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The XRGL40® is the world’s first 4th generation 40mm grenade launcher. Its innovative design features allow for the combination of awesome firepower with flexibility in operation at ranges up to 800m.

The XRGL40® is designed as an area weapon and a force-multiplier, providing the individual operator the flexibility of extreme firepower as well as less-lethal application. It can also be used in a pinpoint role at ranges up to 250m.

The XRGL40® is:
• Allows the operator to load and use any combination of standard 40 x 46 low velocity rounds, longer than standard nonlethal low velocity carrier rounds, as well as 40 x 51 medium velocity rounds in the same weapon. • Weighs 5kg empty and with the sight fitted. • Is accurate as an area weapon at ranges up to 800m. • Can be fitted with a range of unique and specifically developed reflex sighting systems which allows the client maximum flexibility in choosing a system specific to requirements. • Is tested, qualified and manufactured to NATO specifications It is the individual operator’s answer for extreme firepower in combat situations and provides the ultimate flexibility by making it possible to use the same weapon in a less than lethal role in specialised urban and crowd control operations. It is designed for use by: • • • • • Dedicated infantry grenadiers Special forces Marines Peacekeeping forces Law enforcement agencies

Contact details: Fritz Visser Email: fritz@rippeleffect.H. progressing from 0 to1 turn in Rotating cylinder 6 rounds of less than 138mm in length Percussion See sighting options Gunkote SCK6 ACCESSORIES The XRGL40® is individually packaged with the following accessories: • Complete cleaning kit • Carry sling and canvas carry bag • User’s pamphlet Special tools and test equipment as well as technical documentation for training and maintenance can be ordered separately. TRAINING AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT Functional training and logistic support are provided in the client’s country by experienced Tel: +27-12-803-4347 or mobile: +27-82-881-6181 www.rippeleffect.9kg 270mm 150mm 260 mm 40 x 46mm and 40 x 51mm ammunition 375m with 40 x 46mm ammunition 800m with 40 x 51 ammunition 136 mm R.SPECIFICATIONS Characteristic Length (stock closed) Length (stock open) Weight (empty) Height sight fitted Width Length of barrel Calibre Effective range Cylinder length Rifling Magazine type Cylinder capacity Mode of fire Sight Surface treatment Dimensions 680 mm 770 mm 4. Issue 1: November 2011 .