Fecently, Issues have been reported In the medIa and vIa socIal networks that Ì do not

belIeve were portrayed wIth complete accuracy. Ì would lIke to take a moment to clarIfy
the record from my perspectIve and that of my vIce presIdents. Ì hope you wIll fInd the
facts below as beIng clear, comprehensIve and coherent.
FIrst, Ì wIsh to address my presentatIon to our Student Covernment AssocIatIon on AprIl 24,
201J. 8efore Ì speak about the presentatIon Itself, let me provIde some Important
Last month, SCA PresIdent 8lake ExlIne asked If Ì would have a dIalogue wIth the SCA
student leaders. After Ì accepted the InvItatIon, 0r. Kent PorterfIeld, 7Ice PresIdent for
Student 0evelopment, and 8rIdget Fletcher, AssIstant to the PresIdent, met wIth |r. ExlIne
to dIscuss the parameters of the QEA and dIalogue sessIon among our students and me.
After speakIng wIth |r. ExlIne, It was our understandIng that the QEA sessIon wIth me
would be only wIth the student leaders, as well as the support staff who normally attend
SCA meetIngs. |r. ExlIne also requested that the sessIon be closed to external medIa. The
8QLYHUVLW\1HZV, however, was welcomed to cover the event, and they publIshed theIr
report on AprIl 25, 201J.
When Ì walked Into the SCA chamber and greeted |r. ExlIne and waved to our student
leaders, Ì notIced two members of the faculty sIttIng In the corner of the room. Ì
commented to |r. ExlIne that It was my understandIng that the QEA sessIon was to be wIth
SCA student leaders only, wIth the staff advIsors who normally attend the meetIngs also
present. |r. ExlIne agreed and asked the two faculty members to be excused.
After the faculty members departed, the QEA sessIon began. |r. ExlIne posed a serIes of
wIde·rangIng questIons that had been submItted by student leaders. As |r. ExlIne chose the
questIons randomly, Ì answered each one dIrectly and honestly wIth detaIls.
The sessIon wIth me ended about 45 mInutes later. 8efore leavIng the meetIng, Ì thanked
the SCA student leaders and IndIcated my wIllIngness to meet wIth them at least once a
8ecause the QEA sessIon was planned as a dIalogue wIth the student government
representatIves only - and the faculty members who came to the meetIng were not InvIted
by the SCA PresIdent, but nevertheless attended - Ì belIeve the crItIcIsms of me regardIng
my partIcIpatIon In the meetIng are groundless, as are any suggestIons that Ì should be
censured for the events that took place that evenIng.
The fact Is, Ì apprecIated the opportunIty to have a candId conversatIon wIth our SCA
student leaders, and Ì hope to have more dIscussIons wIth them soon.
Dn AprIl 26, 201J, In hIs role as the Secretary of SaInt LouIs UnIversIty, WIllIam Kauffman,
J.0., 7Ice PresIdent and Ceneral Counsel, sent a letter to the PresIdent of our Faculty
Senate on behalf of the 8oard of Trustees' ExecutIve CommIttee regardIng the Senate's
AprIl J0, 201J, meetIng.
The letter to 0r. |ark Knuepfer detaIled the ExecutIve CommIttee's decIsIon to delay a
planned joInt presentatIon to the Senate by representatIves of the 8oard and the
The full text of |r. Kauffman's letter follows below:
|ark |. Knuepfer, Ph.0.
PresIdent, SaInt LouIs UnIversIty Faculty Senate
FE: AprIl J0 SaInt LouIs UnIversIty Faculty Senate |eetIng
0ear |ark:
Ì am wrItIng as the Secretary of SaInt LouIs UnIversIty on behalf of the SaInt LouIs UnIversIty 8oard of
Trustees ExecutIve CommIttee concernIng the AprIl J0, 201J, meetIng of the Faculty Senate at whIch
8oard ChaIrman 8rouster and Father 8IondI are scheduled to attend.
The ExecutIve CommIttee presently Is In the process of focusIng on the nomInatIon process for a
recommendatIon to the full 8oard at Its upcomIng meetIng for a new chaIr to succeed ChaIrman 8rouster
who resIgned earlIer thIs month. ThIs unantIcIpated event and the CommIttee's ongoIng need to revIew
the recent clImate survey of faculty, staff and students, and dIscuss It wIth the 8oard of Trustees, coupled
wIth the need for preparatIon for the 8oard of Trustee commIttee meetIngs next week, IncludIng the
8oard meetIng on |ay 4, 201J, means that ChaIrman 8rouster and Father 8IondI wIll not be able to attend
the scheduled AprIl J0 Faculty Senate meetIng as prevIously planned.
The CommIttee Is mIndful that the contemplated meetIng between the Faculty Senate and the UnIversIty
PresIdent and 8oard of Trustees ChaIr Is one of the sIx Important outcomes of the meetIngs between the
Faculty Senate ExecutIve CommIttee and the 8oard of Trustees ExecutIve CommIttee. Ìn recognItIon of
thIs fact, It Is the desIre of the CommIttee to seek a rescheduled tIme for the meetIng at a mutually
convenIent and early opportunIty once the new 8oard leadershIp Is In place.
7ery truly yours,
WIllIam F. Kauffman
Secretary of the UnIversIty
cc: Thomas H. 8rouster
Lawrence 8IondI, S.J.
As you can see In the letter, the decIsIon to delay thIs joInt presentatIon was made by the
ExecutIve CommIttee of the 8oard of Trustees. |oreover, the letter clearly states that the
ExecutIve CommIttee wIll seek to reschedule the meetIng wIth the Faculty Senate as soon as
possIble when a new chaIr of the SLU 8oard Is elected.
0espIte these facts, 0r. Knuepfer released a strongly worded statement that attrIbuted the
ExecutIve CommIttee's decIsIon to me personally. 8elow Is hIs complete statement as posted
In the medIa.
A letter from the PresIdent of the Faculty Senate:
The Secretary of the 8oard of Trustees has Informed me as PresIdent of the Faculty Senate by wrItten
communIcatIon that 8oard of Trustees ChaIr Thomas 8rouster, Sr. and PresIdent 8IondI wIll not have tIme
to attend the fInal Faculty Senate meetIng of the year as agreed upon In the SIx PoInts approved by the
8oard of Trustees and the Faculty Senate In 0ecember, 2012.
Ìn a letter dated AprIl 26th the 8oard of Trustees provIdes several reasons for delayIng the meetIng. The
reasons Include the 8oard Is busy seekIng a new chaIr, Is stIll contemplatIng the ClImate Survey results and
Is preparIng for the 8oard meetIng on |ay 4th. ThIs change In plans Is partIcularly dIsappoIntIng to those
of us who have worked so hard to Improve shared governance at St. LouIs UnIversIty thIs past academIc
year. Although thIs letter explaIns why |r. 8rouster wIll not be present, It does not address why the
PresIdent cannot or wIll not attend the meetIng on Tuesday, AprIl J0.
PresIdent 8IondI's last mInute cancellatIon Is not surprIsIng as It represents yet another example In a serIes
of mIssteps and errors In judgment on hIs part In the past several months, thereby addIng momentum to
the SLU communIty's campaIgn to replace hIm wIth a more suItable leader for the UnIversIty. Ìt Is
ImplausIble that PresIdent 8IondI Is too busy to spend J0 mInutes addressIng the Faculty Senate; rather, It
appears that PresIdent 8IondI has decIded that thIs appearance would not serve hIm well In hIs desperate
attempts to remaIn at the helm of the UnIversIty untIl 2018.
Ìn conclusIon, Ì hope that the PresIdent realIzes that the UnIversIty Is far more Important than hIs ego. Ìt
Is clear that a graceful resIgnatIon would truly help solIdIfy hIs legacy at St. LouIs UnIversIty; however, hIs
blunderIng attempts to hold on to hIs erodIng power base Is makIng hIs exIt less graceful and more
dIsgraceful. There Is a tIme for hIm to retIre and It Is now.
|ark Knuepfer
PresIdent, Faculty Senate
Ìn response, the UnIversIty Issued a statement on AprIl 29, 201J, that reIterated the detaIls
of the letter to 0r. Knuepfer and expressed concern over hIs comments In the medIa. That
UnIversIty statement follows below.
UnIversIty Statement
Dn FrIday, AprIl 26, a letter was sent to the PresIdent of the Faculty Senate on behalf of the ExecutIve
CommIttee of the SLU 8oard of Trustees regardIng the Senate's AprIl J0 meetIng.
Ìn the letter, the ExecutIve CommIttee of the 8oard of Trustees noted that It Is currently focused on the
nomInatIon process for a recommendatIon to the 8oard for a new chaIr to succeed |r. 8rouster, who
announced hIs resIgnatIon from the posItIon earlIer thIs month.
CIven thIs unantIcIpated event - as well as the ExecutIve CommIttee's ongoIng need to revIew the
UnIversIty clImate survey of students, faculty and staff and dIscuss It wIth the 8oard - the ExecutIve
CommIttee notIfIed the Senate that |r. 8rouster and Father 8IondI would not be able to attend the
meetIng as prevIously planned.
Dne of the sIx InItIatIves developed and endorsed by the ExecutIve CommIttees of the 8oard of Trustees
and the Faculty Senate Is: "FepresentatIves of the 8oard and the AdmInIstratIon wIll meet annually wIth
the Senate to report on the state of the UnIversIty." ThIs was envIsIoned as a joInt presentatIon to the
Senate by both the ChaIrman of the 8oard and the PresIdent.
WIth a commItment to the sIx InItIatIves In mInd, the 8oard of Trustees' ExecutIve CommIttee saId that It
wIll seek to reschedule the presentatIon to the Senate at an early and mutually convenIent tIme once the
new 8oard leadershIp Is In place.
Ìn addItIon, some trustees have expressed concern over the statement that was Issued by the PresIdent of
the Faculty Senate regardIng thIs matter. |oreover, any suggestIon that thIs decIsIon was made at any
level other than the 8oard's ExecutIve CommIttee Is not only wrong, but also an Insult to the work of the
ExecutIve CommIttee of the 8oard.
Furthermore, the personal attack agaInst Father 8IondI from the PresIdent of the Faculty Senate Is
dIsrespectful and shows the kInd of unwarranted rhetorIc that has been aImed at the presIdent, the
admInIstratIon and now at the 8oard of Trustees.
AprII 2013 PresIdent's hessage
Ì know all of you receIved my AprIl 201J |essage, whIch outlIned the sIgnIfIcant and
tangIble academIc, personnel, fInancIal and spIrItual progress we have made In recent years
by workIng together. Ìf you have not yet had a chance to read my AprIl 201J |essage, you
can download a copy now by clIckIng on thIs lInk.
In ConcIusIon
Ì hope thIs message and the background InformatIon Ì have provIded have clarIfIed some of
the Issues you may have heard or read about recently.
0espIte any Issues - real or perceIved - that we may have, we cannot forget that we share
a common goal, and that Is gIvIng our students the best SLU educatIon possIble. And, as Ì
have stated before, Ì belIeve that If we can all work together collaboratIvely, Ì am
confIdent we wIll move forward In the best Interest of DUF UnIversIty.
Ì wIsh you all the best as we complete the 2012·201J academIc year, and may Cod contInue
to bless you and your famIlIes.

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