The  state  of  the  mental  condition  of  today’s  society  is  predicated  upon  the   suppressive  nature

 of  modern  society,  and  its  false  presentation  of  progress.     Have  we  actually  progressed?  Human  degradation,  social  inequality,  private-­‐   Prisons,  injustices  seen  as  common  place.  Are  these  the  signals  of  a  progressed     State?  Or  is  this  evidence  of  debauched  society?  I  read  reports  that  state  that  young   black  males  are  imprisoned  much  more  frequently  then  their  white  counter  parts.   To  put  it  in  a  much  better  perspective,  those  males  who  are  falsely  identified  as   black  are  imprisoned  much  more  frequently  then  their  mis-­‐identified  white  counter   parts.       If  the  eighties  reported  that  1  out  of  every  4,  black  males  are  incarcerated.  Then  it   would  be  only  logical  to  think  that  amount  is  much  more  sense  then.  The  war  on   drugs  alone  would  increase  that  amount  at  least  by  five  percent.  If  the  graduation   rate  of  so-­‐called  African  American  males  is  28%,  then  it  would  stand  to  question  if   the  school  system  has  systematically  failed  them.  Unless  you  are  one  who  believes   that  so-­‐called  negro,  black,  and  colored  males  are  inherently  predisposed  to  a  lower   mental  faculty.  Which  was  the  idea  propagated  for  years  in  regards  to  the  so-­‐called   African  American  existence  in  the  America’s.  Which  also  another  falsely  promoted   idea;  that  those  of  pigmented  skin  were  all  slaves  here.  Even  with  the  multitude  of   evidence  found  that  refute  the  reconstructed  educational  deliberate  deception.  No   changes  has  been  made  to  the  fact;  and  today’s  educational  system  has  in  fact   become  worst  sense  the  eighties.       So  we  have  a  perpetual  and  systemic  reality  going  on,  that  appears  to  not  want  to   change  for  the  better.  One  because  it’s  up  to  the  people  to  enforce  those  changes.     So  why  haven’t  the  people  demanded  it  be  done?  Because  they  are  unaware  that   they  possess  the  power  to  make  that  decision.  It  is  a  fact  that  the  educational  system   and  it’s  board  members  are  public  servants.  They  answer  to  the  people,  not  they   other  way  around.  You  see  the  effects  of  mis-­‐education  ?  This  a  systemic  problem,   not  a  racial  problem.  It  is  a  deliberate  design,  thus  there  are  a  set  of  educational   curriculum  for  one  class  of  citizen.  Another  set  for  the  opposite  class  of  citizen.  So   when  will  the  so-­‐called  black  people  start  to  realize  that  something  is  afoot  here?       Sense  1913,  there  has  been  literature  that  would  clearly  make  it  defined  as  to  why     so-­‐called  black’s  suffer  what  they  do.  The  issue  isn’t  whether  there  is  sufficient   knowledge.  The  issue  at  state  is,  whether  the  people  are  getting  that  knowledge   taught  to  them.  Why  hasn’t  the  education  been  upgraded?  Why  do  the  current   system  not  appeal  to  the  mind  of  the  so-­‐called  African  American  youth.    The  entire   system  is  failing  in  advancing  the  state  of  mind  of  the  people  period.  The  answer  lies   with  the  fact  that  it  is  an  orchestrated  plan  to  keep  the  people  mentally  stagnated.   Yet  the  people  already  being  several  generations  under  such  illusions  ,  cannot   decipher  between  another  example  of  what  is  more  of  a  pristine  education  or  the   one  currently  being  taught.  This  is  a  problem  on  all  level  of  social  interchange.    

-­‐17c.       If  you  were  reading  this  with  critical  thinking.."  later  (16c.  and  that  this  isn’t  India.  Being  a  dark   people  in  relation  to  Europeans.  and  of  Greece  era?  So  negro  couldn’t  be   applied  to  Moors.  They  only  learned  shipping   when  the  Moors  came  with  civilization  sciences  to  Europe.  that  fact  that  they  say  negro  is  a   synonym  of  moor.  It  wasn’t  until  later  that  it  was  made  clear   that  he  never  touch  north  America.  the  shores  of  north  America  .   The  people  are  held  captive  to  systemic  poison.  a  region  now   corresponding  to  northern  Algeria  and  Morocco).  Why  because  in  that   same  line  they  point  out  that  negro  is  16th  -­‐17th  century  word.  from  Old  French  More.  or  else  cognate  with  mauros  "black"  (but  this  adjective  only  appears  in   late  Greek  and  may  as  well  be  from  the  people's  name  as  the  reverse).  through  multitudes  of  wars   over  the  last  521  years  or  even  longer  than  that.  Thus  the  colonist   wouldn’t  have  reached  here  .       “  In  1492  Christopher  Columbus  sailed  the  ocean  blue  “  is  the  story  we  are  told  in   school.  Why  has  there  been  no  changes  to    the  curriculum  in  light  of  these   findings?         Moor  (n.  They  are  in  fact  not  modern  religious  people.    What  we  do  know  as  a  fact  of   history.  that  racks  their  very  souls.  from  Greek  Mauros.  Arabs.  would  automatically  strike  you  as  wrong.  The  descendants  of  Africa  (  the  continent  )  here  in   America’s.  etc.  Who’s  real  name  is   Hindustan.  their  name  in  the  Middle  Ages  was  a  synonym  for   "Negro.  but  especially  those  in  India”.  They   were  coerced  into  the  exceptance  of  modern  religion.  Still  it  must  be  said   in  order  for  there  to  be  clarity  to  the  multitude  of  issues  the  so-­‐called  African   American  is  faced  with  daily.  Then  the  last  line  shows  whom  else  fall  into  the  category  of  being   Moors.  the  spirit  of  the  all  made   manifest  on  the  earth  plane.  Did  not  they  already   admit  that  Moor  is  from  the  Mauritania."  late  14c.  and  yet  the  evidence  of  the   truth  is  there.  Berber.  perhaps  a   native  name.  ”Persians.  It   infiltrates  their  being  to  the  core  of  who  they  really  are.  that  it  wasn’t  until  the  fall  of  the  Moorish  empire  in  Spain.  from  Medieval  Latin  Morus.   from  Latin  Maurus  "inhabitant  of  Mauritania"  (northwest  Africa.  Then  he  was  given  the  high  honor  of  having  discovered  America.)  used  indiscriminately  of  Muslims  (Persians.  and  they  will  be  offended  by  what  I’m  going  to  say.)   but  especially  those  in  India.  Moor  defined  in  the   Merriam  Webster  dictionary  “  Moor:  a  member  of  a  group  of  North  African  Arab   people  who    ruled  parts  of  Spain  form  the  eighth  century  until  1492.)     "North  African.       In  so  doing.  The  European  or   Germanic  tribes.  he  named  the  people  Indians.  are  spiritual  people.  Arabs.  couldn’t  sail  ships  or  travel  the  globe.  There  are  other  factors  acting  as  fetters  to  their   stagnations.  So  who  are  these  Indians?  How  can  you  discover  something  someone  is   already  on?  This  is  still  being  taught  in  the  schools  today.     .

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