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Bodhih Academy of Excellence


Personality Enhancement Program

Bangalore - 2009
BodhiH Training solutions has been evolving
since early 2008. It aims to cater to both
Corporate clients and Institutions to up-
grade their skills in the areas of Sales,
Leadership, HR, Personality development
and Finishing School.

The company is currently equipped to cater

to South-Indian cities, and plans to
eventually expand its reach further afield.
To be classed as ‘The most preferred
company’ by businesses and institutions
for providing training in the areas of
Sales, Leadership, HR, Personality
Development and Finishing School.
Program Content
Understanding different personalities
Levels of learning
NO! Its not about „Evolution‟
Communication and Sensitivity
Communication and Sensitivity
Creativity and Lateral Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Accomplished aggravated amused angry annoyed anxious apathetic artistic awake bitchy
blah blank bored busy calm cheerful chipper cold complacent confused

contemplative content cranky crappy crazy creative crushed curious cynical depressed
determined devastated devious dirty disappointed discontent distressed ditzy dorky
drained drunk eager ecstatic embarrassed energetic enraged enthralled envious
exanimate excited exhausted fed-up flirty frustrated full geeky giddy giggly gloomy
good grateful groggy grumpy guilty happy high hopeful horny hot hungry hyper humble
impressed inconsolable indescribable indifferent infuriated intimidated irate irritated
jealous jubilant joyous lazy lethargic listless lonely loved melancholy mellow
mischievous moody morose naughty nauseated nerdy nostalgic numb okay optimistic
peaceful pensive pessimistic pissed off pleased predatory productive quixotic recumbent
refreshed rejected rejuvenated relaxed relieved restless rushed sad satisfied scared shocked
sick silly sleepy sore surprised sympathetic thankful thirsty thoughtful tired

touched uncomfortable vulnerable weird working worried feeling that feeling this feel somewhat
Accelerated Learning
Excelling in Teams
Handling Criticisms
Time Management
Managing Stress
Positive Health
Goals and Creative visualization
Law of Attraction


Living a Creative Life
Enjoying the journey called “Life”
Training Methodology


Group Discussions

Power point slides

Training Methodology





… and great memories!
Bodhih Training Solutions
Bodhih Academy of Excellence

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