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then slipped backward. They knew the drill. into the gauntlet 1 . They always checked for all possible exit routes and anything that could serve as a weapon. Nellie Gomez. Arriving in London. as well. . how much is expected of us . seemed to have enough energy left to keep standing. But they’d developed the instincts of CIA pros. Only the kids’ wild-haired au pair. He sat. Now that we know how many lies we’ve been told all along. Arriving at a new hotel. Amy stumbled three steps into the hotel room and collapsed onto the bed. though. He has. We both have. they always had to scour their room for any listening devices or other top secret spy gear their enemies might have planted.Amy and Dan Cahill forgot to look for bugs in London. Amy thought. He looked like he’d been flattened. Dan wobbled past her to sprawl on the couch. how many secrets were being kept from us. weighed down by his backpack. . Amy and Dan were only fourteen and eleven. Now that we know the truth.

She’d just dipped down to the floor to pick up something Amy and Dan must have walked right over: a plain manila envelope. scrambled to break the latest code. “Wanna bet this is your next lead?” They’d been warned to expect one — coded. kiddos?” she asked. She popped out her iPod earbuds. Did she faint? Amy wondered. Amy thought that she or Dan should have offered to help. raced to open it. At the very least. in case any of their enemies intercepted it. Nellie turned to shut the door. the two siblings would have dashed to grab the envelope. “What do you think. Dimly. they would have told Nellie that at their ages — and with the fate of the world depending upon them — they were way too old to be called “kiddos. She hadn’t fainted. “Kiddos?” Nellie said in a puzzled voice. But even carrying a duffel bag seemed beyond Amy right now. of course. Dan tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling. too.She even had enough energy to sway slightly to whatever crazy music she was listening to on her iPod as she tugged their duffel bag and cat carrier into the room. seemed to collapse. “Didn’t you hear me?” 2 . Normally.” THE 39 CLUES Now Amy just shrugged. Then she. Nellie was standing again. Before Amy had time to do anything. Nellie held the envelope in the air like a prize.

Nellie shook the envelope at Amy and Dan.” She knew why they hadn’t. “Or way back at the beginning. “Don’t you want to see what this says? Somebody’s trying to help us!” “If somebody wanted to help us.” she said. “Yep. “Come on. always easily distracted with his favorite red snapper. waiting for us.” She acted like they were as simple as Saladin the cat. “And Nellie Gomez. Amy and Dan had picked the Clue. Wow. They’d been among a select group of relatives given an odd offer in Grace’s will: They could have a million dollars apiece or a single Clue. Now I really feel official.” Amy retorted.” Dan added.Nellie flipped the envelope over. they’d been traipsing around the globe. guys. “they would have just given us all the answers back in Jamaica.” She held out the envelope toward the two siblings. Since then. This must have been slipped under the door.” Just over a month ago. “It’s a lead. Amy and Dan had gotten a huge surprise after the death of their beloved grandmother Grace. scrambling to outsmart or outrun or simply avoid some of their least-charming relatives in the race to the final into the gauntlet 3 . addressed to Amy and Dan Cahill.” she said. “At the funeral. “Who wants to do the honors?” Neither kid moved. but it was too much to think about right now.

They’d thought their goal. Flying to the top of Mount Everest. Why’d we even bother coming here?” He gestured toward the window. poorer. orphaned. But only the day before.” Amy muttered.” Dan corrected. murder. .” THE 39 CLUES “The whole clue hunt. all 4 . They’d lost count of how many times someone had tried to kill them. .prize. We can’t win. a baffled look spreading across her face. Being the only team to figure out the Clue in Cairo. there had also been moments she’d absolutely loved. double-crossing and . they’d thought they were no different from the other teams — if you didn’t count being younger. We’re younger. Amy and Dan and Nellie had learned what the Clue hunt was really all about. How could anyone forgive or forget that? “It’s impossible. Since they were on the twelfth floor. at least. and less informed. in Jamaica. Beat everyone else to the final prize. we also have to make everyone else forgive and forget five hundred years of backstabbing. Amy thought bitterly. For us to win. “It’s useless. and more ignorant — and it’s not enough for us just to beat everyone else to the prize. Learning that she was brave enough to jump off that roof in Vienna. “You haven’t even heard it yet. Not the way we’re supposed to. When Amy wasn’t completely terrified. “The lead?” Nellie said. in fighting. Before yesterday. was the same: Win. Then the cruelty of it had sunk in on their long flight over the Atlantic. poorer. But no.

Back in Jamaica. delightedly calling out the names of every new object he discovered —  “Stationery!” “Umbrella!” “Bible!” Amy felt guilty thinking about what the Clue hunt had done to that enthusiastic kid. Irina’s dead. I’m going home. and this clue hunt is insane. “She’s dead. “I hate London. What did any of those deaths mean if Amy and Dan didn’t keep trying? into the gauntlet 5 . Lester had been an innocent bystander. It was like he’d turned into a grumpy old man about seventy years early. You’re right. I’m only twenty years old. “Look. . back in Egypt. Then she shook her head. weeks ago. . Doesn’t it ever stop raining?” Amy had a flash of remembering Dan’s wild enthusiasm checking into another hotel. . I promised your grandmother —” “She’s dead.” Nellie frowned uncertainly. And the children’s parents had gone to their deaths trying to save a single Clue from falling into the wrong hands. “Well .” Mom and Dad are dead.they could see was a patch of gray sky. they’d counted all those deaths as reasons to complete the Clue hunt. Amy finished in her head. For a moment. her black-and-blond-dyed hair flaring out. kiddos. . and you aren’t even my real family.” Dan said in the same old-before-histime voice. Irina was a former enemy who’d given her life to save Amy and Dan. Lester’s dead. He’d run around the room. Now. drawn into things only because he’d been willing to help. It never stops raining in London. kiddos. . Amy thought she would say.

but she ignored it. “It doesn’t mean anything to me. then to Dan: Something tickled Amy’s mind.” She held out the note first to Amy. Can’t you see in your mind’s eye how everything can come full circle?’” She looked up. you must follow the longing of your heart of hearts.” Dan said bitterly. “Does that make any sense to you? Some of the words are underlined — that might mean something. THE 39 CLUES Doesn’t matter. “Let’s take this one step at a time. okay?” she said quietly.But how could Amy and Dan keep trying when everything was impossible? Nellie looked from Amy to Dan as if she could read their minds. 6 . “Just listen.” She tore open the envelope and began reading aloud: “  ‘Lest our hopes vanish into thin air at the crack of doom. she thought. We can’t win.

slamming his hand against the screen. even though her parents were dead. “At least I can make the cat happy. Amy’s grin faded. The monkey sprang over Saladin. where a monkey homesick for India climbed across the rooftops to visit a lonely girl who was also homesick for India. No. . . she told herself. Something else that isn’t true. Nellie bent down to push the lever that set him free. in spite of everything. “Saladin!” Amy shouted. But Saladin didn’t rub against her leg in thanks. this monkey wasn’t carrying treats. It was a monkey. And then he sprang straight toward the window.Mrrp. Fiction. but there was a screen. mid-leap. The monkey reminded her of one of her favorite books set in London: The Little Princess. Anyhow. she grinned. Amy blinked. . And then the monkey led to her finding a new family. He sounded just as cranky as Dan. She glanced quickly to see if the window was open — it was. hissed at it. He must have had something sharp in his hand — just his claws? Or a knife? — because the screen split. he was hissing at something beyond the screen. Saladin. perched on the window ledge outside. dropping into the gauntlet 7 .” Nellie mumbled. complained Saladin from his cat carrier. And then. He was baring his teeth at Saladin. He stiffened and growled low in his throat.

THE 39 CLUES He was gone. trying to snatch the paper back. She rushed toward the windowsill. Then. And then in three quick bounds. “I’ll try!” Amy hollered. just as Nellie reached for him. he was at Nellie’s side. The monkey easily sprang past them. as if he thought he and Amy could corner the monkey together. outraged. Saladin jumped down from the windowsill. But the monkey darted away. He leaped up and snatched the paper from her hand. “No! That’s ours!” Nellie yelled. he tossed a coinlike object into the room and plunged out the window. The monkey skittered sideways toward the floor. He grinned and nodded up and down. He must have forgotten he still had his backpack on because he just fell forward. missing the monkey by a mile. “I’ll get him!” Dan called. The monkey darted to the left. She scrambled up and darted to the right. 8 . “Is that monkey laughing at us?” Nellie demanded. The monkey only laughed harder. She dived for the monkey. making a kee-kee-kee sound. With their only lead. He turned around once he reached the windowsill again. He jumped up from the couch.