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(FORM 'D') (See Rule 5) Annual Return - Bonus paid to employees for the accounting year ending on the

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name of the establishment and its complete postal address : Nature of Industry : Name of the employer : Total number of employees : Number of employees benefited by bonus payments : Whether bonus has been paid to all the employees, if not, reasons for nonpayment. (6)

Settlement, if Total amount payable as any, reached Bonus under section 10 or Percentage of under section 11 of the Payment of 18(1) or 12 (3) of bonus declared to Bonus Act, 1965 as the be paid the Industrial case may be. Disputes Act, 1947, with date (1) (2) (3)

Total amount of bonus actually paid

Date on which payment made





FORM 'A' [See Rule 4(a)] Computation of the Allocable Surplus under Section 2(4) Name of the establishment Sums deducted from gross profits Accounting year ending on the ..

Gross Profit for Depreciation the accounting under Section year (Rs.) 6(a) (1) (2)

Development rebate or Development allowance [Section 6(b)] (3)

Direct taxes Section 6


Further Sum Total of sums as are deducted specified under under Columns the Third 2,3,4 and Schedule to the Act (5) (6)

Available surplus for the accounting year (Column 1 minus Column 6) (7)

Amount of allocable surplus + 67 % (** 60% of Column 7) (8)

FORM 'B' [See Rule 4(b)] Set - on and Set - off of Allocable Surplus under section 15 Accounting year 1 Amount allocable as bonus in (Rs.) 2 Amount payable as bonus (in Rs.) 3 Amount of set-on or set-off 4 Total set-on or setoff carried forward 5

FORM 'C' [See Rule 4 ( c )] Bonus paid to employees for the accounting year ending on the Name of the establishment ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ No. of working days in the year________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Amount of bonus payable under section 10 or section 11, as the case may be 8 Deductions Deduction Punjab on Net bonus or account of Total sum Interim amount other [Amount financial deducted bonus or payable Amount customary of income under loss, if bonus (Column 8 actually bonus paid tax columns 9, any, paid in minus paid during the deducted] caused by 10, 10-A advance Column accounting misconduc and 11 12) year t of the employee 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

SL. No.

Name of the employee

Father's name

Whether he has completed 15 years of age at the beginning of the accounting year 4


Total salary No. or wage in days respect of worked the in the accounting year year

Signature/ Date on Thumb which impression paid of the employee