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Performance of Hubballi-Dharwad MLAs on Karnataka Legislators Local Area Development Scheme
RASTR has analysed the usage of funds under the Karnataka Legislators Local Area Development Scheme (KLLADS) by four MLAs of Hubballi-Dharwad. Under KLLADS, each MLA is entitled to recommend developmental works in her constituency up to one crore rupees. The detailed policy on KLLADS is available on the website of the Planning, Programme Monitoring & Statistics Department, Government of Karnataka at

http://www.planning.kar.nic.in/node/19/index.html The results of the analysis are provided here below for the information of the citizens.
Sl. Assembly Assembly No. Constituency Constituency Name No. MLA 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 Total % Spending out of allocated (4 yrs only) Rs. (Lakh) 50 50 44 50 50 50 50 51 40 50 50 40 Rs. (Lakh) 150 150 127 150 150 132 150 150 108 150 150 101 Rs. (Lakh) 100 100 62 100 100 63 100 100 54 100 99 66 Rs. Rs. (Lakh) (Lakh) 100 400 93 393 42 274 100 99 32 100 94 41 100 76 9 400 399 277 400 394 244 400 375 215




Seema Masuti

Allocated Recommended Disbursed




HubliDharwadEast (SC) HubliDharwadCentral HubliDharwadWest

Allocated Veerabhadra Recommended Haalaharavi Disbursed Jagadish Shettar Allocated Recommended Disbursed







Allocated Chandrakant Recommended Bellad Disbursed


Ideally, the government is expected to declare all the information related to KLLADS in a comprehensive manner through the website http://kllads.kar.nic.in/MLAWise_reports.aspx However, the site is just empty as seen from the snapshot taken for CM Jagadish Shettar’s www.rastr.in Tel: +91.9916135836, +91.9886024990 email: info@rastr.in

Constituency, Hubli-Dharwad Central (73).

The information presented here is obtained under the RTI Act, 2005 after prolonged struggle through 1st and 2nd Appeals with the Karnataka Information Commission over the past one year. It is seen from the table on the first page that all the four MLA’s have failed to utilize the amount allocated for their constituencies in all the past four years. While Shri Bellad could spend only 54% of the amount allocated, Shri Shettar comes 2nd from bottom with only 61% utilization in the last 4 years. What this means to the citizens of the twin cities is that they are denied development to that extent. Many roads, lakes, toilets, parks, hospitals, and schools could have improved by proper use of these funds. But it is inexplicable why the MLAs have chosen not to benefit their constituents by the fund the government has provided. Even out of the amount spent by the MLAs, the Deputy Commissioner’s office, Dharwad failed to provide complete details of the end beneficiaries in many cases.

(Santosh P. Nargund) Trustee

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