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OpenMedia brings together citizens, public interest organizations, and businesses who believe in the importance of open and

affordable access to the Internet.

The Honourable Christian Paradis, P.C. M.P. Minister of Industry Office of the Minister of Industry C.D. Howe Building 235 Queen Street, Room 1138D Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5 Re: Business Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs Object to Rogers Plan to Obtain Assets Set-aside for Startups Dear Minister Paradis: We are writing in regards to the recently announced plans for both Rogers Communications to obtain scarce wireless spectrum assets that were previously set aside for new more affordable telecom options (new entrants) in Canada. Nearly 94% of the cell phone market in Canada is already controlled by just three incumbent telecom companies. Canadians pay some of the highest prices for some of the worst service in the industrialized world. OpenMedia.cas recent report, Time For An Upgrade, shows that Canadians face systemic mistreatment from cell phone companies. We should be working towards telecom solutions that make Canada more globally competitive and we certainly should not be putting up roadblocks for telecom startups. As business people who are proud to contribute to a robust economy, we feel that affordable mobile access is necessary to drive our country forward. This access has the potential to allow Canada to foster a culture of digital innovation and to encourage citizens to develop the digital technology skills and acumen required to be successful in the 21st century. As innovators, entrepreneurs and business representatives, we share the view that Rogers plan to block new telecom services from reaching Canadians promises to stifle innovation and economic development in Canada. Granting Rogers access to assets set aside for new telecom startups will likely lead to increased telecom costs for Canadians and business. Increased costs for those participating in our digital economy will put downward pressure on one of the most promising sectors of the country and the economy in general. Our understanding is that if Rogers obtains startup assets they will be in clear conflict with both the letter and spirit of the Industry Canada AWS spectrum auction rules. You, Minister Paradis, have the ability to enforce the governments rules for cell phone service and we are puzzled and dismayed that you have so far refused to do so. We are joining over 34,000 Canadians, public interest groups and experts to put forward the following statement:

OpenMedia brings together citizens, public interest organizations, and businesses who believe in the importance of open and affordable access to the Internet.

The government should stand up for telecom choice and affordability in Canada. Big incumbent telecom providers should not be allowed to block access to affordable mobile phone and Internet options. Please Stop Rogers from obtaining scarce wireless spectrum assets that were set-aside for new entrant providers. Industry Canada should act quickly to liberate the spectrum licenses in question and reauction this digital asset so that telecom startups can use the spectrum to provide new innovative solutions for Canadians. If you do not take action this wireless spectrum will sit unused until September 2014 pushing Canada further behind the rest of the world with regards to wireless choice. In addition, to help enforce the rules on the books now, we hope Industry Canada's current spectrum consultation will provide wholesale access and resale roaming to allow new innovative providers to enter the market without the need to create a new Canada-wide system. Your governments previous new entrant AWS set-aside regime was an effective way to facilitate greater choice, but half measured approaches dont work in the business world and they dont work in government either. We need you to follow through on the spirit of this competitive framework, and allow new entrant wireless providers to maintain access to spectrum assets set-aside for them. We hope for a quick response that upholds your past innovation-first policies and helps set Canada up to for a bright economic future.