Topic:Reduction in batch/line setting time of a production line for new style.

Objectives:1. To explore and study the activities in a production line and the system of line setting. 2. To formulate a way to reduce line setting time in a production line for a new style.

Literary Review:What is a production line? Production line means: - An arrangement in a factory in which a thing being manufactured is passed through a set linear sequence of mechanical or manual operations. In a garment factory when a garment is made it has to go through various processes of cutting ,sewing , quality checks etc. in which the production line setting has to be done for every change in the style. Higher productivity brings higher margin in a business. And increment in Productivity level reduces garment manufacturing cost. Hence factory can make more profit through productivity improvement. Individual operator efficiency, efficiency of a production line or batch or section is important for a factory. Daily line efficiency shows the line performance. Hence, we know our progress towards our goal. Engineers and production managers always look for a way to improve factory’s labor productivity. But they look over things that lower labor productivity. “Higher line setting time” is one of the most visible reasons at present that reduces factory’s overall productivity. When it takes longer time for setting a line, most of the operators sit idle. That means operators are not utilized in producing garment and operator productivity falls resulting high labor cost. 1

Reason . 3. To reduce the line setting time. feedback from the market place made more rapid and replenishment times compressed.It has been observed that a line reaches at its pick productivity level on day 6-7 after loading of an order. The ability to respond to the customer requirements on a timely basis has always been a fundamental element of the marketing concept. Increase in efficiency means reduction in cost per garment. Following this method you will select highly skilled operators for higher work content operations. 2. 2 . Thus there is a pressure on the supply chain and logistics Functions to find the ways in which product development times can be reduced. So to maintain line productivity level you have to work on minimising line setting time or throughput time. The time lost in the initial days (learning curve) brings down the average labor productivity for whole style. This reduces overall machine productivity and line efficiency. Happy employees make managers (owners) happy by producing extra units of garments. Methodology:1. prepare operation bulletin with machine requirement and machine layout plan prior to feeding cuttings to the line. At time of line setting select operators for the operation matching operator skill history and skill required. Purpose of balancing a line is to reduce operator’s idle time or maximize operator utilization. To develop a way to reduce the line setting time of the production line for a new style. However there has been a pressure to accelerate with the responsiveness of the marketing systems. To study the production line of the garment factory.lot of time is lost during setting of the line for a new style. To study the existing line setting system of a production line. In a balanced line work will flow smoothly and no time will be lost in waiting for work. To interact with the officials of the factory and analyse the problems faced during setting a production line. engineers have to study the garment thoroughly. ‘Time Based competitions’ has become the Norm in markets from Banks to Automobiles. 4.

Reduction of manufacturing cost 2. Happy employees. 4. less labor absenteeism and improved employee retention rate. Improved factory capacity.Expected Outcomes:If the line setting time is reduced than: 1. As a result more option for revenue generation with same capital resources. 3 . Employee motivation is possible through sharing profits earned though efficiency increment. More accurate product costing based on order quantity 3.

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