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Stateless Connection: When a web server receives a HTTP request from a web browser it evaluates the request and

returns the requested document, if it exists, and then breaks the HTTP connection. This document is preceded by the response header, which has details about how to display the document that will be sent by the server. Each time a request is made to the server, it is as if there was no prior connection and each request can yield only a single document. This is known as Stateless Connection. How could you insert exactly 80 pixels of blank space between two paragraphs of text? Create a small image that is all one color, and save it as nothing.gif with that color set to be transparent. Then put the following tag between the two paragraphs of text: <IMG SRC=nothing.gif WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=80>

Standard Generalized Markup Language, an international standard for defining methods of encoding electronic texts to describe layout. To manage the flow of millions of pages. For structuring information exchange For modeling inter-document linkages For managing information flows between departments and weapons systems

Exercise 5.4 CSS rule that places a background image halfway down the page, tiling it horizontally. The image should remain in place when the user scrolls up or down. */ body { background-image:url(testing-testing-123.jpg); background-position:center center; background-repeat:repeat-x; background-attachment:fixed; } Exercise 5.8 - Display h1 elements in blue. Create a rule that displays all links in blue without underlining them. When the mouse overs over a link, change the link's background color to yellow. */ h1, a:link { text-decoration:none; color: blue; } h1, a:hover { text-decoration:none; color:yellow; }

Exercise 5.9 1. Make a navigation button using a div with a link inside it. 2. Give it a border, background, and text color, and make them change when the user hovers the mouse over the button. 3. Use an external style sheet. 4. Ensure the style sheet validates at http://jgsaw.w3.ord/css-validator/ */ { font-weight: bold; color: white; border: 2px solid #225599; text-align: center; width: 10em; background-color: #225599 } a { display:block } a { display: none; border-top: 2px solid #225599; background-color: white; width: 10em; text-decoration: none; color: black; } a:hover { background-color: #dfeeff; }

/* Exercise 5.3 CSS rule that makes all text 1.5 times larger than the base font of the system and colors the text red */ p.exercise53 { font-size:150%; color:#FF0000; }


<h1>Results of a color survey</h1> <form> <p>Vote for a color:</p> <input type="radio" name="warna" value="red" checked="checked" id="merah"/> <label for="merah">Red </label><br /> <input type="radio" name="warna" value="yellow" id="kuning"/> <label for="kuning">Yellow </label><br /> <input type="radio" name="warna" value="green" id="hijau"/> <label for="hijau">Green </label><br /> <input type="radio" name="warna" value="blue" id="biru"/> <label for="biru">Blue</label> <br /> <input type="submit" value="Vote" /> &nbsp; <input type="reset" value="Reset" /> </form> <table> <caption>Votes Counted</caption> <tr> <td>Red</td> <td><span style="background-color: red; width: 102px"></span></td> <td>102 votes</td></tr> <tr> <td>Yellow</td> <td><span style="background-color: yellow; width: 80px"> </td> <td>80 votes</td></tr> <tr> <td>Green</td> <td><span style="background-color: green; width: 60px"></td> <td>60 votes</td></tr> <tr> <td>Blue</td> <td><span style="background-color: blue; width: 150px"></td> <td>150 votes</td></tr> </table> </body> </html>