(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Chinese]SZ[9]KM[7.50]TM[1800] PW[Fuego]PB[nutngo]WR[2k]DT[2009-08-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.

com/]C[Fuego [2k\]: GTP Engine for Fuego (white): BlueFuego version 0.4.SVN ]RE[W+2.50] ;B[ee]BL[1794.844] ;W[dg]WL[1799.821] ;B[eg]BL[1707.578] ;W[fc]WL[1799.314] ;B[dc]BL[1564.345] ;W[eh]WL[1799.152]C[Remember [1k\]: b is a pro then? ztw [?\]: yes Remember [1k\]: fuego has used 1 second lol seta [1d\]: go go computer! ] ;B[fh]BL[1462.518]C[Monowire [10k\]: what exactly is the purpose of this game? Khronos90 [3k\]: nice, 3 moves in 1 sec Monowire [10k\]: why is there no handicap? Remember [1k\]: its to show the abilities of computer go Vanilla [-\]: handicap on a 9x9 board is killer seta [1d\]: yeah Remember [1k\]: on a 9x9 board computers are beast Monowire [10k\]: we are talking about a 9p here Cannon [2d?\]: OH MY GOD Cannon [2d?\]: 9x9 Shana [2d\]: give me 9h on a 9x9 board and ill beat anyone xD seta [1d\]: 9p seta [1d\]: so?? Monowire [10k\]: so its a 9p vs a 2k seta [1d\]: ................ derp [1k\]: but the 2k isn't sentient.. yet Monowire [10k\]: unless he beats the 2k silly this competition is meaningless soporific [4k\]: comp like 2d on 9 x 9 seta [1d\]: even 9p handi me 5 stone 9x9 Remember [1k\]: computer is like pro on 0x0.. seta [1d\]: i'll kkill him easy Cannon [2d?\]: shana Remember [1k\]: 9x9* Cannon [2d?\]: are you by any chance european? Shana [2d\]: why Remember [1k\]: this is the only move he's thought about Slurm [7k\]: this game played in taiwan? ] ;W[dd]WL[1680.079]C[akko888 [18k\]: lol 0x0 with .5 komi Kuhi [12k\]: No, 1x1 is better Cannon [2d?\]: because you seem very earopean gogolady: nutngo is 9p? Kuhi [12k\]: Instant lack of libs ztw [?\]: yes seta [1d\]: that's 7.5 lomi seta [1d\]: komi seta [1d\]: =.= akko888 [18k\]: this is taking forever ] ;B[ef]BL[1373.327]C[Remember [1k\]: because its so complicated already Vanilla [-\]: we can't all read as fast as you akko soporific [4k\]: 18ks have strong reading Vanilla [-\]: mhm ] ;W[ed]WL[1623.63]C[Remember [1k\]: every move is so game-shifting

you arent losing time when thinking Uberdude [5d\]: i'd have cut Uberdude [5d\]: without even reading Cannon [2d?\]: WOAH Cannon [2d?\]: THIS PRO Remember [1k\]: then you would apparently have been wrong Cannon [2d?\]: HE IS LIKE AMONG THE TOP 10 IN THE WORLD Uberdude [5d\]: Remember. let's wait and see who wins Totti10 [3k\]: your caps is broken Uberdude [5d\]: i prefer w here Estrella [5k\]: 1x1 board makes no sense. is that true/ Estrella [5k\]: britain makes software? gogadget [4k\]: lol Uberdude [5d\]: b also spelt Zhou Junxun Cannon [2d?\]: HUH Cannon [2d?\]: HOW CAN HE BE STUCK Remember [1k\]: how much you want to bet b is calculating to the end of the game right now gogolady: that red face player? Cannon [2d?\]: go pro not able to afford internet that is lag free? Sanaelar [9k?\]: more observers in this 9x9 game than any in history! akko888 [18k\]: this IS aboslute time Totti10 [3k\]: hard to tell what the computer will do Uberdude [5d\]: gogo. I assume so gogolady: thank you very much. mere mortals represent! kinglao298 [3k\]: c7 Cannon [2d?\]: my shift is working fine.and why they play on 9x9 and on here? ThiGar [7k\]: how come the pro has black? mof [3d?\]: taiwan is a small place. yes he has some mark on face Makubesu [5k\]: Does computer calculate during opponent's turn? akko888 [18k\]: a9 Sanaelar [9k?\]: no idea. thankfully zmb [9k\]: d2 gogadget [4k\]: c4 kinglao298 [3k\]: c4 kinglao298 [3k\]: explosive move Uberdude [5d\]: there was a guy at work who didn't know about shuft for caps gogolady: is nutngo 9p of Taiwan? Uberdude [5d\]: eben to type initial caps Uberdude [5d\]: he used caps lock mosdefgo [-\]: where do u work? Totti10 [3k\]: must be a ddk gogadget [4k\]: mental hospital? mosdefgo [-\]: lol Uberdude [5d\]: you would be forgiven for thinking that =) Uberdude [5d\]: britain's biggest software comopany =) gogolady: sweet said nutngo is 9p.Cannon [2d?\]: are you shana? Shana [2d\]: nay Uberdude [5d\]: is this b the one who won lg cup? Remember [1k\]: me?? Cannon [2d?\]: whereyou from shana? Totti10 [3k\]: whats b's best move here? Kuhi [12k\]: Resign Totti10 [3k\]: besides that ztw [?\]: yes. not room for 19x19 . BLACK is Chou 9p who won LG cup erkkierkki [7k\]: escape Totti10 [3k\]: thats better Uberdude [5d\]: e4 surprised me erkkierkki [7k\]: definetly. neither player can play :( Makubesu [5k\]: Go black.

986]C[soporific [4k\]: i think its possible that b will lose on ti me Shana [2d\]: if b loses by time then it would be so sad Sanaelar [9k?\]: better to use the time to think that make hasty moves though Cannon [2d?\]: I think the game is lagged Cannon [2d?\]: by the presence of pro seta [1d\]: ..081]C[Totti10 [3k\]: big move. perhaps Kuhi [12k\]: Black is going to count it out so that it's a tie ] . Kuhi [12k\]: Well.. ignoring the ....38]C[erkkierkki [7k\]: would be huge lol if white resigns now Totti10 [3k\]: b used a lot of time there ] .) gogadget [4k\]: c7 ? SColbert [3d\]: looks like b can't win gogolady: who own the bot? Totti10 [3k\]: i agree Sanaelar [9k?\]: Fuego is the program I believe Uberdude [5d\]: cos bot good at 9x9 Uberdude [5d\]: pro will easily win 19 gogolady: program isn't the bot? Estrella [5k\]: lol see fuego shows up as afk in the user window nutngo3: Yes.10 Sanaelar [9k?\]: .. Kuhi. seta [1d\]: look like w is winning Civilian [10k\]: C3 ! ] .5 not tengen..B[fb]BL[580. akko. most of us havent read hikunogo but we watched hikaru no go Makubesu [5k\]: haha fivegen akko888 [18k\]: fivegen. 5..Estrella [5k\]: I don't think so makubesu gogolady: ^)_^ mof [3d?\]: . akko888 [18k\]: there is no tengen here Remember [1k\]: fail akko akko888 [18k\]: there is fivegen ] .946]C[ate [4k\]: lol ] ...383] . Kuhi.. but most of them are on 9x9 ] .W[ce]WL[1620.5 komi Sanaelar [9k?\]: in a 9x9 I believe some of hte bot programs just power blast it . Haven't you ever read HikunoGo? Suicide [-\]: Never heard of it... Sanaelar [9k?\]: *states at E5 Shana [2d\]: kuhi...W[eb]WL[1471...B[gc]BL[591.W[bf]WL[1575.B[gd]BL[688.B[cf]BL[648.W[cg]WL[1523...781]C[akko888 [18k\]: d2 Suicide [-\]: That would be impressive with komi.... Have every sequence preprogramed for most of hte game gogolady: this Pro_gram and that Pro ] . akko888 [18k\]: and 7.white mistake? .. fuego is a computer Go program..5 of course...585]C[Asaliuru [14k\]: there is 7. Estrella [5k\]: b counting.5 komi so black must to think ho w get that big adventage Suicide [-\]: E5 is tengen. 10. Uberdude [5d\]: b will get d2 and win Remember [1k\]: what to do Suicide [-\]: Dae's Rule: Whomever gets tengen first wins.788]C[akko888 [18k\]: c3 Suicide [-\]: g7 is bigger atm.

then takes. no SColbert [3d\]: e7 d8 f6 c7 d2 c2 e1 borrrden [8k\]: Well the bot won today on the other game and the bot played whit e too... If G8.. this is the last battle that req uires reading Javaness [2d\]: E7 or not E7? Tetriste [-\]: e7 sounds right blier [1k\]: it's not so difficult to see that sente on a 6x6 board is worth mor e than on a 19x19 board Suicide [-\]: f6 e7 d2 Remember [1k\]: yea but there are less points.net/?Tengen Shana [2d\]: its a huge komi for any board soporific [4k\]: komi is supposed to be the value of sente soporific [4k\]: so it is always the same Shana [2d\]: oh really? soporific [4k\]: maybe not ALWAYS Shana [2d\]: if u change the rules then sente is worth less? Uberdude [5d\]: soporific..Cannon [2d?\]: 9p getting his behind kicked Suicide [-\]: I sincerely hope you're joking. nvm they arent borrrden [8k\]: does bot + time happeN? borrrden [8k\]: I assumed the bot took the time left into consideration and limi ted itself accordingly Totti10 [3k\]: i dont see why it couldnt Remember [1k\]: hes not goingg to lose by time.5 is a HUGE komi on a 9x9 board Olmerek [9k\]: http://senseis. komi is bigger too Totti10 [3k\]: e7 seems like the only move maybe b is lagging SColbert [3d\]: e3 b worries about f6 cosmic5344 [4d\]: think the bot won no matter what Tetriste [-\]: on e7 if connect D8. newdude [9k\]: no mistake Cannon [2d?\]: rare sight cosmic5344 [4d\]: 7. right? Shana [2d\]: imaging a 7.e. i..xmp.5 point in 9x9 Cannon [2d?\]: that Cannon [2d?\]: equals losing with 300 points in 19x19 fairgo1 [1d\]: bots are pros at 9 by 9 :X Uberdude [5d\]: komi is the compensariuon white needs so that the game is close between equal players Asaliuru [14k\]: bot + time Shana [2d\]: bots are pros. i feel that white would be happy blier [1k\]: :) Civilian [10k\]: white can't be happy he's a bot! Tetriste [-\]: but black gets in in exchange SColbert [3d\]: right Tetriste [-\]: both get in SColbert [3d\]: w has to get in soporific [4k\]: b wants to read out every move akko888 [18k\]: w+time SColbert [3d\]: otherwise b wins SColbert [3d\]: tough for b to win vagabundo [1k\]: e9 maybe? SColbert [3d\]: if w f6 .5 komi on a 2x2 board xD cosmic5344 [4d\]: e7 f6 if white gets in. SColbert [3d\]: this is one way Uberdude [5d\]: that is just wrong Cannon [2d?\]: just imagine SColbert [3d\]: e7 f6 d8 soporific [4k\]: then what is komi? SColbert [3d\]: another way Cannon [2d?\]: if you lose by .

468]C[SColbert [3d\]: i think w wins Suicide [-\]: hmm.5 SColbert [3d\]: b has e9 SColbert [3d\]: in sente Tetriste [-\]: is g3 for white going anywhere or it's doomed to fail? SColbert [3d\]: that's 4 points vagabundo [1k\]: oh.115] . chiness rules .791]C[strfry [13k\]: he is playing random moves and calculates stat istics about them Monowire [10k\]: brute forcing is the exact opposite .W[fd]WL[1326.464] . more in 9*9 Daspied [19k\]: what rank is nutngo really? sumey [4k\]: what rank is nutngo¿ SColbert [3d\]: now go d2 fairgo1 [1d\]: 6d akko888 [18k\]: he is ? Hometet [9k\]: he is a nut ] .B[gb]BL[271.W[ch]WL[1374.W[cc]WL[1421.5 now.461]C[Civilian [10k\]: fiveuki? akko888 [18k\]: e9 d9 f9 g8 g9 but nvm SColbert [3d\]: wow Remember [1k\]: black gets sente? gogolady: but fuego is only 2k Remember [1k\]: no hes much more than 2k SColbert [3d\]: b wants to play d8 soporific [4k\]: his rank is a lie SColbert [3d\]: instead of e7 Suicide [-\]: w wins by 9.5? Javaness [2d\]: these bots are very strong on 9x9 SColbert [3d\]: d2 feels like the biggest Shana [2d\]: it would be funny if pro didnt count komi and loses by 6.834]C[Tetriste [-\]: I'm not convinced of g8 :( korigan [5k\]: 2h un 19*19. Monowire [10k\]: no way it is brute-forcing strfry [13k\]: bruteforcing is too complex Thanshin [4k?\]: Daspied.vagabundo [1k\]: can be ko Remember [1k\]: TENUKI Totti10 [3k\]: b loses if f6 Asaliuru [14k\]: tenuki on 9x9 ? :P Javaness [2d\]: black will lose on time if he doesn't watch out ] .too easy but intractable borrrden [8k\]: and then playing variations from there vagabundo [1k\]: I count white ahead by 1. borrrden [8k\]: brute forcing is still impracticle akko888 [18k\]: probably being run by IBM Roadrunner at the moment.5 while th inking hes ahead ] . even in small sizes.B[fe]BL[245.looking like b +.B[ei]BL[249. borrrden [8k\]: it's pruning first moves based on heuristic ] .B[dh]BL[250.. that's not really practical in go .852]C[fairgo1 [1d\]: lol Shana [2d\]: Chun-Hsun Chou 9p vs Fuego Hometet [9k\]: f6 gogolady: I dont think b will lose the game Daspied [19k\]: Is this computer just bruteforcing every outcome? Harleqin [2d\]: I wonder if D8 wouldn't have been bigger Totti10 [3k\]: d2 was big ] ..

B[bi]BL[236..B[cb]BL[208.824]C[Tetriste [-\]: 1x1 board? . no mistake Suicide [-\]: ko is b's only chance vagabundo [1k\]: a3 d5 and ko? fairgo1 [1d\]: game over white wins Kuhi [12k\]: I'm telling you.W[df]WL[1155.. what do you think komi should be on a 5x5 board? ] .086]C[Suicide [-\]: or a3 d5.B[ah]BL[233.589] .5 SColbert [3d\]: just d4 SColbert [3d\]: w wins ] . 2 step ko.W[ai]WL[1101. Aberrance [9k\]: Isn't full komi quite silly on 9x9? ] .709] .B[de]BL[220. SColbert [3d\]: f9 biggest ] . vaga. SColbert.W[ag]WL[1116. black is going to tie it with a .279]C[vagabundo [1k\]: yes.087] . ] .5 komi Suicide [-\]: d4? noooblet: w+2.5 win noooblet: [31k\]: b can't win this ko Suicide [-\]: a3 d1 clickifcan [21k?\]: by black isnt that a bad move ] .82]C[gogolady: wasn't there an old game by bot and another pro? SColbert [3d\]: then b gets c1 SColbert [3d\]: then connect at d4 Suicide [-\]: It's ok.5 ] .5 Thanshin [4k?\]: What was the question? Suicide [-\]: I have 33 to 34.417] .97]C[Suicide [-\]: ko for .W[ea]WL[1238.5 win Makubesu [5k\]: I feel like black really needs to split white to win on 9x9 akko888 [18k\]: lol Javaness [2d\]: *\\o/* go humanity *\\o/* clickifcan [21k?\]: mistake gogolady: is b trying to make ko? soporific [4k\]: lol Suicide [-\]: no. b's only chance to win is ko.747]C[akko888 [18k\]: a2 :) Suicide [-\]: I agree.706]C[Suicide [-\]: b1 b2 Javaness [2d\]: answer me Suicide [-\]: *answers Java* SColbert [3d\]: 28 to 22 otherwise SColbert [3d\]: right? noooblet: [31k\]: w can't ko soporific [4k\]: chinese rules yoyoma [1d\]: w+0.W[bh]WL[1197.B[ga]BL[239. but black lose the other way Makubesu [5k\]: no. black has big advantage by playing first yoyoma [1d\]: Aberrance.W[fa]WL[1280.408]C[Suicide [-\]: O_o borrrden [8k\]: i don't know how to count chinese Totti10 [3k\]: w should win with a 7.Makubesu [5k\]: I imagine it prunes certain variations with a certain probabilit y based on some scoring system Sheeple [3k\]: w would have resigned if he wasn't sure of win by now ] .B[ci]BL[238.

B[ah]BL[206. he knew he was losing Tetriste [-\]: the end~ Suicide [-\]: click.5 cosmic5344 [4d\]: bots dont get tricked lol clickifcan [21k?\]: shouldnt white try and see if he can survive at g5 akko888 [18k\]: threegen* Trajan13 [-\]: c6 wasnt good noooblet: [31k\]: bot tries to prolong game as much as possible Sheeple [3k\]: doesn't matter..952] . why? ] .. on 5x5 board black can win by 25 poitns SColbert [3d\]: this is not a threat noooblet: [31k\]: fill ko fairgo1 [1d\]: huh? Uberdude [5d\]: e7 strong Tetriste [-\]: C6 is a threat? yoyoma [1d\]: so for 5x5.SColbert [3d\]: lol ] . Javaness [2d\]: life and death is hard on 1x1 Aberrance [9k\]: I would actually think that blacks advantage on a 9x9 board wou ld be less point-wise for starting on 9x9 then on 19x19.B[cd]BL[189. possible points don't matter if each player gets the same points with the alternating moves.... The last is small so usually we try to estimate the cost of the first.963]C[Suicide [-\]: d1 derp [1k\]: so..W[bc]WL[1086.? yoyoma [1d\]: Aberrance.522]C[kinglao298 [3k\]: bluff neHTIOx [3k\]: 0.523]C[Shana [2d\]: sure he does Aberrance [9k\]: les points on the board Makubesu [5k\]: e7 very interesting..is n't it? soporific [4k\]: g5 Makubesu [5k\]: 2 step ko Cannon [2d?\]: hahaa Cannon [2d?\]: great day in history Shana [2d\]: i think komi should always be 7.5 since i keep getting w when we do nigiri. .063]C[borrrden [8k\]: without D1 this is a little pointless. so the only difference is the first mov e and the last.B[di]BL[192. why? chunobi [6k\]: how do u have a 31k? YeknomGib [4k\]: he doesn't Thanshin [4k?\]: Aberrance.. japanese rules b would have lost? Sheeple [3k\]: w such a spoilsport bot yoyoma [1d\]: Aberrance.B[]BL[189.] ..18]C[noooblet: [31k\]: it's a bluff Cannon [2d?\]: c6 is bullcrap SColbert [3d\]: lol SColbert [3d\]: over akko888 [18k\]: 5x5 b wins by playing at twogen Tetriste [-\]: try to bluff a computer -.W[ah]WL[1015. the komi is even larger soporific [4k\]: hope ] . takes advantage of chinese rules to kill th reat noooblet: [31k\]: that's no threat.W[ai]WL[1038.125]C[SColbert [3d\]: b has no threat ] ..W[ec]WL[1044.414] . ] .

humans: 0 YeknomGib [4k\]: We are doomed.W[]WL[966. notice the first colon.5 komi.. amazing to get this close. normal 9x9 games hav 5.227]TW[aa][ba][ca][da][ab][bb][cb][db][ac][dc][ad][bd][cd][ae][be][af ][cf][bg]TB[ha][ia][hb][ib][hc][ic][hd][id][ge][he][ie][ff][gf][hf][if][fg][gg][ hg][ig][eh][gh][hh][ih][fi][gi][hi][ii]C[Shana [2d\]: looks like c8 bad move.5 komi on 9*9? clickifcan [21k?\]: i know BenjaminGl [11k\]: who is bot? Javaness [2d\]: :'-( cosmic5344 [4d\]: bots: 2. seta [1d\]: w is bot mmueller [-\]: Thanks for the game Hometet [9k\]: w = bot Asaliuru [14k\]: pros are overrated BenjaminGl [11k\]: they are taking over the WORLD Asaliuru [14k\]: :) YeknomGib [4k\]: I remember this from Terminator 5 gogolady: bot ! Shana [2d\]: pros are horrible on 9x9.. Olme Makubesu [5k\]: Hard beginning for black.< Cannon [2d?\]: VICTORY Suicide [-\]: click. w also gains nothing..5 clickifcan [21k?\]: ism ]) .akko888 [18k\]: [31k\] clickifcan [21k?\]: because if he plays and you die you dont lose anything skeng [6k\]: notice the extra colon Suicide [-\]: chunobi. black wouldve won by 0. ] . I'd have be en totally crushed gogolady: the bot's master should be proud of it DoubleLion [2k\]: resistance is futile:p clickifcan [21k?\]: bwah ha ha clickifcan [21k?\]: ha gogolady: b didn't not really lost for the close points cosmic5344 [4d\]: well. I see that Dreamlight [13k\]: >.. akko888 [18k\]: ai seta [1d\]: :) Psychee [9k\]: 7. gghideki [3k\]: Cong Mueller Trajan13 [-\]: Im looking for Sarah Connor Olmerek [9k\]: all your base belong to us Trajan13 [-\]: bziiiiiiiii Trajan13 [-\]: lol olmerek ^^ Suicide [-\]: +are. Aberrance [9k\]: yes.. and if b didnt throw a st one into c6..

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