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Objective: Attributes: Education:

Desiring an Elementary Teaching Position (grades 1-6). I wish to find a district and school that I can call home and truly make a difference in student's lives.
Workshop Teacher, Constructivist, Student-Centered, Data Driven, Support Diversity, Support Inclusion, Strong Work Ethic; Honest; Organized; Communicate Effectively and Efficiently; Decision Maker, Leader, Time Management skills; Responsible, Professional and Loyal.

Bachelors of Arts



Major in German, Minor in European History Study Abroad: Albert Ldwigs Universitaet Germany and in Austria. 3.49 GPA

Transition to Teaching



Field Work in Indianapolis Public Schools Student Teaching in MSD of Warren Township 4.0 GPA


Indiana Elementary Educator's License Starfish Aquatics Lifeguard Instructor Certification:

Certified Jan 2013 2008 and 2013 2010

Work Experience:

MSD of Wayne Township 2010-2011 Long Term Substitute Teacher (Full Time)

Long-term Substitute at Lynhurst 7th & 8TH Grade Center. Taught 7th Grade Language Arts for 10 weeks. Collaborated, made lesson plans, Assessed, Submitted grades, and Conducted Parent / Teacher Conferences. Trained for and Piloted Promethean Board use for Wayne Township.

Professional Preparation:

MSD of Warren Township: Brookview Elementary Student Teaching

July 2012 - Dec 2012

Fourth Grade Student Teaching (Sept-Dec 2012) - 24 students

Created and facilitated a Politics Inquiry Unit based on Katie Van Sluys (2006) Invitation model with Transmediation assessment. Used data to drive instruction, collaborated with team teachers, helped launch CAFE Readers Workshop (Boushey and Moser, 2009).

First Grade Student Teaching (July - Sept 2012) - 27 students

Launched Katie Wood Ray (2006) style Writer's Workshop and Daily 5 (Boushey and Moser, 2006). Taught a Tier 2 reading group in the style of Jan Richardson (2009). Built a learning community through positive reinforcement and redirection.

Daniel Webster Family Academy IPS #346 Field Work Fifth Grade Focus Student in Reading and Mathematics


Assessed student achievement in both Reading and Math. Conducted a Burke Interview, Reading inventory, and an in-depth Miscue Analysis (Davenport, 2002). Assessed student's conceptual understanding of fractions, developed lessons to support understanding based on that assessment.

Fifth Grade Science Inquiry Unit on Force and Motion

Facilitated Force and Motion Inquiry Unit with two other Interns. We collaborated, assessed and planned together for every lesson. Students led the investigations and developed conceptual understanding for gravity, mass, friction and air resistance.

Ernie Pyle Elementary IPS #90 Field Work Fifth Grade Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Observation Analysis


Observed and analyzed the multiple means of representation, action, expression, engagement, and Classroom interactions. Analyzed Inclusive Curriculum, Materials and Assessment.