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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) In a table, the specific field names are displayed at: A) the top of the Navigation Pane. C) the top of the Field Properties area. B) the top of each column of the table. D) the top of the Row Selector box. 2) D) Report view 3) B) Office linking and extracting. D) Object linking and extracting. 4) D) form. 5) B) table template. D) simple select query. 6) D) object. 7) 1)

2) Which view allows you to make quick changes to a report prior to printing it? A) Layout view 3) OLE is an abbreviation for: A) Office lookup and embedding. C) Object linking and embedding. B) Final view C) Print Preview

4) A database object that retrieves specific data from one or more tables is a: A) table. B) query. C) report.

5) To organize your database objects you must use the: A) Navigation Pane. C) object window.

6) In an Access table, each column contains a category of data called a(n): A) record. B) field. C) view.

7) At the end of an Access session, you close a database and exit Access from the: A) Office menu. C) Home tab. B) Object window. D) Navigation Pane.

8) To group your database objects using the Tables and Views category: A) on the Datasheet tab, in the Views group, click the View button. B) open the Navigation Pane and click Navigation arrow. C) from the Navigation Pane, open the All Events report. D) in the Views group, click the View button.



9) 10) Which of the following is not a template category in Microsoft Office online templates? A) Sample B) Business C) Education D) Professional 10) 11) Which of the following is a primary key? A) A street name in an address database B) A Student ID in a college registration system C) A postal code in an address database D) A car model in a Motor Vehicle Dept database 12) The process of creating a query involves: A) choosing the record(s) and selecting the fields you want to include in the query result. such as numbers. B) View button. 11) 12) 13) 14) Which function key will activate the Access Help window? A) [F1] B) [F6] C) [F2] D) [F11] 14) 15) To view a table in Design view: A) on the Quick Access Toolbar.9) The button on the Getting Started Screen that displays a menu of commands related to opening. 15) 16) 2 . or dates is the: A) text type. B) in the Navigation pane. saving. D) data source and data type. C) choosing the form(s) and selecting the fields you want to include in the query result. D) in the Views group. click Design view. click the Design view. B) field type. D) data type. click the View button arrow and click Design view. C) data source and object. B) data source and field name. 16) In order to create a query using the Simple Query Wizard. C) in the Preview group. C) item. D) choosing the report(s) and selecting the fields you want to include in the query result. D) Office button. text. B) choosing the table(s) and selecting the fields you want to include in the query result. you choose the: A) data source and record. C) Help button. 13) The characteristic that defines the kind of data that can be entered into a field. or printing is called the: A) Blank Database button. click the View button and click Design view.

B) Navigation Pane. D) positioning your mouse pointer over the lower right corner and dragging downward. D) dragging the field name into the design grid. the field you specify as the ________ will be used for the first level of sorting. B) displaying the arrow and selecting in the list of field names. you can move fields from the table area to the design grid using all of the following methods EXCEPT: A) right. B) pointing to the blue title bar of each field list and dragging. C) double. 24) Which tab on the Ribbon do you click when you want to design a query in Design view? A) Database Tools B) External Data C) Create D) Home 23) 24) 25) After the query is saved and closed. B) Views group.17) Which of the following is NOT an aggregate function? A) AVG B) MAX C) WHERE D) ADD 17) 18) When you are sorting on multiple fields in Datasheet view.clicking the field name in the field list. C) Design view only. C) right clicking on the field list and selecting properties. C) Navigation Pane. 22) 23) When creating a query. 20) 21) 22) You can specify criteria as part of the query by clicking on the Criteria row which is found in the: A) Design view. D) Datasheet view. 21) Data in a query can be sorted from the: A) Datasheet view or the Design view. D) Quick Access Toolbar.clicking the field name in the field list. D) Layout view. C) Office menu. B) Views group. the new query name displays in the: A) Print dialog box. 25) 3 . A) innermost sort field C) common field B) primary key field D) outermost sort field 18) 19) Which one of the following groups is NOT found on the Create tab? A) Show/Hide B) Tables C) Forms D) Reports 19) 20) You can resize the field list so that all the field names are completely visible by: A) double clicking on any field name in the field list.

33) 34) The Find button is found in the Find group on which of the following tabs? A) Home B) Database Tools C) Create D) External Data 34) 35) The Toggle Filter button is used to: A) apply or remove filters. directly below the Ribbon. C) title. C) Office menu. 32) 33) If a relationship is established between two tables they will share a common: A) record. D) field name and primary key. D) object names. D) edit a text filter. B) Filter by Selection. 27) 28) The Message Bar. D) field names in ascending order. D) Datasheet view. C) primary key field. C) switch from ascending to descending. the default sort order is by the: A) field names in descending order.26) When you create queries in Design view. B) help tips. C) Relationship window. you choose the tables(s) for the query from the: A) Design grid. D) field. 30) The records in a query result are displayed in the: A) Navigation Pane. B) Table area. D) Navigation Pane. D) Filter By Form. 31) The Next record button is found in the: A) Navigation Pane. the two connected fields must have the same: A) field name and table name. C) Field filter. C) Show Table dialog box. B) record source. B) encrypt filter results with a password. B) layout. 35) 4 . B) innermost sort field. B) Design view. D) navigation area. C) security warnings. displays information such as: A) database names. C) data type and field name. 29) 30) 31) 32) An Access command that filters the records in a form based on one or more fields is called a: A) Filter by Field. B) data type and field size. 28) 29) To create a relationship between two tables. 26) 27) If no sort order has been chosen.

you move them from the Field List using any of the following techniques EXCEPT: A) right. B) report.36) Controls that contain an expression such as a formula that uses one or more fields from the underlying table or query are called: A) formula format is a: A) datasheet. D) Detail section. D) drag the field into the blank report. B) Other group on the Design tab. 40) 41) When you want to include fields in a blank report. B) record source. B) data sources. right click and click Add Field to View. you click the Query Design button in the: A) Other group on the Create tab. 39) 40) A database object that summarizes the fields and records from a table in an C) sole D) exclusive 43) 44) Which Validation Rule specifies that the date entered occurs before 2009? A) <01/01/2009 B) #<01/01/2009# C) BEFORE 2009 D) <#01/01/2009# 44) 5 . C) Property Sheet. C) double. the common field used to join two tables must have a unique matching record in the other table. C) Edit group on the Design tab. C) filter. 41) 42) 43) In a ________ relationship. D) form. C) calculated controls. B) point to field the field name. A) singular B) one. which of the following is NOT a view available on the status bar? A) Layout view B) Datasheet view C) Form view D) Design view 38) 39) You can make precision changes to the characteristics of selected controls using the: A) control layout. 36) 37) Changes to the font size can be made by selecting which tab? A) Create B) Layout C) Page Setup D) Format 37) 38) When a form is opened. D) Edit group on the Create tab. D) date controls. 42) To create a the field name and click Add to

47) 48) When using the Input Mask Wizard. C) Tools group on the Design tab. B) in rows and columns like a table. you click the Blank Form button in the: A) Forms group on the Design tab. which of the following is NOT a pre-built mask? A) Social Security number C) Time B) Name D) Telephone number 48) 49) A person who enters the data using forms or uses the information found in queries and reports is called a(n): A) data entry clerk. B) end. you would use the field's: A) structure analysis feature. C) vertically in one column with a label below each text box. ________ are the characters that the user modifies during data entry. is called a(n) ________ control. B) Tools group on the Create tab. 52) 53) In a stacked layout. D) Adjustment group. C) query designer. 49) 50) When using the Input Mask Wizard. such as a field from a table. you begin by clicking the Layout Selector button in the: A) Control Layout group. D) vertically in one column with a label above each text box. D) data entry validation process. C) Modify Report group. D) report writer. 53) 6 . A) Substitution markers C) Exchange markers B) Placeholder characters D) Replacement characters 50) 51) Any control that does not have a data source. 46) There are how many different Access data types? A) 8 B) 10 C) 5 D) 12 B) View group. D) Forms group on the Create tab. 45) 46) 47) To control the structure of data entered into a field. B) entry parameters. labels and text boxes are arranged: A) vertically with a label to left of each text box.45) To better fit the columns of a report to a page.user. C) Input Mask property. A) free B) unlinked C) unbound D) broken 51) 52) To Display the Blank Form Tool.

54) Access stores Yes/No values as: A) . A) record delimiters C) bottom gridlines B) grid dots D) record markers 61) 62) Once you have saved the steps needed to export a report.1 and 0. 54) 55) Which of the following does NOT appear in the Expression Builder dialog box? A) List of database objects C) Logical operators B) List of Fields and Controls D) Mathematical functions 55) 56) In Access.. a(n) ________ arranges records by a common value and allows the addition of summary data for each arrangement. A) function B) subroutine C) operator D) operand 56) 57) A ________ form allows you to display more than one record at a time while providing more formatting options than are offered in Datasheet view. D) + and . A) group B) cluster C) set D) collection 59) 60) A ________ is contained within another report. ________ can be used to separate records making it easier to identify each record. A) Run B) Create Report C) Transfer D) Export 62) 63) Having a report open in Report view and clicking Advanced Filter/Sort opens a new query in ________ view. a(n) ________ performs a specific function such as multiplying. A) Report B) Preview C) Layout D) Design 63) 7 . A) subordinate report C) mini -report B) secondary report D) subreport 60) 61) In a report. B) True and False. or determining if a condition is true or false. comparing two values. A) tabbed B) linked C) split D) multiple items 57) 58) Which of the following is NOT an alignment option in the Control Alignment group? A) Right B) Left C) To Margin D) To Grid 58) 59) In a form or report. you can use the Manage Data Tasks dialog box to select the saved export and click the ________ button to export the report. C) Yes and No.

click Course Names and pick Sort A to Z. click the Course Names arrow and click Sort A to Z. you begin by clicking the Report Design button in the: A) Reports group on the Arrange tab. C) display the fields and records from a table in easy. in the Results group. 72) You can delete a field from a query by selecting a column in the: A) design grid. C) field list. C) database management system. C) in the table area. D) Tools group on the Arrange tab. 67) DBMS is an acronym for: A) databank management system. 71) 72) 8 . B) field. 68) The purpose of a form is to: A) retrieve specific data from one or more tables. D) record. D) database manager system. B) Reports group on the Create tab. B) Text. D) open the appropriate table. B) table names and tab types. 70) The data type of an item D) main report 65) 66) Each row in a table contains a(n): A) object. B) to organize your database objects. C) record names and data types. B) table area. such as $10. right. click Sort A to Z. D) ID names and table types. D) Number. D) data source. A) primary report B) master report C) super. B) databook manager system.64) To create a report in Design view. 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) If you want to design a query so the list of Course Names in a query result displays in alphabetical order from A to Z. C) Tools group on the Create tab.50 is: A) Currency. D) simplify the entry of data into a format. 69) The Design view screen is used to define: A) field names and data types. click the Course Names Sort arrow and pick Ascending. C) view. 64) 65) A report that contains a subreport is called a ________. C) AutoNumber. in the Sort row. B) on the Query Tools Design tab. you need to: A) in the design grid.

in the Table group. 78) When a label is selected. D) Database Tools tab. C) Home tab. 79) 80) Which Input Mask replacement character is used to indicate a single digit is required? A) 0 B) C) 1 D) 9 80) 81) Which Input Mask replacement character precedes characters and is used to change them to uppercase? A) > B) < C) \ D) / 81) 82) You can retrieve values from another table or a value list by using a: A) lookup field. which tab do you click on the Ribbon? A) External Data B) Database Tools C) Home D) Create 74) 75) The Trust Center is an area where you can: A) store confidential data. 77) 78) 79) The Delete Record button is found on the: A) Home tab. C) set restrictions on query report viewing. B) Other group on the Create tab.73) Which of the following CANNOT be done from the Office menu? A) Save As B) Print C) Run D) Open 73) 74) To open the Relationships window. 82) 9 . 76) An Access object with which you can enter. B) search field. and display data from a table is called a: A) query. the border surrounding it is: A) orange. C) red. B) report. D) data mask. in the Records group. B) Create tab. D) black. B) brown. in the Records group. C) data funnel. edit. 75) 76) 77) Access Theme Colors can be found in the: A) Show/Hide group on the Database Tools tab. D) macro. C) form. B) view the security and privacy settings for your Access installation. D) Controls group on the Design tab. D) create a query within a restricted database. C) Font group on the Design tab. in the Records group.

D) open the page in a Web browser after the export is complete. D) Currency. EXCEPT: A) Text.HTML Document dialog box is to: A) open only the selected records.0 or higher. C) Print Preview. click the Delete Rows button. D) Report view. B) single quotes ( ' ). and then in the Control Tip Text property. B) Data. D) on the Views tab. click the Delete Rows button. click the Database Tools tab on the Ribbon and select the Relationships button in which group? A) Show/Hide B) Analyze C) Move Data D) Macro 89) 90) 91) To change a form's design by adding or moving controls.0 or higher or Netscape version 3. B) Layout view. C) on the Design tab. 90) To create a relationship between two tables. the only available option in the Export . 91) 10 . 88) Each of the following is an Access data type. A) Other B) Message C) Tip D) Text 85) 86) The aggregate function ________ prevents a unique value from being listed more than one time in a query. 87) 88) 89) To delete a field in Design view: A) in the Preview group. C) create the Web page for viewing in Internet Explorer version 5. in the Property Sheet. you need to be in: A) Form view. click the Delete Rows button. A) Group by B) Sum C) Avg D) Max 86) 87) When converting a report to a Web page. click the Delete Rows button.0 or higher. field names are enclosed in: A) braces ( { } ). B) in the Navigation pane.83) A ________ displays records from a related table inside the main form. D) double quotes ( " ). 84) 85) To add a control tip. B) create the Web page for viewing in Internet Explorer version 5. your click the ________ tab. in the Tools group. C) square brackets ( [ ] ). you enter your message. A) subordinate form C) mini -form B) secondary form D) subform 83) 84) When using the Expression Builder dialog box. in the Tools group. C) AutoNumber.

D) blank control.92) The most common type of relation in a relational database is a(n): A) many. B) Lookup Wizard. C) null control. C) Show/Hide group on the Sort/Index tab. you click the Property Sheet button in the: A) Show/Hide group on the Design tab. C) B) many . A) single quotes B) square brackets C) parentheses D) braces 94) 95) The data type for a graphics file. D) true if the first condition is true and the second condition is false. B) Page Layout group on the Design tab. is a(n): A) unbound control. D) Page Layout group on the Sort/Index tab. 97) 98) To view a table's Property Sheet. such as a picture of a product is a(n): A) OLE Object. 100) 11 . 95) 96) The Enforce Referential Integrity check box is found in which of the following? A) Show Table dialog box C) Navigation Pane B) Edit Relationships dialog box D) Field List 96) 97) A control that does not have a source of data. C) true only if both of the conditions are false. B) true if the first condition is false and the second condition is true.many D) C) one. such as a label that displays the title of a form. D) Memo. B) bound control.many 92) 93) Which of the following controls does NOT appear in the Option Group Wizard dialog box? A) Toggle buttons C) Option buttons B) Command buttons D) Check boxes 93) 94) A parameter query is created by placing the prompting message inside ________. 98) 99) Which of the following views can NOT be used to format a subform? A) Arrange B) Form C) Design D) Layout 99) 100) An AND condition is a logical test that compares two conditions. and returns: A) true only if both of the conditions are

Answer Key Testname: FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1) B 2) A 3) C 4) B 5) A 6) B 7) A 8) B 9) D 10) D 11) B 12) B 13) D 14) A 15) D 16) B 17) D 18) D 19) A 20) D 21) A 22) A 23) A 24) C 25) B 26) C 27) C 28) C 29) B 30) D 31) D 32) D 33) D 34) A 35) A 36) C 37) D 38) B 39) C 40) B 41) A 42) A 43) B 44) D 45) A 46) B 47) C 48) B 49) B 50) B 12 .

Answer Key Testname: FINAL EXAM REVIEW 51) C 52) D 53) A 54) A 55) D 56) C 57) D 58) C 59) A 60) D 61) C 62) A 63) D 64) B 65) D 66) D 67) C 68) D 69) A 70) A 71) A 72) A 73) C 74) B 75) B 76) C 77) C 78) A 79) A 80) A 81) A 82) A 83) D 84) C 85) A 86) A 87) D 88) B 89) C 90) A 91) B 92) D 93) B 94) B 95) A 96) B 97) A 98) A 99) A 100) A 13 .

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