SATURN – is the significator of longevity, eunuch, evil planet, Lord of west direction.

Shape Black, lean, tall shape is caused due to Saturn. Such persons have deep eyes, more hair on the body, short and rough hair, large teeth and also large nails Their work as well as thought are slow. They slowly observe deep matters. Their anger lasts for a long time. Hence they wait for a long time and take vengeance. They do not public public gatherings. They like loneliness and deep thinking they have less hunger and thirst. They do not have interest on neatness and bath. They have faith on foolish customs. They walk more distance without caring for the sun or rain, they work too much, they are proud of their position, they have a little family happiness, they do not stay at their residence for long times. They eat salt, hot, dry foods. Carrying loads, doing service, jobs belonging to labour department, cleaning, health department, research department and corpse testing etc. are the professions in which people having strong Saturn in their horoscope shine well. He-baffalo, horse, oil imprisonment, blows, rheumatism, fifth, bluesapphire, longevity, etc. are the significations of Saturn. Poverty death, grief, unluck, unavoidable difficulties, tragedy, laziness, chronic and diseases, etc, are also ruled by Saturn. Carefulness, perseverance, strength, patience, skill in execution and thinking power, etc can be known by Saturn Diseases connected to urine and excreta, dental diseases, diseases related to knee-bones, accidents, low temperature, deaf, tuberculosis, rheumatic pains and joints, cancer, paralysis, numbness, indigestion, diseases connected to longs, asthma, etc are the diseases caused by Saturn.





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