Sun City has four sporty golf courses.


un City
America's Most Famous Resort-Retirement Community

Visit the Country Club World of

You may dance the buckles off your shoes, whatever your dance is.

You can have a back yard like this in Sun City.

Sun City is an outstanding example of one of the nation's few communities designed and planned to create an environment where people may live in a country club atmosphere, among warm friends, in comfortable homes, with almost all human activities at hand and located in a sunny, warm climate. Sun City is as pretty as a garden. You will see this on your first drive through. Palm-lined boulevards. Lush green shrubbery and flower-trimmed streets and houses. Lovely well-kept homes. That's what you'll see in Sun City. What about recreational, arts and crafts facilities? You will be surprised to learn that professionallyequipped facilities for these activities are yours to use for $20 a year, per person. You can play golf for less than 500 a round, annual basis. Sun City has over 125 civic, social and cultural organizations which you may join. There are more than 150 stores and services for your convenience. A warm smile and a friendly wave ... that is the hallmark of Sun Citizens. They come from all walks of life. They are successful people. They are substantial people. They are interesting people and they are the grandest companions you'll ever meet. These are some of the reasons Sun City is known as America's most famous ResortRetirement Community.


Every street is a beautiful street in Sun City.

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TOWN H SUN CITY ACIIA7::1 MONDAY, DECEMBER 8: All Day All Arts & Crafts rooms are open 8:00 A.M. Lapidary 8:30 A.M. Ladies Round Dance Class 9:00 A.M. Ceramics Workshop 9:00 A.M. Sewing Techniques Club 9:00 A.M. Sewing Instruction Class 9:00 A.M. Silvercraft Class 10:00 A.M. Kaffee Klatch 12:00 noon Men's Club 12:30 P.M. Sun-Grams Club 1:00 P.M. Duplicate Bridge 1:00 P.M. Open Sewing 5:30 P.M. Rose & Garden Society TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9: All Day All Arts & Crafts rooms are open 8:00 A.M. Lapidary 8:30 A.M. Ceramics — Molding Beg. _ 9:00 A,M. Art Class 9:00 A.M. Mosaics 9:00 A.M. Rhythm Class 9:00 A.M. Silvercraft Workshop 9:00 A.M. Sewing Instruction Class 9:30 A.M. Art Class 12:00 noon Men's Club 1:00 P.M. Art Club Business & Social Meeting 1:00 P.M. Pinochle 1:00 P.M. Sun City Square Club 1:00 P.M. Ceramics — Freeform Workshop 1:00 P.M. China Painting Beginners 1. :00 P.M. Silvercraft Class 2:00 P.M. D.A.R. Meeting 7:00 P.M. Euchre Club 7:15 P.M. Duplicate Bridge 7:30 P.M. 3-Round Bridge 7:30 P.M. Goren Bridge 7:30 P.M. Democratic Club 7:30 P.M. Movies WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10: All Day All Arts & Crafts rooms are open 8:00 A.M. Lapidary 9:00 A.M. Art Class 9:00 A.M. Art Class 9:00 A.M. Ceramics 9:00 A.M. Silvercraft Workshop 9:30 A.M. Girl's Ranch Auxiliary 9:30 A.M. Stitch & Knit 9:30 A.M. Women's Chorus 10:00 A.M. Shuffleboard Club Meeting 12:00 noon Men's Club 1:00 P.M. Art Class 1:00 P.M. Bridge-cite Club 1:00 P.M. Ceramics — Freeform 1:00 P.M. China Painting 1:30 P.M. Bridge Club 2:00 P.M. Rhythm Ramblers 7:30 P.M. Camera Club 7:30 P.M. Men's Club — Games Nite 7:30 P.M. Rhythm Ramblers 8:00 P.M. Continental Dance 8:00 P.M. Sun City Sun Dancers THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11: All Day All Arts & Crafts rooms are open 8:00 A.M. Lapidary 8:30 A.M. Ceramics — Advanced Molding 9:00 A.M. Art Class 9:00 A.M. Handbell Ringers 9:00 A.M. Needlecraft Club



Impromptu neighborhood parties . [ha[ is part of life in Sun City.

Every town has its villain but in Sun City, it's just an act.

Shuffleboard is fun!

Beginner or pro ... all are welcome.


S C of December 8-14, 1969 :]0 A.M. Leathercraft A.M. Puppet Club :30 A.M. Ladies Duplicate Bridge 30 noon Women's Shuffleboard Snack Lunch :00 noon Men's Club :00 P.M. Art Class :00 P.M. Ceramics - Mud Hens :00 P.M. China Painting :30 P.M. Dean Witter - Investments :00 P.M. Round Dance .:30 P.M. Bridge Club .:30 P.M. Coin Club AY, DECEMBER 12: All Day All Arts & Crafts rooms are open :00 A.M. Lapidary :30 A.M. Ladies Gym Class :00 A.M. Art Class :00 A.M. Ceramics 130 A.M. Handbell Ringers :00 A.M. Mosaic Club :00 A.M. Newcomer's Coffee :30 A.M. Knitting Club :30 A.M. Unity of Sun City, Religious Class :00 noon Men's Club ,:00 P.M. Canasta 1:00 P.M. Ceramics - Freeform 1:00 P.M. China Painting 1:00 P.M. Ladies Bridge :00 P.M. Lapidary Instructions 1:30 P.M. Silvercraft Business Meeting 2:00 P.M. Tops -:00 P.M. Sun City Sun Dancers - :30 P.M. Camera Club 8:00 P.M. Diner's Fugazy Travel Program 3:00 P.M. Jewish Congregation Service E, :15 P.M. Congregation - Beth Shalom - Service 5:30 P.M. Sun City Sun Dancers TURDAY, DECEMBER 13: ;3:30 A.M. Sun City Male Chorus '9:00 A.M. Art Workshop 1:00 A.M. Men's Club 1 - :00 P.M. Pinochle -:30 P.M. Dutch Treat Club 1:00 P.M. Variety Club Dance 5:30 P.M. Dance Club

Lawn bowlers, pros and beginners, love Sun City's many manicured greenswards.

In Rancho Estates you enjoy horse privileges.

Ladies love golf too!

Reading never goes out of style.

A wood-carver

INDAY, DECEMBER 14: -:00 A.M. Roman Catholic Mass 5:00 A.M. Episcopal Service 6:15 A.M. Roman Catholic Mass Lutheran Service • 9:00 A.M. 9:30 A.M. Roman Catholic Mass 9:30 A.M. Christian Science Service 1 9:30 A.M. United Church Service 10:00 A.M. Methodist Service 10:00A.M. Presbyterian Service 30 A.M. Baptist Service 10 :30 A.M. Lutheran Service k1:00 A.M. Roman Catholic Service A.M. Episcopal Service 1.1 :00 A.M. Lutheran Missouri Synod - Service :00 A.M. United Church of Christ Service al A.M. United Church Service 15 P.M. Roman Catholic Mass :00 P,M. Family Barbecue r 7:00 P.M. Baptist Service z _00 P.M. Sun City Symphony Concert The Sun City lake is stocked with game fish.



Mixed-foursome tournaments are popular.

Learn [o make your own jewelry.

Water, sunshine, and good talk

RECREATION ... To create anew, rest ties and opportunities in Sun City are community in America. The Sun City Community Associa' bine outstanding recreational facilities crafts. Each has rooms for meetings am have heated Riviera-size pools for your Each center has illuminated shuffi ment players and beautifully manicure munity facilities also include three be tennis courts, a tricky miniature golf cc for pool or billiards and a 33-acre fingc Expert advice or formal instructio equipped studios and shops for the ar have developed remarkable skills in je or needlework. Others have turned to raphy or gardening for personal expres The cost of all this — just $20 per pi fee entitles you to participate in all Cor enjoy the complete facilities of all four The Recreational Centers are soda room dances are scheduled regularly of Sun City musical activities include dance bands and jazz combos, the sixtytra, and the Sun City handbell ringers. tunities for musically talented persons Sun City has a beautiful 1,100 seat is adaptable for dramatic production smaller auditorium in Town Hall Cent Sun City Players as well as for many c Exciting entertainment is provided Sun City's beautifully landscaped 7,50( popular Celebrity Series productions. from the world of show business are pri GOLF . . Sun City is a golfers pal championship courses (one is private) associations for both men and women. each year. Residents may take their 0 1AT at the pro shops. If a couple buys an at for less than 50t per round. Of course, I day, which many people do. There is a from the golfer's point-of-view each or America are such golf facilities so readi CIVIC AND SOCIAL ORGANIZA groups, social clubs and service organ pendently organized, and are operated of these organizations utilize the facili activities cover a broad range of interE


Sun City residents enjoy almost every or recreational activity imaginable. Th facilities which Sun City has to offer, 1 diversity and vitality of the people who The calendar below lists the actin Sun City. How many of the subjects at

re. refresh The recreational faciliunmatched by any resort-retirement on has four great centers which cornvith complete equipment for arts and classes of every description. All four year-round enjoyment. board courts for beginners or tournagreenswards for lawn bowling. Cornu tiful therapeutic pools, two lighted rse, a billiard room with eight tables -shaped lake for fishing and boating. is available in Sun City's completely and crafts, and many Sun Citizens -elry making, leathercraft, carpentry, tainting, mosaics, ceramics, photogon and satisfaction. 5 on per year. This mandatory annual rnunity Association Activities and to eat Recreational Centers. centers too. Square dances and ballthe Sun City calendar of events. choruses for both men and women, e piece Sun City Symphony Orchescourse, there are also many opporall of Sun City's churches. - ditorium in Town Hall South which cinema, concerts and dances. The is the scene for productions of the C and social events. r:- .ghout the year in the Sun Bowl, =phitheater. This is where the many famous personalities There are already four 18-hole lure are planned. There are golf d a full slate of tournaments is held H carts on the courses, or rent them 7_1,-3 golf membership, they can play t would mean playing almost every nice of golf membership plans, and Is a good deal because nowhere in at hand and so inexpensive to play. ONS . . There are over AO civic 'ions in Sun City. These are indeand for their own members. Many _ of the Community Centers. Their and purposes.

Tennis ... day or night

This mini-golf course is a true test for putters.


Leathercraft — a western art

Bridge is big in Sun City.

:Teative, cultural, civic, social . - 77iv indicates the outstanding remonstrates the remarkable s_-_±..eduled for a typical week in t: you?

® The Arizona Bank


First Church of Christ, Scientist

Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church

Sun City Medical Arts Building

Thunderbird Bank

el St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

e) The United Methodist Church


Mr. Del E. Webb is the founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Del E. Webb Corporation, one of the largest and most respected construction, hotel and development companies in the United States. While much of its activity is in the heavy construction field, the Company is widely known as a pioneer in the field of Resort-Retirement Communities. Mr. Webb saw the need for resort-type communities where energetic, resourceful people like himself could live in an environment commensurate with their customary living habits and surroundings while being able to engage in interests of their own choosing. To create such an environment, Mr. Webb took the position that community facilities would have to be complete and virtually self-sufficient for even the earliest residents. It would have to have diversified shopping facilities, medical facilities and services, a

Outdoor living in privacy

Water holes are knuckle-whiteners!

Del E. Webb




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Sun City is located 12 miles from Phoenix, a city famous for its sunny winters and mild year-round climate. Because of its climate and unlimited recreational and cultural activities, Phoenix has become a favorite winter vacation land for tourists from all over the world. The area has many fine restaurants; it offers a variety of theatrical events throughout the year; it has a ranking symphony orchestra; it has horse and dog racing tracks; it is the home of sev-

C --`75 :4:..?;:et.! in the center of one of the most scenic states in America.

Sun City is located in the Valley of The Sun which is the driest, sunniest, clearest resort area in the United States. Averaging 220 clear days each year, it has more sunshine than any other part of the country. Beginning in June, daytime weather is consistently quite warm; however, the low humidity and prevalence of swimming pools

7. :_e warm smile -- the hallmark of Sun Citizens.


wide range of quality apartments and houses and magnificent recreational and golf facilities. Above all, the community would have to be designed to have a warm, neighborly and attractive atmosphere. We believe the objectives envisioned by Mr. Webb have been realized in Sun City, Arizona. Great Mr. Webb ideas precede great actions had the idea. As a matter of general interest, the Del E. Webb Corporation has built some of the most outstanding buildings and landmarks in America. A few of these are: the new Los Angeles County Art Museum, Angel's baseball stadium in Anaheim, Anaheim Convention Center, Beverly Hilton Hotel and the new Madison Square Garden in New York City. Xerox, Polaroid, RCA Whirlpool, Swift and ITT are just a few of the well-known names in industry that have Webb-built plants and offices at Oak Brook near Chicago.

Golf courses and streams wind through Sun City.

eral major league spring training camps and :t has many fine golf courses. Have no doubt about it, Sun City is where the action is. Sun City is only a half-day's drive to many of America's most scenic spots; Grand Canyon; Oak Creek Canyon; the White Mountain fishing country; the world's largest Ponderosa pine forest; Petrified Forest; Monument Valley and many others. It would aequire years to visit and enjoy them all yet they are just a short drive from Sun City.

All roads lead to Sun City.

Sun City's 33-acre lake attracts fishermen.

and air conditioning make living more cornLrtable than in other parts of the country. Mild temperatures prevail from October May when days are generally called spring-like" by people from Northern or Eastern parts of the country. For year-round comfort Sun City is tough beat!


In Sun City you can sail from your own back yard.

® Walter 0. Boswell Memorial Hospital

0 Sun City North Golf Coarse Pro Shop

Town Hall Recreational Center North

Sun City Lakes West Golf Course and Pro Shop

0 Western Savings and Loan

United Church of Sun City

0 First National Bank of Arizona

Lakeview Recreational Center

44:4 0(0jrlf:ve,'",(2,.,
United Presbyterian Church 0 United States Post Office

0 Sun Bowl Outdoor Amphitheater

0 Kings Inn Motor ffotel and Restaurant



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li][1],_ .1 DRIVE

V2 Mile

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Exposition for Living: Model Homes and Sales Pavilion




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SUN CITY IS A COMPLETE CITY. It has over 100 businesses and services located in shopping centers and at random locations to serve Sun Citizens. Almost everything imaginable is available right in Sun City. SHOPPING The three shopping centers contain over seventy stores and services offering everything from groceries and beauty shops to furniture. BUSINESS SERVICES There are six banks, four savings and loan offices and four brokerage houses to provide financial services for the community. Sun City has two newspapers. many service stations, nine restaurants, a fine motel and several law firms. This partial list only suggests the wide range of businesses located in Sun City. MEDICAL FACILITIES There are many private doctors having offices in Sun City which offer extensive medical services. Construction on the first phase of the Walter 0. Boswell Hospital is scheduled for completion in 1970. It will have the finest equipment and facilities in existence. Special consideration will be directed to geriatrics, although the hospital will serve the general public as well as Sun City. Also, the Sun Valley Lodge, a nursing home, is located in Sun City. SUN CITY CHURCHES. There are many churches here and facilities for worship for all faiths. If church and service work have been an important part of your life, you will find enthusiastic fellowship here. TRANSPORTATION. Sun City has an intra-city bus that runs through the community on a regular schedule.
First National Bank of Arizona Sun City Grand Avenue Shopping Center

ee s eec 00 00 0 e co
Kings Inn Motor Hotel & Restaurant Sun City Grand Avenue Shopping Center Town Hall North Recreational Center Sun City North Golf Course & Pro Shop Vacation Apartments Sun City Medical Center Fire Station Sun City Professional Building Medical Buildings First National Bank of Arizona Sun Valley Lodge Nursing Home Sun City South Golf Course & Pro Shop Town Hall Center Recreational Center Plaza del Sol Shopping Center

Sun City South Golf Course Pro Shop

.1 1.41..,J.

L.11/1.-11/kJ.1.115 vc.iitci

P The Sun Bowl Amphitheater e Town Hall South Recreational Center 0 Sun City Country Club G United States Post Office • Sun City Animal Hospital al Home Service Center • Future Medical Complex ® Walter 0. Boswell Memorial Hospital ED Lakeview Recreational Center G Softball Park 0 Exposition for Living: Model Homes & Sales Pavilion G Phase II Shopping Center (a Sun City Lakes West Golf Course & Pro Shop G Sun City Lakes East Golf Course Q Sunland Memorial Park O Future Golf Course O Thunderbird Bank • Future Private Country Club & Golf Course G Agricultural Club Gardens G United Church of Sun City O St. Joachim's Catholic Church Q Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church O First Southern Baptist Church Q St. Christopher's Episcopal Church O United Methodist Church ai First Church of Christ, Scientist O United Presbyterian Church O Methodist Church Site 0 United Church Site O Lutheran Church Site (Missouri Synod) O Catholic Church Site O Church Site O Business & Commercial Area • Civic Center Reserve 0 Sun City Stadium Site

First Southern Baptist Church

Town Hall North Recreational Center

We reserve the right to change any product used in the houses and apartments at any time without notice.

Plaza del Sol Shopping Center

ID Sun City Country Club


Town Hall South Recreational Center

'''" 1141423116Pcsi.
Sun Valley Lodge Nursing Home St. Joachim's Catholic Church Sun City Entrance

Town Hall Center

Sun City Medical Clinic

The Arizona Bank


First Church of Christ, Scientist

a) Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church

0 Sun City Medical Arts Building


Thunderbird Bank

fb St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

The United Methodist Church


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