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II B.Tech II Semester(R05) Supplementary Examinations, December 2010 MECHANICS OF FLUIDS (Mechanical Engineering) Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80 Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks

1. (a) For measuring small pressure dierences, explain with sketches how an inclined U-tube manometer is used. (b) Explain three conditions of equilibrium of a oating body. [8+8] 2. A two-dimensional ow eld is given by = 3xy, determine: (a) The stream function (b) The velocity at L(2,6) and M (6,6) and the pressure dierence between the points L and M. (c) The discharge between the streamlines passing through the points L and M. 3. An open circuit wind tunnel draws air from the atmosphere through a well contoured nozzle. In the test section, where the ow is straight and nearly uniform, a static pressure tap is drilled into the tunnel wall. A manometer connected to the tap shows that the wall pressure within the tunnel is 45 mm of water below atmospheric. Assume that air is incompressible and at 250 C, pressure is 100 Kpa(absolute). Calculate the velocity in the wind tunnel section. Density of water is 999kg/m3 and characteristic gas constant for air is 287 J/Kg K. [16] 4. (a) Derive an expression for discharge as liquids through a rectangular notch. (b) A 120mm 60mm venturimeter with Cd = 0.98 is to be replaced by an orice meter having a value of Cd = 0.6, is both the meters are to give the same dierential mercury monometer reading for a discharge of 100 lit/sec and the inlet diameter to remain 125 mm. what should be the diameter of orice. [7+9] 5. (a) Explain with a neat sketch the boundary layer characteristics when a uid is owing over a at plate. (b) A thin at plate 0.3 m wide and 0.6 m long is suspended and exposed parallel to air owing with a velocity of 3 m/sec. Calculate drag force on both sides of the plate when the 0.3 m edge is oriented parallel to free stream. Consider ow to be laminar and assume for air kinematic viscosity is 0.18 stokes and density is 1.2 kg/m3 . [10+6]






6. (a) Derive Darcy-Weisbach equation for loss of head in a pipe. (b) Two tanks are connected by a 300 mm diameter 1000 m long pipe. Find the rate of ow if the dierence of water level in the tank is 10 m. Take 4f = 0.04 and ignore minor losses. [10+6] 7. A Flow of 420 liters/min of oil of specic gravity 0.91 and viscosity 1.24 poise is pumped through a pipeline 75mm diameter having a length of 62m and whose outlet is 3m higher than its inlet. Estimate the power required for the pump if its eciency is 60%. [16] 8. (a) what is the relation between pressure and density of a compressible uid for? i. Isothermal process ii. Adiabatic process. (b) A gas is owing through a horizontal pipe at a temperature of 40 C. The diameter of the pipe is 8cm and at a section I in the pipe, the pressure is 30.3N/cm2 (gauge). The diameter of the pipe changes from 8cm to 4cm at the section II, where pressure is 20.3N/cm2 (gauge). Find the velocities of the gas at these sections assuming an isothermal process. Take R=287.14Nm/Kg.K and atmosphere pressure=10N/ cm2 . [6+10]