me go!” Angered tears streaked their way down Junsu‟s cheeks. In a voice. was unexplained. but he understood them. It frustrated him. but the younger man‟s height gave him an unwanted disadvantage. maliciously.

these unmentioned happenstances. with both arms tensely at her sides. remembering their previous encounter from not too long ago. looking all around him. unrelenting. through Yunho‟s mind. but his eyes only revealed the same nothingness that they were shown before. Just at the corner of his eye. by the coldness in the vampire‟s eyes. He felt the thought lower itself. a fair distance away. Confused. The soundness of this thought appeared to affirm itself. He began to feel his feet take a couple of steps forward.” Those words spread. as he turned around to inspect this. At that exact moment was when everything went dark. How did she get here? She stood as straight as a pole where she was. he turned around. completely and utterly alone. echoing through the raven-haired boy‟s last few words. The sights of the shadowed street had vanished. Where was he? But then… a glimmer. something with which he could pierce the overpowering darkness. incessantly. however. The heat was soon extinguished. He frantically searched this way and that. intertwining amongst one another. his eyes irritably scanning the infinite darkness that surrounded him. He was alone. A callous smirk slowly unfurled itself against his rose-petal lips. The faintest feeling of panic began to stir within him at this thought. A curious frown overtook his lips. disintegrating into the silence falling hard upon him. What was going on? Where was everyone? Where was Jaejoong? His eyes battled. desperately trying to seek out even the tiniest glimmer of something familiar. Fully turned around. He was solely alone here. “I knew you‟d come. But everything—and everyone—was gone. slow at first. seemingly crushing him where he stood. Yunho‟s eyes widened as he found himself entrapped in a thick blanket of darkness. he could see. searing a path of ash and wildfire. Yunho frowned as his eyes took sight of her small figure. then gradually pick up speed. through the dark. even hoping to pick up the dim blare of a police siren off in the distance. cobalt-coloured . his eyes blindly groping about as he ran through the vast expanse of shadow. causing him to stop. Yunho could have sworn he saw a white light. Each thud of a footstep was snatched up and dissolved in the murky air. the last of the dwindling embers having burnt out. and even the mournful cries of his friends had ceased to sound. Her surreally lit. He forced himself to run. he let out a frustrated growl. creating a blackened opaqueness. Feeling he could not take much more of this. standing not too far off. that strange little girl in white. Silence and shadow lay around him.

” She said with an air of understanding.” the young vampire said in a hushed whisper. Yunho recognized it as belonging to Jaejoong. once more. Yunho called out to Jaejoong and started to advance towards him—but the vampire quickly disappeared with a smirk before Yunho could reach out to him. “Jaejoong. considering he was trapped in a never-ending space of darkness just . she was gone. And with that. of sugar and ice…” It was with those words that Yunho noticed a change in her tone. girlishly. urging him to look behind him. hoping to spot the source of the voice—but to no avail. Yunho stood there. her arms followed suit. “You see. timorous voice. Yunho could only look back at her in confusion. before allowing none other than Jaejoong to appear in her place. he shouted out. yet it emitted a sure sort of confidence. There was an undertone to them now.” At Yunho‟s reply. much fouler and darker than he had heard before. perhaps less. “… I am made. once again. at her sides. in surprise. Odd. leaving him alone. not Jaejoong. gently. but a forest. love. “I am made. “Turn away. The look of worry that animated her face had melted into one of warmth and care. Yunho looked at her. For. The spot where she stood remained vacant for just a moment.” She told him once more. where are you?” “I‟m right here.” His voice remained as a melodious ringing throughout Yunho‟s ears. relaxing. looking at him rather apprehensively. “The cold finds solace. She gave Yunho a pitied smile before looking away from him and towards the darkness that enclosed them. Yunho‟s eyes widened. noticing a strange glint in her cobalt eyes.” she gestured at the space around them. “What‟s gotten into him?” A haughty laugh pierced the thick silence. It is welcomed by the arms of the shadow—as am I. as he looked upon the raven-haired boy. still helplessly confused. He found himself subtly narrowing his eyes at the child. “I do not expect you to. the girl‟s noticeably tense demeanour began to soften. Her voice was small and shaky. Turning around. faded. he saw. What did she mean? “Warn your warmth to turn away. He quickly turned around. baffled and disappointed.” She told him in a quiet.eyes stared on at Yunho.” She whispered. here. Defeated. “I don‟t understand.

exposing various cuts and bruises across the arms and torso. either. The hill was small and not very high. They watched this one very carefully. They carried fire. with his head leaned against his shoulder. The creatures looked on at the stray human falling down the rocky hill. There was a hushed sort of calm tingling his skin. Deciding to explore this change of scenery. The fallen leaves and overturned earth crunched underneath his shoes. and violent ones. That was when they saw him walk closer. and he was not broken like this one. they thought. and every sharp rock. They. He was not violent like the other ones. The creatures of the nocturne were very worried on this night. He stopped once he had reached the bottom—a boulder had broken his fall. he walked on further into this forest. What was once a white cotton shirt was now smeared with brown patches of dirt and torn. they could not help but to unmask the pity hidden in their eyes. and he was feeling the warmth of its aftermath. and at the same time. indeed. It was another one. The creatures took note of the worried look across the human‟s face. it was quiet. The brown slacks that were worn were not in the best condition. and he almost appeared to be broken. The creatures looked on in fear at the human. quite recognizable to their alert ears. they had noticed. A conflict had just occurred. They were human sounds: unfamiliar. stone. as he made his way further and further in. But yet. but this human appeared to be in pain. and pebble was felt along his fragile body. he also felt a dispersed tension. Then. too. The creatures looked on at this human. wary of any others that might approach them. angry. He heard the scamper of a squirrel every once in a while. and vehement voices—tens of them—came barricading along the forest‟s edge. landing softly upon the dirt and scattered twigs at his feet. warily. Amongst the lulling feeling. for the sky‟s pearl very often would. Soft beams of moonlight filtered their way through the leaves and branches. He turned his head up towards the dense gathering of foliage at the canopy. Amongst other things. at that. It was night-time. And one of them had been hurt. evident in the light breezes that would gently whisper through the trees. The poor thing was barely breathing. had rips and had . He gazed upon the person lying at the base of the boulder. Loud. they heard.moments before. The moon would decide. almost wincing at the amount of blood seeping through the clothing. Strange sounds. or the hooting of a watchful owl. They watched on in silence. and watched as he bent down to kneel beside the broken one. not sure if they should feel threatened or comforted by his presence.

looking at it in shock. What happened to him? Who did this? How did he get here? He was so close to death… Death. For. He also found the clothing that the man wore to be slightly odd. as he continued to gaze upon the weakened boy lying beside him. Suddenly. This was Jaejoong. brushing aside the others with ease. He appeared to be young. And now seeing him here. the taste of irony was not settling very well with Yunho. he truly recognized it. exactly. and Yunho wondered just what happened that would lead up to this. It was very much old-fashioned.been patched with marks of dirt. a subtle thought creeping into his mind. The feet were barefoot. A peculiar smile formed across his lips. And this revelation frightened him. For some reason. completely taken aback. but this time. Yunho paused for a moment. the injuries that were suffered were enormous. But the moment his eyes were laid upon the face. this added a tinge of bittersweet to the irony running across his lips. “What the…?” He instantly recoiled his hand. “It‟s been you the whole time. Yunho looked on in pity at the man‟s state. almost as if the other man would reveal an answer. A jumble of thoughts bombarded his head. He had always suspected the resemblance ever since he looked at the photo. a blister was found on the underside of the right foot. he heard the crunching of footsteps. of course. but he did not know which one to think first. Yunho concluded that the person was male. absolutely speechless. Ah. A tad bit older. “It‟s you. just as beautiful as ever. and with close inspection. out of spite. which caused Yunho to wonder just where he was. Jae?” He knew the other man could not respond. But… how? Yunho looked upon the young man. It was exactly the face in the book. but he felt a sort of contentment with that notion. he realized just whom he was staring at: he was looking straight into the face of the Demon Child. He decided to get a better look at the man‟s face to help distinguish what part of the world he might be in. this thought was confirmed. and was surprised that he was still breathing. but it was undoubtedly him. He quickly turned his eyes onto Jaejoong. Undoubtedly Jaejoong. a bewildered familiarity shot through him.” Yunho breathed out. They were barely audible at . Judging by his clothing and physique. but because he had seen this face somewhere before. “Wait a second…” He looked into Jaejoong‟s face once more. The features that he possessed—this was definitely Jaejoong. Not because it was Jaejoong. He reached a hand over to gently touch Jaejoong‟s face—but his hand passed right through him. hasn‟t it. at that moment. in actuality. He found himself laughing a little.

as he felt himself being pulled back. He had to admit: it was spectacular watching the young child. she seemed. He was falling. rushing to hide behind the safeness of a massive tree trunk. causing him to rise from the blades of grass. How did she know he was there? The child parted her lips. approaching faster and faster still. Her feet. further and further back—then downwards—by a force that he could not explain. slowly.” Yunho‟s eyes widened. looking at Yunho straight in the eye. whence he came. With his eyes. apprehensively. said to Yunho: “Be careful. he was atop a moist stretch of grass. as if he had just awakened from sleep. He was still in a strange place. A lone shard of purity. Falling. but only seeing as far as the thin black coat that the person wore. he felt slightly groggy. … “Have you found me yet?” “Where are you?” “Look a little harder. She was like a soft. Curiosity overtook him. and began to inspect the scenery from the ground he lay upon.first. Yunho was startled to see that it was the same girl in white. While he was adjusting himself to the new surroundings. he regrettably got up and left Jaejoong‟s side. Just like the forest.” When he landed. he followed the boots up to a pair of legs. she slowly turned her head towards the tree trunk. the setting was also at night. A couple of moments passed. But now they were becoming louder. The footsteps continued on. and afraid of whom it might be. and stand up at . ceased their movement as soon as she stopped in front of Jaejoong. He peeked out from its side and looked towards Jaejoong. He frowned at this. clad in black suede boots. She looked down at him with a blank look in her cobalt eyes. and Yunho could sense that the person was very close by. and the footsteps revealed the one approaching. He stood there. Just then. Down into the darkness. he saw a pair of feet. watching the scene observantly. covered in white boots. white light against the darkness of the shadows. She. the girl almost appeared to be glowing. To the right of him. He shook his head a little. She reminded Yunho of a star embedded in the velvety expanse of blackened sky. then. Yunho caught the girl‟s stare.

so pretty. “Jaejoong…” He could only manage to watch on. Yunho was confused. “Jaejoong!” He exclaimed. fences. circled with emerald and jade. This greatly puzzled Yunho. so serene. “Jaejoong!” However. startling her with his vice-like grip. Instead. “How am I seeing her—what‟s going on?” He asked Jaejoong. Why was this happening? He brought his hand up closer to his face. Yunho noticed a strange glint dancing about his eyes. Feeling he could not do much else. She barely had the time to scream. Jaejoong swept past Yunho. but… “She‟s dead. once again. his feet. She was sitting atop her white rustic bench that was placed in the center of her garden. his dark eyes were solidly focussed on a spot straight ahead of him. The woman sat blissfully unaware. it was too late. In an instant. frozen to the ground. but was stunned at what he saw. perturbed. The woman‟s back was turned to them. as the raven- . Hastily.” Yunho thought aloud.his full height. just like the last time. Without a moment‟s notice. and archways. Jaejoong sank his fangs deep into the woman‟s neck. and then donning a look of moroseness. His eyes widened in alarm. Instead. at first in surprise. beautifully tended. said nothing. He dropped his arm back down to his side before allowing his gaze to rest upon Jaejoong. forcefully. but his arm passed right through him. beside him. She looked so content. On either side of the bench. twirling the flower back and forth between her dainty fingertips. The young vampire. They were in her garden. in shock. with rustic gates. “Jae. still doting upon the black rose between her fingertips. Something was wrong. Did Jaejoong not hear him? “Jae—“ He attempted to nudge the raven-haired boy on his shoulder to get his attention. looking at it. Yunho watched with a feeling of dread as Jaejoong steadily approached Yoochun‟s mother. what are you doing?” But Jaejoong did not respond. Yunho left the spot he stood at and started to run towards the white bench. Yunho stopped dead in his tracks. He grabbed the woman. and she sat blissfully admiring a black rose. He couldn‟t help but to look at the other boy in defeat. there were small patches of tulips. But Jaejoong did not hear him. walking through the other man as if he was not even there. He looked to his right at the person beside him—in surprise. Several feet away from them sat Yoochun‟s mother. he joined Jaejoong‟s steady gaze. towards Yoochun‟s unsuspecting mother.

and he loved her. he desperately wished he had not. Yunho watched the blood of Yoochun‟s mother run boldly down Jaejoong‟s chin. out of leisure. Don't you want to see how the story ends?” “I just want to see you. and a map to help the lost find their way. he had heard of them—how could he have not? The attacks plagued their day-to-day lives. with all of his heart. And that wouldn't be any fun. By killing his mother. It was absolutely grotesque. love. He recognized a park sign. Never did he think he would ever see it. he found himself retreating from the bloodied scene. it was gorgeous in the springtime. And another. He released his grip. never. which she so loved. had he once witnessed one for himself. Yunho closed his eyes. he turned to face the direction the . Then another. dearly. the young vampire was locked in a heated stare with the blackened flower. relentlessly. flinging his mind back to the current surroundings. He had never in his life seen a vampire attack before. or the crude smell of human blood exposed. As soon as his vision cleared up. But. and the woman fell feebly to the ground. he found that he was standing in a familiar part of the city: the woods that lined the Gyeongju University campus. stating the name of these woods.” “Tsk tsk. It was all too much. And Jaejoong continued to drink the blood. A bloodcurdling scream disrupted his thoughts. slowly backing away. Jaejoong also drained the life of his best friend. in a feverish manner. the black rose. not wanting to see what would be shown to him. You shouldn't read ahead. or you'll ruin the story. Of course. He and his mother were so very close.” Yunho reluctantly opened his eyes. He did not want to see anymore. … “But Yunho.haired vampire feasted on the woman‟s blood. Out of instinct. Soon. He could not believe what he was seeing. He had walked these woods a few times before. This young vampire was the one responsible. Now that he had seen it. Yunho began to take a couple of steps back. So that was how it happened: Jaejoong had killed Yoochun‟s mother. not wanting to ruin this image he had of Jaejoong. we're making such progress. Her chestnut-coloured eyes glassed over. But most importantly. Never had he seen the severing of flesh and skin. All the while. And Jaejoong… his eyes were so cold… At last. and her lips froze together in a rueful smile. lay innocently by her lifeless hand. Dazedly. Yoochun had gone through hell because of him. the vampire stopped.

not even giving him a moment to think. cherrycoloured hair. This was real. obscuring Yunho‟s view. He stood there. as the figure drew closer with each passing moment. The beginnings of a tear started to well up in his eyes. too…” “. He continued to approach Yunho. blindly tripping over stray branches in an attempt to flee somehow. a devilish smile painted across those rose-petal lips. rather apprehensive. Yunho‟s eyes instantly closed. vivacious young woman. revealing the face of Jaejoong— freshly spilt blood moistening his lips. and gasped as he saw Jaejoong attacking Yoochun. In an instant a shadow draped over her. Just then. but his nose picked up the faint scent of blood… Fearing the worst. his feet came to a sudden stop upon the sight of a darkened figure up ahead.” As he remembered Sohyun. knocking the wind out of him. It wasn‟t long before it stepped into the moonbeam. and the air had gone stale from the rank stench of panic and tension— A loud groan sounded upon impact. It was dark. he turned away and started to run. … “That was Eunah. and Jaejoong was nowhere to be found. It was too dark to see anything. the figure slowly began to approach Yunho. The young vampire looked ragged and maddened. Yunho turned to the sudden disruption. Sohyun's best friend—you killed her. and he found himself in a building of some sort. He frowned. Yunho saw a girl. and the teardrop fell—but he opened them. His body had been thrown forcefully against a cement wall. Was this real? Was Jaejoong actually seeing him? The young vampire walked right up to Yunho. his eyes immediately snapped open. He could feel the warmth radiating from Jaejoong—this wasn‟t an illusion. he felt himself overcome with a pang of grief. that lively. and she was walking through these same woods. At the same moment that Yunho heard her scream. However. So real that Yunho could even taste the blood along Jaejoong‟s lips… In his mind. with long. in fear. Yunho felt somewhat anxious as Jaejoong continued towards him. And then… a bloodcurdling scream was heard. Yunho could only watch on . he could hear the slight rustling of leaves somewhere not too far off. before claiming his lips in a belligerent kiss.. But then. Listening carefully. He stubbornly closed his eyes.scream had come from. She looked about his age.. she looked up at something. There was a solitary beam of moonlight a few feet in front of the figure. That familiar darkness enveloped him once again.

Yoochun was in obvious. with such force. not at all certain whether or not his touch would go through. which was spoken in a saddened disbelief. There was a crazed look in the vampire‟s dark eyes. He killed Eunah. it somehow did not seem fair. they were real. He sent the other man flying into an adjacent wall. He felt a tinge of resentment as he looked upon her . he knelt down at his side. as he continued to attack the other man. terrible pain. he went on to kill Sohyun.helplessly as he delivered blow after painful blow to Yoochun. The grief she endured affected Junsu. in some way. Yoochun. so sorry. and looked towards it. The frightening thing about these vampire attacks and killings was that they affected everyone. He reached out to him. Standing there was the little girl in white. before dropping to the floor in a thud. Then. at first. “I‟m sorry. too. If that was not enough. and one could feel their reverberations and aftermath in those around them. and he needed to kill to live… but. it all stopped. seeing Jaejoong continuously heave Yoochun up and haul him across the room. and once he reached him. Not far off was a sliver of moonlight. he felt as if he had let this all happen. But. He walked over to Yoochun. For some reason. and he did nothing at all to stop it. the sliver of light from the crack in the wall began to grow larger. This went on to hurt Yoochun emotionally. painfully colliding with it. They did not just occur in a vacuum of some sort. or the tenderness of a bruise. filtrating through a crack in one of the walls. he felt like he was partly responsible for all of this. seemingly. to the brink of death. and now. Yunho‟s eyes softened at his wounded form. feeling the prick of a cut. He ran his fingertips caringly along the side of Yoochun‟s face. This went on to cause Sohyun an immense amount of grief.” He whispered. it did. the vampire he loved had killed Yoochun‟s mother. people that he cared about.” Yunho knew that Jaejoong was a vampire. “What‟s he done to you?” There was a melancholy air to his query. Yunho became sickened. all alone. He had „slept with the enemy…‟ and loved him. He felt guilty. in a cement room. to say the least. Gathered from what he had seen. All of these people were. gingerly. genuinely. anymore… Suddenly. Yunho found the light distracting. that Yunho found himself flinching. as he looked upon his best friend. to his friend. barely breathing. Yunho‟s eyes subconsciously narrowed at her. “I‟m so. All Yunho could see now was Yoochun lying on his stomach.

“Does the light hurt your eyes?” He heard the girl ask. after drop of blood. looking instead to Yoochun. “Brother always did have the most interesting stories. but… now he was not so sure. Yunho closed his eyes—and saw the crumbling central district of the city. once more. the light would have burnt his cornea. “There is still more to see. a look of disgust written across his features. But just as quickly as her spirits sunk. then. Yunho did not reply. Yunho had wanted to see him.” She ordered. How could he? . “Do you not wish to see him?” She surely meant Jaejoong.” He told her in a low voice.” Yunho diverted his gaze from her. he brought an arm up. The little girl‟s spirits were instantly dampened. A strange glow danced behind the child‟s eyes. If he were not careful. “Is that what this is—a story?” She shrugged. of course.” The smile still lighting up her face. they rose just as quick with a spark of felicity. “It‟s a shame. Quickly. dead body. “Well. “Have you found him yet?” Once again. Yunho shook his head.” A moody frown overtook her small mouth. “Come. her mouth forming a perfect „O. in horror. He moved about. innocently. The light only got stronger. and Yunho found it hard to keep his eyes open. She smiled.” Yunho promptly looked towards the young girl. The child was stunned at his words. To that. He could see Jaejoong paving a path of bloodshed and destruction. using it as a shield for his eyes.‟ “But. we must continue. she closed her eyes. He said nothing. engulfing it a bright whiteness. stealthily. and she stared at Yunho through cobalt-tinted eyes. you must!” She exclaimed.” Following her sound advice. the child responded with a smile. “Try looking for a shadow.innocent form. His gaze left the girl. “I don't want to see it anymore. “Isn't everything a story?” Yunho was silent. and at once. after dead body—Jaejoong almost seemed to be enjoying this. leaving the girl to her fretting. slaughtering everything and everyone in sight. and rested upon Yoochun. the moonlight flooded the room. Drop of blood.

as he noticed someone up ahead. everything appeared to be a different shade of red. “Pity. His footsteps. The half-witted people fleeing the streets had vanished. and he found the absence of blaring sirens somewhat disturbing. and he was looking up at the sky. The city took on the appearance of a ghost town. His back was turned towards Yunho. it all ceased and was no more. “You still haven't found him yet. the young vampire continued with a heavy sigh. Not yet ready to speak. curious as to who the person was. haphazardly. There was not a single police car or emergency vehicle. He quickened his pace. there were buildings up in flames. But strangely. so he wasn‟t alone in this place. The city had faded and the sounds had quieted to a harsh silence. He was once again at the heart of the crimson chaos. Once he was close enough. Ah. as well. “He waited here all this time just to see you. Yunho felt a bit of uneasiness as he looked upon the young vampire. . he said nothing. Yunho walked amongst this. He looked on at Jaejoong. the dead bodies had disappeared—there was positively no sign of human life. All that remained were the residues of carnage. he recognized the person. Picking up on the silence. with thick towers of smoke hovering overhead.Then. no longer as eager as they had been moments before.” Yunho looked on at the raven-haired boy. slowed their movements. cautiously. Confused. the path that Jaejoong paved. It was slightly unnerving for him. once again. He saw dried blood smeared along the sides of buildings and vacant streets. He walked further on. yet still apprehensive. and he lowered his gaze to stare out ahead of him. and live wires and cables lined them. that same blackness surrounded him once more. the city appeared to be deserted. before coming to a full stop about several feet away. the streetlights and traffic lights were broken.” His eyes tired of the murky sky. being the only soul walking about. he saw cars in various automobile accidents cluttered across the streets—with not a single person inside. somewhat forlornly. he opened his eyes. That mysterious aura about him that had once so enticed Yunho was filling him with hesitance. How could Jaejoong have done all of this? Everything… just… His pace slowed somewhat. He frowned. Instead of the vast expanse of darkness. finding Jaejoong‟s speech a little awkward. disturbed at the sights around him. as Jaejoong. have you?” Yunho was taken off guard by Jaejoong‟s sudden question. However.

However. so different.. if not just a little.He was talking in the strangest manner. loved him. “But before I brought you here. and he hardly knew the person that was staring back at him… “He knew that you would not like the images you have seen. before you had seen everything. perhaps you did not love him as he thought you did. “The answer is simple.. “Do you know why you cannot find him?” Jaejoong asked again. very much so. after a while. “Jaejoong—he would've been very happy.. Yunho stared on in confusion at Jaejoong. “Otherwise?” “Yes. and try as he might. “Are you sure about that? Appearances can be very deceiving. He was sure that he felt a tinge of heartbreak. now. after all? His love for Jaejoong truly was? And it was genuine. At this. Jae. love.” The young vampire began.” With that. so unfamiliar. “He began to think that.‟ longingly.” Jaejoong answered. yes. as he stared back at the beautiful young man.. his lips still in the same smile. a look of perplexity in his eyes. Was Yunho not cursed.. their gazes met. he turned around to face Yunho.” Yunho looked on at this „Jaejoong. so foreign.” Yunho frowned. your heart had not changed.” He began. he could not sense the black rose curse around him.” The raven-haired boy raised an eyebrow. Looking into the dark brown of those eyes. A part of him released a tense breath and was very much relieved at this discovery. “What happened to him?” An earnest plea underlay his tone. The raven-haired boy studied Yunho. . Physically. You're standing right in front of me. and he knew that.” He paused for a moment. A crest had fallen. “What are you talking about? You're here—I‟m looking right at you.” This answer troubled Yunho. A slight smile overtook his lips. . “Why are you doing all of this?” Jaejoong looked away. indeed.. There was something so cold about it. love. His whole demeanour appeared to have changed completely.. as well. “That would've made him very happy. the Jaejoong that he loved. And so. but… he seemed so changed. Yunho instinctively knew that those were clearly not his lover‟s eyes. He thought otherwise. at all. For even though he was looking straight at Jaejoong. whose back was still turned towards him. the part of himself that he had tried to keep hidden from you. it was Jaejoong that he was gazing upon… he almost did not recognize him. This was not the Jaejoong he knew.. knowing that the one he loved still. gently. Yunho almost felt his shoulders slump. it was him.

appreciate these strange head games that were being played upon him. his gaze transfixed on a burning building in the distance. “You loved him more than you ought have. ah. far thicker. snidely. Yunho found he was unable to answer. you've made a grave mistake..” “He'd never think that. a subtle thought forming in his mind. He stared back at Jaejoong. as if scolding him for his naughtiness. “You think you're so clever. “…Or perhaps he's the one who has deceived you?” Yunho did not. love.” Jaejoong warned him. The young vampire gave Yunho a leering smirk. testily. once more. his last few words wreaking havoc in his thoughts. But blood is thicker than water. while Yunho looked upon Jaejoong in angered disbelief. After all that . “And how are you so sure of this? How are you so sure that he didn‟t think that.” It was silent between the two for several moments.“Perhaps it was all just a lie—and you had deceived him. ah~” Jaejoong raised a hand up. watching Jaejoong‟s hand fall to his side. He hesitated before answering. An eyebrow was raised in contest. “And you trusted him far more than you should any vampire. not even once? Because we all know that appearances are very. very deceiving.” Yunho was quieted by that response. You've got us all figured out. . perhaps it was all in vain.. wagging his index finger at the other man. “Don't be so hasty to draw conclusions. love. Jaejoong looked towards Yunho with resentful eyes. his cluttered thoughts colliding against each other. each and every spoken word that left his lips. “Every moment that you two had spent together. Did you honestly think that the fountain wouldn't run dry?” He told him. After the passing of a moment. “My word is far better than his. it's you. alone. at all.” “Oh?” Jaejoong broke his gaze with the shambled building to look over at Yunho. Doing that. Or would you rather trust a liar?” “If anyone's a liar.” The young vampire continued. completely. You'll miss important details in the rush to completion. fighting a battle of dominance in his mind.” He stopped for a moment.” “Ah. haven't you? The „book of vampires‟ is one that you feel you've mastered. he offered an “I don't believe you—“ “And why not?” Jaejoong challenged.

unchallengeable truth… “Where is the vampire boy that you loved.. It hurt him even more to think that every spoken word that left Jaejoong‟s lips echoed tenors of truth—undeniable. in aggravation.. So. You're not the first to have your heart broken. utter nothing. maybe I made the biggest mistake thinking that you could ever be more than what you are. “I'm an idiot 'cause I wanted to trust you. the person that you are—“ “He can't hear you. and.” Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “You can either believe what I'm telling you. “I am lost from you. A sheer. how could he just say that? “… You know what. Jaejoong. “He thought otherwise. Instead. in defeat. as Jaejoong continued again. where is he? You've been looking for him this whole time and did not find him. Yunho. what have you found? Nothing.” Yunho continued. it's another broken promise. You cannot find me. You've found absolute. Yunho was instantly silenced at his outburst.” The anger slowly began to dissipate. white curtain .. or you can just ask Jaejoong yourself. You're a vampire. All he could do was look back at Jaejoong. bleeding madness?” Yunho found he could say nothing.” He made a point to look Yunho dead in the eye. and Yunho felt it replaced with an air of loss.” He spoke up. “Did you find him amongst the humans he killed and carelessly threw aside? Did you see him amidst the blackened pools of blood? Did you find him here at the center of all this chaos—the chaos he constructed from his own selfish.. forever. in a taunting manner. although still feeling very much angered and upset.they had been through. his voice was slightly raised. complete. But tell me. Yunho. “And maybe I'm stupid for doing it. He had lost the game… “. He grit his teeth. Yunho?” Jaejoong continued.” Two naked bodies lay entangled with one another. Yunho—“ “You were human before you were a vampire—!“ “Oh. I wanted to look past all of this and see you for Jaejoong. ardently... maybe I did. he stopped loving you. as he said this. “You're wasting your time—“ “And maybe I made the most foolish mistake ever for trying to reach out to you. will you just let it go?” Jaejoong snapped at him. too.” He said this to him in a considerably hurtful manner. he doesn't love you—not anymore.

tasting his lover‟s skin as he went. and a lone teardrop falling quietly down the side of his face. analyzing the dark brown that was once so similar to his own. “But.. “Sleep well.. how would forever seem like..” Helpless confusion lingered about Yunho‟s dying eyes. This was not an illusion. with you?” Jaejoong stood just inches away from Yunho. He looked the other man in the eye. slowly.... yet. down towards the warm skin of his neck. and then down along Yunho‟s chest. Jaejoong whispered to him. His lips ravished the sensitive skin before making their way down to the bare shoulder.. riches known only to a broken heart. keeping the lovers entrapped in sweet rapture.. at him and gently wiped the tear away.. “And forever...enclosed the amorous space. Jaejoong kissed his way up. So real that Yunho could only feel a washed-over sense of regret. forever is such a long time. Jaejoong slowly began advancing towards Yunho. love. He saw the life drain from Yunho‟s eyes. “.” The young vampire left a trail of instructed kisses from Yunho‟s lips. to Yunho‟s awaiting lips.” “. . He wanted to taste those lips again. “. caringly. if I was to spend it.. Deep.. passionate kisses were treasured like drops of melting snow.. He smirked. A trickle of his own bleed seeped from his wounded lip into his dry mouth. This was real... and looked down into the face of his human lover. As instructed. “. when Jaejoong‟s fangs plunged deep into the side of his neck.” Jaejoong bit hard into the flesh of Yunho‟s bottom lip—but Yunho did not feel any pain.” Jaejoong smiled.” The raven-haired boy drew his face away from Yunho‟s... and Yunho buried his fingers in the silken locks of Jaejoong‟s raven hair. The moist of his tongue made contact with an erect nipple.

He could no longer love the human in the way he had done before… and he felt something close to remorse over it. not by the blood that would sustain him. caressing the dead skin.He could no longer. Once more. . he found his fingertips running themselves lightly across the side of Yunho‟s face. But that was all: the fact that he did remember. A time when he could see a human being. Yunho continued to stare up at his lover through lifeless eyes. but he did love him at a time. glassed over by a strange gamble of fate. and he felt comforted by the skin underneath his fingertips. All the while. He remembers that he loved him. but by the love he would garner for him. Jaejoong‟s touch was gentle. FIN.

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