I would also like to thank all other people who have very patiently cooperated with me throughout. I thank them all.Vennimalai who taught us through different games and activities and guided us in building our creative skills. Thank you .Acknowledgement I wish to express my gratitude to our subject teacher Mr N.

DATE: 18/01/2011  TASK: Dividing a blank paper in two equal halves horizontally without using ruler and then vertically.  TASK: .  OBSERVATION: The right side is greater in length in comparison to left side.

 OBSERVATION: Complete focus.  OBSERVATION: .Group of six members have to cross this pattern with their legs tied such that one tied pair of leg of two individuals shall fall in the circle at a time.  OBSERVATION: Proper coordination and balance is required to accomplish the task. DATE: 25/01/2011  TASK: A circle was formed with each student holding their palm against each other with balloon in between the palms.a lot of concentration.  TASK: Lift a pipe with the index finger by a group of six members and sit and stand for five consecutive times .proper coordination and balance is required to complete the task.Pass a ring to the next person without losing the contact.following this and repeat the same from another end.

Take out one card from each pack and write the properties of the object and based on the properties write the solution of the problem statement. patience and easy body movement is required.  TASK: Make an envelope using two A4 size papers and collect 30 items from the college campus in it. Write problem statement on 15 cards taken out by one member after shuffling them. .Coordination. Write the names of all the collected objects on the cards made from an ivory sheet(group of two members).  OBSERVATION: Interesting solutions for the problems and reasoning.

 OBSERVATION: Funny task for us as we were getting funny aspects.bad and interesting for the statement.write what can be good .  OBSERVATION: People solve their problems in their own way.write inverse of it and list the solution of the inverse.  TASK: Given a problem statement.  OBSERVATION: Mutual support and coordination is required.DATE: 01/02/2011  TASK: Two members sit down facing each other. It was also a funny task for us as we were getting funny ideas. .holding their hand and get up.Repeat the same with 2. Finally write the solution of the problem using the solution of the inverse.3…and with whole class.  TASK: Given a statement.

 OBSERVATION: Maintaining balance was very difficult task for us as all were holding the strings.  OBSERVATION: Fixing strings on cellotape at equal distance made our task easier.Understanding timing was most important in this task. .DATE: 15/02/2011  TASK :Lifting bottle and glass upto 5 ft and again keeping it on the ground with the help of strings attached to cellotape in middle of which bottle was kept in group of six.  TASK :Writing “QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG” on paper with help of marker which is attached with strings of ropes in group of six.

 OBSERVATION: Interesting task but we were colliding with each othersin order to get space on newspaper. TASK :Moving around newspaper when music is on and keeping our one leg on newspaper when music turns off. .  OBSERVATION: Making the base of the tower was challenging task.  TASK :.Constructing a tower with maximum height by using less currencies.

.it seems to be too easy.DATE: 22/02/2011  TASK :Brain teaser problem for us based on addition.  OBSERVATION: We were confused when we got the question but when we heard the answer.

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