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Blender 2.

5 Key Bindings
Select Pan Zoom Add Object Delete Search for function Toolbar Properties Save File Render Render Animation Stop Render Save Render Show Last Render Undo Redo Basics Right Click Middle Click Mouse Wheel Shift + A X Spacebar T N Ctrl + S F12 Ctrl + F12 Esc F3 F11 Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Shift + Z General Shift + D M Ctrl + M H Alt + H Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C Ctrl + P Alt + P Ctrl + T Alt + T Shift + C Ctrl + Spacebar Ctrl + G Make Face Subdivide Extrude Rip Separate Create Loopcut Proportional Editing Select Edge Loop Make Seam/Sharp Merge Vertices Mirror Shrink/Fatten Knife Fill Beauty Fill Add Subdivision Level Modelling F W E V P Ctrl + R O Alt + Right Click Ctrl + E Alt + M Ctrl + M Alt + S K + Click Alt + F Shift + Alt + F Ctrl + 1/2/3/4 Armatures Add Bone E / Ctrl + Click Rotate Ctrl + R Recalculate Roll Ctrl + N Align Bones Ctrl + Alt + A Move to Bone Layers M View Bone Layers Shift + M Set Bone Flag Shift + W Switch Bone Direction Alt + F Scroll Hierarchy ]/[ Select Hierarchy Shift ] / [ Select Connected L Animation Play/Stop Animation Alt + A Play Animation in Reverse Alt + Shift + A Next Frame Right Arrow Previous Frame Left Arrow Forward 10 Frames Up Arrow Back 10 Frames Down Arrow Jump to Start Point Shift + Left Arrow Jump to End Point Shift + Right Arrow Scroll through frames Alt + Mouse Wheel Insert Keyframe I Remove Keyframe Alt + I Jump to Next Keyframe Ctrl + Page Up Jump to Previous Keyframe Ctrl + Page Down

Duplicate Move to Layer Mirror Hide Unhide Move Origin Point Parent To Clear Parent Track To Clear Track Reset 3D Cursor Turn Widget On/Off Add to Group

Editing Curves Close Path Alt + C Add Handle Ctrl + Click Subdivide W Tilt Ctrl + T Clear Tilt Alt + T Change Handle to Bezier H Change Handle to Vector V Revert to Default Handle Shift + H Sculpting Change Brush Size F Change Brush Strength Shift + F Rotate Brush Texture Ctrl + F

Movements Move G Rotate R Scale S Precise Movements [Hold] Shift Increment Movements [Hold] Ctrl Lock to Axis Middle Click or X/Y/Z Navigation Numpad 7 Numpad 1 Numpad 3 Ctrl + Numpad 1/3/7 Numpad 0 Numpad . Shift + F Selection Right Click Shift + Right Click A Alt + Right Click L Ctrl + L B C Ctrl + Click Ctrl + I Fly Mode Shift + F Mouse Wheel Up Mouse Wheel Down Middle Click W S A D R F

Top View Front View Side View Opposite View Camera View Zoom to Object Fly Mode

Changing Modes Edit/Object Mode TAB Vertex Paint Mode V Weight Paint Mode Ctrl + TAB Cycle Workspace Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow Logic Editor Shift + F2 Node Editor Shift + F3 Console Shift + F4 3d Viewport Shift + F5 F-Curve Editor Shift + F6 Buttons Shift + F7 Video Sequence Editor Shift + F8 Outliner UV/Image Editor Text Editor Shift + F9 Shift + F10 Shift + F11

Apply Pose Clear Pose Rotation Clear Pose Location Clear Pose Scale Copy Pose Pase Pose Add IK Remove IK Add to Bone Group Relax Pose

Pose Mode Ctrl + A Alt + R Alt + L Alt + S Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Shift + I Ctrl + Alt + I Ctrl + G Alt + E

Select Object Select Multiple (De)Select All Select Object Behind Select Linked Select All Linked Box Select Circle Select Lasso Tool Inverse Selection

Append File Fullscreen Mode Maximize SubWindow Change active Camera Use Render Buffer Only Render Selected Only Render Portion

Advanced Shift + F1 Alt + F11 Ctrl + Up Ctrl + 0 J W Shift + B Ctrl + U Ctrl + F4

Timeline Set Start Frame S Set End Frame E Show All Frames Home Add Marker M Move Marker Right Click Drag Toggle Frames/Seconds Ctrl + T

Save Over Default Scene Make Screencast

Start Fly Mode Accelerate Decelerate Pan Fly Forward Fly Backwards Fly Left Fly Right Fly Up Fly Down

Node Editor Add Node Shift + A Cut Links Ctrl + Left Mouse Hide/Unhide Node H Make Group Ctrl + G Ungroup Alt + G Edit Group TAB Move Background Alt + Middle Mouse Zoom In Background V Zoom Out Background Alt + V Properties N

Video Sequence Editor Switch to Editor Shift + F8 Next Strip Page Up Previous Strip Page Down Split Strips K Lock Strip Shift + L Unlock Strip Shift + Alt + L Copy Strip Ctrl + C Paste Strip Ctrl + V Separate Images Y Snap Strip to Scrubber Shift + S