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Post Road School Auditorium Friday, May 10, 2013 7:00 pm

FILL OUT ONLY ONE APPLICATION FOR EACH ACT To be received no later than May 6th!

Post Road PTA Talent Show

Contact Person for act (must be an adult)


Contact Persons Phone: ______________________E-Mail (preferred): ___________________________

- PROGRAM INFORMATION Title of Act: Exact running time (min/sec):

**(The act should not be more than 3 minutes in duration)

List all performers in the act plus Teacher & Grade:



NO MUSIC (Acting Magic Juggling ETC.) CD MUSIC For Dance only For Solo Singer d LIVE MUSIC Music only For Solo Singer

For Group Singers

For Group Singers


List Instruments SPECIAL NEEDS: (Power Props Music Stands- Piano ETC.)


Tuesday May 7, 2013 at 3:30 pm In the Post Road School Auditorium

Return by May 6th to the PTA BOX in the office Questions? email or call Tina Pope at 914-946-5897

Post Road PTA Talent Show

Post Road School Auditorium Friday May 10, 2013 7:00pm

- RULES OF PARTICIPATION All acts will be NO MORE than 3 Minutes in length. There will be NO LIP-SYNCHING Please make sure all songs, acts, dances, are age appropriate. All acts are subject to final approval by the shows director. No performer may be in more than two acts Performers must provide C.D. music for karaoke versions of singing. All performers must present their finished act at directors preview on Tuesday, May 7 @ 3:30 pm (PRS) Parents are welcome to observe the preview.

All performers are required to submit the following: One Talent Show Application for each act Signed Permission slip for each participating child in the act to attend the May 7th Preview and to participate in the Talent Show on May 10.

FILL OUT PERMISSION SLIPS FOR EACH PERFORMER To be received no later than May 6th! -

For ALL Performers

Childs Name: Will participate in the Post Road Talent Show on May 10th AND will attend the Mandatory Preview on May 7th after school at 3:30 in the Post Road School auditorium. __After the preview, my child will be picked up by_______________________________ who can be reached at __________________________ or ______________________. (phone) (cell phone) __My child attends the Afterschool program and will return there after the Preview.

Parent / Guardian Signature: