A WORD FROM A NATIONAL DAY OF REPENTANCE MEMBER Son, I’m looking at the organized church today.

What great buildings they have. I know all the things they do. They help the orphans and widows. Their pastors and teachers work hard at studying My word so that people will come to their meetings and go away feeling good about themselves. They think they are rich and act like they have no needs. They have no power and there is no AWE of Me in their meetings, or in their lives. They have replaced Me with the gods of this world and this needs to stop. They must listen to Me, then they will be filled with My Spirit. It is wrong that I have to knock at their doors because they are locked to Me. They do foolish things because they are afraid of this world. They have lost My influence in the world because they have become cold towards Me, by trying to fit in with the world. Their message about Me is just words without power. Why do they get all dressed up and where do they think they are going? There is still time to allow Me to come in and for My Spirit to correct the wrong. I will cover their nakedness with My linen of faithfulness that is bright and clean. I will apply the needed ointment to their eyes so that they can see clearly. Why are they so afraid to be truthful with Me? I AM still their Shepherd. They need to come into My fellowship so I can teach them what real fellowship is and we will enjoy great meals together! Then they will feel privileged and honored to be My witnesses, and will perform great miracles in My Name. They must prepare, for I am coming soon. While I AM still in position to show them My mercy, I extend My HAND to keep knocking at their door.

Selah! Lord, I don’t want anything to come between You and I again. I said that once before, a long time ago, but look what happened! I found myself drawn to the counsel of the wicked. I stood with those who claim to love You, but like them, I was deceived. I even sat rejoicing as we mocked Your servants and godly ones. I joined with those who make jokes about wickedness as if it didn’t matter to You. What did I know or understand about Your love and laws that I should please You by turning from my wicked ways? I just moved with the crowd of compromisers. You are the Truth, the Way and the Life and I’m ready to walk with You hand in hand. Extend your right hand to me, just one more time Lord and I will take it and pray that I never let go again. In Your hand are all the things that will keep me coming to You instead of going to anyone or to anywhere else. I will no longer be Your enemy; for You maintain wrath against Your enemies and You have a day set for holy vengeance. Lord, I want to be Your friend and not Your enemy; no longer a friend of the world. I know the choices I now have to make, but I look to You for strength to follow through. I desire to walk with You every day of the rest of my life. I give you my whole heart Lord. Cleanse me from within and let Your kingdom fill me for I want to be useful to You; I will serve You My Lord and King. I need Your Holy Spirit to help me see Your ancient path and to keep me on that narrow path I lost sight of. Bless me with hunger for Your Word; the words that come from Your mouth! Bless me with thirst for Your truth and righteousness! I recognize the time of You coming to me. I open the door; the door to my heart, for I am desperate for You to come in and fellowship with me day by day. Show me how to throw away that empty way of life that I’ve been living; for to You it is as filthy as a bloody menstrual rag! Lead me out of the unholy ways of this world so that I can see what I need to do for the lost and needy and for those I will leave behind whether in death or rapture. Show me how to carefully prepare for them - before I go to the place that You have prepared for me Lord.

There has never been a god like You that could hear and speak and act on my behalf! A righteous man may fall many times, more times than he would ever want to remember, but You stand him back up again to lift his shameful head to see the path before him where You are waiting with extended hand. Stand me back up Lord! Lift this shame I feel! I put my HOPE in You! There is no god like You who can pardon sin, and forgive all transgressions. There is no one but You who can replace my burden of guilt with perfect peace and full assurance, and so that I do not get what I most certainly deserve for my stubbornness and rebellion. What a GREAT GOD YOU ARE and full of compassion! Lord, I did not continue to listen to the truth with my whole heart. I turned away from You when You spoke softly to me. I got used to doing that over and over again because the loud and defiant got my attention. But, here You are as my only true Shepherd; here You are to rescue me from the error of my ways! You never left me; I just couldn’t see You! My eyes were on other things and my heart was in other places. I own up to this! You saved me once, please save me again – Oh Lamb of God so faithful and true! Your Name is “Faithful and True.” I am finding this out! Oh how I PRAISE YOU!!! Just when You were about to look away and pass me by – You thought first to knock and tell me what You were ready to do; for You are jealous for me and even though I don’t want to admit it: You do not leave the guilty unpunished. I will respond to Your holy rebuke as if I were responding to You for the very first time. I will heed Your Rod of correction, for a wound from You can be fully trusted; You hold VICTORY in store for me. Holy Father, I accept Your chastisement. Let it have its full work of righteousness in me! You will protect the course of Your faithful ones; I choose to be faithful to You and no other. You have shown me what You require of me that is good: to act justly and to love mercy and walk humbly with YOU. You have guaranteed the faithful that times of great sorrow and persecution will come, but I am convinced that I can call to You whenever I'm afraid or in trouble and You will answer me and deliver me. Nothing or no one can take Your love away from me. You understand my weakness; for You put it in us because Your strength is made perfect in us. All I have to do is call on You in spirit and in truth. Oh Lord, help me overcome my unbelief. Motivate me! Empower me! Secure me in Your everlasting love! From this day forward - I will listen and obey what You say; for You are still the Lord of my life and the Great Shepherd of my soul! All PRAISE and HONOR and GLORY belong to YOU – Oh My God!

“Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne.” -Revelation 3:19-21

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