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DePaul Fraternity and Sorority Life Week 2013

2013 Fraternity/Sorority Life Week Handbook Presented By: 2013 FSL Committee

FSL 2013


On behalf of the entire Fraternity and Sorority Week Committee, we would like to thank you all for your participation in Fraternity and Sorority Week 2013. This year we want to bring to you a well rounded, fulfilling week with great opportunities for all chapters to come together and emphasize the core values of our DePaul Fraternities and Sororities.

The success and enjoyment of the 2013 Fraternity and Sorority Week depends on you, as chapter members. The committee will take care of the logistics, but we need you to have fun. The week does involve intense competition, but ultimately it is an opportunity to showcase our unity and strength in numbers. Lets display how we are a strong and unified Fraternity and Sorority Life Community!

We encourage you to support and attend as many events as you can. The 2013 Fraternity and Sorority Week is a celebration of the past, present and future of our FSLs great tradition. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate!

Please thoroughly review and familiarize yourself with all of the information contained within this packet. Be sure to share all of this information with your organization so our community is well informed. We hope you enjoy this week of community service, competition, excitement, and most importantly, fun! The committee has worked very hard to bring you Fraternity and Sorority Week 2013:The Only Way To Fly.

Good luck and have fun!

FSL Committee

FSL Week 2013

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Committee Contact Information

Graduate Assistant For FSL Bobby Coveck Directors: Nina Hernandez Lucy Diaz John Daly PR/Logistics: Mike Canella Michelle Miro McPherson Fred Arroyo Channon Campbell Event Planning: FIJI Delta Phi Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Lambda Beta Alpha Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Lambda Theta Alpha FIJI Phi Delta Theta

Bria Young Patricia Medin Julio Rodrigueez Jalen Hamilton

Chi Omega Lambda Theta Alpha Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Alpha

Community Service Taj Simmons Alpha Phi Alpha Victoria Fonesca Chi Omega

Micheal Garfinkel Alpha Epsilon Pi Courntey Cirone Alpha Sigma Alpha Jasmine Zambrano Lambda Theta Alpha

FSL Week 2013

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Team Contact Information

FSL Team Assignment Contact Name Email

Team 1: Red
Phi Gamma Delta Delta Zeta Sigma Gamma Rho Alpha Psi Lambda Kolton Kozlowski Taylor Fisher Richla Davis Luis Paz

Team 2: Orange
Delta Gamma Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Kappa Alpha Gamma Phi Omega Jenna Massey Andrew Vansickl Arielle Thompson Evelyn Banos

Team 3: Yellow
Chi Omega Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Sigma Lambda Gamma Lizzie Spirit /Alex Rodriguez Kai Ohashi Taj Simmon/Jalen Hamilton Judy Patino

Team 4: Green
Alpha Xi Delta
Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Theta

Nora Sweeney
Mike Cotton Allison Chanthavong Adija Brown

FSL Week 2013

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Team Contact Information Continued

FSL Team Assignment Contact Name Email

Team 5: Blue
Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda Theta Phi Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Lambda Trent Miller Anthony Rodriguez Jerrica /Natasha Janic Lizzy Nguyen

Team 6: Purple
Alpha Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Claire Park Ogechi Nwoso/Emily Kirsch Jon Churchin

Lambda Theta Alpha

Sigma Lambda Beta

Carolina Cruz
Rafael Valverde

FSL Week 2013

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The purpose of Fraternity and Sorority Week is to celebrate our values and traditions while building unity in our community. The following will be expected for participation in all events and programs: 1. All members are required by law to abide by the policies set forth in IFC, MGC and CPC Bylaws and DePaul Universitys Alcohol Policy. 2. All event participants must be sober , per FIPG policy (e.g. No using drugs or alcohol before or during an official FSL Week event). 3. Members will be respectful and supportive of all chapters, peer and groups participating in FSL Week. 4. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. 5. All decisions made by members of the FSL Week Committee, FSL Advisors and the Student Involvement Staff, as well as the Rules Committee are final and non-negotiable. 6. The FSL Week Committee, FSL Advisors and the Student Involvement Staff reserve the right to disqualify any chapter that has (a) violated any of the expectations listed and/or (b) put the safety or image of the FSL community and its members at risk. 7. Violation of policies and procedures of FSL Week or IFC/MGC/PHC are subject to a judicial board review, by their council. 8. Any concerns or comments should be directed to the FSL Week Committee or the FSL Advisors. 9. Be safe and have fun!

FSL Week 2013

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Schedule of Events
Monday: May 13th, 2013 Passport Check-in Time: 1pm-3pm Location: LP Student Center Atrium FSL Unity Stroll Competition & BBQ Time: 4-8pm Location: Quad

Tuesday: May 14th, 2013

Speaker: David Stollman Time: 5:30-7:30pm Location: Student Center 120 A&B Wednesday: May 15th, 2013 Olympics Time: 4-8pm Location: Quad

Thursday: May 16th, 2013

Can Castle Time: 12:30-3pm Location: LP Student Center Atrium Friday: May 17th, 2013 Variety Show Time 5-6pm Location: Cortelyou Saturday: May 18th, 2013 Fraternity & Sorority Life Banquet Time: 12:30pm-2:30 Location: Cortelyou Please have Chapter President RSVP

FSL Week 2013

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2013 FSL Week Point System

Below is the chart for the 2013 FSL Week Points. The first table is the break-down of how many points a team may win first, second and third place for each event. The second table is a breakdown of how many attendance pints each event is worth. Attendance will be taken with card swipe therefore please bring your students IDto all events. The FSL Week Committee and Directors will decide all final points, point are non-negotiable. Event Points Penny Wars Unity Stroll Can Castle Variety Show Olympics Attendance Points Unity stroll Speaker David Stollman Can Castle 1st 150 150 150 150 20 1st 150 450 150 2nd 100 100 100 100 15 2nd 100 300 100 3rd 50 50 50 50 10 3rd 50 150 50

Variety Show




Wait, I have this JUMBO size passport now what?

There are possible extra points throughout the At the start of the week you will be handed a team week. Use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to Passport to check in at each event with. it will include upload pictures and talk about how much FUN AIRLINE NAME, MOTTO AND LOGO. Br ing you are having! Go crazy with your team name, this Passport around to all the events and you will get have lunch with your team etc., just make sure point for bringing it around. that all postings are using the #theonlywaytofly Unity Stroll &Variety Show and that you are tagging FSL Week 2013 onfor points! You can earn up to 20-25 points! For teams that have at least one member per council participating Unity Stoll and Variety Show will be awarded 10 extra points.

FSL Week 2013

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2013 FSL Week Events Description

All events will start at the time stated. Please have a team representative check in with an FSL Week Director or Bobby to let them know that you are at the event.

Monday 13, 2013

Passport Check In
Atrium | 1-3pm Get ready to fly away into a week of adventure and excitement, but just like any vacation worth going on, you must get your passport first! Teams must pick up their passport Monday in the atrium from 1-3pm. These passports will be your ticket to extra spirit points. At every event you will use your passport to check your group in. Collect all the stamps in your passport to get the maximum amount of points possible.

FSL Unity Stroll Competition & BBQ

Quad | 4:30-8pm Come kick off the FSL week with the rest of the community with a nice barbeque in the quad. Strut your letters and your FSL unity stroll as you compete for first place. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burger for the barbeque. We will be taking our second annual community picture, so please wear your letters. This also will be an attendance point event, please bring your IDs to swipe in! Strolls will be judged on the following: Creativity Ability to include all organizations Unity Strolls should be no less than two minutes and no longer that five minutes. Please turn in music at check in.

FSL Week 2013

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Tuesday 14, 2013

David Stollman: Buy In Or GET OUT
LPSC 120A&8 | 5-7:30

This event will be worth attendance points ONLY! And points for this event have been TRIPLED! This year FSL speaker is David Stollman with his keynote address "Buy In Or GET OUT" In his address David pushes fraternities and sororities to Buy in or GET OUT! Straight forward, brutally honest and hilarious, David Stollman is the president of Campuspeak. Campuspeak mission is to partner with campuses and with higher education organizations to improve colleges and university communities and the loves of students. They aim to be an agenda-setting organization within higher education. David is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and an advisor for Alpha Sigma Tau sorority in New York. He is one of the co-founders of Campuspeak and has over 15 years experience as an advisor, speaker and member of the Fraternity and Sorority world. The FSL committee would like to thank SAF-B for the funning to bring David Stollman to our campus.

Wednesday 15, 2013

Quad | 4-8pm

Its time for the Seventh Annual Fraternity and Sorority Olympics! Teams will participate in numerous fun games!
Tug O War Ten members per team are required to participate. Five male and five female. Water Balloon Toss An unlimited number of members may participate. One catcher needs to be assigned per team. Up to 2 balloons may fall, roll and bounce along the ground, but if both break, your team is out.

FSL Week 2013

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Wednesday 15, 2013

Quad | 4-8pm Ultimate Relay Race At least 8 members per team are required to participate. Wheel Barrow Dizzy Bat 3-Legged Race Balloon Pop Unlimited number of members per team. Each team member will inflate a balloon that is the teams color and tie it onto their legs with a ribbon. Pop other teams balloons before all of your teams balloons are popped and you win! If balloons deflate by themselves, you are out. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated: any hitting, stepping on or any other form of unsportsmanlike conduct will get your TEAM disqualified. All decisions are final and non-negotiable Bucket O Water 10 members per team are required to participate. A bucket of water will be passed over and under from member to member, trying to transfer water from one bin to the other. The team with the most water at end of 5 minutes wins. Pie Eating Contest One eater per team Each team will provide one brave sole to represent their team in the ultimate show down. How many pies can one eat within 5 minutes? You will be able to place bets on who will win by putting your money where your mouth is. There will be jars for each team where money can be place. The more money a team has the more it goes towards in positive pennies towards their penny wars. Team representatives will need to sign a waiver before taking place in the competition.

FSL Week 2013

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Thursday 16, 2013

Penny Wars
At every event | Look for the table with jugs Pennies will count as positive points, silver change and dollars count as negative points, who ever has the most positive amount of money by the end of the week wins! IMPORTANT Each team will decorate five milk jug that will represent their team name. The jugs need to be ready and accessible by the first day of Penny Wars, and need to be turned in at the FSL Unity Stroll Competition & BBQ. Banners may also be created to encourage the greater DePaul community to participate. (Remember Spirit points?!) Jars will be set out during events as well. This will be happening throughout the week. Points will be calculated by total at the end of the week.

Can Castles
Atrium| 1-3pm
Teams will be collecting cans and other non-perishable items leading up to the event. At the event, teams will create a castle-type structure. Event rules and details will be announced at the start of the event!

Sid Feldman Foundation Sid Feldman was a staunch proponent of education. Born and raised in the Chicago Stockyards, Sid was a successful businessman which he attributed, in part, to being open to learning and education. The blessings of his career have been bestowed upon many to enable them access to education which may have been otherwise out of their reach. The Sid Feldman Legacy Fund hopes to continue his belief in education and its accessibility for all. This foundation is able to give an incoming CPS graduate student a scholarship for DePaul. This year FSL Weeks Penny War contributions will be going to help this foundation.

Mother Seton Food Pantry This years Can Castel creations will be donated to the DePaul Food Pantry, Mother Seton Food Pantry. Mother Seton Food Pantry serves on a monthly basis over 230 households, reaching rough 8,250 people per year This food panty also serves DePaul students who qualify for food assistance.

FSL Week 2013

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Friday 17, 2013

Variety Show
Courtlyou Commons | 5-6pm Tradition states that each FSL week ends with the Variety show. Come celebrate the end of the week. Judges will be DePaul Staff! Rules are as follows: Teams must be made of one member per organization. 5 minutes max and 2 minutes minimum for stage time. MUSIC MUST BE TURNED IN ON THURSDAY at the END of Can Castle. The FSL Week Committee reserves the right to censor name of the show and behaviors.

For Questions Contact:

Fraternity and Sorority Life Graduate Assistant Bobby Covek 1773.325.8020 425.555.0133 fax

FSL Week 2013

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