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it is no longer I who live, but

Christ lives in me Galatians 2:20b

This frst year has been a year of transition.
We have been learning to live by faith and not
by sight. Even though living 100% by donations
has been challenging, it has also been rewarding
as we are learning to trust God and not ourselves
(2 Cor. 1:8-9). Im thankful for this incredible
Counseling has been an awesome opportunity
to share Christs life with conficted and hurting
people. We also see people in counseling who
want to explore deeper levels of faith because
they feel their Christian life is lacking. Ive seen
56 individuals in counseling since last July.
There are 20 students in our ten month Advanced
Discipleship Training class and 5 students in our
eight week ADT class. It has been a joy to get to
know these students and speak Christs love into
their lives. I have had the opportunity to teach
two of the classes for our ADT. I look forward to
teaching more in our 2014 classes.
As I mentioned in my Fall newsletter, I have been
working closely with Toshi Miyazaki from FBC
in Peachtree City. We have developed a disciple-
ship class for FBC we are calling Encounter.
It will start in August (2013) and fnish in May
(2014). The main thrust of this course will be to
encounter God at a deeper, more intimate level.
Christians will learn in Encounter how much
they are loved by God and how secure they
really are in that love. Encounter will consist of
classroom, outside reading, journaling, and con-
necting personally with a Life Equipper (mentor/
coach). The classroom will have some lecture, but
will have a lot of interaction between teacher and
student. The student will also be connecting with
other students at a deeper more intimate level
than one will experience in the typical Sunday
morning class.
After a student graduates from this class, they
will not only be better prepared to share their
faith with others, they will have a deeper abiding
relationship with God. Jesus said in Matthew
11:29, Take My yoke upon you and learn from
Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you
will fnd rest for your souls (NASB). Encoun-
ter is about encountering Abba Father (daddy) at
the deepest levels of your life. I saw recently in
one of my pastors sermons where he illustrated
intimacy as into me you see. In that moment
Father said to me, Tom, that goes both ways. I
can see into you and nothing is hidden from Me. I
want you to look into Me and see great and mar-
velous things that only I can show you! WOW!!
Father wants that for all of us. Encountering
Him moment by moment is Life!
In moving forward this year, I am praying for
connections with local pastors. God has con-
nected me with a couple of pastors in the area and
I am getting to know them as they are getting to
know me. Having been a pastor for many years,
I know what it means to struggle with wanting
to do what God has called me to do and trying to
lead people who are volunteers. I see now that
what God really wants is for His pastors to rest!
Resting doesnt mean lazy, but it does require sur-
rendering the right to be in control while leading.
Please pray for Fathers direction in this area.
Tess and I are excited about having our third
grandchild. Our oldest, Cherise, is pregnant with
her frst. Our grandson, Killian Foster Jones, is
due at the end of June. Cherise and our son-n-law
Kellen are living with us while they transition
from their very small apartment to a larger place.
Please be in prayer for them as they look for their
own place and as they anticipate this new joy in
their lives.
Thank you for supporting this ministry with your
prayers, friendship, and fnancial gifts!
Dates to
April 26-27, 2013
Christian Couples Seminar
May 2, 2013
Addiction Recovery 15-week
Program Begins at CFT
August 23-24, 2013
Grow In Grace Seminar at the
CFT ofce in Newnan
174 Ashley Park Blvd STE 1
Newnan, GA 30263
Living Life!
A Quarterly Update On Christs Life Expressed
Through Tom and Tess Price
Spring 2013
I am amazed at how God has kept all His
promises. He is faithful, even when we
are not. I remember at the end of last May
Tess and I went down to North Florida to
get away for a week. One morning I got up
at sunrise and walked across the street to
fsh. It was a beautiful cool morning; the
sky was clear and blue.
I was doing one of my favorite past-times,
in the perfect setting. However, I was a
huge ball of anxiety and fear. All I could
think about was the uncertainty of the fu-
ture and my failures in preparing for the
future. I felt like there was so much more
I needed to be doing to get ready for work-
ing for a non-proft ministry. I began to
talk to Father and pour out my heart to Him
with all my concerns.
After I was done with my list of com-
plaints and confessions, I sat their anxious-
ly listening for a response from Father. He
began to gently remind me that it was Him
who called me. He reiterated His love for
me and called me to a life of trust. He said
He wanted to show me what He could do,
instead of me producing an outcome that
I could point back to and say, see what I
did! He knew that if I became so focused
on providing for my needs, I would miss
the greater blessing: a deeper intimacy
with Him.
At the end of our conversation He said to
me, Tom, right now what I really want to
do with you is fsh! In that moment, my
anxiety and fear melted away as I began
to trust Him for my life. He and I are still
fshing together!
Thank all of you for your sensitivity to
Fathers leading in your life to invest your
prayers and fnancial support into this min-
Hello! As Tom mentioned Father continues
taking us deeper in our walk and reliance upon
Him. It seems I am daily learning or relearning
something that brings more freedom to my life.
Recently, we went to the Annual AELM Confer-
ence in Oklahoma City. I was excited to fnd out
Dennis Jernigan was leading the worship, not to
mention Andrew Farley was our special guest
speaker. Dennis has a special place in my heart.
He came to Wedgwood to minister healing to
us after the shooting in September 1999. He
returned for the one-year anniversary in 2000.
That was shortly before we moved to Georgia in
February of 2001. At that time I was still recov-
ering and processing so many things. I havent
shared or talked about it much, because for so
long it would cause my body to go into shock
and I would shut down. I needed to talk, but felt
like no one wanted to hear what I wanted to say.
How could they really understand? It felt like
I was drawing attention to me, which was not
what I wanted. That event has been a pivotal
point in my life. As a result, there were a lot of
lies that have kept me defeated over the years.
As a result of the lies, much of the time I was
living in a fog of depression with glimpses of
sunshine poking through. I became good at
wearing a mask most of the time. Eventually it
became more diffcult. Tom asked me so many
times over our years here, What are your
dreams? The truth was, I had forgotten how to
dream. That part of my life weighed me down
and kept me stuck for many years. My journey
the past two years has been one of breaking
The AELM conference was the place where I
drove a fnal stake in the ground over this par-
ticular area. The Spirit had been speaking to my
heart about the difference between knowing and
believing for months. There was still that one
area where I wasnt living in total abandonment
in Him. I was holding on to unbelief. I didnt
measure up. I was a failure.
On the last day, Dennis sang a song he had writ-
ten for the inauguration of their Governor. The
name of the song is Rise Up. I was already
experiencing brokenness on that fnal morning.
However, when he began to sing, Rise up,
rise up and Be, rise up embrace your destiny,
rise up, rise and believe, rise up and dare to live
your dream I broke down and sobbed. We
have all been called to embrace the destiny he
has for usto be his beloved children, to walk
in abundant life in relationship with Him.
Is there something you are holding on to? I pray
you are not allowing unbelief or self reliance to
keep you bound. Galatians 5:1 says, It was
for freedom that He came to set us free.keep
standing frmdont return to a yoke of slav-
ery. False beliefs about ourselves are a yoke of
slavery. My chains are gone. Ive been set free.
May you be free indeed today.
Love and Blessings to YOU!!
1) Current and future counselees and
ADT students.
2) Encounter class at FBC, PTC starting in
3) For future connecting opportunities
with local churches.
4) Future growth of CFT in the
community and the world!
Rising Up - A Word From Tess
1) Toms parents health
2) 3rd grand babys arrival at the end of June
3) Toms health issues (blood sugar)
4) Tesss completion of ADT training and
future ministry opportunities at CFT
5) Our support team for wisdom and
spiritual sensitivity.
6) For 100% funding of ministry. (cur-
rently operating at around 25%)
Our Team