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The Anne Sullivan School

P.S. 238
1633 East 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11223

Ap r il 2009
Vo l u m e 1 , I s s u e 1

Greetings Parents Reader’s Workshop

This month, we will begin our author study by
Happy spring! So much of the year has already reading 4 or more books written by the same
passed us by, yet we are still going strong. author.
Fourth graders are working to prepare for the
New York Elementary Level Science Students will also be working on our class reading
Examination (ELSE). The test will consist of two goal. Our goal is to clarify information as we read.
parts; written and performance. You can help This month, we are working to achieve our goal by
your children prepare for the written test by engaging in active listening during science and
assisting them in studying their vocabulary social studies. This means that students will be
flashcards. You can also make sure they are jotting down key words while they are listening to
doing their science H.W. every evening. The sentences. After the reading, students will use the
performance portion of the test is an key words in order to write a summary.
accumulation of the lab work they have done this
Writer’s Workshop
Since students learn more efficiently when they This month we will be completing our Report of
know the goals of the lesson, students are Information and switch genres to write a Response
beginning to set their own learning goals.
Students are responsible for monitoring the to Literature. Students will summarize the stories
attainment of each goal. You are encouraged to they read for their author study. They will also
look at, discuss and assist your child in reaching evaluate the work, support their evaluations, and
their academic goals. make connections.

Mrs. Ratner Science and Social Studies

Aside from reviewing our science skills in small
groups based on individual needs, we are also
This Month’s Events acquiring new science knowledge. This month we
will be learning about the affects of erosion,
April 9…First day of Spring Vacation. School is weathering of landforms and the water cycle.
In Social Studies…we will continue to learn about
April 20...School Re-opens This month weRevolution
the American will be completing Everyday Math
units 8 and 9. In unit 8, students will be reviewing
April 30…Written portion of the Science areaEveryday
and perimeter. Mathematics
In unit 9, we will be converting
Examination. (the performance portion of the fractions to decimals and percents; multiplying
Science Examination will be in early May) decimals and dividing decimals.