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SAP Business One Tables

Added by Sivabalan, last edited by Sivabalan on Oct 21, 2008 Administration DunningLetters Dunning levels definition ODUN Recipients Message recipient list AOB1 Messages Messages OALR Currencies Currency codes OCRN UserPermissionTree User authorizations for add-on forms OUPT UserPermissionForms User permission forms UPT1 Users Users of SAP Business One application OUSR UserPermission User authorizations USR3 Finance Budget Budget management OBGT Budget_Lines Budget item details of an account BGT1 BudgetDistribution Budget distribution methods OBGD BudgetScenarios Budget scenarios OBGS ChartOfAccounts G/L accounts OACT JournalVouchers Journal vouchers OBTD JournalEntries_Lines Journal transaction - rows JDT1 JournalEntries Journal transaction OJDT SalesTaxAuthorities Sales tax jurisdictions OSTA SalesTaxAuthoritiesTypes Sales tax authority types OSTT SalesTaxCodes Inclusive sales tax codes OSTC Marketing Documents and Receipts (Sales Opportunities, Sales A/R, and Purchasing A/P) Document_Lines Delivery note rows DLN1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Delivery note rows - expenses DLN2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Delivery note - expenses DLN3 AdditionalExpenses Defines additional expenses OEXD Document_Lines Draft - rows DRF1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Draft rows - expenses DRF2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Draft - expenses DRF3 Document_Lines Invoice - rows INV1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Invoice rows - expenses INV2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Invoice - expenses INV3 Document (oDeliveryNote) Delivery - header ODLN Documents Drafts - header ODRF Documents (oInvoice) Invoice - header OINV Document (oPurchaseInvoices) AP invoice - header OPCH Document (oPurchaseDeliveryNotes) Goods receipt purchase order - header OPDN Document (oPurchaseOrders) Purchase order - header OPOR Document (oQuotation) Quotation - header OQUT Document (oReturn) Returns - header ORDN Document (oOrder) Order - header ORDR Document (oCreditNote) AR credit memo - header ORIN Document (oPurchaseCreditNotes) AP credit memo - header ORPC Document (oPurchaseReturns) Goods return - header ORPD Document_Lines AP invoice - rows PCH1

Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses AP invoice rows - expenses PCH2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses AP invoice - expenses PCH3 Document_Lines Goods receipt purchase order - row PDN1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Goods receipt purchase order rows - expenses PDN2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Goods receipt purchase order - expenses PDN3 Document_Lines Purchase order - rows POR1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Purchase order rows - expenses POR2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Purchase order - expenses POR3 Document_Lines Quotation - rows QUT1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Quotation rows - expenses QUT2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Quotation - expenses QUT3 Document_Lines Returns - rows RDN1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Return rows - expenses RDN2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Returns - expenses RDN3 Document_Lines Order - rows RDR1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Order rows - expenses RDR2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Order - expenses RDR3 Document_Lines Credit memo - rows RIN1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Credit memo rows -Expenses RIN2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Credit memo - expenses RIN3 Document_Lines AP credit memo - rows RPC1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses AP credit memo rows - expenses RPC2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses AP credit memo - expenses RPC3 Document_Lines Goods return - rows RPD1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Goods return rows - expenses RPD2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Goods return - expenses RPD3 BatchNumbers Batch number for item OIBT Industries Industries list for sales opportunities OOND Relationships Relationships for sales opportunities OORL SerialNumbers Serial numbers for items OSRI WithholdingTaxData Withholding tax data INV5 TaxInvoices (botit_Invoice) Master header data of a tax invoice of sales document OTSI TaxInvoice_Lines (botit_Invoice) Tax invoice of sales document - rows TSI1 TaxInvoices (botit_Payment) Master header data of a tax invoice of purchase document OTPI TaxInvoice_Lines (botit_Payment) Tax invoice of purchase document - rows TPI1 TaxInvoices (botit_JournalEntry) Master header data of a tax invoice of journal entry document OTXD TaxInvoice_Lines (botit_JournalEntry) Tax invoice of journal entry document - rows TXD1 Business Partners ActivityLocations Business partner activity locations OCLO ActivityStatus Statuses for Task type activities OCLA ActivityTypes Business partner activity types OCLT AlternateCatNum Customer or vendor catalog number OSCN BusinessPartners Business partners OCRD BPAddresses Business partner addresses CRD1 BPPaymentMethods Business partner payment methods CRD2 BPAccountReceivablePayble Business partner account receivable payable CRD3 BPWithholdingTax Business partner withholding tax CRD4 BPPaymentDates Business partners payment dates CRD5 BPBankAccounts Business partners bank accounts OCRB Contacts Contact customers and vendors OCLG ContactEmployees Contact persons OCPR SalesOpportunities Sales opportunities OOPR

SalesOpportunitiesLines Sales opportunity - rows OPR1 SalesOpportunitiesPartners Sales opportunity partners OPR2 SalesOpportunitiesCompetition Sales opportunity competition OPR3 SalesOpportunitiesInterests Sales opportunity interests range OPR4 SalesOpportunitiesReasons Sales opportunity failure reasons OPR5 Territories Territory segmentations OTER Inventory and Production Document_Lines Goods issue - rows IGE1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Goods issue rows - expenses IGE2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Goods issue - expenses IGE3 Document_Lines Goods receipt - rows IGN1 Document_LinesAdditionalExpenses Goods receipt rows - expenses IGN2 DocumentsAdditionalExpenses Goods receipt - expenses IGN3 Document (oInvetoryGenExit) Goods issue OIGE Document (oInvetoryGenEntry) Goods receipt OIGN StockTransfer Stock transfers OWTR StockTransfer_Lines Stock transfers - rows WTR1 ProductTrees_Lines Product tree - child ITT1 ProductTrees Product tree OITT WorkOrders Work instructions OWKO WorkOrder_Lines Work instructions - rows WKO1 Items_Prices Items - prices ITM1 Items Items OITM ItemWarehouseInfo Items - warehouse OITW ItemGroups Item groups definition OITB MaterialRevaluation Stock revaluation OMRV MaterialRevaluation_Lines Stock revaluation - rows MRV1 PackagesTypes Package types for deliveries OPKG PriceLists Price lists management OPLN StockTaking Items - warehouse OITW SpecialPrices Special prices OSPP SpecialPricesDataAreas Special prices for specified periods SPP1 SpecialPricesQuantityAreas Special prices for specified quantities SPP2 Warehouses Warehouses definition OWHS MRP SalesForecast Sales forecast OFCT SalesForecast_Lines Sales forecast - rows FCT1 Banking Payments Receipt ORCT Payments Vendor payment OVPM Payments_Checks Receipt - checks RCT1 Payments_Invoices Receipt - invoices RCT2 Payments_CreditCards Receipt - credit vouchers RCT3 Payments_Accounts Receipt - account list RCT4 Payments_Checks Payments - check rows VPM1 Payments_Invoices Payments - invoices VPM2 Payments_CreditCards Payments - credit memos VPM3 Payments_Accounts Payments - list of accounts VPM4 ChecksforPaymentLines Checks for payment - rows CHO1 BankPages External bank statement OBNK

ChecksforPayment Check for payment OCHO PaymentTermsTypes Payment term types OCTG PaymentRunExport Payment results table OPEX PaymentRunExport_Lines Payment results table - rows PEX1 BillOfExchange Bill of exchange table OBOE BillOfExchangeTransaction Bill of exchange transactions table OBOT BillOfExchangeTransaction_Lines Bill of exchange transactions table - rows BOT1 Service ContractTemplates Contract template (CRM) OCTT CustomerEquipmentCards Customer equipment card OINS KnowledgeBaseSolutions Knowledge base solution OSLT Queue Queues list for assigning to a service calls OQUE QueueMembers Queue member users QUE1 ServiceContracts Service contract OCTR ServiceContracts_Lines Service contract - rows CTR1 ServiceCalls Service call OSCL ServiceCallActivities Service call activities OCLG ServiceCallInventoryExpenses Service call inventory expenses INV1 Human Resources EmployeesInfo Employees information OHEM EmployeeAbsenceInfo Employee absence information HEM1 EmployeeEducationInfo Employee education HEM2 EmployeeReviewsInfo Employee reviews HEM3 EmployeePrevEmpoymentInfo Employee previous employment information HEM4 EmployeeRolesInfo Employee rolls information HEM6 Teams List of teams OHTM TeamMembers Employee membership role in a team HTM1