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Instructions: Choose only one answer, which you think is most appropriate.


Exclusive of corrosion allowance, what is the minimum nominal thickness for all new construction bottom plates? a. b. c. d. inch inch 3/16 inch 5/8 inch


For shell horizontal joints, how many additional radiographs shall be taken for each 50 feet of horizontal joint, (not including those required as per API 650) for welds made in existing plates during the repair? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4


The recommended minimum development time (penetrant testing) allowed for a material made of high temperature alloy is: a. b. c. d. 5 min 10 min 7 min 60 min


Select suitable hole type (source side) penetrameter for following weld joint:
Weld reinf. = 1/8" thk

7/8" thk

a) a) b) c) d) 5. No. 20 No. 25 No. 30 None of the above

Backing strip = 3/16" thk

If type of penetrameter is Q.1 is changed to wire type what shall be the wire designation (wire decimeter in inch) a. b. c. d. 0.025 (No. 10) 0.016 (No. 8) 0.032 (No. 11) None of the above


For steel plates and weld to be checked LPI, what shall be the penetration time for penetrant a. b. c. d. 10 min for weld, 5 min for plate 5 min for both 10 min for both 5 min for weld, 10 min for plate


After applying the dry developer the examiner checked four welds for surface defects after following period, weld A- after 5 minute, weld B after 10 minute, weld C was checked after 30 minutes and weld D after 65 minutes which of the weld were checked wrongly a. b. c. d. Weld Weld Weld Weld A and B C and D D only A and D


Following combination of base metal and welding electrode was qualified by a certain PQR impact testing is not required. Base Metal =SA 285 GrC Plates, thk Welding electrode = AWS E 6015 This PQR will qualify which of the following combination of base metalwelding electrodes. a. b. c. d. 1 thk SA 515Gr 60 plates, E 6013 electrodes 1 rhk SA 285 GrC plates, E 6013 electrodes 1 thk plates SA 516Gr70, E 7018 electrodes None of the above


For MT examination by prod techniques the spacing between prods shall be between a. b. c. d. 4 4 3 3 inch inch inch inch to to to to 12 inch 10 inch 10 inch 8 inch

10. For a tank with 130 ft diameter thickness of top course worked out was td=5mm tt=4mm. What will be minimum nominal thickness provided for this course according to API 650 for a new tank? a. b. c. d. 3/16 (5mm) 1/4 (6mm) 5/16 (8mm) None of the above

11. For a tank with diameter 100ft was found to have thickness reduction in a localized area. Minimum thickness observed (t2) was 1 inch. What will be the critical vertical length of for the area? a. b. c. d. 40 inches 37 inches 45 inches None of the above

12. On a tank roof plate two corroded areas was observed at locations A and B for location A, average thickness = 0.085 inches, area = 105 in 2 Location B, average thickness = 0.095 inches, Area = 105 in2 your decision will be: a. b. c. d. Both A and B are within limits Location A is OK, location B is art of limits Both A and B are out of limits Location B in OK, location A is out of limits

13. Hot tap connection is to be made on tank with following description shell plate thickness = inch. Design temperature = 30F the plates were not tested for impact testing, (Consr. Code API 650-1974). What will be the maximum size of tapping connection? a. b. c. d. 8 inches NPS 6 inches NPS 10 inches NPS 4 inches NPS

14. A replacement plate to be used on a shell thickness of 5/8 inch, on the second course of the tank. Thickness of first course and third course is also 5/8 inch. Following 3 plates are available which one is most suitable to be used as replacement plate. a. b. c. d. Plate Plate Plate Plate thickness thickness thickness thickness = = = = 5/8 1/2 1

15. A tank is having remaining corrosion allowance of 2.5mm and corrosion rate of the shell is 0.1mm per year. What will be inspection interval for next ultrasonic thickness inspection from outside of the tank? a. b. c. d. 15 Years 12.5 Years 10 Years 5 Years

16. Typical corroded areas on a shell plate are exhibited below in figure 1 with measured thickness in inches indicated on the sketch. The un-corroded thickness of the shell plate is 0.750 inches and C.A is 0.125 Figure 1 AREA A 0.65 0.66 0.72 0.54 0.75 0.72 0 AREA C 0.75 AREA B

The total length of a arrow line drawn is 8 inches. The length of the line in each of the corroded areas A, B and C are 1.5, 0.8 and 0.5 inches respectively. Comment on the acceptability of the corroded condition. a. b. c. d. The pitting can be ignored as a case of widely scattered pitting as both pitting depth and dimensions are within limits Not acceptable as size are not OK, total length of the pit dimensions is more than permitted The pitting can be ignored as a case of widely scattered pitting since depth are OK The pitting cannot be ignored as a case of widely scattered pitting since depth are not OK

17. Two plates sample A and B were tested for longitudinal impact testing. Following were results observed. They belonged to Group No. I as per API 650: Results of impact test for sample A were 18ft lb, 8ft lb, 16ft lb. Results on sample B: 12ft lb, 14ft lb, 20 ft. lb Your assessment will be: a. b. c. d. sample sample sample sample A and B both OK A and B both to be re-tested B is OK, A shall be re-tested a is OK, B shall be re-tested

18. For replacement to an existing 0.25 thick shell plate of an AST, another plate of 0.25 thickness to ASTM A36 is used. What should be the minimum clear distance between the outer edges of the adjacent butt welds of vertical and horizontal joints, respectively? a. b. c. d. 10 & 6 6 & 3 8 & 4 12 & 6

19. Repair of a 5/8 thick shell, using lapped (lap welded) patch plate of 1/8 thick was carried out, without informing the Owner. Such a repair is not acceptable as per API standard 653, because: a. b. c. d. 20. Owner had not specified use of patch plate repairs Lap patch plate of less than 3/16 is not permitted Lap patch plate repair on shell thickness more than above is not permitted All of above

As per API Standard 650, the offset between vertical seams of adjacent shells shall be a minimum distance of: a. b. c. d. 5 t, where t is the plate thickness of thicker shell course at the offset 4t, where t is the plate thickness of thicker shell course at the offset 3 t, where t is the plate thickness of thicker shell course at the offset 2 t, where t is the plate thickness of thicker shell course at the offset


When butt welded annular bottom plates are used, in an AST built to API Standard 650, their width from inside of the shell shall be at least:

a. b. c. d. 22.

900 mm 300 mm 600 mm None of the above

Misalignment in a completed 20 mm thick vertical seam of an AST built to API Standard 650 shall be more than: a. b. c. d. 2 mm 1.5 mm 0.8 mm 3 mm


Out of roundness measured as deviation from radius measured 1 foot above the bottom corner weld of a 150 ft diameter AST built to API Standard 650, shall not exceed:

a. 1 (25 mm) b. (12.7 mm) c. (19 mm) d. 1-1/4 (32 mm) 24. Local deviations from theoretical shape of an aboveground storage tank (AST), built to API Standard 650, specifically Peaking at vertical joints or Banding at horizontal weld joints as measured over an appropriate sweepboard of 36 shall not exceed: a. b. c. d. 19 mm (3/4) 13 mm (1/2) 16 mm (5/8) 1/8 mm (3)

25. An AST has remaining corrosion allowance of 3.2 mm. The known rate of corrosion of shell is 200 microns per year. As per API Standard 653, when should the external visual inspection by an Authorized Inspector shall be carried out at an interval not exceeding: a. b. c. d. 5 years 8 years 4 years 15 years

Q. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Answer B A C B D D D C D C B D D B B B C B D A C A A B C

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