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Peg Kohring, Midwest Regional Director, The Conservation Fund

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Regional government agency that provides water reclamation and flood management services National leader in wastewater treatment and regional leader in watershed protection

Greenseams a Regional Green Infrastructure Plan MMSDs unique watershed approach to flood management

Land acquisition program (easement or fee simple) Natural flood management approach Preserving undeveloped lands, connecting corridors Reducing phosphorous

Program Boundaries
4 major watersheds

MMSDs Connection to Watersheds

Major events 97 & 98: 100 year floods

Watershed Plans Used 2020 land use for flood management projects

Water Absorbing (Hydric) Soils

1 acre of hydric soils can hold 65,000 gallons

Loss of Hydric Soils

Hydric soils have limited protection Not covered by flood plain ordinances

Greenseams Criteria
Sites 25 acres or more Undeveloped Privately owned Floodplains, wetlands, high quality landscapes, corridors

Typical Greenseams Site

Site Boundary

The Conservation Fund-MMSD Partnership

National non-profit partnering with a local governmental agency Land trust and conservation real estate expertise Green Infrastructure implementation Restoration expertise TCF administrates the program MMSD has overall approval and directions

Greenseams Transactions and Practices

Landowner contacts Local municipal relationships Appraisal Landowner negotiations Real estate due diligence Acquisition and restoration grants Land restoration Property management

Multiple Benefits
Reduced Future Flooding Risks Cost Effective Flood Management Help municipal storm water needs Open space preservation Quality of life improvements Wildlife habitat Nutrient reduction

Partnership Role in the Community

Initial program startup Working with planning staff, elected officials, etc. Constant communications Supporting open space plans Passive recreation When to back off

Partnerships with Local Land Trusts

Complementary goals and priorities Project overlaps Cost sharing opportunities Landowner contacts and negotiations Site planning

12 Years of a Green Infrastructure Program

2,500 acres of land 86 properties 14 miles of stream buffers 500 acres of restoration $22.5 million in FMV $8 million in grants Significant preservation complexes 1.625 billion gallons

Germantown Swamp
7 properties 550 acres WI DNR Stewardship funding Menomonee River Headwaters Top priority site

Dumke Lake
5 properties 250 acres WI DNR Project Area WI DNR Stewardship Funding Headwaters of Ryan Creek

Restoration Partnerships
US Fish & Wildlife Partners for Wildlife Fund of Lake Michigan Grant Wisconsin Coastal Management Program North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA)

Next Steps-Nutrient Reduction

David Grusznski 414-225-2272

Peg Kohring 269-426-8825