Iltharanos [SULIBAN CELL SHIP] January 26, 2013

Propulsion Data

Suliban Cell Ship
Fighter; Commissioned: 2151

Impulse System: SBD (.6c) (B) Warp System: PB-4 (3/4/6 OCU) (B)

[-3] [-6]

Hull Data
Structure: 5 [25 space] [1 space remains] Size/Decks: 1/1 Length/Height/Beam: 3.25/3.5/3.25 meters Complement: 1 + 4 passengers

Operational Data
Atmosphere Capable: Yes Cargo Units: 1 Cloaking Device: Class 1 (Rating 16) Life Support: Class 1 (B) Operations System: Class 1 (B) Sensor System: Class 2 (+2/+1/0/0/0/C) Separation System: No Shuttlebay: No Shuttlecraft: None Tractor Beams: 1 f Transporters: None [0] [0] [-1] [-1] [-1] [-2] [0] [0] [0] [0]

Tactical Data
Phase Cannons: PC-10a (x1/A) Penetration: 2/1/0/0/0 Deflector Shields: PFF 1 (A) Protection/Threshold: 12/1 [-4] [-2]

Miscellaneous Data
Maneuver Modifiers: -2C, +3H, +1T Traits: None [0]

Given all of its technological superiority. 2013 Mission The Cell Ship’s mission is primarily surveillance and reconnaissance. and cloaking device are all decades beyond the Sulibans' technological capability.Iltharanos [SULIBAN CELL SHIP] January 26. . Background Ships in Service Name N/A N/A N/A Registry Cell 012 Cell 154 Cell 221 Notes Attacked Enterprise NX-01 on its maiden voyage (2151). the cell ship is still woefully outgunned by most capital ships of the mid 22nd century. though its secondary role is as a support fighter. Destroyed by Tholian warship (2152). The Suliban have benefitted greatly from their unseen benefactor from the future. a primary reason why the cell ship operates in large numbers. making this small ship much more formidable than its size would otherwise indicate. warp drive. Destroyed by Tholian warship (2152). The Suliban Cell Ship is quite advanced for its time period. for this mysterious figure has been sharing technology with the Suliban that would normally be unrealized for decades. Features The Suliban Cell Ship's shields. and for good reason.

2013 Appearances Series ENT Media T.Iltharanos [SULIBAN CELL SHIP] January 26. “Broken Bow” + multiple other episodes Suliban Cell Ships surrounding an Earth Starfleet vessel .V.

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