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Youth Devotional

©Tad Wychopen 2009

Week 4, Day 1
Daily Reading: John 6:22-29; Ephesians 2:8-9; Proverbs 9

Do you remember the context for this passage? Go back and read John 6:1-21.
Whenever you study the Bible, it is important to know the context of the passage.

1.) When the people came back looking for Jesus, what did they have to do to find

2.) What question did the people ask Jesus Christ?

3.) Did Jesus specifically answer that question?

4.) Why were the people seeking Jesus?

Explanation: Many people come to church looking to get something. They want to
get something free, something that feels good, or something that satisfies their
temporal, physical needs. However, Jesus wants to give something to people that will
help their spiritual needs. Unfortunately, many people do not understand their
spiritual need of salvation.

5.) In verse 28, the people ask Jesus a question. Please explain that question in
your own words.

6.) Who gives the food for everlasting life?

7.) What was Jesus’ answer to the question in verse 28?

8.) Do you think this is the answer that people expected?

Explanation: The people were expecting Christ to give them a job list so that they
could do great works like Christ. They did not want to know how to serve Jesus or how
to obey him; they were looking for more food! They wanted signs and miracles, but
Jesus said, “Believe!”
~Our job, our responsibility is to believe! When a person truly believes Jesus, they will
obey him. Read Ephesians 2:8-9. How is a person saved?

Day 2
Daily Reading: John6:30-40; Romans 8:31-39; Psalm 10

Have you noticed all the little bread and bakery shops that are opening in Kaohsiung?
Have you tried some of the bread from these stores? In many countries, bread or grain
is the main food. The people in this passage were confused when Jesus said these
words, “I am the bread of life.”

1.) What did the people want so they could see and believe?

2.) Who gave the true bread from heaven?

3.) In verse 33, Jesus describes the bread of heaven. Who is the bread of heaven?
4.) According to verse 37, what will NEVER happen to those that come to Jesus?

5.) Of the people that come to Jesus, how many people will He lose?

6.) Read Romans 8:31-39. What can separate a believer from the love of God?

Explanation: Some people teach that a believer can lose their salvation. According to
John 6:37-39 and Romans 8:31-39, those that are saved are eternally secure in Christ.
Please memorize John 6:37&39. If you are a true Christian, these verses will help you
know that your position in Christ is secure! We should rejoice in the fact that Christ’s
power keeps us eternally saved!

7.) How does one become eternally secure in Christ? (Verse 40)

Application: God is the one that gives the power to save. We are incapable of doing
enough good works to save ourselves; however, God gives us the responsibility to
~Have you turned from your sin and believed in Jesus Christ? If you have, then rejoice
in your eternal security!

Day 3
Scripture Reading: John 6:41-60; Exodus 16:11-16, 31; Proverbs 10

It is important to notice the sovereignty of God in salvation. Man has a responsibility

to believe, but God is the source of salvation. In these verses, we see the fact of Jesus
as the Bread of Life.

1.) Read Exodus 16:11-16, 37. How does that relate to what Jesus is saying in John

2.) In verses 53-57, was Jesus wanting people to literally start eating his body?

3.) Did the Jews understand what Jesus Christ was saying? (Verse 52)

Explanation: Jesus was using a metaphor, and he was connecting the story of the
manna from the wilderness (Exodus 16) to his audience. The audience thought that
hey needed to eat his body and drink his blood physically, but he was saying
something completely different. They were missing the spiritual truth. Christ was
saying something along the lines of this, “Just as eating and drinking are necessary for
physical life, so believing and accepting Christ as your Savior are critically important
for your spiritual life!” Without food and water you’ll physically die. Without Christ,
you will spiritually die.

4.) According to verse 58, how does one live forever?

5.) Explain the meaning of this passage in your own words.

Application: How important is Jesus Christ in your life? Do you treat Gods Word as
you should? Most people would NEVER go the whole day without food, but many
people will go all day without any spiritual food. Today, try to meditate on the
importance of Jesus Christ in your life.
Day 4
Daily Reading: John 6:60-71; Psalm 11

Have you ever been rejected by your friends? Sometimes people don’t agree with
what we say or do. That is especially hard to take when we know that what we said or
did is the actual truth. It is sad to see people reject the truth! Many people rejected
Jesus Christ while he was alive, and many people still reject him today.

1.) What was it that some of the followers of Christ had trouble understanding?

2.) According to verse 63, what are the words of Christ?

3.) What happened in verse 66?

4.) Why did that happen?

5.) Read 1 Peter 2:6-8. What happened to the true Cornerstone (Jesus Christ)?

Explanation: Many people rejected Jesus because they thought that his message was
too difficult. Those that turn away from Christ evidence the fact that they were never
really had true salvation.

Application: Read John 6:68-69. Do you believe the same thing that Peter did? After
reading John 6:68-69, why do you think it is so important to trust Jesus Christ?

Jesus’ message is the same today as it was when he was alive on earth. We must
believe in him and commit ourselves to him. Are you willing to do that or are you
going to turn away from Christ because his teachings are too difficult?

Day 5
Daily Reading: John 7:1-13; Proverbs 11

Most people want to be accepted by their peers. Much of the world’s philosophy of life
is based on peer pressure. However, Christians should not be concerned with being
accepted and pleasing others; a Christian should be concerned with pleasing God!

1.) Why didn’t Jesus walk in Galilee?

2.) What were Jesus’ bothers wanting him to do in Judea at the feast?

3.) Did the Jesus’ brothers believe in him?

4.) Why didn’t Jesus do what his brothers asked? (verses 6-9)

5.) What did Jesus do after his brothers had left?

6.) How did the people at that feast feel about Jesus?

7.) Whose commands did Jesus follow, his brothers, or God the Fathers?

Explanation/Application: Jesus’ brothers wanted him to go put on a miracle show,

but that was not God’s perfect will. Even though men may have thought it was a good
idea, Jesus didn’t do it. He was concerned about obeying God no matter what
happened! Christ’s example is excellent for us to follow. Who are you trying to please-
God or Man? Why?

~Write a prayer out to God telling Him of your commitment to Him. Ask God to help
you live for Him each day and to help you when you feel pressure to disobey.

Day 6
Daily Reading: John 7:14-31 ; Psalm 12

Jesus Christ never backed down from people challenging God’s authority. Christ knew
that He was on a divine mission from God his father. He knew whom his authority was
from, so he was fearless.

1.) Who was Jesus seeking to glorify?

Explanation: Circumcision was a very important part of the Law of Moses. The
Sabbath was also very important. A male child had to be circumcised eighth days
after birth. Sometimes that eighth day fell on a Sabbath. This was not really a
problem; they would just do that on the Sabbath day. The Jews did not condemn
themselves even thought “technically” this was breaking the Sabbath. However, the
Jews got terribly upset at Jesus for healing on the Sabbath day! They had a double
standard for Jesus!

2.) What do you think Jesus meant in verse 24?

3.) What was Jesus meaning when he said, “I have not come of myself.”? (verse 28)

4.) Did all the people reject Jesus? (verse 30-31)

Application: From this section, we can see that Christ’s complete concern was to
please His Father. Christ came to do his fathers will even if it meant that the Jews,
God’s chosen people, rejected Him. Are you ready to face rejection because of your
beliefs about God? How much of your day to you meditate on what God wants for your

Day 7
Daily Reading: Proverbs 12

Read Proverbs 12.

In Proverbs 12, there are many descriptions of the foolish, wicked, and lazy
person. Write down at least five things that these people do.
In Proverbs 12, there are many contrasts to those people as well as descriptions of the
wise and righteous person. Write down at least five characteristics of the wise and
righteous person.