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9/11 Closed by Statute










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Lisa Sullivan
From: Sent: To: Cc: Miles Kara Wednesday, May 19, 2004 12:10 PM Lisa Sullivan; Dana Hyde; Geoff Brown; John Azzarello; John Farmer; Kevin Shaeffer Team 7

Subject: Taaffe and Merkley Interviews

Here are the take aways from the Taaffee and Merkley Interviews. Team 7, any insights? Merkley 1. He stayed on the NOIWON for its duration. On initiation he passed the info that Darryl Smith had received from the initial conference call with Eastern Region. He and Smith worked Intel issues in tandem inside the SCIF. ACI had the TACNET on open speaker phone and he Merkley stated that he passed onto the NOIWON information from the TACNET that he thought important. He thought he specifically passed information about the report of a bomb on board UA93. He does not recall names or organizations on the NOIWON, but thought that the usual suspects (He was familiar with NOIWON from a tour with J2 JCS and the NMJIC) State, WHSR, CIA, FBI, NSA, NMJIC and NMCC were on. He is not aware of anyone taping the call. Dana, we may still want to try and interview BG Seip. If Merkley is accurate about the TACNET connection, then that is one line of communication about air traffic information directly into the DDO shack. 2. He recalled being contacted within a month or two of 9/11 about the issue of DoD being concerned they were not notified in a timely manner. He thought he had been contacted by someone in ACI who had been contacted by DoT and/or DoD. He recalls that person as not being Mike Morse. He thought most likely candidate was John Harris whose responsibility was terrorism against civil aviation and who put out an annual report something along the lines of 'criminal acts against civil aviation.' 3. He thought he went upstairs to unlock and setup the mini-SCIF. He recalled it as a very small one- or at most two-person office. He named Hahn and Kormann as the upstairs crew. Downstairs, in addition to the leadership—Durgin and Manno—he placed Smith and Stubblefield and Volaro. 4. He recalled one specific inte! report of interest in Spring/summer 2001, a CIA TD which spoke to terrorists, possibly Ai Qaeda seeking planes and pilots to move items around the mid-East. He thought tha ACI opened an ICF on the issue and that he called the FAA rep at CIA, to further inquire. They finally sent a letter to FAA in August 2001—no response. 5. He was certain they had no red switch phone , but had five commercial lines in ACI that were all STU Ill-capable. Taaffe , 1 . H e is the author of the "Crisis Management and Event Tracking System, Event Log Report. He recognized many entries as his work. 2. He acknowledged that the event log combines information from the TACNET, Primary Net, and the PSI position. 3. He could not recall who manned the Primary Net and was reluctant to place Mike Weikert as that person. 4. He recalled he was wearing a headset and that he could listen in to either net.
9/11 Closed by S t a t u t e


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5. He confirmed that the activity sheets that Falcone provided were the mechanism for passing info to recorders. 6. He thought others in the room included McGlothlin, Bob Clark, and Guffey, in addition to the dais and first row folks. 7. He confirmed after a review of the log report that there are no NMCC-related entries and few entries that might be primary net associated. 8. He was specific in recall that there were three positions on the dais—Longmire, Lozito, and an ATC person. While he could not recall the name (I offered up Griffith and Davis) he was clear in his recall that the person was in continuous contact with an air traffic facility. 9. He joined FAA HQ in Feb 2001 and recalled that Carrie Reilly with perhaps help from Mike Weikert ran several familiarization exercises of 1-2 hours duration about ACC operations. It was through this training that he gravitated to the primary net recorder position and assumed that position on 9/11. He thought that those exercises had some hijacking content. John A., we may need to talk to Reilly about purpose and training of potential ACC augmentees. Taaffe broke down briefly as he struggled to recall who was in the room and who was seated where. Christine informed me that on the way back after her interview Fran Lozito also broke down and was crying. Christine provided a pile of documents, mostly repeats. We have another copy of the Canoles compendium, each of the formal hijack packages, the Tracy Paquin compilation of logs (some with different handwriting, John will need to take a look) and the complete incident log from the ACC. She also provided a CD was has much of the info that supported the FAA power point brief they gave us at the beginning. However, it also has spiffy tracks as captured by the TRACONS—we've had paper copies, but the electronic version is much better. Interestingly, the CD (dated as of 9/02) has some of Cheri Gott's stuff on it!! Miles