Aptitude definition & Aptitude meaning:
Aptitude means/is defind as ABILITY TO DO A WORK BY A PERTICULER TASK (The task may be any thing like soft skills,spoken english,etc… ) its called Aptitude. ( OR ) Simply Aptitude is defind as “ It is a Natural talent”

What is meant by Aptitude ???? Aptitude literally means a natural talent. It is something that comes with us by our birth. But it is to be explored and developed within by us and that can be achieved by understanding and practicing the concepts of aptitude. The candidates with good aptitude skills are considered better than others because they are fast at their mind and good at problem solving skills. Thus aptitude has become the most important soft skill these days. Why aptitude? Even if the candidate is good at academics and communication skills, he will not get a chance to prove them unless he passes through the initial round of aptitude testing. So we can conclude that without appropriate levels of aptitude an aspirant can never achieve success in the recruitment process of any corporate sector company. This site helps all the aspirants in clearly understanding the concepts of aptitude that are required for the recruitment processes of various companies. For further practice on these concepts covered in the site you can refer to the books

INSURENCE .APTRANSCO .BANK PO’S/CLERKS. GRE . Quantitative Aptitude(Arithmatic): Quantitative aptitude is the concept . that is the reason all software and IT industries conducts these tests in their recruitments.which helps to find out the Accuracy of a person and time management.Logical Aptitude(Reasoning): Logical Aptitude is the concept . This gives us the clear idea that the companies are giving aptitude more importance than the academic percentages. Basically Aptitude is divided into two catagorys i. ii. Aptitude plays a vital role in any type of software/IT recruitments.on aptitude by Pearson Education like Test of reasoning and general intelligence by Showick Thorpe and Quantitative Techniques by Khattar. Software. ICET .GATE. So Aptitude is need full.RRB .GMAT. In any competitive exams mostly they should test with aptitude only. iii.for example: CAT. Aptitude role in competetive exams: In any type of competitive exams aptitude plays a vital role. Need & Role of aptitude in IT : Aptitude is the first step of recruitment process in any software/IT recruitments.APPSC . ECIL . Insurance.SSC . RTC . XNAP . BHEL .GROUPS.which helps to find out the thinking ability of a person. All the graduates with 60% or above are eligible for the recruitment process and everyone is tested on the same grounds of aptitude. .Verbal: It is used to find out the communication skills of a person.MAT. APGENCO. Pharmaceutics etc.LIC . Importance of aptitude in recruitment process: Aptitude test is the first round of recruitment process for any company in any sector like Banking.

How to clear aptitude test: Here we are going to discuss some useful facts that indicate how to clear an Aptitude test in competitive exams. Resume Samples for Freshers    Around you in daily bases. There are few books also available in markets like R. People having aptitude knowledge from its own this is not the thing. Aptitude test having importance because competition is too tough these days and to take interview of each and every candidate by the HR team is not an easy task so to improve the efficiency of company’s HR team these Aptitude tests are held by the team. If you are engaged in the daily routine and do concentrate the mathematical.S Aggarwal this book can help you to revise your previous syllabus that you have read in your academic studies. Company don’t want to waste their time to find out the best candidate for their work after introducing each and every candidate in face to face interview so Aptitude test help to find out the talent those are able to give face to face interview unwanted candidates this is why the Aptitude test having importance in competitive exams. if you have good presence of mind then this is an easy task for you to clear the examination. so this will help a lot to clear the aptitude test. for that we have to work hard. An aptitude is not the exam that is based on your hard work rather it is more based on what you learn from the world or society. If you are good in aptitude so it indicates that you are taking the daily routine things seriously. If candidate have good hands in aptitude then he/she will be eligible for interview round otherwise he/she has to forget to dream about Multinational companies (MNC’s). reasoning part happen then this is what the interviewer want. . Mostly companies first check the aptitude level of candidate. Job Interview Tips For 2013 Best Interview Tips for Freshers . Common Interview Questions   Healthy mind can help you to crack your aptitude test in some extent. Do revise your academic maths or other appropriate books he only thing that can help a lot to clear an aptitude test.Aptitude Test Importance In Competitive Exams How to prepare If you are looking for a good job that suits your personality though you have to crack an Interview round and to reach up to the interview round you must have to clear Aptitude test.Must Know!   Aptitude in other words we can say is the presence of mind.

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