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The Caper Times

April 8th, 2009 Volume 30, Issue 14

As This School Year Comes To A Close,

Another is On The Horizon
In This Issue:

CBUSU Report Card (pg 2)

Talking Politics With the

Youth Prime Minister (pg 3)

Saving CBC (pg 5)

Conclusion to “Our Destina-

tion Counts” (Pg 9)

And Much More!!!

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Page 2 // News The Caper Times
Services - B sue. In any case, the ser-
A Note From The Editor:
2008-2009 Cape Breton Students’ Services include Tutoring, vices ran as they should: no
The Pit, Mine Games, Ca- more, no less. Since this is my last issue
Union –A Report Card per Convenience, etc. As I as EIC of the Caper Times, I
said, it’s expected that most Overall – C
would like to thank all of our
By: Kenny McClean SU did the best they could of these will run at a deficit, It’s easy to pick and poke at
this is to be expected. Sure, the people running the show, readers for their continued
What’s a job without per- with what they had.
formance reviews to look The Pit might as well have but the job isn’t easy. There support and contributions.
forward to? Nothing says Communication – C been a black hole that Matt have been years that have This is a community paper,
“thanks for all your hard Name me the Communica- Stewart threw $20,000 into, gone much less smoothly, and I have tried my best to
work”, like someone picking tions Coordinator, and then but at least it was well run, with a Student’s Union much represent as many parts of
at the flaws in your tenure. name me something she and usually open. It doesn’t less approachable and dedi- this community as I could.
Without further ado, let’s get communicated. Stepha- help that things like the Stu- cated. It wasn’t an excep- My job as editor may have
down to it. nie Bagnell isn’t to blame dent’s Union Van get billed tional year, but that can be ended, but I will continue
here, however; rather, the under The Pit. good, as well as bad. Matt, to contribute for as long as I
Budget – B apathy of the student body Aside from pub crawls, the Ricky, Michael, and Mike all can. I hope that you, the read-
As far as I know, the Stu- is the culprit. Most of you various campus societies did a fine job in their respec-
er will too. My experiences,
dent’s Union has enough didn’t CARE what the press didn’t seem to do much. This tive positions, and I’m confi-
IS Cape Breton, and pub dent that Ricky and Francis both good and bad with the
money to exist next year, so releases had to say, and it
that’s a point in their favour. wasn’t Stephanie’s job to crawls are the local sport of will do just as well next year. Caper Times will never be
Most University services run around waving releases choice, so perhaps that’s all All things considered, I give forgotten. I have you, my
and groups run at a deficit in your face, making sure that is mandated for a soci- the 2008-2009 Cape Breton readers, and my exceptional
(See: The Pit), so it’d be un- you were up to date. Even ety at CBU. As far as equal- Student’s Union a grade of staff to thank for that.
fair to tear into them for it. more so, it’s hard for a Com- ity goes, the Diversity Center C. It was a B, but then Mike
and the Women’s Center got Mackenzie crashed the Stu- Sincerely,
CBU isn’t a big school, and munications Coordinator to
we don’t get money thrown do her job when nobody is funding equal to everyone dent’s Union Van into it. Chris Lawrence,
at us like some of the bigger communicating. else (as is only right); there’s Editor-In-Chief, Vol. 30
schools do, so I’d say the little more to say on the is-

Letter To The available to its students, but

a student run co-operative
drastically. Every coopera-
tive is different, but what ties
Editor could solve these problems them all together is that stu-
On April 1st, 2009, Cape for students looking for af- dents come together to work
Breton University was lucky fordable housing. cooperatively for a cause,
to have NASCO Executive Jim highlighted the fact that whether that is saving mon-
Director Jim Jones speak student co-operatives begin ey, or sharing an experience
about his history in the stu- with the students; not with together while attending uni-
dent co-operative movement university administration, not versity.
and how CBU could benefit with organizations or com- Jim Jones has been work-
from such a project. mittees, but with students ing with student co-opera-
NASCO is the North Ameri- who want to group together tives his whole professional
can Students of Coopera- to reap the benefits of coop- life. Mr. Jones was optimis-
tion organization that works erative living. Jones high- tic about a student coop-
with student cooperatives all lighted that many student erative for CBU, noting the
over the continent. Jim has cooperatives benefit from strong ties our community
been an integral player in cheaper rent due to specific has with cooperative move-
NASCO’s operation and has leasing agreements made ments, through Father Jim-
helped open and keep thou- with landlords - many stu- my Tompkins and Rev. Dr.
sands of student coopera- dents will put into the lease Moses Coady with the Anti-

tives thriving. Jim noted that that they will take care of gonish movement.
student co-operatives usu- the house maintenance, and Jim Jones heads to Wash- ChrisLawrence//CT
ally arise out of a desire to in turn, the landlord will cut ington, D.C. on the 6th of
meet a common need; these them a deal on the rental May to be inducted into the
needs can vary from univer- costs. Other cooperatives Cooperative Hall of Fame,
sity to university, according pay similar rent to everyone for his lifelong achievements

to student demographic. else, but save money when as a cooperative mentor and
To date, CBU does not re- the whole house purchases leader.
ally have a solid base of food as a group; this can

off campus housing options keep their food costs down -by David MacVicar
April 8th, 2009 News // Page 3
reaffirmed the importance of some people don’t realize
Talking Politics with Canada’s Youth Prime Minister the state of postsecondary they’re getting done.”
education. Excitement south of the
When asked his opinion on border in the US presiden-
By Suzanne MacNeil noting the number of federal lot better than how we deal the December 2008 parlia- tial election made a differ-
CBU arts student Andrew ridings each region has. with it now. I know it’s pro- mentary dispute, Clements ence in interest levels, Cle-
Clements had a whirlwind Clements noted that the vincially regulated, but the stated that in his position, ments reflected. “There was
exposure to Canadian Poli- Atlantic Provinces face chal- Federal Government can he is obliged to be unbiased the American election, and
tics in his first few months lenges with their economy. play a larger role on the is- towards partisan issues fac- there were probably more
as Youth Prime Minister, “When you look over in Al- sue. “ CIements cited the ing Canadian governance. Canadians interested in that
but took a few moments to berta, they were doing well cuts to GST by two percent- “It was something that was than our own election. You
share some political insights with oil and in Ontario they age points. “One [percent- unprecedented, but it was had two candidates, not just
with the Caper Times. had the auto industry. It’s age point] could have cov- something that brought more Obama but even McCain,
Clements held his identity kind of difficult for us, loca- ered all tuition…we could be Canadians into politics. To going head to head, but who
as a Cape Bretoner and At- tion wise, to do anything be- significantly reducing tuition see a coalition government both understood what had
lantic Canadian in high es- sides fisheries and forestry.” costs.” formed just after an election. to be done and were both
teem during his campaign The recent financial crisis, When asked what issues “, remarked Clements on the bringing hope and promise,
“I understand that [Atlantic Clements noted, did have its he thought were most im- historical dispute that nearly and that’s why there was
Canada] is quite underrep- impact on the stronger econ- portant to young Canadians, toppled the Conservative- such a high voter turnout.”
resented in federal politics. omies within Canada, and Clements first brought up the led government, and would In comparing the process in
I wanted to make sure our would have its effect on the issue of the environment. have seen Canada lead by the US with our own, Clem-
voices were heard and our youth of the country. “ [The “The environment’s always a a Liberal-NDP Coalition with ents said “We had all these
values represented,” though crisis] will play a big part in big one, mainly because that the Bloc Quebecois party in leaders [during the election
he stressed that as youth our responsibilities, we’re issue will be our responsibil- support of the coalition. period] going back and forth,
prime minister, he must rep- the ones who will be paying ity ,” referring to youth as the Clements acknowledged and I think they really need
resent the voices of youth an for our university, the people heirs of the state of the envi- that the event served to to understand that bringing
all areas of Canada. who will be going into these ronment. “ The decisions that heighten interest in Cana- in more hope and promise
When contemplating At- job sectors when we gradu- are made now will ultimately dian politics after a federal will get us to trust our politi-
lantic Canada’s standing ate.” Clements said that how have an impact on how we election that saw one of the cal leaders again. I think we
amongst the other prov- the government responds live our lives and how we’ll lowest voter turnouts in his- need to see prominent lead-
inces, Clements noted that now will have a huge impact respond to these issues in tory. When asked why there ers stand up and advocate
the difficulties we face, in on youth’s future. the future.” Clements again is declining interest in the what needs to be done.
his opinion, come down to As a university student, Cle- acknowledged the financial political process, Clements Clements said that youth are
geography and population. ments shared his thought on crisis as a matter of growing shared the following insight: encouraged to get in contact
“When you look at Atlantic the state of Post-secondary concern worldwide. “We’ll “[We are] losing faith in lead- with him personally, at an-
Canada as opposed to the education in Canada. “We’re also have a look at the Youth ers, we see that things are,
west, the population is astro- really expensive [in terms of] Criminal Justice Act, how promised and aren’t getting and to visit the Youth Gov-
nomically different. Or even postsecondary education. I that’s being decided in the accomplished, and even ernment of Canada’s web-
Atlantic Canada to Ontario,” think we can deal with it a near future”. Clements also thing do get accomplished, site at

Letter to the Editor piling software, we reached such as writing, research, track. We would like to thank
our goal. The website that APA and MLA citation, and the Reading and Writing
As fourth year students, what it’s like when students we created is basically help- plagiarism. We also have Centre and Student Union
soon to graduate from the face difficulties forming sen- ing students with difficulties links to translators and dic- for their support, as well as
Business Technology depart- tences and trying to get their in the English language. Al- tionaries, which will help the BTI faculty. Hopefully,
ment in Cape Breton Univer- point across in a language though it seems like we are students better understand this website helps us move
sity, we were assigned the other than their own. Diver- targeting university students, meanings of words and towards our ultimate goal
task of creating a language sity is growing here in Cape we’re really aiming this proj- phrases. Now most of this which is letting students feel
improvement website. This Breton and the need for a ect for any student having software is available all over like school shouldn’t be such
sounded like a great idea, unified language is more trouble with writing essays, the Internet I agree, but the a hard time. This may seem
and I was honestly enthusi- than a personal need. The spelling and anything of that goal of the website has been like just a graduation project
astic about the whole deal. idea of the project was out- sort. Our website http://itec. achieved, which is bringing now, but we hope to make
Our group Tidjane Cherif, lined last semester, and this contains it all in one place. The stu- it something big and useful
Mariam Erian, Youssef Has- semester under Danny Ya- links to software that can dents can visit this website for the upcoming students of
san, Chen Rui Xiong and I kimchuk’s supervision, the help students with these and get all the information Cape Breton University.
are all international students site was finally completed. very issues, and especially and use it on the spot, in-
and we all speak more than After endless hours of plan- on a university level. It ad- stead of searching all over - Yasmin Osman
one language. So we know ning, researching and com- dresses academic topics the Internet, and going off
Page 4 // Opinions The Caper Times
Humanities fund- scholars of education and all business-related. I think Competition for SSHRC been receiving inside infor-
even some social sciences what I’m doing is society-re- scholarships is so high that mation that indicates the big
ing too undefined: could potentially be exclud- lated.” only seven to nine per cent picture may be grim for stu-
ed from the funding. Schank says that a graduate of all graduate students in dents in the humanities and
critics The exact definition of busi- student in English could po- the social sciences and hu- social sciences. They are
ness-related is ultimately up tentially argue that their re- manities receive one. preparing a freedom of infor-
By Rory MacLean
to SSHRC. search is related to business The organization last re- mation request to try to find
The Sheaf (University of
Trevor Lynn, a spokesper- but only in a broad social ceived a funding boost two out exactly how the funds
son for the organization, sense. years ago when an addition- will be allocated.
says the SSHRC is not nec- “It seems like the government al $11 million was earmarked The temporary expansion of
ey earmarked in the fed-
essarily shutting out human- is skewing what SSHRC is for research in management, the graduate scholarships
eral budget for graduate
ities students from the new for,” he said. business, and finance. program is part of the Con-
scholarships could overlook
funding. For those not lucky enough Lynn says SSHRC would be servative government’s eco-
some humanities and so-
He says although the defini- to be in receipt of SSHRC settling a definition over the nomic stimulus package to
cial science students, due
tion has not yet been worked funding, some students next month, since the bud- help jumpstart the waning
to a provision reserving the
out, it would likely be broad. say the news just provides get goes into effect in April. economy.
money for “business-related
“Our president’s been quot- another reason to “loathe Nikki Ashton, the federal McGrane says the federal
ed several times saying that SSHRC.” NDP post-secondary educa- government’s language in
The Conservative govern-
he sees it as a broad defini- Emily Morris, a PhD student tion and literacy critic, is not the budget is likely ideologi-
ment has set aside $17.5
tion,” he said. in English, says there is an convinced SSHRC’s defini- cally motivated – to ease con-
million for scholarships to be
The additional scholarships intrinsic value in studying tion will be so broad. cerns about deficit spending
awarded by the Social Sci-
would obviously include “something for the sake of “We need to be clear that among business critics and
ences and Humanities Re-
some scholars from busi- studying it, rather than the the focus is business-related concerned Conservatives.
search Council – an arm’s
ness schools, but there are sake of money. People think and not economic-related,” “It’s another way of mak-
length organization that ad-
many ways of interpreting education is just the means she said. ing the budget palatable to
ministers publically funded
what is business-related, to an end.” Scholarship is a long-term the business interests con-
research grants. The extra
Lynn says. Chad Gaffield, president of commitment, says Ashton, cerned with the deficit,” he
money for SSHRC will fund
Lynn says a humanities stu- the SSHRC, has publicly and Conservative’s strategy said.
an additional 500 doctoral
dent in the field of philoso- stated the council does not too short-sighted. The economic effect of em-
students and 1,000 masters’
phy could potentially receive have a list of what degrees Ashton argues the govern- ploying a graduate student in
a scholarship under this ar- qualify for funding, but re- ment’s policy on the scholar- political science to do some
The move is part of a three-
rangement to study busi- quires students to produce ship money is part of a shift sort of research is virtually
year expansion of the Can-
ness ethics. work that could end up away from academic free- the same as hiring a busi-
ada Graduate Scholarships
Ole Schank is certain his published in an academic dom. To have the govern- ness student to do so, “but I
Program, which also in-
master’s thesis on his fa- journal and that adds to the ment tell a peer-reviewed guess I’m biased,” he said.
cludes $35 million for Natu-
vourite poet is not related to knowledge in that field. He research body what type The SSHRC already has an
ral Sciences and Engineer-
business. Luckily, he already says their mandate, which of things to fund is “morally additional $65 million budget
ing Research Council and
has a SSHRC scholarship. emphasizes research, re- wrong,” she said. for scholarships, which do
the Canadian Institutes of
“What I’m doing is not at mains unchanged. Ashton says her office has not preclude particular disci-
Health Research.
The funding allocated to
SSHRC has some scholars
concerned due to the lack of
a definition for business-re-
lated degrees.
“In terms of public policy, I
don’t see any reason why
you’d want to privilege busi-
ness,” said David McGrane,
a scholar of Canadian
politics at the University of
Saskatchewan. “Other dis-
ciplines have a significant
contribution to make to the
economy,” he said.
Scholars in the humanities
are perennially concerned
that funding bodies overlook
the social value of their re-
McGrane cautions that
March 9th, 2009 News // Page 5

often ask for documents and from being “drunk and dis-
The Uncharted Territory Of Digital Law evidence of a person’s life-
style in a lawsuit, asking for
orderly in public,” or hazing
other students, among other
someone’s Facebook infor- things.
mation isn’t extraordinary. “We’re still breaking ground,”
privacy that first erupted on since the 1550s,” said Mark But how people behave in said Mickey Cirak, Ryerson’s
the Ryerson University cam- Federman, a researcher person and on the Internet is student conduct officer. Ci-
By Alex Hamlyn pus last spring, surrounding at the Ontario Institute for very different. rak took on the position just
The Eyeopener (Ryerson the case of Chris Avenir. Studies in Education and “Society is in a state of con- prior to the 2008 school year
University) Avenir, then a first-year en- former member of the Mar- fusion,” he said, pointing to and Policy 61’s inception.
gineering student, was ac- hall Mcluhan Institute at the what many students post on He says that the policy is up
TORONTO (CUP) – Face- cused of cheating for taking University of Toronto. Facebook as a perfect ex- for review in 2011, unless
book offers its users a sense part in a Facebook study Federman says the last time ample. the vice-provost students
of confidentiality and privacy. group that offered solutions a similar change occurred “Some of the people in the wishes to do so before then.
Personal messages, private and help on chemical engi- was the societal upheaval fogey generation would say: Cirak also doesn’t see the
chats, and embarrassing neering assignments. of the Renaissance, when ‘Be careful. Your employer is Leduc court case as hav-
photos are meant to be just Though one of his profes- great scientific discoveries going to see this.’” ing an immediate impact on
between the user and their sors originally called for his shared the world stage with It has been nearly a full school policy.
friends. But everything John expulsion, the ensuing me- the likes of the Inquisition school year since Ryerson “Whatever is in the courts
Leduc considered private dia maelstrom and student and witch hunts. established Policy 61. Policy is different [than university
will soon be public. outcry led Ryerson to re- He adds everyone needs 61 is Ryerson’s non-aca- policy.]”
Leduc is involved in a law- think its position, and Avenir to be extra-cautious while demic student code of con- While Policy 61 is an exam-
suit over a car accident, was allowed to stay at the in the midst of such social duct, the result of the fallout ple of the gradual adapta-
and the defendant’s law- school. change. from the Avenir case, along tion of post-secondary insti-
yers claimed his Facebook Cases like these, and oth- Federman believes our digi- with the university’s desire tutional law to the trends of
page should be included as ers constantly peppering the tal culture increasingly leads to create a more modern digital culture, society is still
evidence. The judge on the news, will only increase as us to conduct our private guideline for student behav- learning to adapt itself.
case agreed, ordering Leduc people’s lives move further lives in plain public view on iour online and outside of “We’ve now outed what used
to submit the contents of his online and the disconnect the Internet. school. to be private and are sur-
page for trial. between law and society In terms of the ramifications The code prohibits students prised by our actions,” said
This groundbreaking ruling is grows. of the Leduc court case, from distributing “malicious” Federman.
an example of the develop- “We’re facing a generation Federman doesn’t see it as or untrue materials about
ing culture of digital law and gap like we haven’t seen precedent-setting. As courts other students and faculty,

programming “will continue Yet the corporation is of member, CBC is a Crown

to consist of 80 per cent or the conviction that they can Corporation; this means
Reruns to Save CBC more Canadian content dur-
ing prime time”.
still avoid backing away
from any whole part of their
that their mandate is legisla-
tive and profits are only a
Even the CBC executive is mandate. So let me buck the secondary objective. For a
By: Ryan Hynes news room will be remain- going to be sacrificing 10- trend here for just a minute. time, CBC strived to cre-
Perhaps. Decreasing origi- ing! Over 40% of the staff 20% of their compensation. We all seem to blame the ate quality above the bare
nal content and increasing is regrettably being cut, and I suppose that is something employer for not making minimum; CBC strived to
reruns are just a couple of The Caper Times expresses like you or I sacrificing cut-backs in other areas, meet consumer expectations
the measures that CBC has their concern for those one peanut butter and jam or making them sooner so rather than just the much
proposed as a cost saving seven employees, but Cape sandwich per year to ease as to avoid cutting jobs. lower legislative expecta-
tactic to pull itself through Breton should nonetheless the starvation epidemic in That is the nature of the tions. And, as much as we
these troubling economic rejoice that we will not lose Africa; a token of their con- employee. However, if the hate to hear it, CBC perhaps
times. our last bastion of Caper sideration but not something CBC can make all of these created jobs that it was not
However, Hubert Lacroix, identity! Moreover, while that they are really going to cut-backs and alterations required to create. Maybe
CEO of CBC, has stated as the Boston Bull is still a feel. and still intend to meet its the CBC should be viewed
much as sixty percent of the viable option, it will not be Despite the cuts, the reruns base requirements, maybe as a fallen hero rather than a
budget as being devoted to the better option (as I had and even the token com- we should be thankful that simple villain in this eco-
salaries. Clearly, job cuts expressed a valid concern pensation cuts from the the CBC went above and nomic mess.
are going to have to be one for in a previous issue). executive, and other things, beyond the “call of duty” Then again, maybe not.
of the measures as well. Along with reruns, CBC the CBC still expects a for the period of time before But it is certainly worth
Good news though, Sydney has said that their television shortfall of $171 million. the economy crashed. Re- considering.
Page 6 // News The Caper Times
Concordia student bombing in the United King- things.” something here.’” them,” he said.
thwarts British bombing dom. Neufeld was uploading mu- Neufeld, who used Google to Police apprehended a 16
Neufeld, the oldest of four sic to find the local law enforcment year-old British male with
By Terrine Friday siblings, insists that he’s just when he noticed some odd number and used Skype to flammable contents on his
The Link (Concordia Univer- a regular student who did postings on the site’s fo- call them, was surprised the way in to class on March
sity) the right thing. rum: a high school student police took him so seriously. 17.
MONTREAL (CUP) – J.P. “The attention is kinda freaky, had threatened to bomb his “They didn’t ask if it was a “Technology these days re-
Neufeld says his friends now I must admit,” Neufeld said school in the coming hours. hoax or anything; they didn’t ally cuts down the distance,”
call him “Super J.P., Hero of as he chomped on his M&M “Most school shooters have ask why someone from said Neufeld, a native of
the Internets.” Easter Eggs. “I Google my put something online, wheth- Canada would bother to call Winnipeg.
The fine arts student at Mon- name and all these articles er they’re bragging or they
treal’s Concordia University pop up, whereas just last want to be caught,” Neufeld
still hasn’t gotten used to the Tuesday, if you Googled said. “I kept that in mind and REGISTER FOR INTERSESSION AND SUMMER SESSION
thought: ‘Hey, I actually have


attention he’s received since ‘J.P. Neufeld,’ you’d find this
he averted a high school doctor doing very doctory the chance to maybe prevent

wardrobe, and affect their its participants.
Debt-ridden zombies best Thriller-style shuffle. Michael Glover, CCSS stu-
plague B.C. college So why the zombie attire? dent services co-ordinator,
“Student debt is turning us who rallied his troops on
By Jason Motz, Nexus into the living dead,” said with an impassioned cry of
(Camosun College) CCSS External Executive “You’re evil, you’re undead.
VICTORIA (CUP) – Camo- Chris Gillespie. Zombify!” said high educa-
sun College in Victoria, B.C. With only 16 people tak- tion costs affect us all.
was invaded by a horde of ing part in the zombie walk, “Education is like infrastruc-
zombies on March 30, stag- they weren’t the force to be ture for our province,” said
gering and moaning through reckoned with compared to Glover. “Without that, we’ll
campus. the annual autumn zombie be in much worse shape
Their purpose was to pro- walk that takes place down- than we are today. We need
test the high cost of educa- town each year. But what [education] like we need
tion, which causes students they lacked in numbers, they roads and waterways.”
to build up large, insurmount- made up for in passion. Glover hopes the zombie
able debt loads. “It looked like a lot of fun,” display will also be a remind-
These zombies were ac- said 19 year-old general er for students of the impor-
tually Camosun students arts student Josh Sissons. “I tance of voting.
as well as members of the don’t have any debt myself, “Students need to be aware
Camosun College Student but it seemed like a good this coming [provincial] elec-
Society. They took time off cause.” tion,” said Glover. “Spend
from their classes to paint Zombie fun aside, the dire some time; think education.
their faces white, wear the message at the heart of the Vote early and vote often.” St. Thomas University is accepting registration for
tattered ruins of Sid Vicious’ zombie walk was not lost on Intersession (May-June) and Summer Session (July).

Whether you’re planning on completing your degree

ANSSA membership ANSSA is a non-partisan remarked Students’ Union requirements or just interested in learning something new,
provincial lobby group now President, Matt Stewart. He why not do it in a place renowned for its faculty, quality
referendum: representing over 36,000 added, “We are excited to of education and beautiful campus?
students at five post-sec- have this new partnership
CBUSU Press Release ondary institutions- includ- and look forward to having rAnthropology r'SFODI r1PMJUJDBM4DJFODF
In a recent Referendum, ing Cape Breton University a strong voice around the rCriminology rGerontology r1TZDIPMPHZ
Cape Breton University Students’ Union- across the ANSSA table.
rEnglish rHistory r3FMJHJPVT4UVEJFT
rEnvironment r)VNBO3JHIUT r4PDJPMPHZ
students voted in favor of province of Nova Scotia. ____________________ BOE4PDJFUZ r*SJTI4UVEJFT r4QBOJTI
having their Students’ Union Their mandate focuses ex- Editor’s note: To achieve r'JOF"SUT rJournalism
become a chartered mem- clusively on post-secondary quorum in a referendum, a
ber of The Alliance of Nova education, and is committed minimum of 6% of the stu- Visit for course details, registration fees
Scotia Students Association to a high quality system that dent body must vote. The and scholarship availability.
(ANSSA). is accessible and affordable two days of online voting saw
The vote, which took place to every qualified student. 7.2% of students participate.
on March 18th and March “They have made headway For the Yes side of the ques-
19th, 2009, passed with 94% into the fields of government tion, 217 students voted yes,
of voters in favor of joining relations, policy develop- and 13 voted against joining

the alliance. ment, and public relations,” ANSSA.

April 8th, 2009 CT Profile // Page 7
Spotted Recently: By Kenny McClean
inseparable duo, a familiar
sight on the streets of
in the Chronicle Herald,
Immigration Canada took it
To the Cape Breton Tar Sydney. With fame comes upon themselves to remove
Terry and Pixie Ponds from the California
sun, Terry and Pixie were an
notoriety, and when a profile the soft-spoken busker from
of Terry was published Canada.
For a while, it seemed like
that was the last we would
see of Terry and Pixie. Out
of sight, eventually out of
mind, life went on. This past
weekend Terry and Pixie
were rediscovered, living
not in California where they
came from, but just across
the province in Yarmouth.
If this were a game of
money back Clue, it would have been

the Dog in the Bag with the
Abundance of Attitude. Terry
is an unassuming man, just
another panhandler with
a banjo and tambourine.
When his duffel bag started
barking, something clicked.
When prompted, he admitted
that he was Terry Lavalle, the
man Immigration Canada
treated like an unwelcome
A resident alien he may
have been, but we would all
benefit from more people like
Terry Lavalle on the streets
of Cape Breton. Soft spoken
and unflappably cheerful, all
Terry wants to do is make
music and take care of Pixie.
He says he is currently
attending school, and claims
that being removed from
Cape Breton was a blessing
in disguise. With any luck,
this is the end of Terry and
Pixie’s travels for a long, long
time, and I think I speak for
walk in with your taxes, walk out with your money most of Cape Breton when I
and you could win $5,000 towards a road trip. visit wish them all the best.

come in today or call

1-800-HRBLOCK (472-5625)

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Page 8 // Entertainment The Caper Times
Staying Tuned: Ranting and Raving
is more noticeable than a addict that becomes highly end and is still a legend to
Smells Like a Tribute to Kurt Cobain fire that slowly dies out. Peo- successful and famous. He many people. He is known
ple talk about bigger bangs is said to be the front man of to have turned his own angst
by Eileen Coole more frequently than they a generation and the whole into songs that are well re-
talk about something slowly world wants to be his boy- membered. Nirvana made
Well everyone, cry a nostal- to the end of grunge have dying. What does all of this friend. He hates his uprising, grunge into the fad that we
gic tear because this is the lurked around rock and roll chatter about theories of the which was his own doing, know it as for most of the
end of The Caper Times for communities. Grunge lost death of grunge have to do and keeps threatening to kill 1990’s.
the 2008-2009 school year. its choke-hold to the amount with this issue? himself. Grunge was trapped in
This is it, the final show, the of pop princesses and boy On April 5thof 1994, Kurt He could have walked away a dark well and Nirvana
last call. Get your belong- bands circulating the mass- Cobain, the frontman of from it all. He could have told climbed up the walls of the
ings together because this es. Grunge slowly died be- Nirvana, died of a gunshot the paparazzi and the record well in 1991 with the album
hotel party is over until next cause the ethics of the genre wound. Other theories spec- companies to go shove it up “Nevermind” and pushed the
year. were not the same after it be- ulate about his death and themselves and he could cover open to escape. Kurt
My ideas for the last “Stay- came mainstream, suggest- anyone who follows Kurt have hidden away from the Cobain is seen as the last
ing Tuned” column of the ing that the explosive trend Cobain would know these world and become a hermit most important musician of
year were plentiful. I had a downgraded certain ideals theories. if his fame bothered him that this generation because he
few ideas that were linger- that fans of grunge originally Believe what you want to much. Some musicians, and spear-headed grunge into
ing around. The thought frowned upon. believe about conspiracy, sometimes it is hard to think what it became. When he
processes were bickering Grunge was supposed to hitmen, and Courtney Love. of them, hide away from the died, grunge died with him.
among each other about be about attitude, not solely This column is sticking to the public eye every day and Nirvana, in what seemed like
which idea should get into a marketing ploy for teenag- reported facts of Cobain’s they are seemingly happy as a blink of an eye, changed
the last Staying Tuned col- ers to buy flannel. Ironically, death. It was reported on a clam about it. But he did the 80’s metal scene full of
umn and at the same time, grunge died because it be- April 8th, the day they found not, he was suffering from spandex and hairspray to a
be fitting for the end of the came popular. his body in the garage of the his own doing and really did trend where flannel, doc mar-
2008-2009 school year. The previous gossiped the- household, that Cobain died not do anything to change it. tens, and not caring about
Then, a light bulb turned on ories about grunge are fairly of a gunshot wound by his This makes anyone a dum- anything was cool. Nirvana
upstairs! What better topic credible. They ‘have some own hand. bass, even a beloved rock changed it and Kurt Cobain
for the end of a music column backbone’, as some Cape Let’s face it, Kurt Cobain star. was the poster boy of this
than the end of grunge? Bretoners would phrase it. was a dumbass. You take A dumbass or not, how- change. Rest in peace, Kurt
Many theories pertaining However, a raging explosion this scrawny-looking heroin ever, Kurt Cobain was a leg- Cobain.

Book Review: Good Sainte Anne like a yarn being spun by told on The Rock, and who English and Baptists (“ffouck
a drunken Newfoundland- doesn’t love a good story? the English! Ffouck the Bap-
By Kenny McClean novel what Monty Python is er around a kitchen table, No story is complete with- tists!”). This imagined crew
to Masterpiece Theater. Un- complete with whole pages out pictures, and the child- of “Desperate Good Catlics”
Good Sainte Anne, authored abashedly lowbrow at times, dedicated to explaining an like cartoons of Bramble Is- make no secret of the people
by Prince Edward Islander but exceedingly well written, imagined interruption or land and its inhabitants are they despise.
Anthony Morrisey-Ready, is it is easy to overlook how question. often as funny as the words What Anthony Morrisey-
the first release in a series of well executed the story is be- “...A new fishery was born, accompanying them, up to Ready has created is a frank
stories known collectively as cause of the style in which it by the name of Lobster Fish- and including the sketch of piece of alternate history,
“Tales From the Brambles”. is written. If you have grown ery. (Well they wouldn’t have an Irishman tied bare-naked plausible in its outlandish
Each story, pulished by Que- up in Cape Breton, PEI, or called it Dog Fishery or Cat to a ship’s mast, his nethers hyperbole. Often cringe-in-
bec-based Blind Road Pro- around Newfies, and know Fishery, now would they? swinging down around his ducing, charmingly raunchy,
ductions, chronicles the lives the correct response to Stop interrupting me, for Je- feet. always funny, and unerringly
of the inhabitants of fictitious “what’re ya at?”, then deci- sus sakes!)” The book makes no secret entertaining, Good Sainte
Atlantic Canadian “Bramble phering Good Sainte Anne’s Initial impressions being of its frank nature. The back Anne is the kind of story
Island”. This first installment colloquialisms and vernacu- what they are, the book’s of the book has a laundry list anyone can enjoy, as long
tells about the struggle of lar won’t be an issue. There’s style of narrative comes off of 44 groups of people that as they don’t mind a chapter
bramble islanders to name a glossary at the front of the as a gimmick at first, writ- may be offended after read- or two dedicated to the tale
their new church after their book for those who “come ten in Newfie for a laugh as ing the book, and by God, it of an Irishman with a peck-
beloved patron “Good Sainte from away”, but it would be much as anything else. A hits every one of them, from er like a horse. Interested
Anne”, while facing resis- a difficult story to get into if few pages in, however, the The Holy Ghost, to Turnip readers can find more infor-
tance from an uncooperative one didn’t understand the book becomes hard to put Farmers, to “Hoors”, and mation at the author’s site,
Bishop. language “right off the bat.” down. It’s told just as a word- everyone in between, with
Good Sainte-Anne is to a Good Sainte Anne reads of-mouth story would be special attention paid to the
April 8th, 2009 Entertainment // Page 9
looked for her chocolate I needed to finish it.”
Caper Times Short Story: milk. With that, Mark’s lips grazed
“Our Destination Counts” (Part III) “Jake, have you seen my hers, giving Marlee goose
chocolate milk?” bumps.
By: Brittany Mullins side her. She had forgotten with you some more, just so “Um, yeah. Vanessa used it “Hey, I just forgot-”
“Shhh. It’s okay, Marlee.” that he had the day off for you can get things off your last night to make mudslides. Jake had opened the door
It was then he noticed the once. chest.” I told her it was cool.” to find his fiancé locked in a
marks on her arm. ‘He must be sleeping off his Marlee smiled on the out- Marlee just sighed and kiss with Mark. The two im-
“Marlee, are you hurting hangover,” Marlee thought. side, but mentally screamed grabbed the orange juice. mediately split apart. Jake
yourself?” As she entered the kitchen, and cursed at herself from Later that day, Mark and picked up his keys and
She could not dispute him, she looked out the window. the inside. She wanted noth- Chris showed up at the slammed the door.
even though he was right. Happiness escaped her that ing more than to be wrapped house. Marlee answered the “Oh my God, oh my God,”
She calmed down long morning. To clear her head, in Mark’s arms, but she must door. Marlee kept repeating.
enough to look up at him. she grabbed her coat and settle for friendship; she be- “Oh, hey guys.” “I’m going to get going.
He knew exactly what she went for a walk. longed to Jake. “Hey. Jake here?” Chris in- Just in case he comes back
needed, and he obliged. The air was brisk as she “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that quired. sooner than expected.”
A few hours later, as Marlee moved along the streets. either, actually.” “Yeah. Come in.” Mark left with the same vi-
and Mark were sitting on the Very few people were Marlee and Mark sat at the Mark and Marlee ex- gour as the kiss had.
couch, Jake arrived home, awake. She watched as the table, smiling at one another. changed glances. Marlee was left to revel in
noticeably intoxicated and newspaper was delivered by Marlee felt awkward, like a “Jake! Chris is here!” her thoughts. She could ei-
headed right for the bed- a young boy on a bicycle, childhood crush was sitting Jake came barreling out of ther spend her life hating
room. He did not even bat and wished that her life was across from her. the bedroom, one arm in the what she had, or have to en-
an eyelash towards Mark simple again, not sinful as it “I should probably get go- sleeve of his jacket. ter a world foreign to her for
and Marlee. was now. ing. Jake might wonder “Hey guys! I’m going out. so many years.
“I should get going,” Mark “Marlee?” where I am.” See you later, Marlee.” She left her house without
stated as he got up from his She looked up. “Yeah.” Marlee readied herself for a leaving a note. She walked
perch on the couch. “Oh, hi Mark,” Marlee got up and waved kiss that never came. along the streets, ending up
“Yeah, I should be getting “What are you doing here?” goodbye to Mark. She ven- “Actually, guys, I’m going to at the cliff where Jake had
to bed soon, anyway.” He did not sound mad, more tured back the winding stay here and keep Marlee proposed to her. The air was
“I had a nice time. confused. streets to her modest house company. I’ve already seen damp. The wind picked up
guys throw great get-togeth- “I’m uh, just out for a walk. filled with regret and mis- that movie three times any- quickly from the tides ebb-
ers.” Clear my head.” takes. She opened the door. way,” Mark said. ing and flowing. She did not
Marlee just nodded as she “It’s a bit chilly, don’t you “Where were you?” Jake “Suit yourself,” Chris added know what she was going
opened the door for her think? Why don’t you come asked behind the computer as he and Jake left. to do. She did not know she
guest. in for a minute, you know, to screen. “You could’ve gone. I’m fine was solving her own prob-
“Would it be okay if I called warm up?” “I went for a walk.” here by myself.” lem until she felt the wind
you sometime?” Mark asked Marlee merely nodded, “Hmm.” “I know, but I saw what hap- rush by her ears.
as he was leaving. Mark’s house was just as Opening the fridge, she pened two seconds ago, and
“Sure. I would like that.” quaint as hers. He lived with
Marlee smiled at Mark, and Chris and the mystery wom-
he reflected the sentiment. an who went to the bar. They
She closed the door and were not awake yet, but pic-
leaned against it, feeling the tures and schoolbooks were
happiest she had felt in a scattered about, indicating
long time. that this was their home as
She clamoured to the bed- well.
room and was met with loud “Here, have a seat.” Mark
snoring. Rolling into bed, she said as he pulled a chair out
began to feel guilty about the from the kitchen table. Mar-
events of the previous hours. lee proceeded to sit down.
She had fun with Mark, but “What brings you up so ear-
held an obligation to Jake. ly?” He asked,
She looked at the ring on the “I....I don’t know.”
bedside table. Was it worth it “Look, I wanted to talk about
to spend a lifetime repress- last night.”
ing all the things she loved? ‘Uh oh, I blew it. Wait, why
Her dreams were filled with am I thinking I blew it with
bliss that night. She woke up Mark? I’m not engaged to
smiling and stretched into him.’
the not so empty space be- “I wouldn’t mind hanging out
Page 10 // Entertainment The Caper Times
One Act but Countless Lessons Will You Be a CBU Stu-
dent Next Year?
– Brittany Harnum would gather in the Faculty any actor but the festival of-
Lounge and discuss the fers a chance to smooth out If so, you should come
The One Act Play Festival however, than just the audi- play. She would offer her the rough edges on the up on up and check out the
is a seasonal favorite for ence. The writers and actors critique on everything from rising stars and light a fire for
Caper Times Office.
both writers and theatre go- are put into the spotlight. lighting, to actors to prop the dramatics in their hearts.
ers. As the audience goes Some are familiar faces to placement and on the writer Marguerite was a fabulous
mentor for the festival pro- We keep an open door
they receive the great op- the stage; those that ap- themselves. Nothing was
off limits. She was nothing viding insight to a new gen- policy in our newsroom,
portunity to watch a series of peared in other productions
fun, beautiful and interesting from this season, but there but fair in her judgments, eration. Her energy and love and if you are interested in
plays from the local talent. were also so many new merely stating what worked for the performances was felt saying your piece, report-
It’s never the same play ones. and what didn’t. Everyone by all those who were there. ing some hard news, or are
twice. So if one play didn’t I can almost see Todd His- had a chance to ask ques- Her final advice seemed to just interested in snapping
really appeal to you then cock’s face light up, thinking tions and provide feedback. be this: speak loud, stay in a few pictures, come on
maybe the next one will. of all the fresh faces took Although the little chat could character, keep the flow of up, we can always use the
The variety of characters, their first steps on the in- be quite stressful for the im- the play, and command the help. Here’s the catch:
actors, and plots all rolled timidating Boardmore stage. pressionable new blood it stage you’re on. Oh and
into one night is delightful. They came, they rehearsed was a learning experience most importantly have fun
We Pay
For one example, in one and they were great. New they would never forget. No and enjoy what you do.
night I witnessed the famous aspiring writers threw their play is ever perfect, nor is
women of history display scripts to the anticipating au-
their charms and messages dience, and more important-
to a modern teenage girl, ly to the Festival Adjudicator,
in “Herstory” and the comic Marguerite McNeil.
realization of love and mar- Like I said; the festival isn’t
riage in “An Inconvenient just about the audience. It’s
convenience store”; From about the new talent that the
Cleopatra and Marilyn Mon- One Act Play Festival brings
roe to a stumbling store clerk out. It is about the growth of
and a living magazine rack. the writer and players and
Needless to say it is not your how to make them better.
typical play, but in a way it This is where Marguerite
is. McNeil comes in. McNeil’s
People go to plays to laugh, career in theatre and film has
to cry, to be scared and to be given her the qualifications
shocked. Technically all the for this year’s adjudicator.
mayhem is just a normal day Her studies include studying
out. The theatre is diverse, in New York and London.
each individual actors brings She played many roles
their own personality to the such as Blanche DuBois in
character (whether the di- “Streetcar Named Desire”,
rector likes it or not), the Isadora Duncan in “U.S.A.”,
production crew and design- Abigail in ”The Crucible” just
ers all have their own vision to name a few. Her film ca-
within the scope of the play. reer has been just as busy in-
Perhaps that’s why people cluding “The Divine Ryan’s”,
like plays? Who knows, I’m “Marion Bridge”, “Shattered
not a philosopher (nor can I City, Halifax Explosion” and
pretend to be one- even if I many more. She remains
wanted to) but the diversity very active in the local Ca-
of all the plays at this year’s nadian and Nova Scotia the-
festival was intriguing, there atre scene.
was sure to be something At the end of every night
for everyone. the cast, crew and audi-
There’s more to the play, ence (who chose to go)
April 8th, 2009 Entertainment // Page 11


CBUSU Press Release
After seven weeks of fierce
competition, the Easy Bleed-
ers were declared the win-
ners of Cape Breton Univer-
sity Students’ Union Battle of
the Bands competition. They
will advance to compete at
Acadia University where
they will battle it out with win-
ning bands from participat-
ing university competitions
from across the Maritime
This first ever competition
at CBU featured ten very
talented local groups. Tak-
ing the stage to showcase
their local talents were: Of
All Things, Tomorrow’s At-
traction, Into the Ether, River
Road, Back Pocket Material,
Ricochet, Painting Purple, Photos Courtesy: Chris Lawrence
Bonum Salvo, Thought Ma-
chine, and the Easy Bleed-
ers. Each Band displayed
their own unique genre.
Winners were determined
through a process of elimina-
tion by a panel of three vary-
ing judges who have an inter-
est in the local music scene.
The competition sponsored
by Molson Canadian, The
Giant, and Smashbox Stu-
dio additionally awarded the
winning band with $1,000
and recording time with
Smashbox Studio. The run-
ners-up, Thought Machine,
took home $500.
“The Battle of the Bands
has been a highlight this
year with many students and
we hope that we can make
the competition an annual
event,” remarked Students’
Union Vice President and
President-Elect, Ricky Mc-
Carthy. “The talent was ex-
traordinary, drawing a larger
crowd as each week went
Page 12 The Caper Times

CBUSU would like to wish all students good luck

with their exams, and a safe and happy summer
Thank you, from all of us, here at Cape Breton
University Students’ Union

Comics can be found on

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