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Ard Fheis 2009

75th Ard Fheis
Citywest Hotel, Dublin
3rd & 4th April
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ARD FHEIS 2009 information


Entrance to the Ard Fheis can only be STATION
gained on production of a Membership or Shuttle Bus Service: A free shuttle bus
Delegate Card or an Invitation. service will operate from the Red Cow
Luas Park and Ride facility to the Citywest
Hotel every hour from 9am until 7pm on
CAR PARKING Saturday, April 4th. On Sunday, April 5th,
Ample car parking is available within the buses will depart Citywest for the Red Cow
grounds of the Citywest Hotel. There is no every hour from 9am to 12noon. Please
charge for parking. note the Luas operates a direct service to
the Red Cow from Heuston and Connolly
rail stations and Busaras bus station.
Voting for the Executive Council will take
place between 1pm and 4pm. To vote,
members must produce a valid A free crèche, with qualified staff, will be
Membership Card (2008/9) and Delegate available from 10am to 9pm on Saturday,
Card, and may be asked to produce other 4th April.
means of identification.
FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS Saturday, 4th April. 11pm: Dancing to
Full catering facilities are available all Applecore – Kingswood Suite
weekend in Citywest.
ACCOMMODATION With the Local and European Elections just
Special room rates for Fine Gael delegates a matter of months away, we need to
have been negotiated with the Citywest have funds in place to enable us to build
Hotel. The rates are: €100 per room B&B on our performance from 2004 and to put
and €110 for superior room B&B. There is us on a strong footing as we look forward
limited availability in the hotel. When to the next General Election, whenever
booking, members must mention that that may be. To do this we need your help.
they are Party delegates. Details of An envelope raffle will take place on
alternative accommodation have already Saturday evening just prior to the Leader’s
been circulated to all members. If you speech. To be in with a chance of
require additional copies please contact winning, simply place your donation in
Headquarters or visit the website the envelope provided and complete with your name and mobile number. Raffle
envelopes will be available in the hall on
the night and from the reception desk
throughout the weekend.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Ard Fheis Contents














Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Ard Fheis Timetable

Friday 3 April 2009

15.00 to 17.00: Meeting of Local Election candidates – Verschoyle Suite
19.30 to 20.00: Opening ceremonies and Leader’s speech – Main Hall
20.00 to 21.00: Session 1: Ireland on the International Stage – Main Hall
(European and Foreign Affairs, Defence)
Chair: Senator Paschal Donohoe

Saturday 4 April 2009

09.00 to 10.00: Breakfast with Enda – Kingswood Suite
09.00 to 10.15: Session 2: Constitution and Rules – Main Hall
Chair: John Delamere
10.15 to 11.15: Session 3: Fair Health Care – Main Hall
Chair: Jim Higgins MEP
11.15 to 13.00: Session 4: Getting Ireland Back to Work – Main Hall
(Finance, Enterprise, Transport, Energy and Environment)
Chair: Gay Mitchell MEP
Televised Live between 11-1pm
14.00 to 15.15: Session 5: Rights with Responsibilities – Kingswood Suite
(Justice, Immigration, Crime & Children’s Rights)
Chair: Colm Burke MEP
15.15 to 16.30: Session 6: Jobs for the Regions – Kingswood Suite
(Agriculture, Tourism and Regional Development)
Chair: Sean Kelly
16.30 to 17.30: Session 7: Leading through Learning – Kingswood Suite
(Education and Innovation)
Chair: Senator John Paul Phelan

19.00: Warm-up and Speeches

20.30: Presidential Address by Enda Kenny T.D., Party Leader
Leader’s speech televised live
Voting for Executive Council
Voting will take place between 1pm and 4pm. To vote, members must produce a valid Membership Card
(2008/09) and Delegate Card, and may be asked to produce other means of identification.

Parallel Meetings – Verschoyle Suite

13.00 to 14.00: Presentation of draw cheques
14.00 to 15.00: Fine Gael Women's Group - “Getting the best out of your Canvass”
15.00 to 16.00: Young Fine Gael “Ireland needs Change” - a discussion on the future
for young people in terms of jobs, education and our place in Europe.
Chair: Richard Bruton T.D.
Social Events
23.00: Dancing to Applecore – Kingswood Suite

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Ard Fheis Standing Orders

The ruling of the presiding Chairperson for A strict time limit will be imposed on all
each session as listed on the Clár on all matters speakers. The proposer of a motion will be
of procedure is final. allowed two minutes. Every delegate wishing
to speak will take his or her place near the
rostrum five minutes before he or she expects
2. MOTIONS to be called on to speak. Every delegate on
A motion which is not on the Clár may only be rising must first announce his or her name and
moved subject to Standing Order Number 3. If, the name of his or her unit of the organisation.
on a motion having been called, no delegate A speaker must cease speaking when
from the unit of the organisation which instructed to do so by the Chairperson.
submitted it rises to speak, the Ard Fheis will
proceed to the next business, unless the
Chairperson decides to permit some other 6. DECISIONS
delegate to propose the motion. Decisions will be made by a show of delegate
cards. In the event of the Chairperson being
unable to decide the outcome of any vote, a
3. EMERGENCY MOTIONS count will be taken by tellers, drawn firstly
The Steering Committee may admit an from the Executive Council and secondly by a
emergency motion of exceptional significance, decision of the Chairperson.
if at least one hour’s notice in writing is given
to the Steering Committee, the decision of
which shall be final. Standing Orders shall not 7. RELEVANCE
otherwise be modified. If any delegate is directed by the Chairperson
to cease speaking on the grounds of
irrelevance, he/she must do so forthwith. The
4. AMENDMENTS Chairperson’s decision on matters of relevance
An amendment to a motion other than those is final.
tabled by the Executive Council may be moved
only if notice of the Amendment has been
given in writing to the Chairperson one hour
before the session begins. An amendment
proposing a direct negative to a motion may
not be moved.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Message from Fine Gael Leader


Welcome to the 75th Fine Gael Ard Fheis.

This event is an important part of the preparation of Fine Gael’s plan for national recovery.
Now, more than ever, Ireland needs Fine Gael’s patriotism, energy and commitment. Over the
weekend, we will discuss and debate our many new ideas to create and protect jobs and to
reform the ways in which public services are delivered to our people.
As you can see, a wide range of motions have been submitted by the Party organisation covering
all the key policy areas which will be debated with the relevant spokespeople. I encourage you to
attend these debates and the other events over the weekend.
This Ard Fheis also marks an important point in the preparations for the Local Authority and
European Parliament elections on 5th June. The Party has already selected well over 600 excellent
candidates for these elections and I hope you will have the opportunity of meeting and hearing
from many of them during the Ard Fheis.
It is also an important weekend for those who are contesting the elections to the various positions
on the Executive Council and I want to take this opportunity to send the candidates my
best wishes.
Finally, I wish you an enjoyable and productive weekend and I look forward to meeting you

Best regards

Enda Kenny TD

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Fine Gael HQ

A very warm welcome to our 75th Ard Fheis, which marks the start of our European and Local
Election campaigns.
The Party is also actively planning by-election campaigns in Dublin Central and Dublin South.
The fact that Fine Gael faces these challenges with tremendous confidence is a tribute to every
member of the Party.
However, I would counsel that every vote must be earned as part of an unstinting effort
between now and June 5.
The Party will have 700 candidates in the field for the Local Elections. The Ard Fheis provides
an opportunity for them, and all members of the Party, to shape policy as we move together
towards our goal of becoming the largest political organisation in the State.
Fine Gael must continue as the driving force in local democracy and stay at the forefront of
Ireland’s representation in the European Parliament.
Our Accounts show an income of €10.33m for the years 2006 and 2007, an increase of 17%
on the previous two years, 2004 and 2005.
During the period, our expenditure was €12.15m, an increase of 32% over the previous two
years. This increase was largely due to the 2007 General Election and to ongoing
strengthening of our organisation.
Having incurred an overall loss of €1.82m over the period, we carried a loss of €1.53m into
2008, which we plan to reduce in subsequent years as we prepare for the next General Election.
On your behalf, I thank the members of the Ard Fheis Steering Committee and all those who
have helped plan another tremendous gathering of our great national organisation.
I hope you enjoy the weekend and look forward to meeting you.

Tom Curran
General Secretary.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Financial Report



Oireachtas Grants 7,220,814
Branch Affiliations 717,916
Party Fund 129,550
Miscellaneous Income 93,744
Election Superdraw 1,276,747
Fundraising and Donations 893,717
Total 10,332,488

Press Office and Leader’s Office 3,112,247
Salaries and Benefits 2,703,293
Referenda Campaigns and Elections 2,231,039
Dublin Office Activities 794,253
Premises and Equipment 616,897
Youth and Women's Development 416,911
Ard Fheis and Conferences 386,268
Printing and Stationery 585,608
Constituency and Policy Development 636,964
Telephone, Postage and Courier 152,635
Professional Fees 133,120
Travel and Meeting Expenses 87,743
Bank Charges and Interest 149,495
Subscriptions and Donations 38,410
Consultancy Fees 94,867
Miscellaneous Expenses 12,018


PERIOD OPENING BALANCE (01/01/06) 289,127
PERIOD CLOSING BALANCE (31/12/07) (1,530,153)

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Executive Council Candidates



VICE PRESIDENT (2 TO BE ELECTED) Dukes Alan Kildare South

O’Connell Gerry Tipperary North

DUBLIN (3 TO BE ELECTED) Heneghan Brendan Dublin South East

Murphy Brian Dublin North
Sullivan Daniel Dublin North Central
Van Turnhout Michael Dublin South

EAST (3 TO BE ELECTED) Cogavin Ellen Meath East

Hayes John Wexford
Mulvihill Joan Wicklow

NORTH WEST (3 TO BE ELECTED) Carey Leonora Clare

Curley Frank Roscommon South Leitrim
Delamere John Longford/Westmeath
Munnelly Lorraine Mayo

SOUTH (3 TO BE ELECTED) Fitzgerald Maurice Tipperary North

Hoare Jonathan Cork North West
Kelleher Joseph Cork North West
Kelly Cian Limerick City
O’Neill Nuala Cork East

PARLIAMENTARY PARTY (4 TO BE ELECTED) Creighton Lucinda, T.D. Dublin South East

Kehoe Paul, T.D. Wexford
Perry John, T.D. Sligo North Leitrim


Conway Martin, Cllr. Clare
Coonan Pauline, Cllr. Tipperary North
Corcoran Kennedy Marcella, Cllr. Laois/Offaly
McKiernan Sean, Cllr Cavan/Monaghan

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Vice Presidential Candidates


Outgoing Vice-President Gerry is a 32 year old
of Fine Gael. solicitor from Killenaule,
TD from June 1981 to Co. Tipperary. He has
May 2002. served as a Vice
President since 2004, is
Leader of Fine Gael a former President of
April 1987 to November YFG, the current
1990. Director of Elections for
Former Minister for: Dublin North West and
has served on seven
• Agriculture different sub
• Finance committees in the
• Justice lifetime of the current
• Transport, Energy and Executive Council.
Gerry is also the
Director General, Secretary of the Collins
Institute of European 22 Society, has compiled
Affairs, 2003 – 2007. various presentations on
Currently Public Affairs FG history and has
Consultant, Director of acted as a motivational
Anglo Irish Bank, speaker for the Party at
Chairman of Alliance General Election Rallies,
Francaise, Dublin, Board Michael Collins Rallies
member of Irish Guide and Ard Fheiseanna.
Dogs for the Blind.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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Dublin Candidates


Brendan was a member of Brian believes that Dublin will Daniel Sullivan was a Local I am seeking re-election for a
the Executive Council from be the key battle ground in Election candidate for Fine second term. I have been an
1996 to 2006 and chair for the next General Election and Gael in Dublin in 2004 and active member of the
two years. Since then he that the Executive Council will also stood for the NUI Executive and of the Dublin
has been a backbench play a vital role in ensuring Seanad Panel in 2007. Local Elections, Membership
activist (to be recommended!) that we get the best possible Daniel has worked in the Affiliations, Administration
in Dublin South East. return in terms of seats. He software field in industry and IT subcommittees.
Brendan is seeking believes his wide experience and academia since
in the party over twenty five I am very passionate about
re-election as he believes graduating from the
years, including the last five politics. I have held many
his previous experience can University of Limerick in
on the Executive, would positions in branch and
be put to good use in 1991. He has worked
enable him to contribute Constituency, including
maximizing the mainly in Ireland but also
significantly to this task and to Director of Elections in
opportunities now available for extended periods in the
being a strong voice for the Dublin South for the last
to the Party to become the US and Japan. He writes
Dublin membership on the local and General Elections
largest player. about technology and its
Executive Council. (Only Dublin constituency
impact on society and
with two TDs elected).
He has been an active politics at
I am now Chairman of
member of the Dublin North
the Constituency.
Constituency for 25 years
including serving as As it is important for me and
Chairperson 1999/2003. He the work of the Executive to
served as Director of Elections talk to members and receive
in Dublin North East in 2007 their feedback, I have visited
the only Constituency in many Dublin constituencies
Dublin where the Party gained on a regular basis.
a seat at the direct expense of I am an experienced senior
Fianna Fail. He is a member of manager and am able to
the party’s delegation to the bring a professional and
Forum on Europe and has business approach to the
previously served as Special work of Fine Gael.
Advisor to Gay Mitchell,
Minister for European Affairs
1995 - 1997, First Vice
President and President of the
European Young Christian
Democrats 1990 - 1996 and
President of Young Fine Gael
1986 - 1988.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

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East Candidates


Ellen Cogavin, Millfarm, John is from the Fethard- Joan Mulvihill is originally
Dunboyne, Co. Meath, lives on-Sea area in the New from Ballymahon, Co.
with her husband Stephen Ross District of County Longford. Joan has served on
and daughters Stephanie Wexford. A life long active the Executive Council for the
and Caitilin. Ellen is a member of Fine Gael, he past two terms and is keen
Roscommon native with a has held numerous to continue her involvement
farming background. A positions at Branch, District, with the Party as an
trained nurse & midwife, and Constituency level and Executive Council
Ellen works as an assistant has served on the Executive representative for East. She
Director of nursing with the Council for the past three is currently Chairperson of
HSE. years. As Constituency Michael Collins branch, Bray,
Director of Elections for Co. Wicklow and since
Trained in Podiatry, Ellen also
many years, he has gained becoming an active member
studied criminal &
a lot of experience in tallies, of the party on her return to
constitutional law at London
opinion polls and Ireland in 2002, she has
University, and holds a H.Dip
electioneering. He supported the party across a
in clinical risk management
contested the Local wide range of activities; the
from U.C.D.
Elections for Fine Gael in Leader’s Tour, Ard Fheis,
An active member of Fine 1985. Disciplinary Committee as
Gael, Ellen contested the well as on-the-ground
Deeply involved in sporting
2004 Local Elections for the canvassing work.
and community activities
Dunshaughlin electoral area.
over the years, John is a
She is member of Co. Meath
former Chairman of
VEC and is a member of the
Wexford Athletic County
BOM of St Peter’s College
Board, Vice President of the
Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin
County Community Games,
Community College,
and present Chairman of
Ashbourne Community
the Cockleshell Art Centre
College and Dunboyne
Duncannon Fort, and has
Primary school. Chairperson
held membership of such
of The Lagore Community
organisations as Civil
Creche Committee where
Defence, FCA, IFA, GAA and
she recently turned the sod
Macra na Feirme.
for a €1.2 million project.
Ellen would describe herself
as a community activist.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 13

North West Candidates


A member of Fine Gael John has been a member of Lorraine is from County
since 1989 A native of Killimor, Co Executive Council since Mayo and is a member of
Galway, Frank resides at 1996 and has been the current Executive
Daughter of Donal Carey,
Ballyleague, Co Roscommon. Chairperson of the Council. She was first
former FG TD & sister of
He is self employed and is a Executive since 2004. Has elected in 2004 and was re-
Joe Carey TD
lifelong active member of been an active participant elected in 2006. Lorraine
Vice Chairperson & member in all of the Executive’s has served on various sub
Fine Gael.
of the Executive Council activities at subcommittee committees during her past
since 2004 At Constituency level level, including Local two terms and she is
Frank is chairman of Election, OMOV and Seanad currently a member of the
Chairperson of Executive
Roscommon/South Leitrim selection committees. 2009 Ard Fheis Steering
Council Ard Fheis &
Constituency. Group. Lorraine has been
Conference Steering John also continues to be
He has previously held the involved in various levels of
committee heavily involved at all levels
position in Roscommon/East the organisation and is
Active in designing reform of the party in his Longford/
Galway and Longford currently Constituency
proposals for units of the Westmeath Constituency
Roscommon. secretary in Mayo.
organisation and will be party’s Director
He has chaired selection of Elections for the
Director of Elections forthcoming election
conventions in many parts of
European and Local Elections, campaign.
the region. He has served as
Dublin Central 2004
Director of Elections in two John’s priorities, if re-
Member of Dublin Central General Elections and is elected will be to continue
Fine Gael 1997-2007 holding currently director for the to enhance and build on
all levels of officer positions forthcoming Local Elections. the improved mutual
Founding member of East He was first elected to the understanding of the
Clare YFG, served on YFG Executive Council in 2006. respective roles of the
Executive 1992-1996 Executive and the
parliamentary party which
Record of fairness and hard has developed in a
work on the Executive Council significant way under his
Chairpersonship and to
position the party
strategically for an early
return to Government.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 14

South Candidates


I am a 24 year old Jonathan Hoare from the Joseph Kelleher joined FG
accountant from Baile Bhuirne Gaeltacht in when 18 years of age and
Cappawhite in Co Tipperary. Co. Cork is a member of the has served in the Millstreet
I was educated at St Baile Bhuirne/ Cuil Aodha Branch, being at various
Fintan’s CBS, Doon and UCC Fine Gael Branch and a times Treasurer, Organiser,
where I attained a degree founding member of and currently Secretary. In
in Finance. If I was to Muskerry YFG. Currently the Cork North West
describe myself in three working as Parliamentary Constituency Joseph has
words I would say honest, Assistant to Fine Gael been Treasurer and PRO,
hardworking and Agriculture Spokesperson 2005 to 2008, and is
Michael Creed TD, Jonathan currently Policy Officer of
became involved in YFG the Constituency. Born in
while completing his degree
Cork City in 1976, he
studies at UCC, majoring in
studied in Millstreet C.S.
politics. Having held
and Cork I.T., thereafter
officerships in YFG at both
local and National level, and working in the construction
in Fine Gael at Constituency industry.
level, Jonathan has a vast
experience in the party
despite being only 26 years
of age. Jonathan is
contesting election to the
Executive Council of Fine
Gael in order to fight for a
stronger voice for members
in the areas of policy and
campaigning. Jonathan is a
strong advocate for the
involvement of young people
in politics and once
contested a co-option
convention to Cork County
Council. Jonathan hopes that
his passion for the party, its
history, roots and beliefs can
be transmitted throughout
the Executive Council and
bring a positive influence
to Fine Gael.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 15

South Candidates


Cian Kelly is a 27 year old Nuala has been an active
barrister from Limerick. Cian member of Fine Gael in Cork
is a former Chairman of UCG East since the early 1980’s
YFG and in addition to being and has held various
a former member of the YFG positions at Branch, District
national executive he also and Constituency level. She
served two terms on the is now the Constituency
Galway West Constituency Organiser and for the last
executive. Cian is currently number of years has been
Vice-Chair of the Arthur actively involved in
Griffth branch in Limerick fundraising for the party as
and actively involved in the National Super Draw
European and Local Election Coordinator for Cork East.
campaigns. Outside of FG She is currently a member of
Cian plays hurling for Na the Executive Council. Nuala
Piarsaigh and rugby for is a qualified nurse having
Garryowen FC. Cian's specialised in Paediatrics and
number one objective if is married with a grown up
elected to the Executive family.
Council will be to improve its
communication with grass
roots members.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 16

Parliamentary Party Candidates


Lucinda Creighton TD is a Paul Kehoe TD was first John Perry TD is married to
barrister and is originally elected to Dáil Éireann in Marie and father of Jude.
from Claremorris, Co. Mayo. 2002 and again in 2007. He was re-elected to the
In 2007 she was elected to Paul was initially appointed Dáil in May 2007.
the 30th Dáil to represent Fine Gael Deputy
He served as Fine Gael
Dublin South East, having Spokesperson on
Spokesperson on the
previously represented the Communications, Marine &
Marine, October 2004-
Pembroke Ward on Dublin Natural Resources and in
September 2007.
City Council. She is the 2004 he was appointed
John served as Fine Gael
Spokesperson on European Fine Gael Chief Whip, a
National Director of
Affairs, a member of the position he still holds. Paul
Organisation and as
European Affairs and has been a member of the
Chairman of the Public
European Scrutiny Fine Gael Executive Council
Accounts Committee
Committees, and a member for the past 5 years and has
between September 2002
of the Fine Gael Executive also held officer positions
and October 2004 and was
Council. within Fine Gael in County
Vice-Chairman of the
Wexford as well as other
Oireachtas Joint Committee
local organisations.
on Communications and
Natural Resources.
John is currently
Chairperson of the Joint
Committee on EU Scrutiny.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 17

Council of Local Public

Representative Candidates

Cllr. Martin Conway is a (TIPPERARY NORTH) (LAOIS/OFFALY) Seán McKiernan is aged 27 years,
and a native of Bailieborough,
member of Clare County Pauline is a member of • Full-time public Co. Cavan.
Council representing the North Tipperary County representative since 1999 In October 2007 he was
Ennistymon electoral area. Council and Templemore co-opted onto Cavan County
• Chairperson, Fine Gael Council to replace Senator Joe
His election in 2004 Town Council. Pauline
Council of Local O’Reilly, with whom he works
resulted in Fine Gael played a pivotal role in
Representatives closely.
gaining a second seat in regaining a seat for Fine
North Clare for the first Gael in North Tipperary in • Member, Fine Gael Seán is a Development Officer for
Mental Health Ireland, a national
time. This led to an historic the last General Election Executive Council voluntary movement, covering
shift in power in local and is much aware of the since 2004 Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, Meath
politics in Co. Clare which needs of Councillors. and North Dublin. He is a
• Past Chairperson committed voluntary and
ultimately led to the first
Pauline is passionate about and current member community activist, a former
ever Fine Gael Mayor of Chairman and current Director of
politics and is a full time of Administrative
Clare. He has proudly Bailieborough Community
Public Representative who Sub-Group of National
represented Councillors’ Resource House, former
will work and voice Executive Council Chairman of Cavan People In
interests on the Executive
Councillors’ concerns on the Need, former member of Cavan
Council since 2006. Martin • Whip, Fine Gael Group
Executive Council. Community and Voluntary Forum
Conway is at the coal face on Offaly County Council and member of Cavan Health
of local politics and his and Social Care Forum among
• Member, Fine Gael
experiences give him an many other local groups.
Women’s Group
unrivalled advantage in Elected to the Executive Council
representing Councillors’ • Past Super Draw (Offaly) in 2002 for the old Connacht-
interests on the Executive co-ordinator Ulster Euro Constituency, Seán
was re-elected in 2004 and 2006.
Council. He has served on and been
Chairman of many sub-
committees of the Executive,
including Affiliations Appeals,
Discipline, Ard Fheis, National
Conference and Special
Conference committees. He was
Chairman of the Administration
committee from 2004 to 2007
which re-launched the Fine Gael
Womens Group and Council of
Public Representatives.
He is a Sub MEP in the North
West for Jim Higgins MEP.
Seán is a voice of youth and
experience on the Executive


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 18

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Session 1 – Friday Night 20.00 - 21.00 and UN level to ensure that Omar Hassan Ahmad
IRELAND ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE al-Bashir, currently President of Sudan, is brought
before the International Criminal Court in
Motion 1 accordance with the warrants issued.
That this Ard Fheis believes that the passage of
the Lisbon Treaty is more vital than ever for Michael Collins Branch, Wicklow
Ireland in view of the economic downturn,
Motion 5
reassures the Irish people that the treaty offers no
That the Ard Fheis commends the Permanent
threat to Ireland’s neutrality, social policy
Defence Forces on their participation in the
concerns or other matters, and endorses Fine
EUFOR TChad/RCA force, supports Irish
Gael’s proposal to create a “European Citizens
participation in the new United Nations force
Officer” to act as a conduit for information
that has replaced EUFOR TChad/RCA, and
between citizens of Ireland and the European
believes that Ireland should continue to play an
Union in the future.
active role in peace keeping and peace-
Griffith Collins Branch, Dublin North Central enforcement missions in accordance with Irish
constitutional provisions
Motion 2
That this Ard Fheis urges Fine Gael in West Gate Branch, Louth
government to establish a mechanism to ensure Motion 6
that future European Union treaties can be That the Ard Fheis supports Irish participation in
referred to the Irish supreme court prior to the European Defence Agency, notes that the
enactment to test their constitutionality, to offer agency is intended to ensure greater value for
reassurance to Irish voters that European treaties money in Irish spending to equip and train the
are in keeping with Irish constitutional rights Permanent Defence Forces, and urges the
and provisions. Government to ensure that Irish participation in
Carnaross Branch, Meath East the European Defence Agency is not curtailed or
Motion 3 abandoned due to policy disagreements among the
That this Ard Fheis notes the critical role played parties of the current Fianna Fáil-Green coalition.
by Ireland’s membership of the Eurozone in Stoneybatter Branch, Dublin Central
offering stability to the Irish economy during the
recent economic collapse and urges the Motion 7
Government to ensure that no actions of theirs, That this Ard Fheis condemns unreservedly the
or inaction, endangers Ireland’s membership of recent killings of members of the British Army
the zone at this most critical time. and a PSNI officer in Northern Ireland and
demands that the security services on both sides
Pearse Morris Branch, Dublin South of the border are given adequate resources to
Motion 4 eliminate the threat posed by these illegal
That this Árd Fheis, noting the cholera outbreak organisations who have no mandate for such
in Zimbabwe, and the threat in Sudan to expel actions.
NGOs and aid agencies by the end of 2009, Blackrock/Haggardstown Branch, Louth
urges the Irish Government to ensure any
overseas development aid cuts do not affect Irish
aid to Zimbabwe; and to use its influence at EU


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 19

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Saturday Morning 09.00 – 10.15 the first sentence of Rule 15 (vii);

CONSTITUTION AND RULES Without prejudice to the operation of Rule 44a
(xxvi) hereunder
Amendment 1: Definition of Candidate
That the following sentence be added at the end Amendment 3b:
of Rule 44A (v):- “For the avoidance of all doubt That the following be added at the beginning of
and without prejudice to the operation of (iv) the first sentence of Rule 23 (i);
above, only those persons selected as candidates Without prejudice to the operation of Rule 44a
under and pursuant to these Rules are entitled to (xxvi) hereunder
describe themselves as being Fine Gael
candidates on literature, advertisements, Amendment 3c:
correspondence, through public discourse and That the following be added at the beginning of
whilst engaged in any form of political activity the first sentence of Rule 35;
including inter alia election campaigning.’ Without prejudice to the operation of Rule 44a
(xxvi) hereunder
Executive Council
Amendment 3d:
Amendment 2: Code of conduct for candidates That the following be added at the beginning of
That Rule 44A (xiv) be amended to read:- “To lay the first sentence of Rule 37 (a); Without
down from time to time a code of conduct for prejudice to the operation of Rule 44a (xxvi)
persons offering themselves for election and co- hereunder
option and persons who have been selected as Executive Council
candidates under these Rules and for the
behaviour of Members and Officers at all levels in Amendment 4: Selection of candidates (2)
the Party which Code shall contain inter alia That Rule 44A (vii) be amended to read as
provisions relating to co-options to Local follows; “to mandate by way of binding directive
Authority and other public bodies and rules (after consultation with the officers of the
requiring notification to the Constituency resident District/Constituency Executive), that a
Executive and Executive Council of all occasions selection convention shall select candidates or
for co-options as soon as they shall occur.” particular candidates for election in accordance
with such geographical, or other considerations
Executive Council
as may be determined by the Executive Council,
Amendment 3: Selection of candidates such other considerations may include, without
That a new Rule 44a (xxvii) be enacted and shall limitation, incumbency.”
read as follows:- “to determine and execute the Executive Council
arrangements for the selection of Dail, European
Parliament, Local Authority or Udaras Na Amendment 5: Local Area Representatives
Gaeltachta election and co-option candidates, by That Rule 44A (ix) be amended to read as
interview and in lieu of a selection convention, follows;“to appoint, from time to time, Area
following consultation with the officers of the Representatives to represent the Party in a Local
resident District/Constituency Executive.” Electoral Area or part of a Local Electoral Area,
and to vary, extend, terminate and do all things
Executive Council consequential to the said appointment”.
In the event that Amendment 3 is carried the Executive Council
following consequential amendments are required:-
Amendment 3a:
That the following be added at the beginning of


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 20

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Amendment 6 : Rule 9 (The Branch) as follows:- “The Executive Council shall

That Rule 9 (ii) be amended with the insertion of determine the arrangements for the composition
the words “or reconstituted” after the word and ranking of the MEP replacement list in
“established” respect of the Fine Gael European Parliamentary
Executive Council
Executive Council
Amendment 7: Standing Down of Unit.
That Rule 44a (xii) be amended with the insertion Amendment 11: Rule 38
of the words That Rule 38 be deleted in its entirety and
“for reasons of maintenance of party discipline or replaced by :-
for strategic political reasons or for either” Policy
after the word “order” in the first line, (1) The sole responsibility for the adoption of
policy within the Party lies with the Parliamentary
Executive Council
Party, subject to the authority of the Ard Fheis in
Amendment 8 : Non College Young Fine Gael accordance with Rule 54 (d) (vii)
branches (2) The Parliamentary Party shall provide, for
That the first sentence of the third paragraph of consultative purposes, a statement of current
Rule 14 (vi) shall be deleted and substituted by Party policy to all Branches (including Branches of
the following sentence:- “The provisions of this Young Fine Gael), District Executives and
rule shall also apply to Non College Branches of Constituency Executives annually;
Young Fine Gael”. (3) The Parliamentary Party shall present a
consolidated statement of party policy to each
Executive Council
Ard Fheis.”
Amendment 8 : Non College Young Fine Gael Executive Council
That the first sentence of the third paragraph of Amendment 12: Election to Executive Council –
Rule 14 (vi) shall be deleted and substituted by Two Year Rule
the following sentence:- “The provisions of this That a new Rule 39 (e) be enacted and shall read
rule shall also apply to Non College Branches of as follows: “Only those persons who are eligible
Young Fine Gael”. to vote in accordance with Rule 14 (vii) above
shall be entitled to become a member of the
Executive Council
Executive Council.”
Amendment 9: Constituency and District Strategy Executive Council
That a new Rule 44a (xxvii) be enacted and shall Amendment 13: Seanad Eireann Elections – Higher
read as follows:- “To determine the Education Panels
arrangements for the establishment of That a new Rule 52 (d) be enacted and shall read
Constituency and District Strategy Committees as follows:
(without prejudice to the operation of Rule 30 (ii)) “The Executive Council shall have the power to
and to prescribe standing orders for the determine;
governance of same following consultation with (i) the manner in which Fine Gael candidates may
the resident Constituency and District be selected and ratified to contest a Seanad
Executives”. Eireann General Election on the National
Amendment 10: European Elections – B List University of Ireland and the University of Dublin
That a new Rule 37 (d) be enacted and shall read panels (or on any successor Higher Education
panels to the aforesaid) or

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 21

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

(ii) the manner in which Fine Gael shall endorse That the first paragraph of the preamble to Rule
the candidacy of persons nominated to contest a 24 be amended to read as follows:- “Without
Seanad Eireann General Election on the National prejudice to the operation of Rule 44a (xxvi)
University of Ireland and the University of Dublin hereunder, Local Authority Election and co-
panels (or on any successor Higher Education option conventions shall be convened in
panels to the aforesaid) accordance with the terms of a directive from the
In the event that Amendment 13 is carried the Executive Council to select candidates for Local
following consequential amendment is required:- Authority Election or co-option and to take
decisions for any purpose that the Executive
Amendment 13 (a)
Council may direct. Local Authority Election and
That Rule 2 (ii) be amended by deleting the co-option conventions and District Executive
words “(other than candidates on the University Annual General Meetings shall be conducted as
Panels)”. follows;”
Executive Council

Amendment 14: Composition of Election Amendment 18: Dail Conventions and

Committee Constituency AGMs (1)
That Rule 35 (i) be amended by substituting the
That the second sentence of Rule 30 (ii) be
word “eligible” for “entitled”.
deleted and substituted by the following
sentence “at least one” for “not less than three” and
so that it reads “The Committee will consist of Amendment 19: Dail Conventions and
the Constituency Organiser, Constituency P.R.O., Constituency AGMs (2)
Accounting Officer and at least one other That Rule 35 (ii) be amended by adding the
member selected by the Constituency Executive”. words “unless otherwise directed by Executive
Council” after “Constituency Annual General
Executive Council
Meetings” so that it reads:- “Those eligible to
Amendments 15 to 21: Conventions vote at any such Convention or Annual General
Amendment 15: Local Authority Election/ Meeting unless otherwise directed by Executive
co-option conventions and District AGMs (1) Council shall be:”
That the second paragraph of the preamble to Amendment 20: Borough and Town Council
Rule 24 be amended by substituting the word Conventions/Co-Options.
“eligible” for “entitled”. That the second paragraph of Rule 15 (vii) be
and amended by substituting the word “eligible” for
Amendment 16: Local Authority Election/ “entitled”.
co-option conventions and District AGMs (2) Amendment 21: Borough and Town Council
That the second paragraph of the preamble to Conventions/Co-Options (2)
Rule 24 be amended by adding the words That the first paragraph of Rule 15 (vii) be
“unless otherwise directed by Executive Council” amended to read as follows:-
after “ District Executive Annual Meetings” so
that it reads:- “Those eligible to vote at such
Conventions and Annual General Meetings “Without prejudice to the operation of Rule 44a
unless otherwise directed by Executive Council (xxvi) hereunder, Conventions for the selection of
shall be:” Candidates for Borough/Town Councils or co-
options shall be convened by the Constituency
Amendment 17: Local Authority Election/
Secretary in consultation with the General
co-option conventions
Secretary and in accordance with the terms of a


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 22

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

directive from the Executive Council to select Related motions from Galway West Constituency
candidates for Borough and Town Council and Bunbeg/Dore Branch/ Donegal South West
Election or co-option and to take decisions for
any purpose that the Executive Council may AMENDMENT NO. 24 - EXECUTIVE COUNCIL
direct” Amend Rule 39 (b) paragraph 4 to read as
Executive Council follows: "three representatives (who shall not be
Public Representatives) of Young Fine Gael
Amendment 22: Provisional Membership incl. elected by and from its membership".
online applications
That the first sentence of Rule 14 (v) be amended (Effect: Increases the number of Young Fine Gael
to read as follows:- “Provisional Membership, for representatives on the Fine Gael Executive
a period not exceeding three months, may be Council from two to three.)
granted to those seeking to join the Party only Dublin North Central YFG
following a determination of the relevant
Constituency Officer Board situated in the ORGANISATIONAL MOTION NO. 1
functional area where the applicant ordinarily “That Fine Gael would no longer compel
resides, and pending consideration of that branches to carry out a National Collection at
person’s application for membership by the church gates and would instead opt to allow
relevant Branch”. branches to carry out collections organised
voluntarily, on individual dates at local level.”.
Executive Council
Roscommon Town Branch, Roscommon/South Leitrim
Amendment No. 23 - OMOV
Insert the word “Nominated” at the start of Rule
Amendment 2 in the name of the Parliamentary “At a recent meeting where a crowd of one
Party: hundred people and public representatives
Insert new Rule 15 (vii)(iv) after the Current Rule attended there was a 100% agreement that the
15 (vii)(iii) as follows: national collection should not be abolished.”
“The number of members who can be Ballinrobe/Claremorris District, Mayo
nominated for the purposes of Rule 15 (vii)(i)
shall be determined by reference to the number
of members in each Branch. Where a Branch has
20 members or less, it shall have an equal
number of nominated members as there are
members of the Branch. Where a Branch has in
excess of 20 members, it shall be entitled to
nominate one additional member for each five
members in excess of 20 members of the
Consequential amendments to Rule 24(i) and Rule
35 (ii) would follow new Amendment 1 and 2

Parliamentary Party


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 23

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Saturday Morning 10:15 – 11.15 Motion 5

FAIR HEALTH CARE That this Ard Fheis condemns the Government
for targeting the vulnerable and cutting frontline
Motion 1
services, rather than achieving savings through
That this Ard Fheis notes with serious concern
other means, such as addressing the burgeoning
the outstanding difficulties with the Nursing
bureaucracy within the HSE, through the
Home Support Scheme Bill; the implications this
prescribing of generic medicines and the
has for monies repaid on the family home and
elimination of costly inefficiencies.
associated land or assets, and the worrying
repercussions this has for older people and their Kildare Town, Kildare South
Related motions from: Templemore Branch,
Dollymount/Hollybrook Branch, Dublin North Central Tipperary North, Kildare Town, YFG, Kildare South.
Motion 2 Motion 6
That this Ard Fheis condemns the Government’s That this Ard Fheis fully approves and supports
decision to withdraw automatic entitlement to the Fine Gael decision to introduce Universal
the over-70s medical card and calls on Fine Gael Health Care which will improve the safety, quality
in Government to immediately reverse this and efficiency of our health service, while
decision. ensuring it is patient centred and that it delivers
Jim Gill Blackrock Branch, Dun Laoghaire equal and timely access, guaranteeing truly fair
care for everyone.
Motion 3
Clonsilla Branch, Dublin West
That this Ard Fheis recognising and valuing the
enormous contribution by carers, condemns the Related motions from: Kildare Town
Government’s decision to scrap the National
Carers’ Strategy, that this action exposes
Government promises as nothing but empty
rhetoric and calls on Fine Gael in Government to
develop and improve services and supports for all
Terenure Branch, Dublin South East

Motion 4
That this Ard Fheis recognising the increase in
suicide rates and mental illness during times of
economic recession; calls on the Government to
uphold its commitment to ring-fence funding
raised from the sale of properties associated with
psychiatric hospitals for reinvestment in mental
health services and facilities.
Bailieboro Branch, Cavan/Monaghan


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 24

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Saturday 11.15 – 13.00 Motion 5

GETTING IRELAND BACK TO WORK This Ard Fheis condemns the Government for its
failure to anticipate or prepare for the inevitable
Motion 1 end of the property bubble and its failure to
This Ard Fheis, alarmed at Ireland’s dramatically effectively maintain the fundamentals of a strong
rising unemployment rate and falling economy, which would have provided protection
international competitiveness standing, calls on against the tougher external conditions which
the Government to immediately reassess the are now being experienced, and also condemns
national development plan to prioritise labour the failure of the government to curb the
intensive projects that will deliver improved excesses of a small circle engaged in dangerous
national infrastructure. property speculation.
Lucan Branch, Dublin Mid West Charleville Branch, Cork North West

Motion 2 Motion 6
This Ard Fheis condemns the Government for This Ard Fheis calls on Fine Gael in Government
lacking any coherent plan for job creation, and to support struggling small and medium sized
for not having any innovative or imaginative businesses by reducing unnecessary red tape,
strategies for embracing new sectors for job lowering Government controlled utility costs, by
growth, and calls on Fine Gael to promote jobs introducing a Government-backed loan
policy that takes advantage of emerging markets guarantee for viable small & medium enterprises,
and technology. and suspending PSRI payments for new
employees for the next two years.
Naas Branch, Kildare North
Deansgrange Branch, Dun Laoghaire
Motion 3
This Ard Fheis supports Fine Gael policy to start a Motion 7
green energy revolution in Ireland by supporting This Ard Fheis condemns the Government for its
and investing in new renewable energy wasteful spending and for creating
infrastructure and by redeveloping the national unaccountable quangos, and calls for total
grid which will result in thousands of new jobs in reform in the way budgets are put together to
the economy. achieve better value given scarce available
Young Fine Gael, Dublin South East
Taylors Hill Kingston Branch, Galway West
Motion 4
This Ard Fheis condemns the Government for Motion 8
wide scale duplication of services and inefficiency This Ard Fheis condemns the Government for its
in support for local job creation and calls on Fine poor record in providing training services for the
Gael to place Local Government at the centre of unemployed, reducing the budget for Skillnets,
business support and job creation strategies at and for excluding recently unemployed persons
the community level. from the back to education allowance scheme,
and calls on Government to completely overhaul
Lucan Branch, Dublin Mid West
training services and provision on both a national
and local level.
Blackrock/Haggardstown Branch, Louth
Related motions from Ratoath Curragha and
Dunboyne branches, Meath East.


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 25

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Saturday 14.00 – 15.15 Motion 5

RIGHTS WITH RESPONSIBILITIES That this Ard Fheis, noting the significant rise in
serious offences committed by suspects while on
Motion 1 bail, calls on Fine Gael in Government to
That this Ard Fheis calls for the resignation of the empower the courts to electronically tag persons
Minister for Children and Youth Affairs for his abject on bail, to reduce the number of crimes
failure to ensure proper and uniform application of committed while on bail and to ensure that
the Children First: National Guidelines for the victims of crime can feel safe.
Protection and Welfare of Children of 1999 and for
his failure to take the action necessary to ensure the Edenderry Branch, Laois/Offaly
HSE provides to children at risk the protection to
Motion 6
which they are entitled.
That this Ard Fheis commits Fine Gael in
Oliver J Flanagan Mountmellick Branch Laois/Offaly Government to enforce and extend the penalties
within the Companies Act 1995 and 2003 and
Motion 2 Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act
That this Ard Fheis calls on Fine Gael in 2001 to prevent and deter white collar crime.
Government to request High Court judges to sit
longer in the vacation period to clear the backlog Swords Branch, Dublin North
of asylum applications as a contribution to the Related motions from: Ratoath-Curragha Branch,
current economic climate thus reducing costs to Meath East and Christy Walsh Fine Gael Branch,
the Exchequer of the asylum process. Cork North Central and YFG
Mount Merrion Branch, Dublin South
Motion 7
Motion 3 That this Ard Fheis, alarmed at the upsurge in
That this Ard Fheis condemns the Government’s organised crime and the reduced surveillance
abject failure to ensure that independent activity of Operation Anvil, calls on Fine Gael in
investigations are conducted and that regular government to enact and enforce the Criminal
and comprehensive reports are published into the Justice (Prevention of Violence) Bill 2008 which
unacceptable standards of HSE accommodation will address the rise in gangland crime and the
for unaccompanied children seeking asylum, proliferation of the drugs trade by introducing
which is the main reason for these children going Criminal Organisation Civil Restriction Orders
missing from care. amongst other measures.
Cosgrave/Mitchell Branch, Dublin South Central Corbally Branch, Limerick City

Motion 4 Related motions from: Christy Walsh branch, CNC

That this Ard Fheis, acutely aware of the
overcrowding crisis in our prisons, of the
€97,000 annual cost of imprisoning one person,
and of the lack of comprehensive rehabilitation
programmes for prisoners, condemns the
Minister for Justice for failing to introduce
progressive fines legislation to lower the prison
population and its costs and for failing to
constructively reduce recidivism rates amongst
Ballyroan Branch, Laois/Offaly


Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 26

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Saturday 15.15 – 16.30 Motion 5

JOBS FOR THE REGIONS That this Ard Fheis rejects the Government’s
delay in rolling out broadband in rural areas, the
Motion 1 poor quality of existing broadband services in the
That this Ard Fheis condemns the Government’s regions, the impediment this poses to job
introduction of an air travel tax as a counter creation and sustainability and calls on Fine Gael
productive measure, which has resulted in a in Government to deliver high quality broadband
reduction in airline services, is acting as a services to rural areas.
disincentive for the rapidly declining number of
overseas visitors travelling to Ireland, and is Cahir Branch, Tipperary South
particularly short-sighted considering the fact that
Motion 6
Government will benefit from the auctioning of
Cáineann an Ard Fheis seo An Rialtas ar an easpa
carbon credits from the sector from 2012 and calls
dul chun cinn maidir le straitéis fadthéarmach do
on Fine Gael in Government to reverse the levy.
fhorbairt na Gaeilge a chur ar fáil agus an teip
Swords Branch, Dublin North fostaíocht agus saol pobail cuimsitheach a
chruthú sna ceantair Ghaeltachta.
Motion 2
That this Ard Fheis deplores the Government’s Bunbeg Dore Branch, Donegal South West
failure to adequately exploit one of the fastest
Motion 7
growing areas of the world tourism market by
That this Ard Fheis acknowledges the potential of
not maximising Ireland’s potential as a cultural
the agri-food sector to stimulate job creation and
tourism destination, its failure to make cultural
calls on Fine Gael in Government to capitalise
attractions and collections easily accessible to
fully on the opportunities the sector offers for
tourists and to maintain our national cultural
employment and economic growth.
institutions to a high standard and calls on Fine
Gael in Government to produce a strategy for Ballyforan Dysart Branch, Roscommon/South Leitrim
removing barriers to tourism in this growing area.
Motion 8
Bartlemy-Rathcormac Branch, Cork East That this Ard Fheis recognises the burden that red
tape, over-interpretation of EU regulations and
Motion 3
layers of bureaucracy are placing on the
That this Ard Fheis condemns the Government’s
agriculture, fisheries and food industries, the
lack of a coherent strategy to develop sustainable
monitoring and traceability problems highlighted
job opportunities or enterprise creation in rural and
by the recent food safety crisis and calls on Fine
regional areas and calls on Fine Gael in Government
Gael in Government to undertake an audit of all
to focus on employment in the regions.
such regulations and measures, to reduce the
Killala Branch, Mayo burden placed on the sector without
compromising on food safety or quality.
Motion 4
That the Fine Gael Party insists that Government Michael Collins Letterkenny Branch, Donegal North East
give full consideration to the viability and cost of
putting new electricity grid infrastructure Motion 9
underground as an alternative to constructing That this Ard Fheis recognises the injustices
further over ground pylons as part of the process attached to the use of criminal sanctions for
to upgrade Ireland's electricity grid infrastructure, minor fisheries offences, condemns the
and that international best practice and the latest Government for their failure to address this issue
technologies be examined in full in this regard. and calls on Fine Gael in Government to adopt a
Carrickatee Branch, Cavan/Monaghan system of administrative sanctions for minor
26 offences for the fisheries sector.
Michael Og McFadden Kilcar Branch, Donegal South West
Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009
Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 27

Ard Fheis Motions for Debate

Saturday 16.30 – 17.30 services at all costs by looking for savings in areas
LEADING THROUGH LEARNING of waste and inefficiency to ensure all children
receive the education they deserve.
Motion 1
That this Ard Fheis welcomes the publication of Rathoath/Curragha Branch, Meath East
the Fine Gael Green Paper on Third Level Reform, Related motions from: Lucan Branch, Dublin Mid
The Third Way. West, Ashbourne Branch, Meath East, Rhebogue
Ballinteer Branch, Dublin South Branch, Limerick City, Dunboyne Branch, Meath
East, Young Fine Gael.
Motion 2
That this Ard Fheis calls for Fine Gael in Government Motion 6
to introduce greater links between the education That this Ard Fheis rejects the Government’s
sector and industry to encourage stronger levels of politicisation of the school building programme,
innovation, to improve the skills of emerging the lack of transparency and accountability
graduates and to facilitate a speedier transition of associated with the system and the resulting
those unemployed back into the workforce. uncertainty and frustration schools experience in
planning for future needs and calls on Fine Gael
Ward 3 Branch, Waterford in Government to review the school building
programme, to weed out inefficiencies and the
Motion 3 enormous waste of money involved and to
That this Ard Fheis condemns the fact that implement a transparent system of building
throughout twelve years of power Government which delivers better value for money.
ignored the need to prepare our educational
system for the emerging needs of a knowledge Kenmare/Bonane Branch, Kerry South
economy and recognises that schools are now
Related motions from: Ashbourne Branch, Meath
struggling with third world standard computers East, Lucan Branch, Dublin Mid West, Dunboyne
and a now out-of-date and much needed ICT Branch, Meath East, Killala Branch, Mayo.
Strategy for schools has been shelved.
Motion 7
Clonkeen Branch, Dun Laoghaire That this Ard Fheis recognises the lack of
Motion 4 information available to parents in deciding where
That this Ard Fheis condemns the Government’s to send their children to school and the
historic neglect of the PLC and Further Education Government’s poor system of inspection and
sector, its restriction of the number of places assessment and calls on Fine Gael in Government to
available to students in further education at a introduce a system of Annual School Reports
time when unemployment is at an all-time high providing parents with a fully rounded view of what
and calls on Fine Gael in Government to a school has to offer students and their families.
distribute resources committed to training places John Kelly Rathfarnham Branch, Dublin South
for existing service providers across the further
education sector. Motion 8
That this Ard Fheis recognises the importance of
Dunboyne Branch - Meath East schools in developing an interest in sport,
Related motions from: Rhebogue, Limerick condemns the Government’s introduction of
restrictions on supervision which have posed a
Motion 5 threat to the future of schools’ participation in
That this Ard Fheis rejects the Government’s sporting competitions and calls on Fine Gael in
decision to callously withdraw a wide range of Government to do all in its power to support the
educational services and resources without development of sport in young people.
educational foundation or justification and calls
Birr Branch, Laois Offaly 27
on Fine Gael in Government to protect frontline

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009

Clar A4 AW Thurs 11.30am 26/03/2009 12:14 Page 28



Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2009