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The Burning Bush

Each day in your classroom, we ask you to follow the structure below. This is the
format that the Teacher’s Manuel and Student Workbooks have been written in
to establish consistency throughout the week of Youth Camp.

1. Read Daily Lesson from Scripture

2. Introduce Daily Icon

3. Answer: Who, What, Where, When, & Why?

4. Daily Activities

5. Daily Memory Verse

The learning continues…
After class, there will be a video shown
about Sinai and the Monastery of
St Katherine’s located where the
Burning Bush took place.

The Burning Bush

READ: Daily Lesson from Scripture Exodus 3:1-15

Pages 56-60 (58-59 Burning Bush)


Pages 76-78

The Burning Bush
WHO: God, “I am” YHWH Born to a man of house of Levi who married
and Moses a Levite woman. Israelites were oppressed by
Pharoah and every male child born was to be
thrown into Nile. Moses was picked up and
(Identify people in icon) became the son of Pharoah’s daughter

WHAT As Moses was tending sheep, he came to Horeb. The Lord God appeared to him in
flames of fire within a bush. Moses heard a voice say, “I am the Lord your God.” God
asked Moses to remove his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. Afterward,
Moses received important instructions from the Lord to go to Pharoah in order for the
Jews to be set free.

WHERE: Horeb, the Mountain of God in Sinai, Egypt Exodus 3:1-15

WHEN: 2000 years before Christ, written in Hebrew

WHY God wanted to show us who He is:
God knows who we are

God revealed His name to us:
God calls us by name

God shows Himself as Divine fire:
We consume the Divine fire in holy Eucharist

The Divine flame does not burn the bush:
We can receive the Divine fire, and our sins
will be seared, but we will not be burned

God had a special plan for Moses to help people:
God uses us in the world to help people

The Burning Bush

EXTRA’S: How is the Theotokos related to burning bush?

(show the extra icon and identify all of the people)

She contained in her womb God, His divine fire, but
like a sword in the heat, she became radiant and holy,
not like a piece of paper that would burn up

How is the Eucharist related to burning bush?

At every Divine Liturgy, we partake of God, His divine fire,
Look how some of the prayers below address God’s fire
and our sins. We become the burning bush.

“May Thy Precious Body and Blood,
my Savior, become as a flame that consumes
the substance of sin and the thorns of my passions;
as a light, also, that illumines me so that I may
worship Thy Divinity.”

“Behold, I approach for Holy Communion,
O Creator, burn me not as I partake,
For Thou art Fire which burns the
unworthy. Wherefore do Thou
cleanse me from my stain.”

The Burning Bush
1. While Moses was tending to the flock he led them to Horeb which is...?

a) the mountain of God
b) the sea of God
c) A tribe of Godly men
d) none of the above

2. Who appeared to Moses while at Horeb?

a) Shepherds
b) Angel of God
c) Reuel
d) Wolves

3. The angel of the LORD appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush which..?

a) Burned up
b) did not burn up
c) grew taller
d) Moses put water on it

4. God told Moses he was standing on?

a) Holy Ground
b) quicksand
c) Holy rocks
d) none of the above

5. Gold told Moses to take off his?

a) Robe
b) Sandals
c) Hat
d) Sword

7. The LORD told Moses he was?

a) concerned about his people in Jordan
b) concerned about his people in Egypt
c) glad to see Moses
d) concerned about Moses health

The Burning Bush

ACTIVITY Word Scramble (2nd – Teens)
Word Search (2nd – Teens)
CrossWord Puzzle & True & False (4th Grade -Teens)

GAMES: Hot Potato with Red Bean Bag (Pre-K – 4th Grade)

Have everyone stand and form a circle. Play the music and then pause the music.
Whoever is left holding the fire (bean bag) takes off their shoes, and puts them in
the middle. Then they receive a mission from the teacher. The mission’s are the
10 Commandments written on slips of paper like fortune cookies. Play until
everyone receives a mission.

Fire Demonstration (4th Grade – Teens)

The teacher lights a large candle with a flame visible for the whole class
to see. Next, present to substances to the class: One piece of paper and
one piece of metal. Imagine the metal is a sword!

Discuss what will happen when both are placed in the fire?

Show them that the paper burns,
But the metal becomes brighter.

Which substance are we?
Make connection to receiving Eucharist.
Preparation, daily prayer life, and fasting
helps us to be the metal sword that
glows. If we approach the chalice
Casually, we could be the paper.

CRAFT: Trace feet on cardboard, cut out the shape
to make sandals and tie with string

Candle making / vigil lamp

EXTRA: Video on Mount Sinai

The Burning Bush


“I am the God of your Father,
the God of Abraham,
the God of Isaac,
and the God of Jacob….

God said to Moses, “I am who I am….”
This is my name forever,
the name by which I am to
be remembered from
generation to generation.”

Exodus 3:6,14