Police Accountability Accountability is defined as a system of internal and external checks and balances aimed at ensuring that police

carry out their duties properly and are held responsible if they fail to do so. Such a system is meant to uphold police integrity and deter misconduct and to restore or enhance public confidence in policing. Effective police accountability involves many different actors representing the different layers of modern-day democracies, including government representatives, the parliament, the judiciary, civil society actors and independent oversight bodies such as national human rights institutions. Primarily, it involves the police themselves. Key elements of an effective police accountability system include: 1. Legislation (in line with international human rights law) specifying the functions and powers of the police 2. Practical instructions based on the legislation that reflect both the spirit and the letter of the law 3. Opportunities for the public to voice their concerns 4. Adequate police training, both basic and ongoing 5. Equipment that is adequate for prescribed police functions 6. Proper reporting 7. Adequate supervision that supports officers in carrying out their duties professionally and reporting these correctly 8. A working culture that promotes transparency and evaluation

Because of our colonial legacy and hard life dealing with insurgents we have become insensitive to an extent to the primary fact that we are servants of people and not their lord and masters. 2. One of the major complaints is non-registration of cases. It would lead to increase the crime figures.Fair and effective procedures and policies on how to deal with misconduct.Complaints procedures. including both disciplinary and criminal codes. This is because of our mindset probably. But whom are we fooling? It is our basic job to register FIR and do proper investigation along with taking preventive methods to control crime. procedures for punishment and appeal procedures 12.Independent body like SPAC to oversee such procedures " Scrutiny and oversight involving feedback to the police in order to improve future activities and prevent future wrongdoings. both for making complaints to the police directly and to independent bodies 11. adequate investigative capacity. We are here for people and to deliver an essential service to them. people are not here to serve us. Do not try to shirk from this . We have a resistance to allow ourselves to be accountable. Police station belongs to people in a democratic society not to police. Some issues 1. Monitoring of police actions and operations by both police leadership and external organs 10. Cases are not registered because a.9.

If we allow this practice to continue ultimately it would come back to us in one form or another. Police brutality is another issue that pains any sensitive and sensible human being. Corruption is one more reason for being unaccountable.work and sweep the truth under carpet by nonregistration of cases. What is the need to use force on a person confined in lockup? How many cases does being brutal solve? all of you fully know well the consequences of police brutality. Truth is like a fire. In the present scenario no senior officer who is sensible would indulge in police brutality nor would you get any support. 3. Ultimately however hard you try to hide it will come to the notice of senior officers or SPAC and consequences follow. “ do on to others what you allow others to do no to you. b. In lust for so called good postings some of officers do bidding of unscrupulous elements that draw reflected power from their . Next time when you raise hand on anyone in lock up please remember this. I firmly believe that one can be an officer only when one is a gentleman. digital and print we cannot keep facts hidden. Anyone who uses abusive words and aggressive postures on another person is a weak person and not a gentleman. Imagine if you go to some other state or country you are detained and beaten up and tortured with out being given chance to due process of law.” 5. 4. In these days of instant communication by mobile telephones and deep penetration of media electronic.

I would not like my children to live in a society. Public confidence is bestowed upon us when we work with accountability. Hence it is best to keep away from these pitfalls than to become disposable commodities in their hands. You cannot play with fire and complain of burnt fingers. Remember none of these people can save you when you land in trouble and would drop you like hot potatoes. We are bound to make errors. None of us are Gods or supermen. If we do mistakes deliberately with mischievous intentions then we cannot and should not complain that SPAC is strict. which is dominated by unrestrained unaccountable police which is armed by deadly weapons and which use the legal powers with impunity. 7. If you made errors unknowingly and without malafiede intention please have the moral courage to own it up and accept the consequence. 6.proximity to power centers and tend to be unaccountable. Hence lets all together work as a team to create an efficient responsive and accountable police. Thank you . 8. The enforcers of accountability would definitely take a lenient view about the same. Public confidence is key to police functioning in matters of efficiency and end user satisfaction. First let us be accountable to our conscience law and the almighty.