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From the Editor’s Desk .................................................................................................................... ........ 3 The A la Carte of Photographs—“Glimpse of Life”- The XLRI- GMP Photography Competition……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..4 680 hours later ....................................................................................................................................... .. 6 GMP Sports Mania! ................................................................................................................................... 7 Spreading the warmth .............................................................................................................. ...... ........9 Meet the Guru: Prof. (Dr.) Gourav Vallabh……………………………………………………………..…………………….….11 Three things a Leader can't afford to ignore .......................................................................................... 15 Poet’s Corner .......................................................................................................................................... 17 उन्मुक्त आकाश.............................................................................................................. 17 Perched ............................................................................................................................................... 17 Walk the talk with Leaders ................................................................................................................. Mr. Navin Gulia ............................................................................................................................... 18 18

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We are happy to come out with the next issue of our magazine. There were some extra-ordinary clicks. We thank Professor Gourav Vallabh for agreeing to our request for an interview with the GliMPse Team. Each one of us in the batch contributed towards making this sojourn at XLRI enriching. lively and memorable. In its endeavor to explore hidden talents of the student community and provide a platform to showcase these talents. we would be more confident to face that phase. We decided to join XLRI to change ourselves and to a certain extent we all have changed. A hot summer day is an ideal occasion to take time off from a hectic schedule and recharge your batteries. the GliMPse Team had organized a photography contest and invited entries from all B-schools in India. Decisions change the trajectory of our life. But this time for sure. We would also like to thank the XLRI GMP CEO Committee for giving us the opportunity to meet various business leaders and dignitaries. The flavor of the mood is reflective. We are sure that this edition of GliMPse will serve as a refresher to stimulate your creative minds.xlri. One such decision we took about a year back was to leave the comforts of our workplace and become students again. who visited XLRI for the leadership series sessions and facilitating an interaction with them. His thoughts and insights will definitely be inspiring and enriching for readers. enthusiasm and meticulous efforts. It wasn’t easy to judge the best two entries out of some mind-blowing pictures. We sincerely thank Professor Soumyakanti for his time. we would be saying goodbye to this beautiful campus and again there would be a transitory phase in our life . poems and photographs for this edition. It wasn’t easy but then we were ambitious and wanted to refuel ourselves. which will very soon turn nostalgic. armed with our learnings at this momentous institution . We approached Professor Soumyakanti Chakraborty to undertake the challenge of evaluating these entries and he kindly obliged despite his busy schedule . We were delighted to receive an overwhelming response from B-Schools all over India. In less than a month’s time from now.From the Editor’s Desk GMP 2012-13 has entered into its last leg and we are more than half-way through our fourth and final ~GliMPse (2012-13) 3 . Happy Reading!! Do share your thoughts with us at g1213glimpse@astra. Last but not the least. special thanks to our batch-mates who submitted articles.

The competition received overwhelming response from B schools students. the moment which is lost amidst the woods called time. His relentless efforts to de-codify the beauty in the entries and put across a set of parameters to help choose the best amongst the best were truly commendable. IIM Indore Second Prize Arijit Basak XLRI. There were quite a few parameters on which each entry was evaluated. which could have been so easily framed.” ~ Marc Riboud First Prize Karn Mehta. Each such classification had quite a few parameters to help the best entry emerge on top. to shoulder this massive task.The XLRI. every hundredth of a second. Indore was adjudged the winner while the second prize went to 4 .The A la Carte of Photographs “Glimpse of Life”. the parameters were classified under the headings – technical. Eventually. himself an avid photographer.GMP Photography “Taking pictures is savouring life intensely. In the endeavour to capture the very moment. XLRIGMP organized a photography competition among BSchool students. Karn Mehta from IIM. The entries displayed not only the photographer’s innate talent to unravel the moment but also their ability to perceive those unnoticed moments. We approached Professor Soumyakanti Chakraborty. a new vision and reality seemed to emerge forth. viewer’s response. Participants sprang in from various institutes to showcase their creative brilliance to the world. The inexorable pertinacity of the entries to be at the zenith made judging and evaluating them a huge challenge. general and visual and aesthetic angle. content. The photographs were a mirror of the secret of the secrets— every time you saw them. Judging these entries without missing out on their beauty and mystery was a herculean task. GMP Photographs capture the moment most elegantly. titled “Glimpse of Life”.

Ashutosh Mahajan Welingkar Institute Of Management & Research.SIBM Pune. XLRI GMP. Abhinav Srivastav & Chiranjib Bhattacharjee . GliMPses of Life 5 .XLRI Jamshedpur.Arijit Basak.not mentioning which would be unjust to the entire competition were – Kanika Singh—SRM University. as a token of recognition for the creative talent of the photographers. Sameer Phalke . Mumbai and Prasad Savant—IIM Raipur. The Glimpse team decided to publish the top ten entries in the Facebook page. The other top entries. Manuja Goenka—Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Pune.

you will see flowers creating a bed around the trees they have parted with.680 hours later We all have spent around 680 hours in classrooms [I have discounted the ongoing fourth and last term and those who sleep a bit more :) ] and have technically completed three-fourth of our MBA. The scorching heat of Jamshedpur gave way to bitter cold and again we are moving towards those hot days when masala cold drinks would be flavor of the season. With those 680 hours in classrooms. Forming those teams was an experience in itself. 680 hours spent amidst variety of insightful subjects. If you happen to walk early in the morning in campus [though unlikely as most of us have become night owls after coming here :) ]. we again became academic and transitioned ourselves to activate the inquisitive student inside us who was lying dormant. The sweat-shirt would be replaced by sweat and T-shirts would again be back in vogue. Nine months is not a long time but with one thing coming after another at such a fast pace and resulting in collection of so many memorable moments. sometimes it is too much to handle but that is supposed to be the process of learning! ). It was in full bloom in Term 3 with beautiful ~Gaurav Mittal (GMP. Class of 2012-13) flowers flourishing and flaunting in gardens all around but now the leaves are bidding farewell to their branches. Many things have changed in last nine months. Daunting because we all have been working for at least five years before coming here and an achievement because at an incredible speed. We formed different teams to manage various committees and carry out various activities throughout the year. We haven’t got much time to reflect on what has happened to us in these last nine months but if we try to introspect we would realize our thought process has changed to some extent after coming here. it feels as if we have been living here for so long. We started out as strangers but then quickly got together to form a cohesive unit. we have spent around nine months at XLRI Jamshedpur campus. we can sniff the nostalgia in the air and the mood in last term would take more swings than ever before. Daadu would be selling more nimbu-paani than chai. Over to last 180 hours! 6 . amazing faculty and a fair amount of class participation (Yes. It is often advisable in life to take brief breaks from the continuum of routine and traverse differently to explore different avenues or just rejuvenate oneself. It has given us the time to introspect and to understand ourselves better. A daunting task at the outset but looks like an achievement in hindsight. The XLRI campus too changed its color in last nine months. The hiatus at XLRI from the monotony of professional life is helping us do so. Although there is still some time left before our program will get over. The class sizes got smaller and smaller as people got distributed into different electives they took.

the sports committee organized the ‘Clash of the Titans’ event where sections A and B of GMP locked horns on the soccer ground. During the second term. Students also regularly use the gym facilities and participate enthusiastically in various college and city The TT finals – an event to savor! events such as the Jamshedpur Marathon or the Crickblitz tournament. Tennis and Basketball. Rajeev Ranjan bagged the honors in the singles while Siddarth Shah and Bala Varun were crowned doubles champions. 7 . The GMP Sports Committee actively espouses the cause of sports amidst the hectic schedules of quizzes. Football is also very popular amongst the batch with GMPians trading-off much-needed sleep to taking the field on most Sunday mornings.GMP Sports Mania One of the upsides of returning back to campus life as a student is the ability to revive the sportsman in oneself. There were a total of 72 intense matches conducted after which the singles and doubles winners were crowned. In the end it was section A which won the event with a narrow margin. The three matches spread over a month were intensely competed but played in the spirit of the game. something that most of us GMPians had lost touch with as part of our corporate lives. along with Badminton. Table Tennis is a popular sport among GMPians. Football. The committee recently organized the ‘King of Pong’ Table Tennis tournament which saw enthusiastic participation by 36 GMPians. lectures and assignments.

one can only expect the sports fever to reach a new pitch and throw up many more exciting contests. Munish Thakur! 8 . These contests really enrich the MBA experience over and above the classroom duels and academic competitions. It is really inspiring to see our Professors compete with the ardent zeal and desire to win a point or score a goal and we end up adoring them even more.Clash of the titans – fight on!! Students engage in stimulating contests with Professors not just inside the classroom. but also on the football field or the badminton court. ~Sameer Gupta (GMP. Class of 2012-13) Competitive Advantage on the TT field – Prof. With the grueling core courses behind us. GMP students also participated in the IIMC-XLRI sports meet scheduled in January and won the TT singles and the Futsal games.

the weather seemed to really test our desire to get out of bed each morning and traverse the path to the Learning Centre. Winter seemed to have taken over the steel city in a cold embrace and the gloves. The month started on a hectic note with the end-term exams for term II. The best part of being in a b-school like XLRI amongst a cohort of highly talented yet equally humane and down-to-earth people is the ability to think beyond the self and contribute towards the ‘greater good’. which were immediately followed by the elective season of term III.Spreading the warmth December 2012 turned out to be a milestone of sorts for all of us here at XLRI GMP. and the feeling of having successfully journeyed half-way through the GMP odyssey took a while to sink in. socks. a unique thought was born –Why don’t we pause and reflect on our blessings and take notice of the society around us? Can we do something in our own small way to help those for whom daily existence itself is a challenge? And if the weather seems so unkind to us. sweaters and jackets were out on campus in aplomb. what about those who cannot even think of warm 9 . During the latter half of the month. The ecosystem enables one to put thoughts into action and go out and make a difference. While we struggled to stay warm and enjoy the festive season.

set out for the railway station area to personally distribute the New Year gifts to the needy. I was reminded of a line from one of the prayers during my school days – “For it is in giving that we receive”. But this self-initiated exercise on New Year’s Eve was a practical lesson not just in leadership.clothes? Inspired by this thought. Several others chipped in by providing their vehicles and devoting time to purchase blankets. touching the lives of 25 strangers by lending a helping hand and bringing a smile to their faces. Class of 2012-13) 10 . initiative and management skills. in humility. compassion and care. an excel sheet was floated out to the batch in the evening and by dinner time. we had over 10 volunteers. Many batch-mates contributed generously for the cause and within a day. we collected around 4000 rupees. humbled and enriched by the experience. but more importantly. including spouses of some of the batch-mates. all excited and raring to go. We had spent the first day of the New Year 2013. and today we had received peace. We returned back to campus feeling immensely moved. A team of 21 volunteers. which I am sure. The time we spent in the streets of Jamshedpur on that cold January night was cushioned by the warmth in our hearts and we experienced the greatest satisfaction on seeing the joy and gratitude in the eyes of those we had the opportunity of serving. will be an inseparable part of our memories of life at XLRI GMP! ~ Onkar Sabnis (GMP. joy and satisfaction in giving! Social entrepreneurship was the buzz-word we had been hearing on campus and had got a first-hand exposure to some facets of it during the village trips at the start of the MBA program. head caps and sweets.

(Gold Medalist). He joined back XLRI in September. (Dr. You might have noticed that I did not give any assignments when I was taking Advanced Corporate Finance for GMP because I aim to generate enough curiosity in students so that they read and work more on their own out of their own motivation. good teaching means making things interesting for students and I always strive for that by giving real life examples. I believe that a good teacher should be able to attract students to his classes and when you see a full house of curious students. His explanation of finance with real life analogies such as “working capital is the money in your last pocket” is simple yet insightful. He took a break from XLRI to serve as Director of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) from 2009 to 2011.Com. 2011 .D. it feels very satisfying. LL. then you feel happy about it. (Dr. who makes finance look so easy and interesting. But not when you are fortunate to have a teacher like Prof.Meet the Guru: Prof. 11 USA). .) Gourav Vallabh joined XLRI in the year 2003. M.) Gourav Vallabh If it is Mathematics in schools. GliMPse team had the opportunity to have a candid chat with Prof Gourav Vallabh..) Gourav Vallabh. Pune. If a student comes up with questions based on last session. analogies and case studies. he had worked for National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM). then a teacher has served his purpose. Before deciding to become a teacher.) Gourav Vallabh is a Certified Financial Risk Manager (GARP.B. Chartered Accountant (ICAI). Time just flies away during his lectures and his witty comments make you smile if not laugh at least once. Vallabh: To me. If a teacher is able to motivate a student to go back and refer to books and references on his own and work more beyond what is taught in lectures. (Dr. Ph. then it is Finance in B-schools that instills fear in students. (Dr. Prof. He has been a member of the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) and Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB). GliMPse: How do you define ‘good teaching’? Prof. Similarly. (University of Rajasthan). Prof. Company Secretary (ICSI).

GliMPse: There are plans for a XLRI campus in Delhi Prof. Vallabh: When I was working with National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM). The environment here is quite informal and as a person I prefer that. GliMPse: In the 10 years of teaching here at XLRI. Vallabh: The Informal culture here at XLRI is something which I love. That gave me confidence that I am eligible to enter into hard core academics and so I enrolled myself for PhD. So when you sent these questions to me over email. How was the experience and any insights you would like to share? Prof. I was 25 and I had the opportunity to teach general managers of public sector banks who were having as much as 25 years of work experience in banking and I was teaching them about banking. “Behind every successful man. Infrastructure has improved. In last 10 years I have seen XLRI growing and it has evolved as an organization. The environment has become a bit more formal but still there is a fair amount of informality and freedom. If I have to meet my director I need not change my attire and wear a formal shirt to go and meet him. I appreciate the gesture. but I would like to change XLRI-Jamshedpur to XLRI-Delhi right now. For that we collected data from 5000 people from different parts of Jharkhand. We predicted that Congress would win only 1 seat in Jharkhand and ultimately it turned out to be so. GliMPse: Sir. GliMPse: Anything you would like to change about the last Lok Sabha elections. My participants used to appreciate my sessions. Vallabh: (Smiles) Yes. I was into organizing and conducting training programs for senior executives of banking industry. Vallabh: When I joined XLRI in 2003. what all has changed? Prof. Pune . Vallabh: Actually I was involved in two activities in GliMPse: What do you like most about XLRI? Prof. And after that the transition from quasi-academic jobs to a professor at XLRI took place.GliMPse: What made you shift to academics as your career? Prof. For example there was only one batch of PMIR. she called me and said. Vallabh: I was not aware of this and I also don’t have an account on Facebook. Vallabh: I wish XLRI was in Delhi. my wife read them and as I was not in Jamshedpur. The first was an opinion poll for the state of Jharkhand for Prabhat Khabar newspaper which proved to be 100% correct. things were at relatively small scale. Two BM students were also involved with me in this project. However. GliMPse: Are you aware that you have a fan club on Facebook? What do you feel about it? Prof. (Laughs) In fact I would tell you an interesting thing. The opinion poll appeared on the first page of Prabhat Khabar for seven 12 . XLRI? Prof. There are pros and cons of having an informal culture in an organization but I am enjoying the pros more. My email passwords are there with my family members. number of students in almost all programs has grown and faculty members have increased too. there is always a surprised wife and I am really surprised what is great about you and why people are wasting their time and resources by making fan club for you”. we know that you were involved with Congress during 2009 Lok Sabha elections in formulating strategies for it. two batches of BM & 30 GMP institute set up by Reserve Bank of India.

Caste background. Indian democratic structure is still immature. So to find the root cause of financial service sector not doing good. In C category. I belong to a political family. there were around 116 constituencies and Congress won only 3. In “B” category. resources and time of their senior leaders for campaigning. And if you have any of these three things and have interests in politics. I will join it and I believe I can do very well in politics. Based on this news of opinion poll. the problems associated with core sectors need to be addressed. But then he joined a full-time job and left politics. Vallabh: Yes I was. Basically the program helped in allocating funds. This is hap13 . we would find that the growth is negative in majority of the core sectors. My father was a very active student leader of his time and was in the core team of the Gandhi family in that era. GliMPse: Financial services sector is going through a tough time in India and even we are not seeing many finance companies offering hard core finance profiles. When our democracy will reach a mature state. then anyone could aspire to enter into politics and become a leader. we put constituencies where results could be changed with active poll campaign program and these were most crucial. I was approached by senior leaders in the Congress party to help them out in formulating strategies for them. Indira Gandhi at home. Now if we look at manufacturing sector. (Smiles) The desire to be active in politics is still there and if and whenever our democracy matures. I was President of Commerce Faculty of my College. My upbringing was in a political environment and every day I would hear political stories about leaders such as Ms. Vallabh: In my personal opinion. Only after fixing the problems in core sectors we can see a sustained growth in the financial sector. We segregated the entire country constituencies into three categories. So to bring back financial service sector on track. you need to have any of those three things and I did not have any of those three traits required for politics in India so I did not go into it. It is good to spend time in public life as it increases your confidence and helps you in developing good relationships. The “C” category included those constituencies where even active poll campaign would not change the results. Vallabh: Financial sector being a service sector depends on core sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture. It was an enjoyable experience. If you have all or any of these three things. one has to look at the sectors it depends on. And if we see IIP data. we would find that we have a very good domestic demand but we are not as cost efficient as compared to China. A. GliMPse: Were you active in politics as a student? Prof. 1. Muscle power 3. The current political system requires three things. I developed an inclination towards politics and wanted to be into full-fledged politics but then as I mentioned. We need good people in politics from all professions including MBAs but presently any political party would require any of those three things I just mentioned.days and was news of the state at that time. then you should enter into it. B and C similar to ABC categorization of inventories. “A” category included those constituencies where Congress could easily win and doesn’t require an active poll campaign. Congress focused on B category constituencies and ended up winning 73 constituencies out of 125. When do you see it will be back on track? Prof. GliMPse: What role can MBAs play in politics of the country? Prof. Money 2. So working for Congress party turned out be my second activity. Based on this program. you are eligible to join politics and this is the unfortunate reality of our present political system.

I can interact with any person in India based on his level. I talk so much over phone that my phone bill might be the highest in XLRI. They have this urge to gain maximum out of this program. then for sure there would be value addition and a good job and good career opportunities would invariably flow in. since they pay their fee out of their pocket. So to unwind myself. Prof Vallabh: Thank You! 14 . So if we fix problems in core sectors. GMP students would want five minutes more. we would see financial sector back on track. Similarly I can discuss about political party structure with senior leaders or with an organizational behavior expert and I enjoy doing it. transportation and land. The interest level of students is very good and this interest level remains sustained even in the last minutes of lectures. power etc. this problem of indiscipline never arises. If you will focus on learning. I like to discuss politics with people. are not working efficiently in a synergetic manner. My message to any B-School student would be to focus on learning. I can talk to a mazdoor in India about political leaders. It might take 4-5 years to fix these problems provided our government machinery works in that direction. Presently core ministries such as transportation. It is almost 8 to 9 thousand per month which not many people would believe but I can show you the bills. skilled manpower. I hope students also share the similar feelings. I feel disturbed if there is any indiscipline in classes but since GMPians come with a lot of work experience behind them. GliMPse: How was the experience of teaching GMP students and any advice you would like to give them? Prof Vallabh: I always like to teach GMP students and there are reasons for that. Government has to play an important role in making infrastructure available. They need to be clearer in their objectives towards growth. B-Schools are kind of becoming placement agencies which is not good. GliMPse: How do you unwind yourself in your free time? Prof Vallabh: I like to talk to people to what is happening in their lives and around them. Also. I am also fond of regional TV channels and so I spend time watching ETV Rajasthan and ETV Jharkhand to know what is happening locally. I belong to western Rajasthan and have a rural background and my native place is Pipar in Jodhpur district. I have observed that while other programs students would want to conclude their class five minutes early. I call my relatives and friends there to know what is happening in Jodhpur or in Rajasthan. GliMPse: Thanks you Sir for your valuable time and candid answers. And by infrastructure I mean power. I like to read as many newspapers as I can.pening primarily because the infrastructure available to Chinese companies is far more superior and cheaper as compared to Indian counterparts. coal. I always want that online information. Another reason is that I give lot of real life corporate examples and problems during my courses and GMPians being experienced relate very well to them. I really admire all these qualities. they know the value of money and are more sincere and mature. The experience of teaching GMP this time was also great and I was quite happy with GMP students.

Our family is the place where we experience life giving relationships.Three things a Leader can't afford to ignore Over the decades. and servanthood. the leader was protected from the pressures of the job after work hours by the spatial boundaries of the home and the office. These trappings of the corporate world have put the leader at tremendous risk and it is the leader’s family that suffers the most. but in many cases the results are tragic. But unfortunately. Blackberry totting. Some get by. Remember that even the human heart first supplies itself before pumping blood to the entire body. sacrifice. Taking care of one’s physical health is of paramount importance and more so for a leader. Given the circumstances we suggest that the three things that a leader should not ignore at any cost. and to an extent rightly so. In the pre-internet era. With eyes riveted to the stock market Moving on to family -. as more and more people have migrated from the country side to cities and found jobs in industrial establishments and corporate offices. the pace of human life has increased 15 . good leadership has carried with itself the notions of hard work. highly available and working from home is how the new leader comes across. Many young leaders give up early in their careers not because they . Cardiac arrests. Courtesy of stockimages/ FreeDigitalPhotos. Traditionally. The advance of the internet and mobile technologies has seen this wall collapse.The home has always been the nest that we all go back to after a hard day’s work. failing marriages and mid-career burnouts are causing leaders from all walks of life to pause and reflect. namely. al health. many leaders lose sight of the emoCourtesy of photostock/ FreeDigitalPhotos. ack ideas or ambition but simply because their bodies would not follow where their spirits lead them. leadership has been understood by many as self-denial and has been lived out with self-neglect. family and the ability to see ones pursuits in the larger context. Let’s consider personal health first.

No job offers constant opportunities for innovation. his family and his perspective about his role. Often marriages falls apart and where it survives the children suffer from the after effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family. ~ Vivek Alexander (GMP. Class of 2012-13) 16 . Hence. together they may be serving a lager purpose.tional gauges of their immediate family. removes barriers to change and nurtures the organizational A leader is bestowed with trust and power. it is vital that the leader pays attention to his health. A healthy leader means a healthy organization. Knowing the greater context facilitates organizational alignment. It is important for each one of us to understand that though our tasks many not mean much in isolation. Courtesy of domdeen/ FreeDigitalPhotos. The chief of a plant in steel manufacturing firm in a small town may be indirectly participating in nation-building by being part of the steel industry which is vital for infrastructure creation. while others soldier on. It is important that leaders understand their roles in the larger context. Some become cynical when they discover this. Many of our tasks at work are bound to be routine. One may have to forgo short term rewards to investing time in the family but the results are enduring. The results are often tragic. He can make and break people and organizations. Let’s be honest.

धरा है तम् ु हारे चुम्बन को व्याक ुल . And mustering all the courage. Does not wish to perish. He… is Me… I’ am the Bird! ~ Abhinav Srivastav (GMP. At some point. The rain pouring. looks alluring. He wants to be a bird. Perched He is sitting cowered. A chill is setting in. When the egg had hatched & the Sun hit. Though it was blinding at first. जन को बनते जनसैलाब . Class of 2012-13) 17 . ू म क चचंगारी लेगी दावानल का रूप . But everything was lit. Class of 2012-13) मक् ु ताकाश! उन्मक् ु त आकाश !!! ~ संजय क ु मार (GMP. तम े पराजय से? ु मानवीयता क तम ु नहीं दे ख पा रहे . न ही तम ु दे ख रहे हो ज्योतत को बनते ज्वाला. But it is the cold. Does not dare fly. preventing. From slipping into the abyss. नहीं सन पाते नारी ि ं दन ु या लश्ज्जत हो. और तम ु हो वंचचत तम ु को स्पशश करती मानवीय प्रयास से. Though the sky. क्या ये आवरण है तम् ु हारे प्रणय किया की सहज सल ु भ लज्जा। नहीं! नहीं!! नहीं!!! तम े कलष ु शमशसार हो मानव क ु ित स्वरुप से. he now remembers. वंचचत है रश्मम ककरण से सष् ृ टी . So as to soar higher. So he opens his wings again. Higher than the clan. सक्ष् ं कण बन रहा है प्रक्षेपास्र.Poet Corner उन्मुक्त आकाश नीलाम्बर तम ु क्यों हो मेघो से आवत ृ . Wishing had a bigger span. लेककन नहीं!!! नहीं दे ख पाते प्रकृतत क े सन् ु दर स्वरुप को अनावत ृ . उसक े प्रकाश में होगा.

a writer. Some people think that engaging themselves in a controversy or marketing themselves heavily can take bring them success. He is an epitome of grit & courage who defied all the odds in his fight against an injury which paralyzed his whole body and stopped him in his tracks from a promising Army career. a social worketr and an motivational speaker. Navin Gulia: My pleasure. He delivered an inspirational talk on Positive and Positive : The Key to Success.Walk the talk with leaders Mr. National Role Model Award and Haryana Gourav Award. motoring through mountains or rehabilitating underprivileged kids. Then you will become capable and genuine. was invited to interact with students and faculty at XLRI. As a leader. XLRI. he cannot be a leader. He was confined to a wheelchair but it could not stop him from pursuing academics. Mr. You have shown the world how not to stop and not to lose faith. the budding leaders? Navin Gulia: Make your own way and have your own thoughts. Anna developed his genuineness over 35 long years. Navin Gulia is an adventurer. And secondly. He is recipient of number of prestigious awards such as Indian People of the Year Award. Gulia and relive moments of his inspirational journey. GliMPse: You are a 'national role model'. If a person is not genuine. what kind of attitude towards life would you advise us. Be genuine. GliMPse: Welcome to XLRI sir and thanks for taking time out to speak to us. That is the reason people accepted him as a leader. Navin Gulia As part of the Leadership Series organized by GMP batch of 2012-13. Mr. but were they the chosen leader? No. KavinCare Ability Mastery Award. This is a true leadership spirit. Global Indian of the Year. You put efforts and make yourself worthy. GliMPse team had a chance to interact with Mr. That is a wrong concept. Why did people support Anna Hazare? There were many people who wore a cap saying ‘main bhi Anna’. Navin Gulia. Choose the right way for you. give right direction to the mass and not merely what they want 18 . whatever may come in your way.

My classmates got placed in good companies worldwide. How and when the idea of forming ADAA came to you? Please tell us something about ADAA. I ensure that the operating costs are minimal. you 19 different sports teams and most recently you interacted with Indian Hockey team to motivate them. GliMPse: You have interacted many a times with Navin Gulia: Both in sports and in life. I went for it. Life is like a 500 rupee note. Even after the accident. . I said I wanted to learn and get back to my life. If you keep moving. Grown up people cannot be changed. you should be saying ‘yes I have done something with my life’. We provide them livelihood and bear their education expense. it was a boom time for the IT industry. Their minds are much more receptive and motivated. It is only valuable when you use it. whether I have resources or not. Even a child whose father is alcoholic and who is going through exploitation and through all miseries of poverty needs a helping hand Secondly. GliMPse: You have adventurous heart of iron. Navin Gulia: I always wanted to do it. the extreme of difficulties. This way most of the collected money can reach to the children. Till then I struggled a lot to cross the bar I set for myself. Generally we tend to postpone such decision for next year thinking that currently we do not have resources. You will fail once. And remember. there is no failure. You drove through Khardung La and Marsimik La and drove for 55 continuous hours. I could have ended up with a job easily after doing even a certification in computer management. I have seen people repenting saying that ‘I have played safe all my life. the main reason of failure is the fear of failure. Two things I stress on in ADAA. We try to accommodate as many children as possible. you are serving the nation in a great way through the NGO ADAA (Apni Duniya Apna Ashiana). it has no value. Through molding the minds of children we can achieve a greater good for the society. Today my friends accept that my way was right. one day you will succeed.GliMPse: You had a dream of serving the country before the accident. You went for hand gliding and Microlite flying. adventure is not about taking a risk. When you do adventure. Most of them stay with their families only. She had no winter-clothes and had no shelter. What always drives you to adventures? Can you share some experiences of that unique 55 hour drive? How did you feel? Navin Gulia: When you see the extreme of fear. If you keep it safe in your pocket it is only a piece of paper. you enhance the vision of life. One is that whenever a child in need comes to me. Don’t settle for the available easy solution. twice or thrice but if you learn from your mistakes. I have compromised’. I do not have such repentance. I will start. But then on one cold night. Now why ADAA is for children? The reason is that. your outlook changes. irrespective of whether he or she is physically or mentally challenged or an orphan. That was the beginning. That day I said to myself. because that is what they need. When I completed the masters in computer management. And set your targets high. They asked me why I joined the program in that case. Please tell us how sports correlate with life. I said I will not take a job. Whenever I got opportunity to do something that I felt worthwhile. I should be able to help. I saw a little girl in a very bad condition. At the end of life. you can enlighten the mind of children. it is about eliminating risk.

GliMPse: What is your plan for the next adventure? Navin Gulia: I wish to drive through whole of India. GliMPse: Many people in our country tend to commit suicide for petty reasons. You. on the other hand snatched life from the hands of death. caste. I do not think about what others are thinking about diving can be made safer than car driving. The challenge lies in eliminating the risk. losing name and fame. People are afraid of losing money. Value your life. But I have no such fear. What advice would you give to them? Navin Gulia: In our life we learn to be proud of our country. Nothing can make me feel that my life holds no meaning because I am proud of myself. value yourself. Navin Gulia: Thank you. organizations. This world did not spare even Christ or Gandhi. By following proper processes. institutions. Losing selfconfidence and self-esteem is even worse than being an egoist. to value yourself. GliMPse: Thank you sir for talking to us.must do it in a fully safe way. I tell them that army career is something I wanted to pursue. But the most necessary for you is to be proud of yourself. state. They keep more importance to it than life at large. 20 . People keep telling me ‘you were in the army. Why would I expect it would spare me? GliMPse: What do you like to do the most in your free time? Navin Gulia: Introspect. you could have made a great career there’. family and many other things. I like to keep myself mentally relaxed. thinking calmly about myself. It was a pleasure interacting with you. but it is not larger than my life.

Before founding Jabong he has worked with sales. most of the e-tailers are forced to offer heavy discounts. GliMPse: Welcome to XLRI sir and thanks for taking time out topeak to us. The main reason is that after starting the ecommerce platform. Secondly. as I've shared this thought at other forums. Having said that. finance. there may be 20000 to 30000 options.apparel and jewelry. In 3-4 years. there is consolidation happening. sustaining or holding the inertia is very tough. compared to other players in the market. GliMPse: With so many e-commerce players in the market. GliMPse team had the privilege to interact with Mr. One would be smartness.earlier there were 100 names. customer experience. This is actually a good indicator. Jabong is into just two categories .Jabong. e-commerce will have 3-4 big players and others will be in more niche segments or get diluted. Mr. Praveen Sinha about his experiences with founding a company and his thoughts on some of the challenges for e-tailers. and we are not even proactively engaging customers on those forums which is definitely important. Jabong goes the highest. if you see and reflect upon rivals in the industry . There are thousands of activities to be done in parallel. As Co. Firstly. it is also important what we define the key differentiators are. E-commerce and its Challenges. in sync and consistently . since it shows that there is still room for more players. How do you think Jabong will be able to differentiate itself and survive? Praveen Sinha: Fair question. But now the number has reduced drastically. XLRI GMP had invited Mr. Microsoft and McKinsey. There are few crucial points to consider. Moreover. Praveen Sinha: Right. the differentiation at higher level will not be much. Praveen Sinha As part of the Leadership Series 2012-13. Mr Sinha gave a lecture on Entrepreneurship. Earlier there were hundreds of e-commerce platforms. Praveen Sinha: Thank you. Praveen Sinha. Differentiation will come from different parameters. So to me. it does not kill the competition.which is a differentiator in itself. Co-founder and Managing Director . If you go to any website. The operating margin is very low an even negative. GliMPse: This reflects on sentiment analysis on Twitter as well.Mr. Praveen Sinha is an IIM Kolkata (2008) and Delhi College of Engineering (2001) alumnus. human resources and administration since the company launch in October 2011. For example. 21 .Founder and Managing Director of Jabong. sometimes even below the cost of the items sold. his role encompasses looking after the entire operations capability along with supply chain management. We offer 50000 options. In

Price. you have to first pay. However. If grocery is successful online. You get the product at the right price. I will not create another deal site.. For us. at the same time they may be buying from Flipkart. it’s not sustainable unless you are a large distributor. we'll get a fresh stock. Praveen Sinha: The way to look at it is slightly different. Jabong has only one in Manesar. This is important for customer. which will not be very easy for others to follow. So price is a factor. It is very difficult. For instance. which is good (giggles). we have our own delivery system. customers have low switching cost. Even the elderly are getting comfortable with buying online. I don't think it is practical. you are right. So you can be a discount seeker who always looks for discounted products. But there are multiple variables. GliMPse: How do you see the future of the ecommerce industry? Will it continue growing at this pace? Praveen Sinha: It will be fairly healthy growth compared to any other sector. So you can see growth of 900% for some companies. So Flipkart must be moving into expanding its horizon of number of product offerings. You are right. it is always value for money. then I've an advantage. And one of the reasons I see is that the younger generation which is entering has buying power.Why is it on discount? So you have different ecommerce platforms for different sets of customers. it will be very huge. I will cite another example. It is not low. But in case of other companies. Cost of products is increasing. It is taking some time but they are finding it simpler. So you go to the most discounted website. we cannot provide that. In a moment customers are buying from Jabong. If everyone gives. So as years pass by. Different customers have different tastes and opinions. the customer can open the boxes before you pay. but the growth will continue and there are many things yet to happen. Is Jabong planning to go with the popular Low Cost drive or the Customer Experience and satisfaction? Praveen Sinha: I'm clear that you have done your research. the growth will continue. But the fundamentals can't be compromised. There are certain customers who think . People are price sensitive. So if we know there are customers who need stock of a particular brand . are comfortable buying online. we provide discount. The process is much better now. But more important is do I've the product that the customer wants. Grocery has become a new buzzword for e-commerce. So you see. S/he doesn't have to keep it for a day. then it’s not. It has started in fruit chat. Flipkart has 6 warehouses. In cities where we offer home delivery. So it’s good to have a master warehouse and a slave or distributor warehouse. if I can give consistent experience and others can't. There are multiple deal sites. But discount comes with a cost.GliMPse: With this high operating leverage industry in which you are playing now. but No Switching cost for the customers compared to a physical mall which has a cost of travelling distance and so on. It’s not a long term trend. One is price. So it’s an offline store which has been converted online. call the customer care the next day. whenever there is stock which has to be liquidated. with more graduates and MBAs coming in. But can you make a demand and supply projection? Can I stock all products that will sell in that region? Or else I'll have to pay the mirror image of all the warehouses. At the end of season. You can have multiple warehouses. Sustaining the model will be tough. but “Value for money” is more important and so is customer experience. where you can have a prediction manage- 22 . GliMPse: In this case. If you are not charging for logistics. The model will evolve.

It was a pleasure interacting with you. Sometimes. GliMPse: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs in GMP? Praveen Sinha: My advice would be. But Jabong is not into electronic industry. How successful it has been? Praveen Sinha: On inventory side. it goes away. what we were observing. GliMPse: Thank you sir for talking to us. if I want to sell grocery in Jamshedpur. it is good. So the model will take some time to mature. Praveen Sinha: Thank you. there are many entrants. What you could not achieve in one year. most of which you can control except 5-10%. my stress is under control. it’s a distribution center. GliMPse: By statistics. It doesn’t fit on our portfolio or model. If you have right focus. If you keep reflecting that there will be a right time. or even in close neighborhood. about 70%. it will take you 3-4 years. I cannot send it from Gurgaon. but say 150th vendor has not delivered. So I need to have collaboration with someone in Jamshedpur. why is Jabong not thinking of rural market where the prospect of internet market is growing? Praveen Sinha: In terms of market. it may take 3-4 years. You can take an order. At least you would have started. the customer experience goes for a toss. no doubt it’s great. You have 2 days to fulfill your entrepreneurial desires. When I say distribution warehouse. so that whenever I get an order I get a close linkage to the available person and he delivers the product. Jabong differentiates in having better customer experience and also having suppliers at the local level. Two. So at least from my mind. it will be very difficult to ensure that customer experience. One thing is you can write down the problem to deviate the stress. You have many variables. Then the customer experience has gone for a toss.ment in place. 23 . you keep waiting and the days pass. GliMPse: Are you going for JIT processing? Praveen Sinha: Yes and the vendor has to be equipped. If it’s not in your context to take risk. And you can deal with the stress in a better way. For example. The margin is very less. start working with a mix. Fourth it’s commoditized. If you have 3000 vendors. electronic prices are very dynamic. Scalability has those challenges. But you'll not forget it. GliMPse: What is your typical day like? Praveen Sinha: On a typical day. Three. Quality of problem will change. Don’t keep pushing. You work for 5 days. Considering the rural market where people are not getting electronic items. My advice is start. The challenge is customer experience. the CAGR for apparels is very high. instead of 1 year. Your wife / girlfriend will have to understand those things. GliMPse: Returning to e-retail market. But once I ask him to deliver. start.And also for electronic industry. The next day you can work on solution to that problem. All this makes it unfit for my portfolio. your selling price is lower than the buying price.

Whether it is Diwali. friendship and harmony were writ large on the faces of GMPians. This time it was Holi and the celebrations were wild. New year or Eid. The colors of joy. Holi Hallah @GMP 24 . few voluntary organizers will come up and make the event big.Holi Hai !! Festivals are celebrated in XLRI GMP with full vigor and faculty members and families of GMPians are an integral part of the celebrations. The pictures below capture some magical moments.

2. Congratulations to Aditya Agarwal from XLRI GMP 2013. Interchange the camels and race 3. for sending the only entry with all-correct answers! A special prize awaits you!! 25 . The man had hiccups.Mind Benders Result Following are the solutions to the Mind Benders questions. The son will split the coins randomly into 2 groups .1st with 40 coins and 2nd with 60 coins and will turn all the coins in the 2nd group (60 coins) upside down. posed in the Issue 1 of GliMPse: 1.

The GliMPse Team Standing (L to R) : Mani. Jay Prakash. Onkar. Viswa. Abhilasha Sitting (L to R) : Titash. Abhik. Gaurav. Amar. Darshan 26 .

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