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Semen is the great treasure that has to be saved and stored in all the religious systems in the world. Semen is vital to spiritual cultivation because energy is stored in semen and without such storage the life force, or Holy Spirit cannot rise to the higher parts of the body as intended. The science of the proper storage, cultivation, arousal, manipulation, direction, and deployment of this mighty force was the secret theme of every religion on Earth. It and its properties were turned into characters in a drama. The storage places of the energy were dramatized as holy cities. The forces for and against the development of the energy were dramatized as great armies or hosts. The channels through which the energy travelled were coded as roads, paths or as rivers. Great beasts like Dragons or huge serpents were said to guard immense, hidden treasures. Rightly decoded, the old tales are rich in scientific wisdom. The serpent that guards the treasure is the initiate’s penis because it is snake like in appearance and its head can emerge from a sheath (foreskin) like a cobra. The energy that emerges from the sexual force, like all energy, moves in undulating waves, like a serpent. And when that serpentine fire becomes fully aroused and moves like thousands of volts of electricity up the spine, some initiates have felt themselves becoming serpents. (Actually, their astral bodies transform into serpents.) When I first had that experience, it was like a freight train that ran up my body and slammed into my head –
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or I should say all the ones who were “given a charter” from a secret order to teach the ancient wisdom. He taught “separation is a must” in a way that sounded like racial separation.” That means the same thing the Buddha said: “I’m Awake. or elixir field that’s behind the It scared me to death and I thought I was going to die…or explode. hence no physical baby making. 1. Muhammad is not the father of any of your men.000 Gold Coin Spot 2 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM .” Separation is a must All prophets and messengers speak in code -. The greatest of these mudras (seals) is called “the seal of the prophets.” (Quran 33:40.” Dhummo means “brave female” in Tibetan and is a breathing method to arouse kundalini: and to prevent ejaculation during sexual kundalini arousal ceremonies or activities. the Muslim women (MGT-GCC) were given the job “to take care if their husbands. Certain tightening techniques called bhandas are employed to direct the energy flow and mudras or seals are used to focus and hold energy at a certain place. The raw energy has to be alchemically transmuted by cooking and steaming it in the cauldron. Therefore. In Lesson No. But on a deeper level he pointed to the great secret of separating orgasm from ejaculation. It is very difficult to fully activate kundalini without a degree of “snake charming” (sexual arousal).) The Honourable Elijah Muhammad mastered these sciences. But he is the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets. statement 14.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. Those women are to be honoured for without them he could not have lived long enough to open the door to the Hereafter by teaching “Theology of Time. It is possible for a man to have multiple orgasms without shooting out any sperm.” Using it prevents semen from escaping. Thanks to the healing energy exchanges with his wives he was able to extend his life to some extent. Master Fard referred to this field in code when he said.htm over and over again.” The $10. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad also spoke in code. “There’s a wide open field for the wide awake Muslim to work out in. Note that he has to be “wide awake.

helping stave off prostate disease and helps him stay hard for longer and longer periods. focused in the public hair region of the body] weighs other than herself [meaning it is gross. “Don’t go near fornication [ejaculation]..e. She is called Mother Kundalini or Bathsheba or Sheba or Salaat: In its basic sexual mode it is stored in the lower tan tien.000 Gold Coin Spot. The deplorable condition of kundalini cultivation in the hells of North America was coded in problem No. [poor chi flow throughout the body] and cannot walk up to the store. He can thereby more fully satisfy his wife’s sexual needs and raise his own kundalini.000 out of his brother’s vest pocket. 3 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . Therefore she has rheumatism [stiff and stuck energy].. The M.Fard’s uncle. emotional trauma that afflicts Lost-Found. Pressure on this spot just before ejaculatory inevitability will seal in the semen and allow for orgasm without ejaculation. and thereby “take care of her husband” by helping him retain his life force. were supposed to be taught how to recognize when their husbands had reached the point of ejaculatory inevitability and using her three fingers.T. apply firm pressure on that point.htm Between a man’s testicles and anus is a muscle called the perineum. thick. The aim of cultivation is to raise it from the belly cauldron up to the heart cauldron and.” Because of all the blockages. The Problem Book In most cultures kundalini energy is considered female. The Chinese Taoist called it the $10.D. finally. headaches. W. pain in all joints. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke that part in code when he said he’d give $10. That becomes a door opener to many personal and social ailments. There’s an indentation or “pocket” where the perineum is.e. “The wife of Mr. up to the tan tien in the brain (“heaven”). Sealing off the perineum massages the man’s prostate. not yet steamed and refined energy].STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. the kundalini energy cannot rise up to the kundalini force] in the wilderness of North America [i. So the Quran says. enneagrams. 2 by Master Fard. [i. So Jews advised people to store their treasure in heaven. It is an even opening the road. The “transgressions” mentioned in some religions are those who go beyond the point of ejaculatory inevitability and lose their semen.” Just about every ailment in the world can be linked to male sexual dysfunction.tripod.G.

as serpentine fire by Dravidian Yogis.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. Therefore the Greek misunderstanding perpetuated. Today. During the anal intercourse.tripod. if a teacher poured his seed into a disciple. You would be surprised to learn just how far the Greek misunderstanding spread. The Greek Civilization was a product of Egyptian science. as the fire of Allah in the Quran. Non initiates began to take this literally. Much of academia has the same cultural misunderstanding.htm Greek Fire Kundalini arousal can get very hot. This was because kundalini could restore one’s youth. The Catholic Church is being demolished today because of the priests’ addiction to the Greek misunderstanding. The high initiates wrote of it poetically as their love and adoration of some young boy. When that force was unleashed. 4 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . They based that practice on a misunderstanding of Anunnaki Law. we’d call it a “French kiss”. They grafted a practice whereby a disciple had to submit oral penetration by the supposed master to earn the right to be his apprentice. But the Greeks never got beyond a childish level of Under the Anunnaki Law no one could rule his father because his father’s semen was in him. the muladhara. By extrapolation. would sometimes accidentally ignite the kundalini serpent that’s said to be coiled at the coccyx bone. Look at Paul’s writings where he openly discusses giving a male student what he calls “a holy kiss”. That heat was coded as the Inner Fire by Tibetan Lamas. that disciple could never turn the tables on his master and use the master’s knowledge against him. the Greeks (and some others) symbolized it as “a beautiful young boy”. The Greeks felt that assured that knowledge would be fully passed from generation to generation. While most cultures saw kundalini as female. and as Greek Fire. the friction near to the lowest chakra. the pain quickly turned to indescribable bliss since there is no pleasure greater than the Garden of Bliss of the Great Maha Tantra Experience.

Africa or Tibet so the understanding of the deeper principles was scant. The crown chakra is the seat of the higher self. The two energies co-mingle (have intercourse) on the crown of the head. which the Taoists call the Enlightenment of Kan and Li. in heterosexual union via tantra. the anointed one. When those oils (hormones) have purified the initiate and fortified his immortal dragon body. But it is attainable. but few master teachers came with those concepts from India. I am not calling people evil or sinners for what they do. child abuse was given a kind of legitimacy it did not deserve. if they want it. not just in anointing it with divine oils. 5 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . but in some women too. Since Kundalini opens the chakras. Concepts were dropped off in the area. he or she becomes the messiah. the Christ. Mediterranean Nexus The nations along the Mediterranean Sea were connecting points along many trading routes in the ancient world. Using coded language it tells people not to enter the house by the back door. Heru Pa Khart was shown sitting on a lotus flower (symbolizing the chakras). the knowledge of many cultures got deposited in the region we now call the Middle East. it attracts another kind of heavenly energy called Shekinah. When energy has accumulated there. It is a fact that kundalini can be activated that way. that depicted the rejuvenating power of serpentine fire. The Sacred Marriage By pulling up and locking certain body regions. Heru Pa Khart was the “beautiful boy” god of ancient Kamit. Eventually. By misunderstanding a symbolic boy for a physical boy.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. I am about correcting knowledge systems so people can choose what is best for themselves.tripod. it will overflow and cascade down into the body. Teachers who preach against the Greek practice won’t get much success if they don’t know that the person involved often feels he or she is getting an experience unattainable via “straight sex”. Some schools call it the marriage of the lamb. the sexual force can be made to ascend certain channels until it reaches the brain.htm Even the Quran had to try to correct the misunderstanding. Again. As such.

That means that kundalini serves or works on behalf of the practitioner in organ function. Eventually. finally.tripod. This is also the gist of the Yakub story taught by the Nation of Islam. not just of this life. Ra is ancient because he is the spirit. Heru Pa Khart The Golden Boy of Kamit 6 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . it got out of control and caused a lot of havoc in the world. The “grafted” being is the energy being created to do the work if the original man (initiate). was described as ancient. he learned he’d been hung in a previous life. The Arabic word for pearls in the above ayat is lulu. In an advanced Tao procedure. chi energy is condensed into a pearl. A man was suffering from gagging and This chi force is metaphorized as children for it is built up from semen and ovarian power. That pearl is then circulated in the Microcosmic Orbit to further refine emotional energy. as stated before. In a moment. can bring up conditionings from past lives too. But since it only has a rudimentary intelligence.htm The god Ra. Activating kundalini. I will reveal some other ways. Let Us Make A Lulu The Sumerian scriptures tell of the Anunnaki being forced to labor in mines and then. The chi channels operate in the subtler bodies and in many those bodies extend beyond the physical body. one may be ill-equipped to even comprehend the conditioning since there is no memory of the trauma that produced it. on the other hand. but doctors could find no medical cause for his affliction. The initiate is able to remain youthful so the chi in her or him is described as immortal children or “youths never altering in age”. This force is made to circulate around the body of the initiate in the Microcosmic Orbit of Taoism and the Tuat of Kamitic spirituality. The children in this verse serve the “righteous” ones. rebelling. In this life. and in other ways. then. but of all one’s past lives too.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. Note that it circulates above the initiate.

Heru Pa Khart was stylised as the boy gods Krishna and Baby Jesus.tripod. The chant Hari Krishna conceals two if the God’s attributes. By moving the sacrum back and forth (as if humping) the sacral pump is activated and takes the sexual force (ching) from the genitals. the erotic side effect of kundalini’s initial activity is symbolized by the dead body of Ausar getting an erection when Auset. The silence is the cessation of thought format on which that “god form” or gesture facilitates. That bespeaks the effect of pranayama breathing (wings flapping) on inert energy (dead Ausar). past the perineum. It is the seminal essence. at the Jade Pillow (where the top cervical vertebra meets the Reptilian Brain) is the third pump called the Cranial Pump. In the back of the head. The lotus represents that chakras which open. This Heru is analogous to sunrise and the Sun in Aries at springtime. It is kundalini energy when it first rises from the root chakra. In the mid-back there is a second pump and by working that pump ching is made to rise up to the mid-spine (behind the solar plexus). In other traditions. It is Eros or Cupid and its manifestation is often erotic. not the semen itself. That simply means if you concentrate on your chakras. It is activated by pulling the chin back and touching the chin to the neck.”.. as a swallow. This gaseous essence or spirit (ruach) is made to rise by means of three pumps in the body. Heru (Hari) and Christ (Krishna).e. become accelerated in activity. they will get active. The first pump is called the sacral pump and is located at the sacrum. bringing it to life (erection) as the awakened force moves to the swadisthana (genital) chakras. when light or sun strikes them. That is the “child” who was the archetype for what the Greeks concretised into actual love of boys.htm Heru the child embodied the kundalini current in its freshest modality. i.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir He is depicted sitting atop a lotus flower in a yoga asana making the sign of silence (index finger to the lips as if to say “shshsh. Rocking back-and-forth (as if riding a horse) activates the mid-pump. 7 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . that is stored in the brain. The initiate (Nazarite) learns to work the three pumps and move the sexual force from the base of the spine to the back of the head. In another formula. flapped her wings. which consists of five fused vertebrae. into the coccyx and one third of the way up the spine.

When. Meshach and Abed-Nego). The centers where the pumps are located are not just pumps but are also transmutation stations where the force is transformed into purer and purer essence. Hail. the chest (chi) and the brain (shen).com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/store. They manifest hot kundalini to heat themselves and their immediate environment in the freezing mountain snow.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. it can activate in the opposite polarity and be very cold or send chills. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. The cold mode of kundalini keeps them cool. ching is drawn to the mid-spine. -.John 3:14 The elevation of the serpentine kundalini force serves to sanctify and spiritualise it from a wild (wilderness) force to divine spirituality (Son of Man). Sufi masters in the desert radiate kundalini (which they call Baraka) in its cooling modality as represented by their wearing wool shawls in the scorching desert heat. The furnaces or cauldrons are located in the abdomen (ching). Snow and Earthquakes 8 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . Tibetan masters do the opposite. even so must the Son of Man be lifted up. It transmutes from nephesh (animal spirit) to ruach (moral-intelligence) to Shekinah (divine energy) at each of the pumps and stations. some of it is transformed into chi/ruach and is deposited in the middle Tan Tien cauldron. Three Hebrew Boys There are three stoves or furnaces in the body which contain three types of energy which are metaphorized as three Hebrew boys (Shadrach. Although kundalini is usually hot. in the Old Testament it’s depicted as Moses raising the serpent (kundalini) in the wilderness.htm Raise the Serpent and Uplift Christ Using all three pumps to lift up sexual energy to the brain (“heaven”) is metaphorically called uplifting Christ in the New Testament and. Rain.tripod. by use of the pumps.

The force of the Sun and Moon nadis draws the mist or sexual kundalini essence into the earth’s atmosphere. -. The two channels that begin at the nostrils. I looked when He opened the sixth seal. crisscross at the brain and wind their ways down the spine are channels of the Sun and Moon or the Ida and Pingala nadis in yoga science. sleet or hail. By doing Alternate Nostril Breathing. The lowest chakra is the earth chakra. snow. As it passes each pump it gets distilled or purified or refined. hail. Kundalini energy is coiled there and so it is called “the earth’s moisture.htm A secret Nation of Islam lesson asks “what makes rain. i. if it is caught by wind that us “swift and changeable.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir.” You can detect there was a great earthquake.tripod. You have to be clairvoyant to see it. are caused by the Son of Man experimenting with high explosives.” Earthquakes.Revelations 6:12 The 6th seal is the closed sixth chakra.” In yoga such tremors are called kriyas.. This lesson is talking beautifully about the processes of kundalini. the brain. These are the “Sun and Moon” which have an attracting power on the earth’s water.” It is also referenced in Genesis. but it’s hard. 9 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . says the Lesson. it had to be steamed in the lower cauldron into “a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect.e. As the force breaks through each chakra along the spine it causes tremors in the body or “earthquakes. For it to rise. Its bija is Laam. It raises moisture up in “a fine mist that the naked eye can barely detect. the two forces balance out and draw the kundalini: (“moisture”) into the central channel called the Sushumna Nadi. snow and earthquakes? The response then goes on to speak about the Sun and Moon’s attracting power on the earth’s moisture. and behold.” The lesson says the fine mist gets caught up in the Earth’s rotation or gravitation and distils back to the earth according to the type of wind that touches it: rain if the current is warm.

Prophet W. snow and earthquakes – physically. Master Fard came to Black Bottom and taught Elijah for 3 ½ years.e. 10 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM . So I don’t owe any of them my silence. would one day teach the New Islam to White America and the rest of the world. -.Genesis 2:6 The steamed kundalini rises from the earth chakra and rains down over the initiate’s face. No common sense tells me that non-initiates couldn’t help but misuse such awesome powers. Different types of breathing modify the way the kundalini shower will occur.Fard came to Detroit’s Black Bottom in 1930 to demonstrate kundalini. great power is checked by greater wisdom. in Kamitic. hail. do not be mistaken.htm A mist went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground. I came to North America by myself. sleet or snow. As Heru conquered Set. Why? The ass symbolized the god of the Palestinians. Ultimately. The more power an initiate gets the more restraint she exercises in deploying it. rain. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of an ass..STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir. the initiate only uses it when it is the will of God that she do so.D. At its earliest degree. But I will not teach anyone how to do that.” The winds in the Lesson mean pranayama (yogic breathing). Set. Not that any secret order prohibits me. While I have discussed this from the metaphysical level. As the kundalini serpent is coiled 3 ½ times in everyone’s bottom. the Honorable Elijah Muhammad turned and faced the West one day for opening prayer. they “demonstrate” or “fulfil the law. Pal or. it is called a baptism.” as Jesus put it. The Son of Man can indeed make rain. riding Pal demonstrated Jesus’ conquest of Set or Pal. the Fruit of His Divine Spiritual Loins. i.tripod. The great men and women of God don’t just preach. hail. Moorish Americans use to say “Demonstrate” when the teacher explained something to the adepts. Master Fard taught the white Detroit police from the Quran to demonstrate that we. To demonstrate that the light was now risen in the West and that we should not look to Eastern Arab Muslims for guidance. I do not belong to any such thing. When the oils from the glands and the kundalini have been fully refined it is called “the anointing.

tripod. You won’t find anything there but sand. It doesn’t belong to the Arabs or the Jews.htm Forget about going to Mecca. 11 of 11 3/23/2013 12:26 PM .com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/store. Don’t waste your money on a trip to Jerusalem. If you want to gain knowledge of Self that will raise you up from living a beast life then I suggest you make a pilgrimage to the real holy city inside yourself.STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN By Amir Fatir http://amirfatir.

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