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I wish to express my sincere gratitude to PROF. MR. A. SRINIVASA RAO for providing me an opportunity to do my document on my personal code of ethics. I wish to avail myself of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to my friends and my beloved parents for their manual support, strength, help and for everything


Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy which attempts to find out the nature of morality, and to define and distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Why have a Code of Ethics?

To define accepted/acceptable behaviours. To promote high standards of practice. To provide a benchmark to use for self evaluation. To establish a framework for professional behaviour and responsibilities. As a vehicle for occupational identity. As a mark of occupational maturity

Personal ethics refer to a set of moral values that form the character and conduct of a person. They assist in decision making, guiding you to participate in actions that meet your internal moral standards. Ethics represents the core value system you use for everyday problem solving. They create a framework for determining right versus wrong. Ethics are developed throughout life based on a wide variety of factors. They are not absolute rules. For many people, to define personal ethics is a difficult endeavour. They simply consider their inner voice to be all the ethical guidance they need. After all, intuition plays a large role in what one finds ethical. When defining personal ethics, there are several aspects to consider which can vary greatly from person to person.

My personal ethical code

Creating a personal code of conduct requires establishing a set of rules that will guide your behaviour in any situation. The code of conduct you establish for yourself will be yours alone, although elements of the code will be shared by others. The standards you set for yourself should be realistic and flexible. So these are some codes of conduct which i am following in my personal life which are realistic and flexible-

1. Seek the lesson in every experience

We all should seek some lesson in every experience that we get in life and by taking a lesson from that, we should not make same mistakes and should move in life in more polished and effective manner. I follow this principle to learn from my mistakes.

2. To be honest and trustworthy, and to disclose my feelings.

One of the main principles that allows a society to work efficiently and without violence is honesty. Hiding information by lying often causes more harm than good. I will also make good my promises to others and make sure that my words are followed by action. This includes giving full disclosure of events rather than obscuring facts in a way that has harmed humanity for ages. This also includes times when someone chooses for me to act on their behalf. I must first make sure that what they request is not in opposition

to my ethics and then if I chose to accept that responsibility make sure I follow through according to their intent. Good communication is necessary for this to happen.

3. To give proper credit to others.

When someone does something for me or for a group, I should not take credit for their work. Also if I get an idea from a source, I should reference it.

4. To honour confidentiality.
In helping others there may be cases where they may confess certain actions or share private information with me. When they share such information, I should not spread this information. The only case where I may share this information is if I find that keeping it confidential is in violation of my higher principles. If someone described to me how they were going to kill someone else, I would report such a threat. I value the ability to share personal information with others in good faith that they will not share it with others; I can only be expected to do the same.

5. To live a healthy lifestyle and do things that will aid others in healthy living.
Through exercise, good eating habits, and general good self-care, I can ease the burdens of my life and others. I should strive towards helping others live healthy as well in order to both ease the burden they may cause me as well as their own burdens. This includes things such as promoting health facilities, open space, parks, hiking trails, and other public places of recreation. It also means eating right and not partaking in activities that could lead to diseases and other health problems .

6. Building strong character

A strong character is almost a requirement to survive in this tumultuous world. Having intense emotions enables us to understand feelings of others. It is not a bad thing to be passionate, but if it is driven by egotism and hurts others, it can be dangerous. I should refrain myself from becoming egoistic and build a strong character.

7. To be self-disciplined
People in general tend to lack will power. To take the path of least resistance is human nature. Outstanding individuals didnt become great overnight. They disciplined themselves to overcome their weaknesses, conquering apathy and inertia to become true victors in life. I determine to become a person of strong will, a person who is disciplined and tackle any problem with real seriousness and determination.

8. To fight against injustice

Its not necessary a good thing to get over things easily. Injustice, for example, is something which mustnt be excused. In India, people tend to think that letting things go like water under a bridge is the noble thing to do, but such an attitude can hinder societys progress. It allows same mistakes to be repeated. I should keep my anger alive, and continue to fight against injustice tenaciously and courageously to effect positive change to benefit my fellow human beings.

9. Face challenges
Running away from things we find unpleasant is very easy and that is what causes suffering. But if we face and challenge such situations, they will enrich our life. I determine to face challenges head on and become victorious over every challenge I face.

10. Polishing my positive attributes

Its difficult to see ourselves objectively. we ordinary people can see neither our own eyelashes, which are so close, nor the heavens in the distance. To ask someone who knows us well, like a friend, a parent or a sibling, what strong points they think we have and should develop. No one has only faults or only merits. We all have a mixture of both. Therefore, I should strive to develop and polish my positive attributes. Also, if someone should point out my faults, rather than getting offended or upset, I should listen calmly and objectively to what they have to say as constructive criticism as once I take my place in society, there wont be many people who will be so honest with me.

11. Overcoming my fears

Americas first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt(1884-1962), who remains one of the most respected women in the United States. She once wrote: looking back, I see how abnormally timid and shy i was as a girl. As long as I let timidity and shyness dominate me I was half paralysed. Through self-discipline, Mrs Roosevelt was able to conquer her fear. What concrete measures did she take? Like most shy people, she was plagued by fears about herself, so she applied herself earnestly to break those chains. Learning from her example I should stop worrying about making a good impression on others and caring what they might think of me instead try to think about others. Second, I should quit obsessing over myself and wholeheartedly pursue the things that interest me. People dont really pay that much attention to what other people are doing and that the amount of attention we pay ourselves is actually our greatest enemy. The important thing is to take that first step. If I bravely overcome one small fear, it will give me the courage to take on the next one.

12. To not have others fear me.

Fear is the key to perpetuating hatred. Fear is capitalized by governments, religions, and individuals to get others to do what they want. People, including myself, end up unhappy with this state of fear. It often leads to rebellion and war. For this reason I am opposed to creating weapons and armies. There are much better ways to promote conformance, the best of which I found is to work together with whatever social group that surrounds me and agree through compromise and

cooperation what rules should be established. It would be a great error to assume that others have the same morals as I do and that I should promote those morals with fear in order to benefit the lives of those around me.

13. Achieving goals

Hindsight can be valuable towards ones growth, but setting oneself up for failure before even trying is self-defeating. If my aim is to swim across a vast ocean, it would do me no good to get cold feet standing on the shore before I even take the plunge; rather, Ive got to make a move, keeping my sight set on my goal in the distance. I should make goals and whether they are big or small, work towards realising them. At the same time, I must be serious and dedicated to my goals; Ill get nowhere if I just treat them like a joke. An earnest, dedicated spirit shines like a diamond and it moves peoples hearts. That is because a brilliant flame burns within.