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iovation ReputationManager ™

Unlock the Power

of Device ID
to combat online fraud and abuse

Online businesses today face a daunting battle in combatting online

fraud and abuse. Existing identity-based and credit risk scoring systems “iovation has been nothing short of a
miracle. They’ve created what is in
are being challenged by fraudsters and fraud rings. They capitalize on
my opinion the very best third-party
cheap identities they use to repeatedly target a business or industry. anti-fraud system out there.”
Using device identification to establish device reputations and expose
– John Kothanek,
repeat offenders and fraud rings changes everything. Now our clients
Director Risk & Fraud, Obopay
can answer the following questions for any online interaction.

• Have I or my peers seen this PC before?

• Does it have a history of fraud or abuse that I care about?

ReputationManager against a device. The service does not Fact-based Fraud Management
ReputationManager is a Software-as- impact the customer experience and iovation combines device parameters
a-Service (SaaS) solution that reduces does not require any personally and sophisticated pattern matching
operational costs, fraud losses and identifiable information (PII). techniques to accurately identify a
online abuse while supporting user’s device. This is done without
scalability and growth of the online The service is built on iovation’s impacting the user’s online
business. Using device identification Device Reputation Authority™ (DRA) experience—in many cases, without
technology to create reputations for database, the world’s only shared any software downloads. Once a
tens of millions of Internet-enabled device reputation network that customer’s device is uniquely
devices, the service determines within manages the reputations of more than identified, the system develops and
milliseconds whether an online 100 million computers and mobile maintains a fact-based reputation for
transaction is coming from a computer devices worldwide. the device based on its historical
that has a history of fraud or abuse. usage—appropriate or fraudulent—for
Subscribing customers use this Reputation Management Offers: real-time forensic analysis.
information to gain better insight into • Fact-based Fraud Management Subsequently, fraudulent or abusive
the computers accessing their network • Discovery of Hidden Associations activity is uncovered with minimal false
so they can take immediate action • IP Geolocation Data positives to mitigate the risk of
Reputation Manager™

alienating good users or causing console’s forensic capabilities allow Forre s t er Ca se S t udy
operational inefficiencies. Customers investigation and reporting of fraud. If
can, in real-time, query the reputation fraud is associated with one of the
of a device with pre-configured devices or accounts, all associated
business rules that are most relevant
to the transaction being screened. For
devices and accounts can be flagged
at once to prevent repeat offenders
Proven ROI
example, when processing a financial from hiding behind multiple identities. iovation helped a
transaction, a subscriber can query for Fortune 100 company:
evidence of prior fraud or identity theft IP Geolocation Data
while ignoring other types of evidence, Checking an online user’s location is • Identify over 43,000
such as chat abuse or spam. useful in detecting and preventing fraudulent credit
applications in 1st year
fraud when a disproportionate number
Hidden Associations of transactions from that location are • Experience a breakeven
Fraud and abuse is reported against fraudulent. Location data can also be payback within 6 months
accounts or transactions through used for compliance programs with • Save $8 million with a
ReputationManager’s administration regulatory restrictions regarding online 321% ROI
console. A device’s reputation is, in customers’ locations. The geolocation
turn, affected by accounts accessed data provided by ReputationManager
from it or by transactions completed includes country, state/region, city,
using it. Associations among devices and ISP codes. For forensic analysis For every dollar spent
on iovation, customer
and accounts are formed whenever a this data is displayed through the
saved more than $7.
device accesses an account. These system’s console. Additionally,
hidden associations are identified in subscribers can query the system in
real-time, and the administrative real-time for IP geolocation data.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the same device created

100 new accounts within the last hour?

With the New Account

Velocity report, fraud
managers can run
reports specifying a
minimum number of
account creations.
iovation ReputationManager ™

Reputation Sharing The Power of Sharing

• Expands a single network

With Reputation Sharing configured, Using pre-defined evidence
into a centralized, global
a Web site that is protected by categories and types, subscribers fraud database.
iovation ReputationManager can can configure trust rules for
benefit from device reputation real-time fraud and abuse • Subscribers benefit from
peers’ resources, tools,
intelligence contributed to the prevention, such as choosing to
and expertise.
iovation DRA network by other deny a purchase from a device
subscribers to proactively defend associated with chargeback and/or
against online fraud. shipping address fraud submitted
by other trusted subscribers.
If a device is used to access a Subscribers also have the option to
Web site for the first time, the not trust evidence from others in
site benefits from the system’s the network in their real-time
knowledge of any prior fraudulent decisioning but simply to use this
activity from that device submitted shared information for monitoring
by other subscribing sites. purposes.
Subscribers can choose to submit
evidence to the reputation
database with complete anonymity.

Exposes extended relationships

with other networks.

Our clients benefit from the 100 million

devices in our database. Eight percent of
devices are seen at multiple customer sites
across various industries. Even if this is the first
time a device touches your site—if it has a
history of fraud and abuse at another site within
our global network—you’ll know about it.
iovation ReputationManager ™

Reputation Management

Key Features & Attributes Description Benefit

Highly Accurate Device Identification Combines device parameters and Highly accurate and user-transparent
pattern matching techniques to device identification without impacting
uniquely identify devices, without user experience
requiring software downloads
Device and Account Associations Uncovers direct and indirect A proven method for detecting new
device-to-account associations and existing account fraud and fraud
Fact-Based Fraud Management Uses the reputation of the Enables fraud control without false
customer’s device to detect and positives to avoid impacting good
prevent online fraud customers
Real-time Reputation Queries Return the reputation of a device Offers ease of integration and support
based on pre-defined business for transaction specific risk
rules and evidence types relevant assessment
to the transaction
IP Geo-location data Provides country, state/region, city, Enables geographic risk assessment
and ISP codes associated with the and compliance to regulatory
IP address of the user’s device requirements
Comprehensive Fraud Management Reporting and analysis tool for Fraud managers can efficiently
Reports fraud analysts and customer perform forensic analysis, monitor and
service representatives prevent fraud
Audit Logs Audit log of device access Ensures system access policies are
attempts and user logins being followed to meet internal and
external compliance & audit needs
Business Rules Customize the fraud categories This provides a highly flexible system
you care about and whose that allows you to tune your response
evidence you will act on to unique fraud management evidence

Reputation Sharing

Key Features & Attributes Description Benefit

Shared Device Allows subscribing companies to Offers a highly proactive fraud

Reputation share device reputation/evidence management capability guarding
information to proactively combat against known fraud
online fraud

Reputation Trust Rules Configurable rules for sharing and Enables you to act on your own
taking action based on evidence information or also act on your peers’
submitted by other subscribers information—We give you the flexibility

Audit Logs Provides an audit log of customer Ensures meeting internal and external
access attempts and devices compliance needs

For more information and a demonstration on how iovation

ReputationManager can help you combat online fraud and abuse within
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