“To do what’s right for the people, you have to work together. Cindy Fisher is the kind of CECIL TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS person I want to work IS . DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! with to keep fighting for the people of Cecil Township together.”

ON MAY 21, 2013


- State Representative Jesse White

“Cindy Fisher brings fresh ideas to Cecil which is exactly what the township needs.”
- Mike Debbis Cecil Township Supervisor

Cecil Township is where my husband Frank and I are raising our children, and it’s where we plan on growing old together. As both a mom and a woman with extensive experience in the business and finance fields, I believe I can make a positive impact on the place I call home. If you put your trust in me with your vote, here are five things you can count on:

and The average age with of Jesse White, Barry Stout,insurance for me or my family. Tim Murphy to acquire as much funding as possible from the state the current Board and offederal governments to help 3. projects I will work to develop a comprehensive ABOUT ANDY SCHRADER with Supervisors is over 65 years old, so all the infrastructure Andy lives on Reissing Road with his wife of I’ve seen missed opportunities for program for construction and maintenance in Cecil Township. This will result over thirty years, Kathy. They are the money and sewage could use a grant young, enthusiastic in lower costs to our residents. parents we of two grown daughters, Valerie of our roads based on need, not politics. authorities accountable to no one. and Michelle. person willing to get We deserveinvolved a response when wein our I’ve been a Cecil resident for question actions that were or were twenty-nine years and seen Andy is currently employed as an Ironworker 4. many I will work to get township meetings township. Cindy’s new with Local #3 in Pittsburgh, serving as not taken. I’m outraged ideas at the high and changes, not all of them good. broadcast online so people can see what safety coordinator for the Rivers Casino. tap-in fees which have my sewage financial background make herI have a no hidden agenda. I only bill higher than my water bill. goes on even if they can’t get to a meeting. Andy is a member of the Washington County want what is fair for all residents of Democratic Committee, where he serves on great candidate for Supervisor.” I believe that elected officials Cecil Township. Let’s bring the Executive Board. Andy has served on the I am asking for your support for supervisor because, like many of you, I believe that Cecil Township can do better.
Board of Trustees for Trinity Presbyterian Church and has volunteered on the Montour Trail and Paris Cemetery Association.

1. I will be open and accessible to all A“Cindy new voice for common Fisher is residents of the township and will listen to sense and cooperation in your ideas and suggestions. extremely energetic Cecil Township and knowledgeable. 2. I will NOT take taxpayer-funded health

for Cecil Township Supervisor


should respect one another even if they do not always agree. Our board of supervisors should work


common sense and cooperation to treat residents, my fellow elected 5. I will - Andy Schrader the board of supervisors. I humbly officials and anyone doing business in ask for your support on May 19th. Cecil Township Supervisor Cecil Township with professionalism and respect.

I hope I can count on your support on Election Day. Please feel free to contact me at 412944-5290 or with any questions. See you at the polls!

Cindy Fisher


“There is no place my husband and I would rather be raising our children than Cecil Township. I want to do what I can to make our town even better, and that’s why I’m running for Cecil Township Supervisor.”

Cindy Fisher was born and raised in the area, and she and her husband Frank chose Cecil Townhip to as the place to raise their family.

Cindy is a 2003 Duquesne University graduate (Business Administration degree). She earned a Masters Degree in 2007. Cindy’s experience as a financial analyist and tax accountant for Dick’s Sporting Goods gives her real-world business experience necessary to balance the township budget and protect our tax dollars from wasteful spending.

Recently our township has been deeply divided by the natural gas industry, which is one of the main reasons I decided to run for Township Supervisor. I don’t like opening the newspaper and seeing my hometown portrayed in a negative way; that’s not good for any of us. My goal is to bridge the divide by staying focused on the facts and working together in a positive way. I believe responsible natural gas development can happen in Cecil Township, and I want to see that development succeed. I am NOT anti-drilling. This means the use of best practices and honest communication by all parties involved. Companies operating in Cecil Township must be respectful of the residents and responsible for their actions. I have attended many meetings in Cecil regarding drilling and have taken the time to become educated on the issues. I will be objective and reasonable in my approach, but I will NOT be a rubber stamp for companies operating here. Residents that hold mineral rights should have the ability to benefit from those rights, and I want to do more to engage those leaseholders in a meaningful conversation to make sure their property rights are being respected. But we need to ensure the impact on Cecil Township and is minimal and does not impact the health and safety of the people who live here. As the drilling process expands to include processing plants, wastewater impoundments, compressor stations and increased truck traffic, I will do everything I can to work with the industry to ensure they are using the best technology and practices available to minimize the impact. I will not be afraid to ask the tough questions you deserve to have answered. I HAVE ZERO FINANCIAL TIES TO THE MARCELLUS SHALE INDUSTRY. I HAVE NOT SIGNED A LEASE IN CECIL OR ANYWHERE ELSE. NO ONE IN MY FAMILY WORKS FOR THE INDUSTRY, ALTHOUGH I RESPECT THOSE WHO DO. I WILL NOT ACCEPT CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS FROM DRILLING COMPANIES BECAUSE I WANT TO AVOID ANY CONFLICT OF INTEREST OF ANY KIND. I HAVE NO HIDDEN MOTIVES, FINANCIAL OR OTHERWISE.


If elected, Cindy Fisher will NOT take taxpayerfunded health insurance. She believes the role of an elected official is to give back to the township, not take more from the taxpayers.


Cindy Fisher has new ideas to save taxpayers time and money, including a more comprehensive road improvement plan and broadcasting township meetings online so people can stay informed.

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