Documentation on Creative thinking skills BY SUSHIL KUMAR BATCH II .

vennimalai who taught us through different games and activities and guided us in building our creative skills. I would also like to thank all other people who have very patiently cooperated with me throughout. Thank you . I thank them all.Acknowledgement I wish to express my gratitude to our subject teacher Mr N.

we played the game 1-2-3. The game was very interesting and the same time it was also very funny and enjoyable. . hand was not coming up with the body . Experience:The product that was made from me was a crown. Third task:We were to make some product using two pieces of paper. Experience:We came to learn about the mental coordination of the group. clap-snap and stomp. It was very contrasting and was liked by the others. Experience:Concentration was the key in this game. Second task:We made a circle among ourselves. OBSERVATION:While lifting the pipe in group.DATE: 20/01/2011 FIRST TASK: Balance the pipe on the forefinger. We also got a sound knowledge of hand & mind coordination.

. It needs a lot of concentration and activeness while playing this name.DATE: 27/01/2011 FIRST TASK: we started with an interesting game your left and right. SECOND TASK: To hold up the glass from the bottle with the help of cello-tape ring which is attached with strings. EXPERIENCE: It needs proper strategy to hold up the glass from the bottle. Experience: In this game we have to remember our name in left and right person’s name. If you fail to respond then you are knocked out from the game.

Experience: It was very difficult to find out the solutions needing a great work of creativity of our minds. Experience: Helped us to improve our on spot decision making capability. We had to then find out the solutions for the problem using the respective objects. It was very interesting as any random unrealistic solution could be given. SECOND TASK: We got the problem statement which had to be reversed and then get solutions for the modified problem. We were told to take out random cards from the deck one for problem statement and one for object.DATE: 3/02/2011 FIRST TASK: We got two pages which were to be divided into 18 equal pieces . Then we had to write 18 problem statements on the cards and object names on back of it.Each group having two members had to find 25 objects in random from the college campus which should come in a single pocket. .

THIRD TASK: In groups our eyes were tied with clothes and a single word was said to a member of the group which was supposed to pass to all members using gestures. Experience: It needed proper strategy to pass the word among us. . SECOND TASK: We were in groups where each one had to hold the string which was attached to a ring being with a marker using which we had to write “the quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog”.DATE: 17/02/2011 FIRST TASK: We were divided into groups ourselves and each group got equal amount of money using which we had to make money towers spending the least money being spent. Experience: We learnt to save money by proper management strategies. Experience: It was tough to write needing much co-ordination and concentration of the group members.

SECOND TASK: Using the last game results we had to write maximum no. Experience: Need of proper strategy to complete the task in given time. .DATE: 24/02/2011 FIRST TASK: We were in 2 groups each having a plastic ball which had to be passed among the members but passing it only persons you were not besides. of problems and their solution using 5W and 1H.

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