Deliberately Trashing The Planet

By Ian R. Thorpe
"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by
maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for
expressing that. That's what's insane about it" !ohn "ennon
Those "with eyes to see and ears to hear", to steal a phrase from the Bible, will
eventually find themselves asking the big question; why would the self appointed
“elite” (ur !ew "nhappy #ords$, the unseen rulers of the world and wannabe members
of the global totalitarian government so many apparently sane people %rave, want to
lay waste to the planet on whi%h they, as well as we ordinary punters, must live&
'urely the Big (harma %orporations have not %ome up with va%%ines against
radiation, %hemi%al pollution, geneti% mutation, hunger and thirst) *embers of the
elite will surely suffer like the rest of us& +ren,t their %hildren in peril -ust like ours
There are rumours of floating islands on whi%h they may live safely, underground
#cid rain
bunkers, there was even a s%heme to build and laun%h inflatable .evlar spa%e hotels, self
sustaining environments in whi%h the wealthy and the highly intelligent (and their
des%endants be%ause it would take a few generations$ %ould live, orbiting the planet
while the depopulation took pla%e, the surplus humans were %omposted and the
environment fi/ed itself)
The rapid deterioration of our
environment is leading toward a dead
planet if the s%hemes of the power hungry
and profiteering politi%al 0 %orporate 0
a%ademi% %abals are not halted very soon)
1n a short arti%le like this it is only
possible to slightly s%rat%h the surfa%e of
the a%tivities of %orrupt, malfeasant
individuals and organisations who think it serves their narrow self interest to destroy
our environment) There is mu%h more going on as 1 have reported previously or will
report in future) But for now a few e/amples of what is happening that you are not
hearing about on television news or reading of in print news media)
2hat these manipulators are up to is not life giving, it is death dealing) 3or
humanity and all of nature) 2hy would anyone4anything do su%h a thing& To answer
that, people first need to reali5e that that,s what they,re doing)
They are deliberately wre%king our planet for short term profit)
The mindset of these people is beyond our %omprehension) To us they are %learly
insane, we are nothing more than dumb sheep in theirs, or at best mules whose
usefulness has been superseded by ma%hines)
The land on whi%h we live and grow or rear our food is being %ontaminated with
deadly poisons that are finding their way into the food %hain and per%olating down
into the water tables from whi%h our drinking water is drawn6
"+ sho%king new study finds that glyphosate, the a%tive ingredient in, 7oundup
7eady herbi%ide may be the most biologi%ally disruptive %hemi%al in our
Inflatable $pace $tation artist's impression
environment," %apable of %ontributing to a wide range of fatal human diseases)
+ new report published in the -ournal 8ntropy links the a%tive ingredient in
7oundup herbi%ide known as glyphosate with a wide range of fatal diseases)
This one persi%ide alone has been asso%iated with over 9: serious health risks)”
There %an be few people who are not aware of the %atastrophi% %ollapse in bee
%olonies over the past few years) The seriousness of this %annot possibly be
e/aggerated, in spite of all the s%ien%e, the geneti% engineering and the agri%ultural
te%hnology, most of the %rops we depend on for the bulk of our food depend on bees
to pollinate them) +nd yet the +gri%ultural ;orporations, the ;hemi%als
manufa%turers and governments, pushed by their "s%ientifi%" advisers, %ontinued to
promote the very pesti%ides that have been identified as the %ause of bees heading
towards e/tin%tion until long after the damage these pesti%ides was known) 8ven
now, while some %ompanies have withdrawn %ertain produ%ts that %ontain the bee
killing to/ins others are fighting regulators< attempts to ban the %hemi%als worldwide
The o%eans are being deliberately killed off) The *a%ondo oil well in the =ulf of
*e/i%o, it is reported is still leaking oil and other to/i% elements into the seas, these
are then %arried by +tlanti% %urrents, prin%ipally The =ulf 'tream up the "' %oast and
# farmer shows alleged glyphosate contamination
over to 8urope) 2hat did anyone e/pe%t would happen when you drill miles down
into a geologi%ally unstable undersea region& To then spray the banned dispersant
;ore/it over the area so it wouldn,t look so bad, further killing off sea life and
dangerously to/ifying the entire region is even further insanity)
+nd oil leaks and spills
%ontinue worldwide with
hardly a mention anymore)
*eanwhile with the Trafigura
%ase swept neatly under the
%arpet we wonder how that
%ompany is now fulfilling it<s
%ontra%ts to dispose of waste
from the oil industry) 3or
those not in the know, oil
traders Trafigura were %aught dumping to/i% waste in the o%ean off west +fri%a<s
1vory ;oast) The %ompany obtained a "super 0 in-un%tion" (from British ;ourts 1<m
ashamed to say, to prevent The =uardian newspaper whose investigative reporter
un%overed the %rime from reporting it, from mentioning that allegations had been
made against Trafigura and from revealing that the gagging order had been sought
and granted)
'ewage and waste, mu%h of whi%h
won,t de%ompose for %enturies, is
dumped into the seas and rivers in
stupendous amounts) n top of that the
"' !avy is “e/perimenting” with huge
algae blooms that starve sea life of
o/ygen and disturb the natural life0
%y%les of the sea, while they,re also
playing with soni% warfare equipment
that also results in mass fish and other
Oil $lick
The detritus of civilisation decorates a shore
sea life e/tin%tions)
The entire biodiversity of the planet is shrinking dramati%ally as plant and animal
spe%ies after spe%ies disappear) ne or two spe%ies are not missed in the great s%heme
of things, even the %ute, pretty ones like (andas and (olar Bears) 1f the bees disappear
however and with them s%ores of other flying inse%ts that play a part in pollinating
wild plants and agri%ultural %rops, we are in big trouble)
+nd talking of soni% equipment, what do you think might be %ausing the %ra5y
weather that seems to be happening everywhere& ;arbon >io/ide& =lobal 2arming&
?ave you heard of ?++7(, The ?igh 3requen%y +%tive +uroral 7esear%h (rogram is
an ionospheri% resear%h program -ointly funded by the ")') +ir 3or%e, the ")') !avy,
the "niversity of +laska, and the >efense +dvan%ed 7esear%h (ro-e%ts +gen%y
(>+7(+$) Built by B+8 +dvan%ed Te%hnologies (B+8+T$, its purpose is to analy5e
the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheri% enhan%ement
te%hnology for radio %ommuni%ations and surveillan%e)@AB The ?++7( program
operates a ma-or sub0ar%ti% fa%ility, named the ?++7( 7esear%h 'tation, on an +ir
3or%eCowned site near =akona, +laska)
;onspira%y theory you might say, for years, while governments and other
involved parties kept denying the e/isten%e of the pro-e%t, those who said it was all a
%onspira%y theory had a sustainable argument) "nfortunately those agen%ies that
%ommissioned this e/periment (but a%%ept no responsibility for it<s unintended
%onsequen%es$ have held up their hands and said, "it<s a fair %op, you got us bang to
rights") 7ead full arti%le at 2ikipedia)
# %##&' station in the far north
3or a long time we %ould only spe%ulate about what the pointy 0 headed people
inside the ?++7( stations were playing at, in fa%t an overwhelming ma-ority are
in%apable of admitting that the fa%ilities even e/ist in spite of this6
")') !aval 7esear%h #aboratory ;onfirms ?++7(<s +bility to *anipulate
3ew government resear%h programs have produ%ed as many questions and as
mu%h spe%ulation as the ?igh03requen%y +%tive +uroral 7esear%h (rogram
(?++7($) 3rom the potential of ?++7( to disrupt and %ontrol %ommuni%ations to
the possibility of %ontrolling the weather and %reating natural disasters, the
sophisti%ation of ?++7( and the e/tent to whi%h it is being used is the sub-e%t of
mu%h debate)
The only debate now about ?++7( is how mu%h damage is this %huffing about
with the upper atmosphere doing to our environment down here at ground level) The
s%ien%e tits say they are fully in %ontrol (how many times have we heard that before$
but independent reports suggest that as usual the a%ademi% %ommunity are playing
=od and using the human ra%e as guinea pigs in e/periments the out%ome of whi%h
they have no %ontrol over and no way of predi%ting) ( ?++7( Te%hnology, 2re%king our
environment$ 2hile the propaganda insists ?++7( is for purely benign, pea%eful
purposes, the involvement of the " ' >epartment of >efen%e suggests otherwise)
2hen did the >epartment of >efen%e, the ". *inistry of >efen%e, the 3ren%h,
1talian, =erman, 7ussian, 1sraeli, 1ranian, ;hinese or uter *ongolian defen%e
agen%ies ever spend big money on anything for purely pea%eful purposes)
This is where it be%omes apparent who is engineering all of this) 2e,re dealing
with a for%e not natural to our environment, something we often %all other worldly
that e/ists in another dimension and seeks to transform and take over the world we
inhabit) 1s it perhaps a spe%ies from another planet or a different plane of e/isten%e
seeking to take over our world and simultaneously redu%e us to our basi% %hemi%al
%omponents to be used as nutrients& 1 remember a >o%tor 2ho story similar to that)
*ore likely however it is an elite so mad, so %onvin%ed of their invin%ibility they will
stop at nothing to gain absolute power, aided and abetted by a s%ientifi% %ommunity
so deluded, so ignorant of the limitations of their "s%ien%e" they believe they really
%an improve on nature and supplant =od) The only obsta%le to either of these is
publi% opposition)
"nless we are prepared to %o operate in our own enslavement and ultimate
termination, it is we who are invin%ible) There are -ust too many of us and the elitists
have more need of us than we of them)
1s Te%hnology .illing "s& 8le%trosensitivity, the ADst %entury disease
Is modern life making us ill? Yes, say those who suffer from electrosensitivity.
Are they cranks, or should we all be throwing away our mobile phones? Well that
might be a bit extreme, but maybe we should be thinking about how we use all our
wireless gadgets.
Pesiticides To Blame For Bee Extinction, Not Natural Causes
;hemtrails +nother ;onspira%y Theory& 3ind ut
ver the last few years, and in%reasingly in the past few months there has been a lot of bu55 about E;hemtrails and
the alleged spraying of E;hemi%als mi/ed in with military and %ommer%ial E+ir%raft fuels and sprayed into the
upper atmosphere) !aturally any referen%e to the idea that those while streams left behind by high flying air%raft
brought shouts of E;onspira%y0theory and those
They ;alled "s ;onspira%y Theorists But !ow Big (harma >rug +nd Fa%%ine ;riminality, Bribery,
3raud, (ri%e 3i/ing 1s 8/posed 3or +ll To 'ee)
ig Pharma criminality exposed and those who were called conspiracy theorists
vindicated …
= * ;rops6 3eeding The 2orld %an%er ;ausing ;hemi%als
*onsanto 2rote The #aw That (uts 1t +bove The #aw
We have reported on how !onsanto plans to gain control of the world"s food
supply, how the biotech corporation with a long track record for black hat
tactics has been placed beyonmd legal sanction by #$ lawmakers. %ow we report
how corrupt politicians and government officials invited the corporation to
draft the law that gives it"s genetically engineered seeds immunity from legal
'%ien%e and 7eality
'%ientists qui%kly get out of their depth when venturing into the territory of
philosophy, espe%ially when they try using mathemati%s to e/plain how we
e/perien%e reality)?ere we take a not entirely serious look at one s%ientist<s plan to
build a mathemati%al model of the universe to learn how reality works)
&ow the new elite are creating an evil empire
Democracy is in greater danger that it has been in the past 200 years, even The
Third Reich did not threaten our individualism, personal freedoms and the right
to determine our own course in life and the so called !ew "orld #rder, the
wealthy and powerful elitists and academics who are now using fear as a weapon
to coerce populations into complicity with their agenda$ The aim is, and has
been for fifty years, to create a global totalitarian governments$
?as The =lobal 3ood 'upply 3allen "nder The ;ontrol f The Big 3ood ;artel&
'ood prices have rocketed over the past two decades, to the extent that even in
nations like ritain and the #$A poor people are having to rely on free food
banks to stay properly nourished. &ow did the global food supply chain get in
such a state.
3a%eless ;orporations That >rive The =lobal 8%onomy
%ome of the most powerful corporations in the world, not the biggest in terms of
turnover, profit or numbers of staff employed, but powrful in terms of the
amount of control they exercise in global mar&ets, are barely &nown outside
their own industries$ 'ou should find out all you can about corporations that
affect your life on a daily basis, from the food you eat to your underpants$
(ere is a good place to start$
(rominent +meri%an '%ientists ;all 3or =lobal >i%tatorship "nder "! 7ule <To 'ave The (lanet<
"hen a scientific dictatorship was first mooted over a century ago the great
obstacle to going beyond existing permissions as supporters of global
government coyly put it, in imposing authoritarian laws withourt having to see&
the consent of voters was seen as the rights and freedoms enshrined in the )%
2ill 2ar n Terror Be%ome The (erpetual 2ar f =eorge rwell<s <DGHI<
Perpetual war, shadowy secret governments and a constant tide of propaganda
aimed at inducing a state of fear and paning in the population$ * synopsis for a
new dramatic production of +eorge #rwell,s ,-./0, the paranoid ravings of
conspiracy theorists or an accurate picture of what is happening in our world1
Read the articles and others on this site and ma&e up your own minds$
(he Intellectual )lite (ruly *espise +eople (hey +retend (o ,are About
2odern left wing intellectuals publicly indulge in wailing and gnashing of teeth
about poverty, ine3uality and the plight of the poor$ 4ronically when the left
is in power the poor seem to get poorer and are hardest hot by taxes aimed at
redistributing wealth while the wealthy elite become more firmly embedded in
positions of power$
The Leader
?e seemed an unlikely politi%al leader, puny, odd looking and a foreigner by birth in the %ountry he
aspired to lead but somehow The #eader formed an emotional %onne%tion with enough of )))
The ra!it" O# The Situation
'%ientists (well people who like to %all themselves s%ientists$ hate those who aren<t qualified
s%ientists questioning them about the many falla%ies than have entered the realm of the s%ien%es)
(igs 21## 3ly

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