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utilizing its resources to build bridges among diverse populations.6 • RCSD Parent Advisory Council President Candice Lucas Running For School Board • Is the Black Vote Being Ignored? • Former City School District Teacher Howard Eagle Searches for the District’s ‘Rubber Room’ {state PG 12 5 Rochester Southwest CROP Walk 2013 Time: 1:30pm Location: Carlson Commons. Inc.net Lisa Dumas Delani Weaver Business Manager copy editor {COVER {LOCAL PG 8 .m.minorityreporter. Location: Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church 250 Dr. Jr. 12. call St. It will also go internationally to development programs in partnership with Church World Services and other NGO’s in their fight against hunger. Samuel McCree Way.net Editor@ .| Zumba 12 p. services or products.10 • Local Businessmen Claim They Were Duped into Foreclosure PG 4 . Minority Reporter does not assume responsibility concerning advertisers. Rochester.net Pauline McCleary pmccleary@minorityreporter. or go to cropwalkonline.O.m. 10 – Parking available in Lot G Come out for one or challenge yourself to all four workout sessions! Conditioning 101 9a. Minority Reporter.minorityreporter. NY 14621 P. Freddie Thomas High School and its program for transitioning 8th graders. Michael Tillman Rev.m. $15 in advance.24. Proceeds from the production will benefit Dr. 14611 8 Delta Movie Night Time: 6:13p. – 8:00 p. seeks to present a balanced view of relevant issues. nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement. Michael Vaughn Vincent Felder Diane Watkins Mike Dulaney Davy Vara Ayesha Kreutz • Negroes Lynched in Rochester. you’re invited to visit the Gallery (half price admission from 5 to 9 pm). To walk or to sponsor a walker. 14614 Please bring new/gently used books and school supplies for 3rd graders.net. building community and empowering people of color to reach their greatest potential. practices. and enjoy wine. It offers nostalgic games at an affordable price.com.27 Flower City Days at the Public Market Join us for Flower City Days at the Rochester Public Markets. Minority Reporter Office Address: 282 Hollenbeck Street.org 7 Financial Fortitude Seminar Time: 6:00pm-8:00p. Call 585-2768959 for more information. 70 Coretta Scott Crossing Funds raised from pledges will go locally to Southwest Ecumenical Ministries (SWEM) to support Foodlink’s Backpack Program that supplies weekly supplemental food to children at two city schools. Tickets can be ordered by calling 585-2694673 or can be purchased at the door 11 Move with the Deltas! Location: The PAC Center at MCC Bldg. SEND US YOUR Deadline for all copy is Tuesday at noon.net april .728 University Avenue.playdaterochester. Location: Baobab Cultural Center .28 2013 may of a 1960’s Detroit neighborhood that managed to remain for many years a bastion of racial integration and harmony in the face of white flight and urban decay. Box 26352. and $20 at the door. NY 14626 To include your event on this calendar email us at 2 Max At The Gallery Tapas Night Time: 5:00pm–8:00pm Locatio: Vanden Brul Pavilion Every Thursday night. 18 1 22 www.House located at 1956 Lyell Ave PlayDate Rochester offers an environment where people – whether single or married. 11 Creative Workshop Spring Children’s Show May 11–June 8 in the Lucy Burne Gallery (Creative Workshop) This exhibition of works by children studying at the Gallery’s Creative Workshop is offered in conjunction with the MAG Centennial.net Gary McLendon Editor@minorityreporter. 19 10-18 Palmer Park Time: 8:00 p.2 www. listen to live music. can get a genuine interaction that breaks down the barriers typically found at a bar or nightclub.net Temple Boggs. taking them from information to understanding. NY 2013 By Gloria winston Al-sarag • Say No to Lovely Warren for Rochester Mayor By davy vara Minority Reporter.net april 22 -28 | 2013 www.m. Palmer Park is a docu-drama of sorts that tells the story of the rise and fall art director editorial staff EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Claribel Oliveras Advertising • NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Partners with the NFL Against Discrimination Dave McCleary Yahya Abdullah Lucy Smith-Fulmore advertising@minorityreporter. Further. Todd Elliott photography Columnists {NATIONAL PG 13 • FDA Will Investigate Added Caffeine in Foods • Black Owned Car Dealerships Disappearing Across the Nation {COLUMNS: PG 14-15 Gloria Winston Al-Sarag C. Admission is free during Workshop hours. Items collected will support our upcoming project “Reading is Fun” at school no.net | apr 29 .139 State Street.net Mailing Address: PH: 585-301-4199 Toll-free: 1-888-792-9303 FX: 1-888-796-6292 EMAIL:info@minorityreporter. Stephen’s church at 328-0856. 6 no. No reservation necessary! Events@MinorityReporter. FEEDBACK MinorityReporter. 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We’re definitely interested in the health of the community overall. “These committees represent the city’s largest and predominantly African-American neighborhoods. “This lack of understanding.” she said. “…At this point I just feel it’s more important for me to be a part of the decision-making process with a vote on the school board as opposed to just an advisory capacity in the parent council. so we can’t just go with the same plan. There are currently three commissioner seats expiring in 2013 including Jose Cruz.” Warren said. as evidenced by the Democrat and Chronicle’s UNITE poll and the ACT Rochester Report. “This disconnect. I mean.” Lucas said there is no one reason that the district is failing. says she will advocate for system changes that benefit all district students and families through “focused. Richards will be the party’s endorsed candidate on the September ballot is premature and a slap in the face of black voters. as one community. “Many of the people in our neighborhoods have reported this to be so. Lucas said. Cynthia Elliott and Van Henri White. Richards. what seems to have escaped Morelle’s memory is the fact that the announcement had been made even though the 22nd. but it’s something that they fully understand and buy into. Is The Black Vote Being Ignored. that grades are better. We need to make sure that our kids are in school and that they’re learning. that there’s time for the arts and for physical activity and play. What we need to do is make sure that some of these other services are incorporated in that as far as making sure the kids are getting homework help. what Joe Morelle and Tom Richards are essentially saying is that the votes and voices of the people in these neighborhoods don’t matter in this process. that they’re having doctors’ appointments.may 5 | 2013 RCSD Parent Advisory Council President Candice Lucas Running for School Board By Delani Weaver Rochester resident Candice Lucas has decided to run for a seat on the Rochester City School Board. this tone-deafness is among the reasons why many members of the democratic committee whose votes have not yet been cast. It should not be just keeping kids in school longer doing the same thing that we’re currently doing. “I moved to Rochester to attend RIT and have been here since.” Lucas said. It was a simple statistical fact. “In part.” Lucas said the longer school day model will also give teachers more time to prepare their work and keep the lines of communication open with other teachers for students that are going from one grade to another or one class to another but parents must be involved. Once the official announcement was made. and in fact. “There are areas that are challenging across the board.” she said.” According to Warren though. good health is part of being prepared for the school day. With a platform of “improving the lives of all district students through parental involvement and family engagement. effective and altruistic leadership. earned the support of Rochester democrats. He has so far received 72 percent of the total votes and has ensured no matter what the result of the remaining committee designation meetings he will end up with at least 52 percent of the total weighted vote. that they’re sleeping.net | apr 29 . says that Monroe County Democratic Committee Chairman Joseph Morelle’s announcement that Rochester Mayor Thomas S. We don’t have that type of system currently. so all of those different aspects have to be built in the plan. “I have two children in the district. Candidates who have indicated a desire to run include Mia Hodgins. “So. we know that one clear cut way to start seeing some progress is to truly make sure our parents are engaged as partners in their children’s education.” Wethers said. We are behind… so longer days are an option as long as we have a plan for how those days will be used. they’re getting more quality time with their teachers for instruction that they’re getting—if they need—tutoring or extra assistance in the classes that they can’t get during the regular school day. “We’re in a critical stage with the school district and we need some drastic change.” Lucas currently serves as president of the Rochester City School District (RCSD) Parent Council. an eighth grader and a ninth grader.” . what we’re currently doing is not enough for our kids to succeed. “However. Her community involvement includes immediate past president and board chair of TNT (True Networking Thursdays).minorityreporter. “This is the number one thing that the district and the school board need to be focusing on. this lack of understanding. She plans to make a formal announcement in a few weeks. I have been involved in district affairs for eleven years. the test scores go up and the graduation rate goes up. and I hope its trust in me is a reflection of my commitment to move our city forward. NY and earned an MBA in leadership and management from RIT. LOCAL Candice Lucas “It’s not mandatory for all children and I think that parents and families need to be aware of that and how it works so they can be engaged in that process as well.” Richards also lauded local democrats. Central NY region. a local business networking organization. Warren’s opponent for the party nomination. and former board member Allen Williams.” Lucas was born and raised in Brooklyn. said “I am humbled and honored to have. from the time my kids were in pre-kindergarten until now. Since the city of Rochester is highly democrat.” Lucas said. we’ve brought record investment to our city’s neighborhoods. that’s across the board.” When asked whether or not she was in favor of the proposed school day expansion. There is room for improvement in all aspects of the school system. democratic candidates who win in the September primary are most likely a “shoe in” for the November general election. a program of the University of Rochester. once again. built a path towards improving city schools and worked to provide economic opportunity for all Rochesterians. Making sure the kids are fed.” Lucas said. 25th and 27th Legislative District committees had not voted and had not even met to discuss their vote yet. it’s not something that’s being done to them. this disconnect. striving for the highest standards of integrity.” Warren said black voters know that historically and still to this day there have been those who have tried to suppress the vote and/or give the impression that their vote doesn’t account for anything. that attendance is better.” In explaining the move Morelle said “We made our statement to announce Mayor Tom Richards had attained the requisite total amount of weighted committee votes to clinch the designation. we know that the kids need these things. together. Working together. Howard Eagle.” Lucas works full-time for the Center for Community Health (CCH). our party. they’re not sick and making sure they’re taking care of themselves. have embraced Lovely Warren’s campaign. “The diversity of our great party that Mayor Richards referred to is not even close to being reflected in the vote taken thus far.” Warren said. “In effect. the 27th Legislative District represents the largest democratic voting population in the city. as well as people in the city of Rochester.4 www. She currently serves on the board of directors of Empire Justice Center. a Democrat. Komen for the Cure.” she said.” Lucas. Hillside Family of Agencies and Susan G. So. “We know for a fact that when parents are involved in their children’s education. “We (CCH) do some work in the area of childhood obesity through our involvement on several community coalitions. Again? City Council President Lovely Warren’s campaign manager. transparency and accountability. is permeating our city and clearly. Obviously. Her involvement with the RCSD includes work with the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and the school based planning team. Lucas said the main thing she believes the district needs is work on its family and parent engagement policy. and frankly surprised that Mayor Richards would sign on to it. “The Democratic Party is as diverse as our great city. Earnest Flagler Mitchell. (The poll results show a wide difference of opinion on quality of life issues by race). Gaynelle Wethers. “I am astonished by this statement released today (April 24) by Joe Morelle.

minorityreporter.5 www.may 5 | 2013 .net | apr 29 .

we are determined to do all that we can to make sure he never works with our children again. “…We also went to the portable buildings behind School No.minorityreporter. 16 on Post . Community Issues Consortium. “…Where is this guy? It should be public information as long as he’s on payroll. 16 on Post Avenue (for the purpose of protesting the apparently false assertion that Matthew LoMaglio is supposedly assigned there).may 5 | 2013 Former City School District Teacher Howard Eagle Searches for the District’s “Rubber Room” By Delani Weaver Former City School District Teacher Howard Eagle is leading a group of concerned citizens in search of an alleged child molester. we want to know.RochesteRBaseBallhistoRy. we have not heard back from either of them. said the group has firsthand information from the victim’s families that the molestation did. “They seem to have this attitude that if they just wait long enough. like I-Team 10 had discovered on March 26. the group wants to make sure that no children are anywhere near him. and both have been false. Vargas’ secretary.oRg LOCAL Howard Eagle Avenue. as part of the group. The school is currently undergoing construction so no children will be there. “…We had discovered that there is a well-used children’s playground. the building was closed. members of our organization have been sent on a wild-goosechase. in fact happen. then it will just go away.” Eagle said. tax-paying citizens and members and supporters of the Community Issues Consortium. we have the right to know. a group promoting unity and empowering initiatives amongst the community. which he still is.” Eagle said he spoke with Rochester Teachers’ Union President Adam Urbanski who said the district moved the location and he doesn’t know where the new location is. The board hasn’t responded. the gates were locked. Eagle. who is also running for a seat on the school board. grandparents. 2013.” Eagle said he’s representing RCSD parents. over the past month. Eagle said Vargas’ secretary later called and said Vargas agreed to meet with the group if they apologized for being rude to the attendant at the security desk.” including Martin Street and Hart Street. we also found that on April 9. Vargas hasn’t responded. The group then went to Superintendent Bolgen Vargas’ office but were unsuccessful because Vargas was attending another meeting. Eagle calls that characterization “erroneous” and the letter says: “Since the time of the above referenced conversation with Mr. Where is this guy?” Back in March. But. recently wrote a letter to Superintendent Bolgen Vargas and the Rochester Board of Education Commissioners asking for the location of the district’s “alternate work location” or the “rubber room. RCSD teacher.net | apr 29 . in the process of attempting to ascertain accurate information concerning the location of the RCSD’s so-called “Alternate Work Location” (better known as the rubber room). He said the group has been given different locations of the said “rubber room. www. When we arrived at 12:00 noon. “As you know well. because we are determined to find out (for certain) whether or not indicted child molester.” the letter said. we have been attempting to discover the location of the ever-elusive rubber room. 2013. Matthew LoMaglio is assigned there.” Eagle said.” This location is allegedly where indicted child molester and City School District Teacher Matthew LoMaglio is said to be assigned.” “They don’t want to deal with sensitive issues. “We want to make sure that even by some miracle or circumstance he’s acquitted or found innocent.6 www. and no one was there. “Specifically. the I-Team 10 of News 10 NBC reported the alternate work location was moved to the portable buildings behind School No.” the letter said. and a day-care center in close proximity.” Eagle. or told the location has been moved. Wherever the location is. which is characteristic of them.

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he now contends that the $10. As he explored various lending organizations. he had worked very hard and was doing well. Frazier alleges that as far as he knew. “It was confusing. he paid for an escrow account that should have been established for the express purpose of covering the cost of his insurance for a year in advance.000 that would have covered his insurance for the year and should have been escrowed ─ wasn’t. The effort.000 a year ─ I didn’t need the money. that unbeknownst to him. According to Frazier. and listened to all his favorite tunes on state of the art sound systems. but not married. “Not only was I not married. right? Wrong! At the closing.. “I never got a payment book or an amortization schedule ─ nothing. And her name wasn’t even Denise Frazier.net | apr 29 . on December 17. 2004 and Frazier claims they have not arrived yet. against his home which he owned free and clear. Frazier says that Smith advised him that Florida West Land. some six weeks later in May 2004. He says he enjoyed a home he loved that was completely paid for. and claims he told them that he refused to make any more payments until he received all his revised loan documents. Furthermore. . stating that he had been served by delivery of Summons and Complaint to a Denise Frazier. and mailed to him the following week ─ that was March 26. 2004 at 7:45 a. with no warning or explanation.” In contacting Florida West Land. that he had to make monthly payments of $1. But the good life didn’t stop there.. but said nonetheless the City of Rochester Marshal came to his home in late February. he was deeply in love with and engaged to a wonderful fiancée who frequently accompanied him on his road trips. we were engaged. a loan processor employed by George Mercier. Inc. All systems were go.” Claiming it manipulates the borrowing industry and enables corrupt lenders to foreclose on countless unsuspecting home and business owners.000 or so miles on it. he’d have to look really hard for something to complain about. In addition. He said it appeared almost as if the provision was designed to put him in a corner.” he said. it has become known among its growing body of alleged victims as the. and others. and let the lender take out an insurance policy on his truck. “Loan to Own Scam. and Fire. Earth.” It appeared to be a low-risk venture because even though his credit was questionable due to past problems. Florida West Land commenced a foreclosure action in December 2004.m. though. and a complete accounting of his payments and disbursements from the insurance escrow. he would have to agree to borrow an additional $10. and several other companies. At that time. 55. Mercier Realty. Frazier maintains he was told by Smith. business was good. According to him there was just one problem – he could document the fact that he was hundreds of miles away with Denise.000. is spearheaded by Donald E. Frazier is a former long-distance tractor/trailer driver who ran a successful over-the-road business for years. “Mercier demanded his check back from the insurance company and canceled the policy without ever notifying me.” he explained. the stunning allegations are said to be the result of intense research and a lengthy investigation by those contending they’ve been stung. Mercier. He alleges that his payments were not due until the 15th of the month. which has led to an informal alliance of those alleging to be victims. Don Frazier seemed to live by the passion-driven creed Seize the Dream! He owned a business that was doing well and shined at a profession he enjoyed. his wife. which he claims was worth a hefty $45.may 5 | 2013 COVER STORY BY RICK KERN Rochester-area businessmen claim they have been duped by a mortgage related scheme that is so effective. claiming his loan was in default. he said his rust-free cream puff was in extraordinary condition with a mere 20. however. “it included commercial insurance so it wasn’t an issue. According to Frazier. he was given no advance notice of this new requirement. Frazier further alleges. but eventually contacted by Carol Ann Smith. “I was doing well for myself. Post Office there ─ no one was home where they said they served Denise.” He continued..592. “but we were both in Indianapolis. watched his favorite movies and TV shows on large screen televisions. an amortization schedule.000 needed to purchase the truck he wanted.000 which was to be placed in an escrow account for insurance on the new truck. “My house was completely paid off and I was Pulling in $100. “But I was renting my truck and decided to expand my business and buy my own truck. was a letter from Florida West Land Corp. he says he received another letter from their attorney stating he was in default because his insurance had been canceled for nonpayment. Willie Nelson. Frazier had hit his share of bumps in the road. who’s at the helm of Florida West Land Corp.S. …Other than a tax delinquency issue he says he was working through. and philanthropist.8 www.” Frazier explained.000. Yet.” Frazier claims the Affidavit of Service was falsified. And on top of that. required the loan to be increased by $10. lucrative accounts with solid companies such as the United States Postal Service and gigs hauling equipment for high end entertainers including Kenny Chesney. but overall claims he was hardworking and dependable which he says brought reliable. and insists that he made his May 2004 payment around May 1.04 into the escrow account ─ which he claims he then did right until September. Frazier said he was stunned to discover an Affidavit of Service filed with the Court on January 3. The way he understood it. Frazier. According to Frazier.minorityreporter. and several others have accused community leader. he alleges. Furthermore. Frazier said he was shocked to learn that Mercier’s company suddenly. one of Mercier’s companies.” By this time Frazier says he had grown very ill at ease with the way Florida West Land was handling his loan. Indiana picking up a mail delivery from the U. Unfortunately. Wind. real estate entrepreneur. so he could not have been in default. Mercier allegedly took out the insurance policy with an initial check for $900 and change which covered one month’s premium. according to him. Notwithstanding Frazier claims he was told that the closing documents would be revised to reflect the additional escrowed $10.000. Frazier said that if he wanted the loan. was willing to lend him the $42. borrowing money against his home from George Mercier was the biggest mistake of his life. 2005. According to him.” He claims that the September default letter was the first he had heard of it. he explained he was declined by some. George E.” Frazier said. nor did the closing documents reflect the new terms. Boasting superior Italian leather seats as smooth as butter. and the road ahead was smooth driving. of engaging in deceptive predatory lending practices. he was fond of his toys and looked forward to cruising in his classic 1978 Volvo Bertone. Frazier. “Before this I used to lease a truck. what did arrive.

Conine contends that a mere 24 hours before closing.” Conine said he realizes how outlandish his allegations appear. We would come home and the doors would all be open ─ nothing stolen. Still. While there is always more than one side to a story. it appears that Frazier.” Bruce says he was aware the FBI had been inquiring into the dealings of Florida West Land when he forwarded Frazier’s case to them. he says he’s a good guy in tough economic “I worked very hard to support my family and do the right thing.” asserts Conine. Edward Traugott. Bruce wrote: “The insurance documents indicate that the lender did not pay the premiums between March 26. making it very hard to make his payments. Conine. tried to strong-arm us out of the lawsuit. explaining: “It further appears to us that the loan itself may have been transacted in an unfair deceptive manner. and that they were between a rock and a hard place. alleging: “I’ve actually seen Ed Traugott’s car leaving my house when no one was home.” According to Conine a commitment letter was drafted the next day. Conine claims both in-person and in a notarized statement. Mercier informed him that he would not close the mortgage unless Conine’s mother put her house up as collateral as well. there seems to be some agreement in the New York State Attorney General’s Office. or that he has become a credit risk. Frazier maintains that. with different terms ─ a little more friendly to the lender. “I know this a l l . 2004 resulting in the cancellation of Mr.may 5 | 2013 COVER STORY times.” He then went on to implicate Mercier’s Vice President. According to Conine.” Bruce told us in a telephone conversation. He also accuses Mercier of saying that if he didn’t like it he. and just began to move in when they got the shock of their life. and had to accept it. Frazier claims that he was unaware his policy had been canceled. but Bruce also says he could not conclude it merited further inquiry by the Attorney General’s Office. is not alone. Unable to drive he has also lost his livelihood. he alleges that Mercier received the notice of cancellation because he was the one who took out the policy and was supposed to keep it active through the escrow account. Mercier called him into the office and said he wouldn’t do the mortgage unless Conine signed a statement saying he saw a number of Mercier’s appliances at his friend Ed Ferris’ house (implying wrong-doing on Ferris’ part). On the upside. Instead. his house went into foreclosure and he has lost a lot ─ but not without a fight. and he alleges that he was not told where he could reclaim his furniture and other belongings. who has been homeless since 2005. “He gave me enough money to put the down-payment down. 2004. he couldn’t obtain a copy of the Default Judgment of Foreclosure from the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office or the attorney acting as referee in the action. Frazier claims to have spoken to the FBI three or four times with others claiming to be victims. His notarized statement reflects the stress he felt and reads: “When I met with him then he told me the only way he would give me the mortgage is if I signed a statement that I saw multiple appliances at Ed Ferris’ house. Conine claims that he pleaded with Mercier and was simply told to sign or move his family out in 48 hours. then took everything away. Conine also alleges that when it came time to move from renting to owning some 18 months later. “Cars were parked at the end of our street. developed a rent-with-the-option-tobuy contract with Mercier.minorityreporter.000 to $12.” Conine doesn’t deny that he has had problems making the payments. everything he owned was removed from the house. Assistant Attorney General Benjamin A.net | apr 29 . but the doors would be wide open in the house. gave me enough to make the payments comfortably. According to Conine. he and his wife agreed. after looking at the property. “He was doing a lot of scare tactics. mail (was) being taken out of the mailbox. and then charged him outrageous late fees. while he was on the job. Ed Ferris. Among Conine’s more scandalous assertions.” Bruce also noted that the mechanics of the loan seemed to warrant scrutiny. according to Conine. at this point Conine says that Mercier bought his house at auction. “We did a statewide search to see if there were other claims but we saw no other incidents of people taking out mortgages on vehicles so we could not pursue the case. including a safe with $9. Furthermore. despite his efforts. raised the payment out of our comfort zone. that the terms of the contract they were presented with had been changed. The statement I signed stated Ed had a stove and refrigerator at his house marked for delivery to some of Mercier’s property. are his accusations of intimidation tactics allegedly meant to bully him to withdraw his lawsuit against George Mercier. “He set me up totally. Conine’s allegations don’t stop there. Mercier was behind some very unscrupulous dealings designed to unnerve him. 2004 and May 11. his wife. “Florida land issues were out of our jurisdiction. of Motor Vehicles. His mother agreed and put her home up as security against the loan. a lot of people were driving by. Though he was cited and eventually lost his license because he was an uninsured motorist. He claims that when he shared his dream of moving with Mercier. but again. advising him that his house had been sold at a foreclosure auction and he had to vacate. Frazier says he tried to explain he had never been served – but it didn’t matter – he was put out.000. Mercier stopped doing business with his company.” He goes on to explain why. He also alleges that some 10 days after closing. had what he alleges is a similar experience. and to this day says he has never seen it. I don’t understand how that happened. But. Frazier’s insurance. Apparently. he claims that Mercier deliberately held his checks so his payments would be late.9 www. Mercier said he had the perfect home for Conine to raise his growing family. among other things. Kenneth P. trying as hard as he can.” he alleges. Conine alleges that Mercier reassured him that he would continue to give him work to help make the payments. a married father of five with a landscaping business. According to Frazier. citing. he was also involved in what he felt was a highly suspicious auto accident with his truck on August 15. He hired attorneys (who he claims inexplicably bailed from his case when they were gaining the legal high ground) and went down swinging.” Like Donald Frazier. and children had 48 hours to vacate the property. He said he hasn’t seen his house or possessions in years either. out of options. was hired to handle landscaping responsibilities for several on Mercier’s properties. I had five children at the time and was scared to let my family become homeless. however. though no one knows how it got there. which he knew. Introduced to George Mercier through a mutual friend. In the midst of everything. a tax delinquency issue that seems to have been used against Frazier by the lender. Conine said that he and his family lived in a high crime area of the city of Rochester and were looking to move to a more family friendly locale. In a letter to Insurance Services of the NYS Dept. He then explains that his office has referred the investigation to the FBI for criminal prosecution if they deem it to be warranted. As the deal went forward.

” Conine claims that toxicology reports revealed that rat poison killed his dogs. He continues to rebuild what’s left of his life but his frustration is evident.” His accusations continued. with her husband and three children. he’s flipped my house. Rivera who. Let’s face it. Rivera charges Traugott with coming on her property and trying to put his hands on her. She claims they had 72 hours to vacate the premises. According to her it got physical with Traugott blocking the door from being closed with his foot. claims in her notarized statement. touched her face. alleging. she says she went to court and the judge confirmed Mercier owned the property and had sold it. “He poisoned one of our dogs. and that he discovered poisoned meat in his yard ─ he also said there was no rat poison at his house. she claims he laughed and said he was coming in. Upon calling the authorities. I can’t see myself starting over.” he asserts. Ironically. one of the neighbors saw Ed Traugott there. He’s collected money from people on three different occasions. …” She accuses Mercier and Traugott of ramping up the harassment alleging that they. rented their residence from Ken Conine’s friend. Two weeks later he poisoned the other dog. and sat across the street in the daycare parking lot and would watch me. Ed Ferris’ allegations are eerily similar and equally nightmarish. And according to a notarized statement by Angelica M.” For Ken Conine the frustration is maddening and he is not sure how it will play out as he tries to save his mother’s house. She writes that. I’m 55-years-old.may 5 | 2013 COVER STORY sounds nuts but all this stuff is real.minorityreporter. I’m doing everything I can do to keep my feet on the ground. “They all said it’s a winner. again. Ed Ferris. All you can do is what you can do to keep it going. According to Rivera. “…began to stalk me. They blew up my phone all hours of the night. I’ve had a hard time finding an attorney.” He continued. including things like missing mail and his dog being let out of its kennel several times.” he alleges. she was personally visited by Ed Traugott. but harass me continually. … I don’t like bullies. I can’t run the way I ran. and her trying to push him away. “Since he’s (Mercier) gotten my properties. not only physically.DONALD FRAZIER .” He claims he’s had contact with some movers and shakers about his case and that the FBI has been to his house twice saying they were very interested in George Mercier and Ed Traugott. “I’m 55-years-old. … Held mortgages on them and gotten rid of them ─ he’s flipped my house three times. “all I’ve ever asked any of them is to let me have a trial by jury to prove this guy is ─ he’s a criminal. and told her everything would be okay. the guy stopped me from paying him off. All you can do is what you can do to keep it going. I felt helpless and alone. I can’t run the way I ran. He also said Ferris had been arrested for fraud and demanded the last six months rent. Donald Frazier complained of similar cloak and dagger occurrences while he was fighting to keep his home. She claims another call to the police came up empty. that shortly after receiving a notice to vacate (apparently from one of Mercier’s representatives) which Ferris told her to disregard. Rivera of Rochester.” he explains. I’m doing everything I can do to keep my feet on the ground. “From here? The legal end is so complex.10 www.” “But. Time and time again I had the police called and they said there was nothing they could do. Those claiming to have been on the wrong end of the alleged “loan to own scam” are many. Frazier was never able catch anyone in the act. “I’ve been in front of four Supreme Court judges. Nevertheless. -. and a letter telling her she needed to get her family out of the house before something bad happened. there were much more direct attempts to intimidate her.net | apr 29 . She further alleges that Traugott told her how beautiful she was. We couldn’t get his license plate number so we couldn’t press charges. “to have this man destroy everything I did just because he wanted to take from people. alleging. Ultimately. my main property three times. like Conine. At that time I left my blinds closed and doors locked at all times.” Finally. but there are a lot of conflict of interest issues because George (Mercier) has hired them in the past. Not long after. “…he began to tell me how very dangerous these people were and yet again I paid no mind. I can’t see myself starting over.” Minority Reporter left several messages over a two-week period with Mercier’s secretary for a response from him but our calls were not returned. Donald Frazier maintains he has personally spoken to dozens of people professing to be victims. Rivera claims to have encountered a black gentleman sitting on her front porch with files and papers. she writes that she later discovered Traugott did not own the property and could ignore him unless notified otherwise by the Gates Town Court. Traugott claimed that he was the legal owner of the property. When she threatened to have him arrested for sexual harassment.

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This policy will also include prospective players. defined as the reckless or intentional Two HBCU Students Die in Hazing Incident Group Violated University Ban (TriceEdneyWire. they were told. 19.” he said. hazing had killed — a prime example of why VSU and other schools are doing everything they can to stamp out dangerous initiation practices that once were a hallmark of fraternal groups and to bar organizations that disregard antihazing policies. also of Newport News.19. But eliminating dangerous hazing has proven difficult as this terrible incident and a separate incident last year involving VSU students show. Do that and they would be in. Once again. VSU has a strict policy against hazing. narrow. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league has “a long history of valuing diversity and inclusion. just past midnight. not real “Men of Honor. Chesterfield County Police charged Mackey and three other members of Men of Honor with five misdemeanor charges of violating a state law against hazing.” Authorities were called.minorityreporter. and the other club members.” So the seven initiates who had come through the club’s “hellweek” accepted the dare — a decision the five survivors canonly regret after tragedy struck.” Schneiderman applauded the NFL for “working cooperatively with our office to address these issues. the pledges later said they were told by James A. the Navy’s first Black diver. including several VSU students who had recruited them. 22. owner of Mac’s Grill.That’s why seven Virginia State University freshmen endured a week of beatings and other ritual hazing. would not be found alive. Five somehow made it ashore. In the blink of an eye.net | apr 29 . two of those charged are enrolled at VSU. Those charged included the president of the VSU Student Government Association. The stunned campus remains in mourning as divers and boats searched for the remains of the two students. it was swim or go under. Meanwhile. and Cory D. one of the survivors. but has agreed to training about the anti-discrimination policy during its annual Rookie Symposium and Football Operations Meeting.They just wanted to belong. STATE NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Partners with the NFL Against Discrimination An agreement between New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the NFL to ensure gay players are protected from harassment and discrimination was made Tuesday. of Portsmouth.The water would only be chest high. Petersburg Police arrested four members and charged them with misdemeanor hazing between August and November 2012. which could have violated law.The school requires initiates and members of sanctioned Greek organizations to undergo two to three hours of training on hazing every semester. Mackey Sr.19 and Jauwan Holmes. April 20. but two were swept away: Marvell Edmondson.Only cowards would back down. Posters being hung in players’ locker rooms highlighting the NFL’s antidiscrimination policies and periodic training meetings are both a part of Democrat Schneiderman’s “culture of inclusion” for gay players. and in other meetings. Eriq K. According to police and a lawsuit. they found themselves fighting for their lives in a raging current whipped up by the stormy weather. Benson.3700 WE CAN HELP AT NO COST www. three prospective draft picks said officials asked them questions about their sexual orientations. It would be a wet walk in the park. Despite a VSU ban on such harsh practices.They went in near the bridge connecting Petersburg to VSU and Ettrick without Marvell Edmondson. we are sending a powerful message that discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated in any form. For Cavazos and the other survivors. Mackey. throughout the year. Baytop.” “Discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation is not consistent with our values and is unacceptable in the National Football League. at most.” Christian Cavazos. which last fall moved its initiation of new pledges to Petersburg to avoid the campus ban.Two weeks ago. he said.com) .546. life jackets or supervision. there were no more rocks. and Jauwan Holmes. of Newport News. The NFL isn’t undergoing any charges or disputes in relation to discrimination. “Instantly. the tragedy has only been compounded by the knowledge that they were trying to join a rogue club. but it was quickly evident that Edmondson and Holmes. The NFL said it found no “specific violations. Edmondson’s body was recovered Monday after the tragedy. of Quinton.” he said. They were undaunted by pelting rain.org *USE REFERENCE CODE: LH/COP . There were rocks to walk on. 26. Are you 30 days or more behind on your mortgage payment? 585. The charges stem from police allegations that the fraternity members injured pledges.They walked into the river in a line early Saturday. The NFL has had an anti-discrimination policy for several years. an Ettrick restaurant two blocks from the campus that served as club headquarters. and Holmes’ body was founded two days later on Wednesday. 19 endangerment of a student’s health or safety. and that policy is enforced. said later. However.The high-risk adventure turned into a tragic disaster when the pledges tried to make it back to the riverbank. Brandon Randleman.may 5 | 2013 FEATURE STORY a safety line.org AvoidForeclosure@ThehousingCouncil. “Five feet forward. according to university spokesman Thomas Reed. Last year’s incident involved the campus chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.one of the pledges needed skin grafts to repair the injuries he suffered from hazing and was so traumatized he dropped out of VSU.12 www. in February. Everything would go horribly wrong after the eager pledges were handed their final test: To walk across a usually calm.TheHousingCouncil. they were told. they were told. According to police. both popular students with bright prospects. the seven willingly accepted the treatment as part of their initiation into an off-campus social club called Men of Honor — named for the 2000 movie about Carl Brashear.” “Together. they were told. 19. According to VSU. five-foot deep stretch of the Appomattox River near the campus. Men of Honor was not connected in any way to the university and had no permission to use the school’s logo on information sheets it distributed to students as part of its recruitment drive. a slashing cold wind and near pitch-black conditions.

” In retirement. director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.13 www. Harris has two brothers. FDA’s deputy commissioner of foods. Broad St. His role model was his older brother.com) . “Nothing is forever. “One serving of any of these foods isn’t likely to harm anyone. And the Kodys certainly purchased a profitable and premium franchise in the Richmond market. with the help of the Ford Motor Minority Dealer Program. Until now. she owned and ran Shoes Etc.” His first car was a pre-owned 1962 Chevy Impala that he purchased for $250. The current proliferation of caffeine added to foods is “beyond anything FDA envisioned. according to Automotive News. Va. said Monday that the only time FDA explicitly approved the added use of caffeine in a food or drink was in the 1950’s for colas. there are three. Tim Kaine. Critics say it’s not enough for the companies to say they are marketing the products to adults when the caffeine is added to items like candy that are attractive to children. All those owners have moved on. Major medical associations have warned that too much caffeine can be dangerous for children. 53 on Black Enterprise magazine’s annual list of the 100 top Black-owned dealerships. he said. Potato chips. new car dealership in the Richmond area. is something of an entrepreneur herself. Michael Taylor.may 5 | 2013 FDA will investigate added caffeine in foods By MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press WASHINGTON — Trail mix. Harris has been ranked as high as No. a manager. Brown Jr. The Harrises reside in a home along the 18th fairway at plush Dominion Golf Club in Wyndham in Henrico. has just a handful of Black-owned dealerships. Louis. The FDA’s new look at added caffeine and its effects on children and adolescents is in response to a caffeinated gum introduced this week by Wrigley. which owns Wrigley. in 1977 to run Johnson LincolnMercury. he rose to managerial status. PHOTO: Sandra Sellars/ Richmond Free Press Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Richmond Free Press (TriceEdneyWire. Universal will change its name to Richmond Ford West.5 percent of the 17. The concern is that it will be increasingly easy to consume caffeine throughout the day. Harry’s wife of 37 years. A spokeswoman for Wrigley.” Harris said. stand in front of the Universal Ford dealershiphe is selling in Henrico County. the Urban League of Greater Richmond and the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers.” said Harris. Harris elected not to disclose his selling price. have 50 mg of caffeine in each 100-calorie pack. He also belongs to the Ford Minority Dealer Association. right now.653 new car dealerships in the U. and we wish them luck. Moorehead. too.net | apr 29 .After spending most of his life in the automotive business. Harris will on May 1 complete the sale of his successful black-run business to Richmond Ford. Denise M. www. too. who have less ability to process the stimulant than adults. We’ll play lots of golf. That includes Geneva Harris.” said Harris.” Taylor said the agency will look at the potential impact these “new and easy sources” of caffeine will have on children’s health and will take action if necessary..” Taylor said in an interview with The Associated Press. Wrigley and other companies adding caffeine to their products have labeled them as for adult use only. he received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Metropolitan Business League. Dick Strauss Ford. In Northern Virginia. Bill’s Barbecue. Harris says both he and Harris are “avid golfers. formerly of Richmond. “ Black-owned Car Dealerships Disappearing Across the Nation Harry Lee Harris and his wife. Harry and Vanessa’s four children are graduates of either VUU or Johnson C. Virginia. “The purchase price was sufficient for Mrs. With a growing number of foods boasting added caffeine for an energy boost. In response to a question. NATIONAL Young. The youngest of 11 children. Harris purchased Universal Ford. in “Chapter Two” of his life. Called Alert Energy Gum. In 1986. and I’ve pretty much reached them. Harris (Vanessa) and I to retire comfortably.net . Sen. or the equivalent amount found in half a cup of coffee. owns Richmond Ford. “We’re no different than Thalhimer’s. Infiniti of Chantilly. in Henrico County near Richmond. at Sixth Street Marketplace. but has fallen by 50 percent since.minorityreporter. The sale price was not disclosed. at best.” The agency is already investigating the safety of energy drinks and energy shots. there were 261 such dealerships. Being a shrewd businessman. Harris. Those dealerships comprised just 1. N. “My wife and I are looking forward to traveling all over the big globe and being super grandparents.” said Harris. She said the company will work with FDA. life has totally revolved around work.” Ron Kody. Owner of Universal Ford since 1986. it promises “The right energy. “I fashioned myself after Sam. Sam Johnson. it’s a deal he couldn’t pass up. Harris and Johnson became partners and transferred to Charlotte. who own and operate used car lots in the Richmond area. nuts.S. “Could caffeinated macaroni and cheese or breakfast cereal be next?” said Michael Jacobson. the number of Black-owned. 60-year-old Harry Lee Harris is shifting gears.” Now.MINORITYREPORTER. one of the nation’s first minority auto store owners. Metro Lincoln-Mercury in St. Across the nation. prompted by consumer reports of illness and death. Life is good.” for example. as companies add caffeine to candies. who is Harris’ daughter. For nine years.. nuts and other snack foods in recent years. which wrote the FDA a letter concerned about the number of foods with added caffeine last year. including Mars Co. while Arma Energy Snx markets trail mix. The American Academy of Pediatrics says caffeine has been linked to harmful effects on young people’s developing neurologic and cardiovascular systems. “There is a time to buy and a time to sell. both owned by Thomas A. of which he is a longtime member. As of 2012. he hopes to speak to business classes at Virginia Union University and other schools. owned by Reginald L. sometimes unwittingly. Harris said all Universal employees will be retained as part of the transaction. Harris got his start as a teen when his brother put him to work washing cars at his dealership. He’s been upgrading ever since. In 2012. “Millions of Americans consume caffeine responsibly and in moderation as part of their daily routines. “It is disturbing. “We’re concerned about whether they have been adequately evaluated. who is White. the Food and Drug Administration says it’s time to investigate their safety. You might say he’s trading cars for pars. An unquestionable workaholic with king-sized dreams. Harris was born in Arkansas and grew up in St. “I used his blueprint to get where I am today. Vanessa. The decision to sell will free him and his wife “to do things we’ve never had the time to do.” Taylor said. The original location was in the Virginia Commonwealth University area where the Siegel Center now stands. will have more time to chase the dimpled ball around the course. And now gum. new car dealerships peaked at 532 in 2002. Smith in Charlotte.S. Louis. Harris. and BMW of Sterling and MINI of Sterling. the Ford Lincoln Mercury Alumni Association. The business moved to Innsbrook in Henrico County in 1989. whose members included former governor and current U. the area’s largest Black business group.” but “she can outdrive me because she’s had so much more practice. Jelly Belly “Sport Beans. I’ve got my own bucket list of goals.” As of May 1. Food manufacturers have added caffeine to candy. referring to his dealership at 10751 W. He said that he and other FDA officials have held meetings with some of the large food companies that have ventured into caffeinated products. chips and other products. They have three grandchildren. said the gum is for “adults who are looking for foods with caffeine for energy” and each piece contains about 40 mg. snacks and other foods.C. Clyde and Eli Harris.” Young said.. an industry trade journal. He served on the board of the Garfield Childs Foundation. The ownership change means there will not be a single Black-owned.

net | apr 29 . and had no intention of running again. which is at times golden. How utterly insulting that is. What?? To me. one that would make Lovely Warren reconsider running for mayor at this time. and the results therein. Gov. brings fresh eyes.minorityreporter. proclaimed the current mayor of Rochester victorious as it relates to securing the Democratic line for the upcoming mayoral race. No one but the party seems to be running scared. Anyone with any level of sensitivity to the black community should have been able to foresee how this was going to play out. and that three key legislative committees had not yet met and were not included in the count. a woman who is a product of this community. after Lovely’s campaign manager. Negroes Lynched in Rochester. I have the greatest admiration and respect for you. a hastily-prepared. the mayor’s PR person made a comment in a City Newspaper blog accusing the Warren camp of playing the race card. I interpreted his “premature” endorsement as a scare tactic. to add insult to injury. Not only is it time that you honored your commitment not to run. or at GLORIA WINSTON AL-SARAG least attend one of their meetings. we all know that the black and Hispanic vote in Rochester is of no value to any politician until they need it. but you need to stop letting Morelle make a fool of you and have your motives called into question. but looking out for family is what America and politics is all about. intent on hiding the fact that Morelle and company. that some folks feel they have something to worry about and are therefore intent on getting out front. Negroes were lynched again. made that crystal clear. Morelle made it clear that he was supporting the mayor early on. is a new one to me. but like I have said many times before. not very well thought out press release came flying out of the local Democratic headquarters. Party designation. There is nothing wrong with that. ---------------------------------Gloria Winston Al-Sarag is a Community Activist. It’s as simple as that. too. From where I sit.” Every vote in their city. I think we also need to start organizing against Joe Morelle. Joe Morelle seems to have single-handedly tied the knot in the noose that was hung over a tree which found some Negroes in Rochester swinging from it. no pun intended. Their representation or votes seemingly have no value to a Democratic Party they have toiled long and hard for in the vineyard. played the race card blatantly. 25th and 27th Legislative Districts. because he ain’t got a clue about what racism looks or smells like. Did I hear someone say Republicans are in recruitment mode? Why continue to stay loyal to a party who shows such public disregard for its members? Then. So. Where are the advocates for change? Those who are allegedly on the front line combatting racism? All I can hear from them is silence. don’t cha think? Surely the party chairman won’t mind me looking out for my family since he looks out for his so well. even though some folks in Irondequoit may disappear.14 www. I also feel he had a hand in the former mayor and Lt. Contact Gloria at: JazzyG4202@aol. why are you then? Mr.com Geiger counter . The strategy did not work. Writer. came as no surprise to anyone. the minute we learn how to play the game. This is 2013. Put your white hoods back in the closet and stop the lynching!! We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. What was a surprise was the fact that no convention had been held. new ideas and is in touch with the community. minus a convention. I am of the impression. and fourth misstep for Democratic Party Chairman Joe Morelle this campaign season. Whatever you do. The announcement.’s statements suggesting it was not Lovely’s time to run and she should wait. please don’t get my concerns twisted. We delivered Tom Richards. The same mayor who claimed he was not a career politician. when he claimed all he wanted to do was finish what Duffy had started. Communicator. Dana Miller would be better than Joe Morelle. Black folks are just sick and tired of white folks thinking they have a right to determine their futures. After all. Folks have run and won offices without the “party” behind them. but right now comes across as more dirt being swept under the rug. NY 2013 At a time when UNITE Rochester has increased its visibility and appears to be getting a handle on “racism” issues in Rochester. regardless of whose toes they step on. It is time for someone who looks like me to run the Democratic Party. The recent press release. Gaynelle Wethers. I think his response and editorial. mentality and ignorance of people who would release a statement to the press almost bragging about the fact that three key committees representing the black community were not considered worthy enough to wait for their meetings or vote count. authored by Connie Mitchell. Put that rope down and learn how to spell “process” and “inclusion. launched a scathing response to the unfortunate press release. Don’t count Lovely Warren out. They seem to make sure any candidate they support looks like the majority of their committee members. isn’t it? It is all in line with the “American Dream” as long as they do it. Then came “Rachcha’s” response (allegedly Gary Walker). it was the black community that delivered the last victory for our current mayor. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with numerous community orgainzations in Rochester. in light of the announcement that did not include the majority of black and Hispanic voters. they change the rules. It appears UNITE needs to recruit the Monroe County democratic chairperson to join them. that was a feeble attempt to cast a smoke screen. not 1813. Lovely Warren’s camp should not be the only ones outraged. She took the gloves off and called a spade a spade. Mayor. In my opinion. The committees not counted were in the 22nd. Political Activist. especially those in Lovely Warren’s camp. My concern is the attitude. and that it was not going to be well received.may 5 | 2013 OPINION/EDITORIAL STRAIGHT…no chaser The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter. I feel the party chairman should have kept his mouth shut and let the chips fall where they may at convention. this county and America should be valued and considered important. anyway. So the reported 72 percent vote that Lovely’s opponent allegedly garnered from committees that had met demonstrated a blatant disregard for three committees that just happen to represent “minorities”. and we will deliver Lovely Warren. My concerns have little to do with the vote count taken in committees we already knew would not support Lovely. All of this and there has not been a convention yet. gasping for air.

Both white and black people risked flogging. so much that they eschew the very institution that could be a bridge for them into the middle class. That is why Mary Ellen Pleasant was able to eavesdrop on conversations on stock and turn them into wealth. Too many smart students don’t have the parental and societal support they need to achieve. compared to $51. frustrated with the school system.000 a year.000 for whites. don’t get into the “down and dirty” of it. and that the way to close achievement gaps is to “reduce racial disparities in income and to increase equity and inclusion in education.000 neighborhood does. Unfortunately. You’ve heard that adage that if you don’t want an African. he says. They aren’t always sure what next steps are. cash fines and other penalties for “teaching a slave to read”.NET Tell us what you think at: EDITOR@ www. The average African-American household earns $31. even when Duke economist William Darity refuted the Ogbu theory. His theory was batted around as if it were fact. Millions of African-Americans sacrificed for the right to be literate. and the number of African-Americans attending four-year institutions is falling. Most African-American students. or if they do. The majority of African-American students are still first-generation college students.net | apr 29 .MINORITYREPORTER. yet many parents find themselves “too busy” or too uninformed to interact with teachers. it is in the interest of some to continue that stereotype. many parents. Where does the achievement gap come from.American students think learning is “acting white”. neighborhoods with a $51. $51. as are high school and college completion rates.net .may 5 | 2013 The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.000 mean income have better schools and more involved parents than the $31. write it off. and they often need help maneuvering through a system with which their parents have no familiarity. Why? Because it fits somebody’s stereotype to describe AfricanAmerican youngsters as culturally alienated from the mainstream. One study says that parents don’t necessarily have to help with homework. She says poverty and segregation means that some students attend schools that have fewer resources than others.OPINION/EDITORIAL Achievement Gap or Opportunity Gap? African-American students achieve at a different level than White students. a professor at Howard University and a contributor to the Root also refutes the notion that African. just hide it in a book. frying chicken. Further. Indeed. to spy on Confederates who thought they were only illiterate enslaved people. Ivory Toldson. we were acting learned and literate. He also says that academic support should be provided to all students. Dr. In fact. Linda Darling-Hammond.” For a great deal of students the issue is not “acting white” but being connected to educational options and outcomes. regardless of race or ethnicity. By almost any metric there are gaps between AfricanAmerican students and white or Asian students (Latinos achieve at about the same rate as African Americans). and we went despite the obstacles.American to know something. and to be inquisitive about it. Let your voice be heard MINORITYREPORTER. Our presence rejected the notion that learning was “acting white”. according to a Ford Foundation-sponsored book written by Dr. The United States falls way behind the rest of the world when we don’t value students who have the potential to be high achievers.Americans thinking that learning was “acting white”.000 can buy a lot more opportunity than $31. the only colleges open 15 www. and raising a few dollars to get to college by whatever means necessary. inner city high schools are less likely to offer Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes. Closing income gaps closes opportunity gaps. That kind of ignorance is the very reason that African-American people were able. are interested in attending college but may not because of cost factors. Why does this happen? The late sociologist John Ogbu hypothesized that the gap was the result of young African. Test scores are lower. If income determines housing clusters. African-American students are discouraged from taking them. too many of our community organizations don’t sufficiently emphasize education. Give the history of African-Americans and education. but simply to reinforce that homework should be done. Those who write about the achievement gap ought not underestimate African Americans. to African-Americans were historically Black colleges and universities. preferring to raise muchneeded scholarship funds than to take a young person by the hand and guide them through next steps to education. it is hard to swallow these stereotypes. Several states had laws on the books to prevent African-Americans from learning to read and write in the pre-civil war period. The rate of African-American suspensions and expulsions from K-12 schools is higher julianne malveaux than that of other groups.minorityreporter. Sometimes when these courses are available in suburban high schools. One of the more important factors in student achievement is parental involvement. and ensured that their children would also have opportunities by baking cakes.000 can. during the Civil War. then? It comes from the opportunity gap. Still. We further disservice ourselves as a nation when we fail to value those who have the intelligences to change our world. an Obama education advisor. At the beginning of the 20th century.

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